H1B Visa 2018 News, Lottery, Fee, Predictions

This page is constantly updated with latest news, info, FAQs on current H1B 2018 season. Below are some topics, FAQs covered on this page.

  • Start of  H1B Visa 2018 season ?
  • H1B Quota for FY 2018 ?
  • H1B visa 2018 Lottery Predictions ?
  • Plan for H1B FY 2018 Application ?
  • Find Visa Sponsors for H1B 2018 ?
  • H1B Visa 2018 Fee ?
  • H1B 2018 Lottery Results
  • H1B 2018 Petitions  Tracker – Crowdsourced
  • New President Trump Administration Impact on H1B Visa 2018 Quota?
  • Latest News updates of H1B FY 2018

If this is your first year of H1B visa filing, you must read What is H1B Visa, Requirements, Process . Not to scare you, Last year, there was lottery for H1B season and for FY 2017 USCIS received 236,000 applications .

When does H1B Visa 2018 Season Start ?
Update : USCIS accepted H1B Petitions for FY 2018 starting from April 3rd, 2017 until April 7th. They updated that H1B Cap was reached on April 7th, 2017. 
Typically, USCIS accepts H1B petitions for next fiscal year starting from April 1st. So, for FY 2018, the start date for accepting applications would be April 1st, 2017.  But, for FY 2018 season, April 1st falls on a Saturday, so USCIS will accept applications starting from Monday, April 3rd, 2017.   If you were wondering why called 2018, when in 2017, it is the fiscal year dates that dictate that. USCIS fiscal year is from October 1st to March 30th. So, technically the fiscal year for 2018 starts from October 1st and they accept petitions for the same 6 months before the start date and it would be April 1st, 2017.  You may read USCIS Press release for H1B 2017 Start Date 

What is H1B 2018 Quota ? Regular Cap vs Master’s Cap Quota ? 
Update : USCIS confirmed the below quota cap numbers in latest press release for FY 2018. 
To get some background, read H1B Quota – Regular vs Masters .  There have been many speculations on increasing the H1B Cap due to extremely high demand and bills proposed for the same in the past, nothing made it through. As of writing of this article, below is the H1B cap quota. We will keep this article updated as new changes come in.  The total H1B Quota as of today is 85,000 and it is split like below.

Regular H1B Quota  65,000
Master’s H1B Quota ( Only US Masters Degree Eligible) 20,000

Out of the above 85,000 quota, 6,800 are set aside for Singapore and Chile citizens as part of the free trade agreement between them. Also, check out the article with history of maximum H1B Cap from 1990 to 2017 

H1B 2018 Lottery Predictions ? 
It used to be a speculation whether we would have lottery in previous years, but in the past 4 years, lottery has become common. It is very likely that we would have lottery aka random selection for H1B 2018 season.  We have been writing predictions over the years and all of them have been accurate so far. Check out our H1B Visa 2018  Lottery Predictions – Data Analysis  to get an idea on how many H1B petitions you can expect for this fiscal year.

Update : USCIS Received 199,000 H1B petitions for fiscal year 2018.  H1B Lottery was conducted on April 11th, 2017.

Are you planning for next fiscal year, Read  H1B Visa 2019 – Lottery Date, News, FAQs 

When to plan for H1B 2018 Application – What should be your strategy ?
It is never too late to start planning…Depending on your situation, you may fall in one of the below categories and the suggestions are described below.

  • F1 Student in USA : If you are studying on F1 visa and about to graduate in next one year, you should seriously look at finding an internship or co-op at companies that can sponsor your H1B visa. You can search for H1B Sponsors in a particular area using our H1B Sponsors Search Tool and try to get an internship to work there on CPT or OPT after you graduate. This is a strategic move and will require sometime, so plan well.
  • Working Professional from outside USA : If you are a working professional outside US, planning to work in US, especially  on H1B visa, your best bet is to find Multinational companies ( MNCs) that have major US presence and secure a job there, so that you can position internally for applying to H1B visa, when the season starts. This is a very strategic decision, you need to carefully assess your options, speak to the company if such options exist and then only choose it. There may be many people already in-line for these visas, you need to plan carefully so that you are given a slot in the company’s filing for your next season application.
  • Other H4, L1 Visas :  If you are on these visas living in USA, your best bet is to find companies just like I mentioned for F1 students that sponsor H1B visas and start interviewing and keeping the conversation going so that you can ask them to file H1B when the season starts.

For FY 2017, we have put together a Step by Step Plan on How to apply for H1B 2017 Quota, it gives a guideline on the planning and what steps exists.

