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USCIS News : H1B 2019 Lottery Completed – 190,098 Petitions Filed

The most awaited number by many, with tons of calculations using LCA numbers and other correlations on comments, etc. have come to an end. USCIS released a press note indicating that they have received 190,098 H1B petitions for FY 2019 quota. Below is the press release summary.

 Summary of USCIS H1B Lottery 2019 Competed 190K petitions filed :

  • USCIS completed Lottery for H1B Visa FY 2019 on April 11th.
  • Total H1B Petitions received for FY 2019 quota – 190,098
  • USCIS accepted petitions for 5 working days from April 2nd to April 6th and announced that they reached regular cap of 65,000 and Masters cap of 20,000 on April 6th.
  • USCIS will reject and return all petitions with their fee for all the H1B petitions not selected in H1B Lottery, provided they are not considered as duplicate petitions as per the new rule. Check Sample H1B Reject Letters for Not picked in Lottery
  • Lottery Process used for FY 2019 :  USCIS conducted H1B Lottery for Masters cap first and the unselected petitions form that pool became part of the regular quota lottery.
  • USCIS  will continue to accept H1B petitions that are cap exempt or the ones counted for the cap in the past that fall under the categories of H1B Extensions, H1B petition for Change of employment terms, H1B Transfers to new employers, and Concurrent filing of H1B for second H1B position.
  • Also, they gave split of number for Masters and Regular quota on their H1B 2019 page, which is new. Some people are confused on where we got these numbers, it is on the USCIS H1B 2019 Updates page . I have put a screenshot for your reference.
    • Masters Quota Filings   : 95,885
    • Regular Quota Filings : 94,213USCIS Masters and Regular Quota Numbers 2019

What are our Predictions vs.  USCIS actual numbers ?  
Many were speculating less numbers for H1B FY 2019 as there were many new rules, changes and the political climate was not that great in the past one year… Despite all of these, our H1B 2019 Lottery predictions were from 170,000 to 190,000 . USCIS actual numbers of 190,098 is very much close to our predictions… Though our predictions were not popular among many that we were forecasting more numbers…but, the reality is that there is tremendous demand as seen with numbers…Hope our lottery predictions helped at least some plan in one way or other.

What’s the take on press release ? What’s Next ? 
The press release is not very different from previous years. Also, the process of H1B Lottery is not different from previous years and is same. As we know from previous FOIA request, USCIS selects additional 5k for masters and 10k for regular quota considering denials…Also, this year, they updated the number of petitions filed for regular quota and masters quota. This was not published in the past.

Now that lottery is done, the waiting game begins for everyone. All of you, who have been selected will get a receipt notice and it has a number that you can use to trace your case on USCIS site. Read Understand H1B Case Number

As the wait can be long and there is no way to know about your case vs others, we highly recommend that you add your case to the anonymous H1B tracker.
[prompt type=”left” title=”Track your H1B Case” message=” Anonymously Track your H1B Case – Share and Get updated from Community.” button_text=”H1B 2019 Case Tracker” href=”https://redbus2us.com/trackers/h1b-visa-tracker/”]

It is sad that many smart, talented students and professionals from Ivy League Schools, IITs, Many good companies like Google, Microsoft and many more have to go through lottery putting all their hard work and effort for luck to decide in lottery…Its unfortunate, but that’s life and reality…If you get selected in lottery good, if not, take it as another part of life as it comes and move on…don’t put yourself under pressure thinking about it, it was not in your control and you have nothing to do about it…

What do you think of the H1B Lottery numbers ? Your take ? Your thoughts ?

Reference : USCIS Press Release FY 2019 Lottery Complete


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  1. I am so confused with the SEVP portal update.

    I am currently on CAP-GAP. MY OPT STEM extension expired in April, few days after the H1b filing date and since my company had filed for H1b, my work authorization was extended to June 1, 2018 (since the proof of filing was submitted to the DSO).

    3rd attempt; Master’s; Vermont Center

    I saw the date change happen on the portal. I see that the authorization was extended from June 1 to Sept 30. So I called SEVP to verify what that meant. The customer rep replied saying that I must verify it with the DSO and that she is not at the discretion to tell if I was picked in the lottery. I did mention that I have been following several blog forums and that some of them have verified about this date change by calling SEVP. To that she replied, that they(SEVP rep’s) are not supposed to confirm this (meaning give out such information of lottery decisions)and she cannot vouch for the one’s that say that this is true.

