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USCIS News: H1B 2020 Lottery Completed, Received 201,011 Petitions

USCIS announced today, April 11th, 2019 that they completed H1B visa Lottery for 2020 quota. Below is the summary of the press release.

Summary of USCIS Press release on H1B 2020 Lottery Completion :

  • H1B 2020 Lottery Completed :

    • USCIS mentioned that they have conducted H1B lottery on April 10th .
    • They have received 201,011 petitions for FY 2020 Quota
    • They used a computer-generated random algorithm, which is popularly known as H1B Lottery, to select the petitions for FY 2020 quota.
    • Based on history we see that they used to do lottery on April 11th, this time it is one day early…
  • H1B Lottery Process for FY 2020 :

    • USCIS confirmed that they used the New H1B Lottery Order for FY 2020, where first they conducted lottery for regular cap considering all received petitions to meet 65,000 quota and then conducted lottery to meet masters cap of 20,000 from the unselected US Master’s petitions from the first lottery pool. This is different order from all the previous years. This new order is based on the New H1B registration Rule that will be fully effective from FY 2021 season.
  • Masters Cap Reached :

    •  USCIS announced that they have received enough petitions for Masters cap and they conducted lottery for the same. There was some confusion this year, when USCIS announced that they reached Regula Quota Cap for FY 2020 and not talking about Masters cap.
  • Split of H1B Numbers :

    • This year, they are yet to give the split of the numbers on their H1B 2020 Page for regular cap and masters cap, we have not seen it updated. In the previous years, it was updated after the release of the press note. Hope to see that updated.
  • Accept H1B Cap Exempt Petitions :

    USCIS mentioned that they will continue to accept petitions that are exempt from the cap that fall under the below categories such as

    • H1B Extensions
    • H1B Transfers
    • H1B Amendments
    • H1B Concurrent filings

Check out video summary in under 2 minutes.

YouTube video

 Our H1B Predictions vs USCIS actual Numbers for FY 2020 season ?

This year many were speculating based on the traffic on our site and general rules that there would be less numbers, but we predicted that it would be around 160,000 to 180,000 as listed in our H1B 2020 Lottery Predictions. Our predictions are not too far from the real numbers of 201,011 petitions. Hope our predictions gave you all insights into what’s coming up. We have been predicting H1B lottery numbers for so many years now…it will be very interesting for next year with the h1B registration rule coming into play.

What’s our take on this year FY 2020 press release ?

It is very generic press release from USCIS this year. They kept the US Masters quota cap in unknown mode for entire week and directly announced numbers of H1B lottery. The order of H1B lottery has changed, that the difference. Also, if we check H1B Cap Count History by Year we have gone up in H1B filings count back like in FY 2018 . That’s about it.

 H1B 2020 Tracker – Crowdsourced for general Insights :

H1B Processing can be very time consuming and frustrating for many as it is like a black box and we need to keep waiting. Having some general insights will help the community. It is fully anonymous and used by many in the past 5 years.  If you have filed a petition for FY 2020, please add your case and help the community.

[prompt type=”left” title=”Track your H1B Case” message=” Anonymously Track your H1B Case – Share and Get updated from Community.” button_text=”H1B 2020 Case Tracker” href=”https://redbus2us.com/trackers/h1b-visa-tracker/”]

How would you know, if you were selected in H1B lottery ?

Watch the below video to understand the same.

YouTube video

What’s after H1B 2020 Lottery ?

Many of the new H1B seeks may not know the process, read Steps after H1B Visa Lottery – Flow chart to get a full understanding of what’s next. In simple, you will get a receipt notice from USCIS, then approval or RFE….if you are unlucky, you will get a rejection.

What are your thoughts from the H1B FY 2020 USCIS Press release ?

Reference : USCIS FY 2020 Cap Reached


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  1. What does this mean? I received this email from my school DSO.

    According to your record, there is a pending change of status application with receipt number WACXXXXXXXXX. That is the extent of the information we can view about the pending request. Please confer with your company as they will receive a physical copy if you have been receipted for the H1B.

    Upon checking online on USCIS website, this is the status:

    On April 11, 2019, we received your Form I-129, Petition for a Nonimmigrant Worker, Receipt Number WACXXXXXXXXX, and sent you the receipt notice that describes how we will process your case. Please follow the instructions in the notice. If you do not receive your receipt notice by May 11, 2019, contact the USCIS Contact Center at www.uscis.gov/contactcenter. If you move, go to www.uscis.gov/addresschange to give us your new mailing address.

