H1B Visa 2015 Case Number Waiting USCIS Time

Waiting for H1B Visa 2015 Petition Status Updates, Case Numbers ?

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Over the past few weeks, many of you have been on the blog constantly refreshing our H1B Visa 2015 Pageor H1B 2015 Status updates page seeking information from one another on the status. Also, with our H1B Visa Tracker, there are about 200 cases that are tracked by our readers.  It is heart touching for us to read and empathize everyone’s situation. We wish we could do more…Let me share some thoughts on some misconceptions that I have noticed in the comments, just to make sure everyone are on the same page.

USCIS Processed 5000 H1B Petitions today ? 6000 Yesterday….2000 previous day at Vermont ? When is my case processed ?

I see some of our readers posting comments that USCIS processed so many ( 5000 , 6000 or 2000 ) H1B petitions per day at a USCIS service center.  They are randomly counting the petition numbers advancement at a service center and concluding that so many H1B petitions were processed on that day. The truth is that USCIS service center processes much more than H1B Visa petitions and the USCIS Case Number that starts with a WAC or EAC, does not explicitly mean that it was a H1B Case number. It could include other cases like Status Adjustment, Alien Registration updates, Address changes, etc.   So, the conclusion that a service center processed so many H1B petitions per day is NOT true, unless someone manually goes through each and every petition and does a tracking by case.   Bottom-line, do NOT get bogged down by the fact that USCIS processed so many H1B petitions per day and my case number is not received, so did I get in the lottery or not.  Try to be patient and do not put yourself into pressure by false conclusions.

Readers Posting questions like AD/PP/VSC  or RQ/RP/EAC …etc. asking for updates . H1B Tracker ?

I do understand, many of us are under tremendous amount of pressure waiting for the petition status update. Many of our jobs and future aspirations are tied to the US work permit…I have been there…I can imagine…It will be nice and helpful for everyone, if we can leverage the H1B Visa tracker and post your case status there…If you can, please try to avoid posting it on the pages and leverage our H1B tracker….

Do I have to receive H1B Premium Processing case number by April 28th

USCIS mentioned that they will start the processing of H1B petitions from April 28th. They did NOT explicitly state that you will get H1B case number by April 28th.  It is very likely that premium processing selected H1B Cases to receive the petition number by April 28th, but due to enormous number of petitions filed with USCIS for FY 2015, the online system that is used to track petitions may not be updated as fast as you imagine.  Check with your attorney or you can call USCIS service center as well. Just don’t lose hope and get nervous. You never know!

Did anyone receive Regular Petition Case numbers ? How Long will it take ?

Some of our readers have indicated in the H1B tracker that they have received the H1B Case number for regular quota. USCIS has started to mail out H1B Case numbers for regular quota as well.  They do NOT have a fixed time or SLA to send these petitions case number. It can take anywhere from couple of weeks to a month or so to get petition numbers… It will only arrive by USPS Mail, so it can take time…Do NOT just conclude, just be patient and wait !

Did anyone receive any H1B visa Petitions Rejection Notices ? NOT selected in Lottery results ?

So far, our readers have not indicated that someone has received a rejected petition, stating that it was not selected in lottery. Also, prominent immigration attorney sites like Murthy have indicated that they No Rejected H1B Petitions were received yet by them.  So, don’t lose your hopes folks. Life is what it is…be patient, if it is meant to be, it is what it is…Good Luck !

Stay Calm…Do fun things you like…

I can imagine it is very difficult time for most of you to be in the waiting phase, days seem longer and you cannot focus on anything…unfortunately, it is life and we do NOT control certain things…Just try to be patient and calm, spend time with your spouse/kids/yourself doing something fun…stay away from reading information that can cause stress….

Watch this Video about Life: http://youtu.be/sVdHhoY1Q2w

Good Luck Everyone !

Any questions ?  Comments ?


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  1. Dina

    Case Was Received
    On April 13, 2015, My case is still in the same state.. Any one with the same status.. how get the information about your case status.

