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Cars, Motor Bike, Boat – Owning and Lifestyle in USA vs. India

My manager took me for fishing on their boat couple summers ago. We went for Salmon fishing and it was awesome…I absolutely loved spending time on the boat…I thougt to myself that I should buy a boat some day. Though it seems luxury, it is your lifestyle and you have the freedom to  choose your lifestyle in an affordable way in US. Let me share my perspective on your lifestyle in America vs. India. This article is part of the series Life in US vs. India

Owning a Car, Bicycle or Bike, Motorbike in America vs. India

We never had car back in India, we had a bicycle and a motorbike. But, in America, I have a Car, but do not have a Motor Bike and I own a bike or bicyle.  In India, motor bike is very common and it is kind of a necessity because of the roads, transportation system, etc….if you do not own a motorbike, you atleast own a moped. Unlike, in America,  Car is very common and a necessity if you are in small town. You may not own a Ferrai, but most of the times people own a car for sure, unless you are in a city with phenomenal transportation.  If you come to motorbikes, they are kind of luxury (owing a Harley Davidson) in US. It is a lifestyle some people prefer…the biggest thing is that they are not safe….

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The whole point is, it is just a perspective and your location defines what is necessity and what is luxury. Let us talk luxury now…

Owning a Boat, Jet Ski, Snow Mobile, Canoe, in US vs. India

If you are an outdoor person and love fishing, you may want to have a boat. If you like to Water Ski, you may want to buy a Waverunner or jet Ski. If you like to relax and sail in water, you may want to buy a Canoe…If you live in a snow place and like Snow mobiling, you may want to buy a snow mobiling… Believe it or not, all the stuff I mentioned can be done by middle-class people in America and you do not necessarily be super rich.  You can buy a decent used ones and have a lifestyle that you like…you may have to move to smaller towns from big cities…. The biggest part is, in US there are so many parks, lakes, rivers, snow hills to try all these…If we look at trying to do these things in India…I guess, you have to be super rich, because they cost you a lot of money and in general, middle-class or upper middle class families cannot afford to do all these things.

Decision to Live in US vs. India – Lifestyle

As explained, if you are into all these out door fun things like Boating, Water Skiing, etc and thinking of owning a boat or waverunner, I would think US is your choice…but if you do not care much about all these things, you are fine to go back to India anytime…You can have a great outdoor lifestyle in America if you use the resources in US…


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  1. India vs USA – Really?!

    Nowhere in the world you can be free other than your motherland – India. I have lived in USA too, a colored man/woman/kid can’t live a dignified life (birth, food, home, education, transportation, medicare, job, death) on their own land they were born-in and also for that matter even rest of the people of USA can’t have dignified jobs and lives they desire, and they are all still fighting to stay afloat and loss of lives due to gun-culture,drug abuses to name few, not to mention,for no fault of theirs – many lost businesses, life’s savings, homes they invested in due to crash/recession buying into the american dream and few ultimately ended their own lives. Any other country-man living in USA should feel ashamed to live at the cost or cause of these social in-equalities (or atleast please try to contribute to eradicate these social malices). How many of you living in USA have known your new neighbhors in last 5 yrs. It takes 5 mins to know and socialize with your neighbhors in India. Have you have ever spent free quality time and money for friends and family without thinking about dollars and citizenship! India is changing and changing for good – not with the help of expat dollars but simply with self-strife, self-realization. We have and will live and bleed for this nation be it going to mars or down-under to 1000 rs/dollar(just like so many others) – and not try to run away forever from the social anomalies of the indian soceity and yet blaming the very system that fed you! Ultimately, ideally by the time you return back, we would have grown so much that you would think we would offer a visa/citizenship to visit India after a elaborate wait time, lottery and visa interview (just like USA does now) – yet we didn’t do it, we offer automatic visas now and we embrace you as our own. Yeh Hai Mera India. Mera Bharat Mahan! try to return back to this nation before you die – coz there is someone always waiting for you – a grandfather, grandmother, mother, father, in-laws, sister, bro, niece, nephew! Invest your lives here!

  2. Think of owning a decent Light Sport Aircraft(LSA) for $150,500


  3. Definitely believe that which you said. Your favorite justification appeared to be on the net the simplest thing to be
    aware of. I say to you, I definitely get irked while people consider worries that they
    plainly don’t know about. You managed to hit the nail upon the top and also defined out the whole thing without having side-effects , people could take a signal. Will likely be back to get more. Thanks

  4. Interesting article..
    I do not completely agree that Indians cannot afford all that unless they are ‘super rich’. Actually, its just the middle-class mentality to keep a balance between savings and expenditure (since one does not expect anything from the government). In US, people generally spend without really thinking much about savings.. That’s how they can afford so many machines..!!

  5. You can buy a used corvette for $10k which can clock 250 kmph but u cant go a mile above the speed limit usually a max of 110 kmph which is very very strictly enforced.
    or you can get a used accord for roughly the same price in India and hit 240 on the highways
    With unbelievable health care costs, id rather own an accord 3.0 v6 in India with a used super bike cruise the beautiful highways of India and enjoy the backwaters of Kerala any day as compared to living in the USA with a million rules and not to mention big brother always spying on you while you plead for your visa extension and beg for uncle Sam to give you a green card
    for a motor head like me India rocks, Freedom is really Free in India for a free soul who likes to live life on his own terms.

    • Basically, you enjoy breaking the rule at the cost of someone’s life, isn’t that the statement you have made in your post. I’ve lived in both the places and definitely the quality of lifestyle you can afford in the US is far more superior than that of India. That country teaches you the value of being human, India doesn’t have all that, that’s why every house hold keeps child as their maid servant.
      What freedom you are talking about? Peeing on someone’s wall? Letting your dog to shit on someone’s door step. Getting away from penalty by paying some money to cops? List is endless. Freedom doesn’t mean disturbing others peace and taking advantage of the system by unethical practice.

      India is this state because of people like you who just want everything for free. Every service that makes life easier and more valuable comes at a cost, but that doesn’t go well into the our fellow countrymen’s brain.

      Someday you will hit someone on the road while driving and will run away from the crime spot leaving that poor soul to die. First start value human lives, then you talk about freedom.

      • the freedom is actually defined as to be able to do what you wish to do, without disturbing other’s life. People with careless attitude take exaggerated meaning and forget “without disturbing other’s life” part of it.it is all because of what they have been taught in their family and moreover their own attitude , which is independent of their country. As long as you understand what your limits of enjoyment are, and whatever sources u want for it, u r good to make your own decision to stay in india or USA. But.. Do not generalise the bad things you perceive( stress is on YOU here) as culture of that country.Culture is far a broad term, and those bad things are nothing but habits of people needing an excuse to obviate their duties. Rest you must be grown up enough to decide about own life. Thanks !

        @Kumar – great posts!! kudos.


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