H1B 2020 Lottery Results, Timeline – Premium Processing vs. Regular

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I see many people, who filed for H1B Visa 2020 season, worried about not picked in lottery, and some filed in regular processing wondering when they will get their receipts. In this article, we will cover below topics:

  • How would I know, if I am selected in H1B Lottery?
  • When will we know H1B lottery results for FY 2020?
    • Timelines for Premium processing
    • Timelines for Regular processing
  • When will I get H1B Rejected Packages that were not selected in Lottery ?
  • Is there any specific H1B Selection Process in Lottery?

How do I know, if I am selected in H1B Lottery ?

If you applied for H1B petition and were part of the H1B Visa Lottery,  below are few ways you would know, if you were selected in lottery :

  • H1B Receipt Notice Email – Premium Processing : If you filed your H1B petition in Premium Processing and if your petition was selected in lottery, then your attorney / employer would get the receipt notice of your H1B in email. The email has a 13 digit H1B Case number, that you can use to track your petition status. You can reach out to your employer to share the details so that you can check on the USCIS website.
  • Regular Processing – H1B Receipt Notice – Physical Copy : If you have filed your H1B petition in regular processing and your petition was selected in Lottery, then your employer will receive a physical copy of the receipt notice in Email. The physical copy of the receipt notice arrives by snail mail ( post) and it can take time. The physical H1B receipt Notice also has the 13 digit H1B case number and you can use that number to track status of your petition on USCIS website.
  • H1B Filing Check Cashed : If you get selected in H1B Lottery, the H1B fee cheque/ check that was sent with the H1B petition would get cashed. Usually, it is the check sent by the employer or the attorney with the H1B package. So, if your employer says, your petition fee check was cashed, it means you were selected in lottery.  Also, on the back of the check, you will have the H1B case number, which is also the 13-digit case number, you can use that to track your case on USCIS website. In the case of Cashing of Check, there is no direct email or receipt copy, but rather your employer/ attorney need to check the bank account tied to the check sent.
  • SEVIS Records Changes : This applies to only F1 Students in OPT or STEM OPT Cap Gap situation. If the F1 student, who is in cap gap, gets selected in Lottery, then they would see changes to their OPT end date in SEVIS, extended to September 30th. As a cap gap student, you can also see the OPT end date status update in SEVP Portal as well. For screenshots, full details, read STEM OPT Cap Gap – H1B Lottery Selected

When will we know H1B lottery results – Filed in Premium Processing for FY 2020 ?

If you have filed your H1B Petition in premium processing for FY 2020 season and if your petition was selected in H1B Lottery, then you are very likely to get H1B receipt notice by May 20th, 2019.  Many Masters quota applicants for FY 2020 have already started to receive the H1B receipts and the process is still going on.  The premium processing clock for FY 2020 petitions start from May 20th, 2019. So, you have until May 20th, before you can assume that you may not have selected in H1B Lottery.

Many users, who filed in premium processing, are asking online and worried that they have not received the H1B Case receipt yet. They are asking, if they can assume they were not selected in H1B lottery, if they have not yet received email H1B receipt notice…Based on our experience in the last few years, we have seen users getting H1B receipts until the start date of H1B premium clock. So, in a nutshell, you have until May 20th, before you can start assuming the worst situation to plan for backup.

Usually, you will see US Master’s Quota Premium Processing petition receipts coming in first, then you will see Regular quota Premium Processing petition receipts coming in next.  Again, you all have until May 20th, nothing to assume until that date.  Also, technically, until you receive a rejected package with reject notice, it is not 100% that your petition was not picked in lottery.

When will we know H1B lottery results – Filed in Regular Processing for FY 2020 ?

If you have filed your H1B petition in regular processing for FY 2020 season and if your petition was selected in Lottery, you will start to receive H1B Receipt notices starting from mid to last week of April and they will continue to come until early June.  As these are sent by physical snail mail ( Post), there is at least week to 10 days delay from the date the receipt notice was generated.