    I am so confused right now.

    • @Confused – As per my understanding, they are simply following a standard process. But not to worry, If there’s a change to the end date, your application has been picked. Don’t quote me on that, though.

    • Rather than calling SEVP portal customer care if you call your DSO they will be able to see if your record or status is updated to pending H1B .But I think you are selected as USCIS has mentioned in various sites that updating date to Sep 30 is done when USCIS makes an entry to SEVIS portal for sleected petition and sevis portal is synced with SEVP portal once a day.So I think yours got picked.

      • Our college doesn’t share the SEVIS changes WRT H1B COS. I had followed up with them in the previous years and they have never done it. I didn’t see the point of asking the DSO this time. (rolling my eyes- out of frustration)

    • Please read through this whole page – https://studyinthestates.dhs.gov/sevis-help-hub/student-records/fm-status/f-1-cap-gap-extension

  2. Is there any one whose SEVIS ,SEVP is updated or DSO informed them.I asked my University and as of today morning there is no change in my status.This is my first attempt.Any other First attempt people whose expiration date is after September 30 and have got information about their status from DSO or SEVP. Considering around 30000 entries are made and there is no change in my status I am loosing hope for this year!

      • So I was kind of looking for WAC patterns and I see daily on average of 2500 entries made for just California center and the message says April 12 filing date for all those so I am pretty sure for WAC center on an average 2500 entries are done for 5 days.This is just for 1 center so if other centers are doing that I think entries for Advanced degree should not extend more than 1 day now.That also is just a Hope.I think Advanced degree entries are completed by now.

      • Even if they make 2000 entries a day, it takes 15 days to make 30,000 entries. Last they completed the data entry of picked applicants by May 3rd. So I would say they will take few more days to get to that 30,000 mark. https://www.uscis.gov/news/alerts/uscis-returns-unselected-fiscal-year-2018-h-1b-cap-subject-petitions

      • Historically, USCIS guys make ~4000 entry a day. They first do it for AD and then Non-AD, saying that they might have done ~20,000 entires now, hence loosing hope is the best thing you can do.

  3. Hi Everyone,

    I am a non-stem candidate with opt end date on June 15, 2018. I am anxious like many of you and I keep checking Sevp portal every once in a while. No change in my opt end date as of now.

    Heard from a friend of mine that his OPT end date changed to Sep 30 in Sevp but check was not cashed and did not receive any receipt number!

    Currently I am totally confused on when to join a university and would really appreciate your suggestions:

    Most of the schools have programs starting in May or in July. If I join the May program and say I get to know my H1 got picked after I join the program, can I continue working on cap-gap until Sep 30? Is this possible or do i need to wait for cpt and then start working once the cpt is approved?

    Can someone suggest to me if it is better to join in May or in July for someone whose opt is ending in June mid? And when should I get my Sevis transferred in both the scenarios?

    Also if someone already went through the 2nd masters, please let me know if there is anything that you thought would have been helpful if you knew it before applying to these universities.

    I would really appreciate any and all suggestions. Thank you in advance.


    • I was in the same boat as you, OPT was expiring June end and already paid deposit at Cumberlands university but then decided not to join in May before knowing the H1 decision. Ignored that 500 and decided to join Sullivan university where summer starts in July, fortunately on 4/16 got to know my H1 was picked and don’t need them anymore

      • Thanks for your reply and Congratulations on getting your H1b picked!

        Just another question: So when you applied to Sullivan Univ, did you get your Sevis transferred before your OPT end date? And if you got your SEVIS transferred to a new university, were you still eligible for Cap-gap? I assuming that once the Sevis is transferred, we won’t be eligible for OPT or OPT Cap-gap from previous university! I am not clear on this. Can you please let me know your advice.

