Study in US – Scholarship Vs Admission Deadlines ? Plan Application Process ?

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What is the first thing that every student who plan to study in US want after admission ? “SCHOLARSHIP”  ! It is always good to get some money to fund our education, isn’t it ?   The key thing many students do not realize is by the time they realize that they need scholarship, the deadlines are all up. Unless you are lucky, you might be the last one. Someone said, “Good things come to people, but those left by others”. It is good thing to wait and apply, but Guess what If you do not plan well and apply late, you get nothing in terms of scholarships !  Nothing is left.

Scholarship Deadlines vs Admission Deadlines in USA

The whole idea is there are different deadlines for both. You have to clearly look for Financial aid vs Admission deadlines.  Depending on the school, the deadlines may vary.  For some schools the scholarship deadline are at least 2 months ahead of the admissions deadlines. Key thing is you have to send your stuff before the scholarship deadline to be considered for the scholarship.  Hence, it is important to plan well ahead of time to avoid issues and missing the deadlines.  Below is a sample schedule that can help and worked out for me secure scholarship.

For specifics of Fall and Spring Admission planning  you must read these articles, it is specific to 2011, but does not matter, it works for all the years, just change the year:

The below schedule is just an Overview that I wrote long time ago. You must read the above articles for full Schedule details and tasks . If applying for Fall sample schedule. If applying for Fall 2011, you should start GRE in April 2010.  The months are of previous year. So, just change the years as needed.

Task Time of Year
GRE and TOEFL Coaching April- June ( previous year)
GRE and TOEFL Exams Late July and early August
University Selection list September -October
Online Applications October First week.
SOP and Scholarship essays October
Transcripts&Recommendations September – November
Bank Statement Preparation August – November
Draft of application set Nov 15th
Final Check and Posting Dec 1st – Dec 15th

Some good schools have admission deadline as Dec 15th. You do not want to miss that kind of schools. You do not need to speed posting too if you plan well ! You can plan similarly for Spring too. Just look at the time gap. Taking GRE and TOEFL Tests is only 5 % of your total application process, there is lot more things to do…so, plan well !

What was your experience applying for scholarships as international student ?

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Comments ( 52 )

  1. Akhilsai Ramini

    I completed B.Tech(ece) in 2018 with 68.29% aggregate and 86.8% in intermediate, 8.8 gpa in SSC , my GRE 287 and IELTS -6.5(6.5,6.5,6,6)
    Now I want to do masters in computers in USA . can I get the scholarship to study and if yes, Please tell me what are those and help me how will i get those?

    Thanks in advance.

  2. anand

    could someone tell about best schools to do ms with full scholership in aerospace at usa (or) canada ? , please…………………….

  3. arun kumar

    what percentage we need to got schlorship in us study for ms and how much agree gate in betch and how much we want to score in gre exam

  4. AKHIL

    I had scored 305 in gre and have 8.77 points in B.Tech and 95.8% in intermediate.Could you send me details of scholarship and colleges list for my score, and what % of scholarship could I get

  5. tanuj

    I completed B.Tech(cse) in 2015 with 60% aggregate and 90% in intermediate ,now I want to do MS in US . can I get the schloar ship to study ?please give me the details how to apply



    1. vaishali chaudhary

      i waana do mba from usa .
      i have no money for this .
      i m doing btech and i m in 3 sem from cs . i wanna get suggestion that what should i do to get admission there in mba .
      and before that i whould get job on the btech qualification.
      so plz suggest me what should i do.

      1. administrator

        Well, if you really want to do MBA from US, then you can consider working for few years and then use that savings to fund your MBA. It is always recommended to work for few years before you start MBA. Take time to think about your long term plans for career and choose education that can help you get there.

        1. vaishali chaudhary

          firstly thank uso much for taking my problem seriously 😊.
          i also wanna know that how can i get scholarship to do mba ?

  7. jeet

    hello sir..!!
    I’m final year student from ECE. I’ve got 66% in BE yet. I want to do MBA from some foreign university with a good scholarship. what are the requirements i need to fulfil to get scholarship. please help me. I really need this. I have got time of nearly six months for my preparation.


    Hello.. My name is Bharat. I had done my in ece. I want to do ms in usa under us govt. schools with schlorship.. What will i do for that?? Please give me the there any examination required to get scholarship behand gre ielts…plz classify me indetail


    Hello.. My name is Bharat. I had done my in ece. I want to do ms in usa under us govt. schools with schlorship.. What will i do for that?? Please give me the there any examination required to get scholarshipbehand

  10. Chandan kumar giri

    Hello.. My name is chaandan. I had done my in eee. I want to do ms in usa under us govt. schools with schlorship.. What will i do for that?? Please give me the solutions..


    Hi,My name is ARUN ARYA,I have done B.Tech in CIVIL Engineering.Now I want to Do MS in the USA with Scholarships.
    So,Please give me information about the admission process with scholarships in a reputed universities .


    Hi,My name am vikash kumar soni,I have done B.Tech in Mechanical Engineering.Now I want to Do MS in the USA Or In Germany with Scholarships.
    So,Please give me complete information about the admission process with scholarships in a reputed university.


