Are you too old to Study in USA ? 10 Years of Experience, 35 Years age ?

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I have seen many of our readers ask questions in our Study in USA Question & Answer section regarding their decision to study in USA after 7 to 10 Years of work experience or at the age of 35 or 40 years.  Many of them could not pursue their dream of higher education at their early age due to various factors of family pressures, financial difficulties, no clarity, etc…now, they are wondering, if it is the right thing to study abroad like in USA. Many of them are unsure, how they will be received in the classes and will they be able to cope with their younger peers in the class.  This article focuses on shedding some light on the reality at Graduate schools in America and if it is the right age for you to study.

Average Age of Graduate Student ( MS or MBA) in United States – Distribution

As per the research by National Center for Education Statistics, the average age of graduate student is about 33 years. Also, the below table from the same report indicates the age distribution of a typical graduate student enrolment.  Key stat to look at is that about 50% of the graduate students are over 30 years of age.

 Average Graduate Student Age Distribution in USA

Are you too Old to go back to School and Study Masters ?

Looking at the above data, you can notice that over 22% of the students are over 40 years and about 28% of the students are between 30 and 40 years. Data speaks volumes…You do NOT need to worry that you are too old.  You are not old to go back to school. There are quite a few students in the same age group. In fact, when I did my MS and MBA, I have personally noticed the same. Many of my team mates were much older than me, it was fun to have all the experience folks in the class and my team as well.  You are NOT too old to go back to school ! You bring in a lot of value to the class and make it more engaging.

Pursue your dream of Higher Education  with Passion

When you are thinking about going back to school, you need to very clear on your goals.  As you are already quite experienced, most of the times, your degree may NOT be giving you the instant return as you would expect immediately, unless it is a requirement as part of the job.  If you always wanted to get higher education and experience the education system in America, it is totally fine, just go for it. Also, pursuing higher education with the goal to settle in America has to be considered with caution, with the H1B Lottery. Read Apply for MS with H1B Lottery .  Also, you do NOT have to pursue MS or MBA in your same field or area, you can change your major or specialization in MS.  If it was your dream to study Marketing but you somehow ended up in Computer Science in Bachelors, it is your chance to switch majors and pursue that dream.  Just plan it such that your education can help you make a career transition.

If you can afford the time with family commitments and have money to fund your education, it is an enriching experience to study in America.  There are so many great things about education in America, it is not about just the classes and research, it is about the activities that are part of the student life like Student Orgs , Student Leadership Activities, etc. that define the overall student life experience, … Many might question your decision as it may not be pragmatic, but what the heck? If it is your dream, go for it!  Many dream, only few dare to achieve it…Are you that one?

What do you think ?  Did you choose to go back to school after significant experience ? Share your experiences

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Comments ( 246 )

  1. Ram

    Hello Kumar,
    I am having a total of 5.5 years of experience in IT industry working with a big MNC. I have a B.Tech degree in CSE and have a good CGPA of 9+. I am thinking about pursuing MS in CSE from USA, but due to current Immigration rule changes and Visa complexities, I am afraid of apply for any full-time course.
    So, I was going through online MS offerings from Universities in US. Is it a good idea to pursue online MS degree course?

  2. Revanth

    Thanks for Nice Article. I need some advice regarding my career. I have a PG in MCA and have around 10 Years of experience in IT. Currently working in USA as full time in one of the MNC on H1b (already completed 3 years of my visa ). My company is not going to file GC and i am not getting any call from consultants or companies.. thinking either to do MS or go for certification which will give some light to my career.Feeling like sinking in ocean and everything BLACK around. Please suggest what will be the best options for me

    1. administrator

      I would look at it other way around, what do you see yourself doing in next 5 to 10 years ? Think from that perspective so that you can pick something that will add value to your goal and help you get there. Just doing for the sake of doing without concrete goal in mind may not be of great help.

  3. Peppy

    Hi kumar,

    It was a nice article. I’m 32 and has around 10 years of experience in IT field. I couldn’t appear for masters soon after doing my graduation due to commitments mentioned in your article. Now still i see there are more financial commitments now. would there be any such possibility in US that will help me work & study go in parallel.


    1. administrator

      If you can get a job in MNC that has office in US and then talk to the company, let them apply for work visa for you and then move to US, so that you can work and study either on weekends or evenings, typically considered part time, but degree will be same.

  4. Prashant

    Hi Kumar,

    Nice article. Really helped.
    I am having 13 years of experience in software industry and always wanted to do MS from US. Due to my responsibilities towards family, I couldn’t do that. Now, I wan’t to pursue my dream by my GPA is very poor (56%) with a one year gap and 12 backlogs in total. Do I have a chance to get admit in US universities for Master’s in Computer Science? How I can convenience the VISA officer?


  5. Siddharth

    hello Kumar,
    i am siddharth. i have completed my diploma in civil engineering in 2004. i have worked in various company from last 13 years. now i am currently associated with a good company as a deputy manager but i also wish to complete my degree in same field. so question is that can i complete my degree course in usa now? my current age is 38 years. i am married & have a 3 years son. please reply.

    1. administrator

      Yes, it is always a good idea to go back to school and get your degree. You can definitely complete your degree in US. Age is definitely not a problem. If you can afford to study in US and take time off, it should be fine.

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