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Careers of MS in MIS vs CS (Computer Sciences) in USA ? MIS Careers ?

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If you have read this article:  MS in MIS vs CS (Computer Sciences) in USA? Courses of MIS vs Computer Science ? , you might be wondering what my career opportunities after MS in CS or MIS. This article tries to briefly list those. These are some typical  titles of careers. Titles are what organizations make up and they are different in different organizations.  You may also read this article:  IT jobs in USA for making big money! IT career prospects, Median Salary, Job growth Projections

Career Paths – MS in Computer Sciences

You will possibly working under these kinds of roles or titles after you graduate with MS in Computer Sciences.  There might be many various variations of titles, but here are few to start with.

  • IT Consultant
  • IT analyst
  • Technical Analyst
  • Software Programmer
  • Software Designer
  • Product Development – Analyst / Architect
  • Web Application Developer
  • Database Administrator
  • Professor
  • Network Administrator

MS in MIS  – Career Paths

There is no hard fast rule that you have to work only in Business related areas. MIS graduates do study some courses in programming and other software related courses.  MIS graduates also work on roles listed above in Computer Sciences too. But, the career progression is good to go up in ladder as manager or even higher as you have business knowledge on overall enterprise and how to manage information systems.

  • Business Analyst
  • Systems Designer
  • Functional Analyst
  • Consultant
  • Database Architect
  • Systems Analyst
  • Systems Architect
  • Network Analyst
  • Project Manager
  • Business process Analyst

Bottom line, I have seen many of my friends with MIS degree work in Computer Programming jobs. Because MIS has a little bit of business and Management piece tied to it, they are good for entering ERP related careers like SAP or Oracle Apps. It does not mean Computer Sciences degrees holders cannot; it is just a good career progression. MIS is definitely an advantage for someone to work in higher level positions like Directors, Architects and CIO as you see a broader picture of organization with little business knowledge.

Did you take MIS ? What career did you end up in ?  What’s your experience ?

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Comments ( 195 )

  1. nimesh

    my name is nimesh….. i m doing BE IT… i gave gre and got 1080(maths-740english-340 ). i m confuse whether i should do MIS or MS. i dont wanna go in core coding….can u just provide me with as many information as you can…. and can i get in to good university…. i have certificate of PRO(public relation officer) and can good recommendation letter from head of my department and Communication science professor….plz help me out in any way u can…thanks

    1. administrator

      Nimesh, If you love coding, you would probably appreciate MS in Computer Science better as you would have more options to test your logic and write complex programs. Unfortunately, we do not advise on schools.

    2. Mayank

      I believe you should give GRE another shot , maybe increase 200-250 marks or so.. it will dramatically improve list of universities … worth a shot i had say

  2. Anu

    Hi Kumar,
    Iam really very much confused about this MIS course and desperately seeking for help. I came across this blog and hope i can find some help from here.
    I want to know whether having a technical work experience is mandatory or say advisable for this course.
    I have technical background , as i did my B.E in I.T and also i did my MBA in Information systems and Finance as dual specialization.BUT , I don’t have any work experience.I came down to US on h4 visa and i want to take up some graduate program.So, whether it will be advisable consider MIS program without having any experience?? Looking forward to your reply

    1. administrator

      No, it is not mandatory….You do not need it as well. You should be fine to enroll in MIS program without any experience.
      I am not sure why you are keen on MIS….Is that your passion ? You already have a Masters…Hope you picking something that you love…

      1. Anu

        hello kumar,
        Thanx alot 4 ur reply. Yes i do have a masters degree and that too in IT but here because of this visa issue i want to go on F1 status so that i can work after completing my studies. I came across MIS course and found it good and this will backup my previous academic background too. But still iam not sure of dis course, can u suggest me any other good course .Thanks alot for ur help.


        1. administrator

          Well, I do understand finding a sponsor on H4 can be very difficult, but did you try looking for a job ? Just an example, One of my friend’s wife talked to few schools and took up a research assistant role. She initially volunteered for few months and later the school processed her H1B visa…

          If you think you really have to study, do not just pick up something because it will backup your previous academic background. Review few programs and pick something that you like…You are studying anyways, why not study something that you like ?

