H1B Visa 2018 News, Lottery, Fee, Predictions

H1B Visa 2018 – News, Quota, Cap, Lottery Results, FAQs

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This page is constantly updated with latest news, info, FAQs on current H1B 2018 season. Below are some topics, FAQs covered on this page.

  • Start of  H1B Visa 2018 season ?
  • H1B Quota for FY 2018 ?
  • H1B visa 2018 Lottery Predictions ?
  • Plan for H1B FY 2018 Application ?
  • Find Visa Sponsors for H1B 2018 ?
  • H1B Visa 2018 Fee ?
  • H1B 2018 Lottery Results
  • H1B 2018 Petitions  Tracker – Crowdsourced
  • New President Trump Administration Impact on H1B Visa 2018 Quota?
  • Latest News updates of H1B FY 2018

H1B 2018, 2019 Season is over, H1B 2020 Season Starts on April 1st, 2019.  Check out H1B Visa 2020 – Start Date, Fee, Lottery – FAQs 

If this is your first year of H1B visa filing, you must read What is H1B Visa, Requirements, Process . Not to scare you, Last year, there was lottery for H1B season and for FY 2017 USCIS received 236,000 applications .

When does H1B Visa 2018 Season Start ?
Update : USCIS accepted H1B Petitions for FY 2018 starting from April 3rd, 2017 until April 7th. They updated that H1B Cap was reached on April 7th, 2017. 
Typically, USCIS accepts H1B petitions for next fiscal year starting from April 1st. So, for FY 2018, the start date for accepting applications would be April 1st, 2017.  But, for FY 2018 season, April 1st falls on a Saturday, so USCIS will accept applications starting from Monday, April 3rd, 2017.   If you were wondering why called 2018, when in 2017, it is the fiscal year dates that dictate that. USCIS fiscal year is from October 1st to March 30th. So, technically the fiscal year for 2018 starts from October 1st and they accept petitions for the same 6 months before the start date and it would be April 1st, 2017.  You may read USCIS Press release for H1B 2017 Start Date 

What is H1B 2018 Quota ? Regular Cap vs Master’s Cap Quota ? 
Update : USCIS confirmed the below quota cap numbers in latest press release for FY 2018. 
To get some background, read H1B Quota – Regular vs Masters .  There have been many speculations on increasing the H1B Cap due to extremely high demand and bills proposed for the same in the past, nothing made it through. As of writing of this article, below is the H1B cap quota. We will keep this article updated as new changes come in.  The total H1B Quota as of today is 85,000 and it is split like below.

Regular H1B Quota 65,000
Master’s H1B Quota ( Only US Masters Degree Eligible)20,000

Out of the above 85,000 quota, 6,800 are set aside for Singapore and Chile citizens as part of the free trade agreement between them. Also, check out the article with history of maximum H1B Cap from 1990 to 2017 

H1B 2018 Lottery Predictions ? 
It used to be a speculation whether we would have lottery in previous years, but in the past 4 years, lottery has become common. It is very likely that we would have lottery aka random selection for H1B 2018 season.  We have been writing predictions over the years and all of them have been accurate so far. Check out our H1B Visa 2018  Lottery Predictions – Data Analysis  to get an idea on how many H1B petitions you can expect for this fiscal year.

Update : USCIS Received 199,000 H1B petitions for fiscal year 2018.  H1B Lottery was conducted on April 11th, 2017.

Are you planning for next fiscal year, Read  H1B Visa 2019 – Lottery Date, News, FAQs 

When to plan for H1B 2018 Application – What should be your strategy ?
It is never too late to start planning…Depending on your situation, you may fall in one of the below categories and the suggestions are described below.

  • F1 Student in USA : If you are studying on F1 visa and about to graduate in next one year, you should seriously look at finding an internship or co-op at companies that can sponsor your H1B visa. You can search for H1B Sponsors in a particular area using our H1B Sponsors Search Tool and try to get an internship to work there on CPT or OPT after you graduate. This is a strategic move and will require sometime, so plan well.
  • Working Professional from outside USA : If you are a working professional outside US, planning to work in US, especially  on H1B visa, your best bet is to find Multinational companies ( MNCs) that have major US presence and secure a job there, so that you can position internally for applying to H1B visa, when the season starts. This is a very strategic decision, you need to carefully assess your options, speak to the company if such options exist and then only choose it. There may be many people already in-line for these visas, you need to plan carefully so that you are given a slot in the company’s filing for your next season application.
  • Other H4, L1 Visas :  If you are on these visas living in USA, your best bet is to find companies just like I mentioned for F1 students that sponsor H1B visas and start interviewing and keeping the conversation going so that you can ask them to file H1B when the season starts.

