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Series: Settle in US or India? Life in USA vs. India? Move back?

If you were to ask any Indian or international living in US, this is probably the most thought or discussed question: “Should I settle in US or go back to home country?”  There are similar thoughts for people in India or any other country too. I lived in India and US for quite some time, so I can share my thoughts on both of them. Some of the common questions everyone encounter are :

  • Life in USA vs. Life in India ?
  • When should I leave US and go back home ?
  • Is it good to settle in US or return home country India ?

I can keep on writing the questions. In fact, one of our readers requested to share my thoughts on this topic..their logic is, if you are an IT person, you can choose to settle wherever you want to either US or India…you just have to make a decision….I think it makes logical sense… Anyways, I plan to write a series of articles corresponding to this question. My goal behind the series is to give my perspective and let you make an educated and logical decision… All the below list of topics will be written comparing America vs. India.

Topics Comparing USA vs. India

As of now, these are the topics that I can think of…I will keep adding topics as I get to my mind….I plan to write from one of these topics every alternate day (not necessarily in sequence) in addition to regular articles that I write ….

If you are looking for a specific topic that’s not in the above list and you want that to be part of the series, you can leave a comment and I will add it to the list.

Stay tuned folks!


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  1. Hello all, I got my h1b approved this year and got a client who has asked me to travel ASAP .With more than 13 years of experience and have a family with my wife also working and make descent savings. My worry is should I moved with my family and come to us to live in lot of uncertainity? Or take small assignment whenever required where I can make some money. My wife will be on dependent so cant work and I would end up saving a little more what I am save in India but is it worth coming to us with this much uncertainity . I spoke to few of my friends and they say that you end up in Visa mess and the situation is worst with thos who already have there kids born and brought up in US itself…..

    All this things scares me with lots of uncertainity in jobs and Visa. I have really work hard back in India to create my dependency in the project.got lot of appreciations. I CAN work extensively and learn and execute any technology but cant let this uncertainity to rule my life.

    Surely with this much uncertainity I dont want to make a life in Us but short trip is fine where I can help my self and my customer.

    • Where to settle in India or USA ? simple answer is decide where to die .
      If you want to die in USA then settle in USA .Get a direct job & enjoy life.
      Some disadvantages for Indians are 1) Long wait time to get green card or citizenship, appx. more than 20 yrs. waiting time.
      2) Loneliness 3) Cannot enjoy culture and food like India 4) You must have friend to become happy 5) Uncertainty of visa and job.
      6) Visa rules or GC rules may change in future.

      If you want to die in India then stay in USA for some years and make a money .Mark a red line, from this line you must go back to
      India to settle there even you have GC in process .
      Some advantages – 1) As you have lot of money , then surely you do not have any liabilities like loan 2) Good savings form USA
      3) Getting job in India for experienced person is not tough. Get a job and relaxed . 4) Enjoy family , friends and Culture.

      If you crossed red line and not went back to India . Then you will die in USA. Firstly people think I will stay some years and earn money. Then
      After their kids are in high school or college .Then they extend their tenure for kids and then it is never possible to go back to India , even if you wish
      then also it is not possible because of family who mentally settled in USA.

      So guys take firm decision then act . After all its your life.

  2. Hey,
    I surely want to quit America no More. Please help me in Cancellation of My Green Card.As No Job ,No Sanctioning of Food Manufacturing Unit then why to live in such a Nation who would ruin someone’s precious life.

  3. Hey guys, you are doing a great job sharing your suggestion and experience… This is really helpful. I am a graphics designer with 30 years of experience.. I Have my immigration visa approved and me and my family with a son of 9 year old have decided to move to US. I am planning to start up a printing business along with fully comprehensive designing facilities. I wish if you can advice.

    • Work with somebody who has a printing business in the USA first. See if there is good profit or he is just pretending to make money. If you buy from anybody…..make sure you get previous 5 years of tax returns that show profit. If they say I get some in cash…dont believe them. Run it past a local Chartered accountant (His finances and profit loss statement) they call them CPA’s over here. A lot of businesses go under in 3-5 years. Lots of regulations and taxes to file and fees and employees to pay. Learn all that and see if you can still make a profit or if it makes sense to work for somebody else while you learn the business.

  4. The author is already biased towards American way of life and nothing wrong in that as quality of life in US is no doubt better than India. However the titles of all the topics give a wrong perception that they are balanced in approach, i.e. they give both pros and cons of every point being discussed. But these are just one sided views of the author which doesn’t give the complete picture to the reader and just try to justify the American way of life

  5. I had brain stroke almost 2 years back. Before, I was working for Indian MNC but I posted in US. I am 30-year-old. If by chance, I join same company then I’ll posted or not. I am very confused. I talk very slowly my grammar is very weak.

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  7. I came to USA on L1 visa 2 weeks back. I have already started counting my days. I want to be in India as early a possible. Whether it is a great country or not that does not matter. I love my country and cannot live without it. I hope my project gets shorten and end in a year so that I can go back to my country. I am ready to work on less pay but with own people life is beautiful.

    • If this was the case then why did you apply L1 and came to US ? None of the organization can force you to apply for passport and visa. Now, learn few good things from US and try to implement those in India like cleanliness and driving skills. if you don’t like to stay then you can anytime say that there is emergency and leave to India no need to wait till end of project. There are hundred’s of people who face challenges on Visa and guy’s like you take advantage of visa and keep on giving bad words. Better take decision earlier rather then creeping later.

      • Thanks for saying what I was about to say. Also I am sure everyone felt like that for the first 2 weeks of moving to a different country. But nobody has forced him to do this and nobody is forcing to stay. In fact he has indeed taken away the chance of someone who actually WANTED to be in USA. Stop complaining and go back.

  8. Hey i just finished my hsc board and i have no interest in studies further only thing i am interested in is electronic music making (djing) so i wanna visit usa to learn music maybe i can learn here but sources are not available here and if are available it’s expensive. In usa i can do some part time jobs and i can pay money for my music here in india jobs are not available well. I am 18 now how can i move usa without needing education

    • Getting a visa is tough for USA. Check with the US embassy and see what they need to approve a visa to go study music. Unless you come to USA as a musician with some filmi group for a program here and find info first hand.

  9. The biggest problem in being indian is that most people hate you. Indians have no unity. They will cross each other at every point just to get ahead.
    Also, after having lived in the USA for many years and getting my citizenship, I have realized that white girls are way nicer to their men as compared to Indian women.
    White girls will work more and even pay the tution for their white boyfriends while indian girls want a lot of support. Indian girls also talk down to their men and try to emasculinate them.
    The idea of Indian guys having small cocks was started by an Indian girl. Indian girls will do anything just to move to the USA then try their best to find a white guy. After all what’s more prestigious for them than having white kids right ?

    • Ha Ha Ha. You are generalizing. There are a lot of white girls who cheat on their boyfriends and husbands and marry across races let us say..black, hispanic, asian men also. Most often their men will not stay with them. Why? If they were so nice…they would right? because some of them are mean, promiscuous and also cannot be trusted. Indian men have married white girls. Not all of them are bad. Some love Indian culture and make great partners. Some have ended in divorces. But a lot of the white girls are also gold diggers and impatient and not suited for marriage like long term commitment relationships. So if you want to venture into this grey area and get burnt by generalizing….go and jump right in. There is a lot of good and there is also a lot of bad. It all depends on your ability to identify the right and suitable partner. Why worry about Indian girls here? Go to India and find one. The chances of finding a more suitable partner is better in India. Why? because in USA you will mostly see Indian females who are nerdy and not so pretty or ABCD. again many of them are nice…others are just career minded..but again the pool is small and restricted to those who got visas to come to USA. Much better to go back home and let your relations help you also. You are welcome.