  3. Samar

    Hi need a help plss,

    I have done my btech in biotechnology in 2010 where in I had a six month training in bio-informatics(Programming)…and now working in CSC (IT company) from last 1 year…
    Will it be fine if opt for MS in Computers/IT for 2012 fall session…My experience will be 2 years till 2012 fall…
    Or MIS (Management in Information Systems) will be a good option for a profile like mine? Please Guide…

    Thanks in Anticipation

    1. administrator

      Career is something that you pick based on what you like…There is nothing like a progression or continuation for what you already have… You should be fine to pick any of the listed. Take some time and think about what you like and go for it…

      1. Samar

        Thanks alot for reply Kumar…I appreciate your opinion, I ahve decided to go fot MIS what ever may be the case…But I am not very much interested for USA now…as I keep on hearing the job crisis over there after study….what are your opinion…..I wish to go to Canada(as my close relatives are there)…Pls if u could help me out with Candian universities that offer MIS or more of related course……….

  4. saravanan mohan

    why do people prefer USA rather than Europe for Masters in computer science??

    Does USA pays more than Europe????
    Or the Technology is grown faster than Europe???

    Guide Me????

  5. pradnya

    my BE comps aggre is very low 54%,gre 1240,
    do they consider overawl engg aggre or jus BE i.e sem 7 and sem 8 aggre??
    can i get admission for MIS or CS in B grade university??
    if i wanna opt for MIS or MS what are my chances to get scholarship??
    for MIS do AWA score must b above 3.0 ??
    how to get in campus part time job??on what basis do they select student for assistantship??
    for MIS what particular points must be covered in SOP??
    what kind of typical extracuricullar activities will help me to get in MIS apart from presentations??

    1. Deepak.S.P

      I too have the same problem with a aggregate percentage of 55% yet to give GRE and TOEFL. Could you please tell whether I could get accepted in any university.

    2. administrator

      They consider overall percentage.
      Also, most of your questions are already written as articles in the blog. Browse and read Apply to US schools category.

  6. Amy

    Hi Kumar,

    I am permenant card holder of USA. came few months back here. About my academic background I am MBA in marketing and B.Sc. in mathematics now i want to study something here in USA to get good job. Am thinking about Computer Science. Can u please guide me about the process to get admission and do I have to give any exams for that or not?

    1. administrator

      Well, not sure if you need another degree just to work here. You should be qualified enough to work here… If you would like to study for passion in US, you would have to give GRE and TOEFL and apply to schools. As you are in US, visit few schools and talk to admission counselor, it will help you understand the system easily.

  7. Ravi Goswami


    I completed ma b.tech in c.s from Pune university. Now I am in confusion that should I go for M.s or M.ba. because I am not intersted in ma computer field at all. that time i choosed wrong field because i had no knowledge and ma friends suggested so i choose engineering but now i dont want to go in my field. but i read ur note that without experience should not go for M.b.a . So what should I do now..? should i go for M.S in MIS may be this is the field which i like because i like managemnet field what do u think please suggest me

  8. bhushan

    hello! i study b.tech at government engineering college in pune (autonomous).my cgpa is 6.8. my question is-which is more beneficial–1)to go for campus placement after graduation and work for 3 years and then study MS ? OR 2)to study MS after graduation directly and then go for placement ?..(i study mechanical engineering and i can get annual package of around 5 lakhs per annum through my college campus placements) also can i get good universities for MS with such an average CGPA of 6.8 ?


    I am a green card holder of USA. I got 88% in 10th and now i am doing my 12th Science in INDIA, but after my 12th i am planning to do my future studies in USA, which exams are necessary for me to give so that i get an admission there? will they again put me in 12th? and would it make a difference in getting admission there if i give MHT-CET exam in india ? if its not of any use i better not give MHT-CET.
    pleasee replyyy,
    thanking u

  10. keerthi

    could you please tell me, if we want to get into fall semester by when are we supposed to finish off the gre exam??
    thnk you

  11. Anirudh

    Hi Kumar, I got an admit from University of Illinoi at Chicago for MS MIS program. Do u have any idea about the University and its business School(Liautaud School of Business) ? The fee is also kinda high $26,647 per year and I’m worried about the future job scope.

  12. Chetan Sharma

    Hello Kumar,

    I have completed my Btech from Cochin University of Kerala which is not as popular as IITs but is bearing a good status in kerala.
    I am quite confuse with MS or MBA. I would not say that i am poor in anyone of them. I love technology at one side though i am not very very good in technology but surely good in it and at the same time i am not poor in managerial things. So please help me to come out of my dilemma. Please do not say that it is completely upon my interest as i have already told that i get interest in whatever i do, which is a big + point with me.

    Now few Questions

    1> I had a very poor academic record in 10th and 12th class.
    class X — Secured only 68.2%
    class XII — Secured only 65.2%
    Btech — But then i bounced back in engineering and maintained a decent percentage of 73.8%
    Now my doubt is, could 10th ,12th percentage bring a difference while getting admission in a good foreign university.