    My H1B got picked in the lottery, correct?

  2. Non-AD/Regular

    My H1B was filed from an Indian MNC. This is my 3rd attempt and still waiting for the results. Are there still chances for me? Till when we can expect the approval mails get generated. for the non-ad /reg candidates.

    • Non-AD/Reg -Indian MNC

      Case Was Received
      On April 11, 2019, we received your Form I-129, Petition for a Nonimmigrant Worker, Receipt Number EACXXXXXXX , and sent you the receipt notice that describes how we will process your case. Please follow the instructions in the notice. If you do not receive your receipt notice by May 11, 2019, contact the USCIS Contact Center at www.uscis.gov/contactcenter. If you move, go to www.uscis.gov/addresschange to give us your new mailing address.

  3. I contacted my DSO, and this is the reply I got:

    Thank you for contacting our office with your question. International Student Services and Designated School Officials (DSO) do not receive updates from USCIS nor SEVP about F1 students whose H1B petitions have been selected or approved. Students who have H1B petitions filed on their behalf need to check directly with the employer or immigration attorney who filed the H1B petition for updates on their cases.

  4. I was waiting to post this since three years. Finally here it is. My application got picked up in the lottery – AD/Reg processing/ CA – I know chances are getting reduced day by day. But still there is little hope. Dont loose your hopes guys . I wish good luck for everyone

  5. Hi Kumar,
    I am thinking about an alternative path in case I did not get selected in the lottery. The company that sponsored my visa does not have an international branch. But, I have heard that it is possible to work remotely while I am in my home country, and most likely, I have to take care of my tax in my country. I am not familiar with how to do that, but if you know anything, could you point me in the right direction?

    • Yes, you need to take care of Taxes in home country and your company should file required documents like W8BEN-E form. You should be treated as a freelancer/ contractor and not an employee. Ask them to discuss with their internal finances team and you also check with a tax consultant to be sure.

  6. The company in the US had sponsored my H-1B visa. I am currently waiting for the lottery result outside the US. However, I am planning on a trip to the US sometime at the beginning of June. Do you think it is risky to travel to the US before receiving the official result from the USCIS? I hear that there is increased scrutiny at the border, and I prefer not to get denied entry to the US because the company in the US had sponsored my H-1B visa. I know it takes a lot of time for USCIS to send all the rejection letters, so I am wondering when I can make a trip to the US.

    • No, there is no impact. Your entry to US on other visa not tied to H1B…Dont worry too much, as long as your travel is for a purpose and you have all documentation in proper order, no fraud involved, you will be fine…

  7. Hello Guys,

    I got the “From I-797C Notice of Action” from my Attorney. This form specifies that “Notice Type = Receipt Notice”, Amount received and Class Type = H1B. It also has Reciept Number starting with WACXXXXXXXXXX.

    Does it mean that i got selected in 2020 H1B lottery?

    If so, whats the next step of the process?


  8. Any hopes for Masters/Regular Application?
    I know five friends of mine plus me who applied this year (all regular), only one received the receipt so far. What are the odds?

  9. AD/non-RP/CA here. My boss just informed me today that the checks were just cashed but have not received receipt or update in SEVP yet. Hopefully it means that I’ve been selected and those will arrive later on or maybe next week.

    I have been stressing out since we submitted my application and this is a glimmer of hope.

  10. Got picked. AD/VT/Regular processing, consular processing. Receipt date 03/05 and usics says application received on checking status. After having almost lost hope. hang in there!!! Thank you Admin for keeping hopes up.

    • 2ndTime/STEM OPT ends in 2020/AD/CA/PP/Fragomen

      DSO can see like this in SEVIS, not in SEVP as Kumar mentioned.

      Student Requests
      Request Type Request Status Receipt Number
      Change of Status PENDING WAC*********

      But I haven’t got info from Attorney yet.
      When I check USCIS case status, it says Case Received but not “Case Recieved and Email sent”. So I guess my Attorney filed as RP that’s why no email!, not sure, but I was informed that they were going to process with PP. Hope this helps.

      • Yes, it could be that they filed regular…Double check with them again. Sometimes, online status messages may not be accurate.

