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Are you too old to Study in USA ? 10 Years of Experience, 35 Years age ?

I see many of our readers ask questions in our Study in USA Forum section regarding their decision to study in USA after 7 to 10 Years of work experience or at the age of 35 or 40 years.  Many of them could not pursue their dream of higher education at their early age due to various factors of family pressures, financial difficulties, no clarity, etc…now, they are wondering, if it is the right thing to study abroad like in USA. Many of them are unsure, how they will be received in the classes and will they be able to cope with their younger peers in the class.  This article focuses on shedding some light on the reality at Graduate schools in America and if it is the right age for you to study.

Average Age of Graduate Student ( MS or MBA) in United States – Distribution

As per the research by National Center for Education Statistics, the average age of graduate student is about 33 years. Also, the below table from the same report indicates the age distribution of a typical graduate student enrolment.  Key stat to look at is that about 50% of the graduate students are over 30 years of age.

 Average Graduate Student Age Distribution in USA

Are you too Old to go back to School and Study Masters ?

Looking at the above data, you can notice that over 22% of the students are over 40 years and about 28% of the students are between 30 and 40 years. Data speaks volumes…You do NOT need to worry that you are too old.  You are not old to go back to school. There are quite a few students in the same age group. In fact, when I did my MS and MBA, I have personally noticed the same. Many of my teammates were much older than me, it was fun to have all the experience folks in the class and my team as well.  You are NOT too old to go back to school ! You bring in a lot of value to the class and make it more engaging.

Pursue your dream of Higher Education  with Passion

When you are thinking about going back to school, you need to very clear on your goals.  As you are already quite experienced, most of the times, your degree may NOT be giving you the instant return as you would expect immediately, unless it is a requirement as part of the job.  If you always wanted to get higher education and experience the education system in America, it is totally fine, just go for it. Also, pursuing higher education with the goal to settle in America has to be considered with caution, with the H1B Lottery. Read Apply for MS with H1B Lottery .  Also, you do NOT have to pursue MS or MBA in your same field or area, you can change your major or specialization in MS.  If it was your dream to study Marketing but you somehow ended up in Computer Science in Bachelors, it is your chance to switch majors and pursue that dream.  Just plan it such that your education can help you make a career transition.

If you can afford the time with family commitments and have money to fund your education, it is an enriching experience to study in America.  There are so many great things about education in America, it is not about just the classes and research, it is about the activities that are part of the student life like Student Orgs , Student Leadership Activities, etc. that define the overall student life experience, … Many might question your decision as it may not be pragmatic, but what the heck? If it is your dream, go for it!  Many dream, only few dare to achieve it…Are you that one?

Next steps to Study, if you decide that age is not a bar and ready to commit ?

First thing you need to do is think about your goals for studying in US, what is is your passion. Once you know what you want to achieve, you need to plan to accomplish that.  Below are some steps to get started.

  • Step 1 : Research for Universities that offer the Degree or program you want to pursue and create a list of the Universities that offer the degree or program you plan to pursue.
  • Step 2 :  Pick 4 to 5 of them universities that you plan to study based on some factors that you prefer like ranking, fees or proximity to cities, etc.
  • Step 3 : Visit each of the shortlisted Universities websites and then look for requirements to get admission in those schools. Usually you need to go to the Admissions website and then to the specific School web page like School of Engineering, School of Business, etc.
  • Step 4 : List down the common requirements across these schools and make it part of the plan you want to study. Usually most of them need GRE, TOEFL or IELTS.
  • Step 5 : Start to apply after taking the required tests. You can write to admissions and get details as needed.
  • Step 6 : After you get admission, attend visa interview as needed and then travel to study in that University.  That’s it !

What do you think ?  Did you choose to go back to school after significant experience ? Share your experiences


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  1. Hi , I dont have +2 and done B.Sc from Open university and pursuing M.Sc Computer Science fina;; year.
    Do i eligible for MS in US and i m working in charge for US company

    • Sir ,
      Hlo i am siddhi i had completed 2yrs of study in bcom and then drop from the college due to family problems and started working im company .its had been around 15yrs i had left my study now at age of 35 i want to pursue a degree but in 1 or 1.5 year is it possible..please help

  2. Hi
    Yatish here.. I am basically from Bangalore and I have finished my MCA( masters of computer applications) from visvesvaraya technological university . I am actually planning to do MS in USA.. Please do suggest me… Is there
    anyone else who has done MS after MCA

  3. Dear sir
    i am Rahul from m.p.
    i have completed B. pharmacy in 2007 then i have qualified GRE and TOEFL and got admission from Wright state university Dayton Ohio,USA. But unfortunately my student ViSA was rejected three times then i have Joined company and have experience of appx. 3-4 years and now i am post graduate with 7.57 cgpa (one year backlog) completed in Dec 2014.
    so, please let me know,is there any way to go abroad(USA or Canada) for study? And the possibility to get student VISA of USA OR Canada.

    Thank you

    • rahul,
      If your intention is to study in US, you should always go for F1 visa. Maybe you can give it another shot by trying to fix the reason for rejection. One of the other things you can do is work for an MNC, get them to sponsor H1B for next year and if your stamping goes through, you can work in US and also study part time. I am not sure about Canada.

  4. Dear Kumar sir,
    1st i would like introducing my self SANTOSH HIRVE , 38yrs have two daughters(Taniya HIrve & Tejshwani hirve) and i did completed my M.Sc chemistry from School of chemical Science, DAVV Indore MP(India) and also did completed B.Ed and have 9yrs teaching experience my dream that i want do work in Australia/Canada/USA and also im preparing IELTS examination. My questions are
    1) Age will be effect to my work outside aboard (foreign countries ).
    2) It is good that 1st i will be clear IELTS exam.
    3) How will be search job there or study with work.
    4) How much economical required for visa etc because here i am managing to study of my both daughters.
    Please sir guide to me proper ways. So that i can do completed my dream this dream also of my both daughtes & wife.
    Thx sir for read my msg.

