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Are you too old to Study in USA ? 10 Years of Experience, 35 Years age ?

I see many of our readers ask questions in our Study in USA Forum section regarding their decision to study in USA after 7 to 10 Years of work experience or at the age of 35 or 40 years.  Many of them could not pursue their dream of higher education at their early age due to various factors of family pressures, financial difficulties, no clarity, etc…now, they are wondering, if it is the right thing to study abroad like in USA. Many of them are unsure, how they will be received in the classes and will they be able to cope with their younger peers in the class.  This article focuses on shedding some light on the reality at Graduate schools in America and if it is the right age for you to study.

Average Age of Graduate Student ( MS or MBA) in United States – Distribution

As per the research by National Center for Education Statistics, the average age of graduate student is about 33 years. Also, the below table from the same report indicates the age distribution of a typical graduate student enrolment.  Key stat to look at is that about 50% of the graduate students are over 30 years of age.

 Average Graduate Student Age Distribution in USA

Are you too Old to go back to School and Study Masters ?

Looking at the above data, you can notice that over 22% of the students are over 40 years and about 28% of the students are between 30 and 40 years. Data speaks volumes…You do NOT need to worry that you are too old.  You are not old to go back to school. There are quite a few students in the same age group. In fact, when I did my MS and MBA, I have personally noticed the same. Many of my teammates were much older than me, it was fun to have all the experience folks in the class and my team as well.  You are NOT too old to go back to school ! You bring in a lot of value to the class and make it more engaging.

Pursue your dream of Higher Education  with Passion

When you are thinking about going back to school, you need to very clear on your goals.  As you are already quite experienced, most of the times, your degree may NOT be giving you the instant return as you would expect immediately, unless it is a requirement as part of the job.  If you always wanted to get higher education and experience the education system in America, it is totally fine, just go for it. Also, pursuing higher education with the goal to settle in America has to be considered with caution, with the H1B Lottery. Read Apply for MS with H1B Lottery .  Also, you do NOT have to pursue MS or MBA in your same field or area, you can change your major or specialization in MS.  If it was your dream to study Marketing but you somehow ended up in Computer Science in Bachelors, it is your chance to switch majors and pursue that dream.  Just plan it such that your education can help you make a career transition.

If you can afford the time with family commitments and have money to fund your education, it is an enriching experience to study in America.  There are so many great things about education in America, it is not about just the classes and research, it is about the activities that are part of the student life like Student Orgs , Student Leadership Activities, etc. that define the overall student life experience, … Many might question your decision as it may not be pragmatic, but what the heck? If it is your dream, go for it!  Many dream, only few dare to achieve it…Are you that one?

Next steps to Study, if you decide that age is not a bar and ready to commit ?

First thing you need to do is think about your goals for studying in US, what is is your passion. Once you know what you want to achieve, you need to plan to accomplish that.  Below are some steps to get started.

  • Step 1 : Research for Universities that offer the Degree or program you want to pursue and create a list of the Universities that offer the degree or program you plan to pursue.
  • Step 2 :  Pick 4 to 5 of them universities that you plan to study based on some factors that you prefer like ranking, fees or proximity to cities, etc.
  • Step 3 : Visit each of the shortlisted Universities websites and then look for requirements to get admission in those schools. Usually you need to go to the Admissions website and then to the specific School web page like School of Engineering, School of Business, etc.
  • Step 4 : List down the common requirements across these schools and make it part of the plan you want to study. Usually most of them need GRE, TOEFL or IELTS.
  • Step 5 : Start to apply after taking the required tests. You can write to admissions and get details as needed.
  • Step 6 : After you get admission, attend visa interview as needed and then travel to study in that University.  That’s it !

What do you think ?  Did you choose to go back to school after significant experience ? Share your experiences


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  1. Hi
    I am ayushman.i have given gre.i want to go to USA for doing ms in EE but my age is now 26 and doing job now.After study there may I get a good job or simply come home back?

  2. I am 33 years old and currently working as a project manager with leading MNC. I have total 10 years of IT experience into development, testing, leading and managing teams. Have some onsite exposure for about 6 months. I want to do an MBA from a reputed school preferably outside India. I want to do this with purpose of gaining more exposure but main motive is to land a better job post MBA with a good salary not to mention the chance to settle in the country where I do MBA.