        • Once you transfer your SEVIS you wont be eligible for cap gap because you are ending your OPT.
          FYI, I didn’t transfer my SEVIS and waited for H1 decision, you can wait until May end because Sullivan accepts documents until June before doing the SEVIS transfer.
          Btw if you know someone at Sullivan, ask them to refer you because they get 500$ off from their fees for referral

  4. I have lost hope. Im an AD on my last chance. There are no updates on my SEVP while all my co AD friends have their SEVP updated to 9/30. I don’t know if I have to wait any longer. I don’t have the money for day 1cpt either.

    • Don’t lose hope. There are many who haven’t seen the changes yet! Also, I have heard that for few AD candidates the Sevp portal was not updated but they got confirmation from DSO.

      Since data entry is done manually, assuming that all the 4 centers are processing 2000 applications each per day, since 4 days have elapsed – my assumption is that around 32000 might have seen the changes. But there must be still 68000 applications yet to be updated. So don’t lose hope.

      USCIS picks around 100k petitions considering withdrawals/rejections etc!

    • @Last Chance AD – Just trying to understand what “All” co AD friends mean here. 5? 10? 50? Because from what we get from the comments section here, there are ~10 who have received their selection updates. Your answer can give us good perspective.

      I am in the same boat as you but difference is I haven’t heard from anyone in my inner circle except for the comments section here.

  5. After seeing the SEVP update with reference to OPT end date, I checked with my attorney regarding this. They also didn’t have any idea , additionally this seems to be a new system in place. So I believe it will be a wait and watch game for people even with SEVP updates until we start seeing any receipts.

    In my case, SEVP updated but no cheque en chased or receipt number yet. Sent an email to college asking for any change in SEVIS status that they are seeing but no response yet.

    Will update with more information as soon I get any.


    • I have got my receipt number from my attorneys since my check was cashed by USCIS. Even my DSO confirmed SEVIS update. Now waiting for the official receipt from USCIS for new cap-Gap I-20.

      I guess once SEVP is updated for people with OPT expiry before Sep 30, they should cheer up and prepare to host grand feast 🙂

      • @Ray of Hope when did you get the SEVP update? and when was the check cashed? Any idea of when would checks usually cash?

        • SEVP update – Apr 16th 12.58 pm

          I got to know from my DSO about SEVIS update around 3 pm Apr 16th. I didn’t ask for date of check cashment but I believe that would have been done yesterday. I only asked my attorney to verify and they came up with the confirmation and receipt number today.

      • @Ray of Hope – my university and many others already printed new I-20 with cap gap as it happens automatically for those who are selected in the lottery. You don’t have to wait for any approval to get it.

    • Is this your last year or your expiry date is before October.Just checking if the sevp updates is also for people who have applied for first time and there expiry date is after october

  6. This is my last attempt. This is what I got from my DSO. My sevp portal is not updated.

    “USCIS has updated your SEVIS record to reflect that a receipt number has been issued for the H-1B petition filed by your employer. The receipt number assigned by USCIS is:”

    I know of many of peers in my school where sevp portal is not updated but have receipt number. So, I guess sevp would not be updated for those whose opt expires after Oct 1. For all others, take it easy. Wait until May mid and not worry or loose sleep over it until then.

  7. Hi

    My H1B is going to expire in July month, and my company is going to apply for visa extension.

    Now the issue is in current given situation my company is planning to apply extension with same salary 66K which is the lowest now.

    I would like to know what are the chances of getting approval?

    Does anyone received approval for this salary range?

    Any help and advise are welcome.


      • Hi Ash,

        I see that you have updated your status in the H1B tracker page as “Case Received ( Picked in Lottery)”. How did you know that your case has been picked up??

        Anyways, congrats!!

        • @Nish – My account on SEVP portal was updated Friday last week with cap-gap extension. So, I contacted our company’s lawyer about it and she told me that yes my check has been encashed by USCIS, which means that my application has been selected for processing in the lottery.

      • You will need to get in touch with your DSO about it. I got an invitation for registration from the university directly. I am not aware of any other option.

  8. Can someone please clarify why AD/non-AD distinction would make a difference in the SEVP portal?

    Also can’t it be the case that an initial AD didn’t make it through the lottery and was bumped to non-AD ?

    • Most people who have access to the SEVP portal are AD holders. But currently, it “looks” like only the ones selected in the Master’s Cap lottery are being updated. So only those with the 20000 Master’s-Cap portals are being updated.

