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USCIS News : H1B 2019 Lottery Completed – 190,098 Petitions Filed

The most awaited number by many, with tons of calculations using LCA numbers and other correlations on comments, etc. have come to an end. USCIS released a press note indicating that they have received 190,098 H1B petitions for FY 2019 quota. Below is the press release summary.

 Summary of USCIS H1B Lottery 2019 Competed 190K petitions filed :

  • USCIS completed Lottery for H1B Visa FY 2019 on April 11th.
  • Total H1B Petitions received for FY 2019 quota – 190,098
  • USCIS accepted petitions for 5 working days from April 2nd to April 6th and announced that they reached regular cap of 65,000 and Masters cap of 20,000 on April 6th.
  • USCIS will reject and return all petitions with their fee for all the H1B petitions not selected in H1B Lottery, provided they are not considered as duplicate petitions as per the new rule. Check Sample H1B Reject Letters for Not picked in Lottery
  • Lottery Process used for FY 2019 :  USCIS conducted H1B Lottery for Masters cap first and the unselected petitions form that pool became part of the regular quota lottery.
  • USCIS  will continue to accept H1B petitions that are cap exempt or the ones counted for the cap in the past that fall under the categories of H1B Extensions, H1B petition for Change of employment terms, H1B Transfers to new employers, and Concurrent filing of H1B for second H1B position.
  • Also, they gave split of number for Masters and Regular quota on their H1B 2019 page, which is new. Some people are confused on where we got these numbers, it is on the USCIS H1B 2019 Updates page . I have put a screenshot for your reference.
    • Masters Quota Filings   : 95,885
    • Regular Quota Filings : 94,213USCIS Masters and Regular Quota Numbers 2019

What are our Predictions vs.  USCIS actual numbers ?  
Many were speculating less numbers for H1B FY 2019 as there were many new rules, changes and the political climate was not that great in the past one year… Despite all of these, our H1B 2019 Lottery predictions were from 170,000 to 190,000 . USCIS actual numbers of 190,098 is very much close to our predictions… Though our predictions were not popular among many that we were forecasting more numbers…but, the reality is that there is tremendous demand as seen with numbers…Hope our lottery predictions helped at least some plan in one way or other.

What’s the take on press release ? What’s Next ? 
The press release is not very different from previous years. Also, the process of H1B Lottery is not different from previous years and is same. As we know from previous FOIA request, USCIS selects additional 5k for masters and 10k for regular quota considering denials…Also, this year, they updated the number of petitions filed for regular quota and masters quota. This was not published in the past.

Now that lottery is done, the waiting game begins for everyone. All of you, who have been selected will get a receipt notice and it has a number that you can use to trace your case on USCIS site. Read Understand H1B Case Number

As the wait can be long and there is no way to know about your case vs others, we highly recommend that you add your case to the anonymous H1B tracker.
[prompt type=”left” title=”Track your H1B Case” message=” Anonymously Track your H1B Case – Share and Get updated from Community.” button_text=”H1B 2019 Case Tracker” href=”https://redbus2us.com/trackers/h1b-visa-tracker/”]

It is sad that many smart, talented students and professionals from Ivy League Schools, IITs, Many good companies like Google, Microsoft and many more have to go through lottery putting all their hard work and effort for luck to decide in lottery…Its unfortunate, but that’s life and reality…If you get selected in lottery good, if not, take it as another part of life as it comes and move on…don’t put yourself under pressure thinking about it, it was not in your control and you have nothing to do about it…

What do you think of the H1B Lottery numbers ? Your take ? Your thoughts ?

Reference : USCIS Press Release FY 2019 Lottery Complete


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  1. Does non-AD include master’s applications that did not make it in the 20,0000 lottery? Any hope left for AD applicants?

  2. Non-AD
    Center: Vermont
    Status change: from 7/29/2018 to 9/30/2018. Source: Sevis.

    Good luck for who are waiting. Don’t lose your hope.

    • Anyone applied through Fragomen? They are asking me to check their website which has a system to track the status of the H1B application, is anyone else using this and how quickly do they upload the information to it?

  3. Heard from my lawyer today…. AD-VT 3rd attempt….my receipt date was 27th April and law firm refused to tell if checks are cashed…

    To all single genuine petitions out there… God is there 🙂

    Keep your head high and hopes higher….

  4. Any body can suggest how L1B to H1B work? First time in H1B but L1B end on March’19.
    Non-AD, How can I get H1B lottery selected or not.

    • I am on L1-B, I applied for change of status to h1-b.

      The first indication of the application being picked up in lottery in my case is, my spouse received I797-receipt notice.

      Attorney said, they will need couple more days to send out email regarding receipt notices. Looks like they have bunch of them.

      For non-AD, it just started. People will be receiving notices for next 2 weeks.

