H1B Visa 2018 News, Lottery, Fee, Predictions

H1B Visa 2018 – News, Quota, Cap, Lottery Results, FAQs

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This page is constantly updated with latest news, info, FAQs on current H1B 2018 season. Below are some topics, FAQs covered on this page.

  • Start of  H1B Visa 2018 season ?
  • H1B Quota for FY 2018 ?
  • H1B visa 2018 Lottery Predictions ?
  • Plan for H1B FY 2018 Application ?
  • Find Visa Sponsors for H1B 2018 ?
  • H1B Visa 2018 Fee ?
  • H1B 2018 Lottery Results
  • H1B 2018 Petitions  Tracker – Crowdsourced
  • New President Trump Administration Impact on H1B Visa 2018 Quota?
  • Latest News updates of H1B FY 2018

H1B 2018, 2019 Season is over, H1B 2020 Season Starts on April 1st, 2019.  Check out H1B Visa 2020 – Start Date, Fee, Lottery – FAQs 

If this is your first year of H1B visa filing, you must read What is H1B Visa, Requirements, Process . Not to scare you, Last year, there was lottery for H1B season and for FY 2017 USCIS received 236,000 applications .

When does H1B Visa 2018 Season Start ?
Update : USCIS accepted H1B Petitions for FY 2018 starting from April 3rd, 2017 until April 7th. They updated that H1B Cap was reached on April 7th, 2017. 
Typically, USCIS accepts H1B petitions for next fiscal year starting from April 1st. So, for FY 2018, the start date for accepting applications would be April 1st, 2017.  But, for FY 2018 season, April 1st falls on a Saturday, so USCIS will accept applications starting from Monday, April 3rd, 2017.   If you were wondering why called 2018, when in 2017, it is the fiscal year dates that dictate that. USCIS fiscal year is from October 1st to March 30th. So, technically the fiscal year for 2018 starts from October 1st and they accept petitions for the same 6 months before the start date and it would be April 1st, 2017.  You may read USCIS Press release for H1B 2017 Start Date 

What is H1B 2018 Quota ? Regular Cap vs Master’s Cap Quota ? 
Update : USCIS confirmed the below quota cap numbers in latest press release for FY 2018. 
To get some background, read H1B Quota – Regular vs Masters .  There have been many speculations on increasing the H1B Cap due to extremely high demand and bills proposed for the same in the past, nothing made it through. As of writing of this article, below is the H1B cap quota. We will keep this article updated as new changes come in.  The total H1B Quota as of today is 85,000 and it is split like below.

Regular H1B Quota 65,000
Master’s H1B Quota ( Only US Masters Degree Eligible)20,000

Out of the above 85,000 quota, 6,800 are set aside for Singapore and Chile citizens as part of the free trade agreement between them. Also, check out the article with history of maximum H1B Cap from 1990 to 2017 

H1B 2018 Lottery Predictions ? 
It used to be a speculation whether we would have lottery in previous years, but in the past 4 years, lottery has become common. It is very likely that we would have lottery aka random selection for H1B 2018 season.  We have been writing predictions over the years and all of them have been accurate so far. Check out our H1B Visa 2018  Lottery Predictions – Data Analysis  to get an idea on how many H1B petitions you can expect for this fiscal year.

Update : USCIS Received 199,000 H1B petitions for fiscal year 2018.  H1B Lottery was conducted on April 11th, 2017.

Are you planning for next fiscal year, Read  H1B Visa 2019 – Lottery Date, News, FAQs 

When to plan for H1B 2018 Application – What should be your strategy ?
It is never too late to start planning…Depending on your situation, you may fall in one of the below categories and the suggestions are described below.

  • F1 Student in USA : If you are studying on F1 visa and about to graduate in next one year, you should seriously look at finding an internship or co-op at companies that can sponsor your H1B visa. You can search for H1B Sponsors in a particular area using our H1B Sponsors Search Tool and try to get an internship to work there on CPT or OPT after you graduate. This is a strategic move and will require sometime, so plan well.
  • Working Professional from outside USA : If you are a working professional outside US, planning to work in US, especially  on H1B visa, your best bet is to find Multinational companies ( MNCs) that have major US presence and secure a job there, so that you can position internally for applying to H1B visa, when the season starts. This is a very strategic decision, you need to carefully assess your options, speak to the company if such options exist and then only choose it. There may be many people already in-line for these visas, you need to plan carefully so that you are given a slot in the company’s filing for your next season application.
  • Other H4, L1 Visas :  If you are on these visas living in USA, your best bet is to find companies just like I mentioned for F1 students that sponsor H1B visas and start interviewing and keeping the conversation going so that you can ask them to file H1B when the season starts.

