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H1B 2021 Registration Results – When to expect? Lottery Final Date?

As many of you know for FY 2021 season, we have H1B Registration process and USCIS announced that Registration Selection Process for FY 2021 was Completed in March 2020. Many of you, who are H1B applicants, are wondering, how would you know the results, if you were selected in the H1B Visa Lottery in the first round or in later selection rounds.  In this article, we will cover all those details, including notification process, FAQs.

If you are new to H1B Visa process, read  H1 Visa 2021 – Registration, Fee, Lottery, FAQs

H1B Registration Results – Notification process by USCIS

H1B Registatration Notification Email

All the registrations for the H1B applicants are submitted in the online H1B Registration Tool by the employer or attorney. The Registration Selection results would also be available in the same online portal. Also, USCIS sends out an email notifying that there has been a change in the status of the registration/ case. It will not be specific email saying registrations, rather a general notification. It will have subject like “We have taken an action on your case”.  It looks like in adjacent image.

Once you login to the H1B registration tool as attorney or employer, you would see the status “Selection updated” next to the case that says H1-B Registration. You can click on View Case Status to see the case status.  Also, if you are logged in as attorney and submitted for multiple companies, you can see all of the companies alerts on this screen. See below screenshot on how it looks. Usually the notification is sent to both attorney and the employer and it will be one email for all the registrations.  Alternatively, employer can login and check as well.

H1B Registration Tool - Results Notification Info

Once you click on View All Cases button or directly click view case status, you would see status of the cases. If you see “selected”, it means that you were selected in the H1B Lottery or registration random selection process.  It looks like in below screenshot.  For those not selected, you would see the status as “Submitted”.

H1B Registration Result - Selected Status

You can print the H1B registration Notification Notice by clicking on the View Notice link and it will have the I-797 form. You can check Sample H1B Registration Selection Notice

That’s the overall process on how to check, if an applicant was selected in H1B registration process or H1B Lottery.

Who can check the H1B Registration Selection Process Results ?

Only Employer or Immigration Attorney, who have submitted the H1B registrations can check the status of the H1B registrations. You as applicant cannot really check the status on your own.  You are completely reliant on the employer. This process is no different from previous years, only employer or immigration attorney would know this.

How do I know, if was selected in H1B Registration Lottery ?

You would not know directly by yourself. You need to check with your employer or attorney to know the registration lottery selection results.  Even though there is a long number with 15 or so digits generated by H1B registration system for tracking, that cannot be used to check H1B Case online on USCIS website. That number is only used for lottery selection and internal tracking by USCIS. It was the similar case with previous years’ H1B Reject Notices as well, you could not track the case number on it online and verify.

Last Date for H1B 2021 Registration Results? Second Round Lottery?

August 14th, 2020 Update – Second Round Lottery : Many of our readers and many attorneys updated that they are seeing new selection notices. Also, AILA released a press note indicating that there was second round lottery done. Below are the high level details.

  • The Second Round registration selected candidates would get notices that would say “August 2020 Selection of Reserve Registration
  • The filing period for second round lottery selected candidates is between “8/17/2020 – 11/16/2020“, which means they can file anywhere between August 17th and November 16th, 2020.
  • You need to include your second lottery selection notice and send it to the same location that is listed on the Selection notice. The start date of the petition has to be October 1st, 2020 as this is still for FY 2021 season.
  • You can watch below YouTube video update

Initial or First Round H1B Lottery Info : The last date for the FY 2021 H1B registrations for initial selection( first round) results lottery was March 31st, 2020. If you were selected in first round lottery, you would have heard back from USCIS by March 31st. If you did not hear from them by that date, then you were not picked in first round and you need to wait, you will be part of the wait list pool of registrations. There is no estimated time, when they will run the second round of selections or lottery  and how USCIS will handle it. You need to wait until the status changes to “Not Selected” to be sure that you were not selected in the H1B registration selection process or h1B lottery.

What is the final date to get “Not Selected” Status or Lottery Results?

USCIS says that after the initial Registration selection process is complete, the remaining registrations “would be in ‘Submitted’ status and remain in consideration for further selection, until the end of fiscal year. After the end of fiscal year, all the registrations status would be Selected, Not Selected or Denied”.   See below screenshot.