    • sanotsh hirve,
      I cannot speak for other countries, I have answered below based on US as the country to study or work.
      1. Not really, age should not really matter your work.
      2. US requires GRE and TOEFL for good schools, not all of them accept IELTS.
      3. You will need do your job search to work after graduation.
      4. You can read cost of MS in US to get some idea.

      All I can think of is, it can be a tough decision to finance your family and study. You may have to take loan and study. Also, you need to know that for US you will need H1B to work after studying and that is in Lottery state in last few years. Read US Lottery H1B to work . Take time to think and make an informed decision.

  5. Hello sir,

    i have been to USA on f1 visa for fall 2014. After spending about a week in USA, I got call from my that she is pregnant. so i had to take decision and i came back to India. now I want to complete my master’s, so I am planning to apply for fall 2017. my question is does my previous visit to usa will cause any problem for getting f1 visa? also if i go to same university, will i qualify for drop box?

    • Swapnil,
      It should not really. You have a reason and you can explain it. Be confident. If it is under 1 year, you maybe, check the ustraveldocs website for your eligibility.

  6. Hi,I completed my B.Com in 2007 after which I have a work experience of 6 and a half years in the banking industry, I even did JAIIB which is a diploma in banking and finance,i was confused and not really that keen on going for higher studies at that time. Now im almost 30 and i feel the need to do an Masters in finance from the US not necessarily an MBA. So is it possible for me to apply to universities over there and what all exams do i need to give.

    • Neha,
      Yes, it is possible, age is not a concern. You would very likely need to take GMAT or GRE and TOEFL to study in US. You can check any of the Universities website to check full details on the requirements.

  7. Hello Kumar,
    I am an electronics & communication graduate and have 4.5 years of work experience in IT industry (MNC & startup). I am planning to go for higher studies but I am not getting a clarity if MS would help me in my career growth considering I will already by 5+ years experienced by the time I join any college next year.
    Awaiting your reply!

  8. Sir,

    I’ve completed my diploma (10+3) in 2009 and been on job since then. Can I go for bachelors in any country? Preferably Canada. I’ve enquired in some consultancies here, they said, 7 years academic gap is too big and chances are very slim. Please suggest something.

    Thank you

  9. Hi Kumar,
    My DOB 17/07/1981. I completed my bsc in 2003 and MBA in 2005 then i worked in teaching field for 6 years and then 5+ yrs in software field, I applied h1b twice but did not pick in lottery. so i decided to do my Masters in IT from usa. . Will i face any problems at embassy? what should i answer them?

    • Ananth,
      Well, visa stamping is a big mystery for everyone. You will need to ensure all your stuff are genuine and you are doing everything in good faith. As long as you have not done any fraud and you answer logically with confidence, you should have good chances. Visa stamping can always be tricky…just do your part and hope for the best.

  10. Hai sir I am 25 year old …I was studying bca in university ,unfortunately I ve 2 disconnect my studies I ve given only 5th seem exam ….but last seem I couldn’t appear ..will u plz help 2 find further can I do masters in USA

    • Varsha,
      You need to get at least bachelors and some schools require additional 1 year of education for admission. First, get your bachelors and then prepare for GMAT and TOEFL to apply to MBA

  11. Hi I have done masters in engineering in India..but I want to do MBA in US..I don’t have any work experience also I’m 35 years old.. But I have good academic record..do I have any chance to pursue my dream.If not US which other country am I eligible.

    • Nancy,
      Yes, you can. You will need to take GRE/ GMAT and TOEFL and apply to schools. Age is not a concern, if you are passionate about education, you can go for it. Check out any of the schools you are interested in for the full process.

  12. dear sir Kumar my problems like above to same but some included that due to family problems as well as financial problems i did not settled or got good job and my qualification is M.Sc chemistry & B.Ed and now i want join in industries aboard of India like USA/UK please guide me .

    • santosh hirve,
      Well, if your goal is to study in US, you should plan to give GRE, TOEFL and plan for it. If your goal is to just work in US, you can join and MNC and plan for L1 or H1B visa. I suggest you take some time to think about what you want to do and plan accordingly.

  13. Hello,
    I’m Srihari ,i did my Diploma and bachelor in mechanical on 2001 and 2004.
    and i have 80% of scores in both the studies and having 12 years working experience on core mechanical design.
    After my bachelor studies till today i’m not able to fulfill my dream studies (Master in mechanical @ Germany) currently i took a step and reached 6 score in IELTS.
    Now i’m bit nervous, shall i start study(Abroad) ? or keep doing my job here in India?
    Please give your opinion regarding this.

    • Srihari,
      Well, if you are passionate about something and if it keeps you thinking everyday, then you should go for it. There is no reason to postpone. I cannot speak for Germany and the average scores there. My view is that, if it was your dream, just go for it…You should never look back one day and think, Ah I wish I studied in Germany or US…It is never late, just for it !

  14. Hi sir,

    I am Sethu from chennai, I completed MBA and now I’m working in RBS operations. Only after I completed my degree I realized my passion was in science. I am so much interested in astrophysics and astronomy. Now at the age of 26, I am thinking to follow my passion by studying under graduation in astronomy/astrophysics.