    2> which are the other countries from where i can do my MS except USA. What about poland , UK, Germany, Austria, Slovakia, Slovenia and others.

    3> If i do MS from non US university , what are the chances to get a good job.

    4> Should i go for MS or MBA ? Do GRE and CAT have common syllabus or it is different?

  13. Pratik

    Hi, Im planning to study MIS . Im In my final year in BE (comp), will graduate this year i.e june 2011.
    I gave my gre and its quite low- 940. So do u think i can still get in to a good univs with this score and 2yrs of experience? if yes ,can u please tell me the list? i couldnt find anywhere else…
    Or is it better if i give gre again to get a better score?

    1. administrator

      Well, Honestly I cannot comment on schools as we do not advise on schools…In my view, it is too low score to get into good schools…Also, Decide on why you want to study MS and what you want to do after MS…..

  14. Kenneth


    Im currently pursuing my B.E in Computer Science and am placed in Accenture.
    I’ve also written my GRE and applied for Universities in the US.
    I just wanted to know if i should take the job or pursue my Masters in MIS.

  15. vaibhav

    Hi Kumar,

    I have one question regarding salary offered to MIS grads. After all the research I have done , I have found that the salary package offered to any candidate totally depends upon the individual, the talent they possess and their abilities to negotiate .But in most of the cases I have observed that even the fresher MS CS people are predominantly offered higher packages than that of MS MIS people with work experience.
    If the job profile is better for MS MIS in comparison then why MS CS students are offered a higher package even if they are fresher.

    1. administrator

      Typically, MS in CS program is very technical. It is just the kind of technical roles they end up in pays them more.

    1. administrator

      I believe both are very similar….In my opinion, M.S is often used in US, where as M.Tech is used in India in various Universities.

  16. Menaka

    Hello Kumar,
    I like to do M.S in Computer science.Currently working in MNC company.I have completed B.tech(IT) with 82% at 2010.For me money is big challeng to me.
    Which is best doing M.S in India or US?
    Pls rply to me.really it will be helpful to me

    1. administrator

      Money can be a challenge, but if you get good GRE and TOEFL scores and present well, you should get scholarship or some sort of funding. Well, I cannot really talk about India as I did not go to school for MS in India. But, in general MS is a precursor for PhD in many cases and passion to do research.

  17. Moiz

    kumar, can u tell me which is a better choice for me..ms in cs or mis….i m currently pursuing B.E. in IT… i love to develop web applications and my long term goal is to start my own web and mobile app development firm…

    1. administrator

      I would say MS in CS might be better pick among those….but, honestly, you do NOT need an MS to start your own mobile app firm.

  18. rajesh

    Hi Kumar,
    Having done MS in MIS what are the placement chances. Do we get placements on-campus or there is a lot of struggle which we have to do to get a good job after we are done with our course. And how much will it cost for doing MIS in top 10 universities. please help.

    1. administrator

      Placements in US do not work like in India with on campus. It varies by school…You would have to search on your own in most cases. Search the blog using search box on top, you should find related articles or just browse in categories.

  19. ram

    is that true why bcoz i can afford around 10 lakhs bcoz of my financial conds (with bank stats thru consultancy)
    is that risky or can opt ms..
    as u hav said that living expenditure is of around $500 ..
    thru part time(campus jobs etc) we can attain around $560.
    by this we cant save money.
    how we can manage our fees etc..
    plz clarify kumar

    1. administrator

      Ram, I mentioned that you need to have out of state tuition waiver….in addition to that, you need some sort of small scholarship and part time job in summer for 40 hrs to save some money for fee…Also, you can cut down your expense to under $500 if you share with more roomies and spend carefully…

      1. ram

        thank u so much kumar. u r doing a great job helping our doubts.
        though they look simpler to u but u r clarifying us and helpin to come out of dilemas…
        its not just saying.it is whole heartedly telling..

        THANK U

        1. administrator

          Ram, you should be able to check on ETS website about the slots or call them. Yup, GRE will be in current pattern until Aug 1st.

      1. ram

        is it sure or any failures
        im asking it bcoz i can afford upto around 10 lakhs of financial background..
        is it risky for me or i can come over ther and raise money for edu..
        thanking uu

  20. ram

    hi kumar
    can a student pursuing ms in us be able to raise money for his sem fee by part time jobs there…
    i hav heared it is it true…
    plz help with reply
    great regards..

  21. Pritesh

    I did BE IT and currently workingh in IT company on ERP-SAP. I am having 3 yrs experience. I wrote GRE and got 1310. Can anyone guide me about doing MS MIS or MBA. I want to persue higher education from US and confused about MS MIS. Is it worth doing it after having 4 yrs SAP experience or MBA will be better for me. My long term goal is to become top executive of a MNC. Beside skill and experience, please suggest what will be gud choice for me.