      The few Bachelor’s on OPT, who have access to the portal may not see any changes yet.

      And yes, the other 75,000 odd AD individuals who would have been part of the regular cap with the 94000 non-AD applicants will not see the updates until later. So, its not the end of all hope yet!

        • The reason I was asking is that, given the numbers, aren’t chances for regular cap HIGHER than for AD anyway? Like those who made it through in AD are just the lucky super minority, TBD on the rest . . .

          • Well no.. All AD’s have a higher probablity of getting it picked, because they get 2 chances at the lottery. The probability of a non-AD winning the lottery is 1:2.62, while that of an AD is 1:1.68.

          • @Elation: agreed overall probability for AD is higher. I just mean more successful candidates will come out of the second lottery (with non-AD + AD who didn’t get picked in the 20,000) than the first (for just ADs).

        • You need an email from USCIS with the link to register in the portal. Only those with OPT get it, and each link is particular to that student.

  9. @ALL who has “Relation to Field” update: I called DSO and came to that it is nothing like getting picked in lottery lol. It is just DSO doing data entry.

  10. Hi Friends,
    I have a doubt regarding SEVP Portal update. Does it only happen in case of Change of Status application or it can also happen in case of consular processing application ?
    Mine is AD Quota application. Please provide if you have any insights around it?

  11. So I get that not all of the SEVP portals will be updated right away, but to the people saying we should wait until USCIS completes data entry: what’s your source?

    Like it could also be the case that though *all* data entry isn’t complete, SEVP updates are nevertheless complete.

    Kind of just want to know when I should start making arrangements to leave after OPT expires end of July…

    • No one will “know” the exact answer to this. All we can do is “guess”. I guess when the SEVP portal updates stop happening is when you can estimate that it is done. So far, people seem to be seeing updates (going by the redbus comments)

      • You’re right, haha. Then again there’s a user on here named “USCIS-Insider” so can you blame a gal for trying her luck? 🙂

        • USCIS-Insider is just for fun but yes it feels good to hope he/she is right when we get positive news. I don’t blame you but the best indicator would probably be when no new reports or updates are being made by AD folks; however, going by last year’s trend on IG, AD folks have heard back until mid May.


          • Why only for AD? Couldn’t it be that AD didn’t go through but the second non-AD lottery was successful?

  12. Hi all,
    I am new to SEVP portal. Can anyone help me on understanding on does SEVP portal register only for OPT students else can CPT students also register ? if i register will can i able to know does my H1b petition picked or not ?

    • Hi Raj,
      As per DHS, the SEVP portal is only for the students in OPT and STEM OPT.
      Once you register, if your H1 gets picked you could see a change of your Employment details under History section by Source SEVIS.

      • Preksha,

        Do you think that change in Employment details is an indication for your H1B application being picked. Because a few people today mentioned that there was a change my by SEVIS in their SEVIS POrtal regarding the employment

        • Most probably yes, till now people reported here could see their Authorization date changed to Sep 30 who are Cap-Gap candidates. But few reported they saw changes to ‘Relation to ‘ field under Employment Tab. I am not sure of the second thing. If you fall in first category, congratulations that means your H1 is picked!

        • Contact your DSO to check for updates on SEVIS or contact your lawyer to check if your checks got encashed. Eventually either of this should happen if your H1 is picked..

    • My SEVP portal shows a change in my OPT end-date. My case was sent to the California center and I fall under the Master’s quota. My original OPT end date was July 4th and now I see it as Sep 30th. The change happened today afternoon since I didn’t see the change in date today morning.

  13. Anyone on CPT seeing their SEVIS change ?
    I had mailed my DSO requesting an updated on SEVIS change, she told me she did not see any changes.
    Does mean I have to give hope on this ?

  14. I emailed University for my Sevis Status and got to know that my COS is pending with receipt number WAC181425xxxx. This is cool

    This is my 3rd Attempt, AD quota.

    • Me too! I only got one update from SEVIS under history tab. I think it’s because my OPT expires after October 1. Do you see any information once you click the update? I only see my employeer number but that’s it. all other places are blank.