You will start to see H1B receipt notices for US Masters quota first and then you will see receipt notices for Regular quota.  The volume of regular processing receipts sent would increase after all the premium processing receipts are sent out, which is May 20th.  There is no batch sending of all the regular processing petitions, USCIS processes randomly and there is no specific order in which they are sent.  So, if you have filed in Regular Processing, do not get worried, if you do not see any receipt notice. You have time till mid June 2019 to make some assumption on the H1B lottery result.  You will only know for sure, if your petition was not picked in lottery, once you get the H1B reject notices. Check out the below image that shows the complete Timeline of H1B 2020 Lottery Results in a nice picture.

Update : H1B Rejected petitions that were not picked in lottery were sent in mid August, USICS delayed that by almost one month in relation to our projected timelines based on past data as illustrated in below picture.

H1B 2020 Lottery Results Timeline - Premium Processing vs Regular

When will I get H1B Rejected Packages that were not selected in Lottery ?

 If you were not selected in H1B Lottery, then USCIS will send out H1B Reject Notice indicating that you were not picked in Lottery…They usually do not send out reject notices for petitions not selected in lottery immediately, they are sent at the last. Usually, USCIS issues a news alert indicating that they have returned all rejected packages. Based on past history, we can expect it to be around July 30th, 2019. Below are the dates when USCIS returned rejected petitions for previous years.

  • For FY 2019, it was July 30th, 2018.
  • For FY 2018, it was July 19th
  • For FY 2017, it was July 8th
  • For FY 2016, it was July 14th

Update : USCIS announced on Aug 14th, 2019 that they have returned all H1B 2020 petitions that were not selected in lottery. Employers and attorney should return their packages by Aug 29, 2019. If not they can contact USCIS. See below:H1B 2020 Rejected Lottery Petitions returned News USCIS

What is the Current Status with H1B 2020 Season ?

In short, the current status of H1B 2020 season is illustrated in below image. The completed steps are as listed

  • Preparing of  H1B 2020 petitions
  • Mailing them to USCIS
  • H1B Lottery by USCIS
  • Notifications of selected H1Bs, Approvals notifications
  • H1B Petitions not selected in Lottery Returned
    • H1B Petitions that were selected will be continue to be processed in the next few months.

H1B 2020 Season Lottery Results Complete

Is there any specific H1B Selection Process in Lottery?

There is no specific criteria used for selection process of H1Bs in lottery other than the random selection of petitions based on the petition type regular quota or masters quota. Only the order of selection has changed for FY 2020 season.  Read New H1B Lottery Process for FY 2020. Also, you may read 5 Myths of H1B Approvals, Processing

What are Next Steps After H1B Visa Lottery  ? Process ?

If you have received a receipt notice from USCIS that your petition was selected, your petition goes through H1B processing for decision. Read Next Steps after H1B Visa Lottery – Decision Process Chart , to get full idea on the process.  Also, to know more on how USCIS statuses look on their website, you can read Various H1B Case Statuses During Processing – USCIS

H1B 2020 Tracker – Crowdsourced for general Insights

H1B Processing can be very time consuming and frustrating for many as it is like a black box and we need to keep waiting. Having some general insights will help the community. So, we have put together a community to anonymously track your H1B Case or application. You do not need to enter any sensitive information, it is fully anonymous and used by many in the past 5 years.  If you have filed a petition for FY 2020, please add your case and help the community.

Track your H1B Case

Anonymously Track your H1B Case - Share and Get updated from Community.


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Comments ( 297 )

  1. Strange

    I got a notification from my attorney yesterday that my check was presented for payment by USCIS. He sent me the receipt number WACxxxxxx. But when I enter that number in the h1b status website, it presents me with the following message:

    “My Case Status does not recognize the receipt number entered. Please check your receipt number and try again. ”

    Any idea why so? How long does it take for USCIS to update my case?

    1. Angel007

      Non Ad Non pp -should I still keep some hope of getting selected in the lottery? My attorney said they already started getting recipts from last week.This is my 3rd time .

