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Graduate School Education MS, MBA or PhD. America vs. India?

If you would like to study some day and achieve your academic dreams, one of the decisions to consider for settling in either US or India is Graduate school education system, research expertise, support and good infrastructure for further research in your field of interest. For those of you who have not studied in US, you must this article: Masters and Bachelors Education System in USA vs India . This article is part f the series Settle in US or India

Graduate School Education in US

I was fortunate enough to study in four different Universities in US during the course of getting MS and MBA. I was also lucky to visit lot more universities as I traveled to other schools for conferences and visit friends… Every school is so unique, there so many great things about every school I visited. Also, on the same lines I was also lucky to visit few universities including IITs in India. Anyways, coming back to the point, based on my observation and experience studying here in US as well as in India….I feel unless you can get into really cream of the cream schools in India like IITs and other premier schools, it is very hard for you to get enough support for pursuing research for MS or PhD…. It is the same case for MBA too…I feel that there is more scope for growth in your research area on a graduate school level because fundamentally on a macro level and not to generalize here are few random reasons why US is a better choice for higher education.

  • Funding for research : There is so much money spent in America for research, either it is companies sponsored or state funded.
  • Infrastructure : The more money, the better facilities for Labs.
  • Pool of Talent : It is very much fun to work passionately on project when you have great team of researchers. I think in US you have better pool of talent…Again, it depends on school you pick
  • Specialization: Every university is strong for some specific kind of research and you have great professors publishing outstanding research articles. You have wider choice to pick from schools in US rather than just few schools in India.
  • Business schools: You have more options to pick a great business school for doing MBA. The education system and networking is phenomenal.

I can keep on writing….but, on a very higher level, these are some of the things that come to my mind.

Decision to Settle in US or India for Higher Education:

If you are into advanced research or would like to do MBA in a top tier school, I would say it is a great idea for you to live in US at least until you achieve your dreams. Then you can always make a decision to go back or live here and continue your research or take the research capacity to India…  Not trying to say you cannot do all this in India…the way I look at it is, you have much more options to choose for graduate school education in USA….also the infrastructure and support for research is phenomenal in US….

What are your thoughts ?


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  1. Kumar,
    Thanks for your articles. i read through few of them. I need a suggestion, probably you would be best. i have exp of 10+ years(IT),have BE&ME from india, stayed in US over 5 years now, have plan to stay for another 3 Years(due to family/parental responsibility/son’s education). Earning USD 100K+ now. Will make my rest of the career/life in India(that’s the plan!). Have a plan to pursue MBA; getting chance from Michigan State Univ( Eli Broad-Executive MBA-20Months-weekend class -$70K total cost ~ 45L INR), the situation will be like, I shall complete MBA (somewhere in 2019)and then very next 2-3 months I will be going back to India(without working in US market with that skill).
    The other option is, grab some minimal certifications(grad certs/master certs) with way less cost(2-3-certs in < $20k) and go back to India, apply IIM for PGPeX type course(1Y fully residential, INR20L+(1Y sal)). Given the fact that I shall remain be settled in India for rest of my life; which option should be better? IIM stamp or MSU stamp?! 🙂
    thanks in advance for your time and thoughtful suggestion.

  2. I am actually belonging from a poor family. and
    I have done my graduation with Account (Honors) from here, and I wanna get admission in USA.
    So, suggest me what should I have to do.?

  3. hey !! …this is a very interesting series and congratulations for the same !! i’m about to complete my mba from india and i would like to work in USA. Kindly guide me .. how to apply for a job there .
    thankyou !!

    • I don’t mind my dear, why you are trying to go us. First thing is that you have done your MBA from Indian Business School, So that i would like to suggested, If you do job here and give your better performance in the our country. So you will be say himself i’m a Indian. otherwise if you go us and earn money, that is your choice. Choice is your, you want to become a Indian man or Us man. Choice is your hand.
      Thanks dear

  4. hi, i am nikita negi and have completed my master’s in biotechnology from india, and was planning to do my second masters degree for US and then was planning to do my phd , but after getting rejected from other 5 universities,i applied International technological university in california. i have received my I20 and i have only 12 days left to report there . I want to know is it worth spending on this university for mba in biotechnology??are there chances of getting job, after having good scores in mba???i will be glad if i had ur reply as soon as possible

  5. I am 31yrs of age. I am a B’Com & LL.B. graduate. If I want to work in USA, is MS compulsary. If so, how do I apply ‘n I need the visa information.
    Also can I get some details about scholarships?


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