      • @pleasethisyear
        Could you please help me here how can I check this SEVIS record by myself? Where I have to login or register to see these updates?

    • @Poison – can you please share what information is listed on the new update? Mine has employer(xxxxxx)-employername and the source is from SEVIS. Does this what you see on yours?

      • I think that is just Usual update.This update was done for me even before Lottery was conducted.Do you see a difference between Old and new information.If Yes they are just updating your recent information in SEVP as that is required.

      • Man! this whole SEVP thing is getting interesting everyday. Answer to your question, the update under history tab is about “Relation to field”. I’m almost positive that DSO is doing this. Will call them this afternoon.

          • Not sure what is going on.For me few information was updated like employer number and my title.That was done by DSO to update all my information in SEVP portal but no updates after lottery is conducted.Not sure for you guys.May be you are selected in Lottery and thats why your information is getting updated.For me I had changes in before and after values.So pretty sure it was regular update.

          • @Waiting look at the End Authorization Date, it should change to 9/30. If your OPT expiration was after that then it is harder to tell what was the cause of the update of the other fields. But I think DSO updates employer, adresses, titles etc. except for the Authorization Dates.

          • I had the same update from history on “relation to field” today but nothing changed. Why did they do this…

          • I think that means you are picked in lottery.Only two updates are seen as part of selection either the employment date changes for those whose date is expiring before Oct or Relation to field is updated with no changes.

    • Looking at the humongous number of petitions filed, I guess there are a hell lot of ‘magical’ applicants with ‘magical’ qualifications and work experience 🙂

  15. How sooner or later are the checks filed for H1B encashed ? My DSO doesn’t notify students on status change and I wanted to check with the lawyer if the checks are encashed. Whats the normal workflow here ? check get encashed first and then there is status update on SEVP followed by receiving receipt number through mail. ?

      • The data entry can take anywhere between 2 weeks as per the dates from last year. So just be patient & keep checking

      • Guys, be practical. Very few people have heard from Friday until now. There is still a lot of time left before USCIS finishes data entry. There were many AD receipts in the last week of April and first week of May too so stop bringing other people’s hopes down by making it sound as if no one else is going to hear back!

        • @USCIS Insider – Thanks for those words. The situation is so getting better out of me that I couldn’t stop myself from expressing it.

          • @Genuine Applicant – I know the feeling but wait until May first week before you confirm anything.

  16. Good to see people getting to know about their status this early through the SEVP portal. I had this feeling that USCIS introducing SEVP portal access just before the H1 filing might mean something. I had also posted a question few weeks back on AVVO but the lawyers said we wont be able to see any updates. May be no one knew about it until it happend

          • @My H1 got picked – Not that it matters, just trying to understand if there’s a specific time-slot when people get these updates?

          • @Genuine Applicant If I remember correctly, yesterday in the morning (~9 am) my record wasn’t changed. Only around noon it was updated and dated at 10:30 am. So I think USCIS need some time from the bedinning of the day to post changes and even after that there is some time for the changes to be posted on SEVP Portal. So I am pretty sure people will start posting updates around noon today.

    • where in the SEVP portal is it being updated? Under Employment? My OPT also ends before Oct 1 and I’m just curious to see if it will extend.

  17. I am curious to see more people reporting changes to the SEVP Portal. Please, let us know when the change happened, what is your Cap (General or Master’s), were you on STEM or not and the location of the application center. It seems as we only (or mostly) saw reports from Master’s Cap applicants from California so far.

    Good luck everyone! I hope to see more today!

  18. So, most of those who know that their application was selected is through update from SEVP portal. Also noticed specific time where this updates were made – around 1 pm EST.

    But anyways, are there any instances of DSO notifying respective beneficiaries but their SEVP portal aren’t showing any updates?

    • The first statement is not completely accurate. People reported changes in SEVP Portal starting on Friday and going through morning to mid-day of Monday

      The second seems to be correct per ping, but so far this is the only report of such a situation.

      • @Another one – That’s the reason I mentioned “most” in my first statement and my follow-up question is related to that statement. I might have missed people getting notified in other ways.

  19. does this message mean my h1 was picked?