How to find H1B Visa Sponsor for FY 2018 quota ?
This is probably the most asked question by everyone. It can be a tricky decision, you need be very careful to avoid fraud.

  • If you are student in the US, it is very straight forward, you find the list of H1B Sponsoring companies using the tool in an area as I mentioned above and get an internship in one of them so that they can sponsor your H1B visa.
  • If you are professional planning to arrive in US from outside America,  it can be really tricky.  If you work for an Multinational company ( MNC), then they will have some internal process to pick the candidates and then process H1B visa for them…The other option that has been used and abused is the consulting companies route…Many a times, the H1B aspirants approach a body shop IT consulting company to file H1B for them and they apply for the same. It gets nasty with the body shop consulting companies.  The comments on this H1B Companies Reviews article are quite eye opening. I advise, you beware of the consulting companies and avoid fraud.
  • Also, WE as RedBus2US do NOT provide any guidance or assistance or sponsor anything. If someone claims that, it is pure fraud and they are trying to trick you, we are not responsible for that. Please be careful

We have an article that we wrote for previous season, you may read article How to find H1B 2017 Sponsors to find out various options.

What is H1B Visa 2018 Fee ? How much does it cost for the company ? 

The H1B fee varies by the size of the company..As of FY 2017 season, it can range anywhere from $1,600 USD to $7,400 USD + Attorney Fee. On December 23, 2016 , USCIS increased the H1B fee component of base filing fees, which was $325. The below table is updated with the latest fee updates from USCIS.  There are various fees components that make up this number range, for more details Read Summary of H1B Filing Fee 2017 – Who pays for What ? . Below is a high level summary from FY 2017 quota.  If any changes, we will update this accordingly.

H1B Fee Component Fee in USD
 Base filing fee $460
AICWA Fee $750  or $1,500
Fraud prevent & detection fee $500
Fee based on Public Law 114-113 ( if applicable) $4000
Premium processing fee (Optional) $1,225
Immigration Attorney Fee Varies from $500 to $3000

H1B 2018 Lottery Results – Checks Cashed, Receipts : 
One of the most asked questions is when will I get to know the lottery result for my petition. Well, this depends on many factors and there is no set SLA or date.  To put things in perspective,  last year, USCIS did a news alert indicating that they have returned all the rejected H1B petitions on July 8th, 2017. So, you can expect the last date for receiving final lottery decision around mid July 2017. …As we had about same number of petitions filed for FY 2018, it may be slightly earlier or even later in July or even early August 2017…  Few of the ways you would know, if you are selected in lottery is that, if the check that was filed with your H1B petition was cashed, or your employer gets the actual physical receipt notice in mail to them. If you filed under US masters quota, SEVIS update is another indication that you were selected in H1B lottery for FY 2018.  Ideally, your receipt numbers should arrive within 1 to 2 months…but, you never know, until you get a reject notice to be sure !

H1B 2018 Case Tracker  :
Did you apply for FY 2018 ?  With premium processing suspended, it is quite hard for applicants to know the general status of everyone to understand their situation. We have put together a tracker along with good graphs for analysis. It is completely anonymous as we do not capture your case number or any personal information. It is community contributed data, the more you add, the better for everyone, including  You !

Track your H1B Case

Anonymously Track your H1B Case - Share and Get updated from Community.

New President Trump Administration Impact on H1B Visa 2018 Quota?

We do not know, if this news release is directed by Trump administration or not…but, on April 3rd, 2017 the start date of H1B season, there were set of new announcements made by USCIS to report and prevent abuse of H1B program. Check out USCIS New measures to report, prevent H1B Fraud  . Besides this, as of the today ( article updated date), nothing has been officially ordered or specifically implemented by New President Trump Administration. There are many speculations on how H1B program will become tougher with higher wages, quota limits, etc… but, nothing has been officially signed. We will update the article as new updates come in.

Various H1B Bills  in US House and Senate  – Will they be passed for FY 2018 ?
There are few bills that are introduced in 2017 and at various stages in both house and senate. There are many confusions regarding the same bills like the minimum wage will go up to $130,000 USD, etc.  Fact is that nothing has passed and there are very slim chances for them to get passed before start of FY 2018 season. You can check H1B Bills Tracker to get more details on current status. We will keep the article updated as new things are passed.

Latest News about H1B 2018 Season 
High Level Latest News for FY 2018 is listed below. But, all the Latest News are tracked on our H1B 2018 News and Updates Tracker Page. Check out below.

