USCIS : 172,500 Petitions received for H1B 2015 Lottery. Selection Complete !

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As you know, USCIS announced on April 7th that they received enough number of petitions for filling the H1B Visa statutory cap for the fiscal year 2015. Also, they indicated that there were more petitions received and there would be lottery/ random selection process for the same. Today USCIS did an official press release stating the count of petitions received and process used. The below article focuses on the same.

Summary of USCIS Press Release : 172,500 Petitions Received

  • USCIS received about 172,500 petitions towards the H1B Visa 2015 Cap.  They received more than 20,000 petitions filed towards the Masters quota cap.
  • Computer generated random selection/ Lottery was conducted by USCIS on the total H1B petitions received until April 7th.
  • Lottery/ Random Selection Process :
    • Computer Generated Random Selection process was used to execute lottery.( No need to worry about human process that can raise doubts )
    • USCIS conducted lottery for Advanced Degree/ Masters degree quota petitions and selected 20,000 from them towards the Masters degree cap completion.
    • The H1B petitions that were filed under master’s quota cap, but not selected in the first round of lottery were added to the regular quota lottery pool of petitions.
    • Lottery was conducted with the above combined pool to select 65,000 petitions towards the Regular quota cap completion.
    • USCIS will reject and return the H1B petitions with the filing fees that were not selected in the above lottery process ( No loss to the employer, only Attorney fees ), that were not found as duplicate. If duplicate, your money will not be returned !
    • USCIS will begin premium processing of the H1B Petitions no later than April 28th ( it means that they could be process early as well )
    •  USCIS will continue to accept petitions that do not fall under H1B Cap, especially petitions that fall under below
      • H1B Visa Extensions
      • Petitions that were filed towards changes in terms of employment
      • Employer change H1B petitions
      • Second H1B petitions for concurrent working of an employee
      • Petitions that are filed by Educational and research institutions

RedBus2US Lottery Predictions = USCIS Received Petitions FY 2015

We are very happy to say that our H1B Visa Lottery Predictions based on USCIS Data Trends were exactly in-line with the petitions received by USCIS. In February of this year, we predicted that USCIS would receive about 150K to 180 K petitions for FY 2015 quota, and our predictions were right !  We are very happy that our predictions have been consistently right ! Hope some of you were able to plan ahead of time with our predictions.  All of our readers have been amazing and collaborating well.  Thanks for all your support !

We are revamping our H1B Tracker, please add your case, if you get selected in lottery to our H1B Tracker !  It will be great to see the processing times.

What are your thoughts on this years H1B Season ? Did you expect more ?

What should USCIS do to meet the demand ?

Reference : USCIS Website : USCIS Reaches FY 2015 


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Comments ( 963 )

  1. Hariprasad

    RQ/RP – Called up my employer payables dept, Checks have been en-cashed on 4/24. So I guess, my applications has been selected in the lottery.

    Last year, I wasn’t selected in the lottery.L1 was maxing out, had to recapture days spent outside US to make it to this year. Happy to have sailed through.

    I know it’s painful. Just be positive, dont let it affect you ‘much’, though it is easier said than done. I had a job in Europe as a backup plan last year, but my L1 recapture got approved. Life doesn’t start or end with visa. All the best.

  2. Gracia

    My application got selected in lottery. It is processed through Vermont center.


    Received Date – April 10,2014
    Notice Date – April 21,2014

    Receipt No : EAC-14-140-*****

    Good luck to others!

      1. Gracia

        I received an email from my attorney yesterday midnight with a copy of the receipt attached. I also checked in USCIS site and it is in initial review status.

    1. Nm

      I actually am on the phone with USCIS right now because I still can’t track my case and they said the processing is still happening but you may not be able to track it for 30-45 days and if it has been that long and it still doesn’t show up, then you call them and file a complaint.

      1. Jack Offalot

        @ NM
        Did they discuss your case with you?
        When I called them and asked about a status update they said they were only allowed to discuss it with my employer

    2. kumar

      I can’t check my case status on USCIS. Mine was Non-AD/PP – Vermont. I got receipt on Received Date – April 10,2014
      Notice Date – April 14,2014

      Receipt No : EAC141355XXXX

      Any one on same boat?

  3. Ravi AD/PP

    Head Count Time….
    How many with AD/PP still waiting?
    Would appreciate comment of person who received a receipt today for AD/PP..

  4. RP/RQ/VC

    Hi All,

    Really nervous and called my employer and got followed answer

    1. they have received 80% of premium process receipts and done with PP receipts

    2. this week receiving AD RP receipts

    3. they have not at received any RP RQ receipts and they said they will receive RQ RP in next week and told me to wait till next week end (came to know that they have filed more than 80 RQ RP and till now not at received one receipt also in this category and will start to receive next week.

    but here many people posted saying they received RP RQ receipts.

    how much this is true don’t know……….. whom to believe……………… going mad………….