    My aim to study anywhere in U.S or Europe. I am from middle class family, I cannot spend much. I would like to know whether undergrad and mature students will be given scholarships/grants for their studies.

    Second thing I would like to know whether higher secondary marks are considered while admission. I have 68% of marks obtained in Higher secondary education.

    I am willing to prepare for entrance examinations or other exams. I have the heart to do the things for my passion.

    Please give me your suggestion on this.

  15. Hello Sir,

    I am Seema. I am currently in my last year of Btech and fortunately or unfortunately in my last semester with average cgpa 8.83. I want to do MBA from USA and planning to put my application this year without having no experience. I want to ask if I will put my application in top 10 universities of USA is there any chance to get a offer. And whether they will calculate this year as a drop?
    I am right now too confused. Please suggest me what to do?

    • Seems Mishra,
      Admission decision is not solely based on work experience and depends on many factors. if there is any pre-requisite, the admissions web page will tell that they require you to have X amount of years of work experience, if not, it is fine. Usually, it is recommended to work for few years before MBA. Read Work Experience and MBA impact . If you choose to apply, you can very well do that, it is recommended though.

  16. Dear Sir,

    I have done B.A from India in 2005 and MBA from Australia in 2008. After that I am working in India since 7.5 years. I want to study in USA for MBA in Entrepreneurship. I am 35.5 years old now. Is it possible at this age now ?? I am ready to take GRE/GMAT and Toefl . I am wondering if any good university in US will give admission to me .Also I am wondering about the possibilities of getting US Visa at this age.

    Kindly assist.

    I will be very thankful to you.

    • Saurabh Sharma,
      Well, you already have an MBA, why would you want to study MBA again ? If you are really passionate about studying in US, you can pick something else like MS in Entrepreneurship or some other degree. Think about other options. Yes, you would need to take GRE, TOEFL for good schools. Yes, they would for sure, if you have the right scores and position yourself well in application. US visa depends on many factors, age is definitely not a barrier for visa or admission. If you are passionate about studying, go for it…your age should not be hindrance.

  17. Hi Mr. Kumar,

    I did my BE in 2007 in IT and then worked in several software product companies.I have 8.5 years of experience now and I am 30. A boredom is setting into my career. I couldn’t go for higher studies immediately after graduation due to several reasons, but I want to give it a shot now. I wonder if its too late, and also if it will be worth it. I am currently associated with a MNC and my salary is also quiet descent. I want to pursue for a MS or MBA from a good university in US, but fear risking my current career and being too old to fit in. At the same time, if I assume I will work till 60 or so, I have a pretty long career path ahead, so, that way, I wonder if a MS or MBA degree from a good university and the exposure that it will give me, would ultimately boost the career in the long run.

    I was glad to have stumbled on your article.
    I am looking forward to your guidance here.

    • Neha,
      It is never late to go back to school. Couple of the key things you need to look at is your passion to go back to school and the value you get out of it. MBA can be leveraged to get into Management roles or even change careers…MS is typically done as a path to PhD or any other specific advanced skills you need to get. Going back to a good school will open up your world of network and your perception of many things. I gained a lot of exposure with my MBA…Think of where you see yourself in next 10 years or so and plan to study something that can help you get there…Age is never a concern, many go back to school at late 50s or 40s for various reasons of career growth and personal satisfaction. Take sometime to plan, you will get it…

  18. Hi,
    I am 29 years old and completed graduation in 2012 but there was almost 5 years gap after 10+2 and at this point i have 15 years of education, I want to pursue MBA in USA for that i didnt do MBA in India. Can you suggest whether will i be eligible to apply for Student Visa or not and what are the steps involved in it.

    Thank You,

    Bhaskar M

  19. Hii,

    I have done Bachelors Degree in Electronics Engineering in 2004 and i dont have any work experience in IT but want to do MS in computer science .Can I still do it?
    I have been living in USA for 8 yrs and I am on dependent Visa.Do I need to pass TOFEL and GRE? Will my degree still valid after more than 10yrs of my graduation?

    • Manisha,
      Yes, you can do MS. There is no age limit and the gap in education does not matter. You will probably need to give GRE, for TOEFL, you can speak to the admissions and get it waived as you have been in US for 8 years…Again, this waiver depends on your ability to convince the admissions. Yes, your degree is valid for your life 🙂 If you are passionate, just take the bold step and go for it. As you are in US, I suggest you setup up an appointment with any nearby school around where you live and get a campus tour scheduled and understand process, it will give you better idea.

  20. Hi Kumar,

    I have stamped H-1b and my wife has stamped H-4 in 2015.

    I will be travelling in May-Jun 2016.

    Now my wife is pregnant.

    What r the immigration complications in this case?

    Also what could be the medical expenses in US?

    How can I cover them in Insurance?

    Little bit worried.

    Kindly guide with your valuable suggestions.


  21. Hello Sir,
    I obtained B.Tech(ECE) from Acharya Nagarjuna university in 1995. But my percentage is only 52% as I fallen sick in 3rd yr and couldn’t attend internal exams and even cancelled the final exams for better percentage, without consulting others, as a result in the yearly exam scheme, I appeared both final yr and 3rd yr at a time and couldn’t do well in exams. worked as lecturer for few yrs and then joined for M.Tech(CS) during project work, software field was down and as I got Govt .Job, I was forced to join due to family constraints.
    now I wish to study and settle at USA in this age of 45.
    1) Can I get a seat in MS in Computer Science in and around Dallas ?
    2) Can I get a job in Software field during OPT ? I am in Telecom domain.
    Pl suggest me the universities in and around Dallas, will they accept my percentage ?
    I am preparing for IELTS.
    3) how to plan Financial Aid?
    4) or is it better to obtain H1 b for work ?
    Iam very very much interested to go there and especially interested to settle at Dallas till my last breath.
    pl suggest.