H1B 2018 - Latest News Updates

Most recent and complete history of all latest breaking news updates from Official sources like USCIS and Unofficial sources for FY 2018 Season.

Are you planning for FY 2018 quota ?  What are your questions ? Add your thoughts.

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Comments ( 12,717 )


    Hey guys.. anybody from EY Law LLP here ? Still waiting for update .. I know it is over thu… Non AD/Vermont..

  2. bal log inc ammerput

    One of the 3 application was got the approval and the other 2 out of the 3 get the RFE. Will I be geten into any prob?

    Consultancy says, there is not any prob for the approved recieved case. Is it true. ?

    1. peterpain

      You are good, as long as you fly to the US within the next 30 days. Make sure to bring proof of the 3 applications to show the immigration official.

  3. Truly Indian

    If you are really a talented and have some skill, then You are needed in India for better future of Country.

    if you are dumb , USA doesn’t want you to spoil their Country.

    in Both ways , you are no more needed in USA, seat at home and develop some willingness to do something for india.

    Trump should reject all your applications and send you back to India.

    All countries should ban immigrations for jobs and allow only tourists.

    1. KnowYourHistory

      I guess Germany, England, Ireland, Scotland, France, etc. would be very happy about their ancestors being send back to their origin countries for a better future in Europe. And finally the native First Nations will be really happy to only welcome them as tourists in the future!

      Question is always where you draw the line for someone being (or wanna be) American or living the American dream. Immigration to America seemed rather simple in the 19th century compared to the lottery approach in its current form 😉

  4. DXC

    not sure what it is and will it delay ????

    Case Was Transferred And A New Office Has Jurisdiction

    Next Steps
    Next upcoming event
    We will assign your case to an officer. We will review your case and mail you our decision. If we need more information, we will notify you.

    1. Ram

      No it doesn’t. It’s just transferring of load amount the service center. It enables faster processing. Don’t worry about this. This is a usual procedure followed for few cases every year.

      1. H4ToH12018

        Hi Ram,

        The approvals for EACs are happening at a faster rate as compared to WACs. Then the Un processed EACs are being transferred to WAC center. Guess the EACs are given a priority. How long would the approval process take 🙁 . What is the order they follow for processing of applications ?

  5. Name Not Updated

    Got Update from Attorney Today for the receipt number , when I check it online it says “Name was Updated” , Anyone know what it is ?

    1. Ram

      If your name was spelt wrongly in your receipt notice, a request is raised to update it. May be, your name was spelt wrongly and your Attorney updated it. This status shows that your name was updated correctly. You can clarify it with your Attorney regarding this. There is nothing to worry !

    1. Vicky

      No,it means uscis is so glad that u applied and for talented people like you they are considering application without fee.so,celebrate. .you are going to get red carpet welcome with free bzns class ticket.

    2. Vicky

      No,it means uscis is so glad that u applied and for talented people like you they are considering application without fee.so,celebrate. .you are going to get red carpet welcome with free bzns class ticket

      1. Pb

        Please stop​ teasing people when they ask for something. If ur nt ready to help them please leave. People who are in frushtation will be searching for these kind of forum to get info.

    3. PlanB

      Go for Plan B, I think it’s better not to keep leaving it to luck(lottery system). It was my first attempt I got extremely lucky to get selected but I already had a Plan B because sending out only one application and seeing that how people cheat by sending so many applications I thought that I don’t stand a chance so I was not expecting much and I had my Plan B in motion, it still is in case something unfortunate happens. I would suggest you do the same as reading stories of people not getting lucky even after 5th time really makes me sad so just don’t leave it to luck, always have a backup.

      1. Professor's manservant

        You don’t have to be an English professor to know “does anyone has received updates?” is wrong. Should just have paid attention in middle-school. I am tired of seeing “replay instead of reply”, “common instead of come on”, and “loose for lose” so many times in one forum.

  6. Transfer Cases Again

    Last month they transferred about 7000 cases from Vermont to California (Series 136 to 139). Today they started again with 148 series being transferred (1500 cases may be).

    Source: worktheme.com


    Today my case status updated as below, does this transfer will delay the processing of case and decision??

    Case Transferred To Another Office:
    On May 19, 2017, we transferred your Form I-129, Petition for a Nonimmigrant Worker, Receipt Number EAC1714550XXX, to another office for processing and sent you a transfer notice. The notice explains why we transferred your case. Please follow the instructions in the notice. If you do not receive your notice by June 18, 2017, please go to www.uscis.gov/e-request to request a copy of the notice. If you move, go to www.uscis.gov/addresschange to give us your new mailing address.