    However the MBA costs in USA are significantly higher and a hefty education loan will be required. I am bit fearful whether I should take the plunge at this age and whether I would get a good ROI in terms of job, salary post MBA?

    I have heard that scholarships, fee waivers are lesser for MBA than a typical MS. Also under an MS program one can work on the campus reducing costs significantly which is not possible with MBA. With these factors , what would you suggest me to do?

    How about countries other than USA like Germany, Denmark? Are the costs lesser there than in the USA? But what are the chances of landing a good job there?

    • Shalmali,
      Yes, funding and scholarships are less for MBA students. Yes, in US fee is quite steep and you end up going through H1B lottery, which is governed by luck after you MBA to get H1B visa…Despite having great schools in US, the visa situation after MBA can be very tricky for internationals.
      I wish I could answer, but I have no idea of how it works in Germany or Denmark… All I can tell you is that, have a clear plan for MBA and what you want to do with your MBA. If you do not use your MBA within one year of graduation to either change roles or careers, it will be of very little use for you…

  3. Hi I am 47 years old and working as a special educator is there any chances of me applying for further course in the US in the same field

  4. Hi, I’m from Nigeria with over 7-8 years of work experience and I would love to further pursue my career in a diploma program (Video Production) since all I have is just my O’ Level result. How possible can I get a school admission considering my level of education and my age (39yrs).
    Pls if you have any school in my that I can easily get admission into.
    Pls any recommendations. Thks

    • Iden,
      We do not advise on schools. You will need to do your own research. All I can say is that, if you are passionate and get good scores in required tests for admission, you have a good chance.

  5. Hi,

    Though I did my graduation in 2007, in b. com (H) from Delhi University, and was hired as a researcher in the financial domain in a very reputed US based FinTech company in India. I rose quickly but I started Dabbling in technology in the same company and taught myself computer science and built scalable tools. Eventually, I transitioned into a Software engineering role officially and have been working as a senior software engineer for the Past one and a half years. Now, I want to give my GRE which is scheduled soon and do my MS in CS so that I can be closer to the real center of innovations such as SV or NYC. What are my chances for any university that would be willing to accept my background and three year B. COM(H) degree, according to ETS it is equivalent to american undergrad degree, but of course it is not STEM.

    What are my chances?

  6. Hello Kumar – I hold an Engineering degree with a total of 13 yrs industry experience. Currently i am working as an AVP in of the top notch consulting firm in Bangalore. Seeking to understand on what would be the prerequisites to apply for a MS Degree in US. Does the industry experience suffice or should I also take GRE ? Please suggest.

    • Hi, I’m from Nigeria with over 9 years experience in Finance Cost Control and I would love to further pursue my career in a graduate finance program in Canada. How possible can this be when my first degree from accounting was a 3rd class. Pls any recommendations. Thks

      • tunji,
        I am not an expert on Canadian schools, but in general, it really does not matter. If you have a good application, Statement of purpose, it should be fine. Make sure your application reflects your passion for higher education, then you can get admission even with lower grades so many years ago.

        • Hi,

          Mighty thanks for your response. It’s really a drive for me. As stated ‘ in general’, my passion is sure for higher education right now and I’m comfortable to make that known in my application.

  7. Hi,
    My name is Abdul Rahman, age is 33 years , i have done MBA way back in the year 2008 since then i’m employed as financial accountant which accounts to 9 years of experience, i want to progress in my career i’m really passionate to get in I.T industry ,Starting my career in SAP HANA, to achieve that goal i want to pursue M.S or Diploma in Computer science, which country do you suggest among Canada, Australia, U.S.A ,to pursue higher education with affordable cost and settling down in the same country by applying for P.R

  8. Dear,

    After finishing my SSLC (10th) at the year 2005, I’ve completed my three years diploma in EEE at Year 2008 and I’ve started my Career immediately following the Diploma through campus interview.

    Since then I’m working continuously and Currently I’m having 8 years experience.

    If I want to study Full time Engineering degree in US/UK, how great is the possibility.

