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H1B Visa 2018 – News, Quota, Cap, Lottery Results, FAQs

This page is constantly updated with latest news, info, FAQs on current H1B 2018 season. Below are some topics, FAQs covered on this page.

  • Start of  H1B Visa 2018 season ?
  • H1B Quota for FY 2018 ?
  • H1B visa 2018 Lottery Predictions ?
  • Plan for H1B FY 2018 Application ?
  • Find Visa Sponsors for H1B 2018 ?
  • H1B Visa 2018 Fee ?
  • H1B 2018 Lottery Results
  • H1B 2018 Petitions  Tracker – Crowdsourced
  • New President Trump Administration Impact on H1B Visa 2018 Quota?
  • Latest News updates of H1B FY 2018

H1B 2018, 2019 Season is over, H1B 2020 Season Starts on April 1st, 2019.  Check out H1B Visa 2020 – Start Date, Fee, Lottery – FAQs 

If this is your first year of H1B visa filing, you must read What is H1B Visa, Requirements, Process . Not to scare you, Last year, there was lottery for H1B season and for FY 2017 USCIS received 236,000 applications .

When does H1B Visa 2018 Season Start ?
Update : USCIS accepted H1B Petitions for FY 2018 starting from April 3rd, 2017 until April 7th. They updated that H1B Cap was reached on April 7th, 2017. 
Typically, USCIS accepts H1B petitions for next fiscal year starting from April 1st. So, for FY 2018, the start date for accepting applications would be April 1st, 2017.  But, for FY 2018 season, April 1st falls on a Saturday, so USCIS will accept applications starting from Monday, April 3rd, 2017.   If you were wondering why called 2018, when in 2017, it is the fiscal year dates that dictate that. USCIS fiscal year is from October 1st to March 30th. So, technically the fiscal year for 2018 starts from October 1st and they accept petitions for the same 6 months before the start date and it would be April 1st, 2017.  You may read USCIS Press release for H1B 2017 Start Date 

What is H1B 2018 Quota ? Regular Cap vs Master’s Cap Quota ? 
Update : USCIS confirmed the below quota cap numbers in latest press release for FY 2018. 
To get some background, read H1B Quota – Regular vs Masters .  There have been many speculations on increasing the H1B Cap due to extremely high demand and bills proposed for the same in the past, nothing made it through. As of writing of this article, below is the H1B cap quota. We will keep this article updated as new changes come in.  The total H1B Quota as of today is 85,000 and it is split like below.

Regular H1B Quota  65,000
Master’s H1B Quota ( Only US Masters Degree Eligible) 20,000

Out of the above 85,000 quota, 6,800 are set aside for Singapore and Chile citizens as part of the free trade agreement between them. Also, check out the article with history of maximum H1B Cap from 1990 to 2017 

H1B 2018 Lottery Predictions ? 
It used to be a speculation whether we would have lottery in previous years, but in the past 4 years, lottery has become common. It is very likely that we would have lottery aka random selection for H1B 2018 season.  We have been writing predictions over the years and all of them have been accurate so far. Check out our H1B Visa 2018  Lottery Predictions – Data Analysis  to get an idea on how many H1B petitions you can expect for this fiscal year.

Update : USCIS Received 199,000 H1B petitions for fiscal year 2018.  H1B Lottery was conducted on April 11th, 2017.

Are you planning for next fiscal year, Read  H1B Visa 2019 – Lottery Date, News, FAQs 

When to plan for H1B 2018 Application – What should be your strategy ?
It is never too late to start planning…Depending on your situation, you may fall in one of the below categories and the suggestions are described below.

  • F1 Student in USA : If you are studying on F1 visa and about to graduate in next one year, you should seriously look at finding an internship or co-op at companies that can sponsor your H1B visa. You can search for H1B Sponsors in a particular area using our H1B Sponsors Search Tool and try to get an internship to work there on CPT or OPT after you graduate. This is a strategic move and will require sometime, so plan well.
  • Working Professional from outside USA : If you are a working professional outside US, planning to work in US, especially  on H1B visa, your best bet is to find Multinational companies ( MNCs) that have major US presence and secure a job there, so that you can position internally for applying to H1B visa, when the season starts. This is a very strategic decision, you need to carefully assess your options, speak to the company if such options exist and then only choose it. There may be many people already in-line for these visas, you need to plan carefully so that you are given a slot in the company’s filing for your next season application.
  • Other H4, L1 Visas :  If you are on these visas living in USA, your best bet is to find companies just like I mentioned for F1 students that sponsor H1B visas and start interviewing and keeping the conversation going so that you can ask them to file H1B when the season starts.

