H1B 2020 Lottery Results, Timeline – Premium Processing vs. Regular

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I see many people, who filed for H1B Visa 2020 season, worried about not picked in lottery, and some filed in regular processing wondering when they will get their receipts. In this article, we will cover below topics:

  • How would I know, if I am selected in H1B Lottery?
  • When will we know H1B lottery results for FY 2020?
    • Timelines for Premium processing
    • Timelines for Regular processing
  • When will I get H1B Rejected Packages that were not selected in Lottery ?
  • Is there any specific H1B Selection Process in Lottery?

How do I know, if I am selected in H1B Lottery ?

If you applied for H1B petition and were part of the H1B Visa Lottery,  below are few ways you would know, if you were selected in lottery :

  • H1B Receipt Notice Email – Premium Processing : If you filed your H1B petition in Premium Processing and if your petition was selected in lottery, then your attorney / employer would get the receipt notice of your H1B in email. The email has a 13 digit H1B Case number, that you can use to track your petition status. You can reach out to your employer to share the details so that you can check on the USCIS website.
  • Regular Processing – H1B Receipt Notice – Physical Copy : If you have filed your H1B petition in regular processing and your petition was selected in Lottery, then your employer will receive a physical copy of the receipt notice in Email. The physical copy of the receipt notice arrives by snail mail ( post) and it can take time. The physical H1B receipt Notice also has the 13 digit H1B case number and you can use that number to track status of your petition on USCIS website.
  • H1B Filing Check Cashed : If you get selected in H1B Lottery, the H1B fee cheque/ check that was sent with the H1B petition would get cashed. Usually, it is the check sent by the employer or the attorney with the H1B package. So, if your employer says, your petition fee check was cashed, it means you were selected in lottery.  Also, on the back of the check, you will have the H1B case number, which is also the 13-digit case number, you can use that to track your case on USCIS website. In the case of Cashing of Check, there is no direct email or receipt copy, but rather your employer/ attorney need to check the bank account tied to the check sent.
  • SEVIS Records Changes : This applies to only F1 Students in OPT or STEM OPT Cap Gap situation. If the F1 student, who is in cap gap, gets selected in Lottery, then they would see changes to their OPT end date in SEVIS, extended to September 30th. As a cap gap student, you can also see the OPT end date status update in SEVP Portal as well. For screenshots, full details, read STEM OPT Cap Gap – H1B Lottery Selected

When will we know H1B lottery results – Filed in Premium Processing for FY 2020 ?

If you have filed your H1B Petition in premium processing for FY 2020 season and if your petition was selected in H1B Lottery, then you are very likely to get H1B receipt notice by May 20th, 2019.  Many Masters quota applicants for FY 2020 have already started to receive the H1B receipts and the process is still going on.  The premium processing clock for FY 2020 petitions start from May 20th, 2019. So, you have until May 20th, before you can assume that you may not have selected in H1B Lottery.

Many users, who filed in premium processing, are asking online and worried that they have not received the H1B Case receipt yet. They are asking, if they can assume they were not selected in H1B lottery, if they have not yet received email H1B receipt notice…Based on our experience in the last few years, we have seen users getting H1B receipts until the start date of H1B premium clock. So, in a nutshell, you have until May 20th, before you can start assuming the worst situation to plan for backup.

Usually, you will see US Master’s Quota Premium Processing petition receipts coming in first, then you will see Regular quota Premium Processing petition receipts coming in next.  Again, you all have until May 20th, nothing to assume until that date.  Also, technically, until you receive a rejected package with reject notice, it is not 100% that your petition was not picked in lottery.

When will we know H1B lottery results – Filed in Regular Processing for FY 2020 ?

If you have filed your H1B petition in regular processing for FY 2020 season and if your petition was selected in Lottery, you will start to receive H1B Receipt notices starting from mid to last week of April and they will continue to come until early June.  As these are sent by physical snail mail ( Post), there is at least week to 10 days delay from the date the receipt notice was generated.

You will start to see H1B receipt notices for US Masters quota first and then you will see receipt notices for Regular quota.  The volume of regular processing receipts sent would increase after all the premium processing receipts are sent out, which is May 20th.  There is no batch sending of all the regular processing petitions, USCIS processes randomly and there is no specific order in which they are sent.  So, if you have filed in Regular Processing, do not get worried, if you do not see any receipt notice. You have time till mid June 2019 to make some assumption on the H1B lottery result.  You will only know for sure, if your petition was not picked in lottery, once you get the H1B reject notices. Check out the below image that shows the complete Timeline of H1B 2020 Lottery Results in a nice picture.

H1B 2020 Lottery Results Timeline - Premium Processing vs Regular

When will I get H1B Rejected Packages that were not selected in Lottery ?

 If you were not selected in H1B Lottery, then USCIS will send out H1B Reject Notice indicating that you were not picked in Lottery…They usually do not send out reject notices for petitions not selected in lottery immediately, they are sent at the last. Usually, USCIS issues a news alert indicating that they have returned all rejected packages. Based on past history, we can expect it to be around July 30th, 2019. Below are the dates when USCIS returned rejected petitions for previous years.

  • For FY 2019, it was July 30th, 2018.
  • For FY 2018, it was July 19th
  • For FY 2017, it was July 8th
  • For FY 2016, it was July 14th

Is there any specific H1B Selection Process in Lottery?