    • B. Srinivas,
      Her are my thoughts.
      1. Admission decision depends on many things. If you apply for schools around Dallas and do the right work, you should be able to get.
      2. You can, it is up to positioning yourself with skills around software. We do not suggest any universities, you will have to do the research. Why IELTS ? Most of the US schools prefer GRE
      3. Well, you need to find and apply for scholarships. It varies by school. Read How to find scholarships for MS in US
      4. If you are just looking to work, I think H1B is better option. you do not need to waste two years.

      If you really are planning to work there and settle, I suggest you find an MNC and try to work there for some time to get on-site transfer and eventually go to US. Read Apply to US with H1B Lottery

  22. Mr.kumar,I have a different kind of problem.i have completed my masters in English and want to study abroad.I am now almost 40.Do I have any chance to pursue my dream?cause I don’t have any experience in academic.Though I want to be an academician.
    P.s. Do you think studying through distance mode may create some difficulties to study abroad?

    • Samyarup Bhattacharya,
      You definitely have a chance to pursue your dream in America. Age is never a concern to study in US and you will not be judged by that. If you really want to experience, you should join University and study in US, doing through distance education will not give you the experience. Take time to think about how you can take a year or two time off and study in US. No one has experience, it is about building experience and working towards it. Think about it and make a decision…it can be a tough one, but if you are passionate, go for it.

  23. Hi,

    I am Masters Engineering from Pune University. I have mixed experience of multiple skills.
    I had 5 years experience in embedded, 5 Years in Software and 5 Years in SAP.
    I have H1B holder by Indian company. But not getting onsite opportunity. I am 38 years of old. Can you tell me weather its secure to change the job at his point and go to USA?
    How to proceed further if I want to work in USA.

    • Vibhu,
      It all depends on your will to take risk, there is nothing call secure. If your goal is to work in US and if you have H1B, I suggest you wait for some more time until you get opportunity or find an employer who can transfer your H1B and send you to America.

  24. Hello Mr. Kumar,
    I am Srinivas aged 38 yrs working in a Public sector with 12 years experience.
    Now I wanted to full fill my dream of pursuing my MS. Is it a right decision at this age after 14 years of graduating? What is advisable, pursuing MS or doing MBA relating to my work experience ? Kindly guide me.

    • Srinivas,
      Absolutely, if you are really passionate about studying and you feel that studying will make you feel good and maybe add value to career, you should go for it. Age does not matter and gap also does not matter. Think of what you are doing now and what degree can help you after you graduate and pick that. Read MS vs MBA

  25. Hi Kumar,
    I am one of those guys who fall in “that” 22%, I got my bachelors when I was 21, and I was working in different IT companies since. The dream of doing a masters in US was always in my mind, but family and financial commitments didn’t allow me. When I finally made it as a full time student I was 38…I am the oldest in most of my classes… but it didn’t bother me. It is kind of taking a break in your life and do things what you always wanted to.

    So if you want to do it plan and do it, prepare to do work for GRE and ILETS etc.

    • Hi Karthi,
      Its great to hear about your story, my story is very much similar to yours, after doing my B.Tech in India I worked in Indian IT service industry for almost 10 years before making a decision to go for higher studies. last year I enrolled in Oklahoma State university and is currently pursuing the dual degree in MBA and management information system. I would be graduating in this summer.
      I would like to connect to you, can you please drop me an email at [email removed spam alert]

      • Dhruva Kumar,
        Great to hear from you on your story. Dual degree is awesome, you are making up for all the time you missed I guess 🙂

    • Hi Karthi,
      Thanks for sharing your experience. I am a female and married, but want to pursue my dream of doing an MS. But whenever I talk to someone then they would say that doing an MS after 5+ years of experience is not worth it. This thing is really worrying me. Could you let me know how MS can help me with a better job perspective after having 4.5 years of work ex in IT industry. I am an E&C graduate with 66.3 %, senior secondary 81.6% and secondary 86.5%, TOEFL 95/120, yet to give GRE. What would be my chances of getting a good college and which are the colleges that would take me in with this profile.
      Awaiting your response!

      Thanks in Advance!

      • Anchal,
        Getting MS anytime without an end goal will NOT get you anything. There is a lot of misconception that getting MS will get you a better job, that is not true. Read Goal for MS in US – Professor ? and Goal for MS – Just Job ?.
        We do not advise on schools… I always believe that pursuing education without end goal in mind or a passion you always wanted to study will not add value or give you satisfaction. Take time to think about it and make an informed decision.

  26. hello sir i am navjot sood from india i had passed my senior secondary in 2012 after that i had get job in last of 2013 in pnb bank as a business correspondent as a agent in my comission they had deduct my tds online is it need full for me to show work experience for studying in usa

  27. dear sir

    This is Meenakshi Ankam . I have completed my graduation in 2014 in IT stream . I want to do my higher studies in US . Present i’m not doing any job due to some health problem from last two years. I want to do MBA in travel and tourism ,i’m very much intrested in it . Do i get any problem in future while applying for visa and for any college because i have a gap of two years after my graduation and i’m not employed till now . Please suggest me sir.

