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H1B Visa 2017 Cap Count Updates Tracker, Latest News, Info

Updated : July 8th, 2016 

This page covers all the news and cap count updates for H1B FY 2017 Season ( Latest update on top)

News Updates – Official and Unofficial :

  • July 8th, 2016 ( Official ) : USCIS released a press note today indicating that they have completed returning all the petitions that were not selected in the H1B lottery for FY 2017. Read More details here 
  • June 14th, 2016 ( Unofficial ) : USCIS has started to mail out the reject notices for FY 2017 petitions that were not picked in lottery. It says that the start date for next year H1B season is April 1, 2017. You can check out the Sample Reject Notice for FY 2017, Details
  • May 2nd, 2016 ( Official ): USCIS issued an alert earlier today indicating that they have completed data entry of all the petitions. They will start to return all the petitions that were not selected in the lottery. There is no SLA mentioned by them, so everyone has to wait. They also say not to call USCIS for the same. USCIS said that they will issue a notice telling that they have returned everything once the return of all application is completed. You need to just wait for your petition details now. Check USCIS Alert Data Entry USCIS Data Entry Completed Note
  • April 26th, 2016 (Unofficial): Many users are now posting updates as comments that they are receiving their regular processing petitions, which were filed under non-advanced degree. Also, the SEVIS updates are happening to F1 students who applied for H1B. You may check with your DSO on the SEVIS update…but, not all of them will share the details.  Anyways, we still have a long way to go folks for regular processing petitions, do not give up hope, if you have not got a receipt yet…for premium processing folks, you stilll have time, but the chances are getting slim as we inch towards May 12th deadline…
  • April 22nd, 2016 ( Official ) : Premium Processing Update : USCIS did an official press alert indicating that the Premium Processing for FY 2017 cap subject petitions will begin from May 12th, instead of originally announced May 16th. What it means is that the you should get H1B receipt by May 12th, if you filed under premium processing and you should have the adjudication done by May 27th. You can check alert here
  • April 20th, 2016 ( Official ) : Prepaid Mailers USCIS  Alert : USCIS released an alert earlier today stating that they will NOT use pre-paid mailers for two weeks after premium processing starts. They will NOT use these for about 2 weeks to avoid delays and will use standard mail to send out notices. Typically, employers can send pre-paid mailers ( postage paid by employer) in the H1B Package that can be used by USCIS to send out notices, which could be for employer tracking and speedy delivery. Now, due to resource constraints, USCIS will not have time to do that, so they are suspending using those prepaid mailers for two weeks after premium processing begins for FY 2017 season. They will resume using those mailers after the completion of the given 2 weeks. Check USCIS Alert 
  • April 18th, 2016 ( Unofficial ) : Many are wondering, if there are really case numbers sent out for Regular Processing Petitions. Few of our users have updated that they have received case numbers for regular processing petitions. Below is a screenshot of one of such H1B Cases status.  The regular processing case numbers can come in anytime, but there is no SLA for USCIS to send them before May 16th.  So, no need to worry, if you do not get it…just need to wait ! H1B 2017 Regular Quota Petition Case
  • April 14th, 2016  ( Unofficial ) : Many of the users, who filed under Advanced Degree Premium Processing are starting to get Case Receipt Numbers indicating that they are selected in lottery and case is being processed. Also, other premium processing applicants under general quota are getting receipts as well, but less volume. I have seen one user filed under Regular Processing and Regular Quota post saying that he received receipt number.  All in all, receipts are being sent to many of the premium processing applicants and some of the regular processing applicants. If you have not got anything, nothing to worry or panic, still there is a long way to go…just stay calm folks. All of this update is based on our H1B Tracker and comments on the blog by many of our users.
  • April 12th, 2016 (7:15 PM EST – Official ):  USCIS Released a press alert indicating that they received over 236,000 petitions for FY 2017 and lottery was conducted on April 9th, 2016. Check out the screenshot below from USCIS website. Also, read Summary of Press release at News : 236,000 Petitions filed for FY 2017 USCIS H1B Lottery Done On April 9th 2016
  • April 12th, 2016 ( 12:50 PM EST – updated ) : (Unofficial )- It is reported on blog by attorney ( immigrationgirl ) that they have received about 40 email receipts of Premium Processing. What it means is that USCIS has already conducted lottery. We will keep you posted with updates. If I am not wrong, they are just drafting the press release now. Also, few of our users in community updated their case statuses, indicating that their cases were picked in lottery and their case is in processing mode. Check H1B Tracker . Also, below is screenshot from USCIS Case Status Check page of one of the FY 2017 H1B case that was picked in lottery and in premium processing.  So, it is confirmed the lottery is done ! USCIS H1B Case Status Update 2017
  • April 11th, 2016 : No official or unofficial update on cap number or the lottery. We are in waiting mode.
  • April 8th, 2016 : There are few Indian news sites stating that there was an interview with AILA president and they are guessing of having about 250,000 petitions filed this year. This is speculation, but as it comes from the president of AILA, it carries weight. We will NOT know the official number, until lottery is done and USCIS releases the press note. They also say that most of these were filed by Indian IT Companies like TCS, IBM. Below are the News articles that state this.
  • April 7th, 2016 ( Official ) : USCIS updated that H1B Cap for FY 2017 was reached today and there will be lottery. There were more than 20,000 petitions for Masters quota as well.  No lottery date is announced due to high volume. You can read full details Summary of the H1B FY 2017 Cap Reached News . Below screenshot is from USCIS site.
  • USCIS H1B Visa Cap Reached For FY 2017April 6th, 2016 :  We are in waiting game…No update today either from either official or unofficial sources…
  • April 5th, 2016 :  As of today, No news updates either official or unofficial. We are just waiting…
  • April 1st, 2016 :  Official H1B 2017 season starts today. No news from USCIS or social media. If you are first time filing H1B, you should read  April 1st H1B Season Starts – What to expect ?
  • March 16, 2016 :  USCIS released a press note telling that they will accept petitions for FY 2017 from April 1st and the premium processing clock will start from May 16, 2016. Read more at USCIS to accept H1B petitions from April 1st

