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USCIS News: H1B 2020 Lottery Completed, Received 201,011 Petitions

USCIS announced today, April 11th, 2019 that they completed H1B visa Lottery for 2020 quota. Below is the summary of the press release.

Summary of USCIS Press release on H1B 2020 Lottery Completion :

  • H1B 2020 Lottery Completed :

    • USCIS mentioned that they have conducted H1B lottery on April 10th .
    • They have received 201,011 petitions for FY 2020 Quota
    • They used a computer-generated random algorithm, which is popularly known as H1B Lottery, to select the petitions for FY 2020 quota.
    • Based on history we see that they used to do lottery on April 11th, this time it is one day early…
  • H1B Lottery Process for FY 2020 :

    • USCIS confirmed that they used the New H1B Lottery Order for FY 2020, where first they conducted lottery for regular cap considering all received petitions to meet 65,000 quota and then conducted lottery to meet masters cap of 20,000 from the unselected US Master’s petitions from the first lottery pool. This is different order from all the previous years. This new order is based on the New H1B registration Rule that will be fully effective from FY 2021 season.
  • Masters Cap Reached :

    •  USCIS announced that they have received enough petitions for Masters cap and they conducted lottery for the same. There was some confusion this year, when USCIS announced that they reached Regula Quota Cap for FY 2020 and not talking about Masters cap.
  • Split of H1B Numbers :

    • This year, they are yet to give the split of the numbers on their H1B 2020 Page for regular cap and masters cap, we have not seen it updated. In the previous years, it was updated after the release of the press note. Hope to see that updated.
  • Accept H1B Cap Exempt Petitions :

    USCIS mentioned that they will continue to accept petitions that are exempt from the cap that fall under the below categories such as

    • H1B Extensions
    • H1B Transfers
    • H1B Amendments
    • H1B Concurrent filings

Check out video summary in under 2 minutes.

 Our H1B Predictions vs USCIS actual Numbers for FY 2020 season ?

This year many were speculating based on the traffic on our site and general rules that there would be less numbers, but we predicted that it would be around 160,000 to 180,000 as listed in our H1B 2020 Lottery Predictions. Our predictions are not too far from the real numbers of 201,011 petitions. Hope our predictions gave you all insights into what’s coming up. We have been predicting H1B lottery numbers for so many years now…it will be very interesting for next year with the h1B registration rule coming into play.

What’s our take on this year FY 2020 press release ?

It is very generic press release from USCIS this year. They kept the US Masters quota cap in unknown mode for entire week and directly announced numbers of H1B lottery. The order of H1B lottery has changed, that the difference. Also, if we check H1B Cap Count History by Year we have gone up in H1B filings count back like in FY 2018 . That’s about it.

 H1B 2020 Tracker – Crowdsourced for general Insights :

H1B Processing can be very time consuming and frustrating for many as it is like a black box and we need to keep waiting. Having some general insights will help the community. It is fully anonymous and used by many in the past 5 years.  If you have filed a petition for FY 2020, please add your case and help the community.

[prompt type=”left” title=”Track your H1B Case” message=” Anonymously Track your H1B Case – Share and Get updated from Community.” button_text=”H1B 2020 Case Tracker” href=”https://redbus2us.com/trackers/h1b-visa-tracker/”]

How would you know, if you were selected in H1B lottery ?

Watch the below video to understand the same.

What’s after H1B 2020 Lottery ?

Many of the new H1B seeks may not know the process, read Steps after H1B Visa Lottery – Flow chart to get a full understanding of what’s next. In simple, you will get a receipt notice from USCIS, then approval or RFE….if you are unlucky, you will get a rejection.

What are your thoughts from the H1B FY 2020 USCIS Press release ?

Reference : USCIS FY 2020 Cap Reached


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  1. Please recommend any good law firms that can respond to H1B RFE.

    I am an AD, 4th time H1B applicant, received an RFE with questions on Employer employee, SO and other items, and my H1b was filed by a consultancy.

    I was recommended to seek counsel from a big law firm that might be more experienced with responding to the RFE.

    Can anyone please recommend any big law firms that might be willing to take up RFE cases?

  2. Applied for H1 – Consular processing, advanced degree, general processing CA center.

    My receipt still says case was received. Current wait times on USCIS says 6.5 to 10 months and getting a interview date in India wait time is currently 1.5 months and I have to go back to India in December.

    Should i apply for premium processing, will it decrease the chance of Visa Approval? or has anyone got approval in a similar case.

    • It is definitely worth going for premium processing instead of waiting for it. No, it will not hav any impact on approval chances, many have this perception, but not true.

  3. I am from Service base company and my employer filed H1B but I have not received any updates till now.
    Has anyone received updates or is it announced to everyone on same day.
    Is there any estimated time.
    I have 10 year exp with BE degree so what’s the chances?

  4. I didn’t get any update on my H1B petition. Is there any chance to hear good news or not? When can I come to know the status?

  5. Hi Kumar,

    Not sure where to ask this question. Could you please help me with this below query. Thank you so much!

    My H1b got selected in this year’s lottery and I recently received an RFE from USCIS. Mine is an EVC(Employer-Vendor-Client) model. Client uses a Managed Services Provider(MSP) for vendor & contingent work force management. In the RFE, USCIS misinterpreted this MSP as another vendor and requested for contractual agreements and work orders between MSP and Client. We have provided Client & Vendor letters during initial filing clearly stating the MSP is a VMS for client and not a mid-vendor along with my job duties. Additionally, we have also provided Agreements, work orders between my employer-vendor and vendor-MSP(of the client).

