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Error occurred while loading a Visaualforce Page – US Visa Appointment

As you are going through the process of applying for US Visa Stamping at a US Consulate or US Embassy, you would use US Visa Appointment Online booking system at ustraveldocs.com website. The actual online appointment booking system is redirected to CGI Federal website that runs on Salesforce’s force.com platform. While the online appointment booking system works fairly well, there are some common errors that you might encounter. In this article, we will look at the one of the most common error that you get “Error occurred while loading a Visaualforce Page” and how to get if fixed.

Error occurred while loading a Visaualforce Page – US Visa System Error Details

Below are the details of the issue and why you would see something like this and what could have happened and how to fix the same.

What is the Issue ? When do you see this error ?

You may get an error message in the US Visa Appointment Booking system (CGI Federal website that is at URL https://cgifederal.secure.force.com/ ) that says “Error: Error Occurred while loading a Visualforce page.” as in the below screenshot during one of the following situations.

  • When you are trying to fill out the details related to Emergency US Visa Appointment(EA) request on CGI Federal website and submit the same, sometimes you may get the below error.
  • You may also get the below error, when you are trying to change the DS-160 number, after you have created a new DS-160 and trying to update that number with the new number.
  • You may also get this error, when you are trying to update your profile on USTravelDocs CGI Federal website.
  • Sometimes, you may see the same error, when you are trying to book an appointment as well. This case is very uncommon, but happens.
Error occurred while loading a visualforce page
Error occurred while loading a visualforce page

What is the reason for the Error ?

The error is related to Salesforce platform Force.com’s common error related to form submission or changes related to form. It is a generic message related to the platform and does not give you any information. It can be confusing and you may not know if the action you performed was successful or not.

Ideally, someone who wrote the application should have handled this error, but they missed to handle it. So, in cases, where there is no specific logic to handle errors or if the system does not know what to do, you will get the default system error. This message is the default system error.

How to Fix the Error ? Outcome after the Error ? Solution ?

Depending on what scenario you got the error, below are the typical outcomes or solutions to your error.

  • Emergency Visa Appointment Request Submission: When you get the above error during submission of Emergency US visa Appointment Request, then most of the time, your EA request was submitted successfully. You should not submit or refresh the page again. If you refresh the page, it will be submitted twice. One way to validate and be sure that your EA request was submitted is to email the USTravelDocs Support email and ask for the same. They would usually confirm if your EA request was submitted successfully. You can also call the support team to confirm the same.
  • Profile Update, DS-160 Update : If you are getting the above error for profile changes or updates to the DS-160 number, then you need to call customer service to check the reason for the issue. Sometimes, it is not reflected or some duplicate issues. They will help you sort it out. You can email or call them.
  • Visa Stamping / Biometrics Appointment Booking : If you got this error when you are booking an appointment for either interview or Biometrics, it means that something is not working. You can try after few hours and see, if it works. If not, you can try it next day. In the mean time, you can reach out to the customer service. This scenario does not happen very often and if it repeats during the appointment booking, then you need to contact customer service.

Whom to Email or Call for the Error ?

The email address for USTravelDocs varies by country, so you need to check the support email for your country on the ustraveldocs.com website related to your country. For India, the support email is support-india@ustraveldocs.com , you just email the address to get confirmation.

You can navigate to the https://www.ustraveldocs.com/ page and then select the country and go to the contact page on the website for more details on the email info. For India, you can check the USTravelDocs.com/in for Contact Info. If you are not clear, you can also email the US consulate for the same.

What was your experience with the error ? How did you solve it ? Share your thoughts and experiences in comments below.

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  1. Hello
    I am getting same error from one month I have mailed and called support team around 12 times they don’t even have an idea about why is it occuring

    Anyone who has this issue resolved, please help me out

  2. I have been getting the same error while booking my 221 g followup appointment since July 7, 2021. I have tried multiple times using different browsers, vpns, using updated java environment etc and have also contacted US visa service desk about 6-7 time regarding this issue. But nothing has fixed this for me. I know a couple of other people who are experiencing the same issue. Any advise would be helpful.


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