    2. karya


      My employer filed H1-b for me in regular quota. I have contacted my attorney and she told that the cheque was not cleared yet. Do we need to consider this as h1 was not picked or we can still keep hope on that?

  2. NeedSomeHope

    Any AD/Non -PP/ VT heard from lawyer this week? I am seeing a lot of updates from CA folks but none from VT. Looks like game over for VT

    1. Believe

      It is not over until it’s over. I had lost all hopes until yesterday. Believe in yourself and worst case if you don’t get it, God has something better planned for you. Just that in that particular moment you feel defeated and discouraged. But that is what makes the reward of your hard work more fruitful and appreciated. Don’t lose faith! If this is what God has planned for you, it will come to you no matter how where and when.

  3. By God's Grace

    “Your filing fee check was just deposited by USCIS”

    This is the email I got from my attorney. Does that mean I was picked in the lottery?

    AD/NonPP/CA – Got this notification just now (10pm MST)

    1. By God's Grace

      Also, guys don’t lose hope. My co-worker got his check cashed 3 weeks ago and he is also AD/NonPP/CA. In fact, we both had consecutive check numbers. You never know how USCIS decides to notify. Please have faith and patience. You will get it.

  4. H1BFromOutsideUS

    I live in a country outside the US and got a job offer and H-1B sponsorship. What I understand is that means my case is not the change of status like most of the H-1B petition cases.

    I see on the USCIS website saying that USCIS didn’t accept the PP request for non change of status cases yet. Does that mean that every non change of status are the regular processing cases?

    Also I haven’t heard from the attorney nor the employer yet. What’s the chance of getting H-1B case left for me not?

    1. administrator

      Yes, that’s correct.
      You have till Mid June. Keep following up with them for status and ask for a receipt copy, if they say selected.

      1. H1BFromOutsideUS

        Thank you Kumar. So you’re saying that for the non change of status cases, we have until mid June for the receipt to arrive to the attorney if we got selected? That helps me still keep some hope. Thank you

          1. NeedSomeHope

            Hi Kumar,

            Mine was filed in AD/Regular/Consular/

            Is this even valid for AD applications, I am just waiting till MAY 20th. Almost given up now.

          2. NeedSomeHope

            Just to add, I left USA and currently working from India for the same company that I was working for in USA

          3. Shahzaib Ahmed

            Hey Kumar. I am a Non-AD/CA applicant (OPT expiring on June 29th). I see that my employer submitted Premium Processing Check along with other filing fees. Does that mean my case falls under PP? Secondly, is PP check cashed after one is picked, or before?
            None of my checks are cashed yet. Am I still in Non-AD/PP category and hence, what is the cut-off date for me. 20th May or Mid June. Really confused. Others might be in similar situation. Help would be appreciated.

          4. administrator

            Yes, it would be premium processing then…usually before, but not mandatory. It is May 20th, if it is premium…

          5. H1BFromOutsideUS

            May I ask you one more question? Do you know when do (or did) they start to send the receipt for the non change of status cases?

  5. Rajeev

    AD / RP last attempt . Didn’t get picked twice and this is my last attempt . My major is Mechanical Engineering . I see no update on SEVIS. My company HR said that they usually see the check being cashed in early MAY so if the check doesn’t get cashed next week it means I should go back . I am very worried . Have anyone experienced this anytime ? Everyone in my company who filed received update on check being cashed . Time is ticking and I am worried . Any comments are appreciated !

    1. AVK

      I am on same boat. My attorney said wait till May end . I think so lets hope for best that is only solution . Otherwise different back up plans. Best of luck.

      1. Rajeev

        Thanks AVK. I wish you good luck too ! It’s very stressful period . I checked USCIS notifications for last year . They have notified that all rejected packages were sent out from May 15 th upto July 30. I am assuming next week to be a cutoff for some clue such as check being cashed or SEVP to be updated .

