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Waiting for H1B Visa 2015 Petition Status Updates, Case Numbers ?

Over the past few weeks, many of you have been on the blog constantly refreshing our H1B Visa 2015 Pageor H1B 2015 Status updates page seeking information from one another on the status. Also, with our H1B Visa Tracker, there are about 200 cases that are tracked by our readers.  It is heart touching for us to read and empathize everyone’s situation. We wish we could do more…Let me share some thoughts on some misconceptions that I have noticed in the comments, just to make sure everyone are on the same page.

USCIS Processed 5000 H1B Petitions today ? 6000 Yesterday….2000 previous day at Vermont ? When is my case processed ?

I see some of our readers posting comments that USCIS processed so many ( 5000 , 6000 or 2000 ) H1B petitions per day at a USCIS service center.  They are randomly counting the petition numbers advancement at a service center and concluding that so many H1B petitions were processed on that day. The truth is that USCIS service center processes much more than H1B Visa petitions and the USCIS Case Number that starts with a WAC or EAC, does not explicitly mean that it was a H1B Case number. It could include other cases like Status Adjustment, Alien Registration updates, Address changes, etc.   So, the conclusion that a service center processed so many H1B petitions per day is NOT true, unless someone manually goes through each and every petition and does a tracking by case.   Bottom-line, do NOT get bogged down by the fact that USCIS processed so many H1B petitions per day and my case number is not received, so did I get in the lottery or not.  Try to be patient and do not put yourself into pressure by false conclusions.

Readers Posting questions like AD/PP/VSC  or RQ/RP/EAC …etc. asking for updates . H1B Tracker ?

I do understand, many of us are under tremendous amount of pressure waiting for the petition status update. Many of our jobs and future aspirations are tied to the US work permit…I have been there…I can imagine…It will be nice and helpful for everyone, if we can leverage the H1B Visa tracker and post your case status there…If you can, please try to avoid posting it on the pages and leverage our H1B tracker….

Do I have to receive H1B Premium Processing case number by April 28th

USCIS mentioned that they will start the processing of H1B petitions from April 28th. They did NOT explicitly state that you will get H1B case number by April 28th.  It is very likely that premium processing selected H1B Cases to receive the petition number by April 28th, but due to enormous number of petitions filed with USCIS for FY 2015, the online system that is used to track petitions may not be updated as fast as you imagine.  Check with your attorney or you can call USCIS service center as well. Just don’t lose hope and get nervous. You never know!

Did anyone receive Regular Petition Case numbers ? How Long will it take ?

Some of our readers have indicated in the H1B tracker that they have received the H1B Case number for regular quota. USCIS has started to mail out H1B Case numbers for regular quota as well.  They do NOT have a fixed time or SLA to send these petitions case number. It can take anywhere from couple of weeks to a month or so to get petition numbers… It will only arrive by USPS Mail, so it can take time…Do NOT just conclude, just be patient and wait !

Did anyone receive any H1B visa Petitions Rejection Notices ? NOT selected in Lottery results ?

So far, our readers have not indicated that someone has received a rejected petition, stating that it was not selected in lottery. Also, prominent immigration attorney sites like Murthy have indicated that they No Rejected H1B Petitions were received yet by them.  So, don’t lose your hopes folks. Life is what it is…be patient, if it is meant to be, it is what it is…Good Luck !

Stay Calm…Do fun things you like…

I can imagine it is very difficult time for most of you to be in the waiting phase, days seem longer and you cannot focus on anything…unfortunately, it is life and we do NOT control certain things…Just try to be patient and calm, spend time with your spouse/kids/yourself doing something fun…stay away from reading information that can cause stress….

Watch this Video about Life: http://youtu.be/sVdHhoY1Q2w

Good Luck Everyone !

Any questions ?  Comments ?


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  1. My reciept number starts with WAC15146*****
    I am waiting from almost 70 days.. still status is same as “Case was recieved”. How long this will take ?

    • Bro,
      my case pending like same your case since april -2014. No idea about the reasons.. If possible better to upgrade to premium.

    • Evn I waiting since 2014.
      Bt in my case , the website says the case is withdrawn but I have received a rfe letter frm employer nd employer is saying tht have received rfe . Ny1 else is facing problm wit wrng update on website . Pls let me knw

  2. How could we able to talk to a live person in USCIS customer care number because the customer care number is completely automated not getting through it asked me to enter the Case Number which i did
    and then it speaks the same message that we see online..At this time we can not provide you with the information for your case.