  22. vaibhav

    Hi Kumar ,
    I have already given GRE and got 1330 (Q 780 ,V550) but my AWA score is very bad .I got 2.5 in AWA.
    How much AWA score effect the selection process for MS in MIS.
    I am yet to give tofel on 8th of JAN , do you think I can apply for MS in MIS for fall11 .
    Please guide.

    1. administrator

      Vaibhav, Honestly, I do not know how much AWA matters…it depends on school and how they give weightage…You can apply for MIS for Fall, but you might miss on some good schools and some potential scholarship opportunities.

  23. rajesh

    I am currently working in a MNC(IT sector) . i am planning to go for MIS in US. I would like to know the minimum GRE score required to get into top 10 universities. Also i would like to know the GMAT scores for the same.
    I would be having 2 years of experience, so would my experience count in any way in getting me admissions or would it count in any way in getting me jobs(in US) in future with a good package??

    1. administrator

      Rajesh, Your admission does not solely depend on GRE or GMAT, but they would look for anything around 1450 or higher due to high competition. GMAT might be around or over 700… Experience may help for admission…for getting jobs, yes it will help you in future…

      1. rajesh

        Thanks for ur reply Kumar.But if u don mind can u please elaborate on each point. What do u mean by “admission does not solely depend on GRE or GMAT”. What are the other factors u are talking about?? How can my experience help me in getting admission??
        And first of all is MIS a good option. If possible can u gv me an idea of the package which i would be getting after i get a job there in US after i complete my MIS??

        1. administrator

          Rajesh, Read this article about How to get Scholarship for MS , it gives a good overview of what they look for when awarding scholarship and most of it applies to admission as well. Good institutions want to make sure you are the right fit for program and your background including academics, your future goals mentioned in SOP and other leadership skills, etc.
          About If MIS a good option , it is you who will study it, you will have to like it. Do NOT just take up something just for getting job, you do not need a masters to just get job.. about package, it totally varies anywhere from 35K to 100K per year based on location, company, etc.

    1. administrator

      Visa can always be tricky even if you have good percentages…As I said, if you get good score and secure admission you have a valid case and can explain your passion to VO to get visa….

  24. Srinivas

    Im planning to do m.s in Mis in 2011 .. Problem is my aggregate is 52% in electronics and communication engineering , I know im not liable to apply for scholarship and all fund’s… Can you please suggest me whether I can do my masters in usa? With 12 back log’s.. My 12th percentage is 78 and 10th is 74%.. As I made my career ruined already… I ll be better if I do my masters in usa… So im interested in m.s in mis.. Can you pls suggest me the opportunities in getting admission and later any effect on my job
    Career later? I can bare the complete fee’s of university or school… So pls kindly give me suggestion…
    Will be very thankful for all positive feed’s…

    1. administrator

      I understand your perspective. Having less percentage should not be a problem…If you do well in GRE and TOEFL, you should be able to secure admission in US and achieve your dream….No one really cares about your old percentages, as long as you are better today than yesterday…

  25. Swapnil

    Hi kumar,
    I am planning for Ms in MIS in Fall 2011,I am BE(compueters) from Pune University i want to know about more detail about course i know the only general detail i want to know more specific detail,syllabus offered etc.
    Thanks .

    1. administrator

      The best thing to do is check out any University’s MIS department website and look at their program and other details. It varies slightly by school, but if you look few of the schools, you will get better idea.. Typically, MIS info will be listed in the Business school website.

  26. Siddharth


    I am planning to apply for MS MIs for fall 2011 . As every one else I also have several questions in my mind. First , the reason I want to getinto Ms MIS is one can opt for consultancy jobs after completion, but as the term consultancy is quite vague i want to understand what is the exact job role, is it assisting with technical consultancy or one can be the part of business development teams and teams that bag big IT projects . Another question is how proficient one has to be in programming , I can see some cources related to programming as well.

    My profile :

    Work ex : 2 years ( quality Assurancve and Business Analysis )
    I have worked with various student organizations in some countries in Europe , UK .
    I have been a part of various global teams in the university and head the non Profit work force for a student run organization for India chapter.
    Other than this I have worked on a start up where i was involved in the business plan , operations, technology assistance .

    As you can see from my past experiece i am more interested to take up roles that involve less technology , so the delemma continues, is MIs the rite choice.