    2. administrator

      This is unfortunately, the most painful part of waiting for lottery results from USCIS…You have till mid June to make a decision…Many are in the same boat as you and waiting for something…I wish there was another option other than waiting…

      1. Rajeev

        Thanks for response Kumar! My STEM OPT ends June 19. Do you know if I can use the 60 day grace period to obtain admission and transfer SEVIS? my VISA expires in July . I m curious to know how to estimate time I have left from applying to transferring SEVIS to be done . Any answers are appreciated !

        1. administrator

          Yes, you could transfer during the grace period. Discuss with DSO, where you plan to join, if they are fine with the transfer during Grace Period. The Schools have some processing time to process your transfer and you need to factor in that as well.

  6. naren

    Hello Kumar,

    I’m an AD holder, My F1 visa expires in this June and OPT expires in Jan 2020,
    i need to visit to india before this Oct., Is it safe/possible to try for F1 Visa extension through CAP-GAP extension?
    or Is there any other safe way i could do this.

    thanks in advance.

    1. administrator

      You do not fall in cap gap as your OPT expires in Jan 2020. You do not get cap cap gap extension. If you leave US and try to re-enter you need valid visa stamp, so plan to return before your F1 visa stamp expires…

  7. Soddhi

    Hi Kumar,
    Will regular processing for change of status result be received before May 20th as USCIS notice says one can upgrade to premium processing when announced (by May 20th)?


    1. administrator

      Well, may or may not…Regular processing is until mid June. No, they have not given a date for that yet on when you can upgrade, need to wait for announcement.

  8. 6th time lucky

    Got my receipt notice from Fragomen today. Notice date 5/1.
    Non- AD/Regular/VT. This was my 6 th attempt. Don’t lose hope. All the best !

  9. Ramu Goud

    AD/Regular/4th time

    Working for the same employer A since 2016. Last year 2018 was my last attempt, two employers filed – current employer A and employer B. The employer B’s case was picked in lottery last year and it is still in “case received” for almost one year. Opt expired and I moved to India, but working for same employer A as they have offshore branch in India. Fortunately, my case got picked this year for my employer A(this year only employer A filed).

    Would the case picked on 2018 for the employer B make any impact for my case that got picked this year 2019 for employer A for whom i still work? If my employer B’s case gets approved before my employer A’s case, would that create any problem? Should I ask employer B to withdraw the case? SEVIS has no record for employer B as I never really started working for them. Thanks in advance.

    1. administrator

      It should not have any impact. It does not matter, you can have both approvals at the same time. You can make a decision whom to work for, if you get both.

  10. Krish

    Hi Kumar,

    AD/Regular Processing

    Do you think will there be any timeline for cashing out checks? I checked with my HR yesterday and she told me my check was not cashed out yet.

    Based on my friends experience everybody was telling that cashing out should be done by the first week of May. Is this true?

    Can I still have hopes? I am from Maryland.

    1. administrator

      Well, technically yes Cashing of check happens first or around the same time the receipt is generated…but, not necessarily all of them follow the full sequence… Also, not all checks are cashed at once…they happen over time. You have till mid June…

      1. krish

        Thank you, Kumar, for your patience and answering all these questions.

        I said about my state because some states send these H1b applications to Vermont and some to California. So just to give you a clear picture of my situation. Once again thanks very much.

  11. Veena

    Hi Kumar, my application got picked for AD/RP. I am currently on a cap-exempt H1B (non-profit) which is valid till Dec 2020. Can I travel abroad and re-enter on my current H1B while the cap-subject application is under review or gets approved for “change of employer” with a start date of October 1, 2019?

    1. administrator

      Well, technically both are independent…As your application is not a Change of Status, it should not have impact. If it was a COS application, then the COS part would have been abandoned. Double check with your attorney, just to make sure.

  12. KP

    My employer filed AD/RP H1b for me and another. The other person got her receipt a couple of weeks ago. I am worried about my H1b, I did not hear anything from my attorney or HR.

    Do all H1b’s filed by the same attorney will get the receipts at the same time?

    1. PV

      Yup. Mine was filed by Ogletree, AD/RP. I have not heard anything and I’m losing hope. However, my colleague who is non-AD/RP received the notice last week.