USCIS Alert Last Date Submitted Status

In general, the end of fiscal year for USCIS is September 30th. But, in the current context, I am not sure, if they mean September 30th or current fiscal year FY 2021 end ( meaning if they receive enough cap subject petitions and they close the fiscal year cap)…If we go by Sep 30th, that is a very long wait for many…In the past USCIS would announce H1B lottery results by end of July or early August at the latest….This is a new year, so not sure how USCIS would handle it.

As USCIS has not shared any numbers yet, we have created anonymous pool for users to know overall results. It has two radio buttons, 10 second survey, it is Anonymous. Need to login to avoid spam/double responses.

Did you submit H1B Registration for FY 2021 ?  In general, the registration process is new and also during H1B application processing, the wait can be long and frustrating to see your status not move….Add your case to tracker

[prompt type=”left” title=”Track your H1B Registration, Case” message=” Anonymously Track your H1B Registration, Case – Share and Get updated from Community.” button_text=”H1B 2021 Registration, Case Tracker” href=”https://redbus2us.com/trackers/h1b-visa-tracker/”]

Why is USCIS Delaying their H1B Registration Results for Everyone ?

If you look at H1B cap reach dates history, you can see that they always select about 13 to 15% of more petitions in the H1B lottery to account for denials, duplicates, revokes, etc.  Now, with the current new process of H1B registrations, they do not have any data on how many selected registrations would be filed or not filed. Also, the economy is not doing well too…So, in light of both of these, they are keeping the wait list pool of H1B registrations to be able to run the further selection as needed in future. This was already indicated in the rule making of the H1B Registration

What are the next steps after H1B Registration Selection ?

If you are selected, then your employer has to file a complete H1B petition with LCA, H1B Visa Filing Fee, and all details supporting the H1B visa petition and send it to USCIS anytime between April 1st and June 30th.


What is the last date of H1B Visa 2021 Lottery Results ?

USCIS mentioned that the registration status would be selected until the end of fiscal year.  The end of USCIS Fiscal year is Sept 30th. It is not fully clear, if USCIS meant it as Sept 30th or end of cap for fiscal year 2021.  Worst case scenario, you can treat it as Sep 30th, best case scenario, it can be earlier.

My employer is not sharing status of Registration, any other options ?

No, you have no options left. You need to work with your employer or attorney to know the results of the H1B lottery or registration.

Is there hope, if my Registration status show “Submitted” after March 31st for FY 2021 ?

Yes, there is hope. But, it all depends on how many actual H1B petitions USCIS receives once the filing starts on April 1st.

Can I verify the results of the H1B registration Notice online ?

No, you cannot really verify the H1B registration notice using the long number on it, similar to USCIS H1B case number.


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  1. Hi All.
    Seems second lottery has taken place today and employers or attorney have got the details. Not sure about the total count but second lottery has happened. Hope this helps people who were hoping for second lottery.

  2. Hi guys,
    has anyone heard anything about a possible second round lottery after the June 30 deadline. There was a rumor in the previous months, but I haven’t heard anything since.

    Thanks in advance!

      • Received mail from Infy.

        We are yet waiting for your case from USCIS. They will consider your case in selection until 30Sep.

        I guess mine is not selected in lottery selection and in waiting list if any denies or rejected as per USCIS announcement. I guess 1-2 days you all should hear back.

        Best luck and hope for good news !

        • Hi Kumar
          Received mail from Infy.

          We are yet waiting for your case from USCIS. They will consider your case in selection until 30Sep.
          what is the status ? any hope ?

          • Infy_pune,
            It means that you are not picked in lottery in first round. Hard to say, there is hope only, if there is second round…which we do not know yet.

      • Hi Kumar,
        If they might have already picked the additional 15% in lottery this time as well, isn’t it unlikely for a second lottery to happen at a later stage? I was hoping for another chance this year, so wanted ur opinion on this.

        • Nitya,
          True, but due to economy some may not file, so their estimation may not be sufficient or more issues with filings…so, we do not know…

          • Kumar
            True, but due to economy some may not file, so their estimation may not be sufficient or more issues with filings…so, we do not know…

            Can you please clarify what would be the status showing in the system for that additional 10 or15% selected this year. Will it be in “Submitted” status?. So even if there is no Second lottery , if anyone from that extra 15% gets a chance, can we assume the one in waiting list also will have the “Submitted ” status?.

          • Anonymous,
            Usually, they would be under selected status.
            The new system is pretty much unknown, so we need to wait and see how USCIS handles it.