For FY 2017, we have put together a Step by Step Plan on How to apply for H1B 2017 Quota, it gives a guideline on the planning and what steps exists.

How to find H1B Visa Sponsor for FY 2018 quota ?
This is probably the most asked question by everyone. It can be a tricky decision, you need be very careful to avoid fraud.

  • If you are student in the US, it is very straight forward, you find the list of H1B Sponsoring companies using the tool in an area as I mentioned above and get an internship in one of them so that they can sponsor your H1B visa.
  • If you are professional planning to arrive in US from outside America,  it can be really tricky.  If you work for an Multinational company ( MNC), then they will have some internal process to pick the candidates and then process H1B visa for them…The other option that has been used and abused is the consulting companies route…Many a times, the H1B aspirants approach a body shop IT consulting company to file H1B for them and they apply for the same. It gets nasty with the body shop consulting companies.  The comments on this H1B Companies Reviews article are quite eye opening. I advise, you beware of the consulting companies and avoid fraud.
  • Also, WE as RedBus2US do NOT provide any guidance or assistance or sponsor anything. If someone claims that, it is pure fraud and they are trying to trick you, we are not responsible for that. Please be careful

We have an article that we wrote for previous season, you may read article How to find H1B 2017 Sponsors to find out various options.

What is H1B Visa 2018 Fee ? How much does it cost for the company ? 

The H1B fee varies by the size of the company..As of FY 2017 season, it can range anywhere from $1,600 USD to $7,400 USD + Attorney Fee. On December 23, 2016 , USCIS increased the H1B fee component of base filing fees, which was $325. The below table is updated with the latest fee updates from USCIS.  There are various fees components that make up this number range, for more details Read Summary of H1B Filing Fee 2017 – Who pays for What ? . Below is a high level summary from FY 2017 quota.  If any changes, we will update this accordingly.

H1B Fee ComponentFee in USD
 Base filing fee$460
AICWA Fee$750  or $1,500
Fraud prevent & detection fee$500
Fee based on Public Law 114-113 ( if applicable)$4000
Premium processing fee (Optional)$1,225
Immigration Attorney FeeVaries from $500 to $3000

H1B 2018 Lottery Results – Checks Cashed, Receipts : 
One of the most asked questions is when will I get to know the lottery result for my petition. Well, this depends on many factors and there is no set SLA or date.  To put things in perspective,  last year, USCIS did a news alert indicating that they have returned all the rejected H1B petitions on July 8th, 2017. So, you can expect the last date for receiving final lottery decision around mid July 2017. …As we had about same number of petitions filed for FY 2018, it may be slightly earlier or even later in July or even early August 2017…  Few of the ways you would know, if you are selected in lottery is that, if the check that was filed with your H1B petition was cashed, or your employer gets the actual physical receipt notice in mail to them. If you filed under US masters quota, SEVIS update is another indication that you were selected in H1B lottery for FY 2018.  Ideally, your receipt numbers should arrive within 1 to 2 months…but, you never know, until you get a reject notice to be sure !

H1B 2018 Case Tracker  :
Did you apply for FY 2018 ?  With premium processing suspended, it is quite hard for applicants to know the general status of everyone to understand their situation. We have put together a tracker along with good graphs for analysis. It is completely anonymous as we do not capture your case number or any personal information. It is community contributed data, the more you add, the better for everyone, including  You !

Track your H1B Case

Anonymously Track your H1B Case - Share and Get updated from Community.

New President Trump Administration Impact on H1B Visa 2018 Quota?

We do not know, if this news release is directed by Trump administration or not…but, on April 3rd, 2017 the start date of H1B season, there were set of new announcements made by USCIS to report and prevent abuse of H1B program. Check out USCIS New measures to report, prevent H1B Fraud  . Besides this, as of the today ( article updated date), nothing has been officially ordered or specifically implemented by New President Trump Administration. There are many speculations on how H1B program will become tougher with higher wages, quota limits, etc… but, nothing has been officially signed. We will update the article as new updates come in.

