USCIS : 172,500 Petitions received for H1B 2015 Lottery. Selection Complete !

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As you know, USCIS announced on April 7th that they received enough number of petitions for filling the H1B Visa statutory cap for the fiscal year 2015. Also, they indicated that there were more petitions received and there would be lottery/ random selection process for the same. Today USCIS did an official press release stating the count of petitions received and process used. The below article focuses on the same.

Summary of USCIS Press Release : 172,500 Petitions Received

  • USCIS received about 172,500 petitions towards the H1B Visa 2015 Cap.  They received more than 20,000 petitions filed towards the Masters quota cap.
  • Computer generated random selection/ Lottery was conducted by USCIS on the total H1B petitions received until April 7th.
  • Lottery/ Random Selection Process :
    • Computer Generated Random Selection process was used to execute lottery.( No need to worry about human process that can raise doubts )
    • USCIS conducted lottery for Advanced Degree/ Masters degree quota petitions and selected 20,000 from them towards the Masters degree cap completion.
    • The H1B petitions that were filed under master’s quota cap, but not selected in the first round of lottery were added to the regular quota lottery pool of petitions.
    • Lottery was conducted with the above combined pool to select 65,000 petitions towards the Regular quota cap completion.
    • USCIS will reject and return the H1B petitions with the filing fees that were not selected in the above lottery process ( No loss to the employer, only Attorney fees ), that were not found as duplicate. If duplicate, your money will not be returned !
    • USCIS will begin premium processing of the H1B Petitions no later than April 28th ( it means that they could be process early as well )
    •  USCIS will continue to accept petitions that do not fall under H1B Cap, especially petitions that fall under below
      • H1B Visa Extensions
      • Petitions that were filed towards changes in terms of employment
      • Employer change H1B petitions
      • Second H1B petitions for concurrent working of an employee
      • Petitions that are filed by Educational and research institutions

RedBus2US Lottery Predictions = USCIS Received Petitions FY 2015

We are very happy to say that our H1B Visa Lottery Predictions based on USCIS Data Trends were exactly in-line with the petitions received by USCIS. In February of this year, we predicted that USCIS would receive about 150K to 180 K petitions for FY 2015 quota, and our predictions were right !  We are very happy that our predictions have been consistently right ! Hope some of you were able to plan ahead of time with our predictions.  All of our readers have been amazing and collaborating well.  Thanks for all your support !

We are revamping our H1B Tracker, please add your case, if you get selected in lottery to our H1B Tracker !  It will be great to see the processing times.

What are your thoughts on this years H1B Season ? Did you expect more ?

What should USCIS do to meet the demand ?

Reference : USCIS Website : USCIS Reaches FY 2015 


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Comments ( 963 )

  1. Gambling result

    Congrats to the people who got selected!!! Did all the Ad PP candidates got the email at the same time from USCIS?? I am an Ad PP candidate waiting for the reply?

    1. KBURA

      Do not worry man, I totally understand your frustration. 15 minutes back I talked to my attorney, she said, No need to worry, even for premium processing it will go till 28th april, or even there is a chance it will go further. She just called me 5 minutes back, that i made it through the lottery. Chill. AD/PP/Vermont.EAC141345XXXX

    1. Fragomen

      Yup, no updates. My application is under AD-PP. Did anyone get a chance to contact Fragomen and check if they started receiving any emails with receipts?

  2. tense guy

    The comments just keep on coming! Amazing forum to get real time news! Congratulations to everyone who is thru!

    -Masters Non-Premium Applicant

      1. fingers crossed

        I feel better knowing I’m not the only one who can’t focus at work!
        I’m in the AD non-PP boat. Good luck everyone!

      2. Mikeab

        Same here ! I lost my focus. The only thing that I do is nothing but checking this site. I lost my appetite and did not sleep for last two nights. I almost did nothing today at work. I do not drive with cautious and totally lost. Just smoke and walk around ! 🙁

        1. F

          I kinda wish I didn’t check this forum.
          I checked this around 2pm. Before that I was all fine now I am all freaking out and refreshing this page over and over again.

          1. Enrique

            Same here. I guess seeing that some ppl are getting in and hearing back and we are not has us on edge. This sucks.

  3. Scientist

    Does anyone know how the big firms handle receipts? I’m wondering specifically about Seyfarth Shaw. I imagine that they group receipts in batches before informing the applicants?