          1. SRR

            Oh I m not sure if I will b of any help… I don’t have much idea on what happens during security check…
            better post those questions here.. admin is definitely more knowledgeable.

    1. Aug5


      Did it got approved for you.
      What a this security check?
      If we raise SR we will know where it is pending?
      Mine is pending from August 2015

          1. SRR

            It got converted to Premium on dec 6 2016. Still no update.
            It seems it’s stuck in security check.
            I don’t know what else I can do now. Completely clueless ☹️

          2. Rv

            So what your employer told you .Did they contacted USCIS .Becoz what ever it may be they are supposed to take 2weeks rt

    1. h1b2015

      How many such cases are pending for 2015 cycle, any idea? Should withdrawing be a good idea? Anybody applied for 2016 lottery too?

    1. ksmk

      security check? what exactly is this? i have been told by some one that the delay is due to security check from uscis. does it take 9 months for the security check to complete? can you throw some light on this security check by uscis?

  2. SRR


    My case is –
    New H1B
    RFE raised on July 2015
    RFE response received on Aug 5th 2015
    Processing center – Vermont

    Till date there is no response. Any thoughts?


    1. shekar

      My Case approved on Apr 11th.
      New H1B
      RFE raised in Aug 2015
      RFE response received on Sep 28th 2015
      Processing center – California

      Looks like my case was approved long back in November but status was not updated and approval notice was not sent to employer. Last week i raised SR and today status is changed to approved.

    2. Rebecca

      After a long wait my case got denied just before 4/1.

      New H1B
      Case received: 4/13
      RFE notice: 6/ 22
      RFE response received : 9/11
      Denied : 3/28 (discovered when checking on USCIS’s website)
      Center: Vermont

      Now I’m thinking whether or not should I challenge the result.
      Anyone has any thoughts or has been on the similar situation?

  3. Security Check

    Any case approved after Security Check?

    Till now i did not seen any case approved or denied after security check?

    If case is security check can we transfer to other employer for quick process?

  4. Radha


    My case is similar to you all, On sept I received RFE, my consultant replied it on Nov and till now there is no updates. I dnt know why its taking so much time

    1. Niv

      RFE in August, responded in November, no response from USCIS yet.. Any body else in such a situation?

      Should i be filing again this year from the same employer or different employer?

  5. Suja

    I was selected in lottery in 2015. My case was received on April13th 2015. Since then there was no update. By December, my consultant raised a SR and came to know that my case went to Security Check. I am not sure what to do, cant go for PP. What happens in Security Check. Does anybody have any idea, when this can get cleared

    1. administrator

      There is nothing you can do. PP option is not available for petitions stuck in security check. You have to just wait it out.

      As a backup, you can also apply in upcoming filing season.

      1. Nish


        Even my case is stuck in Security Check since Apr 2015. Why do you say that PP option is not available? Is that true? My employer is saying that if we go to PP, then we will get approval in 2-3 weeks time.

        Please confirm.

        1. administrator


          What I meant to say is that you can upgrade to PP, but USCIS will not honor the 15 day limit as it is stuck in security check. Security takes precedence over the need to adjudicate it within 15 calendar days.

          1. Waiting4US

            In the same situation here, as Nish, Suja etc.

            Got a call from my employer that the USCIS has “suggested” that we should convert the case to Premium Processing. Is it even allowed to convert the case to PP at this case ?

            What about the Security processing vs Premium processing situation ? any comments ?

          2. Waiting4US

            In the same situation here, as Nish, Suja etc.

            Got a call from my employer that the USCIS has “suggested” that we should convert the case to Premium Processing. Is it even allowed to convert the case to PP at this case ?

            What about the Security processing vs Premium processing situation ? any comments ?

            Also, is there a deadline for USCIS to clear all pending cases before 31st March ? is there any deadline at all ?

          3. administrator


            I have read about people experience where they upgraded to PP but it wasn’t honored as it was in security check.