Various H1B Bills  in US House and Senate  – Will they be passed for FY 2018 ?
There are few bills that are introduced in 2017 and at various stages in both house and senate. There are many confusions regarding the same bills like the minimum wage will go up to $130,000 USD, etc.  Fact is that nothing has passed and there are very slim chances for them to get passed before start of FY 2018 season. You can check H1B Bills Tracker to get more details on current status. We will keep the article updated as new things are passed.

Latest News about H1B 2018 Season 
High Level Latest News for FY 2018 is listed below. But, all the Latest News are tracked on our H1B 2018 News and Updates Tracker Page. Check out below.

H1B 2018 - Latest News Updates

Most recent and complete history of all latest breaking news updates from Official sources like USCIS and Unofficial sources for FY 2018 Season.

Are you planning for FY 2018 quota ?  What are your questions ? Add your thoughts.


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Comments ( 12,887 )

  1. Still waiting

    Hello everyone,

    My employer is saying still there is no update on my application.

    Is it possible or they are lying for some reason ?

    Please reply

    Thanks in advance!!

      1. Saurabh shah

        I started working in a non e verified company on stem opt.
        However, my I-20 has a IT consultancy (e verified) mentioned on it.
        For obvious reasons, I didn’t mention my school about the job change.
        So, it is a clear violation of status, while on OPT.

        Could you tell me if this can be the reason behind RFE.

        Thank you for your reply.
        I will let you know what RFE says once I receive it.

        1. Ram

          If that’s case, we have to wait and see. Rather than speculating, better to wait and see what they have asked for in the RFE receipt notice.

  2. Hope for the best

    Hi Ram,

    I have done my bcom computers & I have completed my MBA in the stream of Finance. I have overall 6 years of experience in Oracle ERP as functional Consultant & 2 yrs exp as end user, this year my petition was picked in the lottery.

    I Just want to know whether my educational background causes any issue for approval???

    1. Ram

      If the documentation you have submitted proves that you are skilled enough for the job and the job requires a specialized skill and that you possess it, Visa will get approved for sure. I personally know loads of people with education in different stream and working in IT(USA) with an approved H1B and L1 too. So please don’t worry and keep tracking your case with all hope. You will get it for sure. Good luck!

  3. CTS_T55

    Hi Ram,

    This was my 1st attempt (Non AD IT) and got selected in H1B-2018, Case is also approved in 3rd may.

    The Project from where my nomination shared (Project A) right now they dont have any requirement but other projects (Project B)in another location having requirements. So at this moment I am waiting for stamping. I dont have much experience on amendment so requesting you to share your thoughts on the below approach.

    Approach 1 :
    1.Stamping from Project A.
    2.Location change ammendment for Project B

    Approach 2 :
    1.Location change ammendment for Project B.
    2.Visa Stamping. (As per Employer after getting the approval of amendment stamping can be done)

    I am based on Kolkata location so please suggest which approach would be easier to fly early as possible.

    1. Ram

      Either way is possible. Depending on the requirement of project when to travel and your availability, please choose the favorable approach. But do remember that currently amendment might take 6-8 months for approval(As PP is suspended).

      1. CTS_T55

        Thank you Ram for sharing your thoughts.

        If I go for stamping 1st and then raise the amendment in this case is approval required before flying to US? or only I can fly after approving my amendment ?

        1. Ram

          No need, once stamping is done you can travel with receipt number of Amendment petition. It is legal to start working with receipt number of Amendment petition.

          1. CTS_MOM

            Hi Ram,

            Same situation is for me as well, From above scenario If I stamped my Visa from (Project A :: location – X) and then want to travel for (Project B :: location – Y), So after that I have to raise amendment for Project B.

            In this case amendment approval is required before moving to US (Location – Y) and start working?
            Again stamping is required based on new amendment ?

            Could you please let me know in this case what would be required to moving to US (Location – Y) and work.

          2. Ram

            Hi,You can start working in the new location with the receipt number of Amendment filed.
            Just the receipt number of Amendment is suffice to start working in new location.

            Please refer this link for further details.

  4. Hey Ram

    Hey Ram
    Seems to me like my greedy employer trying to withdraw my H1 Approved petition before or after Oct1st. Currently I’m on F1 status with OPT valid till Feb 2018 and i129 approved on Jul 2017.

    If withdrawals happens before Oct1st means I will remain in f1 status, all happy.

    What if my H1 withdrawn
    A : after Oct 1st or
    B: before Oct 1st,

    In-case of any other employer want to hire me, will I be under cap-exempt in both the cases A and B or only in case of A scenario happens.

