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IT jobs in USA for making big money! IT career prospects,Median Salary, Job growth Projections

I was reading few articles at InsideTech, which is a Monster Jobs company, and came across this interesting publication about IT Career profiles. It is an interesting research article with projections for IT careers with Median salary in IT jobs corresponding to the job titles. I have tabulated all of these projections with full info for comprehensive view. If you are starting your career, you might want to look at these job titles if you are accepting any IT career position in USA.  Also, read the HOT IT Skills in 2010 to make big Money to jumpstart your IT consulting career

Job Title

Median SalaryEducation Required

Growth Rate Industry*

IT Consultant$73,000B.Tech / B.S in Computer Sciences or ITConsulting contract work is growing around at 10% per year
IT Manager$104,000More work experience; MBA with technology emphasisIT managers employment is expected to grow at rate of 16% in the next 6 years
Web Developer$68,125Web development Skills with Bachelors degree or Associates DegreeComputer Sciences related jobs are expected to grow  at 37% in next 6 years, web developers will be key for integration of systems in next 6 years
Computer Programmer$68,125Associates degree or bachelors degree, with certifications in preferred languageThe projection for coding jobs suggests decline by 4%, but the replacement of the coders will create jobs
Network Administrator$79,000Bachelors in Computer Scinences, Computer Engineering, MIS added with experienceGreat demand expected by analysts and might grow around 53% in next six years.
Database Administrator$91,500Similar to Network AdministratorThe category is expected to grow at around 29% in the next 6 years
Software Engineer$88,500Bachelors degree in Computer Science or Software engineering. Also, computer Security, systems design degrees help tooThe expectation is to grow at around 38% in the next 6 years.
Systems Analyst$71,000Similar to Network AdministratorGrowth rate is around 29% in the next 6 years as per projections

* All projections were done from 2006-2016. Adjusted the years to reflect as next years with same data presented.

If you would like to know more information, please read the original article about IT Career Profiles at InsideTech.com

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  1. Hello Saurabh

    What would be the typical salary in New York (Long Island) for a bachelor to stay?.Any approx range ?


  2. Hi Sourabh,
    I have 5 yrs of IT experience from a reputed firm…I like programming….I had applied for MS in CS…but got reject from many univs b’cz of pre-requisites…I even did not get advantage of my exp….Ppl ask me to go for MIS…

  3. Hi Saurabh

    This blog is really very informative.Thanks for the information.
    I have few doubts .

    I have 8 years of experience in IT and working as a lead in a top investment bank in Gurgaon on good salary. I am happy with my job .Everything seems to be fine.

    But my hubby is relocating to US on L1 visa on a long term assigment from his company .I will be on dependent visa .His offer is not very lucrative but yes he always wanted to experience the US life and work culture.

    Is leaving the job which is quite stable at this point is a right move?
    Will I get a benefit of working in US, if I come back to India after 3-4 years?
    OR will I lag behind ….
    Any advice would be helpful!

    • Inderjeet Kaur,
      Working in US definitely adds to the resume especially when you work for one of the majors. As you will be going on L-2 visa, you can apply for EAD and then work for an employer. You can look at openings on US job sites like dice, monster to see openings that suit your profile in a location near your husband’s office. You can also see the tentative offered salary and do the comparison.

      Also, talk to others w/ similar experiences who worked in US for a while and then returned to India and their opinion on the premium it added to their resume.

    • Saurabh, Thanks for the prompt reply.

      There are no major players in Memphis Tennesse where my husband is getting posted.My aspiration is to grow in Investment Banking industry but I guess there is no such organisation.
      I am really confused .I am not able to take decision as leaving a good job in India for 2-3 years is a risk (actually not sure) .

      Moreover I am not sure whether I will get the same quality job when I will be back .No doubt travelling to US will give me the chance to look around the world but then what about my carreer.

      Please advice.

      • Inderjeet Kaur,
        If you end up taking a long break from work (b/c there are no jobs matching your profile), then it can adversely impact your resume.

        You can check with your colleagues/friends/family if they know of any experiences of someone who returned from US and the quality of jobs they got in India. I don’t have any personal experience w/ this, so cannot comment much.

    • Hi Inderjeet,

      I am sailing the same boat.My husband is travelling to chicago on L1 visa. i am having 4 years of exp in an It. and working in gurgaon with an MNC with a good pay . i am really confused what should i do? shall i leave a job what will be the job prospects when i will return to India? will i get a job?what shall i do?can you please share your exp?

  4. Hi Saurabh,

    My company is processing H1b for me. I have 8 years of experience in QA-Manual testing. They are offering 50500$. Do you think it is worth going to US?