    1. USUALLY NOT - Don't freak out

      That question’s also been asked 100 times. And the answer is (confirmed by immigrationgirl.com/she’s a lawyer and must know it):


      1. USUALLY NOT - Don't freak out

        In fact – It would be slower in processing if they would keep it in Vermont as they obviously have more cases than they can handle there. So relax.

    1. Another​ TCSer, Hyd

      Just got an update from FDFU that Corporate team is holding results and we can expect them by end of this month in phases!

      1. YourFellowTCSer

        Corporate Team ??? …. I guess this should be an wrong info. We got the first List on Tuesday and we had 5 people selected from my account. Please talk to you GL to know some update.

  8. CG

    Got RFE today…. Im unlucky although my petition is selected in lottery. Is there any chance that it can get approved and any time lines for the RFE status change?

    1. Ram

      Don’t worry. Once your Attorney get the RFE notice, we will know what they have asked for. If the right documentation is submitted, it will get approved. Usually you get 90 days to respond to RFE.

  9. NonAD/100k+/VSC

    Hello Friends,

    As my attorney mentioned, if not by end of this week, I can assume I’m out.

    So bidding adios to all until (if) we meet again next year!

    Congratulations to all who made it through and best of luck to all who couldn’t.

    No more refreshing forum pages and mail box every hour!!

    1. Ram

      Hi buddy, don’t worry.. may be you can start trying alternate visas or different country. Good luck 👍Talent finds places always

  10. 3rd Time Lucky but RFE !!

    Received RFE for my case today ☹️
    NonAD/VT, Dallas, Big-4.
    Still waiting for info on RFE from Employer !!

      1. Worried

        Oh God, now i am getting worried. I thought that if you have provided all the needed documents and your case is genuine (same possition as speciality occupation) you wont get RFE. I know you guys have not recieved the notice yet but wht do u think could be the reason of RFE?

        1. Ram

          There is nothing to worry about. We can wait and see what the RFE is about. If we present the right documentation for the question asked, I am sure it can be cleared!

    1. NONAD/VT


      May we know if this updated in your myuscis account or you’ve just updated by your attorney/employer?

      Thank you.

  11. dixon

    One of my colleague filed at-least 4 petitions from different desi agency(by paying them) and 1 from my employer, he got 2 agencies application picked and also the one from the employer, I was talking to him and asked him to somehow withdraw the agencies petitions but he is not willing to do that or even care about it.
    Now I am pissed(obviously) that he is wasting so much resources where other could have benefited by those.
    How do I find his agencies names and report those to USCIS as he paid them for h1b.

    1. DontAllowDuplicates

      I am surprised USCIS can’t check in their system and eliminate duplicate applications by name or ID #, and then perform the lottery. Maybe there would be no need to perform a lottery selection if duplicate applications were removed.

  12. Query

    Asking the same question again. Can anyone respond please. AD – Received receipt number from Employer / Attorney 4 weeks back, shows up in USCIS, but SEVIS is not updated when checked with university. Is this normal?

    1. Yes... it's normal, don't freak out

      Yes… that question’s been asked 100 times. Yes, there can be delays in updating SEVIS. You got picked and the update is just a matter of time.

      1. Query

        Why do you have to be rude? I am new to this website and wanted to know about it. If you are unhappy with something else, i am sorry for that.

        1. @Query

          Sorry, if you thought it was rude. With a firm answer I just wanted to assure you, nothings wrong with your case 🙂

        2. #UDontDeserveH1B


          Dont you know how to google for answers for such questions and you call yourself in specialty people. Maybe you dont deserve H1B. Even if you are new to this website have some sense to go through the posts thats been posted on this website. And I am not writing this post because I am unhappy with something else. I am writing this post because people like you should do their research before posting.

    1. HappyNews

      I just got an update from ISG today saying my application was selected in lottery and they are waiting for the receipt number. All the best to others.

  13. cheque cashed no receipt yet ?

    Hi All ,

    My Attorney is telling that the cheque is cashed but they havent received receipt. They have been telling this for quite some time now .

    Is it possible for so much delay in the receipt of details . They are denying to find the number from the cheque .

    1. Ram

      Do know when the check was encashed? If it’s April last week, u can wait for another week or not. If it’s earlier, then you must ask your attorney/employer to check with USCIS for the receipt notice.

  14. CTS_Kolkata

    Did anyome from CTS received any update?
    How to check if your petition was submitted and picked in lottery. Is it game over for CTS?
    Who can provide an update?

