H1B visa 2012 Cap count update May 18th Update- 1600 petitions filed

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USCIS released updated H1B cap count numbers couple of days ago, they updated cap count by considering all the petitions received until May 13th, 2011.  I updated the cap count on our H1B Visa 2012 Cap Count Tracking page earlier, but did not get a chance to write article earlier…Anyways,Here are the numbers :

  • New 1000 cap eligible petitions were filed for Regular quota
  • New 600 cap eligible petitions were filed for MS/Advanced degree quota.

May 13th,  H1B cap count updates by USCIS :

Regular H1B Cap H1B filings11,200 of total 65,000
Advanced degree cap filing count7,900 of total 20,000
Total H1B visa petitions received19,100 of total 85,000

H1B Cap count Movement Analysis, prediction

If we look at the movement, there was not much difference from previous week, i.e. May 10th, H1B 2012 cap update…regular quota filings remained constant at 1000, whereas the advanced degree quota filings decreased slightly by about 100 petitions. Thats not much…The pace of regular quota is self explanatory as nothing significant happened in the past week…But, if we look at Advanced degree cap, Spring graduation week…In fact, many students would be waiting to get their final transcript and get degree…it may take a week or two depending on the school for the grades to be posted….We may expect surge in Advanced degree cap filings in the next  2 to 3 weeks.  Based on the data so far, if we look at prediction graphs below, advanced degree cap may exhaust by last week of septemeber, 2011…unlike, the regular cap will last well beyond February 2012…

As we look at the US economy, Conference Board, published a report stating that US workers have been working longer and retiring later..for instance,in health care “In 2009-2010, only 1.55 percent of full-time workers aged 55-64 retired within 12 months, compared with almost 4 percent in 2004-2007.”…I think, from H1B Workers’ perspective, it is not so good because later retirement means less highly skilled jobs created after retirement. Labor department reported that the initial jobless claims decreased by about 30,000…despite the overall economic recovery is reported to be sluggish..in any case, stock indexes were in positive territory today with the positive job news…

What are your thoughts on the economic recovery ?
How about MS Graduates, How many of you plan to apply for H1B for 2012 Quota ?

Regular H1B cap Count 2012  Graph

H1B visa 2012 cap count update - May 18-2011

Advanced Degree H1B cap count 2012 Graph

H1B visa 2012 Advanced degree cap count May 18-2011




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Comments ( 5 )

  1. S


    My h1b visa was filed during July 2010. Till now I haven’t even received the receipt number of the same. On contacting my employer, I have been told that visa has been filed for sure but USCIS is not responding. I believe that my visa petition may have been missed out by USCIS and they are unable to process it. Since, it’s already been a year long wait with no updates, I wanted to know whether my employer can recall the petition and get the money back & file a fresh h1b?


    1. administrator

      If the receipt number hasn’t been issued then that means USCIS hasn’t cashed the checks for the petition. So there is no question of any refunds from USCIS side. I don’t know if you paid anything to the employer or not, but it’s up to the employer to return those funds to you.

      A new H-1 can be filed.

      In some cases, companies collect the money from employees and then don’t file the petition at all and scam them out of their money. Do you think your employer is one of those companies?

      1. S

        Thanks a lot for the clarification Saurabh. Actually I haven’t paid any money to the employer. Employer files the petition based on their requirement. I definitely don’t think that my employer is cheating. But they are saying that USCIS is not giving receipt number even after multiple followups for nearly 7 months. This is what is concerning me. Can USCIS keep postponing the issue of receipt number? If USCIS is not responding with receipt number is their any procedure that needs to be followed for with drawing the petition before applying a new one?

        1. allan

          I can see 2 reasons:
          1. Your employer has never filed H1B
          2. They filed but the petition but it was lost in transit. (lost in the mail, to wrong location, rejected and returned, etc)
          Check with employer if they got a mail tracking info, and has the check to USCIS ever get cashed?
          There is no indication of USCIS postponed issuing receipts numbers as they already processing 2012 quota.
          You can file new H1B anytime. If they question why you have multiple applications, your employer just needs to explain to them, this is no big deal.

          1. administrator

            I agree w/ Allan w/ the mentioned reasons. There is no point of withdrawing the petition as there is no receipt number, so no one can identify and locate your petition (if that ever reached USCIS).

            It’s better to start the process again, and send the documents this time w/ certified mail so that your employer can prove to USCIS that the documents were received by USCIS office.

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