    Also I’m from the humble background with Low financial assistance, Am I eligible to start my Full time B.E in US/UK especially with Scholarship.

    By the way, my year of birth is 1990.

    Kindly guide me please.

    • Vaithiyanath,
      It is absolutely possible to study full time. Getting scholarship varies on lot of factors. If you apply to the right scholarship and you have a compelling Statement of purpose, good scores, recommendations, etc., anything is possible. If you are really passionate about your education and prefer to study in US, you should go for it. If not US, there are many other countries in Europe, that provide good options too.

  9. I am 35yrs old.PG in political science(2004) .done a shor term diploma FCP editing in 2017.after PG i was working as a freelance copy writer.done 2short films.I wish to study editing & compositing in USA without IELTS Or GRE with education loan. Is this possible?

    • Not possible for most of the decent schools. Getting admission and scholarship depends on many factors and there are no shortcuts.

  10. Hi i had cleared my 12th but couldn’t continue my studies..i have 9 yrs gap now can i apply for bachelors or diploma level now? Does this gap matter? I had done ielts before and do i have to do SAT or other exams?

    • Sunita,
      You can apply, gap should not matter. Yes, you will probably need to take SAT as required by the school you plan to apply.

  11. Hello Sir,

    I have 9 years of experience in software development and I am 33 years old. currently I am working in a reputed USA company in USA itself. I am having H1B visa. I want to pursue masters (in software engineering) here in USA. I am looking for course having classes in the evening or weekend, as I want to continue my job as well. Will I get admission based on my work experience as I have not admitted for GRE. Please let me know the process for getting admission based on Work experience.

    Thank You.

    • Amit,
      You can try to speak to the University that you plan to apply to and get a waiver. But, it all depends on the policy and requirement. Some schools just ask you take it as it is for compliance…Some may waive it based on your expertise…so, it based on case by case basis. Worth a shot talking to admissions. Just setup an appointment with admissions in-person and sort it out.

  12. Dear sir ,
    First, Than you very much that you are giving proper guidelines to people for their doubt questions for instant visa… etc, and now sir my question is-
    i had achieved 5band in IELTS and my age 39 yrs completed so tell to related job opportunities and types of Visa of USA country.

    • Sanotsh,
      We do not really advice on jobs. You will need to search and find a job. In general, you need to find a job at a company that can sponsor your work visa to work in US

  13. Sir,

    I have completed my B.E in 2004 and i have 12+ years of experience in Software Industry and currently working as an Technical Architech in reputed US based product company in Bangalore. I have both B1 and L1 visa and was working in US for more than 1 year and recently back to India. Now i would like to study MS in US. Do i still need to pursue both GRE and TOEFL exam as others before applying for higher studies or do i get any waive off from these exams since i already having work experience in US . Kindly please advice me here.

    • Vijay,
      Visa status has nothing do with your admission. You may get away with TOEFL by showing your experience and stay in US, but GRE would be kind of mandatory for most of the schools that are good. You can try to write to few schools and see, if they can waive either of them. They would very likely ask you to take GRE…again, it is upto the discretion of the admissions.

      • Sir, Thank you so much for your inputs. Sure i will write an email to the schools and figure it out if i get any waive off by showing both my experience and stay in US.

  14. Hello sir,
    I am Tarun paul. I have completed my B.A degree in 2014. But i want to pursue another B.A degree in abroad like USA. Can i get a degree from there? Will i have any difficulty related to admission??

    • Tarun,
      Why do you want to pursue another BA degree ? That’s the question you will be asked by admissions and visa officer…also, you need to ask yourself… If you are really passionate, why not pursue masters ?

  15. Hi,
    I have completed my B.tech in mechanical Engineering in 2009 after then I did 1year post graduate diploma in marine engineering but sailed only once in 2012 later I decided to quit navy because of job profile and family pressure. Next I started working in manufacturing industry as a production engineer from 2013 to till date but now I decided to do MS in USA in industrial engineering. I already gave my GRE and IELTS but I’m really worried about visa officer he will definitely ask me Why do u left navy? what should be my perfect answer?
    I’m 31 years of old I really want to chase my American dream but I really afraid of my past
    I need your suggestions and moral supports too because motivation matters alot

    • sameer,
      You just tell the reality, if you try to cover up with something else, you will miss the conviction. Be truthful and say about your passion to study in US. Don’t be worried about your past too much. Imagine, many students with 10+ backlogs and few years gap in education are able to get visa, why wouldn’t you be able to ? You have a reason that navy was not a fit for you, it happens…be confident and give the interview.

