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News : H1B 2021 Registrations Lottery Completed [Mar 2020]

As many of you know, USCIS has changed their H1B submission process for the fiscal year 2021 with New H1B Registration Process. As part of that they had the H1B registration open for 20 days from March 1st to March 20th, 2020. Employers used Online H1B Registration Tool to submit H1B registrations for their employees that they plan to sponsor H1B Visa to work from October 1st, 2020.  Since, the H1B registration period closed, many are waiting for the update from USCIS. Today as part of the H1B 2021 process next steps, USCIS today announced that they have completed selection process, also called as H1B Visa Lottery , we will cover the details of the news release from USCIS in this article.

If you are new to H1B Visa process, read  H1 Visa 2021 – Registration, Fee, Lottery, FAQs

Update : on April 1st, USCIS announced that Total 275,000 H1B Applications(registrations) were received by USCIS.

News Summary – H1B initial Electronic Registration Process Completed

  • Enough Electronic H1B Registrations : USCIS confirmed that they have received enough H1B registrations in their online registration system during the initial registration period that was open between March 1st and March 20th.
  • H1B Lottery Selection Completed: They indicated that the initial random selection process, called as H1B Visa lottery, process is completed for all the properly submitted registrations.
  • H1B Selected Notifications Status Change, Date : USCIS will inform/ notify the petitioners or employers with selected registrations no later than March 31st. It can be even earlier. Some reported they already got results. Check below statuses info. There are three statuses that you can see as listed below and the meaning of the same.
    • Submitted : If your status continues to say Submitted, it means that your registration, after the initial selection process or lottery, it is still under consideration for selection or lottery until the end of the fiscal year 2021.  There may be another run for lottery in future, depending on how many petitions USICIS receives. Once the fiscal year closes, then the status will be “Selected”, “Not Selected” or “Denied”
    • Selected : If your status shows, “Selected”, it means that you are selected in H1B Lottery for the initial run and you can file H1B 2021 Cap subject full petition starting from April 1st, 2021. This is your ticket to file H1B for FY 2021 season.  Below is the sample H1B Registration status shared by one of our users ( anonymous), thanks a lot to the user for sharing ! If user clicks on the View notice, they will see the notice of selection. You can check Sample H1B Registration Notice for FY 2021 on how it looks. H1B Registration Result - Selected Status
    • Denied :  You would see the status as “Denied”, if there was duplicate registration submitted for the same beneficiary or payment method was declined or not reconciled. If this status shows up, it means that your registration is not valid for the fiscal year 2021 and you can say that the applicant cannot file for FY 2021 season. This is a clear NOT selected equivalent status.
  • Can only file, if status “Selected” : USCIS clearly tells that you can only file, if your status shows as selected. You need to attach the receipt notice and send it along with the H1B package that you send.

You can watch the below video that covers the details on the USCIS news release.

Did you submit H1B Registration for FY 2021 ?  In general, the registration process is new and also during H1B application processing, the wait can be long and frustrating to see your status not move….Add your case to tracker

[prompt type=”left” title=”Track your H1B Registration, Case” message=” Anonymously Track your H1B Registration, Case – Share and Get updated from Community.” button_text=”H1B 2021 Registration, Case Tracker” href=”https://redbus2us.com/trackers/h1b-visa-tracker/”]

As USCIS has not shared any numbers yet, we have created anonymous pool for users to know overall results. It has two radio buttons, 10 second survey, it is Anonymous. Need to login to avoid spam/double responses.

What was not covered in the press alert by USCIS ?

  • No indication of Total H1B Registrations : In the past, USCIS would indicate how many petitions were filed, like received 201,011 H1B Petitions for FY 2020 Season. In the current press release, they do not indicate any of that. We do not know the numbers.  
  • Masters vs Regular Cap: They do not talk about any of the Masters vs Regular cap reached with registration. It is a blanket statement saying that registration is completed.
  • End date for Not Selected: They have not given any indication of the date on when the statuses for all the registration would be changing to “Not Selected”. This was one of the pain points for people to keep waiting until late July or August. Now, this year also, it seems that they are not going to tell that until some date, which we do not know…

Overall, there are some outstanding questions that we are not clear on. But, one thing is clear, Lottery process is done, some users should see their status change to Selected.

What is your take on the H1B Registration process Results ?

reference : USCIS Press release


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  1. So I have a status as Submitted for my H1B Application for FY 21. So what is going to happen now that H1b is not granted?

      • Hi Kumar

        After filing the petition (after getting selected in lottery), in general, how many weeks it will take to get acknowledgement from USCIS for filing the petition.

        • Anonymous,
          Usually it should take anywhere from 2 to 3 weeks. But, there are delays with issuance of receipt notices now. Some users said they got response after 30 days, some said even longer.

      • Does that mean there is second and third round etc..? can i know the dates for second and third rounds if they exist..

        In previous years, is it happened that any one got positive response after declaring first round lottery results.

  2. Hi Kumar,
    Here is the scenario,I applied h1b and h1b got selected in lottery.today i got to know my project is ending on April 30. do they mention client name in H1b registration process? if no, should I go ahead in submitting the documents with different client but same employer?

  3. Hi brother

    congrats on your selection

    just wanted to know

    are you working in india ?? and the portal you are reffering is ultimatix ??

    please suggest

  4. Anyone from Capgemini got updates? They neither respond nor reply to the mails. How to find application ID, so that I can track online

  5. Hurrayyy!!

    I got selected in first attempt. Thank you Trump ji Thank you Modi ji. I will get my green card soon and make America Great Again!!

