Sample schedule: Spring 2011 for applying to MS / MBA in USA with Deadlines

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Many students applying for MS in USA for Spring 2011 are wondering what is the best schedule to plan the application well for Spring 2011. Here are few questions that go through  most of the student’s mind :

  • What are the deadlines for Spring 2011 admissions for MS or MBA ?
  • When to take GRE ? TOEFL ?
  • How to plan well for getting scholarships for Spring 2011 ?
  • When to talk to professors for Recommendations  ?
  • When to do the Bank statement ?
  • When to apply for transcripts for application ?

Plan for Admissions Spring 2011 with DeadlinesIn fact, I have written an article on F1 Application : Scholarship deadlines Vs Admission Deadlines ? How to Plan your Application Process ?, this article is in fact similar, but more specific for Spring 2011 admission deadlines and planning your admission.

Application Deadlines for Spring 2011 graduate school ?

Typically, the International students applying to Graduate school have to plan well because the deadlines for Spring 2011 admissions vary by every university. For some schools, they are in July 2010, for some they are in August 2010, and for some they are in October 2010.  Some universities do not even take international students for Spring. Have a look at some of the Universities listed below ; it gives you an idea what I trying to say.

You can click on the links to visit the University deadlines page and verify 🙂

Overall, you get the idea, it is very different for every school and you will have to plan very well if you are planning to get into good schools.

Assuming Spring 2011 admission Deadline is October 1st 2010, Sample schedule:

It is just an assumption as October 1st 2010, based on majority of schools have the deadline in October. But, you have to plan well and consider as some schools have admission deadlines for spring 2011 in March 2010 and some have in July 2010. This schedule is a sample baseline that can help you plan.

Sample  Spring 2011 Application Plan with deadlines for Graduate Students :

Activity for Admission

Month & Timing, Complete By

GRE and TOEFL PreparationJan, Feb, March, April 2010
GRE TestApril 15th , 2010
TOEFL TestApril 30th , 2010
University Selection listFull  Month : May , June 2010
Scholarships Prep and Apply.May and June 2010 .
Online Applications CompleteJuly 1st 2010
SOP and Scholarship essaysAugust 1st – August 30th 2010
Transcripts& RecommendationsJuly  and August 2010
Bank Statement PreparationAugust 1st – August 30th 2010.
Draft of application setAugust 15th , 2010
Final Check and mail / Post application materialSep 1st – September 15th 2010.

You will have to look at the scholarship deadlines independently when you are trying to find the best universities that suit you. Look for scholarship deadlines and then apply early accordingly early. If you are not sure what are the steps involved when you are applying, here is a complete check list of tasks: Guide / steps to study in USA for International students? How to plan?

Hopefully, this article helps you plan well ahead of time, if you are applying for MS or MBA for Spring 2011 term.

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Comments ( 28 )

  1. Manya


    I am MCA and have 6years work ex. Do not know how but i have desperately started preparing for GRE… 😛 Does GRE accepts MCA qualified guys too? As i am naive pls suggest whether MBA colleges too accepts GRE score? Awaiting your reply. Thanks 🙂

  2. Yashwanth rao

    Hi….in coming 2013 april…i cmpleted my B.E..then i already writen GRE ..i got a gre score 295,nw am preparng Toefl,..i want to apply 2013 INTAKE….is there any chance to got a admisn in intake time..pls repl me

  3. ravisekhar

    I am taking my GRE in the end of july.
    i am planning for next fall(2013) by that time i will complete 3 years of IT experience in Cognizant Technology Solutions. I am an Electronics Student in B.E. I joined MS in Electronics Stream,will my 3 years of IT experience wasted or else shall I plan for ComputerScience. My wish is to continue in the same IT field even after my MS.
    Please help me in this.

  4. sreeram

    hi i am pursing my final yr !! planning to do my higher studies after two yrs !!
    i m a mech student .. got placed in infosys !!
    but i want to my MS in mechanical itself .. !! i can able to get scholarship if i wrkd in infosys !!

  5. lalitha

    my son is completing his b,pharm in oct 2011 he wishes to study mba in usa are there colleges which dont take gmat or is it essential. whre ahould he apply

  6. Rishi


    I have almost 3 yrs of exp in IT field and now wrking as BA .
    i am planning to pursue MIS in spring 2012.I haven’t started studying yet .
    Please let me know some details about MIS and relevant good universities and also that is it possible to prepare for GRE in 2 months????

    THanks in advance.

    1. administrator

      I do not advise on schools. I am afraid preparing for GRE in 2 months is not a good idea, unless you do not have a choice…Plan ahead and prepare well.

  7. Ashutosh

    I am a doctor having 7+ years of work experience including a postgraduate medicine degree from topnotch college. My GMAT practice test scores were 720, yet to take actual test. Please suggest for MBA admissions 2011 in USA.

