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USCIS News : H1B 2019 Lottery Completed – 190,098 Petitions Filed

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The most awaited number by many, with tons of calculations using LCA numbers and other correlations on comments, etc. have come to an end. USCIS released a press note indicating that they have received 190,098 H1B petitions for FY 2019 quota. Below is the press release summary.

 Summary of USCIS H1B Lottery 2019 Competed 190K petitions filed :

  • USCIS completed Lottery for H1B Visa FY 2019 on April 11th.
  • Total H1B Petitions received for FY 2019 quota – 190,098
  • USCIS accepted petitions for 5 working days from April 2nd to April 6th and announced that they reached regular cap of 65,000 and Masters cap of 20,000 on April 6th.
  • USCIS will reject and return all petitions with their fee for all the H1B petitions not selected in H1B Lottery, provided they are not considered as duplicate petitions as per the new rule. Check Sample H1B Reject Letters for Not picked in Lottery
  • Lottery Process used for FY 2019 :  USCIS conducted H1B Lottery for Masters cap first and the unselected petitions form that pool became part of the regular quota lottery.
  • USCIS  will continue to accept H1B petitions that are cap exempt or the ones counted for the cap in the past that fall under the categories of H1B Extensions, H1B petition for Change of employment terms, H1B Transfers to new employers, and Concurrent filing of H1B for second H1B position.
  • Also, they gave split of number for Masters and Regular quota on their H1B 2019 page, which is new. Some people are confused on where we got these numbers, it is on the USCIS H1B 2019 Updates page . I have put a screenshot for your reference.
    • Masters Quota Filings   : 95,885
    • Regular Quota Filings : 94,213USCIS Masters and Regular Quota Numbers 2019

What are our Predictions vs.  USCIS actual numbers ?  
Many were speculating less numbers for H1B FY 2019 as there were many new rules, changes and the political climate was not that great in the past one year… Despite all of these, our H1B 2019 Lottery predictions were from 170,000 to 190,000 . USCIS actual numbers of 190,098 is very much close to our predictions… Though our predictions were not popular among many that we were forecasting more numbers…but, the reality is that there is tremendous demand as seen with numbers…Hope our lottery predictions helped at least some plan in one way or other.

What’s the take on press release ? What’s Next ? 
The press release is not very different from previous years. Also, the process of H1B Lottery is not different from previous years and is same. As we know from previous FOIA request, USCIS selects additional 5k for masters and 10k for regular quota considering denials…Also, this year, they updated the number of petitions filed for regular quota and masters quota. This was not published in the past.

Now that lottery is done, the waiting game begins for everyone. All of you, who have been selected will get a receipt notice and it has a number that you can use to trace your case on USCIS site. Read Understand H1B Case Number

As the wait can be long and there is no way to know about your case vs others, we highly recommend that you add your case to the anonymous H1B tracker.

Track your H1B Case

Anonymously Track your H1B Case - Share and Get updated from Community.

It is sad that many smart, talented students and professionals from Ivy League Schools, IITs, Many good companies like Google, Microsoft and many more have to go through lottery putting all their hard work and effort for luck to decide in lottery…Its unfortunate, but that’s life and reality…If you get selected in lottery good, if not, take it as another part of life as it comes and move on…don’t put yourself under pressure thinking about it, it was not in your control and you have nothing to do about it…

What do you think of the H1B Lottery numbers ? Your take ? Your thoughts ?

Reference : USCIS Press Release FY 2019 Lottery Complete

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Comments ( 737 )

  1. Should I apply for STEM Extension even though I got picked for H1B?

    My OPT expires in the end of Jun. My case got picked up for H1B. Do you guys think I should still apply for STEM Extension in case something goes wrong?

  2. Gus

    My employment end data has been updated in the SEVP portal from June 11th to Sep 30th. My DSO issued a new I-20, which indicates: my new OPT end date, H1B status: pending, and my receipt number (WAC….). This all looks good, but my company/lawyers have not yet received official notice.