Key Timeline for H1B Lottery and Results, Premium Processing  : 

  • May 16th, 2016   May 12th, 2016 : ( Updated based on USCIS News on April 22nd ) USCIS Mentioned that Premium Processing will begin no later than May 12th, 2016. May 16th, 2016. Means that, if you filed your petition under premium processing, you will start to receive receipt notices, if you were selected in lottery around this date.
  • H1B 2017 Lottery Date :  You can expect the H1B lottery date to be in the week of April 11th, 2016.   Last year, the lottery was conducted on April 13th and the year before it was April 10th.
  • H1B 2017 Lottery Results : This depends on many factors and there is no hard fast date. Last year, USCIS did a news alert indicating that they have returned all the rejected petitions on July 14th. So, you can expect the last date for receiving lottery decision around mid July 2016. …depending on the number of petitions filed this year, it may be earlier or even later in July or even early August 2016…

Reference Articles related to H1B visa 2017 season :

H1B Visa 2016 Cap Count updates Tracking Table:

USCIS Update DateRegular H1B Cap (65,000)Advanced Degree Cap (20,000)Analysis and Cap Count Update Article.
April 7th, 2016  65,000 20,000 H1B Cap Reached
Remaining H1B Cap0 0


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  1. Received the golden email with scanned i797C ….!!!! … Literally my legs started shaking with excitement, reading the email…

    Regular Processing / Non-AD

    All the best to all who are still waiting… !!

    • Congrats man!!!

      does the mail in way specify your name? is it only the receipt number???

      how to identify if the application is in an individuals name???


  2. My friend residing in Oregon State has received E-mail on 25-01-2016 i.e. on Monday. So AD/PP game not over yet. This is 100 % trustworthy news. Be hopeful.