    • Hey bro ,you said nice. I don’t like girls who are fake and most girls copy what other girls do. I want to move to usa for playing cricket. Is it a good Idea?

  10. America is no more America, based on the value and life style it claims. I have lived and worked in more than 10 countries. America is over marketed, saturated and over optimized. Reality is that, real issue is not told or easily available to the people (American or else) that is why people are cheated or fell in traps. It is not mistakes of the people-but people are cheated in cleaver way by hiding information. If you really want to know America read/watch some of USA famous creation and research done by American themselves.
    Watch these movies of Michael Moore Movies- Capitalism-Love Story, Sicko, Fahrenheit 9/11, etc. Watch Bernie Sanders debates and his past senate speeches. Read recent inequality gap in USA, Read Harvard review on housing crisis. Read about Walls Street and how Money or economy works in USA. Read how Democracy works in USA. Read undocumented (illegal) immigrants and its impact on job market and society. Read book of Elizabeth Warren -Fighting for a Chance. Read about education systems and student loans. List goes on and on my friend. Decide yourself.
    Decide yourself after that if God has given you brain (unless you are atheist) and if you have time (apart from working 12 hours shift) which most people do in American.
    The main problem is Most of American is rude, ignorant and they don’t want to learn and have enough time to learn/think. Great thing about America is that everything is recorded/monitored but worse is that bad/lies/fraud still wins with Money, influence, etc.
    God Bless America !!!

  11. Hi everybody i am in India right now and m in a relationship wid a girl in usa a green card holder n we both are of same caste the problem is she dosent want to come to india n my dad is not ready to let me go usa and settle down i am a single son of my father i am a graduate and looking after my family business going through finacial crises i thot dat i ll go der in usa n can earn decent and can help my family finacialy though..plz plz suggest me what to do m in dilemma n very mch heartbroken..expecting a humble reply n suggestions..m waiting eagerly for ur reply..realy need ur help please

    • You are an adult. Go to the US if this girl is the woman of your dreams and you are the man of her dreams, and not just because she is a GC holder. Your dad is an adult too. He will need to find a way to handle it in case you do go. You are not leaving him or your family. You are only making a better future for everyone in the family as of today and for the generations to come. He should understand that and be supportive. Indian parents tend to think of kids as their support in their old age. You will need to provide that confidence that you are not going to leave them in the lurch and ultimately live up to it.

      • Ya but dey r not ready to come usa coz dey saying dad 60 and mom 52 what we ll do over der d day wl come we wud b a kind of burden for u no social life for us n all..sir m realy very mch upset n need a proper guidance just cudnt decide sir

        • Before you jump into this check her credentials. Ask for a copy of her driver license and green card. You won’t be the first who has been duped off $$ simply because you are lured by an easy way into the USA.

    • buddy,Brother,friend you can take me anyone if you believe me.Mark my words very very carefully-If you have wealthy settled business in back home India,DO NOT MAKE MISTAKE TO COME USA,folks come to USA to do work not business,folks could not compete with domestic competition,don’t make up good amount in home only move to abroad for greener pasture.but ,but American dream is no more,as Spending 5 years in USA,30 lacs behind masters,having better experience than local citizen ,If America can not feed me & I have to fly back to home taking load of paying debts,just imagine such situation,& yeah remember Everything that glitters is not always gold.

      if you’r father’s business make you earn as lil as 15-20 lacs a year ,thats enough,don’t step out for USA,Americans allready fighting for cook & waiter -server sort of low jobs in new york for just $10 bck n hour.believe me india is doing hidely growth than america ,if you want come visit once on tourist visa.

  12. A short story with a question for the NRIs.

    I was born and raised in Urban Mumbai and studied in a school with international students. Right now, I’m a mid-twenties Chartered Accountant running my independent practice. I make enough money to pay a staff of 10 qualified people (and their families) but I was never quite ‘satisfied’ with my work as throughout my life, I had dreamed of living independently like my school friends somewhere far away from all the social mess. By social mess I mean the loud obnoxious festivals, those arranged marriage dramas with complete absence of the whole dating scene, those countless social obligations, those sickening corrupt officials with complete lack of ethics etc. Being asocial is different from respecting one’s own space but very few educated people in Mumbai realize that.

    My relatives in Florida had invited me over for a couple of months. During the stay, I met some of my school friends who are now US citizens. I could so deeply relate to their dreams and their sense of freedom. They literally had everything that I dreamed of and they were miles ahead of me in terms of personal lives. They were as qualified as the staff I hire yet made almost the same amount of money that I make and their companies sent them to far off exotic locations with work. They were dating/seeing other people. Some were actively contributing to charity by their mid-twenties! But to my surprise most of them ‘missed’ India and often thought of returning. This left me confused.
    I cleared the CPA exams and even got my license to work in the US. I got enough space and time to date the woman of my dreams while I was in Florida. She’s an Indian but raised there and never wants to return.

    These days I just wonder if it would be wise for me at THIS STAGE of my life to wind up everything and find a job there and live with her for the rest of my life. I feel that with a little more effort, the life there would be like a dream but there’s also this fear that it would be an unwise decision and that I should just stick to the life that I have in Mumbai.
    Considering all the other facts that I just stated there, it will be great if you could weigh in on this by throwing some light on how’s the work & social life there.

    • hey indian cpa guy
      i read ur story

      can u share ur experience as i am somewhat in a similarly placed situation except that the financilas are better as i could make out from ur story coz of the investments made in india

      but yes the social issues are playing a toll, pls share ur experience as it may be of good hrlp

  13. sir i had done b.tech in 2011 but did not get job.my stream is it and now doing btc and in futere may be a techer of primary school .i have no other option except thisis job…..i want to to work in it compaqny …is it possible for me please send me an approprate soltion of it

  14. Hello,
    I am a Btech graduate from Hyd. I was placed in an MNC , joined a couple of days ago, but I am not satisfied with the package (3.05lpa) and I have goals which can not be achieved with this package within lesser time , so I thought I better go for MS and earn in $ there..and I am basically from a middle Class family , can say little lower middle class that I have to take a loan and study there and clear it myself! I like to be independent and do I chose life in MS .I am an only child to my parents and never left them even for a day ! And now im confused if I choose what ? Stay here with that package? And forget about dreams and get married as how parents wanted? NO!!
    At the same time I am unable to make myself that brave to take loan myself and clear it after MS ! What do u suggest?
    I am from electronics n instrumentation background !
    More interested in IT .so can I take CS in masters? How tuff it would be for me !? And scope of getting jobs after MS and scholarships for MS ! AND part times!!
    Pls help me with these things! Thank u ! 🙂

      • Thank u Kumar! that gives answers to most of my questions! I am from the latter club – ” American dream” only for money!
        but will this work? – as i am already in a company now ! through any consultancy in US i can apply for a job there? after an year by showing experience?
        wil that work? if so can u give me the details of such consultancies!?
        this would be better if I can do this rather waiting here for on-site projects and waste 3-4yrs!

        • We do not advice on consultancies. There is so much of fraud in the consultancy bodyshops, you need to be careful. You many consider joining large MNCs and see the possibility of internal transfers…I have seen people go on-site in less than 2 years, it is all about how to navigate internally and get into right project.

  15. Hello everyone, this is ashwin from hyderabad……recently i have got f1 visa for usa,at chicago immigration they have forcefully made me to withdraw my application and cancelled my visa and deported me back to india. I have asked for the reason, they were stating that u look like a potential immigrant and u will stay here after ur graduation and u will do part time job while studying. I have said i will return back for sure,i have sufficient funds, i am a genuine student with all my original documents……he replied…”yes man, the documents are original but your intentions are different”.