  11. My employer has applied me H1B visa. In my portal i do not see any change. What would be the cutoff date as most of the selected have seen the change in their status. Can i assume that my close is closed for this year and was not selected? Day by day my chances are coming down. What is the last cut off date that is reasonable to assume that i have not been picked? or is that is already passed away? Plsssss clarify

  12. I am confused and need clarification. I know that you were selected in the lottery if the check is cashed by the USCIS. My employer wrote the check, so he is the only one if the check is cashed or not? Some people on this site mentioned that their immigration firm gave them the news about the check. if I want to know about if the check is cashed or not, do I need to contact my employer or attorney?

    • Ask your attorney, whose check was used in the H1B application, then check with the respective person based on that…

  13. Regular – Regular(non-AD/non-PP): – Received a confirmation from attorney that my check has been encashed yesterday.

    How long should it take to deliver the receipt?

  14. anyone heard from minami tamaki ? lawyers not responding.


    I have lost all hopes and preparing for canada. anyone else in the same boat ?

  15. 2nd Time/ AD/PP/CA/Fragomen/STEM OPT ends 2020 
    Hi all,

    For those of you waiting for the AD/PP:

    1. Until an hour ago, I have no news from Attorney.
    2. I kept calm till now, and finally decided to mail my DSO to check if there is any status change in my SEVIS
    3. She replied “I see a change of status pending for receipt number WAC*******”
    4. I am thrilled.
    5.  The USCIS says with the receipt number”I-129  case received on April 11th, send receipt, contact if not received by May11″
    6. Mailed my Fragomen Attorney.
    7. They simply replied ” The USCIS website is saying that your case was selected and will be processed”. Looks like they didn’t receive any receipt yet.
    8.Anyways,  Happy to know the news.
    9. Assuming 100% that my H1b is picked, but still waiting for the official receipt and info from the Attorney?!
    10. Will update if I knew any thing else.
    11. Hope this helps.

    Thanks for the forum. I have been following this since few weeks. 
    Cool! that you are helping the people with right information. 

    I do not have much knowledge on the process, because I do not concentrate much on this news, as we have no control on it.
    But your comments are really  helpful. Thanks for your time for others, Cheers,

    Best wishes to all the GENUINE candidates who work hard to reach here.

      • I am a little confused. If his OPT is ending in 2020 why would his status change? Isn’t that only for people whose OPT is ending before September 2019?

        • There are two things : SEVIS and SEVP Portal. The info in SEVIS is accessible for DSO only and it will indicate the change. The info in SEVP Portal is something that the applicant can see and is tied to the cap gap extension.

  16. Hi. I applied via regular processing/ advanced degree. It is May 7 and I have not received a notice yet. My OPT does not end till March 2020 – so this is my first and only attempt at H1B. Are people still receiving notices for advanced degrees/ regular processing as of this week?

  17. Hi… while picking the H1B lottery is there any criteria which picks applicants from top rated companies like Microsoft, google, cisco etc over the other applicants?

  18. Hi Kumar

    I am AD/PP (2nd time) candidate and have not heard back. My STEM OPT expires in January 2020. My firm does not have offices outside USA. I do not wish to avail CPT / go for PhD. Based on all your experiences, is there any option left for me? My i-140 has been approved but in a long wait line.

    One of the options I was wondering if I could work remotely for my employer and file for another H1B cycle next year. I leave US once the STEM OPT is over (January 2020), keep working for my US based company from my home country and then file for H1B again on 1st April 2020. Is that a possible option ? Any legal loophole in that?

    Also, not to bug you on the repeated number of times you have been asked the question, but realistically based on your experience and what you have seen this year, what sorts of chance does a AD /PP have now to get selected ?


    • Well, one of the options is to relocate to Canada and work there or choose another country. Regarding working from home and from India, there will be tax implications, if they continue to treat you the way you are paid and employed now…think of it logically, if your employer is trying to employ you as an employee living in US, then you need to pay taxes, but you are not in US…so, the way they employ and pay you needs to change, if you want to continue to work with them.
      Well, the chances are there till May 20th…the volume would be low, but cannot say, I have seen some receipts come in during last couple of days in previous years…it is hard to guess frankly…

      • Thanks for the revert. but if the tax issues are settled, there is no legal hurdle in being able to apply for H1B next year by the same eployer. Am I correct ?

