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Careers of MS in MIS vs CS (Computer Sciences) in USA ? MIS Careers ?

If you have read this article:  MS in MIS vs CS (Computer Sciences) in USA? Courses of MIS vs Computer Science ? , you might be wondering what my career opportunities after MS in CS or MIS. This article tries to briefly list those. These are some typical  titles of careers. Titles are what organizations make up and they are different in different organizations.  You may also read this article:  IT jobs in USA for making big money! IT career prospects, Median Salary, Job growth Projections

Career Paths – MS in Computer Sciences

You will possibly working under these kinds of roles or titles after you graduate with MS in Computer Sciences.  There might be many various variations of titles, but here are few to start with.

  • IT Consultant
  • IT analyst
  • Technical Analyst
  • Software Programmer
  • Software Designer
  • Product Development – Analyst / Architect
  • Web Application Developer
  • Database Administrator
  • Professor
  • Network Administrator

MS in MIS  – Career Paths

There is no hard fast rule that you have to work only in Business related areas. MIS graduates do study some courses in programming and other software related courses.  MIS graduates also work on roles listed above in Computer Sciences too. But, the career progression is good to go up in ladder as manager or even higher as you have business knowledge on overall enterprise and how to manage information systems.

  • Business Analyst
  • Systems Designer
  • Functional Analyst
  • Consultant
  • Database Architect
  • Systems Analyst
  • Systems Architect
  • Network Analyst
  • Project Manager
  • Business process Analyst

Bottom line, I have seen many of my friends with MIS degree work in Computer Programming jobs. Because MIS has a little bit of business and Management piece tied to it, they are good for entering ERP related careers like SAP or Oracle Apps. It does not mean Computer Sciences degrees holders cannot; it is just a good career progression. MIS is definitely an advantage for someone to work in higher level positions like Directors, Architects and CIO as you see a broader picture of organization with little business knowledge.

Did you take MIS ? What career did you end up in ?  What’s your experience ?

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  1. Even I am having experience in SEO of 2 years.
    what will be the good course with current experience?
    I would like to know if Have you got a solution from somewhere?

  2. Hi, I am working as a SEO analyst since 3 years and have completed my bachelors degree in Electronics. will my experience be counted if I want to pursue MS in MIS.

    • Even I am having experience in SEO of 2 years.
      what will be the good course with current experience?
      I would like to know if Have you got a solution from somewhere?

  3. Hi Kumar,

    I am currently in USA. I have done PhD in Physics and currently in a teaching position. During my research work, I have done some scientific programming and little bit of C.
    I am very much interested to go to the IT field, and want to master in not only in programming language but also the business side of it. Should I try to pursue an MS in MIS or in CS? Will it be hard for me to get a job after that, as I am not from CS background?
    As I have an advanced degree, do you think the GRE or GMAT requirement can be waived for me?
    I would greatly appreciate your suggestion regarding this. Thanks in advance.

  4. Hi There,

    My self Ashok Kumar working in MNC and having experience of 3 years in IT field. I want to do MIS in USA, because my previous experience is collided with some business management side.

    Please answer below questions
    1.Which is having more job opportunities in USA is it for MS in CS or MS in MIS?
    2. Which is more costly in MS for CS or MIS?
    3.How about parttime jobs in USA?
    4.can you please list some MIS uni versities with minimal GRE score?

    Your quick response will be appreciable.

    • Hi Ashok,

      Have you taken up Masters in MIS?
      If so how is the career option.
      I am planning for Masters in MIS with same profile as of yours but now in 2019.
      Would be glad if suggested at earliest.

  5. Dear sir,
    Ma profile
    B.e- 67% (aggregate)
    Due to ma poor marks in 10 & 12 I m nt able to attend any campus plsss help m

  6. Dear sir,
    My profile :-
    10th = 58%.
    Diploma in IT = 75%
    B.E. Computer from Pune University = First Class.
    And I am having 2 years of experience in Software Testing.
    And I want to continue my career in my testing and quality analyst field, so what should i choose MS in CS or MS in MIS?
    and my 10th % are low due to some medical issue, so will it affect on my admission in top 20 universities and scholarship?
    Please help.
    Thanks in advanced. 🙂

  7. Sir,
    I have 80% marks in 10 th, 65% in +2 from H.P Board..
    And degree in b.tech and very good marks in b.tech.. I am very interested in microsoft for getting a job as a programmer… Can i get job??