For FY 2017, we have put together a Step by Step Plan on How to apply for H1B 2017 Quota, it gives a guideline on the planning and what steps exists.

How to find H1B Visa Sponsor for FY 2018 quota ?
This is probably the most asked question by everyone. It can be a tricky decision, you need be very careful to avoid fraud.

  • If you are student in the US, it is very straight forward, you find the list of H1B Sponsoring companies using the tool in an area as I mentioned above and get an internship in one of them so that they can sponsor your H1B visa.
  • If you are professional planning to arrive in US from outside America,  it can be really tricky.  If you work for an Multinational company ( MNC), then they will have some internal process to pick the candidates and then process H1B visa for them…The other option that has been used and abused is the consulting companies route…Many a times, the H1B aspirants approach a body shop IT consulting company to file H1B for them and they apply for the same. It gets nasty with the body shop consulting companies.  The comments on this H1B Companies Reviews article are quite eye opening. I advise, you beware of the consulting companies and avoid fraud.
  • Also, WE as RedBus2US do NOT provide any guidance or assistance or sponsor anything. If someone claims that, it is pure fraud and they are trying to trick you, we are not responsible for that. Please be careful

We have an article that we wrote for previous season, you may read article How to find H1B 2017 Sponsors to find out various options.

What is H1B Visa 2018 Fee ? How much does it cost for the company ? 

The H1B fee varies by the size of the company..As of FY 2017 season, it can range anywhere from $1,600 USD to $7,400 USD + Attorney Fee. On December 23, 2016 , USCIS increased the H1B fee component of base filing fees, which was $325. The below table is updated with the latest fee updates from USCIS.  There are various fees components that make up this number range, for more details Read Summary of H1B Filing Fee 2017 – Who pays for What ? . Below is a high level summary from FY 2017 quota.  If any changes, we will update this accordingly.

H1B Fee ComponentFee in USD
 Base filing fee$460
AICWA Fee$750  or $1,500
Fraud prevent & detection fee$500
Fee based on Public Law 114-113 ( if applicable)$4000
Premium processing fee (Optional)$1,225
Immigration Attorney FeeVaries from $500 to $3000

H1B 2018 Lottery Results – Checks Cashed, Receipts : 
One of the most asked questions is when will I get to know the lottery result for my petition. Well, this depends on many factors and there is no set SLA or date.  To put things in perspective,  last year, USCIS did a news alert indicating that they have returned all the rejected H1B petitions on July 8th, 2017. So, you can expect the last date for receiving final lottery decision around mid July 2017. …As we had about same number of petitions filed for FY 2018, it may be slightly earlier or even later in July or even early August 2017…  Few of the ways you would know, if you are selected in lottery is that, if the check that was filed with your H1B petition was cashed, or your employer gets the actual physical receipt notice in mail to them. If you filed under US masters quota, SEVIS update is another indication that you were selected in H1B lottery for FY 2018.  Ideally, your receipt numbers should arrive within 1 to 2 months…but, you never know, until you get a reject notice to be sure !

H1B 2018 Case Tracker  :
Did you apply for FY 2018 ?  With premium processing suspended, it is quite hard for applicants to know the general status of everyone to understand their situation. We have put together a tracker along with good graphs for analysis. It is completely anonymous as we do not capture your case number or any personal information. It is community contributed data, the more you add, the better for everyone, including  You !

Track your H1B Case

Anonymously Track your H1B Case - Share and Get updated from Community.

New President Trump Administration Impact on H1B Visa 2018 Quota?

We do not know, if this news release is directed by Trump administration or not…but, on April 3rd, 2017 the start date of H1B season, there were set of new announcements made by USCIS to report and prevent abuse of H1B program. Check out USCIS New measures to report, prevent H1B Fraud  . Besides this, as of the today ( article updated date), nothing has been officially ordered or specifically implemented by New President Trump Administration. There are many speculations on how H1B program will become tougher with higher wages, quota limits, etc… but, nothing has been officially signed. We will update the article as new updates come in.