      The gap in education will not be of any issue. You may be asked in visa interview and you can tell the real reason. Regarding MBA in travel and tourism, firstly I am not sure if you have such MBA. Usually MBA is a management degree and you can do emphasis in some area, but it usually does not really matter. I suggest you first decide on what you want to do. You can check few schools online on what degrees are offered in travel and tourism and then pursue the same…

  28. Dear,

    I am post graduate degree holder (M.Sc. in Chemistry). I have obtained my masters in 1998.
    I have been working in Qatar as an expatriate (middle east) since 2000 as a Chief Chemist (Head of Laboratories: Chemical lab, Environmental lab, Physical Lab & Metallography lab ). My experience in this field is about 25 years. I have started my carrier after passing higher secondary.
    Due to my further carrier/current position development, I would seek to obtain Ph.D. in Chemical & Environmental Engineering from USA.
    But I am now 48 years old and my current master degree in Chemistry field (Applied, Inorganic, Analytical & Environment).
    I am married. I have only one son (7 years old).
    I need to keep my family in USA during my course. I need to pay all expenses (cost) for my academic (if i dont get financial assistance from USA university & family expenses from my own account (currently in Qatar).
    Official transcript for Ph.D. program enrollment:
    * for me it is very difficult to send my official transcript through my universitiies/college as I am far away from my country and it has been a very old matter. I don’t have any contact of my professors any more.
    * Also i don’t have any publication.

    kindly tell me how I can proceed? how is the possibility to get admission in USA?

    Thanks & best regards,

    • Siddique,
      Great to hear that you are passionate about studying further. You can speak to Universities that you apply and see, if you can get an exception. If they insist, then you may have to find a way to get your transcripts. Most of the process is getting online with good schools, so check online. You have a lot of experience, you can talk about the work you have done in the past years. You have very good chance to get full funding, because you will add lot of value to academic research as you worked on the field. You need to highlight your experiences in SOP. Check any of the Universities websites on PhD requirements to get started.

  29. Hi Kumar,
    I know my question is not very specific so your answer can’t be specific but still please try to give a shot.
    How much money (very rough idea) would be needed to do an MS IT/Computers from US? public and private university both.

    Also for a IT professional having more than 12 years work exp and earning more than 26+ L in India – what are prospective to do past-time job of same nature while doing MS?

      • Hi Kumar,

        Recently I visited different states in USA with family and still I have valid visa for some years.

        kindly suggest me the following:
        1. Is it possible to try student visa from USA? how is the chance to get student visa if I try from USA itself during my tour in USA? which one is better (applying from USA soil or from the country I am staying?
        2. What would be my tourist visa status if I apply for student visa? will it be automatically cancelled during my apply for student visa?


        • Hi Kumar,

          also kindly explain in detail about switch over B1/B2 visa to J-1 visa / F-1?
          if I am issued I-20, then can the same university take initiative to change my B1/B2 visa status to J-1 visa / F-1?
          what does exactly mean J-1 visa and how to obtain through university?
          if I again enter USA on visit visa which I currently have, then can I obtain J-1 visa from USA ?
          Does J-1 visa give legal status during my study leave? kindly discuss in details about this visa?
          can I get admission in USA university during my tour on my visit visa?
          if so, then how can I change to other visa which will allow me to stay legally after six months ?
          I afraid because my current visit visa may get cancelled if I apply for F-1 visa from abroad. and maybe my student visa also will not be approved. at the end I may lose all including valid visit visa.
          your kind detailed reply is highly appreciated.


          • Siddique,
            I am not familiar with J-1 visa. Well, B1 to F1 is possible, but can be risky at times. Read B1 to F1 Options to understand the process. It is always recommended to get your F1 stamping done at home country, instead of COS…

        • 1. It is recommended to apply for US visa from the country you are staying.
          2. It will still be valid, if they do not cancel it. It all depends, they may or may not cancel it.

  30. Hi,
    @ 35 yrs of age I am a bank officer for last 8 years.Simple n pensionable job it is.As a middle class indian , living life at home with family n all.But yes, there was a dream i all wanted to live.what billlions have dreamt n millions have achieved.
    Study in US.90 % of my engg batchmates are in US.deep down , i know that m in banking job by force not by choice.
    Its allways a question for me to make a choice,,
    choice between secure life or risk of living a totally different life.
    still confused but after goin through this page, was bit relieved n found some hope….

  31. Hi,first of all a huge thanks for being so kind to answer so many questions. This gave me the courage to put forth my question as well. I am an Indian woman from a middle class background. I completed my 3 years graduation in the year 2008 with a major in English literature. But due to numerous family problems could not pursue higher education nor could work. But the thing that I could not study and do anything significant has been killing me ever since and despite going through a terrible and long down phase in personal life my dreams have not completely died. So, recently I have decided to enroll myself for a 3 years LLB degree while working part time. Now comes my question, after having secured my LLB, after 3 is there any chance for me to pursue JD from some American University while working there as a paralegal? Will it be too late by then? Also how to go for the visa? (My relatives settled in the U.S. is never going to help even with a few words of positive advice.)
    It’s a long cherished dream to study in the United States and settle down afterwards. Even if it sounds close to impossible, still I am not ready to give up hopes just yet.

    • S.B.,
      I cannot really answer on specifics of working here as paralegal with an Indian degree as I am not from background. I suggest you do some research online…Usually, they look for some level of in-country based certification to work here…Please double check.. Regarding age limit, there is nothing as such…you should be fine to pursue anything at any point of time.

    • Thanks a ton for answering Kumar. Even without specifics, this means a lot. As far as paralegal jobs are concerned, I have researched a bit on my own and you are absolutely right about the certification thing. Gaining a certification in paralegal matters makes it easier to bag a job. By the way, do you know any particular blog or website about Indian legal practitioners in the U.S.?
      Thanks again and regards.

