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Sample H1B Visa Receipt Notices – Shared by Users

Many of you applying H1B visa for the first time might wonder, how the H1B Visa 2020 Receipt notice might look like. Below are some samples shared by users from previous seasons.

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Sample H1B Visa Petition Receipt Notice FY 2020

Below is H1B Sample Receipt Notice( I-797C Notice of Action) received from USCIS for H1 Petition filed for FY 2020  in April 2019. It was filed under Regular Quota with Regular Processing filed as Consular Processing. It is shared by one of our reader ( anonymous for privacy reasons). Thanks to our reader for sharing a copy of their receipt notice.

H1B Visa 2020 Sample USCIS Receipt - Consular Processing

Sample H1B Visa Receipt Notice FY 2019

H1B 2019 receipt notice sample

H1B visa 2019 Receipt Notice – Sample 2

USCIS Receipt Notice H1B Visa FY 2019 - Sample


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  1. As per information case is pending, as per status. What are the chances of getting the visa, has masters degree in USA. Is there any hope of H1B?

  2. I have not received receipt number yet, Non-AD, regular processing..

    does it mean not selected in the lottery?

    • I too haven’t receives the same. Few employees dor my employer have got the mail that their cheque got encashed.

    • If check is encashed, then just give it a couple more weeks for the receipt. If not encashed, then chances are slim.

  3. Hi,
    Today I received mail from immigration HR of my company saying I got selected in H1B lottery.
    I work for an Indian IT company
    (11+ year of experience) and currently in UK on tier 2 ICT(onsite for one of top client).
    This is first time I applied for H1B.
    I just wanted to know what is next process after lottery?
    do I need to travel back to India for interview/stamping ?
    when can I apply for dependent visa for my son and wife?

  4. I am a Non-AD. I just received a mail from my HR that the my cheque is encashed today. Looks like the receipt is from the California Service Center. So please don’t loose the hopes and be patient.

  5. Are Checks still being cashed ? Non AD here.

    Btw Que 2. These receipts are addressed to the applicant or the company that has applied for the h1b petition ?

  6. No news from my Employer for my application status. For how many days we need to wait for the result from usics?

  7. Today received H4 I-797C copy , Does it mean my H1B petition got selected in lottery. Till now no update from my attorney/employer.

    Non AD/CA


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