  3. Hi Frenz,

    I have travelled to india on April 10th 2015.I am in India from April 10th 2015.My H1 visa was applied in USA in April 2015 in change of status(COS) process.But now I am in India.Till now I did not get any update on my H1b.I have received LCA and H1 filing documents from my attorney and employer 2 months back.They say they did not receive any update if my H1 is selected in lottery or not and they say they do not know if it is approved or not because they did not receive any receipt or rejection package.My employer says there is 1% chance to get H1 visa approved.Is it possible that my H1 visa will be approved.And is the update so late because my H1 COS is denied and went into consular processing?

  4. My H1B was applied this year. But haven’t heard back anything form my employer yet. It was regular processing not premium.
    They say they are still awaiting. What are the chances of my H1b getting picked in lottery?
    is it safer to confirm my petition was not picked in lottery or still there are chances?

  5. My employer filled a petition under premium processing, however we haven’t got anything back… I though I should know by now if I will get it or not. Is there still any chance?

  6. Is there still possibility of H1-B application being accepted in lottery and need to be intimated to the candidates? Or all the lottery acceptance letters have been dispatched? I have not received any intimation of acceptance or rejection.

  7. My case was picked up in the lottery but since April 13, the status is ‘Your Case is Received’
    What does it mean? Any suggestions?

    • when I check the case status online showing as”Your Case is Received” since last 2 months. Usually how much time it takes to approve the case?

  8. Hey all,

    It’s June 11th, and my attorney hasn’t received anything from USCIS. My petition was filed with regular processing. I was supposed to leave the United States in April since my OPT expired. However, according to USCIS website, I was qualified for a cap-gap extension and my F-1 status was automatically extended when my H-1B petition was filed. Does anyone know by when my attorney should receive a formal reply about my petition from USCIS? I would like to know when to start worrying about not staying in the country illegally.


    • IMO, you need to apply for cap-gap extension (to your school). One doesn’t get the extension automatically.

      I was in your situation last month. My cap-gap was extended by 15 days by my school. When I requested for subsequent cap-gap extension, my school refused. School mentioned that I needed to produce H1B receipt no. without which further cap-gap extension could not be processed.

      As I didn’t want to accrue any illegal stay/work days…I resigned couple of weeks back.

  9. Hi All,

    My petition has come in lottery and now waiting for it to get approved.

    The scene is that the client for which i had filled, i got release from that project. So just wanted to know if incase of RFE can i submit fresh documents for another client? I am still working in same company.

    Please let me know if any 1 aware of this scenario.


  10. Hi,

    My Employer said my H1 got seleted in lottory on May 20th. But he said they didn’t get ant EAC tillnow. Is there anything wrong?

  11. it is now june second and i have not received any notifications of my visa applicaiton being rejected or approved. when is the latest time to receive an answer? my opt is up in a week and of course I have not make future decisions.

    can someone please advise?

    • Hi Carlo,

      The way my attorney explained it, your OPT will automatically be extended until you hear back about your visa status as your file is pending. Just double check to make sure!

  12. hey guys i have a question
    im very worried, i have not gotten anything from USCIS, not even an email saying they received the application.

    but i haven receive the package with the documents either, is this normal?

    because i see some people up here talking about status ans stuffs like that

    thank you so much, any answers would help me a lot

  13. Today is May 27th, so should i just wait to hope I might receive the receipt number for h1b 2015 lottery? Because when i asked my employer said that they haven’t received any respond from USCIS yet. Still is there any chance of my petition being selected in the lottery? Please let me know. I would highly appreciate. Thank you

  14. Hi all,
    No one posting any information of last year H1b visa RFE? I am from cyberbrains consutlany? When we will get result?

  15. Hi…My company informed me the current status as – “Sent for Filing and awaiting lottery decision from USCIS”. What does that mean? Is it like they are yet to get the notification from USCIS whether it is selected in lottery or not? will appreciate your input on this…


  16. hi all, still the status of last years petition is RFE RR. Anyone received the update recently. This wait is so frustrating n employer says there is no timeline n will have to wait

  17. 2015 FY H1B petition approved on Mar 12th, 2015 finally.

    My petition for New H1B was applied on Apr 1, 2014 in regular at Vermont SC. COS also applied from F1 to H1 with this petition. Received RFE in June. Replied to RFE in July end. Since then it was pending. on Feb 2015 1st week, my employer converted to premium because they wants to apply new H1 for FY 2016 if old one get lost. No response till Feb 28 2015. on mar 1st attorney reached out to USCIS and asked why there is a such a delay for premium converted petition. on Mar 12th, USCIS replied to attorney that my petition is approved. On Mar 25th, employer received i797b. since they did not give COS, then i m out of status. Employer told me to go to visa stamping as a best option. Finally on Apr 05 th, i left US and went to VISA interview. successfuly got stamped on reentered US on Apr 26th.