For FY 2017, we have put together a Step by Step Plan on How to apply for H1B 2017 Quota, it gives a guideline on the planning and what steps exists.

How to find H1B Visa Sponsor for FY 2018 quota ?
This is probably the most asked question by everyone. It can be a tricky decision, you need be very careful to avoid fraud.

  • If you are student in the US, it is very straight forward, you find the list of H1B Sponsoring companies using the tool in an area as I mentioned above and get an internship in one of them so that they can sponsor your H1B visa.
  • If you are professional planning to arrive in US from outside America,  it can be really tricky.  If you work for an Multinational company ( MNC), then they will have some internal process to pick the candidates and then process H1B visa for them…The other option that has been used and abused is the consulting companies route…Many a times, the H1B aspirants approach a body shop IT consulting company to file H1B for them and they apply for the same. It gets nasty with the body shop consulting companies.  The comments on this H1B Companies Reviews article are quite eye opening. I advise, you beware of the consulting companies and avoid fraud.
  • Also, WE as RedBus2US do NOT provide any guidance or assistance or sponsor anything. If someone claims that, it is pure fraud and they are trying to trick you, we are not responsible for that. Please be careful

We have an article that we wrote for previous season, you may read article How to find H1B 2017 Sponsors to find out various options.

What is H1B Visa 2018 Fee ? How much does it cost for the company ? 

The H1B fee varies by the size of the company..As of FY 2017 season, it can range anywhere from $1,600 USD to $7,400 USD + Attorney Fee. On December 23, 2016 , USCIS increased the H1B fee component of base filing fees, which was $325. The below table is updated with the latest fee updates from USCIS.  There are various fees components that make up this number range, for more details Read Summary of H1B Filing Fee 2017 – Who pays for What ? . Below is a high level summary from FY 2017 quota.  If any changes, we will update this accordingly.

H1B Fee Component Fee in USD
 Base filing fee $460
AICWA Fee $750  or $1,500
Fraud prevent & detection fee $500
Fee based on Public Law 114-113 ( if applicable) $4000
Premium processing fee (Optional) $1,225
Immigration Attorney Fee Varies from $500 to $3000

H1B 2018 Lottery Results – Checks Cashed, Receipts : 
One of the most asked questions is when will I get to know the lottery result for my petition. Well, this depends on many factors and there is no set SLA or date.  To put things in perspective,  last year, USCIS did a news alert indicating that they have returned all the rejected H1B petitions on July 8th, 2017. So, you can expect the last date for receiving final lottery decision around mid July 2017. …As we had about same number of petitions filed for FY 2018, it may be slightly earlier or even later in July or even early August 2017…  Few of the ways you would know, if you are selected in lottery is that, if the check that was filed with your H1B petition was cashed, or your employer gets the actual physical receipt notice in mail to them. If you filed under US masters quota, SEVIS update is another indication that you were selected in H1B lottery for FY 2018.  Ideally, your receipt numbers should arrive within 1 to 2 months…but, you never know, until you get a reject notice to be sure !

H1B 2018 Case Tracker  :
Did you apply for FY 2018 ?  With premium processing suspended, it is quite hard for applicants to know the general status of everyone to understand their situation. We have put together a tracker along with good graphs for analysis. It is completely anonymous as we do not capture your case number or any personal information. It is community contributed data, the more you add, the better for everyone, including  You !

[prompt type=”left” title=”Track your H1B Case” message=” Anonymously Track your H1B Case – Share and Get updated from Community.” button_text=”H1B 2018 Case Tracker” href=”https://redbus2us.com/trackers/h1b-visa-tracker/”]
New President Trump Administration Impact on H1B Visa 2018 Quota?

We do not know, if this news release is directed by Trump administration or not…but, on April 3rd, 2017 the start date of H1B season, there were set of new announcements made by USCIS to report and prevent abuse of H1B program. Check out USCIS New measures to report, prevent H1B Fraud  . Besides this, as of the today ( article updated date), nothing has been officially ordered or specifically implemented by New President Trump Administration. There are many speculations on how H1B program will become tougher with higher wages, quota limits, etc… but, nothing has been officially signed. We will update the article as new updates come in.