          • Kumar
            Usually, they would be under selected status.
            The new system is pretty much unknown, so we need to wait and see how USCIS handles it.



            If that is already in Selected status, is there not a probability of going beyond the limit 85K, as those 15% if in “Selected” status also will start filing the petition from April 1st?.

          • Anonymous,
            usually they take about13 to 15%, but due to COVID, some may even drop out so that percent will not be sufficient..so, they may…again, this is pure guess !
            The reason for 15% more is for denials, revokes based on historical pattern.

  3. Thank you for your helpful blog. I am F1-OPT, Master’s cap, working full-time in the US for a large company for close to two years now. I have been selected and just got notified.
    I have a few questions, I hope you can help.
    1. What are the next steps after submitting all the documents ?
    2. Do we have to go outside the US for first time stamping? when will this be (month) ? Will this change given the current situation?
    3. I only want to apply for an h4 for my child and not my spouse (who is in my home country). Is this possible?

  4. Hi, my Status is still Submitted, and my lawyer told me I was not selected. I am so sad! Is there using other way to apply? I hear that Non profit can apply anytime, is it correct?

  5. Hello Kumar,

    If some one selected in lottery what is the period ( last date ) to submit the documents for further processing and what will be the basic documents that they would need for submission for them ?? Also any idea when can premium processing will resume ?

  6. Fourth Time Unlucky – Is it possible that the US govt has you on some kind of a blacklist?? I am done with this crap now!

    I have worked (fulltime) for the same midwestern mid-sized tech firm, all my attempts have been through them (Fragomen). Heartbreaking to see, first-timers at my firm bagging the visa, it’s their fate I guess. Maybe the writing is on the wall – move elsewhere 🙁

  7. Hi

    Wanted to know will the USCIS send the email to the employer stating that your particular XYZ employee has been selected or will it send an generic email to the employer that please check the registration site to find the update for the employee’s

    2. Scenario 2: Can the employer go and check the registration site for the updates?

    Thanks in advance

    • Kshab,
      It will send a notification email to login to check. They need to login and see the status.
      Yes, they can login and check, without notification too.

    • UnfairLotteryForInternationals,
      Yes, of course, this is for everyone.

      We are a community to help each other. Please respect others opinion and do not get into fight…Respectfully disagree or agree with your opinion…None of us can change the rules of USCIS, all we can do is “play the cards at hand”…so please do not get into heated arguments here..

  8. In my opinion present H1 b lottery system is not in correct manner.As you know every year approximately 2.00 lakhs people are applying for H1b visa.Selection for H1b status is lottery system which is unfair.Because 2015 PG candidate from usa will not be selected but 2019 PG candidate can get H1b status by luck.This system is not in logical manner.Moreover USCIS is inviting applications from employers(Consultancies)/Software Companies or from Attorney.with this system one person is applying from 3 to 4 companies and his 3 applications were selected in Lottery.secondly jobless people are also applying and they are thinking that they can get the job up to Processing time.So in my openion applications to H1b lottery should be invited directly from employee or applicant.There should be condition that one person should apply for one position and he should have job at the time of registration.Pass port number should be used for checking of irregularities committed by the applicants and if any body gives wrong information his application should be rejected and the candidate should not be allowed to participate in H1B process for a period of 5 years.Then only genuine applicants submit for H1b lottery.With this i think only 100000 application will be there instead of 200000 applications every year.

    • 80% H1Bs are taken by Indians . this is NOT fair to other countries. This is the reason why Indians have such a long queue for Green card.
      There should be a CAP where lottery will be conducted among country of origin only if that country exceeds that.
      If your country send 200,000 applicants every year, why should people from other countries participate in that lottery where they are 0.0001% of indian applicants?? that is not fair.
      We should talk about fairness when we are ourselves honest and fair about our country. Yes Indians will not like my comment but we all internationals think the same about Indian applicants. my company has already decided to close its doors for all H1bs after this ridiculous result.

      • @Gurrala Venkata Reddy and DVS

        If US plans to implement country base system its unfair. US universities get so much fees from Indian \Chineses students .So they deserve more . By the way USCIS calls this system “LOTTERY” and that means its random. They never said the system is fair.

        Also reservation should be on merit. Not country . Being born in Germany doesnt give someone extra merit over someone born in Indonesia. Both of them breathe air only. Your argument is illogical. Regarding multiple submissions for the same candidate, if there are employers willing to do it for Indians, who is stopping a European \Australian from applying through 5 firms ? Only the aggressive should survive.