    I have tried to convince immigration officer for 4 to 5 hrs…….but he was not convinced and cancelled my visa (‘visa cancelled by prejudice ‘ stamped on my 5years visa). I have said to the immigration officer….if u have not given me visa in hyd …i would have felt better….i have resigned my job and came here with full of dreams to do masters….u have screwed up everything for me.

    Please suggest me:-
    1) Can i apply again, is there any possibility for me to get a fi visa again.
    2)After this incident, back of my mind i have been thinking…what if he stops me again at the immigration at any point of my life…..
    3)Confused where to settle whether in usa or india, where can i grow better and see my self in a better position after 5 years down the line. I want my own identity in Society.

    Thank You

    • You can try a different port of entry not sure if its gonna work. My suggestion is wait till they reform the immigration. No point coming now.

    • Hi Ashwin, Sorry to hear about your situation. It is very rare such things happen, have a look at the DHS TRIP program and see, if you can reach out to them and see what can be done. You should also speak to your DSO at school and get their advice on what can be done.

  16. i want to know that how much job opportunites are there in US after completing MS or MBA in US.i am indian citizen and completed enggineering and thinging of going US or CANADA.but have the above dout.is better to live in india and work?

    • No point doing an MBA. You won’t get a stem extension and job opportunity is poor. You can try Canada, Australia and Germany. US immigration is a mess right now. Look into data science/ analytics as a masters degree

    • bro.first u try to refine your english orelse you wont get a job in india itself, let alone US /canada.
      looking at forum ppl find mistakes in a developed coutry not realising their own limitations/shortcomings strange!!

  17. I live in the us . I moved to the US in 2009.. I often travel to india. I find myself in constant depression when I am in the us.. India as you guys say may be dirty populated so on.. But the happiness and liveliness in India can’t match all the infrastructure of us put together.. I am an engineer worked with a MNC for a few years .. Got married and moved to us only to know the injustice done to people on h4. I wish I could come back to my land sooner.. I wish I could come back to my family and friends sooner..

      • I just returned from 5 weeks India Vacation and realized that Us is the place to be in.
        Good luck with your intentions of going back.
        Join the mad rush on crowded Indian Roads, You will add some more cars than there already are, put more load on a already poor infrastructure shared by millions.

  18. HELLO SIR i m married ,after marriage my in- laws and husband behave me badly …..but after 2yr my husband want to go settle in USA by his company ……….in that condition i dont want to go with him then if without my permission my husband can go to america please help me my husband working MNC

    • If you goto USA withyour husband…you will be safer as women have a lot of rights in America. If he touches and you call the police he will get locked up and you can press charges on him. Yes Maam. If he treats you bad in India…better to leave him and live life alone in peace. He is just an educated Idiot. You are welcome.

  19. The biggest problem for me is the work culture in India. It is so scary. I see my friends in India spend more than 12 hours a day at work. Apart from this, they work like crazy on the weekends without pay. On top of it, inflation in India is way too high. Until now, My overall life in US is very balanced.
    There is no point for me to Go back to India.

    • hiii…krishna Hws u actually i m planning to do my future study in America so can u help m please that what i have to do…and what r the points that i have to remember before doing this..and process that u have done before settled in india actually i get frustrated in india as well at my home also which is in varanasi up(east)..and plz its my humble request to u that plz told me ur Facebook id so i can connected with u….. .& i really get to know that u r so happy with ur decision so i can get a confidence level high….

  20. I’m confused. I have excellent command over English and I’m addicted to USA. I live in India and I’m gonna complete my high school next year. I want to study aeronautical engineering but the reality is there are only a handful engineering colleges in India that teach aerospace. Also, Indians believe in theory and USA believes in practical. I come from a middle class family. I can procure excellent marks in SAT or even JEE but I want a life where my capabilities won’t be ignored in a interview where the job would be given to a guy with references. I’m really confused. I had thoughts of suicide but then I came to know about studying abroad where they don’t underestimate you. I’m really confused and scared of life. Is USA really the country to go for education?

    • You are a teenager. Too early to be so bothered. Relax. India is good and USA is good. What is pending is you have to be good at life.

    • NO IT IS NOT GOOD COUNTRY TO GET EDUCATION ALSO I AM COLLEGE IN USA AND I WISHED TO GO BACK TO INDIA ALSO I AM GOING TO MOVE BACK TO INDIA also don,t come to us and you all going to ruin your life and you are going to be bored also there is nothing to visit to in u.s.a and this u.s.a is like a jail

  21. hi friends, i and my husband, we are planning to move to usa or canada. my hubby is an IT professional. At this point we own 2bhk in mumbai and we can save at least 30k after payment of emi, all the bills and personal luxury. we are planning to enhance our family within a year so i need your suggestions on our thought. please note that we have not decided it yet but we are thinking seriously of moving and the main reason is to get a better lifestyle. i have gone through all your comments on the moving part but still i need a personal opinion in my case and so here are my questions:
    1. is it worth leaving India for any of these countries -USA, Canada, Switzerland? if yes which one is it?
    2. i have heard that in these countries behavior with Indians is so rude, is it true?

    • Krupa
      America is not the same country it once was. It is a land of hard work and no vacation time. Only good thing is if you get hurt hospitals, emergency response is much better than India. You will definitely need to learn how to drive and own a car here. Insurance and maintenance are required. Taxes will kill you and rent is expensive. You will not save. The system is designed in such a way that you will spend every dime you make in America. If you dont…they will make sure to drum up some legal case against you and make you spend money in America and go back to India a pauper. Yes..discrimination is widespread. They may understand your culture..but they do not care for us. Solution? Be professional and work. And dont care about them either. And if you are saving money in India…save it and stay there. Do not come with family here. Just visit as tourists and go back home. That way you will experience it also and enjoy Indian culture and family support back home. Trust me on this one please. I wish you well.

      • Krupa

        Send your husband in by himself first. He can then make money and send it back home to pay off apartment. That is a better option than having whole family in America. You can then come and visit him on vacations and go back.

      • hi,
        krupa things are not as bad as they said, you can save atleast 1 to 2 lakh in usa per month, depend on where you live in usa or salary amount.

  22. Well ,after reading the comments it seems that most of americans do not seems to like indians
    My advice to them -stop searching ways to neglect us and o.
    For more than 40per indians in us are working with americans for big firms snd mnc like apple ,google ,ibm… .. Even Nasa has many indians .. Evrry possible goverment department has imigrants from india .. And then there are certain depattments where u cant even imagine work without us…
    Even ur president is of a different nationality .. And I think u are quite appreciating his work .. Then why do u hate us . without indians apple may not be able to make a better phone ,miscrosoft is also flooded of those coming from india and niebouring countries and who knows even next project on nasa have how many indian brains working on project .. .. Do u know how mny hours an indian student and worker work just to get a promotion in us .. And whst did he finslly get ???? it really disapoint me……
    And in the end my advice to fellow indians stop going to us .. If tbry dont like us .. There are many more countries .. That will really apreciate ur work .. And india is not that bad now ..

    • I am ashamed, as an American of some of the negative and narrow-minded comments I have been reading on this subject, recently. Myself, my family and my close friends all have the utmost admiration and respect for Indian people. They are diligent, hard working, loyal, compassionate, intelligent, wonderful people. Americans should try to be more like them.