        • Yes, should not be any hurdle…Just make sure your taxes, legal presence related things are fully addressed…Your document proofs should indicate you lived and worked in India…

        • Quick question if you don’t mind.
          What category did you/your employer file your green card in?
          The exact alphabet and numeric combination, and type of petition (self/employer) would be appreciated.

  19. Hi,

    Any idea when is the last day for masters quota to receive h1b receipts . I still did not hear anything from my HR


    • Well, I saw few, but the volume definitely seem low…Maybe many of the users who are filing regular quota, do not opt for the premium processing…

  20. Hi everyone!

    I asked my DSO for an update of my status and there was a change of status with receipt number. I am happy that finally I got lucky!

    Kumar I would really appreciate your time and patience in answering all our questions and being such a great help in guiding us! Thanks everyone for your questions and inputs. I hope every genuine candidate should get through the lottery!

    FYI: I am AD/NONPP/VT Full time applicant.

    Thanks again to everyone here! Please do not loose hope!

  21. Hi guys,

    Did anyone hear back with Consular/AD/Regular? Assuming SEVP portal won’t get updated for consular, how else can we check if the case has been picked or not.

  22. I was applied in Premium processing master’s quota. According to my DSO, my SEVIS (Not SEVP protal) was not updated with the case number. Is it too late for PP people for their SEVIS to get updated? Because I heard that is the first thing that gets updated if it was picked in the lottery.

    • No, if your following this page and the comments below from folks in similar situation, lot of them have not seen any update to the portal.

      It never too late until you receive your package back. Hang tight, dont loose hope.

  23. Hello,

    May I know all the check will be cashed out during the same period, or it will cross over from April to June, thanks

    Best Regards

  24. HI,
    This MD,
    I was not received any update till date .Even not received the Receipt number.Not sure what will happen.This the 3rd time i am applying for h1B.
    Any update whether any body received any thing like receipt number or lottery result.

    • Moein,
      There are still many waiting for the update, you still have till mid june, so you need to wait…you have chance till then.

  25. Hello Kumar! It is my first time applying for H1B. My school official says that my SEVIS was extended to September 30th. But SEVP is not updated yet and I have not heard from lawyers.
    Any ideas what is going on?

    • That means to say you’re picked in the lottery. Wait for few more days to recieve the news from lawyers. Meanwhile you can ask your school to send you the receipt number.

  26. Master’s filing through Fragomen using regular processing. This is my last attempt since my STEM extension EAD is expiring in Feb 2020. What are my odds of approval at this point? It’s just so frustrating to wait for so long.

    • Try contacting your DSO, I am in the same boat as you are except mine is ending in July 2020. If selected , DSO can see a Change of status Pending on your SEVIS file which means you have been selected in the lottery.

  27. Will there be a change of OPT End Date in SEVP portal if it is past September 30 and picked in lottery?
    I am a spring graduate and the end date is Jan 2020. My visa is filled under AD/non-pp.

  28. My case is AD/non-PP
    First I was notified by the DSO that I have a Change of Status Pending on my SEVIS record which was updated on 22nd April.
    My employer told me today that the checks to department of homeland security have been cashed on 25th April.
    Still no word from lawyer regarding the receipt.
    Fingers crossed.

  29. Hello,

    I was wondering when can we expect to hear about the decision of the case?
    I saw a lot of receipt day of 4/1, if they were PPed, does it mean that they will be able to receive the decision before 4/16?
    My receipt day is 4/11, and on the receipt it clearly says that it will take less than 15 calendar days to make a decision. But I have not receive any notice yet.
    Has anyone got approval already?


  30. USCIS Alert News:

    Tools Outage
    USCIS will conduct a widespread system maintenance on Wednesday, April 24, 2019, from 9 p.m. until 12

    Means: Something will be display on next day

  31. This is my last attempt, I see on the SEVP portal that my visa got extended to 9/30 today. It was 6/20 before. But I have not heard anything from Fragomen.

  32. Hi Guys,
    My DSO informed me that my SEVIS record has a note which states “CHANGE OF STATUS PENDING.”
    However, I have not received any email or receipt yet. My H1B was filed under masters cap, premium processing .
    Does any one here have a clue as to what it means ?

    • It means that your “COS” application filed with USCIS is in processing. So, technically you are picked in lottery as per the status. Check with your Attorney or employer to get the copy of receipt notice or if the checks are cashed.


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