  15. ImpQuestion

    Hello All,

    I got an Approval notice from my lawyer for my WAC/AD/CA receipt on 15th may. Online my receipt status still shows case was received. Should I be worried now that I have a receipt number in hand ?

      1. Random

        That means that your petition has been approved. I’ve heard cases where USCIS is yet to update it. Wait for a few days and it should show up. In my case, USCIS reflected the approval of the status within a day, but my law firm hasn’t updated it on the portal. It’s all random

          1. STILLWAITING

            You can’t. You need your receipt number to check your case status. Seemed obvious. :\

  16. Query

    What happens to those seats when a multiple application for a candidate gets selected? After the person rejects one of the seat, will USCIS allot that to another person who was not picked in the lottery?
    Something is not correct here..

    1. Ram

      No buddy, it doesn’t happen. Once a lottery picked petition is withdrawn (candidate rejecting a seat) or rejected by USCIS, it’s just wasted. It’s not allocated to anyone else.

    1. TCS - Hyd

      Please don’t play here again after a lot of frustration (As TCSers are still waiting for the results while others discussing about the Approval/RFE/Denial). If you feel giving information here is public, you can post in any of the H1B Visa communities in Knome(This will be with in TCS). Below Community is recently created and strictly for H1B visa status, Transfer and Amendments. No Job postings you will see there. I prefer you to post it here.

      H1B Visa – Q&A

      1. TCSer

        Relax Bro, I got an email from GL. I have been following this community since a long time, so thought I might help. BTW, I am from TCS Mumbai.

      1. YourFellowTCSer

        Dude…I guess this is your first time applying from TCS :-))..Be cool..Initial results are out and around 400 people are shared in than list.. please talk to your GL.

  17. FY-2017: Still many Cases not touched: But FY-2018 is in progress :-(

    Hi Saurabh/Kumar,

    Could you share your opinion on FY-2016 Pending cases, There are around 400+ ‘Case Was Received’ cases, those are not yet touched keeping it 14 months of marathon wait, However FY-2018 is in progress and people are getting Approval. But this is on Justice for the FY-2017 aspirants?
    What is your thoughts on this? Thanks

      1. FY-2017: Still many Cases not touched: But FY-2018 is in progress :-(

        Company Raised couple of them and Employer say they can’t track them 🙁
        Applicant cant do anything on this.

  18. 240 days


    I applied for ext. last year may 2016, I am going to reach my 240 days after I-94 expired – in few days. Since premium is stopped, unable to convert into premium. My status is currently “rfe response is received.” Anybody in same boat? Is there a chance to get approval, before 240 days are reached?

  19. Moving on

    Can anyone please provide a suggestion? I haven’t received my receipt number yet and so I lost hope. I’m trying to switch jobs now and giving interviews. Do I need to wait till I receive return packet from USCIS before changing employer or I can switch right away? I’m thinking if there will be any complications if my current holding my returm packet

    1. Ram

      In just a couple of weeks we would know the result. You go ahead attend interviews n get offer. Mean while, you will know the result. After that you can decide what to do.

    1. Ram

      If your name has been spelt wrongly, your Attorney would have raised a request to update your name. Once it is done, the status changes to name was updated. It’s just a normal process! No worries:)

  20. Unknown

    My company applied for 156 people and got result for 57 people , my name not there , everyone is saying that’s all now there wnt b any chance , I am a 3rd timer , very tough to get in such a less number , luck plays everything , better they take away this lottery system , it’s frustrating


      That is mathematically correct. 1 in 3 people get selected. 150 to 50 seems about right. Yes it is true lottery and however we may hate it, it is how it has been. Hope they stop multiple applications. That is one of the reason a lot of people dont get it.

    1. Tcs_Chn

      TCS mgmt. is not at all revealing the status. I contacted the rmg still they are saying waiting for the results only come to know by month end

    1. Reply_NONAD_WAC

      Looks only ppl who got receipts from Vermont center got their approval notice as well. I dont hear any of my friends from California center

    1. Game_is_Over_But_False_Hope

      Game over
      I checked with my consultant.Any application not picked beyond may 15th is “game over”.Between I read in some online forums,some lottery notifications may happen till 1st week of June”

  21. Modi

    Capgemini visa team is going to update the assignment pro for the returned package or going to send mail? Anybody got returned information updated in assignment pro?

  22. Denial Processing Rules

    Can we be able tochallenge the denied petion even after the 30 day deadline period from the date the notice sent ?