    • I have to say that it disturbs me that I see these comments regarding Americans dislike for Indian people here in the USA. I would hope that this is not a major theme for most Indian people here, as I myself very much like and enjoy the company of those from India and have utmost respect towards them. I have even been to India three times in the past year to visit and vacation, and love the culture and the country. I guess I would have to ask where are these feelings and experiences of being disliked by Americans, coming from? I think in every place you go, there will be mean and rude people, but that should not be a reflection on the entire population. I live in California, and for the most part the people here are good. But because America has been fast changing and people less patient and tolerant, it should not be directed towards any one personally because of your ethnicity. I hope all India people will give USA a chance, and find good people and a better more secure future for themselves.

      • hello dee marie…actually i was also not trusted on the comments that each and every person have not the same mentality ya it might happen with someone only that they r manipulated by some American…but it Also happen in whole d countries even in india also but that’s d case of exception… we ill not declare the whole mentality of American to exception mentality…

  23. Hello Everyone,
    I am in big confusion, few of your valuable suggestion would be helpful.
    We (myself & my wife) are currently in USA, and going to have kid by May 2015. I am in dilemma should we have US citizenship or Indian citzenship for kid.

    I am not against India, I love my country and all my relatives are present in India only. currently I am in H1B, and I am not sure I am going to stay here for long time or not.

    Can you please suggest –

    1) Future for kid will be good as US citizen or India Citzen?
    2) Education for US citizen will be costly in India? Do you know approximately how much we need to afford?
    3) I don’t see any additional benefit from government in India except the relatives, parents and cost of education will cheaper for Indian citizen. But being US citizen, kid can come back to USA for higher studies.

    Please help me in suggesting by providing valuable feedback.

    • USA…..is not the same good country it once was. Economy is a mess and discrimination and Racism is widespread. Americans are impatient and rude in their behavior and talk and do not show respect. There are good cultured Americans too and the rude ones usually are ex army who think they are tough and bad and have to speak their mind to everybody and indirectly voice their real feeling through opinionated talks with colleagues so you can hear what they say “inadvertently” or accidently. So convenient for them. Even if you spend 25 – 40 years in USA and are a US citizen…the real question is…….Do you really belong here? Do you feel accepted here?? Most of the immigrants from all over the world including Indians say “No”.
      If you have a good job in India….you also have family and friends and well-wishers in India too. You can get someone at home to help with your household chores or hire someone to do so. Electricians, plumbers are easy to get to fix your home or apartment. Everything is expensive here in USA. Labor I mean. In India it is cheaper. You have to have a car over here. With that comes additional expense of traffic tickets, repairs, insurance, property taxes and so forth. Mechanics are outrageous. India…you can live without a car as autos, buses and rail system is everywhere. In US railway service is very poor and connect major cities and bus service is only in major metro areas and very poor in suburbs…….
      USA sucks. Indians are starting to head back to INDIA.
      They also have laws in USA where thay can monitor you constantly just because you have travelled through certain countries or at their whim. They can also seize all your money and property if you have broken any of their so called rules in America. IT is white collar robbery. There aqre so many laws over here that immigrants inadvertently break one of them and lawyers and courts clean them out and laugh all the way to the bank. You can get locked up. It is basically a soider web of laws with more than 25% of US population behind bars. No one talks of inventions or science or education improvememnt techniques……they do not have places like Shani temple, or Shirdi or Varanasi etc to go to for our religious purposes. My adice??? A BIG NO NO NO NO>>>>>>>>>DO NOT COME HERE if you are EDUCATED AND ALREADY HAVE A GOOD JOB. because chances are very high that some high school dropout kid might be your opinionated boss just because he speaks American and maybe a good ol boy (white).

      • I feel so bad for you. You must have had some terrible experiences in America. I agree with your opinion of our country. It was once a very moral, God fearing country. It is no longer. Unfortunately, many Americans are extremely racially prejudice. I cannot relate to the average American’s logic which believe themselves to be better than people from other countries. Or, those who believe their skin color somehow elevates them above all others. Please accept my apology, as an American. It is a shame you were made to feel unwelcome here. America is almost completely comprised of immigrants. The only true ‘Americans’ are the Native Americans, and our country has massacred and oppressed them since the arrival of the Mayflower ship in the 1600’s. Just know though, not every American will treat you badly. Only the ignorant ones. Unfortunately, there are quite a few.

  24. Hi,
    I’m aditya a software engineer. I’m unable to decide if I need to move to US or stay back in India. My company is ready to process my H1B visa and as of now I’m able to save about 1.5 lac per month in India do you think it is worth to move to US at this point of time. My wife and 6 years son are dependent on me. Will be I able to save anything more than this in US. Do you think just for little more money I need to shift to US.

    • Hi Aditya,

      I am living in US with my family. Came for Indian company when my kids was in your kids’ age and have been here for almost 5 years. The main reason I opened this page is to find out how people are faring when they go back with middle school age kids.

      My since advice to you is, don’t come to US. You will not be able to save anywhere near the amount you are saving now. You can enjoy way better lifestyle but then after few years you will find it extremely tough to make decision because this country is addictive!!

      • everything is expensive here your savings won’t be much differ than you make in india,& sooner or later in 10 years ,you’ll see all indians back to india as our economy surges very well than america,better you keep going on your current job while indian-american will immigrate back to home they’ll have no jobs as they won’t accept indian treating & working culture in india as indians tend to.still your wish.best of luck.lived in US on h1 for 2 years & then went back to chennai.you will only believe why life is goo here in india once you visite USA ,better I could say.god bless.

      • “Throw your passport” hahaha i like that one , YEAH to HELL with Uncle Sam and his authoritarian systems , INDIA is heaven , the food the tastes the colors the aromas the people the variety the spirituality the happiness the love , dollars in bank cant be an excuse to forget india

  25. Mujhe English nhi aati he but Hindi bhut ache se bol leta hu and i am lucky that i am an Indian. Jim ke comment read kiye mene ek hi bat bolunga ki #Jim you are very cheaper.. You are very unreasonable .. Even, you don’t know about yourself .. Why you are come in this page . please go to hell .. Jim pehle nam change krle fir comment krna ..


  26. I think both places has its own pros and cons.
    India has lot of offer so do America. India is changing everyday so do America. But if you have mixed race family then i would say India is not a place to live. Its better to stay in America or what ever country you are living in. India has its own culture and charm so do United states.
    If you are well settled and if your partner is not keen to move back to India then i would say dont coz at the end of day if your family is not happy you will find it hard to manage. I grew up in New Zealand but then i visit India sometimes to know culture more better and i think this works for me very well. Because when you go as tourist you tend to see positive side of country and i prefer to keep that way always. If you ask me if i go back to live in India i would say no because i am happy where i am

  27. I agree that skilled Engineers are being undervalued – especially in the MNC’s with sites in India. In India, if a person is being sent “ON SITE”(THE HYPED TERM), it is seen as a big thing! But in reality, the guy coming on site is paid around 50USD per DAY whereas a person working with him(who is on US payroll) will be paid around 75USD per HOUR! See the difference! People coming On Site should realize that they are actually being asked to do more for a meager wage.

  28. no1 can be a super power for all time ,,look our past ..english <american<chines……and who know the future may be indian ,,and any1 could be

  29. I am not Indian, but have worked as an I T Director for a very large I T Outsourcer in the USA for many years. We have been using Indian labour recently both in the USA, Canada, Europe and in India. I have yet to find an Indian who would commit to a completion date, a budget or deliver a quality product. When challenged, they seem to lose their ability to converse in English. If this is how they do things in India, no wonder it is such a mess. We had an Indian software engineer to our home for a gathering of various people I work with. He proceeded to take his shoes off (good) and then his socks, and sat on the couch picking his feet. Yuck. My experience, and that of the people I have discussed this with has been very negative regarding Indians, their work ethic and their cleanliness.