    Thank you Redbus2us.

    • Given the economic condition client company in the US can easily retract the offer so don’t be too happy about it. Also since you sound like a new bee, if you lose your job on H1b you have a limited window to find a new job or you need to go back to US. Also green card thought employment for Indians can take anywhere between 7 to 8 decades depending upon the category you applied for.

      Also since 3.3 million Americans are unemployed and American is heading towards a recession, Non profit organizations like US tech workers have filed petition to fire all h1-b at any company before firing any Americans. Trump cab practice Buy American Hire American at any given point now.

      Also people already in US on H1-b visas are getting laid off and they have been given 60 days to find a new job and after that they will have to leave the country.

      Also nobody knows if Corona virus situation will allow to lift the international travel or not, you can’t come to US on October 1st if travel ban is not lifted.

      Also there is a good chance your Indian sponsoring company may never file your petition which happens a lot and specially in times like this which is very similar to great recession of 2008.

      I hope you get it but since i felt like you are rubbing it up on people’s faces who are unfortunate this time, i felt the need to show you the transparent picture of how things work here in US.

      Now thank Modi JI and Trump JI 🙂 Cheers

    • SPS,
      If you have not heard, you are not picked in initial round. You just need to wait to see, if there is a second round.

  6. What are the chances for those not selected yet (still on “Submit”) to get drawn again? Do you think more selected applicants will drop out this year because of the current rocky economy post-coronavirus? Thank you.

    • All we know is that USCIS said that they will notify petitioners with selected registrations no later than March 31, 2020.

      Those not selected will remain submitted until the end of the fiscal year, which is September 30, 2021. If for some reason the cap is not filled (which seems unlikely but who knows with all the uncertainty right now), then they would conduct a second lottery to reach the cap.

    • Question,
      Yes, it is very likely…. we may expect many drop outs, as the unemployment situation is becoming bad with economy taking a big hit…

      • Not just economy.
        1. I have friends who’s lottery got picked and they don’t have enough salaries to file LCA. Companies won’t be filing their petitions.
        2. There are people who’s multiple registrations got picked. They will file one petition max.

        Feel free to add more such categories. Stay positive! 🙂

    • curious,
      SEVP portal will not be updated now, as there is no cap gap extension granted yet. You need to file petition to get it until June 30th. This will only change, if your OPT is expiring before Jun 30th. You need to update your DSO on this as well.

    • Some were selected yesterday on Fragomen website. I had not had mine updated on the same website. I just took it easy though.

    • Same here. Not heard anything. Did anyone of you get any email from them? I really don’t know whether my petition was picked or not.

      • Thank you guys for you response. 5 people who I know who are through Fragomen didn’t have their portal updated and didn’t hear anything back from them. Thought that was weird. But through our mutual friends we came to know they had their portal updated as early as the 28th. It’s hard luck for the rest and let’s hope for the best next time.

        • Are you saying those who didn’t have their portal updated didn’t get their application picked in lottery? And which portal are you referring to here?

          • And yes from what I understand any updates in the USCIS portal which only your employer has access to will reflect on Fragomen portal as well. If there isn’t an update that means USCIS portal doesn’t show an update of status from submitted to selected.

        • I haven’t seen any update on Portal even my colleagues have not noticed. It just says LCA submitted application in progress was updated in Feb still the same

          • Yeah true that their status doesn’t indicate if the application was not selected; it just wouldn’t update. But they are quick to update the portal for the ones they have the receipt for. Your employer will have access to the USCIS portal as well, so they could give you an update. If the status for them still remains submitted then it means it wasn’t picked. If the status is denied then it wasn’t a part of lottery, I have heard such cases where duplicate registrations were made by employer and the attorney.

          • Guys, My Fragomen portal didn’t update but I received an update from my employer that my application was selected. My frogmen portal still says awaiting decision.

  7. any body from tcs ? who is working in india got any update on the H1B results ??

    i am reffering to Tata consultancy employees

        • Neither fragomen nor our employer updated results yet, tried to reach out our employer they said will update as soon as I can, probably by this weekend. Fragomen handles so many applications from different companies takes time to update always late, so hold on until this weekend or max next Monday before you lose hope

          • My employer updated my result. I was selected but wasn’t informed I don’t have receipt details yet.

    • I got confirmation and received Form I797C from my employer..
      1.In this notice at the bottom right corner of the page 04/01/2019 is mentioned . Is this what mentioned in every notice.

      2.also please let me know if there is anyway where we can track online with the details available in the I797C notice.

  8. is any body here from tata consultancy services .employee..

    who got confirmation or update from the company regarding the H1B status ?

  9. So, I got selected in the initial lottery. Does this mean I will definitely get H1 if I submit my application correctly, or will there be another lottery and there is chance of not getting H1?

  10. Hey, Got informed by my company’s immigration team today that my application has been picked up in the lottery. Best of luck to others waiting.

  11. All the best to the people who got selected and may the force be with you. This is my 6th year of trying and as usual i did not get a positive news so far and i dont have any hopes further maybe i am not destined for H1.

  12. What % applications got selected for your employers? How does it compare to previous years?

    Trying to get a sense since USCIS did not publish number of applicants


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