  8. hiii…i hv don my MBA here in hyd…bt i wud lik 2 do furter studies in abroad…i hv hrd 4m my 4nds tht MIS is d btr option…plz guide me…im preparng 4 GMAT nw…

  9. Hi,

    I want to apply for MS in MIS for Fall 2014.

    I have done engineering in E&TC (2010) with 62% aggregate from Pune University.
    GRE score(V148/Q160)-Total 308.

    I have 3.5 years of experience in IT industry.(Support but not development).

    Please let me know whether E&TC students get admission for MIS.
    Do E&TC students pursure MS in MIS?

    Does MIS contain IT subjects of development and coding.

  10. Please reply just by editing this template.
    MS MIS -Chance of getting Job post MS-MIS compared to MS-CS, in terms of no. of jobs available?
    MS MIS -Approx. cost difference for MS-MIS and MS-CS.
    MS MIS -chance of fee-waiver or part-time technical jobs different MS-CS?
    MS MIS -Please provide some contact details of some one who did MIS , to get some information from them.
    MS MIS -will I be considered for technical job, if not able to get IT management related job, post MS MIS ?
    IS MIS STEM course?

  11. Im doing BE in computer science (8th sem) with 67% average..
    and scored 289 in gre(revised)…
    I want to do ms in the field of interior design..
    Is it a better option to do ms in interior design after graduation in computer science??
    If not then please suggest some courses and universities..

  12. Hello sir,
    Though i’m good at Programming n enjoy it, still i hv more inclination towards managemnt related study… Would MIS be a btr option for me then?
    Pls reply!

  13. Hi,

    anybody know about less fee/online universities in US for MS/PhD in statistics/Biostatistics, just please give me list of those if u know.

    Thanks in advnace

  14. Hi,
    I am currently on H1b in a software firm. I always had plan of doing my higher studies. However couldnt take a call on MS or MBA. I am having 5+ yrs of experiance in IT now and hence was planning to my mba. My plan is to stay in one state for 1 year and get into there MBA program with instate tuition fee. However, candidly speaking i am not good at people management skills and is more skilled at programming or machine related activities.. I did my b-tech in computer science. I opted to go out of MS for that matter is because i felt like my career experiance would be wasted if i go for MS.

    So could you please let me know if there is still an advantage in going for MS in computer science at this point of my life?. Which one is the better option for me?.. If i do my MS, i would probably be back to IT firms which is nothin but doing the same work what i do now.. Do i need MS for that?. More over , say 10 yrs down the line.. at some point of my career i would av to do people management and hence why not start from now.. So , would be great if you can pen down your thoughts.. I would think through the options your listing down.. Thanks in advance..

    • Hello Bijoy,

      I am in the same page as you are. I have close to 6 years of work experience and I am on H1 B.
      So Did you go for your higher studies?
      Did that help. Did you take MS/MIS ? How was your visa transfer?
      Please let me knw.

      Thanks in Advance


  15. hi sir ,
    i have less percentage in my academic track like ssc with50% inter 59% and btech with 56% i am intrested in doing ms but i am having dought after completion of ms can i get the job in mnc company and for visa any problem will occur plz suggest me sir i will be waiting for your valuable r eply

  16. Hello Kumar,
    I have completed my B>E> in Electronics from Mumbai University and currently working in an IT MNC. I would like to do MS in CS(fall 2014) i.e I want to do MS in CS but i am confused cos i don have a B.E in CS . Is it possible for me to do MS in CS.
    awaiting your reply.

  17. Hi,
    Please let me know the UK MIS universities. I am having 3 years of work experience with an IT MNC.
    Attempted GRE twice but had gotten very low score. Because of GRE score i cant think for US. 870 (old pattern)
    Will it be recomendable to do MIS from UK. If yes please share the 4-5 universities name. Tell me other factors that makes difference while thinking for Admission.
    Looking to join by 2012 aug.
    Thanks in advance.