    Or do they update your Immstar (or similar portal) first?

    Freaking out here, in case you can’t tell

  4. kumar

    Do all the premium applicants selected through lottery get notified at the same time? My friend and I had applied together, he got the case number but no news for me yet. Thanks in advance

    1. Waiting ZZZ

      Why I feel that people without receipt case has been kicked out the round.
      Never get through this situation. I want to get the hell out of US

  5. Julia Liu

    Can anybody received the email receipt report here? Can’t have this endless waiting.
    I applied for Vermont Center but has not received any reply from my attorney even if I send email to her. Don’t know why I have to pay so much attorney fees without any service from them.

          1. eee

            Same here, applied through Fragomen. They told me they started receiving emails from USCIS last night and will keep getting them and will notify each person as soon as they get an email about their case. Hold tight.

          2. eee

            It’s my company that applied through them and apparently every time I message them they reply within a minute. I believe it’s because my company pays them a hell a lot of money to file each case (15k-20k) from what I heard, and they make sure to reply to us at least. But yea, he told me they started coming in last night and all through out the day and about every applicant they hear about, they notify them straight away. He said they will keep coming for the next few days, *fingers crossed*

    1. People's voice

      I applied through fragomen PP, i got receipt number where i can track the status. It was some california center they applied to

  6. KS

    Has anyone from the California Service Center received a receipt yet? I believe only Vermont has started sending out receipts for AD PP?

  7. v

    jus received confirmation from attorney that mine was also picked..

    im under masters Cap with Premium processing
    And i filed it in Vermont Service Center

      1. v

        ya, they just did..
        First they said they received the receipt for my application, then i emailed them back asking for receipt no .. and they jus sent me that info

  8. anxious

    My HR informed today at around 11:15 PM EST that my case is picked. I was filed for Masters under premium processing.
    However I was not given any receipt/case number for me to track. Can anyone tell me if it is too early to be expecting a receipt #?

  9. So What?

    I had applied last yr and there was lottery too. I understand the mental agony you all have now.. You dont know what to do, what will happen, what to plan and everything is in limbo till you get stamped! Phew! 6 irritating months
    Btw last yr there was 124K application. This year its 50K more! And as time goes by, the comment section in this blog gets muddier! Lot of mud slinging and racial comments
    But this blog was one place I could come to see that it is not just me in this situation and there are others too, and good to hear nice words by kind souls! Thanks to Saurabh for having such a forum.
    Good luck to all you guys!

    1. Bikash

      The HR manager gave me the news this morning around 11:00 am CST that I got selected in the lottery process. Step 1 cleared.

      Best of luck to everyone else..

  10. UN

    can anyone tell me exactly how can we know our lottery result for h1b regular one.when do attorey get the email? when our money from the bank deducted?


  11. Sujith

    Work Authorization for H-4 Spouses:

  12. ashok

    if any of you are alread studying in GBC, and if your H1B goes to RFE,
    you can contact me. Last year I was in the same boat but after huge struggle, i got my H1 approved. If you are from GBC and applied for H1, you can contact me at ashdev805 at google mail. I can help you with list of documents and the documents needed and what you should ask your attorney to prepare..

      1. AC

        From: VermontPremium
        Sent: Friday, April 11, 2014 7:44 AM
        To: [email protected]
        Subject: EAC1413151XXX- Premium Processing Receipt
        Importance: High

        The Vermont Service Center has received the following
        I-129 Petition for Nonimmigrant Worker
        that had been filed under the Premium Processing Service:

        Receipt Number: EAC1413151XXX
        Date Received: 04/10/2014
        Petitioner: XXXXXXXXXXXXX

        Beneficiary: XXXXXX XXXXXXXXX
        DOB: XX/XX/XX
        Classification sought: H1B

        The Form I-797 Receipt Notice will follow in the mail.

        The Vermont Service Center will adjudicate this case within
        15 calendar days of the “received date” set forth above.
        If approved, you will receive e-mail notification of such.
        If we require additional evidence, we will fax said request to the fax
        number provided on your completed I-907 Request for Premium Processing Form.

        Please do not reply directly to this message. The e-mail account used to
        send this message is used by the Service Center only to send messages
        notifying filers of premium processing case information.

        Thank you for using the USCIS Premium Processing Service.