Various H1B Bills  in US House and Senate  – Will they be passed for FY 2018 ?
There are few bills that are introduced in 2017 and at various stages in both house and senate. There are many confusions regarding the same bills like the minimum wage will go up to $130,000 USD, etc.  Fact is that nothing has passed and there are very slim chances for them to get passed before start of FY 2018 season. You can check H1B Bills Tracker to get more details on current status. We will keep the article updated as new things are passed.

Latest News about H1B 2018 Season 
High Level Latest News for FY 2018 is listed below. But, all the Latest News are tracked on our H1B 2018 News and Updates Tracker Page. Check out below.

H1B 2018 - Latest News Updates

Most recent and complete history of all latest breaking news updates from Official sources like USCIS and Unofficial sources for FY 2018 Season.

Are you planning for FY 2018 quota ?  What are your questions ? Add your thoughts.


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Comments ( 12,889 )

  1. solo

    Why all the indians come to US, please stay in india, build india, make it stronger.What you learned should contribute to india, not just US.

    1. Adam

      The most weirdest thing is that the Indian government is happy to see all the Indian engineers come to U.S. I don’t understand this. All the countries are trying to keep their young talents except India. Look at what China did. India is far more behind of China now.

      1. eashwar

        India is 60% young = (70+) crores = (700000+) K
        only 25k is coming to US, that means India is still have: (70+) crore minus 25k this is again close to ~70 crore youth, we are abundant in talent here. its just a pinch of salt from an Ocean of talent.
        India has more engineers than all countries combined.

        Our government knows, migrating to US is nothing to loose for India, cause India-US relations are very good.

    1. h1 hopeful

      Infosys and TCS need to stop now. Enough is enough. We studied here and build a life in usa and have been unlucky in the lottery 5 times. while people sitting in india get H1Bs and keep waiting for a project to come to USA. This year USCIS will be strict and trump will bring TCS/infy/wipro/HCL under scrutiny if they apply piles of applications.

      1. NoOffenceMeant


        Donald Trump not planning any executive order on H-1B visas: Shalabh Kumar

        This years h1b of 85(65+20) are going to be intact.

  2. Rubiny85

    I’m a PhD graduate, working in a startup company. My wage is half of what the new proposed bill asks for. Right now I’m on my opt, applying H1b for the first time. What would my options be if this new bill passes (which is highly likely as you all have been discussing) as I don’t qualify for the minimum wage filter?

    1. No Filters Needed

      Have you check if you can apply for scholarly visa if ur PhD degree is from US university in a specialized field? that would be the best option to look at considering the ambiguity around whole H1B process.
      Since the executive orders are not signed everything stands as it was before.
      Bills are periodically tabled in House of Rep. its amendment though takes time.
      Read and educate from reliable sources there are too many dummies around to create and cause panic.
      Good Luck !

  3. h1bkhiladi

    Sign this petition to weed out the undeserving.

  4. Sham

    Had my PA on Nov 2016 and received a 221g form (admin processing), now whats the impact of this new h1b legislation reform bill?

    Thanks in advance.

  5. Abi

    yesterday only i had scheduled my visa interview and today a new bill has proposed. How will it affect my interview? As i wont be falling under the $130k salary range what i can expect after entering into USA? And what will happen to the people who are already in USA in H1B?

    1. MS

      Nothing will happen. is past 7 years congress have seen similar bills but nothing passed as law.worst case once OPT is complete people will be working from Philippines, Canada or Mexico and after that they can enter USA by adhering all min wage laws etc

      1. Abi

        your words bring a ray of hope to me. is it wise to attend the interview and travel to US or wait till some decision to be taken on this new bill?

        im more panicked as i was going through a consultancy ie; ;iterally im winding up everything in India and going to have a fresh start in USA.

    1. H1B Hopeful

      I currently work in the USA o OPT and most employers after trumps elections are not hiring H1B folks this year. (Only retaining the current employees) I am wondering if consultancies apply new visas, how will they find clients willing to hire H1B folks ? I guess this is the trump effect

  6. 5th trier

    This will be the 5th and my final attempt at H-1B.

    After CPT, OPT, OPT Extension, and now CPT internship, this is my last and final shot at this tragedy of a lottery.

