April first week H1B visa 2012 Cap count update ? When ? How Often ?

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Now that we are past April 1st, 2011, many of you might be curious about when would be the first official H1B cap count update FY 2012 from USCIS…Let me shed some light based on my experience and past data.

When will the first H1B visa 2012 cap count update be ?
April 9th ? April 20th  ? Today ?

Well, if you look at the trend in last year H1B visa 2011 Cap count updates page , the first official update was done on Apirl 8th, 2011…the year before, the first cap count update was done on April 20th… For this year, my speculation is we might get something around April 8th or 9th….or may be today ( who knows )…there is nothing etched on stone…it is up to USCIS….Typically, they would accept applications for a week (5 business days ) and then update the cap count…

How Often does USCIS update cap count ?

USCIS updates H1B visa cap count once every one week.

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Comments ( 6 )

  1. nivetha j

    hai saurabh,

    i can see like ” I see the current count as of Nov. 14 is 56300 ” in a post in the website. what does this mean? by the month of december me and my husband are going for stamping. ( H1 & H4 ). is the count means, the number of visa’s stamped till date? if so, wats the possibility of success ratio for the people going for stamping on december ? pls educate me.

    1. administrator

      If you already have petition numbers for your H-1 or have already have an approved 797, then these numbers do not impact you. Once you have either of those, you are considered to have made through the quota. Visa stamping is not subject to quota counts. Hope that clarifies.

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