    “USCIS has updated your SEVIS record to reflect that a receipt number has been issued for the H-1B petition filed by your employer. The receipt number assigned by USCIS is:”

  20. Hey Guys
    So I’m STEM Opt but i can’t see any record of my STEM OPT on my SEVP .. Should i contact DSO and ask them to update ? I see my old Post completion record deleted by SEVIS though.

        • I asked my HR id the check is cleared and she emailed me back saying that the check cleared on march 16th. Does it mean that she sent money to lawyers account and lawyer gave a check from his account to pay my H1-B Fee ?

          • @Aasiyah I guess it depends what chech are you talking about. Your HR pays the laywer a fee and that check will be cahsed regardless of the outcome. But the check that the laywer sends to USCIS will only be cashed if the application is selected, otherwise they simply return it. As least that’s my understanding. Hope this helps.

  21. Hi Everyone,

    Has anyone here on Post-OPT/STEM OPT with an expiration date beyond Oct 1 got any sort of update/change whose source is SEVIS on the SEVP portal?

      • Hey, I got the same update as you, the “relation to” employer field on Thursday, 12th April at 14:10. I think it had to do with my 6 month OPT validation report but, it was done on the same day by the University I think.

        • Hm, mine got updated for both my current OPT and my future STEM OPT (which got approved on Friday). There wasn’t really any update to those fields, and they both got updated at the same time.

      • @ping – did you ask to your DSO directly to check if your SEVIS number changed? Or did DSO contact you with the information? Thank you!

  22. I haven’t gone through all the comments but it seems like most of the SEVP updates were from the California center. Are there any updates from Vermont center?

    Apologies if I have missed them but I was being curious.


  23. @Smoothie, since I can’t reply to your other comment due to thread limit, you should read the USCIS regulation which states-

    ““A student may be authorized 12 months of practical training, and becomes eligible for another 12 months of practical training when he or she changes to a higher educational level.” 8 CFR 214.2(f)(10).”

  24. This is what my DSO wrote just now answering about the change in status in SEVP and whether they will issue me a new I-20:

    “Our SEVIS record indicates that your change of status is pending and your OPT employment authorization has been extended through 09/30/2018. For a specific guidance as to whether or not your H-1B petition was selected, please consult with your immigration attorney at your company. Once you receive a receipt notice, please forward us a copy so we can issue you a cap gap I-20.”

    So it seems like yes, the status has changed, but they are not going as far as saying that this directly means that the petiion has been selected.

    @Smoothie Talking about frustration: this visa process is killing me. It’s either promotion at work or Idontknowwhatthehelltodo type of situation. I guess O visa is the answer for som, but daym it’s hard to get.

  25. This is my first attempt of H1B, I feel so disappointed when I see my sevp portal not updated. I still have two attempts ( STEM), now I am wondering how tensed, let down people on 3rd attempt will be now.

    I pray that something will turn out guys. If not we have our world famous Day 1 CPT University
    THE Harrisburg University

    May God bless Harrisburg uni

    • You do know that these Day 1 universities are going to get you a RFE and rejection in the next attempt, right? Or did you miss the USCIS memo as well?

      • Well edwardss, it’s no harm to try it out if you have nothing to lose. Worst case , you will get a reject

        I don’t think any USCIS memo talks about not accepting day 1 CPT applications.

        It’s just like they said if you have more backlogs then you will never get VISA…

        I guess anyone with hope and faith and positive mindset will get rewarded in USA

        • Perhaps, you need to read this then.


          Not only this, but almost all the people who were in Day 1 CPT colleges last year got RFEs and then rejected. If you would rather go down that path to endanger your living in the US, go ahead. OR you could leave the country and apply with legal employers from outside. Remember, even if you get lucky and not rejected, the USCIS can still rescind your VISA later.

          • Edwardss,
            Please use reliable sources like USCIS or any other surveys.
            I never heard about the one you posted

        • I agree, you have nothing to lose, why don’t you try? And the immigration attorney told me to apply for a Day 1 CPT to maintain my F-1 status while applying for the H1B.

  26. Has anyone on STEM OPT (expiring before Sep 30th 2018) seen any update on Sevis? Or is it just for people on post-completion OPT?