  13. MRE

    Hi, I’m AD/PP candidate and did not hear any update yet. I am getting slightly anxious. This is my last attempt. My OPT ends on 9/30. Will I be able see any update on sevis website??

    1. administrator

      You may not see any update on SEVP Portal as your OPT end date is already same as automatic cap gap extension date. Check with your attorney and wait until May 20th.

    1. administrator

      Yes, but if you filed as Change of Status, then the COS part will be abandoned…but your H1B will be adjudicated.

  14. waiting- Non AD, PP, CA

    Hi Kumar,
    My H1b sponsoring company received email receipt notice for all AD PP on 17th April. I am a Non-AD PP , and im still to hear from a lawyer. Does this indicate that my chances are very less. I am asking this Since I have to relocate my Wife and Kid soon. Does uscis send all recipt notice to a particular company all at once or some can receive earlier and some late ? Would really appreciate your help here. Thank you for so much of help already.

    1. administrator

      Not really, it is not based on the filing by attorney, they all are just randomly sent. You still have till May 20th. There is no sequence as such, they send randomly, no pattern as such. Yes, some come in early, some may come in even on May 19th…

  15. Sekhar


    A suggestion to improve H1B Tracker data.

    I wanted to see the pattern of Non Masters, Regular Processing like if anyone started getting receipts for this category. However it was very difficult to go through each and every entry and see what is the status. Is it possible to dig through the data and comeup with following updates.

    1. Separate the entries in ‘List of H1B Cases – Details’ table by fiscal year
    2. Allow filtering based on the header columns
    3. Prepare the charts based on Processing type (Premium/Regular) and Quota (Masters/Non-Masters/Cap exemptions) so that we can easily see the progress. For example, as the tracker gets updated by Premium Masters candidates we see the progress how many filed and howmany got picked, RFE and so on …
    4. “Ovearll H1B Tracker Stats from the last 6 years”, I’m not sure how to make use of this data to help others, I feel one use case is to compare the patterns over years (when Premium processing available/not available, to see USICIS processing time lines)

    Above data may not be useful from next year as USCIS moves to electronic registration but still publishing data like above still works for future.

    1. administrator

      Thank you for the feedback. These are some great suggestions. I am not a professional programmer and did it in spare time long time ago with minimum features. I have been wanting to add more features like you suggested…time, expertise are limitations as this is our community effort… Let me see, what I can do…

  16. Non-AD/Non-PP First Time Applicant

    My attorney got the physical receipt on 05/01/2019
    Notice date is marked as 04/24/2019
    Filed to the California Service Center.
    No update in the SEVP portal which could be because my OPT is active till February next year.

    Good luck to everybody

  17. GAYAT

    I came to USA on H4 during Feb 2014 and I got my H1B visa in Nov 2015. Do my H4 stay counts towards 6 years of stay on H1B visa? Please help me, its very critical.

    Thank You!

  18. H1Bapplicant 2020

    My attorney got the physical receipt today (04/29/2019)
    Notice date is marked 04/24/2019
    We filed to California Service Center.
    Good luck to everybody

    1. Raman

      Hello everyone, please tell me anyone has received email in may month.
      Have any possibility now that we can receive mail in theses days??

  19. AD/PP/CA

    Hello Kumar,

    Have a quick question. Is there any possibility that receipt number is generated without cheque getting cleared?

    Could you please throw a light on the exact flow after case getting picked?

    Another question,

    Does it say anything in SEVIS about H1B apart from mentioning change of status pending and receipt no when the lottery is picked?

    Example: Does SEVIS system say that change of status is very specfic to H1B? Or it only mentions that the change of status is pending and provides receipt number.

    Your help is greatly appreciated.

    1. administrator

      Well, some of these things may or may not happen in particular sequence, including the online updates. So, the best confirmation is to wait for the actual physical copy of the receipt notice.
      It says change of status and DSO would be able to see some details like receipt number in some cases. DSO’s may or may not share that information. Check SEVP, SEVIS updates H1B lottery

  20. B Kumar

    Hi, my employer has sponsored me H1B and has premium processed as I don’t have enough time to stay without. Till date, I haven’t heard anything from attorney, should I worry?