  16. Dear sir ,

    I completed my graduation in 2008 i.e B TECH in Mechanical Engineering and I am having 8 year construction field experience ( material handling) , now I am looking for the higher education in abroad . Can you guide me where and how can apply for MBA in foreign countries and Which college is best and I am 31 year old .

    • Ashok,
      We do not advise on schools. I cannot speak for other countries, but US is a great place to study MBA, the only catch is it can be expensive. There are great programs offered globally in other countries too. You need to identify the school that fits your need and budget. You need to look at your requirements and figure out the schools that fit your criteria based on topic of interest and budget.

  17. Hello Sir,
    I have completed my Bachelor in 2009 and moved to London in same year and finished my professional course in management studies(level-7) 1 years course in 2010 from London.After completed it, I joined ACCA in 2010 but couldn’t make it and return back to my homeland after my visa expired in 2013 and since then i am working for export based company as a manager and now i want to complete my MBA.I have like 7-8 yrs education gap so i am bit unsure,should i try USA for MBA or not? please suggest me in this matter.

    • Parsuram,
      If you really passionate about MBA and you see that it can help you with career, you should go for it. USA is a great place for MBA, it can be slightly expensive depending on the school you choose. It is a personal choice you have to make based on your affordability. Also, there are other great schools globally that offer great MBA programs, you just need to research and figure out which fits your need the best and budget.

  18. Im 10th passed .I had worked as a driver in qatar in order to study abroad.im 30 year old now.do I need to complete 12th for study abroad?can I able to study bachelor of arts in english speaking country.if I have age gaps and I have completed 12th?
    pleAse help me I want to achieve dreams with hardwork .

    • Syed,
      Yes, you will need to complete 12th to even apply for bachelors. Gaps should not matter. You can complete 12th and then take SAT and start to look at schools for bachelor’s programs and their requirements

      • Your Comment * am 37 years of age, i have secondary school certificate exam since 2000, can i apply for under graduate programme in any of the US colleges as an International student?

  19. Hello Sir,

    I am Huzefa 41 years old, married with a 3 year old child. I am working in Information technology industry in India as a Manual Tester. I have 15 years of total experience and out of it around 3 years in programming at the start of my IT career. My educational background is Bachelors of Science in Physics(Pass out year 1999) with Computer science as a add-on subject. Recently, i got a email from our company where in they have ties up with Indiana University US offering online Masters program in Data Sciences. The total course fees for the entire Masters program is 22500 but as employees we are being offered scholarship from Indiana University and course fees for us is 15500/-. As employees, GRE and TOEFL is waived off us plus we have to give just one letter of recommendation as against the 3 recommendations needed for others. As per FAQ, I am eligible for the program with 15 years degree along with experience. With all these benefits, i am quite exited to join the program but i am worried if I would be able to complete the program or not, specially after spending such huge fees(almost 10 Lacks) for which i plan to take educational loan. I took advice from my elder brother and he suggested that after 40 years of age capacity of our brain starts decreasing like leaning new things and remembering things. So I am confused. Can you guide me if I should take up this masters course at this age and will I be able to complete it with family commitment and full time work.


  20. Sir,

    Thank you for the article. it’s very inspiring. I have finished over 6 years of experience in oil refining industry with 4.8 cgpa in chemical engineering in 2010. i am married and have a child. What are my chances of getting visa for pursuing masters course in chemical engineering ? If the chances are slim, how can i increase its probability ?

    Thank you.

    • Chaitanya,
      Getting visa depends on many factors and it is hard to tell. All we can do it get good scores in GRE, TOEF, apply to good schools and get admissions and make sure you articulate your intent well in the interview regarding your passion for higher education and hope for the best. if you are really passionate, then go for it, you need to take a chance and move forward…there is never guarantee for anything in life !