    1. Ram

      If your visa is approved, you can try to transfer under cap exempt category to another employer. But better to transfer after October 1, as the visa becomes active after it. Some say you can transfer ( I am talking about fresh H1B those are approved now) before October 1, but I am not sure of its success rate.
      Once withdrawn before October 1, I think you may not be able to use it again. Kindly talk to your Attorney and get to know your options. If your employer feels not to use your visa, then I recommend you to transfer it so that you may not have to go through the lottery process ( if we have it too for next year too).

  5. Gautham

    My Visa is getting over on 30th Sep 2017 and i have filed for extension for me and my dependents. However received 2 receipt numbers for my dependents (1 shows denied – because of insufficient fees and the other one shows received. Both on the same date. I am totally confused on the same. Can someone help.

    1. Ram

      For each dependent a separate receipt number is generated. With receipt notice, you can map the person and receipt number. From here, you will know to whom it has got rejected and reapply again. For every person, there will be a separate check sent for fees. Probably for one person, the fees amount was incorrect. Discuss with your employer/Attorney and reapply ASAP.

  6. CTS

    Hi Folks..I received an RFE on SOW. Seems my current SOW is going to be expire on this Sept 30. My client verbally approves 1 year extension and are yet to receive the approved SOW by Sept.
    If i submit the current Sow..what are the chances of getting approve??
    28th is the last date to respond my RFE…

    1. Ram

      It might raise further RFE or in worst case NOID or Rejection. H1B is effective from Oct 1 and is for future employment. With SOW expiring on Sep 30, the chances of clearing the RFE is pretty narrow. Please talk to your immigration team and Attorney on how to clear this.

    1. H1 employers all over US

      Yes, there are so many mushroom employers, specially Telugu / Hyd based cheating H1 employers all over US mainly in NJ, Atlanta, CA, VA, MI charging for H1 filing hefty, at the same time holding H1 employees as hostages by looting them in billings. Let’s hope at least Trump can dismantle them.

  7. Auto Change of the status - i797A problem

    Does anyone in the forum ever tried to prevent automatic COS while on OPT with few years still good for working over OPT EAD, at the same time H1 filed by some company in the US, H1b picked I797C confirmation received early and Ii29 approved after few months with i797A COS with new i94 attached to approval notice, as usual all for Oct1st as start date.
    knowingly and unknowingly automatic COS at time is not a good option,

    Is there any simple way to prevent automatic COS by traveling-out before Oct 2017 and re-enter after Oct2st in to the US over F1 or are there any other simple ways to prevent automatic COS without H1b employer involvement or any other way “other than H1 amendments or H1 withdraw by H1 company.”

    The biggest problem with Auto COS – i797A is that F1 / OPT EAD all will be VOID right from Oct1st 12AM, almost impossible to get back control over F1 once gone.

    I thought to leave US and re-enter after Oct2nd with same F1 / OPT EAD as before, but with 797A COS all my OPT stuff would go VOID and CBP may not let me in as my H1 over powered the OPT / F1.

    May be, decent number of OPTs STEMs in above situation in the current H1 volatile market, any expert opinion to get out of Auto COS.

      1. Auto Change of the status - i797A problem

        Is there any way to request i797B from i797A before Oct1st, 2017 by Attorney.

        1. Auto Change of the status - i797A problem

          Is there any way to request i797B in-place or instead of i797A before Oct1st, 2017 by Attorney.

          1. Ram

            That means you want to change COS to CP.. I am not too sure about it. Kindly check with your Attorney. As far as I know, once Visa is approved as COS it cant be changed to CP.

          2. 1ofdlucky1

            Ram, Will not COS be automatically converted to CP is he leaves US before Oct 1. Than he has to do Consular Processing before entering after Oct 1.

          3. Auto Change of the status - i797A problem

            you are right, but the problem is that one can’t re-enter with prior status after oct1st, as the earlier F1 status were void on the day COS happens. That’s the reason for asking CP rather autoCOS.

          4. 1ofdlucky1

            Gotcha you. Once approved i don’t think it’s possible unless H1B is withdrawn. And that is not a good option to waste the already approved H1.

          5. Ram

            @1ofdlucky1 once visa is approved, your travel doesn’t affect the approval in any way. In this case, the COS is already approved. COS is from F1 to H1, which means once to H1 he can never get back to F1 again. So he/ she wants to utilize F1 completely.