  5. I am looking at getting a MS in MIS but have no experience. I have a BS in MIS (3.3 GPA) from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas in 2003 but could not find a job. This was when the Dot-Coms collapsed so I became a poker dealer instead. I would really like to teach at the college level or be a project manager. Would my prospects be good if I got my MS at Western Oregon University in MIS? I could possibly do internships and get some experience that way. I do not care about the starting income. I just want to get my foot in the door but don’t want this BS and MS in MIS to go to waste. Truthfully, would I end up with a degree (with no experience) and no job prospects? I am looking for any feedback I can get. I am completely mobile and can work anywhere in the US or abroad if given a chance. I would appreciate any help you can give me. David Burd dburd70@yahoo.com

  6. Hi,
    This is a very informative blog. I had few concerns.
    I have 8 yrs of IT exp and working as a Lead in a top Company in Bangalore.
    I can easily get a very good offer from other good companies like Amazon, Flipkart etc.
    But my hubby moved to the US recently as he got a good opportunity in Automobile field. SO I am on H4 and need to look out for jobs there.
    Is this a right move? Will I get a benefit of working in US, if I come back to India after 3-4 years? OR will I lag behind as I would have lost atleast 1 year due to visa issues….
    Any advice would be helpful!

    • Finding good employers on H-4 visa is really tough. However, if you are able to work for a good employer for few years in US, then it definitely adds value to your resume.

      You will have to evaluate the following:
      – are there enough good companies in the area your husband is locating to
      – do those good companies sponsor H-1 to people on H-4
      – is the technology you are working on in demand in those companies
      – can you keep yourself busy (training etc) while you wait for your H-1 to start

  7. Hey,
    First of all, thanks for writing this document. It was highly informative. I am actually very confused between two career paths and I am looking for guidance. I am currently in 3rd yr B.tech Computers Engg. I am preparing for GRE as well. I am an above-average student with a GPA of 3.5/4.0.

    I am looking to pursue a Master’s degree in technical side but at the same time, I do not want to compromise on the Managerial skills. I am interested in:
    1. MS in Management in Information Systems (MIS)
    2. MS in Financial Engineering

    I would like to have my own business, about 5 years down the line; in some technical area of speciality. Kindly give me guidance as I am deeply confused.

    Thanks in advance for your advice.

    Please help.

  8. hello sir
    this blog is really informative as compared to others.I have done BE in ECE and I have 6 months experience in computer networks and i ll complete CCNA in a month.I have recieved I20 from one univ in US for fall intake this year.should i go now or shall i wait and gain some more experience?
    your advice will be of great help.

    • Ravi, It depends on your goal for doing MS. For instance, if you are planning on doing thesis in Networking area, it would be helpful to have more experience…if not, there may not be any value addition with work experience….Decide your goal for higher education in US, based on that you can take decision either to work or directly join MS.

  9. HI Need a small info regarding the H1B Visa . My employer has filed my H1B petition to US cosulate on Sep29th . can any one of you tell me how long i should wait for my petition to get approve and when Can i go for stamping for my H1.

    I know my petition is filed in Vermont service centre

    • Typical wait time is 2-4 months (non PP cases). Once approved, you can schedule the interview on the next available date (provided you have received all the necessary documents for a successful visa stamping).

  10. Dear Sir, thanks for your website its amazing and helpful

    I am going to move to US as H1B as an IT developer , I have some websites which run google ads also some FB application which I am making around 1000$ from all of them , when I move to US and start to work for my Employer could it be a problem for me ?
    FYI the ad companies let me set my country as US and pay the tax

    • If you move to US on H1 visa, then you cannot continue that work. On H1, you are supposed to work only for the employer holding your H1 visa.

      • Thanks for your reply, so I have to close my FB applications and websites , cant I let the ads remain there without spending any time on that business?

        again Thanks

        • An H1B employee cannot earn any non-passive income from any sources other than his employer. However, I think you can work around it, although it’s little tricky. You can open a S corporation in US, and become an investor in that firm. You will need to hire a GC holder or citizen to carry out day to day activities in US, and pay him/her the salary. The firm can do the business you were doing in India, and you can earn the profits as investor. But I don’t know all the details, and may be misquoting some of the information above. Please do some due diligence before going this route.

  11. So far I would consider this to be the only informative website that I’ve come across on the information that I’ve needed so Thank you for that.

    My major concern or may I term it as Confusion is all about what next?
    I’m gonna be done with my BE in Information Technology in a year, and for quite a while I’ve been trying to decide on the Masters degree to take up.
    I’ve been quite Confused about the Management in Information Systems program.

    I basically would like jobs like software analyst, product/project management, requirement analyst, or anything which deals with Analysis or Management.

    I would be more then Glad if you could help me out on this.

  12. Hi Sir,
    I found your article to be extremely informative and interesting.
    I have an important doubt,I have currently completed my BS in electronics and Communication, however I’m very much interested in Networks and plan to take up CCNA and pursue a career in networking, will I not be able to pursue a career in the US(networking domain ) i the future as I have a major in ECE and not Computer Science?

    • You can pursue your dream career in Networking. As you said, certifications like CCNA will help you offset the degree and work experience will be really important. Try to join an IT company and gain some experience in Networking and then do the certifications on the side. You should be fine.


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