            There is no hard deadline for USCIS to complete processing by Mar 31. Someone just mentioned a case where his petition was stuck in security check for almost 2 years.

      2. Suja


        Thanks for the reply. D u have any idea like how long this wait period is. any tendative maximum time?

        And also, u suggested for filing h1b again in the upcoming season. If I apply again, and both gets approved, will it not create any problem?

        1. administrator


          Unfortunately there is no set time frame. Hopefully it will be adjudicated before Mar 31 (start of next filing season).

          If both petitions get approved, you can pick either to work. It won’t be a disadvantage.

  6. H1B

    Hi, I applied for Extension on July 23rd-2015 and still now its not been approved.

    Please let me know, should i go for PP and wait for few more days.

    My visa got expired in Sep 2015

    1. Joy

      Hi All,

      My employer had submitted H1B Extension+Amendment on June 2015,still there is no update from US office.

      Then again we have submitted a service request on December 7th.It’s going to be one month still no update for SR as well.I am worried since this has been a long wait of 7 months.

      Anyone Please advice what needs to be done if there is still no response.

      1. saran

        Hi My petition got denied on JAN 21 . I don’t know why it took 3 months after RFE recieved status to denial it. Didn’t received the notice yet. my employer said he will go for MTR/appeal after they receive the notice. Is there any success possibility to get approved through MTR/appeal. Is there any success history?

        1. Sri

          I too in same boat , better prepare for new h1b petition for 2016 , rather than wasting time and investigating the denial decision.

        2. Cherry

          Hi Saran

          Me too also same, my employer submitted the appeal and 70 Day back it went to initial review, no idea how many days will take, anyone knows the process for appeal……

          Selected, RFE, Denied, Appeal and now Initial review.

      2. Swathi



        My husband case is alsi same. RFE was submitted on 20th october. 3 months are over but still no reply. We are worried what are the changes rate if approval

  7. Sandy

    Hi there,

    My H1 extension application was received on Aug 21st, 2015 at vermont and there’s no update as of today. Both my project and my h1b expired on dec 31st ,2015 . Please suggest if I can go with Premium Processing now or still hang in? What if USCIS call and verify at the client location? Also what if there is a site visit ? Not sure how to proceed ? If I get a new project now, what should be my next steps?

    Hoping no one faced such situation. Can someone plz shed some light … very desperate situation.

      1. Sandy

        That’s right Saurabh, I did’nt think my project will end all of a sudden and I really didn’t feel the urge of doing PP cuz I applied 5 months ahead of the expiration not knowing the slow processing schedule. Looks like I’m illegal to apply for a new project with the expired H1 🙁

        1. administrator

          USCIS can do client verification even if you don’t upgrade to PP. So the risk is there.

          You are in a tricky situation as amendment cannot be applied on both pending and expired petitions.

          Have you found another project? One option could be to leave US, file cap-exempt petition w/ PP and new project information.

    1. Smita

      Hi Sandy,

      You will have to get the current petition approved before amending the petition. Your amendment will be a bridge petition. Read about bridge petition. I would highly recommend getting a PP as I got approval within 2 days. That way you can file for an amendment asap.


  8. Mitali

    I got my notice receipt on 13th April . After that no update in uscis site . Should I go for premium ?

    Again , if I don’t get any update till March 2016 , can I again apply for H1B in 2016 april ?

    Thanks in Advance

    1. Smita

      My application was dated June 2nd and until nov 23rd there was no update. I converted to premium processing and got the approval in 2 days. It’s taking over 6 months for some applications.

  9. ApprovedCase


    What should I enter in Surname column in DS-160 (mandatory field) where Surname column is BLANK in my passport.

    Will this make problem on stamping?

    Please suggest

  10. kwin

    Its my turn to update.
    Selected in Lottery :May 5th
    No update till Nov my application was in CASE RECEIVED (till Nov 16th )
    So requested consultancy to raise SR
    SR raised on Nov 3rd
    Nov 17th got Direct Approval (Status changed to Approved in USCIS site)
    waiting for the hard copy
    No RFE….
    So for all the Rumor spreading people please stop doing this…..
    For all the people who were still in case received …have hope guys..if ur doc is valid u will definitely get the Visa.