  8. Krishh

    I am currently an OPT. My OPT expires on july 4, am I going to get automatic Cap Gap extension until Oct1, cause my school didnt give me any clear explanataion.? Plz help

    1. Ram

      If you have ur H1 in progress, an automatic Cap Gap is provided to you. Else, you will have to stop working the day you receive your unselected petition package or July 4 which ever is later.

  9. Neha

    Hello Guys,

    Can anyone ansr my question?

    I had an interview with ND consulate May 16 and got white slip. My case is under administrative processing. At the time of filing petition I was unmarried, now if I gets married before decision what would be the further process ?

    Do I need to file H4 for my spouse ?
    Or I can travel later can sponsor my spouse ?

    How this process will go ? what would be the better options .

    1. Ram

      Usually on request, your company has to process H4 for your spouse. With 221g I am not sure when it can be done, but it is possible for you travel first and then ur spouse on H4 or together(Both ways possible and allowed).
      On when to apply H4 with 221g, please check with your Attorney/Employer.

  10. L1 to H1

    Hi Folks,
    I am not sure if this is the right forum for getting advise on this, but I am sure this forum has people who know a lot about immigration.

    I am currently on L1 working for a company A, my H1B has been picked up and is under processing (COS). Our company has been acquired by a private equity few months back and now have become an independent private entity. I have got an email from my immigration team that I need to amend my L1 and there are two options..

    1) Blanket process – Travelling to home country and applying for fresh L visa.
    Adv: Safest option. Petition will mostly be approved. If unsuccessful you have an option to come back to us and try option 2.
    Disadv: You need to travel, visa delays are possible

    2) USCIS filing
    Adv: No need to travel
    Disadv: If the filing gets rejected, you loose your status and need to exit the country and look for other options for visas.
    Note : above adv/disadv are stated by our immigration team

    They haven’t provided me with any recommendation for my case specifically. This is just a generic email that they have probably sent to every L1 visa holders. I have asked them to suggest what makes sense in my situation and have not heard back from them as they probably are quite busy. Meanwhile could you tell me your thoughts on which approach to take?

    If I travel now, what would be the impact on my H1B COS? Since I have my H1B under processing should I just go ahead with USCIS filing? How much time would it take on an average for USCIS to process L1 amendments? If it generally takes around 3-4 months would it make sense to just file it with USCIS and hope my H1B would kick-in before the L1 amendment gets processed?

    Thanks in advance

    1. Ram

      Hi, I am not too sure about L1 Amendment process and its timelines. But I can throw some light on H1 process. Generally its not recommended to travel when H1 COS is in progress. But since your travel might be unavoidable, you can travel but your H1 might get approved as CP. If so, once approved you have to apply COS again. Once COS is approved you can start working again.
      Right now, there is no specific deadlines for hearing on H1 decision. Hence we cant decide the exact time by which H1 can be approved( As PP is suspended currently).
      Depending on these facts and on discussion with Attorney, kindly take a decision . Good luck!

        1. NonAD_CA_FirstAttempt

          Once H1B is approved, I guess we can travel outside US without impacting COS, if we return before 01st Oct on L1 visa.

  11. CTS_CHN119

    Any updates from CTS lottery results this week, Since there are MANY NULL receipts for most of the accounts/SBU this time, Is there any chances of withheld the lottery results for some accounts?? Any updates??

  12. Dinesh raja

    Anyone here applied though VST consulting ? They are saying still no updates on my application. Is that can be true ?

    Please reply

        1. Ram

          No, if transferred from EAC to WAC, they dont have receipt starting with WAC. The receipt number is generated first and then transfer happens. So most of the transferred case will have EAC as prefix.

          1. Ram

            You can check few of those cases in worktheme. You can click on the case cell and you get the complete history. With that you will know.

          2. 1ofdlucky1

            Had a discussion with work theme admins, they told 70%+ approvals from EAC are from direct cases and not transferred so it’s certainly a good news coming from VT.

  13. Some News


  14. Tejawi

    Hello Admin

    What is the problem with this Website , I am experiencing this from today , that we scroll down directly for the comments section, it is redirecting to one page above and displaying the advertise, which is forcing me to watch the video and it is really very annoying.

    Can you please look into this? Thanks

    1. Admin

      We are currently working on it. There was an issue on our side that made it behave like that. Our team will resolve it in the next few hours.

      Redbus Team

  15. EasyPay Solutions

    Hello Guys,

    Anyone here who applied through EasyPay Solutions?