Various H1B Bills  in US House and Senate  – Will they be passed for FY 2018 ?
There are few bills that are introduced in 2017 and at various stages in both house and senate. There are many confusions regarding the same bills like the minimum wage will go up to $130,000 USD, etc.  Fact is that nothing has passed and there are very slim chances for them to get passed before start of FY 2018 season. You can check H1B Bills Tracker to get more details on current status. We will keep the article updated as new things are passed.

Latest News about H1B 2018 Season 
High Level Latest News for FY 2018 is listed below. But, all the Latest News are tracked on our H1B 2018 News and Updates Tracker Page. Check out below.

[prompt type=”left” title=”H1B 2018 – Latest News Updates” message=” Most recent and complete history of all latest breaking news updates from Official sources like USCIS and Unofficial sources for FY 2018 Season.” button_text=”Latest H1B 2018 News” href=”https://redbus2us.com/h1b-visa-2018-cap-count-updates-tracker-latest-news-info/”]

Are you planning for FY 2018 quota ?  What are your questions ? Add your thoughts.


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    • Hey,
      TechM has announced first batch results and entering data entry for the rest of applications. you can expect update this friday.

      I got a receipt number.

  1. All guys not picked in Lottery will remain with a job in India?? I was told that if I wasn’t picked, I still would have a job here at CG or IBM, can any please advise any experiences ?? thanks

  2. Relaxed now. Today I got email from my HR that my application was picked. I am in a India based outsourcing firm with around 10k employees total and 1k in USA. My application probably was filed in VT center and I am a non cap candidate. Stay hoped friends until you get rejection notice. I also thanks a lot to all friends here who keep this site live, informative and humorous. Thanks to admin also.

      • Thank you for the clarification and Congrats on making through the first step. Can you please share your receipt date, if you have received your Receipt notice?

    • All guys not picked in Lottery will remain with a job in India?? I was told that if I wasn’t picked, I still would have a job here at CG, can any please advise any experiences ?? thanks

      • In my company (outsourcing firm.. india based mnc) employment and visa applications are never linked. They hire people to work and not only and only to file visa and go abroad. If an employee is doing good..they fike visa..if that application doesnt make it..doent matter..you always have your same job and company may file next year also… there are guys who got three to four chancea and dint got picked.. you must know what your employer wants out of you…..

  3. Hello All,

    Anybody Non-AD who applied through EasyPay Solutions.

    Anybody here who got the receipts / rejections / any sort of updates?

    Please Share.


    • Seyfarth Shaw law firm does the paperwork for me. I got picked in the lottery. AD/CA 2nd attempt. Was notified two weeks back.

      • Thanks for the update. Since i haven’t heard from Seyfarth, i was of the view that they are waiting for all notices to be in before they can start informing persons but if you were notified 2 weeks back then I can safely say my chances are slim……
        Is anyone in here with TRC employer?

  4. I got following from the lawyer, game is over!

    This is an update on H-1B cap processing. USCIS announced May 3 that data entry selection of cap cases was completed. As of now, no receipt has been received for your case. We will update you with additional information as developments occur.

    While the absence of a receipt notice is a strong indication the petition was not selected, formal confirmation occurs once we receive the rejected petition in the mail from USCIS. Mailing of rejected petitions typically occurs throughout June/July.

  5. Hi All,

    My attorney has asked us to wait for maximum this weekend. Else he advised to proceed with plan B. Since the approvals/rfes/rejections have started coming in, even I feel there is no point waiting until May end or June, if you have any back up options, you should start pursuing it !

    • Hi guys..I got 3rd time lucky (phd in USA, working as a veterinarian in USA now, on STEM OPT). one week back, My employer sent me I-797c . My STEM OPT expires on this May 31st. Anybody here would comment on my cap-gap ext., status? Am I eligible for cap-Gap ext., just with receipt notice ( case is still pending)?. Additionally, can I get my drivers license renewal based on receipt notice. Thank you for your time.

    • Request for Additional Evidence Was Mailed
      On May 12, 2017, we mailed a request for additional evidence for your Form I-129, Petition for a Nonimmigrant Worker, Receipt Number EAC1714954386. The request for evidence explains what we need from you. We will not take action on your case until we receive the evidence or the deadline to submit it expires. Please follow the instructions in the request for evidence. If you do not receive your request for additional evidence by June 11, 2017, please go to www.uscis.gov/e-request to request a copy. If you move, go to www.uscis.gov/addresschange to give us your new mailing address.

