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USCIS News : H1B 2019 Lottery Completed – 190,098 Petitions Filed

The most awaited number by many, with tons of calculations using LCA numbers and other correlations on comments, etc. have come to an end. USCIS released a press note indicating that they have received 190,098 H1B petitions for FY 2019 quota. Below is the press release summary.

 Summary of USCIS H1B Lottery 2019 Competed 190K petitions filed :

  • USCIS completed Lottery for H1B Visa FY 2019 on April 11th.
  • Total H1B Petitions received for FY 2019 quota – 190,098
  • USCIS accepted petitions for 5 working days from April 2nd to April 6th and announced that they reached regular cap of 65,000 and Masters cap of 20,000 on April 6th.
  • USCIS will reject and return all petitions with their fee for all the H1B petitions not selected in H1B Lottery, provided they are not considered as duplicate petitions as per the new rule. Check Sample H1B Reject Letters for Not picked in Lottery
  • Lottery Process used for FY 2019 :  USCIS conducted H1B Lottery for Masters cap first and the unselected petitions form that pool became part of the regular quota lottery.
  • USCIS  will continue to accept H1B petitions that are cap exempt or the ones counted for the cap in the past that fall under the categories of H1B Extensions, H1B petition for Change of employment terms, H1B Transfers to new employers, and Concurrent filing of H1B for second H1B position.
  • Also, they gave split of number for Masters and Regular quota on their H1B 2019 page, which is new. Some people are confused on where we got these numbers, it is on the USCIS H1B 2019 Updates page . I have put a screenshot for your reference.
    • Masters Quota Filings   : 95,885
    • Regular Quota Filings : 94,213USCIS Masters and Regular Quota Numbers 2019

What are our Predictions vs.  USCIS actual numbers ?  
Many were speculating less numbers for H1B FY 2019 as there were many new rules, changes and the political climate was not that great in the past one year… Despite all of these, our H1B 2019 Lottery predictions were from 170,000 to 190,000 . USCIS actual numbers of 190,098 is very much close to our predictions… Though our predictions were not popular among many that we were forecasting more numbers…but, the reality is that there is tremendous demand as seen with numbers…Hope our lottery predictions helped at least some plan in one way or other.

What’s the take on press release ? What’s Next ? 
The press release is not very different from previous years. Also, the process of H1B Lottery is not different from previous years and is same. As we know from previous FOIA request, USCIS selects additional 5k for masters and 10k for regular quota considering denials…Also, this year, they updated the number of petitions filed for regular quota and masters quota. This was not published in the past.

Now that lottery is done, the waiting game begins for everyone. All of you, who have been selected will get a receipt notice and it has a number that you can use to trace your case on USCIS site. Read Understand H1B Case Number

As the wait can be long and there is no way to know about your case vs others, we highly recommend that you add your case to the anonymous H1B tracker.
[prompt type=”left” title=”Track your H1B Case” message=” Anonymously Track your H1B Case – Share and Get updated from Community.” button_text=”H1B 2019 Case Tracker” href=”https://redbus2us.com/trackers/h1b-visa-tracker/”]

It is sad that many smart, talented students and professionals from Ivy League Schools, IITs, Many good companies like Google, Microsoft and many more have to go through lottery putting all their hard work and effort for luck to decide in lottery…Its unfortunate, but that’s life and reality…If you get selected in lottery good, if not, take it as another part of life as it comes and move on…don’t put yourself under pressure thinking about it, it was not in your control and you have nothing to do about it…

What do you think of the H1B Lottery numbers ? Your take ? Your thoughts ?

Reference : USCIS Press Release FY 2019 Lottery Complete


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  1. The employment authorization date in my sevis portal just got updated to 09/30. My OPT was supposed to end in July. In the history tab it says changed by SEVIS. I hope it means i got selected. Heard nothing from the lawyer yet. Don’t lose hope, Another colleague of mine who is a non-ad heard from the lawyer today that he got picked for the lottery.

    I did my undergraduate in US as F-1, so i had to open my profile in the portal.

  2. Can anyone tell me what is the ‘comma’ observation? Please be clear so that it is helpful for everyone. Thanks!

    • It is an update made by SEVIS showed in history.
      It change the info in “Relation to Field” by just adding couple commas to the original text.

      All the comma change took place before Apr. 20th seemed relate to good news.