    1. cherry


      What is SR how to proceed for my thing

      My application got denied after rfe and then my employer re submitted the docs with extra fee

        1. Cherry

          Hi Kwin,

          Thank you, I got the update on Nov 30th’2015 — initial review (Without raising SR). and till now there is no update, what can I do now….

  11. Srinivas

    Hi All,

    waiting for response, my case went RFE, and submitted the docs and then denied. After that my employer re submitted my case again 1 month 2weeks back, but till now there is no update, could you tell me the process here. How many days will take. Even case status also not changed. Could you please confirm whether status will update after re submitted with extra fee or not.


  12. Vkn2001


    Case received status: April 29th
    RFE status: Sep 3rd
    RFE response/Premium Upgrade : 10th Nov
    Status changed in the website on 11th Nov stating that Premium Processing request received.
    Waiting for the Decisions…

      1. vkn2001

        Yes, it showed for couple of days and then changed to

        “On November 11, 2015, we received your Form I-129, Petition for a Nonimmigrant Worker, Receipt Number WAC1514xxxxxx, and emailed you a receipt notice. It is being processed at our California Service Center location. The notice describes how we will process your case. Please follow the instructions in the notice. If you move, go to www.uscis.gov/addresschange to give us your new mailing address.”

  13. Chiyan

    Case received status: July 13th
    RFE status:aug 5th
    RFE response : 14th Oct
    Case Approved: 5th nov.
    can any one please tell me how many days it will take to recive the decision for my employer ?

      1. StormRider

        Hi H1b,
        thanks for sharing the news as your friend got approved petition filed on 2nd june. Mine is 15 June, still waiting,,, but a ray of hope arise after your message… 😉 fingers crossed

  14. bmw

    My spouse H1B was picked in Lottery this Year, and recieved an RFE somewhere during June 2015, My attorney responded to RFE on September 1st week and USCIS recieved them on Sept 15th, Till today status remains same, ” RFE response recieved on Sept 15th and will processed again”. Its been more than a month, not sure how much time we need to wait. Anyone in similar circumstance..

    1. sreekumar

      Hi my case is also same. received the receipt number on july 17 with RFE. july 24th Vermont service centre has received the required docs but till today there is no status update regarding the visa approval.
      I spoke to my employer and they say that they have raised an sr one month ago and still no revert on the sr neither there is an update on my status. can anybody pls let me know how to move forward. Iam very much worried and concerned about the visa status.

  15. Bhavna singh

    Hi there is no change in status..yet petition filed 25aug 2015 still waiting…can someone help??its been a very long time vermont service center is the processing zone

    1. My H1

      Hello Bhavna, Same here. No change – Still Case Received status.

      I’m planning on upgrading it to Premium, but heard that USCIS is posting RFE’s. Can anyone tell us is it ok to proceed with Premium at this point of time?

      1. 555

        Hi Bhavna Singh/My H1,
        Did you guys got any update on your H1b? Mine is also in ‘Case Received’ status since lottery results. its Vermont Center. Pls keep us posted.. not sure how long we have wait. Lets hope for the best.

          1. My H1

            i heard my friends saying, The normal processing times have been moved up from 90 days to 130 days by USCIS.
            Even then, for my application its been 200 days and I don’t understand what’s going on.
            There hasn’t been any change in status so far (still case received status)

          2. Raj

            I got this news from one of my friend who is in USA at moment. The delay is due to more H4 applications received by USCIS and they would like to prioritize that first than the H1B’s.

          3. Case received

            My case was received on 13 April 15. Still in same status ” case received”. Raised a query with USCIS on 19th October . Tentative reply date is 10th November 😔

    2. Nid

      Petition filed on June 10. Today is Oct 29, Still “case received status” 🙁
      Its been 2 years since I visited India and badly in need to go for vacation. Stuck in this Visa processing which is delaying my India trip.