  3. does anyone know how in which order USCIS send notification to the candidates picked in lottery

    I just got to hear it from one of friend that USCIS send it based on Alphabetical order of Name, is that correct?

    Kumar, could you address this query?

    • I got notification for regular processing. Not sure if I was in the Advanced degree draw or got drawn after. Lawyer got notice on Friday 22nd.
      Good luck to all. I was told it would be 2-4 months for all us regular processing to be completed.

  4. all genuine candidates ,please sign this petition


  5. My employers applied H1B for me this year through regular processing. Is it possible to know from my school’s DSO now if theres any change made in my sevis ? Or do I have to wait a little longer since its regular processing ?

  6. Hello All,

    We’ve filed H1B in Premium Processing with Advance Degree.

    I was told by my employer premium processing check has been cashed by USICS (knowing this news, I’ve celebrated :-P) one week back, I didn’t hear about the receipt number yet.

    Today after a week I tried to reach out to my university DSO to check if there is any update on my SEVIS, they didn’t provide me any information and they asked me to check with my employer 😀

    I’m not in a bad situation comparatively, as I’m confident I’ll get 24 months OPT

    But, I believe there are lot of advantages if we get H1B, personally and professionally.

    Can someone let me know what are my chances of getting my receipt and how long would the waiting time be?

    Please let me know.

    Thank you.


    • From my understanding, PP gets an email recipt of notice so if you were selected I would say you would know by next week. I read not only does it process your packet in 15 days but also let’s you know in 15… im still confused about this whole thing though

  7. If I did NOT do PP.. then I should expect to get the I-797 in May-June time frame, right? Does USCIS post when all the notices have been sent? Just so I would know to wait for a rejection packet..Gotta start planning for the future and would have to look for jobs since my OPT expires in June,,

    • pickme,

      Once people start reporting receiving rejection letters, it is a good indication that they are almost done with generation of all receipts. I don’t think they have made official updates in previous years about completion of receipt generation.

      • uscis.gov/news/uscis-completes-data-entry-fiscal-year-2016-h-1b-cap-subject-petitions

        Is this something that kinda gives you the idea..that if you don’t have your receipt in a week or so, you’re probably waiting for a rejection packet?

  8. Hey Admins,

    Based on your past experience, can you please let us know if they cash the checks of all selected, in one shot or is it as and when they get to it? Please clarify..


    • Vivek V,

      I don’t think they cash all the checks together. They are cashed in batches as they continue to do data entry and issue receipt numbers. The checks have receipt number on the back and so they are cashed after receipt number has been generated for them.

  9. I was picked in the lottery. Thank You Lord! For those still waiting, don’t lose hope, just keep on praying to Jesus. God has the perfect plan for our life.

  10. Got an email from employer(fwd email from Vermont Service Center) with the receipt case number. It was mentioned in the email “Date Received: 04/11/2016”. New/Regular/PP.
    Best of luck for others who are waiting.

    • I was picked in the lottery. Thank You Lord! For those still waiting, don’t lose hope, just keep on praying to Jesus. God has the perfect plan for our life.

  11. Got the receipt case number from the employer’s attorney via an e-mail today, 11am PST. Regular/PP
    All the best luck for the others who are waiting.

  12. Finally after 4 years I got through. Regular/PP/VT. Got mail from attorney this afternoon 2PM central time. Left with tears. All the very best to every genuine candidate.

    For those who file multiple petitions even though you need just one and for those who file just for the sake, you have no idea what each one goes through to succeed in life.

  13. I checked my SEVIS status with my school. They told me there is no change and my OPT will be expired on July. Should I loose hope? Mine is AD/PP/VT

  14. Hi guys,

    Just got news from my attorney that my case was selected in the lottery this year!! 🙂
    This was my 2nd attempt – CA PP AD
    I wish you all good luck and hang in there, you will get good news soon. 🙂

    My warm wishes to each and every genuine applicant.