  21. Hello Sir
    Currently I am 32 years old and i wish to pursue MS in Geo sciences. I guess it wud take 2 more years to complete admission process as i am a novice in this area . i have 8 years of work experience . will doing MS at this stage a nice choice for my career . I am well settled in my job but i wish to pursue higher studies. Will it be fruitful at this stage? I do not know much about MS in USA and the first thing i am doing in this regard is that i am sending a query to you. i wud be highly obliged if i cud hear few words of wisdom from you.

    • SUNNY,
      Well, higher education always will help you learn something new…but, it may not always give you the career growth that you want, unless you plan it out well. Some do it for passion, some do it for higher position and career growth. If you believe that getting MS for you will help you go up in your job, then go for it…if not, think about what can get you grow in your career….or, if your goal is to learn something out of your passion and you do not care about the career growth, then go for it…no need to think twice. Think about where you see yourself working in next 10 years and then try to pick up a degree or education that can help you get there…

  22. Hello Sir
    My names are Michael omon. Oyakhire. I am 58 years old and a senior lecturer in a University in Nigeria. Is there a university in America where I can get scholarship to do a post Doctoral fellowship in Human factor engineering? My concern is my age

    • Unfortunately, we do not advise on specific schools. You will need to find it yourself. I suggest you write to the universities directly by reaching out to professors in the area of your interest.

  23. hello sir
    i am 26 years old and i completed my graduation in may2015. I want to study adiploma course of 1 year in abroad in any country US, Canada or Australia. I worked in International BPO for few years but right now i am working under my father who is a lawyer as a free lancer since i completed my graduation. Can you suggest me which country will be suitable for me and whether i am eligible to go for further studies in this age.
    Russell Singh

    • russell,
      You can definitely study, age is not an issue. We cannot really advise on other countries, as I do not have any experience studying there…US is definitely a good place to study…You need to your research on what you want want to study and find courses that can fit your requirement.

  24. Hi sir
    My name is Raminder kaur,I have done nursing diploma(GNM) in 2006 and after that i started my carrier as a staff nurse.I have 8 years of experience in nursing.I have strong desire of study abroad,for which i tried 2-3 times,but failed.Now my age is 33 years. Kindly suggest me something .

    • Raminder,
      Where do you see yourself working in Next 10 years ? This is something that requires time for you to think about what you like and what you are passionate about…Once you know what you want to do, then pick up education or job that will get you reach that goal. It is something you need to take time to think and decide…

  25. Dear Sir,

    I’m only 10th Passed, was not able to pursue +2. I’m already 25 years old now.
    Is it possible for me to study further abroad?

    Awaiting your reply.
    Thank You,


    • kartik,
      You can…Usually, many get bachelors at home country and go to US for Masters…You can get bachelors degree and try, thats one option. Or you can apply for bachelors as well. Either case, you will need to complete you 11th and 12th.

  26. Dear Sir,

    My son is 14 yrs of age and in few years once he is eligible, I would like him to pursue his under graduate studies from USA. My query is related to the scholarships/financial aid available for under graduate international students in USA – are full scholarships available if the child gets good SAT/ACT score?


    • Gulzar,
      It totally varies by school and profile, yes it is possible to have full fee waiver…but, you will need to the research and see, if there is anything that you can find and if your son can fit for that requirements….

  27. this is prabakar an MBA graduate holdiing a senior management position aged 49 years. Currently my daughter doing her school final and she will be entering UG next year. we are planning to put her graduation in US. Please let us know your opinion regarding this. Mail the details to my mail ID s2helpu@gmail.com

  28. Sir, I am Kiran. I have completed M.Sc. Organic Chemistry.And I am 35 years old. I have 9 years teaching experience. Is there any chance to do PhD. in USA? If there any chance, please say the process.

    • Kiran,
      You always have a chance. The process is very straightforward, you check the requirements and apply. You will probably need to take GRE and TOEFL. Also, the process can vary by school. I suggest you check with the school you plan to apply.