    • Bingoooooooo……….unbelivable………….just checked my case

      Case Was Approved And My Decision Was Emailed
      We approved your Form I-129, Petition for a Nonimmigrant Worker, Receipt Number EAC1714954333, and emailed you an approval notice. Please follow any instructions on the approval notice. If you move, go to www.uscis.gov/addresschange to give us your new mailing address.

    • TCSer = Bootlicker, this is what I learnt while being there. You get best rating only if you don’t do any work & just lick your boss’s ass. People say things are improved, believe me things are even worst..!!!

    • I had a chance to talk to our GL yesterday. Since I had no hope in H1b i was asked for release. He told me that, money got encashed against my won and it seems like I got selected. He showed me email proof as well, some other colleagues in my account also there in the list. So I believe that all the higher management might aware about the result.

    • Hi,

      Latest updates was already shared to ISU RMG this week.

      Please connect with your ISU RMG for H1BFY18 case status.

      • That’s the update from Chennai Visa Cell. But Do the ISU RMG Share the result with employees directly ? or they will share with GL ? Any Idea.

  6. Does anyone know when (hour) the USCIS updates the status? Because I’m tracking 4 numbers of receipts before and after mine, and last night one was updated as approved.

    • I heard that CTS employees are yet to get their second list of H1B. I heard that the applications that are through in lottery would come to managers and they will let the employees know. Any one has any idea ? I could see still some employees say that are getting receipts from their employer.

      • You would directly receive email from GM, not from your manager! Is there is anything called second list ? I observer there is no notification in batches. Please update confirmed info.. Lot of anxious ppl are following..

  7. Hello.

    Anyone heard from Polatsek law firm (Fort Lauderdale)??

    I heard nothing so far from them/employer.


  8. My employer has not confirmed that check is encased or receiving receipt no. Is there still chances of getting through ?

  9. Dear IBmers,

    If you have already lost hope, this is a nice piece of news, which i just got from my Case Manager (US).

    8:34 PM Indian Standard Time (IST): He just mentioned that IBM US immigration team is still receiving receipts. The count of the same is confidential information, which obviously he could not divulge.

    When I asked him, till when can we expect to have our hopes alive, he mentioned that, now it is “TOO EARLY TO START Thinking NEGATIVE”. So, I read this piece of information in “POSITIVE”.

    NOTE: Please do not ask me, my case manager (US) details, as it is confidential information. But I am 100% sure, that he was not lying and giving the facts, which legally he can.

    So, please keep your fingers crossed, before you get a “Reject Notice”, I can atleast say that for fellow IBmers ! 🙂

    For the Rest,
    All the Very Best ! 🙂

    • Hopey hopey stuff. Stay positive, bluh bluh. Sorry to say this, but it is over. I know officially it’s not over; but realistically, it indeed is. Let’s just move on with our lives.

    • I know IBM managers personally. They all have a history of hiding the real facts until you have no other option but to continue working at the same place

  10. Hello Saurabh
    I want to know 3 things
    1) When forms of h1b application are filled by attorneys under the Masters quota do they write the CIP CODE for the Masters degree program?
    2) or is there option in the application form for STEM/non STEM masters degree program
    3) In h1b lottery is somehow(like algorithm) preference given to STEM degree programs over NON STEM degree programs?

    • As far as I know there is no preference criteria between STEM and non-STEM. All are treated as advanced cap petitions only.

    • Hello NP,
      Thank you for your question. The employer only indicates that the application is for an individual with a Master’s degree. USCIS then runs it through the lottery for Master’s applications followed by General in case the previous one was unsuccessful. If you want more information, please read the answers I posted in the last few years.

  11. I did not hear anything from my employer. I can still have some hopes?
    Last year it was till June some applicants got lottery status.
    This year, will it be till June or it is already closed?

    • some employers wait for some more time to get all RN and then update their employees. So if you think your employer is one among them, you can wait n hope for best.

      • Hi Ram,

        I spoke to my employer today and he said that he didn’t receive any receipts from last week. He says that there is no hope and it is done. Is it so?

        • Until u get your unselected petition back you can have a narrow chance. But it’s also good to prepare a backup plan.

    • You have hope until you don’t get the rejection notice. That is why many employers do not disclose the status until the end of the year

  12. Hi community,

    First of all, congrats to everyone who got through the lottery – now the real waiting time begins.