    • Jim Jim Jim … Typical first world behaviour to repeatedly poke in affairs not related to them. The topic is for Indians: whether to stay in USA or live in India…nobody invited you to for your labor report on indians…so find a different forum for that.

    • Jim
      Its US and other developed countries that created the mess in first place. Read history to see yourself. If you came to India, its because you looking for cheap labor .. legally you are exploiting peoples. get the F***K from India is it sucks so much

    • Jim,
      Please check your kids even adults while they are in car or in a public transit that they often stand on seats with their shoes on which they went to public rest rooms.

      With same shoes they even go to kitchen and everywhere and even i observed that you guys stand on back packs / hand bags and you carry them later with hands and after going office you eat chips with the same dirty hands.

      whats the heck you white guys….?

      we indians always respect money as Goddes Lakshmi, Books as Goddes Saraswathi and home as a temple.

  30. I have been thinking about this for since you posted this because I figure I have a different perspective given my extensive trip to India recently, growing up in the US, and having studied in India for the better part of a school year in my youth. Without rehashing the well written pro/cons of the OP’s post, there are some key missing ingredients to such a decision:
    1. Purpose: What concerns me about life in India is even as people get wealthy they cannot stop thinking about the accumulation of money. For a small percentage of the population that is OK, capitalists are needed for capitalism. However I would not want that obsession that is now (probably has been for more than a century) cultural. I meet with wealthy family members who have tons of money without any understanding of what to do with it except accumulate it and pass it on! There is obsession with status. And I found this is the norm…Money is a means, and not even a really great one. I have seen many talented people ignoring their talents to study medicine or engineering and put of living… for life! For life! When money becomes the end broadly, life creates suffering as success in wealth rarely yield any real happiness. There is a lot of suffering in India, and it is greater in people with means! Something I learned reading Hindu philosophy. Indians have sincerely forgotten the meanings of Hinduism!
    2. Duty: Here I feel that there is a plus and minus. In India like the rest of Asia, there is a strong sense of “Duty.” Something that is genuinely absent in the US. Europe is a happy medium. Duty to one’s self. Duty to one’s family. Duty to one’s geography. Etc. etc. There is a strong sense of identity in India which at a national level is new… there is a childlike giddy pride in saying one is “Indian.” Something that on an international level was probably once almost embarrassing. In the US there is a strong sense of duty to the self, especially at a young age. One thing we once talked about is how involved many Americans are in donating their time as they get older. A function of two things – guilt (although maybe subconsciously) of self-centeredness mixed with lack of happiness driven by “success.” The same point as in Purpose, but I think at some point in one’s life there is a greater and healthier probability to recognize this.
    3. Exposure and Fear: With lots of exceptions of course, I find society to be continually afraid, overly cautious, and while somewhat curious generally scared of the unknown. When I say to my cousins… lets meet in the middle in Hungary or Turkey, they say “no, what will we eat!?” When I ask if they ever thought about sailing, they ask “what if we drown?” When I said I wanted to get into shape to trek in my trip to Greece, they say why would you want to do that… take a car and you do not have to worry about your health and safety. When I ask about art, they generally look puzzled. When I ask about things to do for fun, they generally have a well thought out set of risks and no comprehension of rewards. On exposure there is an even larger pet peeve of mine – there is an Indianization of nearly everything and that is perfectly OK and I applaud the creativity – in fact the creativity of India is second only to the US. But there is zero understanding or even willingness to understand what is genuine, the benefits of other societies, etc. Ex. You cannot get a better fitting suit than an Italian one – my cousins would say – the fabric comes from India anyway so there is no value to the Italian suit. Or pizza… great that it is totally different and made with Indian ingredients for Indian palettes, but there is no desire to taste or understand the value of the authentic.
    A final point, one of the greatest values of Indian life – because I did find greatly valuable even given the negative tenor above – was the extended family system. India used to truly understand he value of raising children as a village with grandparents continually involved in family matters. It is I think the reason my nonagenarian grandmother is not only alive but witty, smart and aware. The primary advantage I felt about life in India appears to be disintegrating rapidly into a so called “westernized life.” There is a large cost to culture. But then there are more than the US and India. We chose to move to Latin America which offers the respect for many things absent with Indian life but a society that adores children and is family oriented. END RANT

    • Very profound comment and a fair critique of the Indian way of doing things. Makes one introspect a lot being and Indian. Thanks for posting that.

  31. to born or living in greatest country of world india,one have to be fortunate (or may his karma decide).
    india offers a poetic way of living, spiritual way of living.
    india is only country which offers true ‘family’
    india is only country which offers spiritual life,not materialistic life

    • Hello Anuja,

      I’ve lot to say in counter to your comment. I also live in india at the very moment since my birth.

      India offers Poetic way of life –
      please spare me sister… if you have enough money than only you can think of such things….
      you say True family…I would say india has most family disputes than in any country.. every single family has disputes…dislikes…people hide stuff from each other or try to pull each other legs.. 100% all families.. no family is truely united…
      Spiritual…lady you might be talking about ancient times…or you dont read news paper..things happens…you go ask any cop about real india.. they will show you heinous crimes.. people do.. curruption is in our blood..out of 100% only 0.000000000001% will be truely spiritual(people from age 80 above).
      more people follow indian traditiona nd yoga stuff in USA than in india…
      we do spiritual stuff just for show off or others say or if we want something..we love to bribe god :P..
      there are lot of things we can debate but unfortunately I work 10-11 hrs a day :p

    • hi my name is aadhi pursuing mba .actualy im frm very poor background …and no source apart frm my family so friends please …so i want do job in america n so plz frndz help this is right decision or not….n pls tel me the cost to go america…im nt havng even passport slso

      • Step 1. Finish MBA
        Step 2. Get passport
        Step 3. Stop using chat lingo when writing.

        When the three steps above are done then post back here.

          • arun,
            You need to find a sponsor to work in US. For this year H1B quota is over, you will need to wait an year for H1B 2018 season to start. You can also find a job in MNC and move to US on L1 Visa.

  32. All of the comments above talk a great deal about money and family/friends/social life in India v/s US, which is absolutely fine , but what about the quality of WORK?

    Many young Indian engineers today (either fresh college grads or slightly experienced) decide to move to USA especially for higher education to work on technologies that US companies/MNC’s simply dont send to their Indian offices. Most of the quality work never reaches India. In my experience most of the design/innovative ground establishing (or breaking!) work gets done in the US offices. After this, the repetitive/redundant (and I daresay) grunt work that needs a larger head count reaches India (This is even true for companies engaged in non-IT businesses). I am sorry to say this but apart from a few exceptions, India and China are largely seen in the western world,especially USA, as places to extract cheaper labor from highly skilled engineers. In my opinion if you are a talented engineer who wants to do something meaningful in his/her career, go off the beaten path, experience what it is like to work in an environment which is not ego filled and stifling and have the freedom to take your career in any direction you want to India is still not the place.Why you ask? Because among other reasons the Indian MNCs(aka corporate companies, yeah right!) aren’t as mature or developed as they are in the US or Europe. Its a new phenomenon which is hardly a decade old and is only global superficially. Inside it’s still the same Indian one upmanship mentality. Isn’t this also a reason to stay in USA? I am curious to know what people here have to say about this.

    • MNCs in india are like a wolf in disguiss of sheep..means no more than any local company .. i would say local/small companies in india are better than them…
      I know cause I work in so called MNC…and they are worst… abusers…@#@!@#@#$…@!@#!$@%..

