August 3rd, H1B visa 2012 – No change in Filings-US Debt Ceiling – Job Cuts ?

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USCIS updated H1B cap count numbers today, here are the numbers
since last update by USCIS. They have released cap count considering all petitions filed until July 29th, 2011.

  • New 1,100 cap eligible petitions were filed for Regular quota
  • New 500 cap eligible petitions were filed for MS/Advanced degree quota.

July 29th,  H1B cap count updates by USCIS :

Regular H1B Cap filings22,700 of total 65,000
Advanced degree cap filing
13,800 of total 20,000
Total H1B visa petitions received36,500 of total 85,000

History of the Cap count Updates are tracked on our H1B Visa 2012 Cap Count Tracking page as well.


H1B petitions Filings No Change. Debt ceiling impact on H1B Jobs ?

No change in the H1B filings volume this week. As we compare with last week filings, July 26th, 2011 H1B update, the volume of petitions received by USCIS for regular quota remained constant at 1,100 and those received for advanced degree quota remained same as last week as well at 500. As far as prediction goes, based on below prediction graphs, the regular quota should last well beyond February 2012, if the current pace continues…but, the Masters H1B quota is most likely to be exhausted by October first week, 2011.  Coming to next week prediction, I do not see any significant events to impact the H1B filings volume. We should see filings volume similar to this week.

As discussed last week, the hot topic on the table “US Debt Ceiling Crisis” has been resolved by a deal in congress. The deal on US Deb ceiling will raise the debt ceiling by $400 billion immediately and further by $500 billion after September. Also, with the spending cuts of about $1.2 to $1.5 trillion over period of 10 years, the debt ceiling will increase between $2.1 to $2.4 trillion.  Though the debt ceiling issue seems to be resolved, the spending cuts might impact the job outlook and increase unemployment. We have to see how the congress will reduce the spending cuts and help the US economy recovery….Added to this, various economic indicators have reached multi-month lows increasing concerns about recession in US economy…The announced job cuts rose to a 16 month high in July, US economy had worst 6 month window post recession,  retail sales had smallest gain in June, Unemployment rate of 9.2% is highest in 2011, etc…All of these factors does not help the growth of demand for H1B workers in US…Going forward, it could get more challenging for internationals seeking H1B visa employment in America…We have to wait and see how the US Govt will accommodate the spending cuts without impacting the growth and job prospects.

What are your thoughts on Deb Ceiling deal and impact to H1B holders ?

Regular H1B cap Count 2012  Graph

August 4 H1B visa 2012 Cap count update Regular Quota 

Advanced Degree H1B cap count 2012 Graph

August 3rd Masters Quota H1B visa 2012 Cap count update


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Comments ( 15 )

  1. vamshi

    You guys are helping us lot by answering our queries. Thanks a lot ..

    My Query :::
    1. i have a valid H1 Visa. I am getting married next month. I will apply for H4 visa for my wife. Should i also be present during her H4 visa stamping interview?

    2. i m also worried about H4 stamping. Will H4 also get rejected?

    1. administrator

      1. No your presence is not required unless you have to go for H-1 stamping as well.
      2. Depends upon your H-1 employment. She might be asked to submit documentation related to your employment (employer details, copy of 797, I-129, project/client details, payslips/W-2 if already working in US etc). If the VO is satisfied w/ the documentation, they would approve her H-4. Until few months ago, H-4 visa interview used to be a formality. However, in last year or so, VOs are looking at much more documentation even for H-4 interviews, and so it’s best to be prepared as if you are going for your H-1 interview.

  2. Biswajit

    Thanks Saurabh,
    It looks like she has to go back, and C2 is ready for consular processing.
    Now my next question is , for consular processing does she need the hardcopy of all the petition papers like I797, I129 and so on…?
    And by any chance do you any redbus2us blog or other article which outlines all the process/guidelines/do’s don’ts for a new h1b consular stamping?
    i am also the C2 visa dept will get back to her on this, but i would like have you opinion/suggestion on this.
    Appreciate your help buddy!!