    I feel like those who are selected are stumbling from one anxiety circle into the next – What I mean by that is: Fear of RFE. Now, I am reading a lot of public RFE decisions for similar positions to mine and they aaaall got denied.

    My question to you: Are the public copies available from USCIS only denials?

    I am literally dying.

    • I agree with you. The entire process is all about moving from one stage of anxiety to next. In case of RFE and denial I feel that if you have presented the right documents, we need not worry about the negative path. It’s going to be positive. Each case is different. May be both A and B got the same RFE. But since A presented the right documents he/She would have cleared the process effortlessly, While B failed in it. So I would say, it’s better to concentrate only in our case and just no need to hallucinate based on incidents happened for the others.

      • Yes, you are right. With the right documents and preparation, RFE should be no obstacle. Thanks, your words calmed me down a bit. All the best for your petition!

  13. Hello, My employer told me on 4th May that my check has been cashed. but still i did not receive the Receipt Number, they said they almost got receipt for almost all, except 2-3, so I should wait till this week too. guys let me know if i will get receipt no ? why delay?

  14. Hello All,

    My H1B (non-AD) has been applied through a consultancy called CloudBig.

    1. My Consultancy people did not share my petition copy, saying that they could not make copy of petitions as they were running out of time and there were last minute changes. (and they used same templates to prepare all candidate’s petition) —-> IS IT TRUE ?

    2. When I clarified with them that, at least when the petition is returned with rejection letter, that time will they be sharing it and got the reply as —- It depends on USCIS whether they will return the petition along with rejection letter or not. It varies year-to-year. —-> IS IT TRUE ?

    3. How will I be in position to verify that my consultancy has really filed my petition or not ? I know through rejection letter i can do that, but rejection letter also can be arranged / prepared by themselves or not ?

    Please respond.


    • Since like your company wanna play you !!! USCIS has make no statement about not sending rejection letters, that process has been here for long time and this year there’s no exception, if you weren’t picked in Lottery they’ll receive the rejection letter of your application from USCIS..

      • Hey ElZorro,

        Thank you for your reply.

        I did not mean USCIS is not going to send rejection letter, I meant my employer told me that —->

        “It is not mandatory that USCIS will send back ACTUAL PETITION COPY along with the rejection letter and its upto USCIS whether to send back ACTUAL PETITION COPY with rejection letter and it changes year-to-year basis.”

        is it true ?

        Secondly, they also told me that they could not make a copy of candidate’s petitions because of they were using same template for all candidates,
        eg: they drafted the petition for Mr. A — > got it printed and then modified the same template for Mr. B –> printed so on… this way they were not able to take a backup of petitions individually. — is it true ?

        Thanks. waiting for reply.

        • while rejecting, the uscis sends back all your papers you sent for application. So it comes back with everything you sent plus the rejection letter.

          • most of us here submitted only the required documents. The entire petition preparation and LCA was taken care by our company. We trust them and they give us our result. If you don’t trust them, then why is that u applied through them?

        • Why do you expect the company to have a petition copy? Different companies follow different process. We are not sure how the company prepares petition for all as each might be taken for a different requirement .

        • 1. USCIS will send rejection letter together with all documents submitted to them to the employer and lawyer. I don’t think they will change that because they need to inform the petitioner on the status of your application.

          2. They should make a separate file for each candidate for their record.

          Try to contact the lawyer. He/she should have copies of all your documents.

        • 1. USCIS will send rejection letter together with all documents submitted to them to the employer and lawyer. I don’t think they will change that because they need to inform the petitioner on the status of your application.

          2. They should make a separate file for each candidate for their record.

          Try to contact the lawyer. He/she should have copies of all your documents.

    • Your Employer would have shared your LCA no.
      Cloud Group of company has filed more than 250 application this year.
      As per my last communication, they have received 107 RNs.

    • 1. Generally petition copies are never shared. Few companies only share the FedEx tracking number for the package. With that you can ensure that it’s your petition and whether it has been delivered to USCIS on time
      2.Every unselected petition comes with a rejection letter. There is absolutely no change in it. There is no variations at all.
      3. You need to have the fedex tracking number to ensure that petition was filed. The receipt number has your name in it if it’s picked already. The rejection letter for unselected petition also has your name.

      • Thanks for the info Ram,

        Even though the FedEx number has been shared and it shows the pick-up and drop address (USCIS), it can be for any petition right ? (Correct me If wrong).
        Eg. Suppose employer filed 10 petitions and shared the FedEx number, it can belong to any of those 10 petitions.

