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Waiting for H1B Visa 2015 Petition Status Updates, Case Numbers ?

Over the past few weeks, many of you have been on the blog constantly refreshing our H1B Visa 2015 Pageor H1B 2015 Status updates page seeking information from one another on the status. Also, with our H1B Visa Tracker, there are about 200 cases that are tracked by our readers.  It is heart touching for us to read and empathize everyone’s situation. We wish we could do more…Let me share some thoughts on some misconceptions that I have noticed in the comments, just to make sure everyone are on the same page.

USCIS Processed 5000 H1B Petitions today ? 6000 Yesterday….2000 previous day at Vermont ? When is my case processed ?

I see some of our readers posting comments that USCIS processed so many ( 5000 , 6000 or 2000 ) H1B petitions per day at a USCIS service center.  They are randomly counting the petition numbers advancement at a service center and concluding that so many H1B petitions were processed on that day. The truth is that USCIS service center processes much more than H1B Visa petitions and the USCIS Case Number that starts with a WAC or EAC, does not explicitly mean that it was a H1B Case number. It could include other cases like Status Adjustment, Alien Registration updates, Address changes, etc.   So, the conclusion that a service center processed so many H1B petitions per day is NOT true, unless someone manually goes through each and every petition and does a tracking by case.   Bottom-line, do NOT get bogged down by the fact that USCIS processed so many H1B petitions per day and my case number is not received, so did I get in the lottery or not.  Try to be patient and do not put yourself into pressure by false conclusions.

Readers Posting questions like AD/PP/VSC  or RQ/RP/EAC …etc. asking for updates . H1B Tracker ?

I do understand, many of us are under tremendous amount of pressure waiting for the petition status update. Many of our jobs and future aspirations are tied to the US work permit…I have been there…I can imagine…It will be nice and helpful for everyone, if we can leverage the H1B Visa tracker and post your case status there…If you can, please try to avoid posting it on the pages and leverage our H1B tracker….

Do I have to receive H1B Premium Processing case number by April 28th

USCIS mentioned that they will start the processing of H1B petitions from April 28th. They did NOT explicitly state that you will get H1B case number by April 28th.  It is very likely that premium processing selected H1B Cases to receive the petition number by April 28th, but due to enormous number of petitions filed with USCIS for FY 2015, the online system that is used to track petitions may not be updated as fast as you imagine.  Check with your attorney or you can call USCIS service center as well. Just don’t lose hope and get nervous. You never know!

Did anyone receive Regular Petition Case numbers ? How Long will it take ?

Some of our readers have indicated in the H1B tracker that they have received the H1B Case number for regular quota. USCIS has started to mail out H1B Case numbers for regular quota as well.  They do NOT have a fixed time or SLA to send these petitions case number. It can take anywhere from couple of weeks to a month or so to get petition numbers… It will only arrive by USPS Mail, so it can take time…Do NOT just conclude, just be patient and wait !

Did anyone receive any H1B visa Petitions Rejection Notices ? NOT selected in Lottery results ?

So far, our readers have not indicated that someone has received a rejected petition, stating that it was not selected in lottery. Also, prominent immigration attorney sites like Murthy have indicated that they No Rejected H1B Petitions were received yet by them.  So, don’t lose your hopes folks. Life is what it is…be patient, if it is meant to be, it is what it is…Good Luck !

Stay Calm…Do fun things you like…

I can imagine it is very difficult time for most of you to be in the waiting phase, days seem longer and you cannot focus on anything…unfortunately, it is life and we do NOT control certain things…Just try to be patient and calm, spend time with your spouse/kids/yourself doing something fun…stay away from reading information that can cause stress….

Watch this Video about Life: http://youtu.be/sVdHhoY1Q2w

Good Luck Everyone !

Any questions ?  Comments ?


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  1. Hi Guys,

    Anybody from California center still waiting to hear back on their RFE status. Mine reached USCIS on Sept 23, 2014 but haven’t got any update from them. My employer tells its not good to call and check with them. So asks me to wait, which is actually very frustrating. 🙁

      • Neha, Anu

        I know it’s frustrating. But it’s purely un expected in most of our cases.

        Even I m in the same situation. (California service center)

        1.New H1B, Applied on 01-April-2014
        2. RFE (Employee-Employer relationship, Education Evaluation, Specialized occupation, trainings, experience etc., usually a complex query)
        3. We tried to respond promptly with all the means and supporting evidences by 31-Jul-2104
        4. RFE Responce received by USCIS and status changed to RFE Review
        5. No progress.. Enquired by calling USCIS through the attorney and got an answer saying “Case is pending at Security Check”
        6. 31-Jan-2015, Upgraded to premium processing
        7. 1-Feb-2015 Premium processing receipt received by USCIS and progress since then
        8. 25-Feb-2015 a second follow up call from Attorney to USCIS and got the answer “Your case is still pending at the background check . We can update you with the decision,once we receive clearance”
        9. No updates till date!!!