    My employer’s attorney advised to get a letter from MSP as another evidence to prove their role as MSP to Client to address this query. Recently, the MSP’s corporate name has been changed and all existing contracts remain in effect and are not impacted by this change. MSP provided me 2 letters(on the new corporate name letter head) one confirming my services at the client along with their role as MSP and other stating their corporate name change. So, my question is does it raise any further queries from USCIS with all these changes? and what are the odds of getting the approval in this scenario?? Could you please kindly give me your valuable insights on this.

    • Well, it is hard to say, it all depends on the officer adjudicating it and his interpretation. Technically, what you are doing as suggested by your attorney, is the right thing to do..It is a small confusion and need to be clarified to the officer. Hope nothing new comes up. Stay positive !

  6. I didn’t get any update on my H1b petition and even my employer too. Is there any chance to hear good news or not? When can I come to know the status?

  7. 1.Did anyone(NonAD/Regular) got approval?
    2.What is the probability of getting Visa after selected in lottery?

  8. Hi kumar,
    My employer applied h1b consular notification cap for me. I did my masters in USA. Till now I didn’t receive lottery results. Is there still a chance that I can expect result or should i accept it as my case wasn’t picked. I would really appreciate your comments.

  9. Hi Kumar,

    Till now I didn’t get lottery results so I don’t want to waste one more year.Is there any other way is there other than H1b . I am having 10+ years of experience in Microsoft technologies.If you know anything can you please let me know.

  10. I didn’t receive any results from my employer. Is anybody received lottery results today Regular/non PP.Thanks

  11. Hi Kumar,

    I just realised my petition was filed with an expired passport of mine by mistake by Employer. What are the implications. What can be done. Very very worried. Its picked in Lottery.

      • Hi Kumar,

        I have read aIl your updates on the h1b queries past 6 years and it’s been really an impressive. This time, my application got picked up in the lottery but having too much worry on a letter from my name mismatch between my passport and in my degree certificate. What can be done . Please suggest.

        • If it is really minor, it maybe fine, hard to say. Otherwise, they may issue an RFE to verify both are same. In that case, you may get them notarized/ get official transcripts, if needed and submit. Discuss with your attorney, dont worry too much.

          • Thank you Kumar. today I received RFE from my employer saying that to provide roles and responsibilities of the position applied and provide the right to control. Again I am going to submit all the documents requested by my employer. Will there be any rejection if we get RFE. Please suggest.

          • It is hard to say as it all depends on the overall case, your attorney knows the best to answer. work with them to submit all requested documents.

          • Hi Kumar.. I applied through regular non cap this year and it got picked up in the lottery and received receipt copy by end of may but I can see the RFE mail received from my employer today. will that be quick we receive RFE ? kindly advice. Thanks

  12. I hear day1 cpt is a grey area while it is not forbidden, it could pose trouble in later steps. Is this true?

  13. AD/PP/VT
    Receipt Date – Apr 11th
    Approval Date – May 24th

    Case status changed and also received email from my attorney saying that my H1B has been approved.

  14. Guys –I am happy to share that my H1 petition has been approved.

    Notice date : April 11th
    Approval date: May 21st

    California center/AD/PP/FT –4th attempt

    All the best to everyone

    • Decisions take anywhere from few weeks to few months. The Premium Processing clock started on May 20th, usually you find regular processing decisions soon after premium processing decisions.

  15. Hi kumar,
    Got selected in lottery from an indian mnc.
    Now how long time it will take to get approval , rfe or denial notice.
    For my case service centre is Vermont service centre.
    And what is the percentage of approval or rejection of Vermont service centre.

    • If regular processing, it can take anywhere from few weeks to few months, there is no SLA for regular processing. In general, service center does not matter, it is dependent on your petition…there are no such stats as well.. You can read Steps After H1B Lottery

  16. Just received email from USCIS:
    USCIS Completes Data Entry of Fiscal Year 2020 H-1B Cap Subject Petitions

    USCIS has completed data entry for all fiscal year 2020 H-1B cap-subject petitions selected in our computer-generated random selection process, including those selected under the U.S. advanced degree exemption. As in previous years, we will now begin returning all H-1B cap-subject petitions that we did not select and will issue an announcement once we are done notifying petitioners. Due to the volume of filings, we cannot provide a definite time frame for returning unselected petitions. We ask petitioners to wait to inquire about the status of their cap-subject petitions until they receive a receipt notice or an unselected petition that we have returned.

    Additionally, we may transfer some Form I-129 H-1B cap-subject petitions between the Vermont Service Center and the California Service Center to balance the workload and enhance efficiencies. If we transfer your case, you will receive notification in the mail. After receiving the notification, please send all future correspondence to the center processing your petition.

  17. Hi everyone
    Any AD/PP are still receiving information about h1-b being picked up?
    I saw on your article it says May 20 but that’s only 5 days away,.

    • @Time is gone – I am in the same boat. AD/CA/PP
      May 20th is when USCIS starts processing the premium applications picked in the lottery. 20th may falls on Monday next week so all we have is until 17th May i.e. Friday.
      Hope we get it!
      Good luck !

      • AD/PP/CA
        Did any of you hear back reg your premium processing application? It is nearly May 20th and I am still waiting. No receipt, no cashed checks, no SEVP/SEVIS update. The stress is just too much…feeling helpless…

        • @DAWN: I have not heard anything from my lawyer or HR. I reached out to DSO and no change in status.
          Its 20th May today already and I will be letting my manager know that I have to quit sometime soon.
          Good luck to you ! Hope y’all get it.

          • Let us hang on to hope until end of this month which is when premium processing should be completed. Sincerely hoping all of us get it. Best wishes.

  18. Hi Kumar,
    I’m AD/RP filed in CA. Just saw my SEVP changed to Sept 30. NO receipt no check cashed update from the attorney.
    Thanks for all the updates.

    • You have until Mid June for decision. Probability is just math, we had 201,011 petitions for 85K slots, you do the math..


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