    Anyone got the Selection receipt or rejection letter ?

    Please reply.


  16. EasyPay Solutions

    Hello Guys,

    Anyone here who applied through EasyPay Solutions?

    Anyone got the Selection receipt or rejection letter ?

    Please reply urgently.!!


  17. NonAD_NonIT

    USCIS is not updating their online case status and that’s y we are feeling like approval process is slow.No one knows what’s going on.. may be actually they r slow or may be they are just not updating the case status real time

      1. BD

        I received an RFE and within two weeks of responding, I received my approval notice (that was mid-June) but the status of my case still shows as Response to RFE was received even to this day. So I think they are not very good about keep the status updated.

  18. H1b_Waiting


    Is it true?


    1. Translate it

      If you need a better answer translate it .. how do you even assume everyone here in the forum will be knowing the regional language.

  19. Anupam_Vohra

    Hi Friends,
    Attorney’s status page showed that my H1B approval notice has been received. However, USCIS still says “application received”. WAC/AD/Non-IT(doctoral)/First attempt.
    Emotionally it has been a wild ride this year but finally I am happy that things are looking better. I wish all of you success in your endeavors.

    1. WaqasK

      That’s great news. Congratulations! USCIS status page is behind in publishing the statuses.

      Have you also received the hard copy of the approval? Do you know how long does it take?

        1. Frank_Du

          @H1b applicant @Ram

          In addition to the I-797B, do you guys know what documents are expected to be in the package sent by the attorney?


          1. Ram

            It will mostly only be the approval notice. If you are preparing yourself for stamping, you may need client letter, SOW.

      1. Anupam_Vohra

        Hi Waqas,

        My attorney’s office received hard copy. Petition selected in lottery on 4/11 and notice update on 6/27. They will email hard copy to my residence.

  20. MK

    It looks as like USCIS updates tracked through worktheme is lagging behind by 1-2 weeks. If you don’t see updates/changes to the numbers on a regular basis, it is because they are not updates in real time.
    Also WAC and EAC likely has their own staff updating these entries and dont work at the same speed.

    Best thing to do is to check them once a week to get an idea of trend.

    1. DF

      Infact the USCIS website seems to be updating the RFEs (and not approvals) more actively. I noticed this on updates on work theme. This kind of makes an already painful situation more gloomy. I was approved 12 days ago but there is no update on my case but RFEs awarded after me are already visible.

  21. CG

    Hi Ram,

    While filing LCA the client location was LA , but currently my travel location would be NJ for the same client. Now in RFE they have requested for client letter, so should I go with what was provided in LCA for the client address or I can get the client letter for location NJ. please suggest.

    1. Ram

      You will have to go with one provided in LCA. If you need a change then you have to change LCA again which is actually called Amendment of H1. Usually amendment is not recommended during RFE phase. So as per my opinion, u need to go with original location filed.
      The best person to decide on this, is your Attorney. Please talk to them and take a final decision.

    2. Cgig

      Hey Ram

      In my rfe they requested for sow/msa. If I provide only msa, is it gonna work because sow is going to expire in next 2 3 months.

        1. TCS - Hyd

          I don’t see that status only in VTS.. There is “Not Selected in Lottery” Status but nothing like “Lottery Rejected”.

  22. Non AD -WAC-3rdTime

    Just got the mail from the attorney saying received the returned cap subjected H1B petition:(
    Good Luck everybody!

        1. 3rd Timer

          @Query, I think they, the lawyers or employers, started to receive the petitions which are not selected in lottery. Post selection denial usually, most of the time, start with RFE, intent to denial if the RFE response is not satisfactory and intent to denial. Very rare case you may see straight denial or no response at all like only case received status. Anyway, all the best for your case to be approved.

          1. Query

            Thank you so much. That gives much clarity.
            “No status update’ as in ‘case received only’ is again after lottery or it says like that right from the time it was filed ?

          2. 3rd Timer


            Again, we wont get any case number to check in the USCIS website for general H1B applications (1,99,000). Case number will be generated for picked in lottery applications. So, what i assume here when people say “case not updated” is, when they entered the lottery picked numbers, the status remain same like “case received” or “REF” etc even though some people received “RFE” or “approval” or “replied to RFE”.

            However, you will also get case number for rejected (not picked in lottery) applications. But, when you try to enter that number in USCIS link then that usually gives error like “validation error”.