There is no specific criteria used for selection process of H1Bs in lottery other than the random selection of petitions based on the petition type regular quota or masters quota. Only the order of selection has changed for FY 2020 season.  Read New H1B Lottery Process for FY 2020. Also, you may read 5 Myths of H1B Approvals, Processing

What are Next Steps After H1B Visa Lottery  ? Process ?

If you have received a receipt notice from USCIS that your petition was selected, your petition goes through H1B processing for decision. Read Next Steps after H1B Visa Lottery – Decision Process Chart , to get full idea on the process.  Also, to know more on how USCIS statuses look on their website, you can read Various H1B Case Statuses During Processing – USCIS

H1B 2020 Tracker – Crowdsourced for general Insights

H1B Processing can be very time consuming and frustrating for many as it is like a black box and we need to keep waiting. Having some general insights will help the community. So, we have put together a community to anonymously track your H1B Case or application. You do not need to enter any sensitive information, it is fully anonymous and used by many in the past 5 years.  If you have filed a petition for FY 2020, please add your case and help the community.

Track your H1B Case

Anonymously Track your H1B Case - Share and Get updated from Community.


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Comments ( 187 )

  1. Worried Baba

    Hi all,

    I need some help. My H-1B was picked in the lottery. My attorney got a receipt notice with the WAC number. My SEVIS was also updated with the OPT end date to 09/30/2019. But, when I enter the receipt number in the USCIS Case Status Tool, it gives me the following error:

    “Validation error: My Case Status does not recognize the receipt number entered. Please check your receipt number and try again.”

    My receipt was generated on May 6, 2019 therefore, it has been more than 2 weeks. When I call USCIS, they are not willing to answer to my concern. Does anyone here have the same issue?

  2. Prakash

    Hi, till now I did not received receipt number, but 2 weeks back got a data privacy mail from my attorney.Is that a indication that mine was selected in lottery or just every applicant gets it?

    1. administrator

      What is the data privacy mail ? If you were selected, you would have got receipt notice from them, ask for the same from attorney.

  3. Murtuza

    My Employer applied for my H1-B for year 2020 under regular processing and I am under Master’s Cap but I haven’t gotten any receipt notice yet from USCIS. Is there still hope and shall i wait for official result from the USCIS for the lottery?? I even checked that my company checks also haven’t been cashed yet by the USCIS

  4. Ava

    As of today, 5/20/19, my government filing fee checks were not cashed. Mine is regular processing, does that mean I’m not selected?

  5. SJ

    I am a Master’s Candidate with Premium Processing. I haven’t received any update from my employer or attorney. It is already May 20th. Is there any hope of receiving it now or shall I assume that its not picked in the lottery?

    1. TakeItEasy

      You should be getting receipt this week if you were picked. If in a week or so you don’t hear back, it may be good to start preparing for plan B.

  6. Hope

    Hello Kumar,
    I read news on USCIS that they are done with their h1b data entry. That means if the check is not cashed out then it is likely to say petition is not selected. Is it true now?? .

    1. administrator

      You still have about 2 to 3 weeks. Basically, after data entry, they would send out final set of receipts and it would take couple of weeks or about 3 weeks max to get out all the receipts.

      1. Angel007

        Hi Kumar,

        I have one ques.Can you please let me know if your h1b is selected in the l ottery who should be the person get to know first ? Your employer or lawyer?

        1. administrator

          It depends on who filed it…whether the employer directly using in-house attorney or using an attorney agency…it goes to the one, who filed it.

        2. Angel007

          Oh ok .Thanks . My lawyer filed it but my employer gave the check .Since the data entry is completed by USCIS ,I am wondering does that mean tye checks are already encashed? In that case my employer will know first ,because he can check his account and see if balance is cashed out.Right ?

          1. administrator

            The may or may not happen in sequence, if the check is cashed, your employer would know…but, if any communication, your attorney would know.

  7. Dawn

    I have also not heard anything reg my application. No email or physical receipt, no cashed checks, no update on sevp/SEVIS. Does USCIS continue issue of receipts for PP also until June or is that highly unlikely? I am asking since processing of selected PP applications starts on May 20. Thank you.

  8. There's still HOPE

    Got email from Law firm today that my case was picked in lottery.

    Receipt Date: 4/11/2019
    Notice Date: 5/09/2019

  9. Anon Applicant


    My OPT expires on June 4th and I have not received a receipt yet.
    My question is: Is it legal to work past the OPT expiration date if my application has not been officially denied/returned?

    Many thanks!

    1. administrator

      Technically, your cap gap extension is automatic until September 30th, if you do not hear back or until you hear a decision. But, your DSO needs to issue your I-20 updated with that date…You need to update employer with the details of documents as listed on USCIS website for working in cap gap. So, work with your DSO…

      1. Alpha

        AD/PP/last attempt, I have heard nothing about my petition, no check cashed, opt expires in last week of June(No change in sevis portal). Should I wait for a little longer before jumping to any conclusions.

        Thank you

        1. administrator

          Start planning for the worst outcome, so that you are more proactive. We just had the data entry complete announcement. Usually, you should hear anytime in the next 3 weeks…

      1. administrator

        It is based on USCIS press releases history, past historical patterns from our experience from past 6 years….

  10. Selected

    Got email from Law firm today that my case was picked in lottery.

    Receipt Date: 4/11/2019
    Notice Date: 5/2/2019

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