        Secondly, I agree the receipt / rejection letter will have candidate’s name, but that can also be prepared by the employer at their end also?


        • No the Fedex tracking will have your name on it with company’s name in parenthesis. So, you can absolutely get info from Fedex tracking number whether your employer file petition for you or not.

          • Hello There,

            From my FedEx tracking number I am just getting the status info as
            Picked up -> Shipment information sent to FedEx -> Picked up
            -> Left FedEx origin facility -> Arrived at FedEx location ->Departed FedEx location -> At destination sort facility -> At local FedEx facility -> On FedEx vehicle for delivery -> Delivered.

            There is no such info related to my name / my employer’s name.

            Is there any other specific link to track and get such info. ?

        • I am not sure how your employer has packaged the application. Some send all applications together and few send it individually. You need to check with your employer. Rejection letter can’t be forged by any company. It’s illegal. Rejection letter carries as unique rejection notice number.

      • Hello Ram,

        For my employer has been provided the fedex number to me. I have checked USPS site. it has been delivered 01 of April valmort service center. But i don’t know how may people names are included that (one) fedx number and i cannot identify my name as well.

        How i can track my name in fedx.

          • Signup with your email id in USPS site and then track with your tracking number. You will get your name in reference under the additional information category. This is a proof that the package is yours.

  15. Total 6 members initiated in my account. Today 2 members got receipt numbers. But we 4 are still waiting for the result.

    Any one confirm is game over?? Is there any hope?

  16. I see that my case has been approved in USCIS site on May 12th. It was a pleasant surprise, I was frankly thinking I might get into RFE. Internal system has not yet been updated.

  17. Received the Reference Number. What is the next process. How long does it take for the approval status.

    • Congrats for making through the first step ?Keep tracking the case in USCIS site. Hope your case is picked early and approval is given without any issues. There is no definite deadline. You can get the approval as early as today or later in 2017. We don’t know!! Let’s keep our fingers crossed.

  18. This is my first time attempting for H1b.The higher management got the list today.My status is still showing “Awaiting Lottery Status” . So that I think its a NO 99% for this year. As my Higher management source TCS applied for 7500 visa and has got only 900 approved.That is very less number .Hopes and Dreams are dashed 🙁

    • Congratulations!! Could you please share the receipt notice date ? The latest we are aware is April 29th, is your receipt date after that ? Also when was your check encashed ?

      Thanks !

  19. AD – Received receipt number from Employer / Attorney 3 weeks back, shows up in USCIS, but SEVIS is not updated yet. Is this normal?

  20. Anyone from CTS got receipt numbers/email from global mobility this week? I’m waiting for my lottery results.

  21. On May 12, 2017, we mailed a request for additional evidence for your Form I-129, Petition for a Nonimmigrant Worker, Receipt Number EAC171465XXX. The request for evidence explains what we need from you. We will not take action on your case until we receive the evidence or the deadline to submit it expires. Please follow the instructions in the request for evidence. If you do not receive your request for additional evidence by June 11, 2017, please go to www.uscis.gov/e-request to request a copy. If you move, go to www.uscis.gov/addresschange to give us your new mailing address.

  22. Why this in-justice?

    There around 500+ Received and 800+ RFE cases on FY-2017 pending cases, but they are processing FY-2018.
    Why this in-justice … is it so ‘coz no body is questioning them? But this is really not good.

  23. Any recent updates from CTS??, Hearing most of us didn’t get and still waiting.
    Is worth to wait or Game over???

  24. These big companies never gone change and the leading cause for AD struggles, and Making tough visa for students.

    Rank H1B Visa Sponsor Number of LCA * Average Salary
    1 Infosys 25,405
    2 Capgemini 17,479
    3 Tata Consultancy Services 13,134
    4 IBM 12,381
    5 Wipro 10,607

    Total – 79, 006 applications

      • Its this year , you can check this year and last year on this site.

        How it affect ?

        That’t the reason Trump is making merit next year , and that’t the reason H1b is hot topic here

      • I want the quota to be the exact opposite of the current situation.
        AD Folks – 60/70K Quota
        NonAD – 10K
        I believe only 10K people have good brains and deserve to work in the US. All others just come here for money and do nothing beneficial to the US.

        • U r not a Harvard or Stanford graduate,so put ur degree in your @$$$ .