    1. administrator

      Yes, she needs hard copies of 797, I-129 etc. You can go to archives and search for “documents”. One of the article points to the documents required during H-1 stamping.

      1. Biswajit

        Hi Saurabh,
        One more question.
        As you know my wife’s current employer has applied a h1b petition a month back under regular consular processing and they have not yet received the I797 form. Now if they want to revoke the petition. will they get refund of the fees they submitted to uscis?

        1. administrator

          I don’t think USCIS returns the check to employer if the employer withdraws the petition. As it has been a month, your employer should have received at least 797C by now.

  3. Biswajit

    Hello Kumar/Saourabh,

    I would like have your opinion on below query.
    My wife is employed by a Indian service compancy (consider C1) and she is in US on L1B visa, now since her L1 will expire this year end, C1 has applied for H1B in 2012 quota under regular processing.
    Now in US she got another direct employer C2 and they are willing to go for new H1B.
    My question is Is it possible for 2 diff employer to apply for petition for the same candidate?
    C1 has already applied and C2 is in the process of applying, we have not told c2 about C1’s application. Incase C2 applies, is thr any chance that C2’s application might get rejected. ?
    I came to know a USCIS rule which says multiple petitions are possible from different employer, not from the same employer. Could you guys please throw some light?
    Also we don’t want to revoke the petition which C1 already applied, in case some thing happens with C2’s application, still she has a chance to continue in US.
    Appreciate your opinion on this.


    1. administrator

      It is ok for 2 employers to file H-1 petition for one candidate. Yes, you read about the correct USCIS rule.

      However, as you haven’t disclosed C1’s petition to C2 there can be one issue (although I am not sure about it). Let’s say C1’s petition gets approved after 1st Oct. As such your wife’s I-94 would show H-1 and L-1. As C2’s petition gets processed, the I-94 record will start showing H-1 (i.e. COS not applicable anymore). I don’t know how USCIS would handle that scenario. Did you understand the situation I mentioned?

      1. Biswajit

        Hi Saurabh,

        Thanks for reply.
        My wife’s L1 is valid till Nov 26 this yr. Present employer C1 has applied for a regular H1Band that too through consulate(no COS). so anyway my wife has to go back to India for H1B stamping if she stays with C1. Now She might travell back to India as her assignment is coming to end with client from C1. C2 is is in the offer processing stage and they have not started the petition work , they will go for premium.
        Now Do you think we should tell C2 about C1’s petition ?
        And i think we have not told C2 about the assignment end data. During Intv stage my wife was telling that they are ok if she goes back to india and come back with H1B stamped.
        I think it looks like she has to anyway travell back to india as C1 is not able to find any new assignment for her.
        It’s all getting complex. Not sure whats the best solution. Any advice?


        1. administrator

          In that case, there is less chance of C2 knowing about C1. As her C1 petition is w/o COS, she will have to leave US at the end of assignment. When she is in India, her C1 or C2 petition would get processed. Once approved, she can go for stamping and return back on H-1.

          As long as C2 is fine w/ her leaving US and returning back on visa stamp, it should be fine. In either case, she cannot start to work prior to 1st Oct, and this is something C2 should know (as they are filing a non-cap exempt petition).

          1. Biswajit

            I guess, C2 is fine. We will check again.
            And C2 is aware that she cannot start before 1st Oct. That was cleared during intv. only.
            Thanks a lot saurabh for your reply.

          2. Biswajit


            One more question.
            C2 is a US based Company(not a Desi Consultancy). What are the chances of success , if my wife goes back to India and go for a stamping?
            Any specific suggestion you have?


          3. administrator

            Probability of successful stamping is more when going through a US company than a desi consulting company. There can still be administrative delays, but visa should eventually get approved.

          4. Biswajit

            Ok.. after seeing so many 221(g) cases on your site i was bit concerned. Is this 221(g) has something to do with incorrect proof of job? Actually i m on L1, so i have no idea regarding all these terms.


          5. administrator

            There are bunch of reasons for 221g:
            – security clearance
            – PIMS
            – job/employer/employee validation

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