        Don’t stress your selves in this, cause it’s if no use calling your employer or USCIS!

        Try to talk to your attorneys and get a clear advise from them on how to plan going further on this situation. If the case is pending with background verification, sometimes, it will be with the FBI, who might need to provide a clearance on a thorough scrutiny. None of them are aware how much time it will take. But usually this will happen during processing of GC/ I-140. I am not sure if the same is happening with the H1-Bs too.

        Fingers crossed.. Hope for the best!

      • I am also waiting for RFE response from California center. my employer responded for RFE on oct 3’rd 2014.In jan 2015 he has raised for a service ticket,but no response.After 30 days again he called and raised for one more ticket.The USCIS told to wait to get the status by 5 business days,but no response.we called the USCIS recently.They are telling it is in security check till getting the update on security check,they don’t give any response on RFE.i am waiting to hear something by USCIS.all the best.thanks

        • Hi Manju,
          my gmail id : winwithram. Send me mail. I will forward you few sponsorship’s details in USA for H1b visa initiate. But you can talk with them directly. You can proceed further with your own responsibility.

    • Today I noticed a change in my case status and called my employer. Here is the message:
      My case received another RFE last week (after 5 months of submitting 1st RFE response) and my employer submitted the required document yesterday. Now the new decision date is 03/May/2015.
      No case status change online for this 2nd RFE last week. I was hitting the site every day.

  2. With gods grace and luck favouring my Petiton was appeoved on Feb2015(found d status in site)..

    Lost all d hopes..but now filled with rejoice…

  3. After waiting for more than 5 months on RFE, My Application was finally Denied.
    Receipt date – May 15 th
    RFE – July 21st
    RFE Response Review – Sep 16 th
    Decision Denied – Feb 26th.
    Good Bye to this forum !

  4. Finally after 5 months of waiting my RFE got approved, yest i got an email from my employer, my case was from California center, guys relaxed USCIS is working on the pending cases hope every one will get through it, pray to GOD.

  5. Guys…Got ref results …I am from texas and got 3 results from our consultancy, all three denied….USCIS is working fast on RFE queries …good luck for all the other folks who are all waiting.

    Centre- Vermont
    RFE- responded on July 27th

    • Hi,

      Do they update the denial status on the website or you got the result thru mail?
      Can you share what was the reason of denial?

  6. Hi all, any results this week. Today is the last day for the week. Is there something we can do to know the decision. The wait is really frustrating. Worst part, not sure what to do for next year.

  7. Hi,

    My previous employer has applied H1B petition for me during 2011 but unfortunatily it was denieled that time.
    My employer informed below denial info
    “WAC1117750453, the category of denial is INA 212(N) (1), pursuant to Title 8, (“8,C.F.R”) 214.2(h) (4)”

    Now my current employer wants to apply H1B for 2015-16 CAB, does my previous denial make any problem to it?
    Also please help me to understand what is “INA 212(N) (1), pursuant to Title 8, (“8,C.F.R”) 214.2(h) (4)”” means ?


  8. Hey guys…
    Dont worry.. The time has come to get relaxed. I heard two of my friend got result yesterday.. USCIS start working on the pending case… cheer up..

  9. Hi friends,
    I think my assumption will be 90 % correct.. most of the people waiting for RFE approval in this forum belongs to Kansas state only..
    Even I have two RFE cases ..both belongs to same employer and same location. I am waiting to clear RFE more than 3 months. Actual given date is Nov 9th…but still waiting for approval.. Daily checking status.. Getting frustration about USCS and even GOD also.

    What we will do..we have to wait until we get some result… God please give some results soooooooooooooooooooon

    • My case is from nj state and I am waiting from Nov 19th on rfe Review . So I think it’s not about state . Just hoping that we should get the reply soon

  10. Hi All,

    Still I am waiting for RFE responce…waiting for approvals..
    actuvally i suppose to get result on Noverber 9th as per site..But still waiting..hopes are getting down…
    seems (employer) location is from Kansas state they are not going to approve it seems…most of the RFE’s still waiting form that state only..
    if any one case approved please let me know so that we have some idea…

      • Hi guys,

        Even my employer is from Kansas and my case is still in initial review… I guess it’s just a co incidence… USCIS has nothing to do with employer location…I am not sure I they have ever processed it state by state or in a alphabetical order of states….:)let’s hope for the best:)

        • I am waithing from august 06 in RFE RR state. Even my employer is from kansas. Not sure if we are all from same employer? And all got struck as a reason of employer not based on state.