  18. Hi,
    I have completed my B.E.(CS) in 2008 and working in mnc since then.Now I want to pursue M.S in US. I am very much confused as what to do now.
    My area of interest is Database however, in my tenure I have worked on different tools which hardly relate to Database also I think I lack good programming and communication skills. I have certain questions as below
    1. Is is to good idea to go for M.S after say 5 years( say in fall 2013).
    2. Which course should I opt for.
    3. What are job prospects after completing M.S considering my work exp.

    Eagerly waiting for your reply.
    Thanks in advance.

  19. Am at the verge of completing my B.Tech IT…am vry much confused whether to go for job or to opt MS …? i have overall aggregate of 85%, 88%in my 10th,87% in 12th…If am opting MS n european countries i like to know wat r all the career opportunities after MS.? could i get job over there and wat wd be the package offered…? waiting for ur valued reply….

  20. hi all..

    I have done BE in IT and planning to opt for a MIS course in US.I will have almost 4 years of experience by 2012 fall session..My concern is ..is 4 years of experience too much to join a MIS course..
    please give ur opinion..


  21. hi,
    i got admission from 2 universities for Spring 2012. one from UIS offering CS and other is TAMIU offering MS-IS, it is also offering me the business fellowship. i completed my btech in IT. So, i am little bit confused in selecting the right choice for my future. can anyone please tell waht will be future if i select TAMIU and what are the jobs available? and which provide me high salary MS-IS or CS?

  22. Hi ,
    I have got a GRE score in the range 1150-1350 .I know it is bad but i still want to go ahead with this score since i dont have enough time to prepare again.
    I have got 76% in my B tech(CS),76% in 12th & 86% in 10th.
    I have around 3 years work experience in IT industry with companies like Google,adobe etc.
    Can you please tell me if i hold good chances in getting in to univ like CMU,Indiana etc for MIS?

  23. Hi

    I am looking at going for MIS Fal 2012
    I am looking at CMU , Kellys, Arizona
    These all look to be super expensive ones

    Can you tell me whats avg cost of spending two years studying there if i choose to select one of these top 3

    P.S I have 1 yr work ex as of now, looking at around 2 before i leave next fall

  24. Hi Kumar,
    I am from electronics and communication background , currently in my final year of under graduation. My gre score is 1280 and my toefl is 90. I want to apply for MIS or
    CS . Can you guide me which is better program for me with respect to my score .
    Also i need to know whether i should give toefl once more ??

    • Hello Purohit,
      I’m from ECE too and in final year right now. I have the same dilemma as you. I’m pretty sure you have already decided on something by now and I was hoping if you could help me out with the same dilemma.
      My profile:
      New GRE: 302 ( AWA-4)
      IELTS: 7
      UG aggregate: 60%
      I do not have any experience at all and i’m planning to do my master’s in fall 2014 so I do not have enough time to gain experience either. Would you suggest MIS to me? Will I get a job easily without having any work experience beforehand? Also, financial aid is important for me to get. I hope you help me with this.
      Thanks in advance! 🙂

  25. hi. i want to know about the campus selection after completing MS in any other countries……i have secured 69% in b-tech,59% in 12th,57% in 10th, can i get a job with this marks after completing MS in computer science…pls reply me i am really confused.

  26. hi,
    I am an extc student with an aggregate of 61.2% in 6 semesters
    my gre score is 1290(q-750,v-540), is it better if i do a job for couple of years in infosys and then go for MS,,looking at the possibility that infosys will sponsor my tuition fees .???

    pls help

  27. I am confused between Ms in comp science and MIS.
    Actually i am not inclined towards r&d. I would rather go for a course that may provide an exponential growth in career and a high salary .
    Any suggestions please ??

    awaiting a reply!

  28. Hi, I’m currently in my 3rd year B.tech in Computer Science and I want to pursue my masters in the same.. however, I will have to get back to India immediately after my masters for personal reasons.. Now, What are the employment opportunities like after I come back after a masters degree? Will get a much better salary than a B.tech fresher? What is the scope for growth here?

    • @Amitash ooooh that’s a very tough and subjective question mate. In India, qualification + experience will get you a job and not only qualification alone.
      so, i would suggest that you take up a job (if u get) after ur Bachelor’s and get a one or two year experience first. Later you can do some research that whether getting Master’s will help ur salary increase significantly or not.

