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Do US Grad schools Consider 10th, 11th and 12th Standards or Grade Percentages or Mark sheets for MS / MBA admission or Scholarship ?

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I have seen many students applying to Graduate schools for MS or MBA in USA posting questions about their profiles about 10th and inter or 11th &12th Class or Standards percentages and asking questions like :

  • I have 95% in inter or 11th and 12th grades, will I get admission
  • I have 90% in 10th grade, will I get scholarship ? Admission ?
  • I have only 65% in 10th and Intermediate, will I get admission ?

High School or Secondary Education in  USA

Just some background of secondary education system in United States : “In the United States a high school is an upper secondary school which educates children from grade nine or ten through grade twelve”. ( Grade is nothing but a class ) Wiki Article: Secondary education in United States Anyways, the point is 10th, 11th and 12th classes are considered high school or secondary education.

Graduate School Transcript Requirements for MS/MBA Admission

If you look at any University admissions requirements for MS or MBA i.e., graduate school , the transcript requirements will say one very common thing  “Official transcripts are required from each post-secondary university or college attended. An official statement of the award of the degree or diploma is required for each degree completed. ” What they mean is, they want transcripts for only B.Tech or B.Com or anything that you have done AFTER 12th class or intermediate. They need transcripts only for the classes after High School or Secondary education.  The Graduate Schools do NOT  NEED 10th, 11th and 12th class mark sheets, because most of the schools do NOT Give any weightage or importance to that percentages for admission decision of MS or MBA .  There is one catch, if you have got any University credit in your bachelors for the classes that you have taken in high school, then they need the high school transcripts. You can see this explained in Ohio State Univ Transcript FAQ

You can check few of the Universities’ Graduate school application requirements below, look for  transcripts section and they all should say Post-secondary :

Think logically, if they do NOT want your official mark sheets or transcripts or they are not even asking you to send any copies of the high school or secondary education mark sheets, they probably do not use them for anything. If they make any admission or scholarship decision  based on your high school marks then they will ask. Some may argue, I will send them anyways just in case they may look at them.  Sending them will not hurt, but the key thing is, your admission or scholarship decision may not be based on them.


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Comments ( 191 )

    1. administrator

      I am not sure, how it works, if you want to join for 12th grade. Usually, it is for 10th or bachelors, not sure, how it works if it was for 12th grade. You can write to a high school in US and get info from them.

  1. sukhvir

    I got 50% in graduation & i did nursing diploma also with 74% i want to study in canada , i am eligible for post graduation addmission

    1. administrator

      Admission depends on many things such as Test scores, Statement of purpose and many other aspects of the profile. You can write to schools that you are interested in to understand more on the chances.

  2. Bhavesh

    Well I scored 93% in my tenth grade but the marks fell down to 65% in eleventh grade. For my 12th grade I will put in all my efforts and score above 90%, I even have a good SAT and IELTS score. Do I have a chance of getting in a good undergrad college in the U.S and be eligible for a scholarship?please reply fast

    1. administrator

      It is very hard to tell or judge application by just one score. Usually schools look at the application as a whole and make a decision. You can try reaching out to few schools admissions’ department and then get their advice.

  3. Neeru Khanna

    I have got 66% in 10th and wasn’t able to clear 11th. I am now giving 12th exams thru pvt CBSE. pls advise if I am eligible to apply in USA Universities??

  4. Anushka Bhattacharjee

    I am studying in class 10 in Kolkata and my grades are not very good yet.We are having our board exams at the moment and most probably we will get our results in June.I want to study in USA.Can you please tell me if it is possible,and if yes what are the criterias?Thank you.
    Anushka Bhattacharjee

  5. Joan

    I m a 1st year btech student
    I scored more than 75percent in 10but in 12th the score fell off like around 65
    I want to go for mba after graduation from a us universitiy
    Am i eligible for getting admission . Please tell me in detail .

    1. administrator

      Absolutely. Usually your 10th & 12th are not really considered much for your MBA admission. They usually look at your B.Tech and your GMAT scores. So, nothing to worry. Start studying well as you still have time to define your percentage in B.Tech and GMAT.

  6. M.Natarajan

    I want to take my child to USA .my child is doing ICSC 10th in Bangalore. Will i get an admission for 11th class in USA for my daughter in any girls school . If yes pls educate us what is the basic eligibility criteria and percentage need. is there any entrance exams to be under taken to study in US . What will be the approximate cost per year to be invested.

  7. Shreesha Bhat

    What about those who have done a diploma after 10th and then went on to do a BE. Does it matter that they have not attempted for the 12 the exam?

    1. Sattick Bhadra

      I did the same. After completing my 10th exam did 3 years of Diploma in Electronics and Communication Engineering so is it possible to get admission in any clg in USA for B.E without having the 10+2 certificate?

  8. SAGAR

    i have get 6.2 cgpa in 10 std from cbse and know i am in 11 science after 12 science how much percentage i need to get admission in usa collage for computer engineering plz tell

    1. Sai

      I studied in US school for 5yrs till11th grade and my dad’s project was completed and his visa was rejected for extension.
      How to continue 12th grade at US
      Can I apply student visa or please tell me if any procedure is there???
      How can I apply for 12th grade at US

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