  23. RoyS

    Need some advice.. my CoS from L1 to H1 is in process. Do you think it will impact in any way if my company asked me to go back while the h1 approval is in process? Does my future employer need to do anything?

      1. RoyS

        Ok good to know that.. What if I stay on Visitor visa, do you think it will implicate my h1b processing in back ground..My L1 will be stopped and will not be in payroll. Is this possible staying on vis visa and join future employer once CoS is effective from Oct 1st. Pls advise

        1. Ram

          The moment your L1 visa is not active or not used, the CoS will not be effective. Your H1 will be approved as CP. To use your H1, you will be asked to go back to home country, get the stamping and then travel on H1.
          The basic criteria of visitor visa is that you are coming here not for any employment but for tourism/medical purpose. So doing CoS in visitor visa is not permitted.

  24. 1ofdlucky1

    Same updates coming in from WAC, today according to work theme they have 168 in approved while EAC still shows only a mere 11. Either the website update @ EAC is not going on or something is definitely not right with the service center.

  25. Non_AD First_Time

    Thanks for keeping this blog alive . And really appreciate RAM for his comments.
    Visa got approved . WAC Non Ad Regular

  26. Pirate

    Guys, I have received notification from my employer regarding RFE, However, the project for which my application was filed has been withdrawn from my company by client. I am working on a different project now. Can my employer respond to RFE with different client details? Or should I consider rejection right away? Pls help.

    1. Ram

      Pirate, I am telling this from my personal experience. It is highly recommended not to change the project details right now that too when responding to RFE. If the RFE, is not related to project, kindly respond only to what is being asked for.

      But, as always your Attorney/Employer are the better decision makers. Discuss with them and decide on the best possible solution.

      1. Pirate

        Thanks a lot for responding Ram. The problem is they have asked for a letter from client and our company no longer holds any project from this client. I could be able to produce letter from a different client but not sure that could work in this case. Is it possible that my employer could file new LCA? Can my employer respond to USCIS saying that they don’t have any policy as such for asking the letter feom client & could produce rest other documents? Parallel to that I am also trying to reach our immigration team. Appreciate your help,.

        1. Britto

          Hi Pirate,

          Are you from CTS by any chance? I am in similar situation….Dunno what my RFE is about, but company has requested for Project details and I have moved projects to a different client…I reached out to the immigration team and they told to enter new project details….Will this cause a problem?

          1. CTS Guy

            Hi Brito

            I am from CTS and faced same situation last year. You don’t have to worry about if SOW of your initial client is valid till end of Dec..GMT would usually reply on RFE for initial client..But they take this info of diff project to ensure their reply is in such a way that there is no problem while raising amendment in future..

            Right now i am in USA…

          2. Pirate

            @CTS Guy – What I gathered from your response is that we could produce the older SOW? My prior client’s SOW expired in the month of April. For me, the SOW and client itself is different now. Can you please elaborate more on this?

  27. Cg fspune

    Is it mandat to add spouse name on both the passports (me n my wife passport) for H4 dependent visa for my wife. (After my h1b is approved )? Some fornus says its not mandat , only marriage cert and wedding album will do but i am not too sure on the sources. Pls suggest.

  28. Thanks for your Time

    IS USIS suppose to process all the applications of H1b 2018 before OCT 2017 ? So that every case would be in RFE, Approval or Reject status .
    If we don’t receive any update then we raise to concern to USIS right ?

    1. 3rd Timer

      It is not mandatory, as per my understanding, for USCIS to respond before OCT 1, 2017. But they will process most of the cases. Good luck with your case.

    2. Ram

      Yeah as the other person rightly said, it is not mandatory. Ours being regular processing, we don’t have deadlines at all.
      Every year, Most of the cases has some update before October 1. So, lets hope we have an update.

  29. PV

    I’ve got an update from US Consulate today. Please let me know whether its a progress related to my admin. processing 221g blue slip case.

    Any inputs related to below email is much appreciated.

    Dear Applicant,

    Your application remains pending under Section 221(g) of the Immigration and Nationality Act for mandatory administrative processing. U.S. immigration law requires that additional steps be completed in some cases before a file can be advanced for adjudicative review. In general, most administrative processing is resolved within 60 days of the visa interview; however, timing varies based on the individual circumstances of each case.

    While we cannot predict when the processing of your visa will be completed, please be assured that the Consulate and the Department of State are aware of your concerns and will ensure that the application is adjudicated as soon as the administrative processing of your case has been completed. Please be assured that we will contact you as soon as the processing of your case is complete. You can also check the status of your visa online.