      1. Arjya

        Yesterday I got my approval. My case was filed on May 22, 2015. The USCIS website shows H1B for extension petitions filed tille May 25, 2015 have be processed. So probably you need to wait 3 more weeks to get a decision. So just hang in there for 3 weeks and do fun stuffs. Save some money to buy your parent’s a good gadget this Thanksgiving. Good Luck.

    3. Kumar

      My case is in still recieved state from April 13 …today i spoke to my employer he said he contacted USCIS and they said they are doing the security check……it means end of the road….

      1. 555

        Hi Kumar,

        Why do you say its end of road when there is a security check. Do they do background check of employer and employee? do you know of anyone who got cleared of the security check. Please advise.

        1. MyH1

          Hello, even My case is same. Case received on Apr-13-2015. We raised a service request and heard USCIS say, it’s stuck in security check. What exactly does that mean?
          Also,How long does an application take to clear Security check if i is under Premium Processing?

          Can some one pls throw some light on this.

        1. Nish

          Has anyone received any information on security check? My employer has also told me that it is stuck in security check and there is no ETA. He is asking me to go for Premium Processing. But is that of any use? Has anyone with security check received any update?

    4. Appu

      My H1B application received on April 15. But still it’s in the case received status 🙁 . Any idea how many days it will take. my employer is saying it went to security check.

      1. XYZ

        Same is the case here, “Case Was Received”, On April 13, 2015, we received your Form I-129…… . I wonder why there is so much delay for this, is it because of work permit being given to the spouses of GC I140 approved people?

        1. kwin

          Its my turn to update.
          Selected in Lottery :May 5th
          No update till Nov my application was in CASE RECEIVED (till Nov 16th )
          So requested consultancy to raise SR
          SR raised on Nov 3rd
          Nov 17th got Direct Approval (Status changed to Approved in USCIS site)
          waiting for the hard copy
          No RFE….
          So for all the Rumor spreading people please stop doing this…..
          For all the people who were still in case received …have hope guys..if ur doc is valid u will definitely get the Visa.

      2. H1-SecurityCheck

        Hello is your application New H1B or H1B extension/Transfer?

        even my application (new H1B) is stuck in security check. No Idea what to do.

  16. Prathyusha

    Hi All, I have been a silently watching all the h1b updates and it’s time for me to post:) I received RFE yesterday after long wait of 6months.

      1. Kwin

        Happy for you Prathyusha ! Congrats .
        Raj , I am also keeping my fingers crossed . There is no update on status yet. Waiting to see any change from ‘Case received’

  17. Sshah

    my status shows me “case was approved, On September 1, 2015, we approved your Form I-129, Petition for a Nonimmigrant Worker, Receipt Number xxxx. We will mail your approval notice.” now what i have to do? I didn’t get any acknowledgement through mail or post. Any one can help me what should i do next?

    1. Adas

      Can you tell us what was your reciept notice date? And how many months did it take from reciept notice to Approval Notice? Was it a H1B New or an H1B Extension petition? Anybody here who has recieved an approval notice within 4 months in regular processing(Not Premium).

    2. administrator

      If it has been more than 30 days since it was approved, then your employer/attorney should follow-up w/ USCIS to track the hard copy of approval notice.

  18. kwin

    My status is in ‘Case Received’ for months together . Its already October and am frustrated on this wait. Will they be processing my case further?

        1. waiting_for_approvals

          any update on pending security check status?today i came to know that my case also in security check. please provide some details if you on this status

          1. H1-SecurityCheck

            Hello any update on applications (New H1-B filed in April 2015) under security check? Did any one get approvals? please let us know.


          2. ABC

            Those looking for case status, go to https://egov.uscis.gov/cris/processTimesDisplayInit.do

            Select the Service center where the case is applied and click the Service center processing dates, you will get to know till what date the cases are being processed. For e.g: for Vermont center, its shows H1B getting processed till date April 14 2015.