  5. One of my colleague got receipt notice from my employer. Her initial OPT is expiring on June 2nd. There was no change in SEVP portal yet. So don’t completely rely on the portal.

  6. A friend of mine got his approval today. Another got an RFE. Both AD, Non-stem, Cap Gap cases. Looks like adjudication results are starting to come in.

  7. Hi,

    AD, 1st attempt. Got info from the lawyer today. Got picked – I think still the game is not over as there are lot RFE last year and it continues for this year too due to political climate – it might approve or pending. SEVP updated for me on 24th April 2018, there is sync from USICS to SEVP. Whoever see 09/30 they can go blindly that your case was picked this year.

    All the best guys!

  8. My application got picked in the lottery, but my SEVP portal has not been updated and still shows 7/21 as the OPT end date. Is this normal?

  9. Are any AD people still getting receipts from fragomen? Its my 4th attempt haven’t heard anything yet..I know that the numbers will be updated by 12th May but most of the SEVP’s are updated in my school the only updates they give out on weekends are few numbers only.

  10. what about general quota selection for MBA degree?

    so far I only read comments about master + stem people. what about 1 year OPT genral quota candidate?

  11. My employer says he is not going to share my receipt number even after approval..is it possible to hide receipt number from approval notice??can I believe him that my application got picked up really..totally confused..plz reply

    • Its not legal to hold the case receipt number or any information related to the visa. You have a right to see/access it. Talk to your employer or call USCIS.

      • Not exactly true. The H1B petition is applied by employer and it is up to their wish to share details. There is no legal requirement for them to share the receipt number…having said that almost 99% of the cases, where employers are good share the details of receipt number and petition details to keep it transparent…but there is no legal requirement for them to share the details….even USCIS will not disclose those details, if you call them…

        • I think you’ve got it wrong. Following are the rights of any H1b visa holder regardless of the company they work for. The company doesn’t have to be nice to share all this information with the applicant and in no way they are doing a favor in doing so.

          1. The employer “must” provide a copy of LCA to the applicant
          2. Applicant has the right to retain passport, visa original under all circumstances and the employer cannot hold it.
          3. The applicant must be provided a copy of the lottery acceptance/rejection letter
          4. The applicant must be provided a copy of I-797 approval.

          USCIS will not tell you your WAC number but you can certainly tell them about your employer who is shady and not willing to share any information.

          ONLY the desi consultancies and body shops will hide information from the application NO other reputed company does that. If you know any good companies who practice this please cite examples.

          • Yes, employer has to provide LCA copy and treat fairy as per Labor laws. All of these are Labor laws and listed here at Dept of Labor Website . But, H1B petition is filed with USCIS and it is petitioner’s discretion to share the details. There is no legal rule that binds like with Dept of Labor. As I said 99% of companies share everything and all of the major MNCs do as well, except some bodyshop companies…the point is, there is no legal rule as such that they have to share everything. As far as I know, it is only written on Immihelp, which is NOT official source like USCIS, DHS or INA. If you have a credible official source that tells employer has to share H1B Petition Number and details, please share, it would be of good for everyone.

  12. AD. Till today, haven’t got anything from lawyer and SEVP. Only this time for H1b.
    Congratulations for those who got picked.
    So tired for this game.

  13. First timer, AD applicant.
    Sevis Portal updated on 05/03/2018.
    Old OPT post-completion date: Mid June 2018
    New OPT post-completion date: 09/30/2018

    Change type: Authorized End Date

    Does this mean petition was picked up in lottery…haven’t received receipt notice yet.

  14. Feels like final week for everyone waiting for checks to be encashed..I think data entry completion will be annnounced next week.

  15. Anyone with a receipt notice and OPT ending before October has not had their SEVP updated yet? Mine still shows July as my end date even though I was picked in the lottery. Is this normal? Thanks

  16. Has anyone else seen the message “Validation Error(s)
    You must correct the following error(s) before proceeding:
    •My Case Status does not recognize the receipt number entered”
    upon entering the receipt number on USCIS website

  17. Please do not lose hope guys!!
    Just got email from attorney with receipt number.
    First time, AD/VT
    best weekend gift for me
    Good luck to all!

  18. Any one got their Sevis update today or Do checks got cashed for anyone today?
    My final attempt no updates 🙁

  19. Everyone,

    I don’t think everyone should start freaking out just yet, only ~55-70% of the chosen applicants know they are chosen. The rest are still not announced yet, so there is still hope.

  20. Got my receipt today (May4th). No update on SEVP portal yet. DSO replied yesterday saying no SEVIS update as of May 3rd. So your receipt may be mailed already while DSO and SEVP portal have not caught up to the update.

    This was my last attempt, with OPT expiring in August 2018.

  21. Non-AD. First attempt. Looks like game over if i don’t hear anything by early next week. Historically speaking , non-ADs should have received receipt notice by May-8.