  21. Teja

    Hello all,

    I got an email from my DSO saying event history in my record indicates i have pending change of status, the update was made on april 26th at 9:43pm.
    my stem is valid till next year does that my mean my h1-b is picked in lottery.

    Thank you in advance.

  22. aruna

    Hello All, Question – My cousin filed Petition with Employer A and Employer B (they were ready to file even before onboarding, he will be a consultant for first few months but full time later), Now , can he go with Employer B as petition is picked anyhow and what about Sevis portal, can he change his employer now? what might be the consequences?

    1. administrator

      question is slightly unclear…but the general guidance is, once you have the H1B approval, you can decide whom to join on October 1st on H1B. It does not matter, where you work before that on OPT. You need to ensure, where you work is correctly updated in SEVIS by working with DSO during that period.

      1. aruna

        Hi Kumar, thanks for replying.
        But for him, he says OPT ends on may 15th 2019, shouldn’t he decide whom should he go with before may 15th? how long can he stay with employer A (Petition is not picked) considering his OPT expires in 14 days.

        1. administrator

          Yes, he will be in cap gap from May 15th. If he has a receipt notice, he can send to DSO and have status extended as cap gap until Sep 30th. Well, it does not matter, whom he works for until Sept 30th, he needs to decide on October 1st, where he should work on H1B.

    2. aruna

      Can someone please answer, it will be really helpful.

      Hello All, Question – My cousin filed Petition with Employer A and Employer B (they were ready to file even before onboarding, he will be a consultant for first few months but full time later), Now , can he go with Employer B as petition is picked anyhow and what about Sevis portal, can he change his employer now? what might be the consequences?

  23. kishore

    Hi Kumar,

    I heard that, USCIS selected additional 20K applications last year considering the rejections out of 85k. Is that true? if So, is this applicable for this year too ?

  24. AD/Non-PP guy

    My attorney got the physical receipt today (04/29/2019)
    Notice date is marked 04/24/2019
    We filed to California Service Center.
    Good luck to everybody

          1. AD/Non-PP guy

            On my history on SEVP portal, it shows as 04/26/2019, 2 days later than notice date. Hope this helps

  25. Second time

    Hi Kumar, I fall in to regular cap/NO PP. My I129 form I found it is written “mastere of microelectronics” while it should be “master of microelectronics”, will it potentially create any issue?

    Please reply I am worried

    1. administrator

      Well, it is hard to say…USCIS may give an RFE considering it a small typo. Don’t worry too much. Speak to your attorney on to respond to it.

  26. PP/AD/CA

    Hello Kumar,

    I got an update about my receipt number via email last Friday but have not received that in formal paper receipt notice. Usually how much time will it to take to send hard copy receipt?

    Your help is greatly appreciated.

  27. Jatin

    I got an email from Vermont Service Center on April 15th stating:

    “The Vermont Service Center will adjudicate this case within 15 calendar days of the “received date” set forth above.” The received date is given as 04/11/2019.
    I haven’t heard back anything yet and I am also little confused as USCIS announced that the premium processing clock for FY 2020 petitions start from May 20th, 2019 which is stated in the article above. Can anyone shed some light?


    1. administrator

      The message is standard system message that tells 15 days…it is just that they have not really customized the system to give you the date based on May 20th date. Just ignore the dates in message. USCIS is accountable for 15 days SLA starting from May 20th, 2019.

  28. Mohan Krishna

    Guys, Any idea whether SEVP Portal gets updated for Initial OPT as well?
    I am in first year of OPT which ends on 08/30. I have applied for AD/NonPP (regular). Please let me know whether my SEVP portal gets updated?

      1. Teja

        Hello all,

        I got an email from my DSO saying event history in my record indicates i have pending change of status, the update was made on april 26th at 9:43pm.
        my stem is valid till next year does that my mean my h1-b is picked in lottery.

        Thank you in advance.