  11. Hello guys,

    I got RFE twice and 2nd RFE was received on Dec 5th and the status on the website showing that, case under review ans you should get the decision by 3rd Feb. But when I called today to employer he told me that, there are less employees in USCIS so the processing is getting delayed. I am not sure whats happening. Finger crossed.

    • hi sowmya,

      mine is waiting since sep 3. rfe response recceived status on the site. did your employer actually called USCIS and they replied it saying less employees are available to process it?
      pls ans. thanks muk

      • Hi Muk,

        My employer told me that he has not called the USCIS, but his friend has told like there are less employees in the office.,so its getting delayed. He told that he is not going to call the office since it reduces the chances of aproval.

  12. The old USICS site shows different stages of petition status. But, the current site shows only a single message. No clear details. currently my petition is in RFE stage, but the site says that the “petition is approve”. Any update on how to check the clear status?

    • Hey RV.. Same here.. Just wait till end of this week and If you wont hear by next Monday, then you can upgrade it to premium.. and Yes its a good option (we don’t have any other options :p) cause,
      1. You know what’s going to happen and
      2. Getting prepared for the next steps.. (Based on the result in point 1)

      I am going to do the same.. at least I can plan for further proceedings rather than biting nails 😀

      All the best!
      Fingers Crossed.. !

      • Hey krish , thanks for the reply. Even I thought of waiting for this week. My only worry is I don’t want it to be negative after spending extra amount. But as u said, its better than biting nails…we can at least plan next steps

  13. Hey..guys seems you all are on the same boat as I am in since 2 years..
    after all stages my petition was reached to RFE review status in May.2014 ..since after ,,no response ..its almost 8 months…

        • status changed to response review once you submit the RFE docs. When actually they start to review you documents for some cases i have seen it says correspondence is received and uscis is reviewing it. Hope the result is out soon. Wait is killing..

          • My status has been in correspondence review since my employer replied to uscis, which was already in September. But I still haven’t heard from uscis. I have no idea why it takes so long…

  14. Any one got RFE approvals? I am waiting for more than 3 months still ..hopes are getting down..plz post some good news any one case is approved?
    I don’t know why only some cases pending more than 3 to 4 months waiting..

  15. My case is in rfe review from Sept 26. Did any one receive updates on your petition from California Service Centre recently? Please update.

    • Anoo, I am in the same situation, they review my RFE since Sept 18 and I should get an answer by NOV 17. My lawyer contacted them and was told they cannot say when this will be answered. Very weird. I have Bachelor and they requested additional education and experience documents and references. I was changing status from J1 to H1B. I am wondering how long this will take more and how long after they approve it (if they will). Was anyone here waiting so long? Is long waiting a bad sign ?

  16. Hi, My petition status is still in “Initial Review” since April 10th. Anyone on the same boat? or any suggestions on what to do?

  17. any one who recived the approval/denial responce, who’s transfer petition filled on oct or nov 2014 via Regular Proceccing in California center.

    Please response

    • Any one got H1B RFE response this week?
      I am waiting for this more than 3 months.. I don’t know why we are not getting the response?
      Seems who are all waiting for this long time response going to reject?

  18. any one who recived the approval/denial responce, who’s transfer petition filled on oct or nov 2014 via Regular Proceccing in California center.

    Please response

  19. Hi all ,

    My case is also in “Request For Evidence Was Received” status since from last 110 days. No Updates yet.

    Please post anyone who has received any updates in last week or so.


    • Hi,
      My status has changed to withdrawal notice , though my employer/lawyer has not filed withdrawal .
      Has this happened with anyone? Please let me know .

  20. Hi All,
    My case was turned to RFE RR on Aug 28! it’s been more than 125 days now, still didn’t get any update on this :<

    my case is RP from Vermont EAC14142xxxx

    is anyone waiting from same center..

  21. GOOD NEWS!!!Finally My petition is approved 🙂 🙂 🙂 Got EMAIL from employer with the receipt number………100 days wait comes to end/……submitted DS160 too…Thnaks to Almighty …Hope u all got soon

    • hi sukumar,

      did your status changed on the site? can you tell us how many days it took to receive documents from uscis after your petition approved?

    • @sukumar – Congrats. How long your employer (petitioner) took to send all required document like petition approval notice and other supporting documents required for stamping? It’s been more than 45 days since my employer received Petition Approval notice but still he has not sent Approval notice and other supporting documents required for stamping.

  22. Hi all!!
    My case is also in rfe! It turned out to rfe on Aug 26th and I submitted the docS By sept 1st!!
    But waitin til date almost 110days but on updates yet!!!all my peers got approved email!
    Me still didn’t get!!!waitin scares me! Please help me out here

    • Yes even im in same situation. RFE-RR from Aug 11th. From california center. Still waiting fr approval.
      Please post here if anyone gets any update on their case status.