    Further I am not applying to many schools as some of the good schools go not accept GMAT, on my list i have

    1. TAMU
    2. UTD
    3. Syracuse
    4. Eller

    i had a word with some friends doing MS, and I figured out that the location play a great role, is the fact that one has studied in Texas plays an important role in where the person is placed.

    Well i guess alot for the first mail.



    1. administrator

      Siddarth, I am not clear on your questions. Please be specific. Here are some of my thoughts…Consulting totally depends on what kind of role you pick, it is up to you and your company that trains you…So, it is very relative.. Also, your question on proficiency in programming, it depends on the role you are interested in and how they market you…You do not need programming if you are not getting into programming related roles.

    2. Mayank

      Quite relevant question
      1. Location does pay a major part as it attracts good companies for internship and Jobs later
      2. Good location internships and jobs pay better
      3. You would be consulting on technology to be used for better purposes
      4. Your profile is good , you will get good opportunities, also universities you have on your list are very good ones


  27. RK

    Hi Kumar,
    I did my BE from BITS PILANI. Working for Accenture from last 3.5 yrs as a Oracle Developer.My CGPA is 8.01/10. GRE Score is 1260. i am interested in doing Technology Management or MS in MIS. What do you think are my prospects in getting in to a good college? I am planning to apply for fall 2011. Can you please guide me.


    1. administrator

      RK, It depends on where you want to get into and what are your expectations for school…I think having better score might be helpful to get into top schools. You can verify their cut off on their website and ask around…You will get admission for sure with your score and stuff, but funding could be an issue…Do some more research about schools and see where you stand. I do not advise on specific schools as I am not up to date for the moment.
      Hope it helps,

  28. Subha

    Hi Kumar ,

    I will be having total of 3.5 years of work experience by the time I apply for MIS . Infact I plan to apply to MBA schools as well , and whichever gives me an admit , I will go with that. I am in the .net/business intelligence programming , but would like to go towards the business consulting roles in IT service/consulting companies. I want to know whether these MIS curriculum gives enough emphasis on MBA subjects ( Finance , Accountancy , Operations , Marketing ) or is it completely technical subjects ? Do you think with my experience , it is a good idea to do MIS ? I don’t have the financial resources to do an MBA from US and also the job market for international students ( specially MBA ) in US is looking pretty grim for at least next 2-3 years.

    However , I still would like to do an MBA at some point in my career ( maybe 1 year or part-time ) in case I get admitted to a good MIS program in US. Also , one more question is what kind of roles can I expect post MIS – business analyst or associate ?

    1. administrator

      I can totally understand the financial liability for pursuing MBA in top school…Anyways, in MIS you focus on few of the business subjects, but it will be more geared towards infrastructure and how to manage the systems in the Org…As listed about they are more geared towards architecture…But, it entirely depends on how you portray yourself…I have seen many people pursue Business Analyst roles with MIS…Check out the MIS program in couple schools, you will get more idea.

      1. Subha

        Thank you Kumar .

        But do you think with my experience , it will be a little late for this MIS program ? Also , just as in MBA , do recruiters for MIS program give importance to the work experience prior to the graduate degree , considering that MIS course is theory based compared to MBA.

        Also I am looking to go towards the strat consulting in technology companies , do you know about any good MIS program ? I have seen the MSIS program in Carnegie Mellon , but it is very costly ( $75k : tution + living )?

  29. priya

    I want to do MS in MIs. while going throuh TAMU website i found out that for MIS GMAT is preferred over Ge..
    Is it true..becasue i was actually planning on giving GMAT as i had aspired to pursue a management degree..
    Can i get in to for MS in MIS with a GMATscore??


    1. priya

      I have a work experience of 2 years in SAP Basis and i am planning to go in 2012..hence i will be having atleast 3.5-4 years of experience..Also i was thinking of changing my stream from SAP basis to SAP BI.
      what do you think i should go for MS or MBa…
      i heard MS is lot cheaper as compared to MBA.
      can you also tell me the expense that would be required for doing MS and MBA in MIS>


      1. administrator

        Priya, Honestly, your decision for further education should be based on what you want to do. Just do NOT switch degrees because one is cheaper over other…Search using the search box on top or browse the blog using categories, there is info on Fee and other stuff.

    2. administrator

      Yes, MIS is a Management degree and many schools prefer GMAT over GRE. Having said that, it totally depends on the school. If you have some schools in mind, you may have to check schools websites for clarification. For the most part, GMAT should be fine.