    I am trying to track my receipt number in the USCIS website (https://egov.uscis.gov/casestatus/landing.do) and I get a sign saying that they don’t recognize the number. Is anyone in a similar situation?


    1. editor

      The USCIS website takes some time to get synced up with newly updated receipt number. Kindly wait patiently to get the receipt notice. Probably its on the way.

  3. AB6

    My authorized end date also just got updated to Sep 30 today (04/20/2018) at 17:52 in the website SEVP.
    My OPT (not STEM) was supposed to end on Jun 25th 2018.
    I don’t know if it was sent to California or Vermont. But I personally think it was sent to California because the headquarters of our company are in Texas!
    My employer did everything. As of now, I have no information about whether my check is cashed, and I have not heard anything from my employer lawyers or DSO (I actually didn’t check with them either). I also got no email from SEVP.

    Please do’t worry everyone. It will take time until you hear back. Just relax and enjoy your weekend.


    I got an update on my SEVP portal too! It changed to 9/30 at 19:01 today. Also my colleague got an update today.
    We are both AD OPT, non-STEM, and sent petitions to Vermont. I think they are finally starting to process updates at Vermont.
    Good luck and happy weekend to everyone!

      1. FINALLY

        I haven’t checked my email but I don’t think so. I didn’t check with my lawyer or my DSO either. But based on previous posts here, I definitely hope it means something good.

  5. ADapplicant

    Hey guys and girls,

    Please dont panic on reading these comments and not seeing any change on SEVP.
    Reach out to your international office and ask them to check the status.I just got reply from my advisor and she said they can see change in my status and shows that my I20 is to be extended to 30th Sept, but my sevp has still not changed.
    I am now waiting to hear back from my lawyer.
    Just hold on till May mid something good should turn up for you. Meanwhile prepare for backup plans, may be you can work on any other country/home country for a year and come back on L1.
    Good luck!

  6. Relax

    Lawyer confirmed receipt was received by mail yesterday. AD, VT service center, niche insurance industry position. Let’s see about RFEs. Third attempt for me.

      1. Relax

        Well just because there’s a trend towards more rfes and lawyers are coaching the adjudication process. In their view the administration is making it difficult every year and generally lengthening or complicating adjudication to deter future applications. I don’t work off site or for another client or in the much debated IT industry but you never know these days…plenty of my friends on Wall Street were stuck in the rfe boat.

  7. Calm

    Whoever got “relation to field” change, are you all working in field related to your degree? I am guessing maybe it could be an RFE based on that?

  8. KeepCalmAndEatSamosa

    I ‘m currently on STEM OPT and it ends on 01/03/2019. This is my last attempt. I checked my SEVP portal now and I saw edits from source SEVIS on “Relation to Field” column. The old and the new texts are basically the same. I asked for a new I-20 couple of days back to check for COS and I have not received the I-20 yet. Is this edit coming because of new I-20 request?

    1. H1b

      This is something different. Everyone is clueless about why “Relation to Field” column is changed by SEVIS. This change is definitely not by the DSO. Even I have the same change. Still waiting for the decision.

      1. [email protected]

        How can you say it is not from DSO? this change definitely seems like one. I am guessing DSO looked at our records while checking the status of H1b application and hence the entry (Just a speculation).

    2. Calm

      Whoever got “relation to field” change, are you all working in field related to your degree? I am guessing maybe it could be an RFE based on that?

      1. KeepCalmAndEatSamosa

        RFE for what? The application is not even selected in lottery. The edit did not change anything from what’s already there. Yes, at least I work in the field of my major.

    3. 2ndAttempt

      When did you created your SEVP portal. I guess it is just the regular system update as it happend to my friends also after creating their accounts recently.

      1. KeepCalmAndEatSamosa

        I created mine on march 25th. Yes, It is just regular system updates likely. Some one added commas to the job description 😀

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