  32. Hi kumar,greetings
    i completed my PG in chemistry i 1981., and aged 57
    Now i want to fulfil my life time ambition to go for graduate study in US in my field of chemistry.Is it possible? kindly suggest me right approach,I dont have any published work,but I worked for last 30 years as senior secondary teacher

    • krishna,
      Yes, it is possible. I had students who where in their 70’s doing their Masters. You first need to be clear on what you want to do, will it be extension to what you studied or will you pick up something new…Take time to think and decide. Once done, then you just need to follow the standard process of application of any school like taking GRE, TOEFL, and apply. You will probably need a compelling SOP that states your passion in that…

  33. hi my friend has done MBA in US 13yrs ago.he was working in india in his family owned concern .due to certain reasons he is out of it. can he get a job in US with his MBA degree.if yes what is the procedure.please reply.

  34. I passed +2 with pcm in 2012 .Now its 2016,there is 4 year long gap after +2.can I apply for USA .please sir.give me ur precious advice

    • Bhupender singh,
      The gap does not matter. There are people who go back to school after 10 years. You just need to follow the process required for admission like taking required exams and apply.

  35. I m 28,want to start my studies again,due to some family and financial issues had to leave my studies and do a job.I have completed my higher secondary on the year 2007,can you please suggest me regarding my studies in USA after so long time of study leave..???please help me with my questions..

    • Sanchari,
      You can still continue your studies.28 percent of the students are in the age of 30-40.and as you are below 30 you can study ms in the United States and certainly you will receive the top job offers from the IT companies within no course of time in the campus itself.you can also go through the content apply for ms with H1b lottery in the Internet.

  36. Hello
    In the past I have been working as a managing director with 12 years of expireience and due to some personal problems I had to leave my job now,if I try getting a job in USA without doing MS is it possible to settle with family there and get a job?i have done btech .please leave suggestions or kindly send any help regarding this.
    Thank you

    • Ranganath,
      Yes, if you can find a job and if that employer sponsors your H1B visa, it should be fine. B.tech is good enough, you do NOT need MS from US.

  37. Hi All,

    Can anyone suggest me that if anyone get into US for either MS or PHD can he/She bring his/her dependent like wife/ Husband if yes then what are the criteria for the dependent whether he/ she also have to go through any exam??
    Please suggest.

    • Yes, you can bring your dependents to US, they would need the dependent visa. Dependents don’t need to write any exam, but they will have to attend the visa interview at US consulate.

  38. hello all
    i am 30 and still doing my b.e (mechanical engineering), this year may be or next year definitely it would be my final year, previously i had 5 years experience in govt job (diesel mechanic) life was running smooth over there, no tension nothing,but deep inside it was eating me to become an engineer as it was my childhood dream( due to financial crisis i couldn’t fulfill it in time ) so finally i joined college at age of 26,after convincing my family they backed me up,(12th{h.s.c} in 2003) initially things were very hard for me to sustain , several times i doubted myself , my ability was in question but i hanged on ( after 8 year of gap i entered into bachelors in engg although i got 1 drop and verge of other) and still things are tough for me but could not shake my determination to see that degree certificate which means a lot to me maybe normal to others and after finishing this i want to do m.s by that time i would be 32 i guess so m i eligible or not? my percentage are worst 50% but this final year i will put my maximum effort to get 65%( normal to u guys) can i get admission in reputed university in u.s , i will score good in gre and tofel already had 7 in ilets one more thing still i haven’t revealed my true identity in college, and i don’t think that it is necessary cuz students of this age group just need gossip, fun and entertainment they are not mature enough to understand me except few time will make them mature . so plz suggest me regarding universities in u.s.

  39. Hello there

    When applying for MS after >10 years of work experience, does one still need LOR from one’s long lost professor

    • Well, if you do not have access to your professors, you can always give recommendation letters from your current work place or people who know you better and in good role. You can always clarify this with the school and they would typically accept that.

  40. Hi to all,
    Need Suggestions from every1
    I am 29 years old completed my MBA and having 3 years of experience in Sales & Marketing,now planing for MS in USA.
    Can any1 plz suggest for the course/is it the correct decision ?

  41. I will be completing 31 by June 2015. With 10 years of Career experience since 2005, after graduating by B.Tech, I survived myself to become a Telecom Engineer with support of Cisco Certifications. Now I have an interest to purse you an MS from US, which had been my dream for a while.

    I am keen looking for courses either MIS or Masters in Telecom Engineering. Which, I feel would go well on hands to find a Job with my existing career experience.

    I am planning to hit any reputed Universities for these courses in US by Spring, Jan 2016. By the time, I walk out of my MS Graduation, I would be 33~34.

    My question for ppl here, (1) With this age, will I be eligible for getting an admission? (2) Will I get a job with age of 33~34 as a telecom engineer (3) Since, I have already handled mid-manager levels in India, will get same sort of Job opportunities in US?

    Please advise.

  42. Respect Sir/Madam I want scholarship for become a great businessman and i want ship for B.com only and near my parents not have that much money to send a great collage because I want the Scholarship to study.I am not too small that I can’t get it and I hope that you will give me the scholarship
    please give an chance to prove me

  43. i was so hesitate about getting my master degree in usa after i hit my 30 but this article gave me a boost.

    Thank you so much

  44. HI,

    Thanks for your advice. I am a btech graduate, 2010 passed out. Working in software field and having 4 years of experience. i am planning to do ms in usa. please suggest me can i proceed with ms. if i proceed what measures i have to take to successfully complete ms and get job in usa.