  29. Hi,

    I am Jaswinder Kaur. I had done my 10+2 in Commerce in 1995 and after that I come into job. I have 20 years of Experience in different job profiles such as Office Coordinator, Marketing Executive, Banking Advisor and Personal Assistant. But my strong desire is to do study in abroad. Is it possible at this stage? Can I really being able to do Bachelor’s from USA?

  30. Hello sir, I am 32 year old working as teacher in government school In India, single mother of a three year old kidBEDM to pursue PhD from one of the top 150 prominent institutes of USA.As I can not afford the fees.Would I be getting funding for this with GRE.Would I be able to take my child there if got admission… Sir please guide and how to go for it.I did BSC BED ,Masters in Public Administration,Masters in Political Science,been university topper and 6 years of teaching experience.

    • Jaya,
      It all depends on many factors like scores, school, degree, funding situation at school you apply, etc… If you get good scores and have your passion articulated well in application for your desire for PhD, you may get full funding. All your experience will really help, it is up to you, how you position your interest and passion for PhD. If you get full funding and stipend, then you may be able to cover expenses for your kid as well. If you are passionate, I suggest you take your time to plan it out well and go for it and then hope you get full funding…

  31. Dear sir
    Myself vipin have completed BE and M Tech in electronics and I have total 9 years of work experience. My age is 34
    I am interested to do M S in USA through GRE
    I have taken Home loan of around 12 lacs. Can I get loan from bank again if i score good in GRe for MS in USA
    oR can I get any assistance in India as i belong to SC caste
    Is there any provision provided by Indian government
    Plz let me know

  32. Hello Kumar,

    Thanks for such an informative article for GRE.
    I have done B.Tech in Computer Science and have an over all work exp of 4 years as a Software Engineer.
    I am planning for GRE but because of almost 11 hour work pressure it’s difficult to concentrate on my studies.
    I had a thought to quit my current job and study hard for 2 months to crack the exam with a good score and if score is less than what I expect, I would like reappear again in a month.
    I want to apply for universities as soon as possible.
    Will the decision to quit this job impact my application for universities.
    will there be a point where i need to explain the reason for a year gap.
    Waiting for your reply.
    Thanks and Regards,

  33. Hello Kumar,
    This is Mainak from Kolkata.First of all thanking you for this wee equipped website for solving all relevant queries regarding pursuing MS and PhD in USA .
    I am currently studying B.Tech in civil engineering and done my diploma in 2012.I have worked with one of India’s leading Civil construction company for two years and now planning to study further.
    I am currently 26 and will get graduation in 2018 .
    My question to you is, am I too old to dream for higher studies and what are the career prospects in India after completing 5 to 6 years in USA (by that time my age will be 32).
    waiting for your reply.
    Thanks and regards,

    • Mainak,
      You are not too old…that’s absolutely fine. The average age of PhD students and Graduate school students is actually more older than 32…Frankly, age should not be a bar…I had classmates in late 50s doing MS, think about your age vs that ? So, take it easy and pursue your passion.

  34. Dear, I st belated happy diwali and Sir I want guide from ur side that my age 38 yr completed and I have 10yrs experience in teaching field so any opportunities in abroad for works if yes then how can catch up and where please guide to me properly. Thx read my msg.

  35. Hi Kumar,

    I am 29.I have done my M.Tech in CS . Also i have 3.7 years of IT experience. I am planning for a degree in US with the purpose of working over there after my course. Please suggest the course and the plan of action. Thanks

  36. Hai,

    I am kiran 33 years old and a graduate in mechanical engineering (2005 passed out with 61% aggregate). I have an experience of 11 years in various Mechanical Projects and willing to do masters in Industrial Engineering. As i can see my self falling short of options for choosing universities, Can i know which country(Europian Countries) would be better for my masters.

    • Swapna,
      I wish I could answer, I am not familiar with European systems. US is definitely a good place to study for sure, if you pick the right school.

  37. I am 34 years Old. I was granted admission in Phd program at University of Texas Arlington for fall 2011 but visa was rejected. I have 8 years of teaching experience. I am looking forward for phd admission in same university and university is also interested in granted admission. Should I go for it. What are chances of visa this time.

    Please reply on email as well.