        • Kumar,
          Only desi consultancies can file from from 5 firms. People who work in prestigious companies will never have that option.
          Oh and yeah: I think now i get the logic desi consultancies have more merit than big companies. ha ha ha.
          I hope no big companies hire H1bs anymore; i will myself tell my company not to hire them anymore since i am in a managerial role.

          • If you are working for big company , they usually have other fallback plans for good or valuable associates. They will place them in Vancouver till the time they get H1B or bring them on H1B. Microsoft, Amazon ,Google all do that . Also post selection , a good chunk of the desi consultancy peitions get rejected (33% in total in 2019). So its not all desi companies enjoy.

            If some guy is in a big company , he will obviously qualify for Canadian visa in Toronto \Vancouver and if he has experience, definitely L1A \L1B if he doesnt get H1B

            I totally understand frustration of folks who didnt get selected in lottery. But the reason these MS students apply in such large numbers is because they are afraid of defaulting on student loans. I would have agreed with you if you asked “why are all Indians\Chinese still rushing to US” when there are greener pastures like Aus and Canada where PR is a guarentee.

          • Sreejit,
            Then dont take loans and come to US! Working in desi consultancies cant lead to a better life at all. Just to say everyone that ‘i live in US’ . there is no point on coming to US when someone cant secure funding from school or have enough personal money and then work in consultancies. Its not even leading them to high paying jobs. So, that kind of investment is clearly not to earn money as these consultants are paid really low and also abused, sometimes they are not even paid for a period of time. Some are even asked to pay for h1b applications. Also faking resume is just a cherry on top.
            I understand you have a sympathy for your people but you cant just outright provide solution for all other international Students to forget about US and go and settle down in Canada when it is very much possible that some are married.
            all i wanted to say is that most of these ppl working for consultancies who get most h1bs dont deserve it. Unfortunately they are mostly indians. If all were Satya Nadelas and i didnt get picked, i would not have complained but most of these people dont even deserve it.
            Anyway, I am done. Everyone knows who is right or and who is wrong.

          • Yes. I totally agree with your statement that its not a merit based approach. Thats why I said USCIS should prioritize grads from top tier universities over the students graduating from shady universities \tier 2 universities. Anyway as long as they don’t go to the extent of that fairness , people can only crib that the system is not fair which is unfortunately true. And regarding regular petitions , it is always going to be crazy crowd where the mightiest and most unfair (applying thru 5 or 6 firms) survive.

          • Sreejith,

            I agree they should only let tier 1 uni graduates to apply for H1b.
            however— Education is a business in USA. If USCIS does that, there will be loss of revenue to Tier 2 universities. American schools run on the out of state tuition fees from international students.
            I saw the other day people started a petition against this to White House.
            I think at this point of my life, I no longer care about H1b. I just can say one thing– It will always remain unfair.

  9. hi Kumar,
    My status shows ” submitted”. Are the lottery results fully announced? as my friend said the data entry takes a while and as and when the data is uploaded we will be notified. Is that true? Are there any 2nd chance. Over the website for “submitted ” status there still hope.But how long should i wait to know i am selected or not selected.

    • If your current status is still submitted then it means your lottery result was negative. Now second lottery will happen on 30th September. They will run another random lottery and pick the number of people whose h1b petition got rejected. The number can vary.
      So from now onwards till 30th September it will be shown as submitted. Then another lottery will happen. You might get into that. If not try for next year.

      PS – data entry is complete. All results posted

  10. I got an email stating my application was not picked in lottery. Does it mean end of road or is there still some hope

    • Always Unfortunate,
      Well, technically March 31st is the end date for initial run of lottery…But, USCIS said that they will keep the registrations in wait list and there may be another run, so we dont know…

  11. Hello Guys my H1 was selected through elsoft consulting llc and today I received my H1 receipt how to track my application anyone like me plz comment.

        • Hello guys I am also with elsoft consulting my h1b came through the lottery and I received my receipt copy with a confirmation number. I am on day one CPT will it make any difference to get approval I don’t want to miss the opportunity, consultancy is good and they are saying that will not create any problem but I feel lil tensed.

          • Your consultancy is right that will not create any problem don’t worry.
            I’ve listed that elsoft consulting will take care of client letters and all other documents very well how is your experience with them.?