  30. bhavani

    I have done my bsc cse and worked for abt 1.5yrs in a IT company in software testing. I planned to do my mba in usa but since i didnt have 4yrs bachelors degree(or 16 yrs of education) i couldnot pursue. I then joined mba in a college but not in bschool and im not satisfied with what i have studied cos of the standard of education. B4 2 yrs i joined mba here just having the thought to satisfy the entry criteria in US universities. Now i again want to pursue my studies but i dunno know whether to study MBA in MIS or MS in MIS. But i feel will the question arise why should i do 2nd master’s degree and that too MBA again or MS after MBA in India. I feel MIS would be a good choice since i have already studied abt management in mba and im from bsc cse background. So please advice

  31. Swati


    I am planning to give my gre on 5th oct 2010.
    I have a btech degree in IT with a cgpa of 8.71.
    Currently I am working in Oracle as an applications engineer and my work is mainly on Oracle applications which is complete ERP product.
    I plan to pursue an MS in MIS which i believe will be an add on to my existing job.
    Can I get any pointers to the universities that offer MS programs in MIS and who accept GRE score?
    What is the minimum score that would be required?
    What is the future scope after an MS in MIS?

    Also I would like to know if it is wise for me to do an MS in MIS?

    Any help will be highly appreciated.

    1. administrator

      Swati, MIS program is typically offered in the Business School. I cannot really advise you on the Universities as I am not up to date….but, you can aim for good Business schools. The better the score, the better your options. If you can crack 1400+, that would be great. About MS in MIS, it depends on what you want to do in the long run with your career. It is a strategic decision and it should be based on what you like rather than just picking it as it adds to your current career. This is your chance to change careers if you are not happy with current job.

    2. Sujay

      Hi Swati,
      Even I am planning to apply to MIS this fall. I have shortlisted a few universities. And i am working in Oracle too :). Server Technologies though. You can get in touch with me regarding the shortlisting part.

        1. Mayank

          Hi Swati,

          This is long time after you have posted
          But I am applying for MIS this fall
          Would appreciate if you could drop me a mail on processes you have followed for applications

  32. Ankit


    I have around 3 years of work experience in IT industry. Currently I am working as lead Associate Consultant. Doing PG from US is always my dream.

    I am interested in MIS. Now can anybody suggest me how this work ex. will help me to fetch the scholarship and how much score is needed in GRE with 3 yr. work ex to get into a good university?


    1. administrator

      Well, your work experience may not necessarily help you with scholarship…but it will help you with getting funding like TA, RA or other kinds of positions. The higher the score in GRE, the better your chances, I would aim for anything over 1400 in GRE to get funding and get into good school. Read the articles under scholarship section of blog.

      1. Ankit

        Thanks for the reply Kumar..
        So how much money i can expect to invest for MIS in US?

        Also, before joining MIS, can i get a part time job or TA and other kinds of positions so that once i joined the college i do not have worry about my living?

        1. administrator

          Honestly, funding situation has been very tricky lately with lot of competition…Most of the times, you may not expect funding or job directly…most of the students get funding after first semester. About on campus jobs, you would have to look for one after you land in US.

  33. phani

    hi sir i am yet to write my gre and tofel on nov 29.i want to do ms in mis.
    i have sme que plz answer them.
    i am dng btech in cse 4 year.aggregate of 65.
    is work exprrnce is necessary for mis?i am planing to go for fall 2011.
    can u give me the list of top univ.can we get aid?

    1. administrator

      Phani, You do not need work experience to get into MIS. Financial aid depends on lot of factors. Read the articles on blog under scholarship section.

  34. deepak

    I have my BE average only 60% and i am doing my 5th sem. can u please tell me when should i write GRE and TOEFL if i need scholarships or any sort of financial aid. and i also wanted to know does my BE average effect anything to get a i-20 from any university.can u please tell me how much should a student have his minimum BE average to get into a university.

    1. administrator

      Deepak, It is very relative and there is no hard fast rule. Because your acads are less, you need to get a good GRE and TOEFL Scores somewhere around 1400 to get scholarships. You have enough time to prepare for the test. Here is a sample article : Application deadlines for Fall 2011, you can use the same timelines for Fall 2012 too.

      1. deepak

        thanks for the suggestions,
        I also wanted to know whether coaching is needed for GRE and TOEFL as i am planning to study on my own for those. And i am also thinking to take the new GRE pattern as i would have a enough time to prepare as u said that i need score around 1400. Could u please suggest me on this. Please. Will it be ok if i write my GRE and TOEFL in august of next year as i am planning for sep 2012 batch.

        1. administrator

          Deepak, in my opinion, I do not think you need coaching if you take time and prepare well. If you can, I would prefer to take old pattern as you have lot more info available about the test. You should be fine if you take test in August.