    May the Fourth be with you.:)

    • http://immigrationgirl.com/updated-h-1b-lottery-receipt-results-for-fy-2019/

      People here are saying they got picked in the lottery.

      May 4, 2018

      I have a friend who was in the same undergrad school(Non- AD) as I got picked today. He received the receipt number from the DSO.

  22. Hi everyone,

    As an AD applicant in my last attempt to H1b, I am now starting to explore the other options to stay in US and work elsewhere. Though, according to lawyers, the game is still on, but its a tough luck and prepare to move on.

    To all those who are in the same boat, please reply, with the possible options we have got. Any suggestions or ideas would be really helpful. Thanks!

  23. AD – Check Cashed – No update in SEVP
    – My employer just confirmed that my check was cashed.
    – OPT ends on Sep 24, 2018, but I don’t see any change on SEVP portal.

  24. So no non-AD following this thread has received any confirmation of being selected which only tells me that they are still working on AD cases. Non AD cases will be in coming weeks as I just cant believe that no non-AD were picked.

    • i heard few non ADs got receipt too . i think its Game over for non ADs. its end of first week of may i dont think they will do late lost full hope. Congratulations to all who was picked in lottery. am very unlucky.

    • From the data on redbus2us on H1B tracker, it looks like 94.3% of the selected applications were AD’s. Compare this to Non-AD’s making up 37.8% of the total applications.

  25. I see an update in the history page of SEVP portal history section where it says the source as SEVIS:
    “Change Type
    Supervisor Phone Number ”
    Nothing else. Can I hope for anything positive? Did anyone else see this?
    No updates in the opt end date. My STEM OPT ends by this month.

  26. Got receipt notice today from lawyer

    AD 2nd attempt
    California Service Center

    I had lost hopes, wish you all good luck

  27. Any update on Non-AD? Any one have any idea on Lottery system considered IT, Non-IT etc. Separately or all together..

  28. No Sevis update, check has not cashed.
    OPT is expiring this December. This is my last attempt. Losing all hopes.

    • In the sam boat as you, mate. I really don’t know what is going to happen to me. It feels like the rug below my feet is slowly but surely being pulled away.

      • There really is no good other option. Day 1 CPT will screw you in the future process. And if your company doesn’t support remote work from other countries, you really can’t do anything.

        • Go for Canada express entry, funny to see so many people crying and waiting for this, I accept even I got my H1B filed, by the way I am AD, and this is my 2nd time and I suspect it didnt get picked even this time, but I am almost done with Canada EE and now care less about H1B..the most unfair immigration system in the world.

  29. non-AD here, got my SEVP updated today. Close call for me. Best of lucks to everyone! I understand how it feels like waiting for this shitty lottery.

  30. Got a SEVP change today. I am an AD applicant, Vermont center, original post-OPT end date was 6/25, got changed to 9/30 at 14:20:00 today.

  31. Hello All – can non-AD people also see SEVP updates or is that only for the AD pool? Thank you very much in advance

  32. Got the receipt number today from the Law firm
    2nd Attempt
    I wish good luck to all genuine applicants.

  33. Is there any correlation between people who have noticed new “commas” in their SEVP update and chances of their application being selected? Esp. after April 20th?

    I got the SEVP update on May 1st & My application is with Cali center

  34. Starting to think they have given all the 85k slots to AD holders this year. Does it normally take this long to start hearing about non ad?

    • yea am also feeling the same . i heard like AD has more probability this year compared to non AD. lost hope. Congratulations to all ADs

      • Dont Loss Hope… Out of 1, 90, 098 -> 20,000 will go in Masters. Remaining 1, 70, 098 will have 6500 for Chile & Singapore.
        so remaining 1, 63,598 is the count and yours will be in this list from which 58500 are the total lots to be picked excluding chile & Singapore. The Probability for Non AD is 3:1. Keep fingers crossed:)

        • Ad also has its share in 58500 right? 95k total AD 20k goes in their quota . say rest 75K take 50% of non-ad … So non ad will end up < 29k… which is few compared to # of AD. hence you feel only AD is being slected…

    • Do not panic, they didn’t start non-ad yet. It is slower this year probably due to new duplication check etc. It seems they will start it on next week

      • i heard few regular non AD s got receipts like 1 out of 10 cases. if they havent started how come they will receive.

        The regular non AD people who got selected is super lucky.

          • Just because immigrationgirl didn’t receive any doesn’t mean it didn’t start yet. Emily already mentioned that 80% of their cases this year are AD. Out of the 20% they must have not received any yet. I am sure more receipts are on the way. Please don’t loose hope.

  35. is there any other way than SEVP to check if i am applying H1B from my current status h4? I believe SEVP is only applicable to ones with OPT, right?


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