        1. administrator

          If your H1B was applied as COS, then it is very likely that your H1B was picked in lottery. Check with your employer on the receipt notice.

  29. AD/Non-PP guy

    Check for my wife (spouse) was cashed out.
    Original H1b application checks are still waiting to be cashed..
    I suppose it will be cashed out soon. Seems like I was picked…
    I believe my application went to California Service Center.

  30. Confused

    On May 20, USCIS will begin premium processing for FY 2020 cap-subject H-1B petitioners requesting a change of status on their Form I-129, Petition for a Nonimmigrant Worker. Petitioners who do not file Form I-907, Request for Premium Processing Service, concurrently with an FY 2020 cap-subject H-1B petition requesting a change of status must wait until premium processing begins on May 20 to submit Form I-907.

    This is so confusing…..Case status says PP began on Apr 16..!!

    1. administrator

      To clarify, the USCIS system is designed to have a premium processing status from the day they send out the receipt notice. The news release of Premium Processing clock starting from May 20th is an exception and I do not believe USCIS systems are catered to give you the custom status for premium processing. So, it can be misleading…even though it says April 16th, officially USCIS will be accounted for premium processing from May 20th only for SLA of Premium Processing…

  31. Manik

    I filed in AD regular processing not in CA . Haven’t heard anything yet. Has anyone started hearing who filed in AD Regular ? Please let me know. Thanks

  32. MTworries

    Have you heard any cases where people in AD/PP are still receiving receipts? Today is april 24, the last i heard was April 19.

  33. Prashanth

    Hi Kumar,

    Is the lottery selection really random. Looking at the numbers and success percentage of petitions belonging to US-based companies as Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Intel, Cisco etc and the rest tier of companies does prove a point. My belief is – its a well knitted algorithm behind the machine with many rules.


    1. administrator

      There are two things, lottery vs approvals. what you see is more success on approvals from these companies, not necessarily lottery. In my view, lottery definitely will be random as they would not do anything that is wong as it could end up in litigation…it is just that they are squeezing more on the approvals for third party worksite and consulting kind of companies….

    1. administrator

      Well, USCIS has not given us any updates yet for this year on the split yet. If you look at History of H1B Petitions Split Numbers – Regular vs Masters, it was about 50% for Masters last year. As per our H1B Tracker Data , we see that H1B Masters cap filings were about 66%…Even, if we discount 10% for data quality, we should at least have 56% of Masters petitions filed, in numbers Masters would be 112,566 and Regular cap 88,444. What do you all think ?

      1. KC


        It looks like your assumpsion is very close..another thing i read this year AD Selected is 63%. I believe this 63% is of 65K..So, rest are Non- AD.
        Which means more or less 25K Non-Ad selected out of 88K..

  34. MTworried

    You mentioned that Masters people start receiving email if selected and filed in premium processing first and then non-masters. But since this year they switched the order of lottery, does your statement about Masters being notified later hold true? would the masters category people be the last to receive email due to new order of lottery? So if they already sent out emails to Masters category people, and I have a masters and I didnt not receive email, means I was not selected then?

    1. administrator

      No, it does not change. The lottery order has nothing to do with order of sending H1B receipts. This has been like this for many years, the main reason for sending out US Masters Receipts first is that many of them are in cap gap and would lose their ability to work or status, if their SEVIS status is not updated and their petition is not adjudicated by September 30th. That’s the reason, they try to process US masters petitions first.

      1. David

        First timer

        I have been told that my three checks were cashed on April 5, before lottery started on April 11, How could it be possible ?

        1. Rohit Farzala

          Same happened with me too. I was notified by my employer that the H1B filing check was cashed out on 04/04 which is difficult to believe since the lottery was conducted on 04/10 or 04/11.
          Non AD/Vermont center

          1. administrator

            Usually, there is a number behind the check, which is the H1B receipt number, if they can read it clearly, ask them to share the same…you can then verify the same.

  35. Laboratory angel

    anybody have their petition applied via staffing agency on their behalf? They said to wait till May but i get so anxious and dont know if its a good idea to email them early

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