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How to Find Scholarships as International Student for MS, MBA?

Many international students, planning to study in the US, do not apply for scholarships because of the simple reason that “They DID NOT KNOW at the time of applying to US Schools for admission”. Though it sounds very silly, often it is not easy to find info about scholarships or to know whom to ask about scholarship information.

Some students know where to look and whom to ask for scholarships, so they at least apply for scholarships. In this article, we will share the tips for finding what scholarships are available for international students in a US Univerity or school and how to find them.

Where to Look for Scholarships for MS/MBA in School’s website for International Students?

It can be quite overwhelming for someone new, when you start to apply for admission, browsing various university pages like admissions pages, department pages, etc. The first thing to know as a student when applying for a scholarship is, what office awards the scholarships. If you know the right office, then it makes your life much easier. Depending on the type of scholarship, different offices award scholarships. Below are some of them.

Financial Aid Office :

Typically Scholarships are offered by the Financial Aid office in most schools.  You should look for the ‘Office of Financial Aid’ or just look for Financial aid tabs in the website.  You may use the Search feature on the top of the School website.  Sometimes financial Aid office is listed under the Current Students section or just the Students section based on school.

  • For instance, at UHCL, you have to check under the Students Tab, then look under registration. Home > Costa and Aid > Scholarships.    Check UHCL Website. In fact, at UHCL they clearly have a link for Scholarships. But if they do not list it, it will be under the Financial aid office webpage.
  • If you look at another School like UWM, you have to go to Current students > Financial Information. Financial Aid UWM
  • Let’s look at another school like UT Austin, You have to go to Admissions and Aid> Financial Aid. UT Austin Financial Aid

The fastest way is to search Google saying “University Name Financial Aid Scholarships”. Replace the University Name with the respective school you are applying to. It will take you to the respective link of financial aid.

Clearly, the point is, that finding the Financial Aid office or Scholarships section in the Universities’ websites is not standard. You will have to browse around and get to it or Google it. Key is the “ Financial Aid office” or “Scholarships” section. Also, once you get to financial aid or scholarship office website, then you will have to look for scholarships for internationals. Every scholarship is different and you will have to look one by one or just look at international students section. There is no rule that they will have specifically list everything for you. You will have to look and apply for the right scholarship.

Academic Departments :

One other place where international students are awarded scholarships or fellowships are in their respective academic departments or school you are applying to. Let’s say, you are applying to MBA, then it will be Business School.  Most of the time, these are research-related fellowships or any endowments created for someone specializing in the respective major related to that school. You should visit the department or respective school’s website and look for any scholarships or fellowships.

  • For instance at UWM’s  Business School, if you look under Graduate Students > Scholarships you will find Graduate Scholarship information Business School Scholarships

Some Schools do not explicitly have these under their department, but they may have it under financial Aid itself.  Some schools do not have any kind of scholarships links or anything on their academic department site.  It may be hard to find scholarship information on the academic department sites…You may have to use the Sitemap link or use the search if you cannot find.

Whom to Ask about Scholarships?

Irrespective of if you find scholarships in the website or not, you must ask about scholarships if there are any available and when are their deadlines. It just takes an email to get right information.  You should ask two people “ Graduate Admissions Coordinator” in the graduate school or “ Financial Aid Coordinator”. The titles may not be exactly as I wrote. Just look for admission-related contact on the Academic department website and Scholarship coordinator related contact on the financial aid office. In case, you cannot find these contacts, just ask the Admissions office. Everything should be email.  Key thing for them to answer to your email is give the right subject “ Need help : Prospective Student Scholarship info” . If you put in wrong subject like Hi, hello or anything it is considered SPAM.   The goal is to ask admissions counselors about scholarships and get the right info.

Overall, scholarships for international students to pursue MS or MBA in the USA are very important. The key thing is to find the right sources and apply on time.

In case you have not read, you should read on what do the scholarship committee look for. Check out How to get Scholarships for MS, MBA in US ?

How did you look for scholarships?  Any tips to share ?

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  1. I have done my B.Tech in Electrical and Electronics .I have one year experience in Data Science field .I want to do MS in Data Science from US.I want to know how to fund it

  2. hello. i had completed my bachelor degree from B+ accredited university and I scored division one but my grades are poor in 10th and 12th. so according to my academics can I get universities or colleges in USA

  3. My Self Rohit i have comoleted my BE Civil from Pune University.Willing to do MS in US.Sir please guide me for entire process.Like how could i get scholarship,admision etc….Please guide me sir

  4. My son is pursuing B. Tech. (I IT, DELHI). I am trying to explore the opportunities for his further studies in premier Engineering or management institution across the globe. Guide me for the avenues and opportunities in US.