  5. Jack Offalot

    Hi I received my receipt (non-AD/PP) on the 16th of April but cannot see when I go online it says they cannot locate my receipt. How long should I wait before contacting them about it?

    1. Non-AD/PP

      Dear All, If anyone could please answer my question.

      Is it correct that for Non-AD/PP today and tomorrow are last two days , if receipt is not coming then it means , not selected.

      Also what does it mean by 15 days in PP starting 28th April –> Is it working days or caldays. And cases not selected in PP would be notified also during these 15 days.

      Sorry for may be a Basic question, just trying to understand until when I can hope.

      1. usgrad

        Some say that PP applicants can have full hope until Apr 25 (Fri) and less hope until May 12 (Apr 28 + 15 calendar days). Some say that those (PP) who are hearing late (after mid-May) are the ones in the waiting list.

        The fact is no one knows the exact process. All I can say is that you can keep your hope until you get your application back. Be ready for the possible long wait. It can be mid-May or mid-June or any other date.

        FYI: I am also waiting under AD/PP/VT.

  6. sandeep

    Hey Guys, (Non-AD/PP – Vermont)

    I received response from USCIS on 16 th from VT. And still not able to find case in USCIS. Is something wrong. When I try to check “Your case can not be found at this time in My Case Status. Please check your receipt number and try again. If you need further assistance, please call the National Customer Service Center at 1.800.375.5283.”

    And in my receipt they said “The above petition or application has been received and accepted as premium should receive a notice regarding your case within 15 days from the date shown as the received date above.(which is Apr 10th, 2014). Does this mean I should get response by 25th ?


    1. kaju

      they have officially put on website news , that they will start processing premium applications on 28th of April. If you can’t see your case in the acceptance or initial review state by monday, then you should notify USCIS about it. This problem is being faced by many people and reason could be they haven’t entered your recepit number in their tracking system yet.

  7. sandeep

    Hey Guys, (Non-AD/PP – Vermont)

    I received receipt from USCIS on 16 th from VT. And still not able to find case in USCIS. Is something wrong. When I try to check “Your case can not be found at this time in My Case Status. Please check your receipt number and try again. If you need further assistance, please call the National Customer Service Center at 1.800.375.5283.”

    And in my receipt they said “The above petition or application has been received and accepted as premium should receive a notice regarding your case within 15 days from the date shown as the received date above.(which is Apr 10th, 2014). Does this mean I should get response by 25th ?


  8. Consultant Kumar

    Two out of my five applications got selected so far, non-AD/RP/Vermont. Now just to pass everthing else and not getting RFE 🙂

    1. kaju

      man, waht kind of jerk you are. A person who did not get through because of your one extra application wlil have to leave this country, are you really happy about that? This is the land of fair play, everyone gets equal opportunity, but jerks like are slowly spoiling this country also. God bless America.

    2. prayinghard

      its quite evident that he paid for his applications…. this is a sure body shopper case!!! u guys ruin it fr others big times

    3. kaju

      I am going to start a petition against guys like this, please sign it people. two applications can be understood because u may have more than one job offers, 5 is a lot.. this guy must be some corrupt MLA or MP’s son in india. F** you.

      1. Khajurao

        I saw this EXACT same post on the comments section of another article on this site. This guy is just messing with us.
        Ignore the Troll.


    4. annoying

      A**H***. Because of you people careers are getting screwed. Wish all your petitions are rejected ! Don’t play with people lives. Filing 5 petitions.. you should use your brian

  9. RD/RP

    any got who applied for Non AD/RP got reciepts.
    I am waiting for the results.
    does USCIS inform when all reciepts are sent or is thier a last date for sending reciepts?
    wait is killing me please reply.

      1. Super Lau

        Yes I am non-AD/RP and I received my receipt 2 days ago from Vermont.
        But you still have a lot of time for RP so keep your spirits up.

  10. H1BCaseNotFound

    Hi All,

    I applied in premium. and my company updated me receipt number EAC141355*****
    When i checked the status online. its saying case not found.
    But when replace just EAC With WAC in receipt number and tried searching like WAC141355****, its showing as case is approved.
    Any idea on this ?

    1. ST

      the WAC – that’s someone else’s petition if you filled to Vermont…I’m frustrated as well, VT apparently has serious issues in updating the online status

    2. Sanjeed

      My receipt also got same date & center as you EAC14135XXXX. ‘Its not found till now means’ USCIS is working on your file; don’t worry you will get their confirmation very shortly. Both of our confirmation been sent on 15th April. By the way, you can ask your lawyer to forward their email, it should have your name & DOB in it along with the receipt no.
      My lawyer (from my employer) forwarded me the original email on 16th & I asked her yesterday about the issue of ‘Case not found’- she told me not to worry. So be happy 🙂

    3. administrator

      There is a city with the name London in Ohio, US and another in UK. Similarities b/w the 2 cities is just like your EAC141355***** number and someone else’s WAC141355**** number.