  33. I have worked with and managed Indian I T workers for many years. I have yet to meet a single one who ever delivered a product on time, to any acceptable level of quality or to budget. They will commit to these actions at the beginning, but very soon the excuses start to hedge in. If they sense they are not going to be able to duck at the last moment, they start looking for other jobs. Having said that, they are pleasant enough to talk to. I also notice their command of the English Language suddenly disappears when they are under pressure to perform. We should stop them from coming to the USA until they have sorted out their own country. Canada, UK, parts of the USA are ruined.

    • That is your experience. And one opinion. A huge amount of work is done by Indians in USA. Most of the bosses are Americans who have targets to meet. It boils down to your ability to get teams to meet targets. Just complaining of a personality here and there will not let you achieve your target set by your company.

    • Well Jim, I would say here that what you have mentioned here may be strictly your personal experience which you can’t consider in a generic way. It live unto the world of assumption. For your information India is the biggest IT exporter in this world. I believe world have tried every possible option to find out a good IT partner and they decided to go with Indian IT company.
      It is a true fact that India is a developing nation. You can love/hate but can’t ignore.
      I believe you should explore more in IT industry to see the real picture.

    • Jim,

      I don’t think it is the problem with Indian or American or their mind set, some products do well and some don’t. I think in general human nature is not to take responsibility and just blame others.

      Let me give you an example: If Microsoft does well then everyone want to take credit and say it is because of US culture and innovation, if it doesn’t they would blame Satya and say Indians doesn’t know how to manage.

      I have worked in IT industry (in multiple countries) for more than 10 years, here is my observation:
      – I agree with you to some extent, India still in learning/developing phase when it comes to IT management. But when it comes to hardcore development / programming they are best in world.
      – IT is some what new to Indians compared to other industries like civil. I bet in a couple of decades they be best in IT management as well.
      – It is really hard to find 60 year old programmer or manager in Indian IT companies. In US, more than half of my colleagues are close to retirement, and they have a very good experience and manage well. This is what India also needs.

      You might have some bad experiences, like most of us have with other race or culture. This doesn’t meant one should blame the race or culture.

      In the end, if you are having such bad experiences always why are you working with Indians quit and do what you like.

  34. #Why many brilliant brains of India are being migrated to foreign contries every year?
    #What is wrong with India and what is good with countries like USA and all?
    #Does india lacks a good education system? If it is, can’t we change the system?
    #Why cant we create employment oppurtunities here in india?
    #Aren’t we having good resorces to make our country self-sufficient?
    #Are there no possibilities of establishing industries in India?
    #Are we not responsible for our political system on which we always blame on for leaving India?
    Many questions…

    *We have all the answers, but most of us are not willing to take the test. We grow up and acquire our knowledge here. Then we go to foreign countries to serve them, we make them rich, richer and richest. We feel like we are getting rich by earning dollars, but the fact is we are making a huge loss to our nation. ASSOCHAM estimated that the hundreds of thousands of Indian students now studying abroad cost India as much as US $17 billion a year in lost revenue. According to an estimation, India loses $2 billion a year because of emigration of computer experts to USA. Developed countries attracting the citizens of developing countries by high salaries and using their skills for themselves. The USA remains the most popular destination for Indian students and is still perceived to provide the most prestigious and valuable credentials of all study abroad destinations. The US still attracts more than half of all Indian students going abroad to study. Most of them rely on scholarships or other financial assistance to fund their education, but the study notes that many Indian students pursuing degrees abroad are taking on heavy financial burdens and debt to do so. Not just USA, our indians go to serve many other countries like Saudi, London, Dubai, Canada, Australlia, Germany and many other.

    *Though there is corruption in India, leaving the country for selfish benefits will not make the condition better. If we have the right to complain, then it is we who must do to rectify the problems. If our own home is dirty, we don’t go and live in other people’s houses. Do we? Instead, we try to make our own home clean. Staying in this country and utilising the skills that we’ve obtained from this country is the only way one can achieve satisfaction and also contribute to our country’s growth. If the value of rupee is fast falling, then it is we who must work so that it reaches at level with dollar. Becoming rich by converting dollars to rupees shows selfish motives. If we are born Indian, then we ought to serve India. We owe each and every molecule of ourselves to this country. When we’ve come of age to serve this country, we try to run away. Why? Hasn’t this country done enough for us? Now, we must do something for it.

    *Indians must utilize their knowledge and skills for India to make our India as developed country. India has the 2nd largest pool of doctors, engineers and scientists but unfortunately they work for other countries! Half of the electronic & software industry and more than 30% of the medical field of USA is dependent on Indian born engineers and doctors. India is more talented than any other countries and you will get proof about it if you have a good knowledge about Indian history. If all Indians utilize their skills for India, India will be the top most developed country in the total world. Because India has much skilled manpower. We are born in INDIA, our nation made us. I wish every one to to show gratitude towards our nation. I’m not pitting against achieving higher education in abroad, but after completing education one must return back to India. But most of the emigrant intellectuals refuse to return. If we do not change this trend now, the rich nations will always be rich and India will be poor like always.

  35. I wanted to come back to India, and got my first whiff of familiar the Indian HR God-forsaken attitude. Called up a well known MNC HR through her own appointment. She had the weirdest way to show her upper hand. After conversing for a few minutes she said “Oh let me find out internally, whether there is an opening”. I said very well, talk to you later.
    The entire appointment was set up, on the premise of an opening with me getting a referral. With this I was very well encouraged to stay back. One thing I found while I was in India, that whenever a person has the feeling of power, he/she always tends to throw the other under the bus.

  36. the only problem with india is people’s attitude towards other fellow being. India is a country that speaks more than 200 languages, it has diverse cultures, traditions, beliefs, and different races. These points led to disunity among the people because of their differences in appearance, skin colour, poorer ecönomic background unlike US. These attitude still prevail in india’s society that cannot bring India a better place to live in to US. It’s wholly with the attitude of the people that can bring change to India regarding to the way living, communicating, unaggressive behaviour, etc. Only few, a handful of them possess those qualities.

  37. Mr. RR,
    You have said that you were forced to go back to India due to health issues! And then you go on to say how unclean and unhygenic India is!! If you are not keeping good health, why move to a “dirty” India and ruin your health further? Why not stay in the “clean” US and get treatment?

    You just want to get everything from India (probably inexpensive medical treatment and relatives to take care of you, etc.) whereas in the US, you cannot even talk to a doctor without medical insurance!! How selfish! You have been in the US only for 5 years and already forgotten your motherland! Very bad attitude!

    • I agree. I have also replied to him below with my thoughts. We should not crib about our motherland instead change ourselves and try to change at-least one in family to follow good things . He should also realize that he got educated in India only and came to USA. Guys like him will put down India with their negative comments and that made others who are in dilemma to think very bad about India though they belong to our mother land and talk bad .

  38. Well, I was in US for 5+ years and was forced to return back to India for some health reasons. Now its been 3+ years I’m in India now. The ONE and ONLY comment I could say about India is: “INDIA SUCKSSSS BIG TIME!!!!!!”

    US is much much more healthy, clean, safe, courteous, disciplined than India. Goes without saying that India is unhealthy, unclean & dirty, rude public and absolutely no discipline within people. This is not a generic or a loose comment about India. These are things I face day-to-day, moment-to-moment.

    Let me start with some basics…. When its a rainy day, India STINCKS!!! All the drainage is out on the road leaking and overflowing. And school children walk on that drainage. See the Health status! Just sucks!! Sick dogs have no place to go in rain. They drink the drainage water and they too walk allong with the children.