    – Well-wisher

  15. when do we hear about the general quota? advance degree lottery already done, same with ppl who done bachelors? when can hear from them?

  16. Hello Kumar,

    I would like to ask my employer regarding my receipt notice. Can you please tell me when will my employer receive the receipt notice from USCIS and when should I ask? My doubt is whether all employers receive the receipt number or only the ones whose petition gets selected in the lottery? Please clarify.

    • H1B_Luck,

      Employer will receive receipt number only for the petitions that are selected in lottery. PP selected applicants should receive receipt number over couple of weeks. Non-PP selected applicants will get receipt numbers through May-June. Everyone who didn’t make through the lottery will receive their rejection letters thereafter.

  17. Hi,
    my employer sent my h1b application on 6th april but it is delivered at the location on 8th april do they consider my application for lottery or not. please respond?

    • pruthvi,

      If the petition was received after April 7, then you didn’t make through the lottery. Your employer should have a very good reason for not making the deadline as it was well known that lottery will be conducted and petitions should reach USCIS by April 7.

      • you are right? the parcel which is delivered on 8th April is accepted by uscis but i don’t know whether they will accept or not. the application is with them they didn’t returned the application till know?

        • pruthvi,

          Well they will accept the package but once they process it, they will return it. They are busy w/ the 236K petitions that were received by April 7. They would get to yours soon.

  18. Guys, Lottery is done for 2017 !!

    Official Announcement – uscis.gov/news/alerts/uscis-completes-h-1b-cap-random-selection-process-fy-2017

  19. Are the lashing updates related to people whose petitions were filed under AD/PP only?

    I am kind of worried. I am with a Bachelor’s degree, but my petition was filed under PP (first-timer). When should I be expecting to receive any news about my petition, if any?

  20. howcome lottery is already done and the H1B tracker shows that their cases were picked in lottery on the very 1st day ..is this a JOKE? huh..!!

    • Frustrated,
      Unfortunately, there is no option to indicate the date of lottery or anything in tracker, it is quite basic for people to know the status of others and see where they stand. All you can see is the last updated date and people can add notes indicating such changes.

      • ok dude, however this status updates are done automatically or manually, if manually lol then even I can put my updated status as approved right?

        • It is done by the actual user manually by logging in and updating it in system. It is based on trust that everyone are putting the right status as it is community driven.

          • dont you think that will mislead the people here? tracker shows lottery done on the 1st day and got selected..I mean USCIS did not publish any info on this and this people are saying they got selected already..!! WOW! my only concern is that ppl will think and get crazy that if lottery already done, howcome USCIS not publish it on the 1st day?

    • Also, on this page, the latest update of 12th April shows that lottery already conducted as an unofficial news..can you please also share the source so we can also see that update?

  21. We are seeing here how many of the applicants are having multiple H1b applications. What happens to the slots if more than 1 application of the applicant gets selected in the lottery. Given that he/she can use up only one of these application for H1b, does that vacant slot get added back to the lottery or does it get wasted?

  22. Another query:

    AS per today’s TOI edition, 20,000 US Advanced Degree Exemption is applicable for STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math).
    I am confused on whether MBA from US falls in this category?

    • Sukalyan Das,

      The advanced degree cap is not limited to STEM applicants. Even MBA graduates can apply in it. TOI is for lolz only.

  23. Hi,
    If an institute in the USA is offering a Master’s Degree but in a foreign campus, will that degree still be eligible for 20,000 US Master Degree Exemption.
    Please put some light on this.

  24. As already pointed out by Praveen earlier, please correct the dates shown under the “News Updates – Official and Unofficial :” section.

    It should be 2016 and not 2017!

    • freemodelpapers,
      We will come to know that only when USCIS releases the Lottery Details. As written above, it would be around week of April 11th.

  25. If a petitioner filed an FY17 H-1B cap petition in a timely manner, but received notification from the delivery service that suggests that there may be a delay or damage to the package, or that the package was misrouted, the petitioner may file a second H-1B petition with a new fee payment and the following:


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