    Hi,My name is himansu pandua,I have done B.Tech in Mechanical Engineering.Now I want to Do MS in the USA Or In Germany with Scholarships.
    So,Please give me complete information about the admission process with scholarships in a reputed university.

  14. bhaskar Pratim Hazarika

    Hi,My name is Bhaskar Pratim Hazarika,I have done B.Tech in Mechanical Engineering.Now I want to Do MS in the USA Or In Germany with Scholarships.
    So,Please give me complete information about the admission process with scholarships in a reputed university.

  15. Sanmit

    Hi, I am sanmit. I am engineering student recently i have passed my 1st year with fisrt class ,i want to go usa for M.S. after my graduation. Pls. Send me important info. Regarding my requirenment…!

  16. sravan kumar

    sir ,i hav complted my intermediate in 2005,so after i did btech ,in middle itself i discontinued so i want to study any diplama in us so please suggest me by gving corcet information sir….how i want apply and is it needed gre and tofel ha…

  17. jon

    About TOEFL iBT

    The TOEFL® Internet-based test emphasizes integrated skills and measures all four language skills, including speaking. Each of the four language skills reported on a scale of 0 to 30. There will also be a total score.

    The content on the test is authentic, and the language is consistent with that used in everyday, real academic settings. The Test Of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL® test) evaluates the proficiency and general understanding of the English Language for people whose first language is not English.

    A Standardized Test, (TOEFL®) assesses the English Proficiency of people, whose native language does not happen to be English. It tests the ability to understand North American English. Institutes in other countries, where the mode and language of instruction is English, also use TOEFL®. Most people take the TOEFL® test as a prerequisite for admission into colleges and universities where English is used or required. In addition, many government, licensing, and certification agencies and exchange and scholarship programs use TOEFL® scores to evaluate the English proficiency of people for whom English is not their native language.

    The TOEFL® test (Test of English as a Foreign Language) is designed to measure the English-language ability of people who do not speak English as their first language and who plan to study at colleges and universities in Canada and the USA. Language specialists prepare the material for the TOEFL® test. The TOEFL® test Committee of Examiners establishes overall guidelines for the test content and specifications. All the content, questions, specifications, and final test forms are reviewed for cultural and racial bias and content appropriateness, according to established Educational Testing Service (ETS®) procedures.

  18. vivek chand

    my name is VIVEK i am a gradute in civil engineering from INDIA..
    Can any one plzzz give me the information about the scope of civil engineering in USA..Can i get better jobs over which specilization have a good scope in USA…..????????

  19. Muhammad Faizan Tahir

    Hi, i gor 1120 marks in GRE, is there any chance of getting any scholarship in any university..please help me

  20. Amey

    I am a physically handicapped student.
    I wanted to ask whether there’s a scholarship specially for PH students or just marks decide it?

  21. guest

    First of all thanks for your information. I am planning to study in MBA in USA. Do i really have to give GMAT ? Is there any school does not require GMAT score?

  22. Unknown

    Please could anybody tell me the entire procedure for applyng to US ..right from giving toefl+ gre? I’m clueless about all this..dont want to miss out anything..and also are there more chances to get selected by colleges if you apply through some consultancies?

    1. administrator

      You can read the FAQs about TOEFL here :
      Also, it is same all the time. Not easy in few months and not difficult in two months.
      You can also check ETS site for TOEFL for more info on locations.

  23. Unknown

    Ive heard fall is the best time one could think of going…is that true?? do we get more financial aid during FALL as compared to spring??

    1. administrator

      Yes, thats correct. Fall is the start of the academic year. Most of the scholarships are awarded for fall for one academic year. Many schools have less financial aid in the form of Scholarships during spring.

      1. Jnani

        my aggregate is low in BE but i will try good score in GRE and im belonging to SC should i get scholarship? my parents are doing agriculture so financially im poor but my dream is to do MS plz help me

  24. RedBus2US Admin

    Most of the schools do take Summer Admissions. Some good schools do not at least for International though. But, Personal advice, I do not recommend you to come to US for Summer. There is not much activity on campus and less offices are open on campus. Students are busy working internships and part times jobs. Unless you are in real crunch of time, do not come for summer. Fall is the best time to come and then Spring. Hope this helps !

  25. unknown

    thx a lot frd….do summer intake is good one to go ..if we miss a chance in spring ??? or any intake between sumer and spring ,i mean some univ start from march ???

  26. RedBus2US Admin

    I understand your pain. But, to be honest, every University functions differently. Some have admissions accepted 3 times a year, some do 4 times a year and some just once a year. So, it is hard for anyone to compile a comprehensive list. I can tell you the easy way I did when I applied was just use google. Type "Univeristy name fall international admission deadline " You should get it. It is always under admissions or International admissions which is under prospective students. You can use this site and search for school, but it is more for SAT or Undergraduates admission.You can search on college name and then have to click on Deadlines tab:

    But, sometimes users compile in communities like this too

  27. unknown

    hi frd ……can u suggest few sites wher we can find all deadlines of spring ,fall,summer intake of us universities …as it is difficult to get deadlines in each univ site???????

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