    On any season, the garbage cans are full & there will be filth all over that. Instead of putting the garbage in the bin, people (INDIANS!!) put it (just throw it) outside the garbage can. And that garbage gets eaten by cows. And these cows disrupt the traffic and turns the garbage can upside down, making the whole area un-inhabitable, yet people just live with out having any pains seeing these unfortunate sights. “Chaltha Hai” is the only attitude they have. No one bothers to clean anything in India. And if you do, you look like a FOOL!

    No body obeys traffic. Its known fact that there is NO lane system.

    There is absoluetly no planning done by the people in Power (Governments). See the traffic condition and yet millions of vehicles get sold without even considering what will be the plight of the traffic. WHO CARES ??!!

    Highways are improving in India…. some people say. Its another bull-shit. Cattle, people, dogs walk freely on the highway, making it completely unsafe for speeding. I met with an accident because a dog jumped in between and I applied sudden brake and I was hit by a bus and a car. Thankfully it was not fatal!

    People shout at you using abusive language in traffics. There is no patience and are rude. People ride autos and bikes on pedestrain path ways.

    There will be unattended electric wires lying down the road, making it a huge possibility for electrocution if somebody stamps on it!

    People say they have good time with relatives. Its another non-sense. In reality the relatives actually does back-biting, back-stabbing. They have no jobs but to sit and comment on people and criticize others. Family problems mount in India. In-Laws do not accept daughter-in-law’s outlook. Its all a status game with relatives and bloody family politics.

    Politicians conduct public meetings blocking all the main roads.

    These are not some generic comments, but things I realize and suffer on a daily basis in India.

    In India you are an Indian Citizen. (By the way I have no pride in that!). But in US, you are a Global citizen.

    Children grow-up in US, with much broader outlook. Really see things and respond to problems. In India, children are taught to adjust and live, even if thats a grave crime that somebody is doing.

    Children are taught to pass urine on the roads. And children see people passing SHIT on the beaches. Visit Chennai beaches at 7 AM in the morning and you will see the truth yourself.

    I want to give my kid a better life. India cannot give that to my kid. Only US can. (He is a US citizen).

    I can keep writing on this topic for ages and pages. But I will restrict myself due to time limits.

    I’m having my H1-B done this year. I desparately DESPARATELY want to return back to US and will never come back to India.

    The only good thing that I’m carrying with me from India is the Spiritual Values it has. I’m a born Hindu and Hinduism has taught me tolerance and acceptance of other religions, great personal values and a bigger outlook.

    So I’m proud to be a HINDU but I regret being an INDIAN.

    India is an under-developed, sluggish, lazy country boasting and trying compete with the mighty US. INDIA can no way reach to the level of US at any time. US is GLORIOUS in so many ways.

    US too has problems. But they are exceptions. In India problems are main-stream. Problem is life in India.

    This is not just a post. This is an outpouring from my heart with pain and agony.

    People, please take a wide decision after reading this.

    Inspite of all the ramblings above, I still would love to contribute to India, but NOT being in India. But being in US.

    India is a country to be pitied and not glorified !!!

    • Dear RR,

      I can related to your feelings. I have experienced most of the things that you talk about, and have also experienced some other things. For example, I am married and I fear for me and my wife if she had to travel through trains in India. Occasional harassment by fellow passengers, uncontrolled begging, Hijras, vendors, etc. Sometimes, the vendors makes you love India, but if you put together everything, then it makes you sad. I never thought about global issues faced by a common man in India. I always think it from my point of view (just the way you did). I had trouble with the Landlords in Bangalore, had severe problems with stray dogs, was afraid of taking an auto rickshaw for the fear of possible fare related fight in the end. I was so sick and tired of the latter, that I never could really enjoy the ride. I had constant stomach upsets when I was in Bangalore. I was never completely healthy at any point of time, due to either indigestion or due to viral infection. I know that now based upon how healthy I have been after coming to USA. There are also positives: free education (I paid very little fees all the way till my Master in Engineering). I even got paid a stipend by the govt during my M.E. And there are of course other socio-political, administrative issues that plague India, and we all know those things. Many of these things are not there in USA.

      I came to USA in 2009, been here since. US has its own problem but at a different level. There is of course a constant fear that you might get robbed at gunpoint (this threat is more real than most people think). If you don’t stay in West/East coast or South, or in a nice house or own a car, your friends and relatives somehow constantly remind you of the things you are missing by not doing what they are doing. This takes a toll on your mental health believe me, especially when the people who are doing this to you are your friends from childhood. I live in Midwest. The life is really great here. But, the constant reminders from friends how great the weather in California is and how many Indian people etc are there, makes you go crazy after a while. It goes in to your head and constantly stays there. Add to that the fact that you slogged real hard for many years to get admission to a great university in Midwest and nobody cares about that and only care about the quality of house and weather. I really like the rural feeling here and the snow, but no body cares about that. Also, do not forget the fact that like us many people from other countries, including those from India are also here. Some of them will behave the same bad way with you, perhaps with a milder aggression. If there are people from Europe or other slightly less developed countries, they will make fun of India in a way that will offend you deeply when you look back at it. But the expression is so subtle that you can claim racism charges. Also, I feel I am not smart enough or trained enough to get back to them with a retort. Same things happens with my wife.

      But of course, the problems I am talking about are universal and will exists as long as human beings are alive. They will also compare for the sake of make themselves happy. I guess every society in the world has the problem. To end, RR, you can
      quote Farid Zakaria of CNN what he said at a Harvard Commencement speech, “This country has its problems, but I would rather have America’s problems than most any other place in the world.” Here is the link: http://news.harvard.edu/gazette/story/2012/05/text-of-fareed-zakarias-commencement-address/

    • Hello RR,

      Please do not regret that you are an Indian. That is so bad. Every country has issues and we really cannot compare or search a US in India. All that matters is huge population.

      For example: In US you could see cars every where and less bikes. Whereas in India you could see many form of vehicles like two wheeler, three wheeler(autos, mini load van, share autos), vans (making office trips), cycle, lots of public transportation vehicles , lorry/trucks and with the amount of population we have we really cannot control much but really can improve on the infrastructure. I belong to Chennai and currently in US.

      In Chennai you can confidently say that the infrastructure has improved a lot when you compare the same 10 years ago but the population has also increased to many folds and even migrants from other parts of India are also there. So where do you nail down the issue ? Its the construction workers not knowing discipline ? Is the so called IT guy throw up garbage in India and follow rules in USA ? .So change comes from within. If you follow rules while driving in India then you are changed, If you learn patience and use it in Indian then you are changed..Like that lets say guys who went to US and learn the good things and come back and apply that or otherwise called as change themselves…Then you could see a lot of change.

      Tell me frankly how many of us got license properly by knowing all rules in India ? Its our driving class makes that happen ..So can we blame them to encourage corruption ? Its we ..Did we try to get license directly from RTO office ? Did we know all rules even though we got our license very easily ? its a BIG NO.

      How many of us check housing documents when we buy a apartment or villa or etc ..? We just blindly book apartments. If we see/know which property is good in terms of documents then we would not have bought such houses and that is a good sign for builders to come down and do little bit good things..So the contribution to corruption/unaware of policies are even due to us you know. So lets first realize that India in improving and first let us change ourselves rather than complaining ?

      Why do you think India cannot give a better life for you kid ? How did you come to US ? You got educated in India and did that right ? If your education is not good then you would not have come to the USA ? If you deny that then you came to USA before because of your luck ?