    • @Snt Yes, I am on STEM OPT. My status has changed from 6/15/2018 (original STEM OPT expiration) to 9/30/2018. Date: this morning, Master’s Cap, California based employer

      • Thanks Another one.

        My STEM OPT expires in June 2018. There is no change in SEVP Portal. I will wait till data entry gets completed.

        Master’s Cap
        Petition sent to California
        Third and last attempt.

  27. can someone please advise on this

    A very simple question – for folks who are not cap gap – should we expect to see any changes in SEVP portal? There are tons of question / counter questions here..so want to keep it simple.

    • I replied to your other comment:

      I’m not an expert and no one is for sure here but I’ve seen one comment from someone who’s wasn’t subject to the cap-gap and they mentioned they saw an update under the History tab but the dates weren’t changed since their end date was after Sep 30th. Can’t find the comment but I’m certain I’ve seen it. There was also one comment from someone who was notified about a change in their SEVIS record but SEVP.
      So far anyone who’s seen the update has an advanced degree, do you have an advanced degree?

  28. @MANNIK
    “If the student’s H-1B petition is denied, withdrawn, revoked, or is not selected, the student will have the standard 60-day grace period from the date of the rejection notice or their program end date, whichever is later, to prepare for and depart the United States”

    Source: https://www.uscis.gov/working-united-states/temporary-workers/h-1b-specialty-occupations-and-fashion-models/extension-post-completion-optional-practical-training-opt-and-f-1-status-eligible-students-under-h-1b-cap-gap-regulations

    • Thanks anxious,
      Consider my case, Im still not on STEM, my opt ends on 06/15 and my STEM starts on 06/16/18-06/15/20.
      now my end date is changed to 09/30/18 which is good that I got my h1b picked
      what if the RFS never gets resolved? In this case, should i Still leave the country within 60 days even though i am STEM eligible?

      • @MANNIK
        well, first congrats! Do you have an advanced degree?

        Second, in my opinion; no you wouldn’t have to leave unless you want to (lol) You’d obviously stay and work legally on your STEM OPT. You also get the chance to apply again next year (2020) and the year after that (2021) if your H1B doesn’t get approved this round.

  29. So all those SEVP updated ppl,
    Did you think about this?

    If your application is processed successfully without RFE, its all good
    If they had an RFE and if it could not be resolved:
    1) Will they roll back your dates again? If so which dates?
    2) Or you will lose your cap gaop and will have to leave US after 09/30?

    Any thoughts?

  30. A very simple question – for folks who are not cap gap – should we expect to see any changes in SEVP portal? There are tons of question / counter questions here..so want to keep it simple.

    • No, those will not see update on SEVP portal. This cap-gap update is for only those whose POST/STEM OPT is expiring before 09/2018.

      • Hi, I see people posting that there is a change in their SEVP portal history tab with a note in the change of their OPT end date. Just curious to see if everyone has noticed the change at same time.

        I know that there are many waiting on to check if there is a change on their history tab after 4pm. If none of the people in this portal has noticed changes after 3 or 4pm then it means that the list is final and there wont be any changes reflecting anymore. It means, that these people should be testing their luck in next attempt.

          • Just use some common sense. Statistically speaking, half of all the AD applicants will get through the lottery. Do you see that half of the people reporting updates? Most of the people are just wondering if SEVP would get updated.

            There are a few instances, yes, but these might have been processed early. USCIS will keep doing the data-entry till early may, and then release a notice once they are done. Give it time till mid-may.

          • Hi, So the update at the sevp portal website regarding the sevis status change will be reflected only when the Univ DSO updates it or by uscis?

        • @Testlco I don’t think this is correct. People are reporting changes starting on Friday and going through today, so there is no indication that today is the last day.

          @sri It seems as the SEVIS is updating the status, not the DSO

          • Not really….even DSO updates SEVIS, it still shows USCIS as the source. I worked with my DSO on some misc information (like phone number and manager name) update a few days ago. She updated my SEVIS info on her end and it’s now showing USCIS as the source.

            Just FYI

        • @sri Jason is right. But when I created the SEVP Portal the message said that DSO has no access to it. It seems as they can update/check information through other source, but the SEVP Portal is managed by SEVIS.


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