      1. H1BCaseNotFound

        Thanks Saurabh. i thought. my case is transferred to California centre. and they havn’t updated this information on their site.

        1. JS

          Hi H1BCaseNotFound,
          I wasn’t able to locate my case as well with EAC1413450***.I tried your method by replacing EAC with WAC and it shows it is in acceptance stage. I wonder if it is just a coincidence like your case, or they do transfer it to the California center

  11. sam

    AD/PP/CA…..No waiting I gave up… searching for universities………..lottery is deciding our future…this is like playing gambling at vegas for them….For all master small request, please don’t apply duplicate petitions here after…..that’s the reason our cap is getting more applications….please don’t be selfish, by eliminating duplicates lot of people can get H1B’s…everybody are here to support families back in India…no body wants to be away from home and live a lonely life…the situations are like that we cannot go back……I am writing this with tears in my eyes….all worked hard to get here…

    1. AD/PP/VT. Waiting

      Hey Sam,

      Its same with me here. I am still hoping we get it
      This is my only one chance to get H1 and i couldn’t go to India to get married because of these immigration issues.
      I will pray for you don’t lose hope. We will do it

    2. SP

      @ Sam: Dont loose hope. You will definitely get it. I am also waiting – AD/RP. One of my friend got result after a month. Good luck.

    3. SG

      Hey sam,
      Don’t worry, I was in the same page last year. I was not selected in the lottery. I can’t explain how bad the situation was. But luckily, mine was selected this time. Hope everything happens for a reason. Because of that everything felt apart. May be it happnd for good I believe. Don’t worry there are plenty of solutions. But I believe, there is still a possibility. Some of my friends received their PP petitions even in May. All the best

  12. Sandeep

    Guys, anyone with Regular & Premium processing, still waiting.. One more question what is this 28th April to 12th May 2014 time period for? will USCIS decide & process all the PP during these days or all the PP will be given receipt numbers during these days..

    1. msa

      Hi Sandeep,

      Im also on same boat.. Still waiting…and …. freaking out… !!
      Attorney said, We have to wait until USCIS releases all 20+65k receipt and until we receive(accept &/reject) Notice…..

      So, No loose of hope.. !
      Just wait.. Wait.. and Wait.. until last KIRAN of hope


  13. HSS- AD/PP/VT


    Still waiting!! Is there still hope? Company Lawyer says chances are very slim now. OPT expires in a month. Very nervous!!

    1. Blair Wardolf

      Even if your OPT expires in a month, you can get a cap gap extension if you can show your DSO that you filed an H1b in a timely manner but you have not received any response.

      Until a rejection/ refusal comes, you are eligible for a cap gap.

      1. Waiting

        What is a DSO?
        I thought only those who receive the receipt number can file OPT extension to extend cap gap till September 30.
        People who are not selected in lottery can extend OPT no longer than June 1 (even if they file opt extension).

        1. adregular

          Update from Attorney : AD/Regular processing snail mail receipt was post marked April 10, 2014. Receipt was received last week.

  14. usgrad

    Good morning !

    I am still waiting under AD/PP/VT category. It appears that PP applicants are still getting receipts. Let’s keep our hope alive for few more days (until Fri). PP applicants, please reply below.

    Another day…..another 10 hours of grueling wait….lets hope that this ends soon. Hopefully, today is our day !

    1. still waiting

      Lets wait.. any idea how many applications have been processed? rough estimate?
      and is there any order of sending mails?

  15. PS

    I got my number on April 11th, but haven’t been able to the check the status online yet. Anybody with the same situation? Should I do anything?

  16. Weak system

    If you apply using 2 or more employers and if both are selected then you get a to choose which one you want to continue processing.
    But the seat they rejected does not get filled and does not even go to the wait-listed applicants hence these people use more than one seat.
    I know a few people who did this and most of them got a receipt for both their application hence wasting seats that would have normally gone to others.

    1. Not Really

      You are wrong. After lottery, one employee is counted as one against the cap irrespective of the number of petitions on his name. For eg, if two petitions by different employers are selected in lottery for the same employee , it will counted as 1/65,000 not 2/65,000 cap. So there is no cap number waste here. That few people should be lucky enough to get all petitions selected but still it is counted as one against cap.