    • krishan,
      Visa stamping is very tricky and hard to tell. We would not know for the most part why the visa was rejected, unless you know you made a mistake in the interview. All you can do is be positive and go for it. If you are passionate about it, go for it and hope it works out.

  38. Dear Mr Kumar, nice article and comments, thanks for the insight. I am 37 years old and have 12 years IT experience working as Java Architect with PMP, TOGAF, Scrum Master and Amazon Cloud Architect. Can you suggest me some degree / courses in US which would help me get option of working in US other than H1B lottery.

  39. Hi,

    First of all Thanks a lot for doing great help! I am targeting Fall admission for MS in CS from USA as I found Fall admission has many advantages. One has to be ready with GRE score in October for Fall admission as universities start accepting application in Dec/ Jan.

    I need to start my preparation and it’s already October so if I have to target Fall – 2018. My questions are –

    1. Is it good to apply for Fall admission, I will need scholarship & internship ?
    2. In Aug 2018, I will be completing around 7.5 years of experience so, would it be a wise decision to go for MS ?
    3. How I should start preparing for GRE, I heard about Magoosh, Princetorn & also some institutes in Gurgaon ?

    • Navneet,
      1. Yes, fall is better. You can read Fall vs Spring Admission in US
      2. It all depends on your passion and priorities in life…You are not just getting a degree for the sake of getting right ? It is a lot of time and money spent on it. Think of your long term goals and passion and ensure your higher education is aligned with it.
      3. Well, online training like you mentioned helps…you can take the standard sample GRE test on ETS website and see where you stand to get some idea and then think about what to focus. Then you can do some research on best books or institutes and go for it.

  40. Hi,
    My name is MS. Harshal Jadhav.
    I am 30years old. I am a hotel management graduate. My resume is quite versatile. I passed out in the year of 2006. Started my career as a kitchen trainee for 3 years. And took major jump as a cabin crew in the year of 2009.i have good flying experience of 5 years but I quit tht job coz of my health issues. Currently I am working as a guest relation executive from past 1 year 4 months.
    I had a dream of studying abroad but cud not afford it because of Financial conditions.
    Now I want to study abroad and get a job and get settled there.
    Something into hotel management or may be a public relations where I can travel for business and earn good money or have a good position.
    Can u suggest anything on this.

    Harshal jadhav

    • Harshal,
      I have no expertise in that domain, cannot really answer. Maybe you can write to few universities and inquire. Also, if you goal is to move to USA, on the visa part, you can check USCIS website, what would be the visa that will give you option to work. Wish I could add more details…

  41. Respected sir/Madam,

    Good morning

    I am simmi . I have done B.SC (Med) with Clinical Nutrition and Dietetics in 1999 and M.SC (Zoology) in 2001. Presently, i am in Govt. job in india. Plz suggest me any course in US as i want to study There which is my dream from my teenage. Plz guide. I am married and having two kids (11 & 6) yrs . I shall be highly thankful to you.

    Thanks &Regards


    • simmi,
      If you are really passionate about studying in US, then you should pursue it. Regarding what you want to study, it is up to your interests. US gives you the option to change majors as needed in Masters. You will need to take GRE, TOEFL to get into decent schools. You can look at few schools on the specific requirements. Do some research you will be able to find a lot of information.

      • Respected sir,
        Good Morning,

        Thanks for replying. I have done IELTS with R= 7, L=5.5, S= 6, W= 5. Overall =6 Bands. Plz suggest any course on the basis of which i can also get job there in US. Moreover, i am having B-1/B-2 Visa also . I am married and having two kids. they all r having B-1/B-2 Visa. Can we all settle there. Plz guide.

        Thanks & Regards


  42. I am 30 year old Unani doctor with a post graduate degree. I already have a valid h4 visa.my thoughts are constantly on higher education which i always wanted to pursue..

    1. is it too old for me to study .
    2. my field which i want to select will be related to life sciences /public health or biotechnology?does it provide for good oppurtunities for research and further PHd ..
    or do i have to do MS and then register for PhD?