    • Hi all,
      I am also same situation. Waiting more than 3 months. Let’s hope every one will result before pongal. Hoping every one will get positive replay.
      Wish u happy visa getting year 2015

  23. Hi All,
    Those who are waiting after RFE , don’t worry. I know it is stressful. It is close to year end and Christmas so people will go on long holidays. We can only expect in the month of January. I know, last year, people got their H1B approved after February too. All the best! Let’s keep fingers crossed that lord should grant your visa soon 😀

  24. Hi everyone,
    My employee responded to rfe in july, they were supposed to give an answer back by september and so far, nothing.
    I heard one way to deal with that is getting a congressional assistance. My case is almost 5 months now!

  25. Hello everyone. Anyone got update on RFE-RR from california center? Im waiting from Aug 11th. Its been 4 months now nd still no update. Much worried about result. I was told that query is regd education. Kindly let me know if anyone else in same situation.
    Please keep the updates posted, if any.

    • Guys did any of you get approval ? .I got Response to review on Sept 9 and its over 90 days now ,Still it is in same state.

      Vermont Center ,Regular Processing .
      Please do update if anyone gets approval or got approval from Vermont in Dec.

  26. Hai
    My case is Unique ….its been 7 months still there is no response or update on my lottery….I still dono whether i am selected or not
    I did not receive my rejection aswell…Please give me some information what to do now??

  27. My H1b RFE status is also pending since 26/sep/2014 (that is when my employer submitted rfe response) and it is regular processing in california service centre.
    Did any one receive the status update from california service centre recently?

  28. My petitoner responded to RFE and it was received by USCIS on Sep 8.2014.The status says Response review and should get an update by Nov 7,2014.The dates have crossed and I don’t have any updates yet.Can anybody suggest how to proceed in this regard?I tried to contact USCIS but that too didn’t help.

  29. Hi,
    No update on RFE Review since 14 OCT,EAC141475XXXX, Is the delay means there are more chances of rejection.
    What to do if there is rejection…..

  30. Hi All,
    Any one got the RFE approval in last 2 weeks. My RFE pending more than 85 days. still i am waiting for result. My case is processing under CSC. Please provide the reason why this year RFE status review taking more time?
    who are all waiting for RFE approval since more than 85 days please replay to me. so that we will cum to know about the time frame they are taking

    • Hi mates.. Even mine is in RFE Review since July 31, 2014. No update on this till date. Followed up with USCIS through my attorney, but did’nt help much..

      Mine is in California Center. Hope we hear something by this Dec.. Need to visit home guys…. hmmm .. Fingers Crossed .. 🙂

      • Even I am waiting from sep 19th on rfe review status. Just Counting days, I really don’t know why this time it is taking so long. Waiting is really painful . Hope we all get a good news soon
        Good luck

      • Shilpa/Supreety,

        Please ask your employer/Attorney to contact USCICS about your application status.. But i feel your application on hold due to security check.. my case also initial review , my employer contacted , he informed me about this.. Goodluck..

    • Hey Shilpa,
      Evn my case was received on 10 April and there is no update, no RFE, no approval. It is still in initial review. Any idea if we can contact USCIS directly and ask abt our case status.
      Lets hpe guys tht v gt our approval soon .

  31. MY RFE also reponded in sep9th.
    Still i am waiting for approval. its more than 75 days.
    please tell me why this delay this year?
    hope we will get positive results soon.

    • Hi Sri. My RFE RR was on Aug 25th & still I am waiting. Yours is on Sep 9th, so I guess you need to wait for some more days. even 90 days waiting is also not sufficient now a days. You need to wait for 90+ days to have an update from USCIS.

      • Hi Raj,

        thanks for replay. I am from india. hope u are also from india.
        My RFE RR from CSC. why this year so late. most of them are waiting more than 75 days. its too harible to waite these many days. please post once your case is approved?
        My RFE name is employee employer relation ship .

  32. Anyone in RFE response review since Aug 25,2014 and waiting to get response from USCIS? I am waiting since Aug 25,2014 and still in response review mode. Mine is Vermont Center.

    It is been 88 days now. :(. Anyone on same boat?

      • Hi Marina,

        Mine is in RFE RR status from Aug25th & still waiting for update from them. I heard that this time California & Vermont Service Centers processing is a bit slow when compared to other service centers. So we need to wait for some more days for futher updates. Also it’s better to have an update by this month end, because Complete December most of the ppl will be on Vacation & hence we may not see H1 status updates in December month. So if it’s going to be updated in this month, that will be good, if not need to wait till Jan – 2015.

    • Hi sn-help. Mine is also in RFE RR status from Aug 25th. Mine is from California Center. I am also eagerly waiting for updates. BY the way, what is ur WAC # starting series???…

  33. My case status is still in RFE response review. It is the same from 2nd step 2014. Its been more than 60 days, still waiting for the decision. Any idea if it could be positive even after this long wait


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