          • elsoft consulting llc is good they have shared my h1 receipt but I am on h4 visa will that create any problem if my h1 got approved can I still stay in US and continue working on h1 or I should go and get stamped what is the best option.

          • ELSOFT asking 4500 to file. if I get my own project with client letter they said they will do in free of cost. Not sure what to do.

          • I am ok with it. They are very transparent from the beginning i am pretty much confident that they are genuine i got my receipt number also to track. Thank you for your reply.

          • Guys.. My H1 got approved until 2023 through elsoft consulting llc. Now, My question is do I need to go for stamping? If yes, Which place is good Mexico or Canada please suggest. Thanks.

  12. Hello,

    On 30-Mar-2020 i got a reply from my attorney saying that,
    “if you receive this email, it means your application is NOT selected in USCIS h1b random selection”.

    So does this confirm that my application was denied?

    Thank you.

  13. What are the next steps after H1B Registration Selection ?
    If you are selected, then your employer has to file a complete H1B petition with LCA, H1B Visa Filing Fee, and all details supporting the H1B visa petition and send it to USCIS anytime between April 1st and June 30th.

    Hi Kumar! regarding with these statement is there another lottery or there is a chance that my registration may denied due to what circumstances? or is it good to go, like all the way to visa interview in us embassy?

    • lexie parin,
      No, there is no lottery, but it can be denied, if the position is not a fit during petition stage or no client letters, etc. or even at the stamping time, so still long way to go…

      • Hello,

        This is Sowmya. The current status of my H1B lottery shows as “submitted”. I was hoping for an update today but haven’t received any. Did any one get an update on their petition in between yesterday and today ? Please let me know.

        Thank you!

  14. I was following h1b thread here since 2 years, both the years my application didn’t get picked but still I tried following to get some knowledge on h1 visa process from Kumar as well as the folks who posts their status updates. This time thankfully my application got selected. Hoping for the best ?

    Good luck for those who are still waiting and congrats to those who got selected.

    • I am waiting from 3 years for my H1 lottery to be picked. No luck this time as well.
      I don’t know, what to do. I am about to cry loud and scream WHY NOT ME?

      • Same! this is my third time and no luck! This was from my immigration team. Not sure if I should still hope.
        USCIS has completed the selection process in this year’s H-1B cap lottery. Unfortunately, your H-1B petition was not selected in this year’s lottery. With that said, USCIS has mentioned that people who were not selected for this year’s lottery may have a second chance if there are any numbers left over. If there are numbers left over, they will run another lottery. We do not know if this will, in fact, happen or not.

        If we get any updates on this, we will let you know.

      • Niha,
        I can feel your pain and frustration…many deserved people, highly qualified like you were not lucky over the years..It is just pure luck and not related to you..It is as bad as we going to gambling and asking, why I did not win anything….So, don’t take it hard on you…Maybe better things await in life for you!

  15. Previously, after USCIS had a date entry, there was no 2nd round lottery. However, you mentioned about the 2nd round lottery, so do you predict that we have it this year?

    • h1b,
      yes, it is a possibility. The reason is the COVID-19 situation and economy impact. Some job offers may or may not be honoured, so it is a possibility…

  16. Lottery is unfair guys, I know a guy who applied h1b application through multiple constituencies and got picked in two registrations this year and he said he will go ahead with one of the consultancies for application.

    • Yes, it’s unfair.. There are 85000 available Visa and there are approx. 250k applicants each year. If India and China weren’t in lottery rest of the applicants from rest of the world would get their visa without any lottery (Based on statistics from previous years). I believe there should be a certain limit for each country to make H-1b application process fair. What do you guys think about this? Especially my Indian and Chinese friends. I’m definitely not trying to start any arguments over here but this idea is in my head since the first day of my work life. How would it be fair that there is a lottery for everyone just because of those two highly populated countries ??

      • India and China also make up a huge part of US work force, even thought it will make the system fair if we limit Indian and Chinese applicant, it will have a significant impact on US economy.

        I know its unfair but cannot compare apples to oranges. I can guarantee you out of those 250K applications, at least 210K-220K applications has to be from India and china combined. Lets say if we eliminate them then only 30 k people are available which is not enough to meet the IT and Software industry.