    U.S. Consulate General, Chennai.

  30. NonAD_NonIT

    No updates today anywhere!!! worktheme.com, h1bstat.ru and this blog are all quiet!!
    this slow process is killing me everyday!!
    Admins…pls shed some light

    1. Sagar

      Everyone is in same boat.. don’t check your status 50 times a day. Check it once in 50 days… Simple! It won’t kill you.

    2. Ram

      Its just monday evening(In WAC they are still working-three hours behind) now in US. I am sure all the sites will update only now. Unfortunately, all we can do is wait. With no PP in hand, we have no other option.

  31. Rahul K

    Why does EAC only show RFEs since past 2 weeks… Hardly any approvals.. what’s going on? I can understand that EAC has now higher RFEs since WAC were higher earlier. But what you see on work theme is insane!!! It seems the Vermont centre has decided to mess with everyone’s application

    1. Ram

      All I could assume is: the scrutiny process is getting tighter. If something is not proper, I feel USCIS is providing RFE. Though it’s good to have strict scrutiny, But this could lead to more waiting time 🙁
      Hope the RFE issued/ documents requested are not something extraordinary!
      With this strict scrutiny, it could be wonderful if the lottery selection is replaced with some other full proof method.

      1. 1ofdlucky1

        Seems pretty strange that why one service center is sitting on applications from last week or so. WAC : EAC approval ratio is becoming 10:2 now, not sure if website update from EAC is lagging behind or what.

        1. NonAD_CA_FirstAttempt

          It’s 11 days since I received confirmation on approval of my petition from my attorney. USCIS website still has the status as “Received”.

          This is a significant lag between the actual status and the one showing on USCIS website.

  32. Ue non ad

    Got my unselected petition back last week . So , my employer started the green card process in eb2. I could expect have my green card issued in a little year .

      1. Ue non ad

        Dude , I’m coming for a 10M citizens coutry where 20% are born abroad . even in EB 3 ,the visa bulletins are “current” here

        1. 3rd Timer

          @Ue non ad,

          You may get it within a year or at the max max within 2 year, since for EU, the cut off is current. Check the latest visa bulletin from USCIS for EB2 and EB3 deadline for clear idea. And, good luck.

        2. Global citizen

          Awesome! Happy for you! Wish I was born in EU… Gives an opportunity to have dual citizenships- German and US..

      1. TCSer

        Came to know that 4th phase results are out as well and now no more phases would be coming. Have been told to wait for two more weeks.

    1. CG

      Yes, we have received the RFE details … lat the first glance I am so worried ..lots and lots of docs ? Wondering how proactively my boss will work on getting all these documents from client end ? lol .. I am already loosing opportunities , totally stuck here and will be stuck atleast for the next 8 months … 🙁 🙁

    1. Ram

      I am not sure about the internal process of TCS. If they are withholding the result for some reason, you might have a chance. If not its going to be pretty remote at this point.

          1. @HCLCHN

            Did ISG shared the receipt number for RFE received cases?. There is no updates after 8-June and showing the stage of pending with immigration authority.

          2. Hcl

            True. I spoke to them today. They said they can’t share the receipt number with us till our application is approved for stamping. It might take upto July for that.

  33. TVM

    I got picked in the lottery but haven’t received the approval or any RFE yet (AD, VA, currently on OPT Cap-Gap). My employer is moving office to a new location within the same city. I read online that a new LCA is required only if the job location changes to a new MSA. Is that correct? If that’s correct, would my employer still be required to file an amended I-129?

    Thank you !

    1. Ram

      Usually H1B is filed for future requirements and needs Amendment only when it is into effect or being used.
      In your case I am not sure whether it’s required as it’s not even approved.
      But as you are in cap-Gap now, I would highly recommend you to talk to your employer/Attorney regarding this.

    2. Ram


      A/c to this, even if the area of intended employment changes Amendment is required. But as yours is not approved, u need to talk to your Attorney

      1. TVM

        Thanks! The link mentions that an amended petition is not required if the new job location is within the same MSA.

        “For example, an H-1B employee moving to a new job location within the New York City MSA (NYC) would not trigger the need for a new LCA, but you would still need to post the previously obtained LCA at the new work location.”

        But I’ll check with the attorney and confirm.

  34. Ram


    The Premium processing for I-129 application for medical Doctors has been restored.

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