    • Sudhir,
      It totally depends on your son’s passion on what he intend to do after his degree either MS, MBA or PhD… Have a word with him and get it clarified. Would be happy to answer any specific question on studying in US.

  5. Hello, I study Psychology in the UK and would like to study further in the US. I was just wondering when is generally the right time to apply for a scholarship? I have read the information you provide here but I am still not really certain about this. I understand that every university has a different deadline but generally does it work in a way that I apply for the scholarship and then for the course and then after all this, I graduate and finish my BSc? On what ground are they going to base the decision if I’m not finished with my bachelor studies at the time of my application? Thank you very much for any response!

    • Aneta,
      Well, it all depends on the kind of scholarship…but the general rule is that, you are applying to school for admission and you are seeking financial aid using scholarship. Sometimes they will ask to submit the scholarship application along with admission, sometimes, it is done later. You will need to check with the financial aid office in that school that you plan to apply. Well, they look at your entire application and what you have done so far in your bachelors. Read How to get scholarship for MS or MBA in USA

  6. Hello Sir, I am currently pursuing BBA and very keen to do post graduation in any of the colleges given below:-
    1 Harvard Business School
    2 Wharton Business School
    3 Oxford
    4 Stanford University

    Can you plz plz suggest or rather recommend me about various scholarship prospects for studying in these universities. It would be of much help.
    Thank you

    • We do not advise on schools or the scholarships. You will need to do your research on the school’s website. The process is described in above article.

  7. I am from india and have just completed class 10 and now I want to study medicine in Harvard University.

    Q- Is it possible for me to continue my studies in Harvard University after class 10 in medicine (MBBS)? If it is possible how could I and which are the exams I need to give, is there any test or interview taken by university for admission? What must be the minimum scores to get admission? What is fee structure and scholarship details?

    I hope you would answer my questions satisfactory as soon as possible.

  8. Mohammad afsar ahmadmeelad from Afghanistan
    i want to get scholar from USA because afganistan is not have good security so it is almost war so i want study tanx

  9. 1. How to apply for a green card from kenya
    2. My son is a mechatrinics engineer with a masters degree both from south africa. How to apply for a job

  10. I am currently pursuing my final year Master in IO Psychology and Human Resources Development Management at Christ University, Bengaluru India. I would be done with my 4th semester by end of March 2015. I intend doing my doctorate in Development Psychology integrated with Training in HR. I would be grateful if you could let me know. What are the University I should apply for admission and How I should apply for a scholarship.

    Sincerely hoping that you would assist me and thanking you in advance.

    MY GRE SCORE –519/540
    TOFEL SCORE — 110/120
    B TECH ————63%

  12. im doin my b.tech in mechanical enggg. but literally im not interested in engg. i wanna be a professor in US ..so i guess i need to do MS..but can i do MS in business field after b.tech or first i have to do mba then ms and then phd????HELP!!!!!

  13. I’ve passed Secondary School Certificate exam from Bangladesh. I got 87% marks in science group. Now I want to study in London. what should I do..??

  14. hi i am anuva i have completed me bba with 3.71 cgpa. and i want to study mba in usa.
    can you help how can i get scholarship. and is it possible to get job opportunity along with the study and job opportunities in this field in U.S. please help me

  15. Hi,i recently did electrical engineering from Pakistan. I got 1120 marks in GRE and my cgpa is 3.3.Is there any chance of getting any scholarship in any university.Please help me

  16. Dear,
    I am a student of University of Dhaka at MBA course in Bangladesh. I got my graduation at Management from national university of Bangladesh. I got first class in my secondary , higher secondary as well as graduation level. Now I am studing at University of Dhaka at MBA course . I have great enthusiasm to study at USA.Now I am taking preparation for GMAT. I want to know at least how much I need to scroed to get a scholarship at USA. As well as what is the procedure that I need to perform ?
    I am waiting for your quick reply.

  17. hey i am raza .i have completed my B.S in telecommunication from pakistan now i am looking forward to do M.S intelecommunication from U.S .i need financial aid and want to the know renowned university and job opportunities in the field of telecommunication in U.S.kindly help me

    • Syed, you have to your own research on what kind of school you want to get in and stuff. I do not advise on schools as every school is different and I am not up to date on current info.

  18. it was very useful to me.
    can you help like what is the criteria for getting scholarship.
    My question how much should i score to get the scholarship.
    what they ask from me for this scholarship

    • Mahesh, it is not just score. They look at various aspects of your application. It is good to have around 1400. Check the links in the above article for more info.


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