  3. That one is a different lottery…

    Any one in regular cap has recieved any good news?
    I am regular cap and nothing.. Losing hope here

  4. STEM OPT is expiring this June. No update in SEVP yet. If there is no update by the time USCIS completes data entry, then I can assume mine was not picked up in the lottery this year also and apply for the change of status without waiting for the rejection notice? Do waitlisted people SEVIS/SEVP also gets updated?

    • There is no waitlist as such now. But you can expect a receipt or check encasent without SEVP update. I have seen several people reporting.

      • My employer is not helpful. I checked with DSO and he doesn’t see any update on my SEVIS record.
        My STEM Opt is expiring before 1-Oct. So, I think SEVP/SEVIS will get updated for CAP-GAP.

        • Keep your hopes high. There are people whose end date updated today including me. I wish you All the best. Its not over until USCIS says its over. Even after data entry is done, you might be sent a receipt. Please don’t loose hope.

          Last year data entry is done on May 3rd. One of my friends received his receipt a week later.

  5. Hola Buenos dias,

    Does anybody know whether USCIS gives first preference to cap-gap cases for adjudication?


  6. My OPT expires Jan’19. I received the receipt today from my attorney. I had no updates on my SEVP Portal and I started to think I missed out. So for those who don’t see updates on SEVP Portal. Don’t lose hope.

  7. AD on STEM OPT

    Got receipt today from attorney: 5/2
    SEVP update to 9/30: 4/27
    Receipt notice date: 4/25
    EAD expiring: 6/24

  8. My DSO told me mine got picked and even gave me a receipt number but no word from my attorney yet. Should I start to worry??? Would the DSO give me wrong information??

  9. Are there any NonAD people who received receipt or encashed cheque confirm ation? This year I don’t see much nonad..is the game over?? I am losing hope

  10. My SEVP Portal link expired and my DSO is busy so according to her she cant resend the link. It was my mistake that the link go expired.
    Any way to check SEVIS status other than SEVP portal.
    Lawyer has no updates as per today.
    Last chance for me.

  11. Hey guys, I have a US masters but I’m understanding that if I haven’t heard until now I have not been selected in the 20,000 lottery.

    I am confused as to what my expectations should be for the 65,000 lottery, as in, has anyone heard from that category yet? When should I stop hoping and start making plans to move out?

    3rd time trying, last time for me.

    Congrats to all who’ve gotten it so far.


    • Both the lotteries happen at the same time. Roughly speaking, USCIS tries to update the data for cap-gap candidates first, and then proceeds to the others.

      I would say mid-May is a realistic timeframe to call quits.

    • I got message from my company that your cheque is cleared. Does that mean I got selected in lottery? What will be next? Mine is non master quota.

      • Congrats, yes you are selected in lottery. Next you will receive the receipt number of your petition through your company’s Attorney. With this receipt number, you can track the status online in USCIS case status tool. You have to wait till it gets approved.

  12. Last year USCIS posted data entry complete notice on May 3rd. I’ve looked up 2 years before, USCIS posted around May2nd. Can we expect the same this year? Is thats the case, checks can be cashed upto tomorrow or dayafter?

  13. For those waiting for receipts, i received mine today. All details:

    SEVP Portal Update: 4/25 (AD Non-stem OPT ending 7/3/2018)
    Receipt date: 5/1 ; Notice Date: 4/24
    EAC – Vermont Center

    Hope this helps!

  14. It seemed that many people got comma on Apr. 20 as well as on Apr. 24 – based on multiple sources.
    Noticed that there were someones who got check cashed/SEVP date change around 4 days after obtaining comma change on Apr. 20, but I think their files are all processed at Vermont Service Center.
    Is there anyone find any change after got comma change on Apr. 20 but have file processed at Cali Service Center?

    • What do you mean ? What is comma? I can see there is added comma (,) in my sevis to “ realation to field”.
      Is it a good sign?

      • Yep. That’s the comma I mentioned.
        That would be a good sign for those who got that change before Apr. 20th.
        But until now I still haven’t heard anyone who got their files processed at CA center and got the comma added (some people report EIN number change as well) after Apr. 20th report good news.

  15. My visa is expiring on 13 June 2018. Still, I didn’t get any updates. My company won’t have any branches outside the US. I am in chaos. Is that mean my game is over?

  16. Are the SEVP Portal updates only for those cases who’s OPT expires before Sep 30th. Would I get an update if my OPT is expiring Jan’ 19??

          • That is one of the options my law affiliate has put forward. But travelling out of US would be an issue if I plan to choose it.