  45. “Being on H1 could be sometime frustrating as cannt switch job if not satisfied etc. ”

    You could switch jobs on H1 its a restriction only if you are on a L1 visa

  46. HI everyone,

    I am Vaibhav Gupta and got admit to NJIT Fall 2014 for MS in Telecommunications and my visa is approved and will be travelling to USA on 27th August.
    The thing i want to know is i am 31 and have done my btech in ece in 2005 and have 5 years of corporate experience in telecom sector as an engineer.Now since i am enrolling for this course wont be any issue regarding survival and competing with youngster since in masters i have seen mostly there are freshers…would i get a good job….how difficult it would be and ofcourse since the fees is also on the higher side is there any chances of getting any funding?Please help….
    In USA is the jobs is not age defined?

  47. I recently brought my wife on H4 here. She by qualification is a graduate (BA Psychology) with few Microsoft diplomas in IT. I want her to study but me myself am not from IT background and have not studied in US and thus am having some difficulty and she is very new here, but enthusiastic
    I was looking for some help in terms of looking for something which is:
    Not very long term courses in IT, (preferably STEM course), one for which we can apply for F1.
    Any help/suggestion/link to a website will be helpful

  48. Dear All,
    I am 36 years old, just about to finish my PhD from a school in the midwest. I came here when I was 31. After my masters from India, I worked for 3 years in the industry and 2.5 years with a professor as a research associate. Leaving the job for me was not difficult at all. This is because from day one, after I finished my masters, I had the intention of going for a PhD. But, I have personally communicated with people who found it difficult. My reason for not going for PhD immediately after my masters was that I didn’t think or had confidence that I will get into a good school. Although working for few years did help my parents clear up some loans they had taken for me and my sister’s education, marriage, etc.

    Doing PhD at this age could be difficult because slogging becomes difficult. But, I have gained maturity over the years, so for me I think I understand and think about things differently. Throughout my PhD I had this issue when attending a class that I felt that I am much elder than most of the students. These things comes into mind, and also you often think that your undergraduate batchmates, who got a job immediately after undergraduation, are now much wealthy and living a great life (materialistically). Also, people will keep reminding you that you are not ‘settled’. So, sometimes you can get perturbed by things your parents, relatives, friends say. But, overall, I think I never regretted coming to USA at an older age. Its the feeling that you are in a great country kind of more than compensates for that. Only after coming to USA I realized the true value of human being. You should see how USA treats their elderly, handicapped or incapacitated people. Forget about people who are normal like us. USA is heaven for people who want a chance to live their life, no matter the past.

    My student salary of around $2000 dollars was not really sufficient, but I still could manage to send 200-300 dollars per month to my parents for their house rent in Hyderabad. My sister chips in with similar money. And my father has his pension. So, we kind of survived. Now that my wife works here in USA, we even managed to bring our parents here for a 2 month trip.

    If anyone have any questions. I would be glad to answer. I think I am a kind of person who loves to help and have all these crazy experiences, still rarely people ask me about my opinion or help. If you do, I will try my best to chip in with some thoughts.


      • i ws denied an f1- visa to be an undergraduate student in usa fri Dec 12 , bt i av requested for another I-20 which will arrive feb2015 for june 2015 enrollment & i would be 30 by feb2015, i hope am not too old, and what are the chances of getting a visa

      • I am 44 years old from Bangladesh and got an opportunity of doing PhD from Howard University in Electrical Engineering. I will have to bear my living expenses for at least first semester and then according to my performance my professor will provide RA. I am bit confused now should I go to USA or not at this age. I am working currently working as an Lecturer in a local university Bangladesh and I have couple of years of working experience in Electrical power sector. But the thing is that I have forgotten many topics related to electrical engineering and programming languages like C and MatLab.
        I a bit confused that should I take risk of doing PhD in USA or not. I would like to have suggestion.

        • If you are really passionate, then I think you should not give up. You will have to work hard to catch up and revise your fundamentals, but it is not rocket science. Your passion will drive the success. It can be a risky move, but I still believe that you are in teaching field and you got an opportunity, you should NOT leave it. Once you are in US, you can apply to other schools and maybe get admission elsewhere too. Also, 99% of the PhD students are fully funded, it is very likely that you will get funded…the professor want to see your commitment. Many a times, students have taken funding and have not utilized it by going to that school, so that funds get not used properly…so professors these days are very skeptical to offer it up front…Think about it…I went back to school leaving a well paid job after 5 years to study something new for me…it was tough, but I could sustain and I cherished it…

      • Hi MKG,

        Great achievement!
        What would you suggest in my case?

        I am 30+ and working in IT mainframe for 6 years. I wanted to do my MS or PHD from US universities right from when i started making goals. I have done my engineering in Food technology, at first i gave GRE and TOEFL for MS in FT but since i counldnt manage to get the scholarships it brought the whole ordeal to a period. And now after 6 years of IT experience i am confused to pursue for MBA or MS in CS (which wasnt my discipline in B.tech) and how . Giving GRE or GMAT again is quite like a tough job along with current one. TOEFL scores have as well lapsed.

    • i like ur true spirit and attitude …. hats off ..

      every one in this site (mainly think so) concentrates on H1B just to earn money but there are more imp things in life … a satisfied and happy life …

      nice to see such msg in this blog 🙂

    • Advance wishes for your PhD ! It is amazing to see your passion for education and dream to study…You are the best, very inspiring…Thanks for sharing your experience 🙂

    • kudos MKG
      nice to know you are following your aspirations and also about your support system
      i have been through the lottery this year and my wish is to work a few years in the USA before going for advanced degree, my interest has always been in that direction

      • Dear venkat,

        This is what most of the H1b aspirants say Work for a few years and them do masters/Phd. But let me tell you, the moment you see dollars parked in your bank account, you will concentrate only on settling down – pay your India EMIs, get a new car, move into a bigger apartment, search for buying property in US, apply green card etc etc ….and regarding studies ..forget it …you wont even have time to think about it.