      1. PP petitions

        No, you are wrong – the petitions are counted based as the employer and employee (it’s an employer petitions, not yours) – so company A / employer X, comp B/ employer X. I’m sure a bunch of indian folks applied to a lot of body-shops hoping they will get through with at least one petiton

        1. Yes!

          PP petition is correct. The employer and not the employee is counted. It is pure stupidity of the system and because of a few, everyone is blamed for abusing H1b. Also it does not make it fair for everyone! These people should be ashamed of themselves for making false applications!!

          1. jj

            Nope, system is good, the problem is with people (mostly Indians) abusing it. If it wasn’t for consultancies (aka body shops), there would be a plenty of free visas left until September or October…

        2. Not Really

          Go check the federal registry about the H1 B process dude. What I said was
          right. After lottery, it is treated as employee based not employer based.
          They check the petitions selected on employees name and count it as one for the cap purpose. Google Federal register and checkout there for the proof.

        3. No!

          No. Check how the lottery system works. After lottery, it is counted as one employee against the cap. So it is not counted as employer petition after lottery.

    1. KK

      Same! Waiting……. Checked with college today morning and no update on SEVIS….talked to the attorney and he has no updates yet………any chance of getting it?

  17. King in the North

    Non AD/PP/EAC141355****
    Masters student, but did not qualify for AD as my graduation is in May’14
    Got selected in the lottery. Feeling lucky! All the best to u’all

  18. AD/PP

    Just got email from my employer that I got selected in lottery 🙂
    AD/PP guys you still hold a chance…so dont lose hope.
    All the best everyone!

  19. usgrad

    Good morning !

    I applied under AD/PP/VT and still waiting for an answer. Even though many PP applicants received receipts last week, there were few who received receipts yesterday. Hence, we (PP) still have hope. Let’s retain hope until Apr 28.

    Let’s see how many PP applicants are still waiting for an answer. Please reply.

  20. Godisthere

    My employer is from Florida, which center would be mine vermont or california?

    I was thinking vermont, since it is eastcoast? Please let me know.

  21. NS

    Finally !!! Received mail from my employer saying that my petition got selected in lottery. NON-AD/PP/CA.

    Best of luck to the ones who are waiting.

    PP guys – please keep full hope until apr 28.

  22. Jamil

    AD/RP …got the receipt this morning from company with the copy of the letter but I was trying to check my case status but it did not show anything till now.

    Moreover there is a small situation make me nervous. My company told me that their old bank account closed last week 04/11 from where they issued the checks for filing fees. Now they said they will talk to the lawyer so they can send the filing fees once again from the new bank.

  23. B.E.L.I.E.V.E

    AD/RP .

    Checked with my school this morning they said SEVIS has been updated.

    Employer received the receipt via mail this afternoon

  24. Godisthere

    AD/REG/Vermont, My employer just informed me about getting the receipt number. I am so Happy. I didn’t get through the lottery last year.

  25. Jing

    God, please have mercy on me! I want continue career in US.
    I love my job and the beautiful country.Please give me H1B visa!
    Best regards

  26. VK

    Hey Guys its really forum wherein we are supporting each other. Anybody yet with NON- AD/NON-PP/Regular ? if not when we should expect ?

  27. usgrad

    I just spoke with my attorney’s clerk. He said that he did about 40 cases (PP: 8 and Reg: 32). I forgot to ask him about the number of AD and Non-AD cases. The firm is pretty big and I assuming that they would have done at least 200 cases or more.

    NOTE: The sample size is small, since we are considering only about 40 cases.

    He said that he received 7 receipts out of the 8 PP cases that he did. I am the only one PP applicant (AD category) waiting for an answer. He said that he even received 4 postal mail receipts for those 7 lucky PP guys/gals. He said that he hasn’t received any non-PP receipts yet.

    Even though, things look bad for us (PP applicants). We can retain hope until Apr 28, since some of the PP applicants are still getting receipts.

  28. AD/RP/CSC

    AD/RP/CSC – Selected
    Received date : 4/10/2014
    Notice date : 4/17/2014
    Receipt number : WAC-14-138-528XX
    Employer from OHIO
    Attorney from VIRGINIA
    I am from NEW JERSEY


  29. sam

    I think its game over for AD/PP. I am in AD/PP/CSC category still waiting but no hope. Does anybody got receipt numbers today from AD/PP/CSC?

  30. usgrad

    Good morning !

    I am still waiting to hear the good news from the USCIS. I applied under AD/PP/VT category. I think that all those who applied under PP category should retain full hope until Apr 28 and some hope until May 12.

    Let’s see how many PP applicants are still waiting for an answer. Please reply below. Thanks.

      1. NM

        Non AD/PP/VT
        Is there still any hope? When will USCIS start sending the packages back for the petitions which didn’t get selected in lottery?

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