    Keep your options open folks. Don’t bet your life on this disaster. Even though it’s unfair they put us in the same pool as the people applying from outside who didn’t have a US degree. The years of experience working in OPT/CPT will pay off. Your US clients, managers, coworkers, and friends are definitely a valuable resource for you if you ever decide to try again in the future.

    I have been applying for positions overseas, and I have been given few offers in Europe and Canada with just as much or more salary as I am making here in the US. So don’t lose hope and don’t put your chips in one basket.

    Best luck to all participants.

    1. shweta


      This will be my 4th Attempt (applied in 2014,2015,2016) never got picked. I used to feel I am the only one and curse my luck. Would like to get in touch with you if you don’t mind. 5th attempt means you are applying since 2013 , that’s when the lottery started right ? I wont be applying after this year either, might look for career prospects elsewhere. Seriously thought I was the only one applying 4th time. Masters from a good school in USA and job at a company which is in fortune 500 top 50 hasn’t helped. Good luck to you for this year, hope we make it!

      1. 5th trier

        Yes I have been working as an intern from 2012, and graduated in 2013 is when they filed h1b for me. Working in the fortune 500 as well.

        You should check out Dublin, Ireland. I was given an offer there for from a tech company with a very attractive salary of 80,000 euro. I used to live in UK and it’s a bit cheaper than the US as you don’t need many things to live comfortably. European tax is horrible, but I can live with that.

        The Irish ‘D’ visa is very easy to get, as there is no lottery. It’s even easier, if your salary is 60,000 euro a year or more. You’re pretty much free to work and live there after 2 years. And you’re eligible for citizenship after 5 years I think.

        With Trump presidency, even green card holders are being affected. I am not sure if I can live with the anxiety of uncertainty anymore to be honest with you. Best hope to you!!!

          1. Rama c

            Can anyone tell me how to apply for Canadian PR..timelines procedure fee etc..and for Ireland too..any refferral ?

  7. Ravinder


    Anybody got H1B success with AMIETE (http://www.iete.org/amite.htm). This is Associates Engineering Degree. I have heard issue with greencards for this education degree but haven’t heard anything for H1B.
    @Kumar : Do you have any information on this?


    1. kumar ps

      Hi Ravinder,
      I have many friends who have completed AMIETE and moved to USA on H1B and Masters education. I don’t think it is an issue as far as you have evaluated from some organization ( I think it is world education services ).

  8. Kumar

    Hello Everyone ,

    I have 10 years of experience in embedded and looking for H1B employers , however i have not got any and there are consultancies that are asking for money that i am not willing to pay.

    Anyone if know of any genuine company that can provide H1B, please let me know ,

    1. USA

      Firstly US market is volatile right now. Your 10 yrs + experience is of no use here as employers try to make most out of you immediately ( I am not discouraging you but its a fact) as you are out here. They pay you less to make most of you. you will be frustrated on your employer as he is paying less. This leads to you shifting to a new employer because of which he looses his investment on you ( your h1b fees assuming employer pays it). So he doesn’t want to take that risk.
      So at the end of the day if you pay your h1b fees, you can dictate rules atleast some of them. ( I am not encouraging you to pay fees but situations changed a lot from past 5 years. Owing to increase in h1b fees this happens.)

    2. Robotics Engineer

      If you have 10 yrs embedded please contact me at mampetta at g-mail. I work with a number of US robotics companies whom would love that kind of background.

  9. Numish

    This review is about EBS Minds and iEratech. Fraud companies.
    I have lodged a complaint with uscis and Department of Labor in USA so that in future companies like EBSMINDS (http://www.ebsminds.com/ & Ebs-minds It Inc) and iERATECH does not flourish in USA . The culprits are Man Mohan Akavaram, Brijesh Vyas and Raghu MUTUKULA. All these 3 people are responsible for taking the money from me (USD 4000) for processing the H1B Visa. After they took the mopney , they have not moved my Visa further and refused to send me for H1B Visa stamping even thought the visa was picked in lottery and Approved. I hope they are investigated by USCIS and DOL and procescuted. I am ready to be a whisteblower and provide evidence in any court of law. Please contact me in India at +91 709319 8849

    EBSMinds also goes by the name of ebs-minds IT inc, so beware of this fraud company

    1. Sree

      Application selected in lottery of 2017 are still in received status… so for 2018 it will be close to 2019 Dec until we get complete update on few applications… 🙁 ..