          1. deepak

            Ya many others said the same as u said. But in this forum its given that the scores will be reported in mid november if i write my take GRE on aug1, so i had a fear what if i dont get any financial aids even if i work hard and get good scores in GRE.

  35. Prajwal Shirurkar

    hello Kumar,
    I had applied for MS in CS last fall in some of the top 30 univs in US.
    I couldnt get admission in any of them..despite a decent GRE score of 1320 and BE (CS) aggregate of 72%.
    Now I am working in Ernst and Young as a software engineer.
    This is wer I was introduced to the concept of MS in MIS…
    could u please list the top universities in US w.r.t MS in MIS
    I am planning to apply in Spring 2012…that way ill have job experience too…

      1. Prajwal Shirurkar

        I never knew that there was a MS degree offered in Management of
        Info Systems…its the different necessities and people with different designations in my company that helped me realize of its existence.
        Well Neha, do you happen to know the top Universities list of USA w.r.t MS in MIS?

        1. Neha

          Well, I don’t know any top universities but I know that MIS is a good field for sure. Apart from MS in MIS, there is also MBA in MIS. You could check that out too. Another option is IS(information systems). That is similar to MIS but has fewer management courses. Good Luck

      1. Prajwal Shirurkar

        Thanks kumar that was informative… and one more thing…how effective is approaching counselling centers like princeton or any other big shots in “making my decisions about applying for the right universities successful”

        1. administrator

          Prajwal, Honestly, I do not see any value in paying money for counselling as you can get most of it online for free. It takes you time to do research, but the truth is you learn a lot in the whole process and it is much better way….

  36. Souvagya Kumar Jena

    Hello Sir
    I am Souvagya currently doing B.Tech(I.T.) in AMITY University .I plan to do MS in MIS after complete my degree.
    Sir I want to know about something.
    * Is work experience necessary for get admission in institute?
    * How much salary aspect after complete MS(MIS)?
    * How much money required to do MS(MIS) in U.S.A. ?

    Please replay me………………………

    1. administrator

      No. You do not need work experience for MS.
      The salary depends on the type of job and position, also location.
      Search the blog, there are few articles on cost of MS in US.

  37. Sonali Patro

    Hi Kumar,

    I am a B.E graduate in Computers. Currently working in an IT firm as a Software Engineer. I am basically into Software testing (Quality Assurance) with 2yrs of work exp. I am not into programming, just into manual & automation testing. I want to pursue my MS in MIS. Can u suggest me if MIS would be the right stream to go for with the current work exp i have?? Also, can u tell me how are the job opportunities with respect to MIS??

  38. Neha

    You are doing a great job!! I had this thought in my mind for some time now – difference between CS and IS..is this MIS different from information systems?
    Another question that I had is, is the college/campus/univ thatwe graduate from very important? I am eligible for h4 tuition fee(in state) at a college here/university campus but that’s not a reputed college. I am confused if I should go there or notPlease provide ur suggestions

    1. administrator

      MIS is Masters in IS. Well, it does not really matter unless you do it from top 10 schools. So, you may join that school, reputation of schools is a relative thing and not significant if you not in top 10.

      1. Neha

        thanks for that reply
        it is comforting to hear!! 🙂 this school is pretty cheap like 350$ per credit….since i am in-state…other private schools in my area are talking about 800-1000$ per credit…dats a lot of difference!! and that’s why i am inclined toward this state college
        but, i have heard that private colleges/schools provide aid in the form of TA/RA or scholarships..is this true??

          1. administrator

            I am not sure if you know about this or not, but if you pursue your Masters on H4, then you are not eligible for CPT/OPT and applying H1 under Masters quota. However, like you said, you will be eligible to pay in-state fees which is typically half of what one needs to pay on F1.

        1. Prajwal

          Which state college are you talking about, Neha. If you are already through the application process, could you provide the list of the ones you had applied for, based on ur profile, I mean…

  39. Sandeep Patil

    Hi ,
    I am in the final year of computer engg.Well am not that good in programming nor does it interest me.After BE i want to do something related to MIS.Should i opt for MS or MBA? If MBA,may i know what specifically i have to do.
    Thanking you in anticipation


    1. administrator

      Sandeep, you may work for few years and then go for MBA. You may also do MIS and get into business analyst role… It is upto you to decide on what you like. Based on what you like, you can decide the emphasis.

      1. Sandeep Patil

        Hi Kumar,
        Well prior to MBA what kind of work do u suggest me.After completing my BE i dont want to get into programming.What should i look for?
        Thanking you in anticipation


        1. administrator

          Sandeep, It is a hard call…Try to do something that you like to do after you get your MBA. For instance, if you want to be a Marketing Manager after MBA, working in any kind of marketing role as beginner would help you….The point is, if you have a choice and you get the job, it will be a good it for post MBA career.