      What do you think that all american corporates are hiring guys from IIT, Bit Pilani, and other reputed institutions ? So India in all means is good ..Atleast think that way and we should not expect an India like US in near future..It will take many decades and it don’t need to be like USA . So learn good things in whichever country you are (outside of India) and apply the same for yourself in India if you feel it is good.

      Don’t crib.. Be Happy 🙂

      • “Is the so called IT guy throw up garbage in India and follow rules in USA ? .So change comes from within. ”
        I don’t think change comes from within. People in USA follow traffic rules because if you don’t you will pay $400 (Rs. 24,000) in tickets. Besides, you won’t even get a driver’s license unless you demonstrate ability to follow traffic rules. Same goes for garbage disposal.
        Levy heavy fines in India to the tune of Rs. 20,000 per violation, and within 1 week I guarantee you people will start following rules.

        • Dear Gowtham,

          Agreed to a certain extent and it is the law that is enforcing them to follow. However, if you could notice we (Indians) tend to break here in US too. For example, in our apartment there is a rule that we should not dump any furniture in garage and it should be paid and properly been discarded. I have literally seen myself that we dump stuff in the night when no one sees it . So how would you classify this ? Would there be a law needed here to watch throughout night. Another example is I am sure you would have noticed in temple in USA..Though the template authorities have put in a stand to arrange our footwear, how many of us actually arrange it there ? Do we expect a law here for this too ? I personally feel that along with the strict law that you told we also need to change ourselves too

        • Dear Gowtham,

          I disagree with this . Education in India is good too. Its we who do not apply it practically but here since it is highly practical we just follow this. We can debate for days on this but in general we do not learn it good because we know that there are good colleges in India but we tend to go only with understanding the theory and not thinking beyond that.

    • Being also a returnee from the US, I perfectly agree with your statement, “India is a country to be pitied and not glorified !!!”. Actually the Indian attitude towards life and their understanding of life in general needs to be pitied. India is a beautiful country but Indians have still not become civilized!!

    • Hmm, thank you RR for your honest comments and personal experience. I have been to India this year. I am pondering on the idea of moving there for retirement. You give much to consider.

  39. Greatest challenge is move back to India with kids. It was filled with turmoil and guilt as we felt we were uprooting them from their only known environment.

    • My cousins who grew up in the USA learnt a lot of Indian classical dance and music. They are pretty well-educated and are able to communicate very well. They look far healthier than any average Indian.

    • If you want the blacks and Hispanics and Whites to hit on (date) your kids and try to date them and vice versa……..vs only Indians from your culture….it is shocking and not at all acceptable.
      Raising kids to listen to their parents in a US attitude of “Question Authority” and the drug and pot culture and also the hook up culture on US Campusses is also a wake up call to Indians and all Asians.
      You have to monitor your kids very well over here.

  40. Thnks ravi for ur feedback m glad to hear frm u bt m persuing bbm frm mumbai so it wont b possible for me to opt a engineerng course n i hv gone through few of the college fee structure for mba ..yap they r more costly as compare to india …bt wont it b good to hv a dgree frm u.s n afta few years of service out there scope for job in india wl b betta…wat if i wl apply for education loan wont it wl b helpful …do reply.

  41. Hi,

    I would say for an NRI the decision of coming back to India is very important. I am an Engineer & so is my brother, I work in India & my younger brother is in US . The growth he has done there is almost impossible for me. He earns more than my boss!!. He bought an Audi A4 when he was a student and I am struggling with my i20 emi’s.

    I would say for an NRI who have worked for 5-10 years in US as a skilled worker (engineer, analyst etc.). They should just save up there and come back in India. I think you will have sufficent money in your pocket to start up a business in India.

    You can do a job in India. But Indian jobs are no way comparable to US. The quality of work and payout is really bad. Infact it will take you a life time here to earn the amount of money you made in 5 years in USA.

  42. Hey everyone ,I read the comments n found them reli helpfull to know mch more about the u.s culture and life out there…m 19 n perusing my graduation frm Mumbai n hv planned and dreamt of goin for ma m.b.a degree frm u.s…I hv been thinking of goin for GMAT …all I wanna knw is tht afta getting admission out there u.s wl it b easy for me to find a on campus job out there…as my parents can’t afford much of money…and rite knw I dnt evn hv a idea how to apply for visa n al this formalities…I dnt hv any idea abt this h1b or h4 vis a wat exactly tht means…so I request someone to clarify me abt al ths doubts…as frm past few months I hv strtd reading abt u.s…this is my dream to b in u.s n I wl getting it true anyhow…n wl b coming back to India afta few years of service in u.s…

    Kindly write back I wl glad

    • @Akshay, Brother I had same doubt as you. I would say doing an MBA from USA is not lucrative option since its costly and it will be very difficult for you (being new to America) to get a job in management field in USA.

      You can better opt for Engineering field it has more job opportunities and the course fees is compartively lower. The earning are also decent.

      If you still want to go for an MBA, better get that degree in India.

    • I think if you are really keen on doing MBA in US, go for it. Also keep in mind, the amount you are going to put in and plan how do you earn it back. Also as a suggestion, look for an MBA in other countries like Singapore, Canada – they are bit cheaper than US and have better job prospects.

      • I am 34, have done my BE in computer science & MBA from a reasonably good institute in India. US has been a long-time dream though my husband isn’t too keen on it at all since he runs his own small firm here. He will move however, if compelled to do so i.e. he will move if i move, since we agree that staying together as a family with our two kids is non-negotiable. We also agree that we have a maximum of 6-7 years to return, since we want our kids’ teenage years to be spent here in India. My company has now sponsored my H1b but I’m anxious about the logistics of relocation, long term challenges/delay in getting a green card, whether my husband can continue to be an entrepreneur there & where all this might land us in the medium term that I am considering being there. Would you suggest going ahead with the move? If yes, can you share your opinion on the above challenges I foresee? Thanks!

        • Mayuri,
          US is definitely a great place to be and experience the lifestyle. Typically, H1B lets you work for 6 years ( you need to apply for extension after 3 years ). If your company starts green card processing after a year or two and it goes through the standard process without any issues, you can continue to work after 6 years…Of course, there are delays with green card processing. Your spouse will NOT be able to work on H4, that’s a big drawback. He will need H4 EAD to work read H4 EAD requirements .

          It is good to think forward, but what I can suggest is, you take the offer and go to US with family and let everyone experience the lifestyle there. Some people may or may not like it…After one year you can make a decision either to come back or stick around. Speak to your company and ask them, if they can process Green Card so that your spouse can work at least after a year or two on H4 EAD.

        • Hi Mayuri,

          I will tell you clear perspective not from US point of view but from New Zealand point of view(I guess its pretty much similar in terms of life style except NZ is bit expensive) . You got to think in terms of long term. Can your husband run his business from US? If not you think its worth to give up all hard stuff he build over course of time. Why you want your teenager kid to go back in India trust me they will hate you for that. Because once a kid is grown in US or say any western country they get adapted to that culture why ruining it for sake of so called culture. They be better off in China than going back to India as far as future prospective is concerned. Now as far as cost is concerned it depends on area you prefer to live. You might end up paying close to 2000 Dollars as rent to live in a good area trust me you don’t wanna live in a dodgy area. Food might cost you say 800 dollars per month if you are big fan of meat or other stuff. In NZ for family of 4 we spent around 4000 dollars per month for living ie like 3500 US. But again no place is perfect i cant go back to India coz my kids are half white and my wife is not a fan of living in India due to various factor. US i think is a great place for doing business if he is in to IT silicon valley is the answer. But you go to research it by self. We cant give you concrete answer. Hope that help


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