      Tough luck guys…

    2. vigilante

      You’re claiming that the consultancy is fraud. But in a way you are also fraud. H1 should be applied by the employer and all the money required for application also should be sponsored by the employer.

      Don’t abuse the system – both to employers and employees.

      1. abuse

        Completely agree. Moment you choose to go the fraudulent route by agreeing to pay for filing H1B – you automatically become a fraud. You have absolutely no rights whatsoever to call the company fraud. When you chose to go this route, you must have prepared yourselves for this outcome. Glad that such people taking fraud route are losing their money this way. This is good for the overall H1B system to have less number of abuses.

  10. Confused

    so according to the new bill, master quota is removed? so 65000 visa quota will include the master quota as well?? or what is it??

    1. Confused


      This says the bill does nothing as it is written in such a way that it does something.

      Is this true?

  11. lessactivity

    This year traffic to redbus2us seems to be extremely less.. by this time last year, the h1b-visa-2017 page was full of active participants and lot of comments. But now there is hardly any post. Trump effect? or people got tired of this random H1B saga?

  12. Ramsay Bolton: Our Blades Are Sharp

    The new H1B bill is going to be introduced in the Congress that is supposed to increase minimum salary to 100K and also to revoke the 20K quota for Master’s and phd. My question is, if the bill is passed, (very bright chances as Republicans have thumping majority in both the houses) would this bill affect the 2018 H1B CAP (2017 lottery) or will this be implemented for 2019 CAP i.e, 2018 lottery? Any thoughts?

      1. Numish

        2 Companies that is banned by uscis and Department of Labor in USA is EBS MINDS (ebsminds) and iEratech. Both these companies charge around USD 4000 for processing H1B Visa and when not picked in lottery or RFE comes up, they refuse to refund even partially the Visa charges they have colleced, leaving the applicants in a lurch. I personally lodged a complaint and glad to see that Manmohan Akkavaram, Brijesh Vyas and Raghu MUTUKULA will be procecuted by the US Government. Thanks to all your website for hosting this review and 100s of other applicants who have compalint against companies like this.

        See below of other such companies with Debarment period: 4/4/2015 to 4/3/2019:

        Advanced Professional Marketing, Inc
        Ebs minds
        Anthony Information Technology Inc
        Global Telecom Corp
        Gunderson Sweetwater
        NYVA Soft Inc
        Orian Engineers Inc
        Northern California Universal Enterprise Corporation (NCUE)
        Prithvi Information Solution International, LLC
        RMJM Group Inc
        Scopus Consulting Group Inc
        Sirsai Inc
        Space Age Inc
        Tekseed Solutions
        Xcel Solutions Corp
        Riedstra Dairy Ltd

  13. H1B2K18

    What will be the impact if the bill on “increasing min wages to $100K and eliminate the Masters Degree exemption” get passed?

    1. Mohan Kiran

      I did Only B.Tech and i heard the latest news that Masters Degree is must and should to apply a h1b visa. Is this correct so will i am eligible then with normal B.Tech Degree.

        1. H1B2K18


          Is tat true? I thought it meant, min requirement for H1B will be those who hold a Master’s Degree and those – B.E , B.Tech..etc cant apply for it

          1. RX

            that is a wrong info. What they proposed in the bill is that remove the Masters degree quota (whoever completed Masters from US university). Currently there is a 20K visas allotted to them.

    2. 3rd_Time_Lets_See

      If that happens then it will not be feasible to have so many people onsite for companies but still there will be visas but only for selected roles which can be billed high.

    3. Ramsay Bolton: Our Blades Are Sharp

      80% of the candidates would be ineligible. There won’t be even the need for lottery because the application would be obviously less than 85000.

    1. Numish

      2 Companies that is banned by uscis and Department of Labor in USA is EBS MINDS (ebsminds) and iEratech. Both these companies charge around USD 4000 for processing H1B Visa and when not picked in lottery or RFE comes up, they refuse to refund even partially the Visa charges they have colleced, leaving the applicants in a lurch. I personally lodged a complaint and glad to see that Manmohan Akkavaram, Brijesh Vyas and Raghu MUTUKULA will be procecuted by the US Government. Thanks to all your website for hosting this review and 100s of other applicants who have compalint against companies like this.