        • I think it depends on now passionate you are about higher studies. When I joined a software company after my masters, the situation was a bit similar. Mainly because 10 years back, getting a good 5 lack package was also alluring. Many of my batch mates bought houses, cars, etc. But, people did manage to go for higher studies. If fact there were lot of BTechs who went for MS like 2 years after joining. But, I agree these decisions are difficult, that is where passion comes in to picture. I am guessing it is difficult to really appreciate the meaning of the word passion, unless you really have a passion. Of course, as you said, US, US-dollars, green card, are more alluring that a good life in India (I mean depends, but to most people I perceived). So, I don’t know. Higher degree of passion is the answer I guess?


    • Hi,
      I would need some advice from you: I have around 10 yrs of exp in Indian IT industry(4 yrs in USA).
      I was thinking of going to USA for MBA, but was little confused and worried that at the age of 35 would it be worth moving to a USA, as after MBA I would be working on H1B and H1B->green card is a very time taking process(8-10 yrs) for Indians. Being on H1 could be sometime frustrating as cannt switch job if not satisfied etc. what if I loose my job, handling these issues at the age of ~40(+) could be difficult.
      and I would like to come back to India @ age of ~60(would like to spend old age in India).

      So is putting the time and money on MBA in USA at age of 35 would be worth?
      Please share your views.


    • Dear MKG,

      Thanks for your wonderful suggestions, i have the similar problem i am willing to do my MS in US now i am 29 and i had already completed my Masters in Civil Engineering. now i am planing to do MS in US and then work there for few years to have some exposure and to get some money. Please suggest me and send your mail so that i can talk to you

    • Dear,

      I born & brought up with orphans home in Mumbai now I am at the age of 35 post graduated, Married (5 years kid) & having home loan( 12 lacks) with settled job in Mumbai earning good (50K pm)

      From day one, after I finished my masters, I had the intention,dream of going for a PhD(abroad) but due to financial issue I couldn’t

      Now I am getting offer from Europe for the PhD (3 years) with 1400 euro (net per month),

      Right now I am in dilemma whether should I accept the offer or not,

      Waiting for your suggestion,


    • You are such a great guy. I really enjoyed your comment. I have a problem and I will be so grateful if you help me with it. Now I am about 26 years. I finished B.S about 1.5 years ago in electrical engineering . Now I have decided to continue education in USA or Canada. first I should finish M.S here in Iran because i can’t afford for it there. Then I will move to USA or Canada for PHD. But my age really bothers me. I will be about 34-35 when I get my PHD. Do you think it causes serious problems for finding a job in USA or Canada?

    • I am planning for MBA in USA after 10 years of experience in Automotive R&D, i need your opinion for overage (as i am 33+), also what about USA MBA and cost of study?

    • dear sir,

      what are the exam to be written for doing phd in USA after masters from india and is there is any separate exams for finanacial aid.what are all the basic requirements should i have before applying for phd in US….


      Praveen R

      • dear sir,

        what are the exam to be written for doing phd in USA after masters from india and is there is any separate exams for finanacial aid.what are all the basic requirements should i have before applying for phd in US….


        Praveen R

    • Very nice sir, yes doing MS and living in carefree land was my dream, but never thought there could be any country. I always tried to adjust and live where ever I am. But I worked in different countries, I will say US is best

    • Hello MKG,
      Lots of respect!
      I am 31 and working as an Sr.Engineer in US based MNC….in pune india.I have done my BE in E&TC 2005.Now I want to persue Masters in Computer Science/Embedded system.
      Will my age consider for job or when get selected by an employer or for H1B ? I am very much willing to settle in US…….How easy it is at this age?Also I have 1 yr daughter.Is it possible to bring her is US after getting job?
      Your guidance will be great help…..
      Thank you.

    • i am at the age of 37 years, i am in government job at India, i done master of Engg in reputed institute in India and my job profile is R&D with handful of publications.
      i am planning to quit my present job and register for Phd in USA in relevant area.
      my queries are,
      1. my financial situation is not so good to support entire years of phd, may be i can afford for one year, may i get assistance after one year

      2. after phd, if i return to india i may get professor post,Is any good offer i will get in USA

      i am slightly struggling to take decision to quit my present job

      • 1. 99% of the time PhD admissions are fully funded. What it means is that the school will offer you one of the funding like TA, RA, GA to provide financial assistance for PhD , so not to worry much.
        2. It is up to you how to present yourself. You may get a job in US itself. There are no visa limits for education institutions. I have seen many do Post Doc and get an assistant professor.

        If you have publications, it is great for you. I suggest you take GRE, TOEFL apply for PhD in good schools of your choice. Communicate with professors in the mean time and then once you get admission with Full funding, then only quit…That way you have job until you leave to US with full funding. If you are really passionate, pursue your dream, there will always ways to succeed !

          • one more query mr Kumar,

            presently i am working for Ministry of defence in India.My area of research also defence related,i can do phd in that area only( i found few university at USA in that AREA). this my profile(Worked for MOD, India) will create any problem to get admission in university/VISA/post employment after Phd

        • mr kumar,
          again same question..
          1.presently i am working for defence firm(goverment) in INDIA.
          2. i can do phd in that area(defence technology) only
          3.after phd, can i get job in defence sector in USA.. any restriction for Non US people
          i am bit confusing,i should not face problem after completing phd due to security restriction

          please share u r views


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