  43. Hello Kumar,

    This is Jayaram from Bangalore. First of all I would like to congratulate you on doing a great job by helping us in providing information on US visas.
    About me, I am years old software engineer with 8 years exp in IT. I have enrolled myself for a top 150 university in the US. And I have my F1 Visa interview in 2 weeks.
    My Situation is : I am 31 year old unmarried woman, with 8 years experience in IT. I have low academic scores and a TOEFL score of 84. I have not written GRE and i have got admission based on my experience. I have a valid B1/B2 visa and have visited US, 4 years back. Also my elder brother is US citizen and stays in California. Could you please let me know if I would be granted my F1 visa without any issue.

    Awaiting your reply.

  44. hello
    i am 37 year old practising doctor homoepath with 12 years of practice , i already have a valid h4 visa. all these years i never thought about it. but since i got a h4 ( a year back) my thoughts are constantly on higher education which i always wanted to pursue..

    1. is it too old for me to study .
    2. my field which i want to select will be related to life sciences /immunology or viriology ?does it provide for good oppurtunities for research and further PHd ..
    or do i have to do MS and then register for PHd
    3. is it good to apply to universities on h4 itself or convert to f1 ..
    thank you for your time.

    • nikhil,
      1. No, it is never old or late.
      2. I cannot speak for opportunities, all I can say is, you should pursue your passion and you will find your opportunities in that area. You do not need MS for PhD. You can apply directly, you will be required to take GRE and TOEFL and other requirements as per the school.
      3. Each of them have their advantages, if you are close to getting H4 EAD, you are better off doing on H4…if you intended to work on OPT, then you can convert to F1…Speak to your spouse, they would be able to guide too.

  45. Hi
    I’m 35 years old stay at home mom of two kids ,I’m in H4 visa I did Msc in electronics dnt have any work experience now I want to start new career,can I do MS in computer science?and what all the requirements I need ?

  46. I have already completed my Master’s in Biotechnology and working in the filed of Clinical Research at MNC as Assoc. Project Manager. I have crossed age of 30. Do I really see a good scope to pursue MS in USA now? And I see there are lot of scope in Computer Science/Engineering fields, but I have seen Life Science field has very less scope, can you suggest if after having good job and scope currently, field such as Public Health or Health Administration is a good option? I don’t want to opt for MBA too..so I feel will this a good decision to study further now and life science field will be worth choosing?

  47. I have 10+ years of IT Ex and looking for beyond the regular daily IT stuff.
    I am planning for MIS but not very confident about the Job etc in USA after MIS as this will be a very big decision for me.

  48. Hi ,

    I am currently working at SAP Labs and I intend to pursue MS from USA. I am already 26 years old and I am aiming for the admissions in 2018 i.e by that time i would be 28 years old. Looking at my present situation ,the fact that I am already working in one of the best company is it all worth quitting it and going for MS? Am I too late,..?

    • Kiran,
      It depends on your passion for higher education. All I can tell you is that, getting MS may not guarantee you many things like getting work visa, getting job in US for a company like SAP, etc…so, it boils down your dream and passion. If it was your dream to do MS, then go for it…if not, no need for it. Also, I suggest you look at your long term goals and then try to do education that can help you get there…

  49. hi,
    my name is Aneesh Varghese.Iam from India I took bachelor degree in philosophy ,then i took three years diploma in nursing.now i would like to do masters in healthcare management or hospital administration course from abroad.i have more than 7 years hospital experience as staff nurse. can you please suggest me good universities offer these course in USA or European countries,and what are the basic requirement to qualify these course.

    • Aneesh,
      We do not advise on the schools. All I can advise is that you will need to find the schools based on your interests. You will need to take GRE/ TOEFL for most of the decent schools…You will need to check with each of the schools for the full details on their specific requirements.

  50. Ani – Hi , I dont have +2 and done B.Sc from Open university and pursuing M.Sc Computer Science fina;; year.
    Do i eligible for MS in US and i m working in charge for US company

    • Ani,
      Every school is different. Usually, you will need 16 years of education to pursue Masters in US. You may get education evaluation done or check with few schools by sending your current degree and see, if they are accepted and if you are eligible.

      • Hi iam Narasim I completed my Btech chemical engineering in Second Division,2008
        I have 8 years experience but I want to change my career in Computers and iam interested to study in USA pls tell any best certificate course in USA for computers


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