          Moreover,when u. Got f1,u promised to go back after studying, go back now

      • Did the blamed you?
        if you are cheap labor, fraud applicant , and multiple applicant , then its you if not shut up ?

        • Don’t Make nuiscence here, first try to keep genuine experience for your profile and get job in US. Fact is that AD folks keeping fraud profiles and deceiving H1B system!!!!

          • Come I will show my profile is genuine or not, I am full time for USA employer, i had background check for 1 month with security company, Don’t even dare to talk about AD, We know how you get jobs there and what you do to get onsite and what you do here.
            We pay Lakhs on money, work in dorms, food courts to earn living and struggle a lot of get job, we are not like you, some people do mess but not all.
            You come for one company and after coming here you jump to another and You are telling us,

        • How do you think that AD quota people are more superior than general quota.

          People in general quota are much better than AD quota .

          At the end you ppl really don’t go for learning but just to go to get job in USA.

          if you have real talent showcase in organisation ,i you really deserving ,you will be nominated .

          • You have such a small brain. As you have not studied here, you won’t ever know how tough are the courses, and it requires a lot of determination and hard work to get a masters degree. People like you think experience is everything because you do some bullshit work for ten-fifteen years and start to believe you know everything. What matters is what work you do and how efficiently you do it. You just want H1B for the sake of earning money, don’t have the passion for doing something worth. And for the last sentence, you have written kindly use https://app.grammarly.com/ and rewrite the sentence so that everyone would come to know what you mean.

          • First you should know how to read a sentence or passage,
            I clearly stated company, I never stated AD/Non AD here, I never intent to comment on any indian/other nations .
            Dude you seriously need TOEFL in priority than this.

          • RIP English. These are so called high skilled individuals. Everyone is here for jobs no matter if you are AD or Non Ad. Cut the crap and don’t show your frustration here as this forum is not gonna help you get a so called “deserving seat” in the 85K Quota. I am also among the ones who did not get selected but seriously man grow some balls and move on.

        • You didn’t excel in academics here,you couldn’t crack GATE,couldn’t get in any of campus recruitment .Since your dad was rich you opted F1.How can you say ADs are genuine and Einsteins???

          • Saraswathi, just keep quiet. We are not the fools to go and crack the GATE exam; we know what a wise choice between GATE and GRE is. And just telling so that you know, I got campus placement in my 3rd year of bachelors. It’s not that my dad is rich, it’s just that he is a wise man who knows where to invest money. And for god’s sake, please shut up and don’t comment on this blog.

          • @ Saraswathi
            Cracked Infy/Congnizant, did not join
            Cracked Gate,
            Cracked ISRO,
            Cracked DRDO,
            Worked for GOI for 4 years,
            Went to top 5 university in US for CS
            Work Full time for a US company in cutting edge research,
            No Luck in getting H1B since last 3 years and I go back now.

            By the way, daddy’s money does not buy you a F1, you ought to take GRE, apply for MS, get an admit, take loans for education, prove your worth in the university and you definitely cannot cheat on assignment or copy-paste code from google.

            I am AD and genuine. Having said that, with my profile, I can find a job anywhere I want to in the world, although I really wished to pursue the research I am conducting right now but the lottery system messes up everything for me.
            If I wanted money and an easy life, I was already working for the government as a Class 1 Gazetted officer.

            Think twice before you categorize AD as daddy’s spoiled child.

          • one day all foregion student will be banned in USA .
            You will realise why Americans you .

            you are technically weak to crack entrance exam in india .

            you cant imagine your future in india without MS because you don’t have brain. there are few who have brain and go for MS but what will be your situation if you dont get Visa. finally have to come back India where you will find more talent than MS.

            Dont think yu are doing any specialize course .

          • @[email protected]@CMUGrad

            For a minute let us assume that you (guys commenting in favor of AD), are the deserving ones, are you speaking for the whole lot? I know a lot of people who went to study in the states just because they could not fight it out here. There are people on both sides of the table trying to exploit the H1 system. And because you guys spent 2 years (or more) studying in the US, you get the preferential treatment (2 chances in the lottery). Period.

            Let me not start about brain drain and patriotism blah blah…..

            I just don’t understand why you are trying to argue about who is more eligible. It’s a free market (foundation of US), let the demand supply decide.

            If you are unlucky, you are unlucky. I myself have been unlucky thrice (pass out from a top 5 business school in India, 99.7X in CAT).

            Put your judgments to rest and hope for the best !!!!