  8. suresh

    hi., i am suresh doing final year B.E AERONAUTICAL. I want to do M.S in AEROSPACE.. When i want to start prepare for IELTS? What is the procedure after completing IELTS?
    What is the scholarship procedure?

  9. Kumar

    Hiii all,

    I have 2 Years EXP in IT filed, working as a S.W developer in Infosys, Hyd…
    I want to do MS in CS,
    Do my experiance gives me an advantage after MS ?
    I haven’t gave my GRE yet
    I want to go for Spring 2012( then my exp will be 3 years).. I guess this is the time where I have to start my preparation
    Please answer mr

    Thanks in Advance

    1. administrator

      Kumar, Yes, it does. When you apply for jobs, your previous work exp will strengthen your profile. Thats a good idea. You have plenty of time to prepare.

      Good Luck !

  10. Abhijit Wadagole

    Hi guys,

    I am just one of those guys who has by chance got to know about Happy Schools Blog and am blown away and addicted to it… damn u r doing an awesome job…..

    BTW to people who are like me having the American Dream in their eyes the moment if u decide to go for the Spring Admissions get ready to have those dreams shattered to bits and pieces…

    Am not saying that there is no hope.. There is .. but the hope is damn bleak… Consider this .. Tried to apply for so many colleges and unfortunately a lot of them have stopped giving spring Admissions playing the lack-of-Funds or giving-admissions-only-to-Americans .. Got a GRE score of 1370 Toefl of 111 B.E. Mech with 62% from Mumbai University and still have to now aim for lower colleges ….. This is damn frustrating…. but still keeping my hopes up.. hey is there any guy/gal going for Spring 2011 out here???

    1. administrator

      Abhijit, I think you posted the comment in wrong blog… This is RedBus2US blog 🙂 ..Anyways, Your score is good….I do not completely agree that they are not giving admissions because of lack of funds or just giving to Americans. In fact, International students contribute more revenue to US schools if they give us admissions and they know that because we pay out of state tuition. My understanding is either you applied to schools where there were way too many people with higher scores than yours and better profile overall. Anyways, they may not give funding like TA, RA or anything like that because of lack of funds, but they will not deny admission because you are international or lack of funds. Chose your schools carefully, look at their average scores and then apply. Honest suggestion, be realistic in selecting schools….pick some backup schools, even if they may not be the best….

      1. Abhijit Wadagole

        Hi Kumar,

        Buzzzzzzzzzingggggaaaaaaaaa… u got me 🙂 but u know hw we guys are right always searching new places for new knowledge… Got totally blustered and confused 🙂 ……. But Thanks for the reply…

        Naaa did not apply to extremely hi fundoo universities.. Had applied to those universities which were extremely in my Reach ( Pocket wise too :-P)

        To give u an idea i applied to SUNY Buff, SUNY Bing, Uni Houston, Texas Arlington, Massachusetts Amherst, Minnesota Twin Cities, Virginia tech And the most highest thing that i dreamed was Texas Austin 🙂 ( which i know would be a dream come true )

        Lets hope that i get an admit this time… wanna go go go US US US 😀

        Thanks Again

          1. Abhijit Wadagole

            Hey Kumar,
            Wellllllllllll my batting account has opened on a positive note.. Got my first reply and my first admit from the University of Houston !!!

            Any idea on how good the Houston university is?? I know that is a silly question to ask after you have received the admit but still getting a first hand knowledge from a person who has atleast some knowledge about all of this would be the most awesomest thing !! 😛

            Thanks man for taking out time for replying to the comment (* hehe now you dont have a choice but u gotta reply 😀 😀 *)

            Cheers man… And seriously thanks a lot

          2. administrator

            Congratulations Abhijit ! I am very happy for you ! University of Houston is a great school ! ( I am assuming University of Houston, main campus , ) They have a football team too, it will be fun…Houston is the fourth largest city in US…..

  11. kameswara rao malla

    my soninlaw has got 730 gmat score,a MBBS graduate in INDIA.he intends to do mba in usa hospital sug for 2011 admissions.

  12. kalpesh

    hi, i have just finished my IELTS exam and my result would declared on 3/9/ academics 69.70(branch ECC. B.E), my GRE preparation is on.and i will give my exam in October. i have to take admission in jan 2011 .can you tell me best universities in USA. i want to do M.S in electrical engineering.

  13. smaran

    i have got my TOEFL score 88 and my academics 66.5% in (branch- it ,B-Tech ) .my gre is on august 20th -1000
    (expected) ……
    can u suggest me which unversity can i apply for spring 2011 for computer science engg program ..
    so that by month of august i can forward mu application form….
    plz do suggest me…..

    [email protected]

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