        It is what it is and i do feel bad that a lot of people suffer because of this but on the positive side, anyone who is not from India and china can apply for employment based green card and get it with 4-5 years, you only have to cross the H1b road block but for Indians and Chinese applicants H1B is just the start, green card timings are well into decades may be 7 or 8 decades and scrutiny during interviews and application processes are much higher.

        System has it own pros and cons, benefiting Indians and Chinese when it comes to H1b and benefiting the rest of the world when it comes to Green card which is the end game if you ask me. The final show down. End of tunnel.

        • Hi RD,

          I’m not suggesting to eliminate Indians and Chinese but if there is a limit, which is 85000 visa, and if that’s what US believes they need for their work force, it should be that way (I believe) ;

          Get all applications
          Identify the countries, Lets say 40 countries in the bag
          85000 / 40 = 2125 visas for each country.
          If number of people who are from Germany is 1500, give these 1500 people their visas and split additional visas to Indians and Chinese.

          I think this is the best way to run the lottery in order to be fair for all countries.

          I understand that they’re facing big obstacles during green card process but this is how it should be. You can’t just give green card to all applicants. Of course there must be some short of limitations for that kind of serious procedures. Otherwise how would you prevent having immigrants from mainly couple countries?? and I’m not saying this for only US, it should be that way for all countries.

          I truly believe that USCIS should follow same type of procedure for H-1B applications. Do you think I’m wrong? I’m so glad that I sent my previous comment out because I was so curious what you guys think about this topic. And thanks for your understanding answer (not being aggressive).

          • Hi,

            This approach will have its own issues given that it works when every country has an application count of 2125. Lets say Germany applied for 1500 and they got 1500 and then the remaining 725 will go to India and china equally. This looks perfect.

            Now imagine a country other than Indian or china who submitted 2126 application but per country h1b availability is 2125 so now because the applicant exceed the capacity they will need to conduct a country specific lottery. Now imagine out of 40 countries 30 countries have more than 2125 applicants per country, you are looking at 30 small lotteries.

            There is a reason why there is a consolidated lottery for the entire world for h1b.

        • I got your point but we’re talking about one of life changing procedures. If it requires 30 small lotteries, then yes there should be 30 small lotteries. You can’t be lazy on this.

          • Hey Optimistic,

            No body is stopping Germans \ Britons from applying through multiple employers. If employers are willing to sponsor for somebody who already has a submission through different employer , why should others crib ?

            This lottery system is fair in many ways I would say.But , If we are to goto the level of 100% fairness , graduates from Princeton , Harvard etc that too based on their performance there followed by other college graduates in order of ranking further followed by regular quota should have been the approach. There are lot of Indians \Chineses \Africans\Europeans graduating from tier 2 colleges who get equal chance as with a guy from Harvard . What do you think about that ? Forget country………

            Country based discrimination is not ideal in my opinion , it should be based on merit if we start to discriminate , because Indians and Chinese are also equally human as an African or German is. They apply more, they get it. Thats all.

          • I think we are trying dumping the reservation shit (country specific) to USA. People should understand that US is not doing social service by giving H1Bs , it is looking at attracting bright talent . They wouldn’t and will never care about where they come from as long as they help the cause. It is USAs pie and no other country define what is fair and what is not

      • I agree with you. the reason Kumar does not agree because he is an Indian. I understand why he will support other indians and wont support CAP on indians.
        He will not understand that not every country offers education loan like India hence people who come from those countries come to US totally based on professor’s funding which requires an outstanding profile. Most of us wont come to US unless we have funding.
        It is NOT possible to do it merit based and select 85000, lawyers twist many things and it is pretty difficult for USCIS to identify who is more deserving.
        Also, there are many applicants who will belong to the same category (the average ones). So it will always exceed 85000. I am sorry Kumar , but your justification is not at all doable unless USCIS calls all the references , do site visits and verify.

        • DVS,
          I have no opinion on this. I am neither agreeing nor disagreeing with anything….I only added on Sreejith comment…saying countries flourish based on merit based system, that’s it.

      • Hi Kumar,

        I got mail from my consultant mentioned that my case got picked in lottery. Can I know when will i get the case number? Is it only post submission of my documents?


    • Many Indians work for low salary. They r paid only 14 or 15$ per hour. And they work for more than 10 hours. So they get more opportunities than other countries. Not everyone agree with these less hourly rate. People who says it is an biased lottery do u agree to work for 12 hours for a low salary?


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