  40. Mankris


    I have completed my B.E in computer sc and have 2 yrs of work experience in an IT consulting company .My job role basically involves the understanding of the client requirements and deploying the product in their infrastructure. I would like to take my profile in the same direction where in i would like to take up the role of a consultant ahead in the future. Do i need to pursue an MS degree or an MIS degree

    1. administrator

      Well, depends on what kind of functional role you are in right now. For instance, if you want to be like a core functional analyst in Finance, you may get MS in finance too, not necessarily MIS….

      1. Mankris

        Hi Kumar,

        Thanks for the quick and assertive reply. I am currently into presales profile but ahead in my career i would like to see myself as a consultant. Down the lane i would aim to be an IT manager in a company and CTO/CIO. Is it preferrable that i choose masters in computer science or masters in information systems?

        Or do i need to take my MBA after my MS in IT specialization?

        Please suggest

        1. administrator

          Personally, based on your goals, it would be a good idea to pursue MBA with an emphasis in IT project management. After you reach executive level, MBA is kind of mandatory. So, strategically it would be a better idea to do MBA.

  41. Kunal


    I’m a Bsc(H) in Computer Science, have also completed my Part Time MCA this year and have 3 Years of IT experience. I’ve a zeal for studying ahead and want to do my MS in computer science via GRE, however i’m in a state of disarray whether i should move ahead by self-learning and gaining experience or should i go ahead with my MS as i want to move from IT services domain to product development. Also, how will i boost up my career growth with MS from a good university rather than following the current curve…?
    Could you pleease suggest me something on the same…?

    Thanks in advance.

    1. administrator

      I am not sure if you getting MS in US will add enough value as you already have Masters (MCA). As you have enough work experience, I would totally recommend applying to new jobs with your experience and make the switch to product development. Read few articles in section Decide MS or MBA in US in categories you will get an idea what I am trying to say.

      1. Kunal

        Dear Kumar,

        It was of great value going through the articles listed here. The center of focus in all of them is towards choosing the right path based on what one desire rather than following the popular norms.
        As i believe that i’m a technically competent guy and have no plans of rolling towards management as of now, i feel choosing a path of learning via self-study and experience would be worthier rather than tagging another technical degree to my name.

        I highly appreciate your share of inputs. Thanks again.

  42. Karthik

    Hi kumar,
    I read your article `”MS in MIS vs CS (Computer Sciences) ? Courses of MIS vs Computer Science ?” and also “Should I study/apply for MS or MBA in US after B.Tech/ B.Com ? MBA vs MS fees, degree focus, funding issues. Which is better ? Part – 1& part2”.
    I am in my final year of Btech(CS) and my goal is to reach the top executive levels in IT companies(as quickly as possible!!).I am not reluctant to the coding and i am comfortable with pure technical concepts as well.I know that MBA degree from good university definitely gives advantage.After reading your article i came to know that MIS degree gives you a business view of the IT organisation.So do you think going for a MIS degree and later after gaining some work experience,doing MBA is a good option?Or else working for some 3-4 years in any IT company and later doing a MBA is better one?
    And also i would like to know any IT companies are sponsoring candidates to do an MBA or MIS?And what are the criteria they will be looking for it?
    And finally if i decided to do MIS now when should i start my preparations for admissions?

    Thanks in advance,

    1. administrator

      Karthik, I do not think you need MS in MIS and then MBA. If you get 4 to 5 years of experience and then study MBA in a top Business school, you should be able to get the bigger breakthrough in your career. In general, at least in US, there is no criteria. They would mention in the benefits package saying tuition reimbursements for higher education. It is a matter of policy of the company. If you decide to MS in MIS, you should start as soon as you can. Read this article : Fall 2011 Deadlines and Sample Plan to study in US

  43. ankit

    “MIS is definitely an advantage for someone to work in higher level positions like Directors, Architects and CIO as you see a broader picture of organization with little business knowledge.”

    I want to ask something here.I’m planning to do MS in CS with specialization ” Business ” . Will it cover up the role of Ms in MIS because some universities do not provide MS in MIS.I have already enrolled for MSCS and I can’t shift to MS in MIS due to some financial problems.I want to be project manager (Director) in future.DO you suggest me to go with this course.In short if i say to my interviewer that i am from this background then he or she will consider my that degree for this post(project manager or business analyst)?


    1. administrator

      Ankit, it is very hard to say without looking at program they offer. Every program is different and it is different with University. You can grow up the ladder with experience and skill.

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