    • @Gouri

      Fake consultancies, fake CVS, Low wage jobs etc etc, I get it. Its wrong.

      But the moment AD people like you show up on this blog boasting about how they deserve more and others less… I feel so bad for you or your parents that the lakhs of rupees that were spent on the masters in US is going to the drain… so what you spent lakhs of rupees, so what if you worked in a food court or a gas station… it was your call…. not everyone can make that call, because not everyone has the same circumstances as you had… Many of us came here on merit without having to spend lakhs on AD, without having to work on gas stations or food courts.

      If getting AD really meant your interest in that field of study, and if you have got it already, then do what you can to stay here or f’in go back to your country and make your country better… everyone is doing what is allowed in this system… so rather than boasting about your AD, do something if you can to change the system…

      Also talking about merit, I have interviewed many people with ADs from US on their CV, but let me tell you, many of them (not all) can’t answer shit to basic questions…. other than fake accent they don’t appear to have gained anything by doing AD.. most of ADs end up doing the same job that we do without AD, never saw phenomenal difference in performance…. On the other hand, I have really seen some exceptionally talented people who came here for AD and are really doing well in the field of study they chose. Additionally they are also down to earth and respect other people. Like a friend I know has AD in electronics and works for a hardware giant, never expressed such things in any form…

      Nothing wrong in having pride in your achievements, but if your pride statement is that you deserve more than others, then your face talks to my middle finger…

      • @Gouri_ne_MS_kar_ke_kya_ukhada
        I’ll cut that middle finger of yours and shove it off your nose. Just because you have that Visa, you can say these things to annoy AD people. I feel that H1B visas of all the NonAD people should be revoked and they should be sent back to their home country.

        • Even if we shot and kill 10 desis a day here your love to wards this country seems will not diminish.Get the hell out of here fools,we don’t need you here.Go back to where you belong and fight for your motherland’s development.Go and love kalam ,Gandhi .plant more trees ,save water,energy,do more research and make india great again

        • U r not a Harvard or Stanford graduate,so put ur degree in your @$$$ .

          Moreover,when u. Got f1,u promised to go back after studying, go back now

          • U r not a Harvard or Stanford graduate,so put ur degree in your @$$$ .

            Moreover,when u. Got f1,u promised to go back after studying, go back now

        • U r not a Harvard or Stanford graduate,so put ur degree in your @$$$ .

          Moreover,when u. Got f1,u promised to go back after studying, go back now

      • I am not like you, I did got Full Graduate assistant ship with full tuition waiver. I am not like you taking advantage of parents money or company money / boss blessings. I felt bad for my peers who still struggle everyday to achieve their goals.
        We all know what you do it india and how you come here and what you do here, if I start telling its take days

        • @Gauri

          There is a reason why there is an AD quota. If the US administration believed that you are adding more value, they would have given you a different visa.

          Keeping the luck aspect aside, people get employed only because there is value add to an organization. (referring to both AD and Non-AD guys)

          Can I ask you, why did you choose to study in the US? I read some posts where people were talking about better investment blah blah.. Higher reward always entails higher risk (Investment 101), US jobs/education for Indians have defied this for a very long time until recently when things have started to change.

          I know a zillion people who have done their masters in the US just because they were not competent enough to find a career here ( I am not commenting on your specific case though).

          I understand you are unlucky, but this kind of outburst on the forum could have been avoided.

          Finally, I got rejected thrice and understand the phase that you are going through. Feeling entitled just because you made a choice to study there is something that I do not agree with.

          All the best!

      • @ Gouri_ne_MS_kar_ke_kya_ukhada

        This idiot cant even do shopping in Walmart with someones help to check what they have and how to communicate, he is telling me and he is taking interview to AD people.
        Rest in peace, oh god what kind of fate it this.

    • These AD people are the ones who couldn’t even crack IIT/NIT and will give GRE exam, score some shit marks and gets into some random xyz college in US.

      And after the grad school put up fake 5-6 Exp and enters in IT market and brag about being superior than rest. In reality doesn’t even knows the basics of coding or any framework to apply.

      Talent is not the measure of your abroad grad education!!!

      The above said things are not for all AD guys, some are really good at what they do and rest are people who just know to brag about abroad degree with zero knowledge in head.

    • U r not a Harvard or Stanford graduate,so put ur degree in your @$$$ .

      Moreover,when u. Got f1,u promised to go back after studying, go back now


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