  23. Prachi_H1B_Collabera

    Hello All,

    Anybody Non-AD who applied through Collabera.

    Anybody here who got the receipts / rejections / any sort of updates?

    Please Share.


      1. CollaberaGuy

        I am trying to contact all the people that I know at Collabera, and strangely, every single one has switched off their phone!! I’m waiting to know at least what happened to the petition.

  24. denial questions

    1) Iam MCA as masters degree and B.sc Computers as a Bachelors degree, They asked how my education is related to aoocupation
    2) currently my client agreed to give me an assurance of 7 months (as the current month is may). They cannot asure 3 years and saying it cant be given now contracts will be renewed for every year. But USCIS says they cany approve with an estimation of work rather they need assurance for 3 yrs from client. Can i use the 7 months client letter and file the MTR ?
    3) Uscis want them to prove the speciality occupation which Iam going to work with client

    With these many hurdles is it a wise decision to go ahead with the petition for MTR ?

    1. You got a difficult case!

      First of all – did you apply this year for FY2018? If so, this is an RFE then, no? Look for a good lawyer and collect the right documents and I guess there won’t be problems.

      If you got picked last year and got the denial notice now OR this year and got the notice after replying to the RFE:
      I think no one here can give you a correct answer about MTR or not – your case seems very complex. You basically got 3! RFE matters and you/lawyer don’t seem to have answered any of them to their satisfaction. 7 months is not enough at all – they need a PROVE that you have work for ALL 3 years. That alone is probably the biggest problem of all and unless your employer can’t prove work for 3 years I wouldn’t go through MTR – let alone you got 2 other matters that need to be FULLY explained to their satisfaction. Tough one…

      1. Mine is last Years Cap

        I applied in 2016. 2 RFEs already and went to denail after the second RFE. Its my problem going ahead with this consultancy. All the dreams shattered. In denial notice he mentioned that he cannot approve with a proof that they may get work in future. They need a solid assurance it seems. Will the idea of 7 months work assurance work now ?

    2. More questions

      Your questions seems to be rudimentary. Your attorney should have created your package taking all these things into account at the time of filing.
      1. What occupation are you into?

      2. It is difficult for a client to give a timeline assurance – budget dependent. But you can request your client to mention something on lines of “with a possibility of extension”, in the client letter. BTW petitions are also approved for a year, 3 years is not mandatory.

      However, as you are going to raise MTR it is essential your responses are in sync with your RFE responses.

      Try your luck !

      1. Is certification mandatory ?

        Is the certification on Java mandatory in order to prove that Iam eligible for the speciality occupation ? Is it an add on ? or its mandatory ? BTW If I get 7 months assurance from client since its May already, I think 3 months would already gone by the time when its gets approved. There may be less than 4 months for me before I go to US in order to get Extension. I feel many hurdles. Dont think its better to go ahead. Lottery has gone waste. very sad.

  25. usaknr

    I am planning to change my employer. When that change of employer petition is approved of pending, can my H4 dependents outside US can travel with same old VISA (stamped with previous employer and visa still valid) or need to get stamped again if petition is approved or will have any issues at POE if petition is pending?
    Please advice…

      1. usaknr

        Thanks for quick response, as I already planned my dependents travel, was in dilemma, now will go ahead as per my plans, i cannot postpone my dependents travel

    1. Yes you can

      @ usaknr

      I have one example of one of my friends dependant travelled on old employers visa stamp while the employee already has new employer petition approved and he joined job also.

        1. H4

          Yes u can travel. I am on H4 I have travelled to US in the same case. Make sure to carry the current petition. I was not asked for it though.if the current petition expiry date is greater than the visa stamp u can ask the immigration officer for the i94 till the latest petition

  26. The days are slow

    To request the “Expedite Criteria” is it necessary that the petition be approved, or can you apply first?

  27. Hyd

    For all applicants not Picked in Lottery, wondering if you’ll be hired at your location?? I’m first timer and I was promised that no matter the results I’ll be working at CG-FS, any experiences of what should I expect?? thanks

    1. Worried


      You from hydrabad, I was visit chilkuru venkateshwar swami temple (visa venkateshwar) before applying H1B this year, but still no update from lottery . Is this real thing if people visit this temple n lottery picked 💯 sure??

    1. Tom

      You’re already looking for a miracle. Legally speaking you can still get a receipt notice, but chances are slim to none.

      1. AP

        So does it mean people have started getting rejections? Even I am waiting on this and lawer and school are not saying anything.

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