      See below of other such companies with Debarment period: 4/4/2015 to 4/3/2019:

      Advanced Professional Marketing, Inc
      Ebs minds
      Anthony Information Technology Inc
      Global Telecom Corp
      Gunderson Sweetwater
      NYVA Soft Inc
      Orian Engineers Inc
      Northern California Universal Enterprise Corporation (NCUE)
      Prithvi Information Solution International, LLC
      RMJM Group Inc
      Scopus Consulting Group Inc
      Sirsai Inc
      Space Age Inc
      Tekseed Solutions
      Xcel Solutions Corp
      Riedstra Dairy Ltd

    1. administrator

      Well, we need to wait and see what Trump would do after he becomes president. It is very unlikely that they will remove H1B, all they may do is make rules strict and change cap count…again, this is pure speculation on the possibilities. We just need to wait and see…

    1. Think

      for a person who probably will apply for an H1B visa, you seem to be a little bit “slow thinking”… just to be kind with you.

    1. H1B_2nd Time

      Not yet buddy….Last year also they ask employees to initiate H1B’s in March end.
      I will assume the same trend goes for this year as well.

      1. Raees

        I am sure it will be less this year… Am also betting that there might not be a lottery
        Lot of consultants are not ready to process any new H1’s as they are scared of an Audit.. Also the BIG 3 from India might go slow in processing of H1’s …. As Kumar mentioned, all this is again speculation and everything would be clear after 20th of Jan when Mr Trump would become Mr President

  14. Anamika

    Hello Guys,

    I got my visa stamped in Sept 2016 but unfortunately no project there till April 17.

    If I go for Transfer do I need to pay any amount ?

    or Do I need to go through the interview process again ?

    1. H1/L1 Helper

      First question? Did you pay for the first time?

      You never pay any money for H1. It is paid by Employer. If your Visa is stamped and you are still out side of US then also you can transfer. In other or Clear words, you can change employer out side of US also and that new employer will file Petition under cap exempt. I guess you may need to go to stamping and interview again.(Not 100% sure about repeat stamping and interview)

    2. Anamika

      I got my visa stamped in Sept 2016 but unfortunately no project there till April 17. – can’t help !

      If I go for Transfer do I need to pay any amount ? – I? not you but your employer surely have to, to transfer petition.

      or Do I need to go through the interview process again ? – NO.

    1. H1B_2nd Time

      There is no advantage in terms of lottery process or visa approval.

      However, only thing is the processing of your petition is much faster and processed than RP applications.

      Moreover in both the cases, you will only able to travel to US only in Oct’17.

    1. administrator

      I highly suspect that the numbers could reduce due to demonetization. It may go up or down with the new presidency and their immigration stance…

  15. Lottery Theory

    I was unselected in last year’s lottery. That was my first and last try. I already have a green card now. I’m happy I don’t have to go through the lottery ever again. Good luck to all. Make sure you have a back up plan.

        1. CTS 3rd time - H1B 2018

          Has CTS started sending mails (Automated mails) to enter the details from the Global Mobility?
          Last year by this time, we got the mails already.

          1. CTS_GUY

            Are mails being sent for everyone at once or is it unit wise ? I am from QEA and have not received it, is there anyone from QEA who has received it?

  16. Rahul

    Can Someone advise about cap exempt H1B. ie for IT jobs in US universites. How far is it easy/difficult to find jobs ? for 2018 season.(April 2017 application)

  17. Yash


    I shall be starting my master’s program in 2017 and shall graduate in 2019.

    Therefore, I shall have 3 tries at the lottery under advanced quota (I’m STEM.)

    What is my cumulative probability of getting a H1B?

    1. Anonymous

      Avoid states. Last year probability was close to 55%.
      Assuming probability remains same for three years, probability = 1 – .45*.45*.45 = 91% approx.
      9% is not a small number. 9% of 100k students is 9000 which is not small either. I have tried 4 times in masters quota and didn’t get h1b yet. You could be lucky and get through lottery in first attempt but its getting tougher every season.

    1. administrator

      It has been quiet for sometime. Do not see much activity happening with H1B aspects of CIR lately.

          1. Shoba

            Can you guys please let me know your consultants/H1B sponsors name and contact details??

            I am looking for genuine H1B sponsors.

            Thanks in Advance.

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