      1. MyH1

        Did you get any update on your application?
        Even my petition is under security check. What bothers me is, many of my colleagues who are from same employer as mine got their H1’s approved. I’m wondering why only few applications like mine are stuck in security check!
        Can some one give us more details on this topic. It would be really helpful.

  19. SS


    My case status has been the same (Response To USCIS’ Request For Evidence Was Received) for 60 days for my H1-B Visa.

    How much time does it usually take to get case was approved status from California Service Center.?

    Few of my other colleagues whose case was on RFE for the same reason (client letter), and their documents were submitted after mine. Their status has been changed to Document was mailed. Please let me know the further action to take. Should I raise a service request by myself or can my organization does it for me.

  20. cherry

    Hi friends,

    waiting for response, my case went RFE, and submitted the docs and then denied. After that my employer re submitted my case again 1 month 2weeks back, but till now there is no update, could you tell me the process here. How many days will take. Even case status also not changed.

      1. Cherry

        Hi Modi,

        Yes, they have to pay some fee for re open, its done already, but I there is no update in CASE status.

        Hi Exports : Could you please confirm, how many days will take to change the status even received the case ,..like that.


  21. Ankita

    Hi ,

    I have still not received a response from the USCIS on my H1B application, neither an acceptance or my application back. My lawyer contacted USCIS but he said it was the biggest waste of his time. Is there any way to find out what is happening on my application, can someone help?

    1. waiting for result

      I am also in the same boat. Not sure whether my application is accepted or rejected. But still hopeful. Be positive. It may or may not happen. Good luck.

        1. waiting for result

          I have n’t contacted USCIS directly. But asked about my status to my company and they said ‘We will let you know if we hear anything from USCIS’. But i have gone through some forums and people said some applications would be under waiting list and they may or may not replace the selected petitions. Be hopeful and let me know if you get any updates. Have a great day. . Thanks.

          1. Soumya


            My application status is also showing as Case Received. I spoke with my employer today and he is saying this year it is taking too long. He also mentioned that there has been cases when H1 approval happened in Jan and Feb.

    2. roohi

      Hi, m also waiting for the status change . same status “recieved” from last 6 months . I got to know that ppl who got RFE in june and getting approved and visa will get effective in OCT but in my case case status is still same. why my application is not picked… No update from there end. Totally clueless

    3. Rajesh Alamalakala

      Hi . Did you hear anything last year? if yes please let me know your situation.

      I’m in the same right now.


  22. Arjya

    My h1b extn was filed on May 22, 2015. I received a receipt notice few days later. It has been 4 months 3 weeks I have not received any updates on the USCIS Case Status. It just says “Case was Received”. My employer(an IT giant based in US) says this time it is getting delayed and I have to wait for another week before they can put a request to USCIS for update on my case. Can you please advise if I can request my employer to go for a premium processing? I am more worried as I have my present petition expiring on Sep 30, 2015. What is the maximum I can stay after visa expiration? My employer says I can stay in US for 240 days more after expiration if my extension is filed before that. I am planning to get a new car and looking for financing it. I doubt if any credit union or bank would offer me a auto loan. please suggest me what should I do?

    1. AJ

      Hi Arjya,
      What is your current status on extn. ? The USCIS website says its processing May 14 2015 application for the past few weeks. Mine was applied in July and still no outcome.

      1. Arjya

        My status is still the same. “case was received”. One of my friends approval came 5 months after the receipt notice. I think this is getting normal for everyone in regular mode..

        1. Sunitha

          Hi Arjya,my h1 extension was filed on june26th.it is showing case was received at california service center .it has been 3months 10days.xan you olease update me your status.how long extension process taken for u for approval.please reply me.thaks.

          1. Hari


            My H1B extn was applied on May 22nd and the status still shows ‘Case was received’. However, USCIS website shows that California center has processed till May 28th. But case doesn’t reflect any processed update yet. Same is the case with my colleagues who’ve applied H1B extn.