          • I work for an American Company that is fairly large. They file up to 1000 H1bs each year. They are suggesting me to proceed with Day 1 CPT option in case of unsuccessful H1b. I am not sure if it would still create a problem in my case.

    • @ OPTfever

      You should have an update for the “Relation to field” in history tab, if you are not in Cap Gap. Mine is getting expired in 2020 and in my “Relation to field” text has been changed with some additional commas…

      After 7 days of it, my DSO said that my status is changed to “Change of status is pending”…

      Hope this helps…

      I haven’t got the receipt number yet but, all other guys in the Redbus2us are saying that I have gone through the lottery process. i.e. mine is picked.

      But still, I am unsure. Once I get it, I will update here..

      No response from my attorney.

      All the best guys.

          • @ WaitingWaiting

            Yes , I think its a positive sign… Mine was the same, on 4/24 and my status got updated on 4/27 in my university. The best way to know the status from your DSO is, ask for a copy of your I-20 stating that you have lost old one or some thing.

            In the Latest I-20, it is printed that you have applied for H1-B status and status is “Pending” or “whatever it is”, and if it is pending you will see the receipt number as well.

            All the best…!

  17. I haven’t heard anything yet. Should I still wait or is it done? This is my last attempt and I have my Authorization date extended until June 1st at this point.

    • I am in the exact same situation and have the same question. Do you know what happens if USICS does not respond by 1 June?

  18. So my OPT end date changed to 9/30 but my DSO says that she has no information and that I should wait for my receipt. What’s going on?

  19. Hi all, I got a I-797C Notice of Action today for my H1B application today. It shows Received Date of 04/12/2018 and Notice date of 04/24/2018. Application was filed in Vermont.

    MS degree in Electrical Engineering, 100K+ Salary, Upstate NY, Full Time Exempt employee and 3rd/Final Attempt.

    My OPT ends August 24th 2018. I have not checked my SVEP portal, its locked due to wrong password entry.

    Almost lost hopes and accepted a position outside of USA offered by my company.

    Good Luck people.

  20. Got H1 picked this time (master’s cap) have a query, if anyone knows please help.

    My LCA says 57k with a Level1 wage classification in my area.
    However, I earn around 85k in my company (base pay). As per FLC data center my salary is a upper level2 wage, will my case be considered as a level1 application (because of what is in LCA) or a level2 application (because of what I actually earn) ?

    @admin Is there any reason why the attorneys would do such a thing (not file for a level2 LCA), its seems weird to me.

    • I am in the same situation last year, even I got paid for level2 wages my attorney filed in Level1 and the result is Level1 wage RFE and specialty occupation. Sorry i don’t want to scare you but want to give some heads up

  21. Got receipt today, Vermont, AD.
    I am after 9/30, so no updates on sevis portal.

    As this is my final try, I was one of the anxious people.
    I am posting to let people know, don’t lose hope on this!

  22. Do people who have OPT end date after 09/30th see an update on the SEVP portal ? Is update on SEVP portal same as getting a confirmation from the DSO?

    • Alot of speculation have been made on SEVP portal account updates no one knows for sure if the updates are only for the ones whose opt is ending prior to 9/30 or it is for all AD who are on opt regardless of the end date. But, in my case my end date changed to 9/30 as my opt end date was prior to 9/30. Simultaneously I got confirmation from the HR department that my check was cashed later followed by a reciept number. So I can say for sure, if your end date changed to 9/30 the application was picked in the Lottery.

      • Congratulations on getting selected. I am in my last attempt and unfortunately one of the unlucky people whose EAD expiration is 09/30/2018. My law firm does not tell if checks are cashed, so its becoming an unbearable waiting game

    • No my SEVP portal never got updated (OPT end date after 09/30) but I received copy of receipt from my attorney. My notice date was 04/17 and received my copy on 04/26.

      • Did you check if you had an update in the History section by SEVP ? Some people are saying that this is an indication….I am not sure though…this does not seem to be a reliable method to check

        • I think so. They have their separate SEVIS page which shows the SEVIS status of the student, and they can check if it has been changed. However, not all DSOs would share this information. So, the best bet is to wait for the lawyers to reach back to you.

      • I was thinking the same….but some people mentioned that we see something in the history section though the authorization does not change. Good to confirm though

    • I have applied through envoyglobal. No updates as of yet for me. AD.
      Whenever i chat with them, they have a standard response and tell me they will update me once they receive the receipt. You know anyone who got an update from them.

  23. Hi All,
    I have not yet received an update yet. This is my last attempt(OPT ending June). I am currently considering joining a Day1 CPT college. My Univ is saying it cannot transfer my sevis, if I am actively employed.
    Quick questions regarding this.