    So this is my journey. i was following this thread since 2014 oct and want to give you my exp.

        • Folks, Congratulations! case received means your application got picked up in the lottery process, you will have to wait for the Approval ! some times they may ask for the supporting documents if required we normally call it as RFE (Request for evidence). hope all is well ….keep checking for the status change…..

  18. This year lottery results also coming out…still our last year RFEs are pending.. Hopes are going down completely. If any one case is approved recently?

  19. My colleague, his check has been cashed, but my check has not been cashed yet. Does that mean I do not get in the lottery? My colleague and I use the same attorney.

    • I have the exactly same situation as you do. Plus I work with an immigration law firm. The your check has not been cashed does not necessarily mean your case is not picked. Chances are they have not processed your check yet. Please give it couple of weeks of wait. Hang in there, we shall be fine.

    • How do u know your case was denied.
      Mine was applied on PP .it was picked under lottery
      I checked the status reguraly . last week it was “Case was approved and my decison was emailed or mailed ”
      This week it is “Document Was Mailed”
      Could you please tell me what this status is all about??

  20. My case is still in this state since oct 2014 – Response To USCIS’ Request For Evidence Was Received. Are there any chances to get approved after this long wait?

  21. I have applied for H1b 2015 thru a consultancy. I am doubting whether they filed H1b for me or not ? I asked for the petition number..they are saying that petition number will get generated only my application was picked up in lottery. is it true ? requesting your reply

  22. I got my RFE on SEP ,submitted RFE on DEC and applied for premium processing couple of weeks back. Still I didn’t get any approval and still it’s in RFE status.

  23. With GOD grace and blessings after waiting for 5 months on RFE, My Application was finally Approved.
    Centre : Vermont
    Receipt date – May 15 th
    RFE – Sep 20st
    RFE Response Review – Nov 12 th
    Decision Approved – March 27th.
    Thx this forum for valuable guidance !

  24. Total how many of u having some status(response to USCS reqest for evidence was received)..tell me consultant name also..we will check..

  25. Guys my FY15 is still in “Response To USCIS Request For Evidence Was Received”. I am told, that my case is under name check. I dont think it will get cleared in next couple of days.

    I have a question for those who are in the same situation as i am.
    Can we apply for H1b this year?
    If yes, will the pending petition have any effect on the new petition?
    If no, what alternatives do we have?

  26. Any one got approvals this week?
    Still we have any chance?
    Hopes completely going down..
    Total how many members waiting for approvals?

  27. All most waiting RFE clearance from sep2014 on words.. Hopes are getting down.. Any one waiting such long time for RFE approvals..

    • hi sri – yes it is really frustrating. atleast uscis should have decency to clear them by mar 15. so this year petitions will start from apr1.

      • why this year most of the RFE’s going to under security check..?
        Can any one tell USCS going to clear all pending RFE’s before april 1st?
        When our day will come..

  28. Hey Guys,

    Good news. With blessings of Sai baba, Just now my H1b got approved. Got two RFE s.
    Centre : Vermont
    RFE REceived Date: December 5th.

  29. So finally we came to know all pending cases are under security check… So there is no hopes we will get positive result…
    We have one final option we can go to court on USCS…then they will give result..

      • hi ukj,
        mine is pending since sep 1, 2014. i don’t know if it is stuck with security check or not. how do you know that yours is in security check? thanks kanika.

        • Kanika, Please ask your employer , to request your company lawyers contact USCIS to know exact status. you will get answer in few days. my case also informed my employer, however now a days he is not replying my mails. Goodluck

          • hi ukj-my employer raised service request to find it now. thanks for informing this otherwise i did not know. thx kanika

  30. Hi Guys,
    Can USCIS carry over this year visas to next year?
    I dont have any hopes that we will get in another 3 weeks. Will they neglect our cases once they receive 2016 quota cases. And also H4 EAD will be effective from may… They will get busy in that and they may neglect ours……

  31. Hi Guys,

    I have a question, Can USCIS carry this year H1b s to next year? I dont have any hopes that we will get in another 3 weeks. Will they neglect our cases once they receive 2016 quota cases. And also H4 EAD will be effective from may… They will get busy in that and they may neglect ours……


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