          2. Arjya

            The USCIS website says the case filed till May 25, 2015 has been updated in Vermont Center. My case was filed on May 22, 2015. Still not sure of the date. In the USCIS website I dont find anything under my case status. When I put the case number it shows the same “my Case was Recieved”.

            Please let me know if anyone has got approval/decision/RFE on their petition and what ws the date of your filing/reciept notice.

  23. Amit Sharma

    I was given a receipt number for the eastern adjudication center. That receipt number doesn’t show in the the case status I get the following error:

    Validation Error(s)
    You must correct the following error(s) before proceeding:

    My Case Status does not recognize the receipt number entered. Please check your receipt number and try again. If you need further assistance, please call the National Customer Service Center at 1-800-375-5283.

    Does some feel here, I have gotten deceived? Or this could be an issue. My employer says that there is a tech glitch in the USCIS system.

    Will appreciate any comments.


    1. administrator

      Amit,It could be a glitch. Do you have a copy of the receipt notice from your employer ? If not, get that to check it first. You can call customer service of USCIS, if any issues after that validation of notice.

    2. @hyderabad

      Hi Amit,
      Currently i am facing the same issue and would like to ask your suggestion on this please.
      Thanks in advance.

  24. Anu

    I have applied for h1 through my company Ibm on July 2015. My manager saying that lottory will happen on Oct 2015. I knew that lottory used to happen on April. But what is this October lottory. Can any one tell me this Sept/Oct 2015 lottory.

    1. Raj

      As per USCIS, here is the news release

      USCIS Returns Unselected Fiscal Year 2016 H-1B Cap-Subject Petitions
      USCIS announced on July 14, 2015, that it completed processing the return of fiscal year 2016 H-1B cap-subject petitions that were not selected in our computer-generated random selection process.

  25. VG

    Hi All,

    My H1b status is still “Awaiting lottery result”. Does anyone face the same issue?
    I am afraid if there are even any minor chances at this stage.
    Also, does anyone know by when all the lottery results would be out..
    ex: last year by when all lottery results were out ??

    1. administrator

      Well, technically there is no H1B status called “Awaiting lottery result”. Your employer should have got the receipt number, if you were selected in lottery long time ago. Technically there is no hope…If your employers says anything ask them for scan copy of the receipt notice or reject notice.

  26. Kajoler

    Hi, my application got picked up in the lottery but the status is still receipt copy received.anybody would know what can we expect, how long will it take for the petition to get approved

  27. Ramesh

    My case was approved on 23rd june 2015, but my employer did not get the Approved documents yet from USCIS. did any one got the approved documents for this years cap?

  28. KU

    My employer have filled the H1 B this year but neither receive lottery pick nor the packet return back. what could be the issue in that and what should I do?

  29. Sree


    My H1B application for 2015-16 is picked in lottery. But I did not receive the approval notice yet. I found that, cases that are above and below my receipt numbers got the approval notices. But my case is not yet approved. Can someone tell me the reason for this.


  30. Kondapa Naidu

    My employer told my Check got deducted log back. Still I did not get reference number. They are telling still some people did not get numbers. Can I believe this? Can I wait still?

    1. Siva Reddy

      Hi Naidu.. yes it is happening to me and other 9 people from my company.. We got the information from the employer that we got selected from lottery but still did not get the reference number.

  31. Rewise

    Anybody still waiting in RFE response received state since 2014? What chances do we have? Does it mean ours are rejected?

    1. Meen

      Yes me too waiting for decision since my rfe reply .
      God know wht will happen . Starting to loose hope . Employer also nt getting any reply from uscis .

    2. RV

      hi , I’m waiting since 2014 too. Still in RFE state. Not sure what is happening. It is really frustrating. What is ur employer saying?

    1. PAV

      I was on premium processing.
      Once USCIS got response for my RFE, within 2 working days, my H1 got approved.
      My consultant didn’t share the RFE question.
      Hope RFE question was about consultancy themselves.

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