        1. Subodh

          Congratulations buddy…. you can move on.. the wait continues for us… not even able to concentrate at work today….. 🙁

  13. Saurabh S

    It means those who are not selected, they have to wait for until July for confirmation. I mean they are just stuck.
    Is there any other way to get it 100% confirm that a particular person is not selected.

    1. administrator

      Saurabh S,
      Last year rejection letters started going out in last week of May and all through June. If they follow same timeline then some may know about their rejection in July.

  14. srinivas


    Please check how much time will it take to reach unselected filings to employer as lottery happend yesterday as per UCSIS


  15. Question

    Saurabh, but isn’t it that everybody gets assigned a case number by Apr28, irrespective of premium processing? And this is how we would know if we passed the lottery even before the letter of approval?

    Also, are wait list cases selected randomly? Those have to wait the longest, so I’m wondering if that cab happen to premium processing cases too?


    1. administrator

      They will start entering selected PP applications into the system first followed by non-PP applications. April 28th date is the official start date for PP applications and is not related to data entry for non-PP applications. Last year, non-PP applicants continued to receive their receipt numbers till June end.

      As for waiting list, yes they keep aside handful of petitions for this purpose. The list is not published anywhere and I think the petitioners are informed that their petition has been added to the wait list.

        1. administrator

          It can be upgraded to PP only after it has been selected in the petition and you know your receipt number.

  16. Edwin

    Is there any information out there as to how many Master’s applications have been received. I know USCIS has only put the total figure on it’s website. I didnt make it through in last year’s stupid lottery.. Hopefully this year fortune favors us all !!
    Good luck to everyone!!!

  17. brian

    Are you sure they will send the postal mail to the regular applicant (no apply the premium process)? It will take a long time. Send a eamil just need one minute. When can I check with company whether I get the H1b if they postal mail?

  18. krunal

    looks like huge amount of application came in… so is it that the consultancies came to know abt the selection early after the PP cases

  19. ramakrishna

    USCIS received about 172,500 H-1B petitions during the filing period which began April 1, including petitions filed for the advanced degree exemption. On April 10, 2014, USCIS completed a computer-generated random selection process, or lottery, to select enough petitions to meet the 65,000 general-category cap and 20,000 cap under the advanced degree exemption.

    1. administrator

      PP cases will be notified first via email, followed by non-PP cases via regular mail. Former will take few weeks while the latter will take few months.

  20. kk

    I heard that USCIS will communicate to the law firms about lottery result (only application filled by them). I mean they will send emails to law firms/attorney for those who got selected in lottery.

  21. Sachin

    Now that the lottery has been performed, how will the results be communicated to the law firms who have filed applications? Do the firms basically wait for USCIS to mail them either confirmation or returned applications, or is their electronic notification for filed applications?

    1. administrator

      PP applications will be notified via email about their selection. All other petitions will be notified through postal mail about the selection or rejection.

      1. Sachin

        Ah, thanks for the info. If priority applicants are notified by email, then the law firm could be notified as soon as tomorrow perhaps? Assuming they don’t have to do any processing to capture the email information…

        Also, I know this information is never published, but what’s your best guess on the percent of applications eligible for the master’s cap?

        1. administrator

          They may start notifying from tomorrow, but not everyone will be notified at the same time. You may see email receipts to come through for next few weeks.

          If I have to guess AD number, my guess would be 30-35K.

          1. Sachin

            Ah, thanks again.

            Well, if ~20% of the applications are eligible for the master’s pool, then the master’s lottery success probability will be ~75%, and the non-master’s success probability is around ~42%.

          2. administrator

            Yes, USCIS will contact the employer or attorney, and they will pass on the information to you.

  22. James

    Is there any time bound as to when we can know the results of lottery. Normally USCIS communicates to Attorney and then it goes to consultants / Immigration team and finally to candidate. but till what date candidates have to wait.

    1. administrator

      Selected PP cases are informed first and should be done by May 12. After that selected non-PP cases are informed and should be done by July. Sometime in June, non-selected cases should also start hearing back.

      1. Enrique


        How do you know these dates (May 12 for PP and by-July for non-PP cases)?

        Also, does this mean that non-PP cases will not hear anything until after May 12?

        I applied in AD non-PP.


        1. administrator

          Official start date for PP cases is April 28 and they need to be adjudicated within 15 calendar days. That brings the date to May 12 for PP.

          Non-PP date of July is based on last year’s experience.

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