    1.) For Sevis transfer to happen, should i quit and re-join my current employer. Is this mandatory in all univs?.
    2.) If i quit and re-join the company, will it impact my H1-B( in case it is picked this yr).

    Any help is greatly appreciated.

    • Hello,

      It was not mandatory in my case. I was able to transfer without quit and re-join.

      I am not sure about second question. I would wait for other’s opinion.

    • I wouldn’t join day 1 CPT if I were you, I heard there’s going to be lot of scrutiny around that from USCIS and even if you get selected on DAY 1 CPT then it will be difficult to get an approval, If I were you then I’d go back to India or work at remote location for the same company outside US or enroll for PHD. System loopholes like Day 1 CPT are very risky now and I’d recommend staying away from it.

        • You can work for the same company from locations outside of US, provided they have the offices outside US and are willing to allow you to work from those offices, but you wouldn’t work on US payroll.

    • I would second others opinion. DO NOT join Day 1 CPT this year. They are going to scrutinize this program from what I heard from my attorneys. Try to talk to your manager and work on a non-us payroll for your own company till you get your H1B next year. Goodluck!

    • That means you have to inform the university that you won’t be working and your payroll won’t be issues for the days in between the transfer and start of class at the university you are transferring to.

  24. I know this might be a repeated question but does opt end date changing to 9/30 really mean that you got picked it lottery?

  25. Anyone heard from Fragomen?
    My I-20 and sevp has been updated to Sep 30th on April 20th. Fragoman hasn’t gotten back to me yet. Seems like they are too slow!

  26. It seems, USCIS released the receipts for the Masters 20,000 cap type first. They will now release receipts for the rest of 65,000 now.

    • Is this how it works?
      Pardon my ignorance but does USCIS give out receipts for 20,000 Masters Quota and then for 65,000 Non AD quota?

      • No, it was just my understanding after looking at the trend in the visa tracker:

        All updates in the tracker is from AD applicants. 70 out of 553 are AD, if we consider 190,000 applicants it comes around 25,000. Just make an analysis.

        I am also yet to hear from them, 3rd Attempt, OPT ends 10 Jan 2019.

  27. SEVP Updated today at 2.00PM. AD. OPT was set to expire on July 11, now extended to September 30. So they are still updating! Keep the faith people!

    • Hi! Have you applied for OPT extension already? I’m just wondering if your OPT expiration date would still change if you are applying for OPT extension at the same time. Thanks and Congrats!

  28. from LCA number can we checked our status H1b( picked or not)
    I heard that from some one that he has been picked up and reason said that her employer has checked with LCA number.
    non master degree.

  29. Guys,

    Lately I saw few posts in the thread discussing about Day 1 CPT after STEM OPT expiry. For all those who have their STEM OPT expiring and out of options please STAY AWAY from these colleges for the next fiscal year. I work in a established company in the bay area and we usually have attorneys coming to our workplace to discuss about any prospective policy changes that might happen in the upcoming fiscal year. They discuss about PR, H1B and F1 CPT/OPT reforms. etc.,

    It was mentioned that USCIS will possibly act against the Day 1 CPT program and the universities later this year. Its not explicitly sent out in press and was mentioned indirectly in the memos they received. I was in the same boat early this year until I heard from attorneys. Look for other options outside of US (Canada, remote locations outside of US in your company etc.,) Do not get into this loop and get stressed !!

  30. Got my receipt from the attorney today.

    SEVP Portal Update – 04/20/2018-2.00PM
    Check Chased- 04/20/2018- Employer Informed.
    Received Date- 04/12/2018.
    Notice Date- 04/18/2018.
    Receipt Received By the Attorney- 04/25/2018
    Application Center- California.
    CAP – Master Cap AD.

      • Guys,

        I received an update about my petition receipt from attorney yesterday. It was my 3rd and Final Attempt (AD) ; currently processed in California Service Centre. My OPT ends on Jan 2019 and theres no change in SEVP Portal !!

        • Thats great!
          I received mine on 23rd April.
          My boyfriend is in the same boat as yours, your update gave me a little hope for him.


    • I got my update on April 24th – just want to share here. My date was extended to Sep 30th. They changed something on April 20th (got update notification), but didn’t change the date until the 24th.

  31. If we get through the lottery, does it instantly update the case status on uscis website. ( Tis is different from sevis portal)

    Can I check my status by asking the laywer for case number?


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