  29. hi,
    I am currently pursuing b.tech in computers with an aggregate of 66% in 6 semesters
    My gre score is 1210(q-700,v-510),
    I got placement in infosys and now i m stuck between two options whether to gain work experience of couple of years and then go for MS or directly go for MS..???
    Sir,pls help

    • @digvijay,
      Depends on you.
      hypothetically speaking, if i were you and infosys hire me for say 3.5 lpa then i would stick around for a couple of years (2 max) and then take my GRE while working and try to get 1400-1500(old scale).
      But , i would highly recommend that u check the course prerequisites at respective universities cuz some impose a condition that there shouldn’t be a gap of more than 1 year in ur Bachelor’s and application to grad school.

  30. Hi Kumar,
    I am from electronics and communication background , currently in my final year of under graduation. My gre score is 1280 and my toefl is 90. I want to apply for MIS or
    CS . Can you guide me which is better program for me with respect to my score .
    Also i need to know whether i should give toefl once more ??

  31. Last 2 months I am working from client place in US. My company asking me to file amendment petition due to some category change, even my work location (city), client and jobs details are exactly matched with petition. Why we need this? I heard that now we have lot of rejection for amendment, if I am filing for amendment and suppose something happen, still can I stay back in US? I have visa still end of 2012. Please suggest me.

    • Usually they don’t cancel the existing petition when reviewing the amendment petition. As long as you have an approved petition and a valid I-94, you can continue to stay and work in US.

      BTW, is the employer planning to file H-1 amendment or a new LCA? You should also ask your employer what specifically has changed.

  32. i done btech in computer science ,i have two job offer business analyst and software developer both in software mnc’s . I want to know which is better career business analyst or software developer for btech person

    • Personally, I would prefer Dev over BA. The former not only more specialized that latter, it also has better pay. Also, it augments better w/ the technical education. But you need to evaluate two offers along w/ career path in both companies to see which one is better.

      • I would also like to add to this particular issue.. i have a 4 lpa BA offer from MuSigma and a 5 lpa offer from verizon india..
        I’m from BE CS and am pretty much split between the two.
        Considering this will be my first job, what should be my pick?

        • Abhay Antony,
          You can check w/ the companies what your specific role and responsibilities will be. IMO, you should pick the one which allows you to learn more and doesn’t put you in a small box.

  33. Hi,
    As i am having a sap experience of one year,what courses can i apply for masters in USA,with which i can expect a good salary,please help me out……does it gonna worthy if i choose MSCIS………

  34. Hi.
    I admitted in masters program in unm.I completed my under graduation in electrical engineering and opted for computer science in masters.which courses have better job oppurtunities and what you suggest me to take

  35. heyy….i hav scored 1300 in maah gre test…790+510…acads averagin to 73% …toefl just given…scores nt yet rec…i m plannin to do mah ms in mis…can u plss suggest sum good universities wer i stand a chance of gettin an admit…

      • Swati has scored 1300 in GRE and academics 73% and she is planning to do MS in MIS and requests for suggestion on some USA universities where she might secure an admit.

      • @Kumar @all,
        I am confused between Ms in comp science and MIS.
        Actually i am not inclined towards r&d. I would rather go for a course that may provide an exponential growth in career and a high salary .
        Any suggestions please ??

  36. i’m in my 7th sem(information technology)..currently im maintaining 73% throughout..wil i be able to get good university for cs.is BE percentage play a vital role in deciding scholarships?..what is the good BE percentage for ms.

    • Prathu,
      BE percentage does have a piece in the puzzle. But, it is not everything. Scholarships are based on your application as a whole…Having good percentage helps. There is no benchmark as such for percentage…

      • Hey friends! i have jus passed out my BE in 2013 in Information Technology and would like to go for MS in MIS. I have not yet given any of GRE and IELTS and planning to give both by the begining of November. I want to apply for spring 2014.
        1. What are the chances for me to still get admission for spring 2014
        1. I want to know the list of colleges with the tution fee structure .
        2 I want to know the dead lines details of the colleges.
        Please need help.


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