USCIS : 172,500 Petitions received for H1B 2015 Lottery. Selection Complete !

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As you know, USCIS announced on April 7th that they received enough number of petitions for filling the H1B Visa statutory cap for the fiscal year 2015. Also, they indicated that there were more petitions received and there would be lottery/ random selection process for the same. Today USCIS did an official press release stating the count of petitions received and process used. The below article focuses on the same.

Summary of USCIS Press Release : 172,500 Petitions Received

  • USCIS received about 172,500 petitions towards the H1B Visa 2015 Cap.  They received more than 20,000 petitions filed towards the Masters quota cap.
  • Computer generated random selection/ Lottery was conducted by USCIS on the total H1B petitions received until April 7th.
  • Lottery/ Random Selection Process :
    • Computer Generated Random Selection process was used to execute lottery.( No need to worry about human process that can raise doubts )
    • USCIS conducted lottery for Advanced Degree/ Masters degree quota petitions and selected 20,000 from them towards the Masters degree cap completion.
    • The H1B petitions that were filed under master’s quota cap, but not selected in the first round of lottery were added to the regular quota lottery pool of petitions.
    • Lottery was conducted with the above combined pool to select 65,000 petitions towards the Regular quota cap completion.
    • USCIS will reject and return the H1B petitions with the filing fees that were not selected in the above lottery process ( No loss to the employer, only Attorney fees ), that were not found as duplicate. If duplicate, your money will not be returned !
    • USCIS will begin premium processing of the H1B Petitions no later than April 28th ( it means that they could be process early as well )
    •  USCIS will continue to accept petitions that do not fall under H1B Cap, especially petitions that fall under below
      • H1B Visa Extensions
      • Petitions that were filed towards changes in terms of employment
      • Employer change H1B petitions
      • Second H1B petitions for concurrent working of an employee
      • Petitions that are filed by Educational and research institutions

RedBus2US Lottery Predictions = USCIS Received Petitions FY 2015

We are very happy to say that our H1B Visa Lottery Predictions based on USCIS Data Trends were exactly in-line with the petitions received by USCIS. In February of this year, we predicted that USCIS would receive about 150K to 180 K petitions for FY 2015 quota, and our predictions were right !  We are very happy that our predictions have been consistently right ! Hope some of you were able to plan ahead of time with our predictions.  All of our readers have been amazing and collaborating well.  Thanks for all your support !

We are revamping our H1B Tracker, please add your case, if you get selected in lottery to our H1B Tracker !  It will be great to see the processing times.

What are your thoughts on this years H1B Season ? Did you expect more ?

What should USCIS do to meet the demand ?

Reference : USCIS Website : USCIS Reaches FY 2015 


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Comments ( 963 )

    1. administrator

      Its a probability problem. You can do it yourself. Here you go –

      A bag contains 152,497 red balls (172,500 total petitions minus 20,000 that will be selected in Masters) and 3 blue balls (your 3 petitions). A person (USCIS computer in this case) needs to be pick 65,000 random balls from the bag with eyes closed (random selection). What’s the probability that one or more of the 3 blue balls will be selected.

  1. Hopeful

    My case is filed under Non-AD/RP category. I have not read anyone getting selection notification under this category until now. Please let me know if anyone got notified in this category.

    All the best everyone!

  2. sandeep

    Hi Saurabh,

    My petetion was filed under premium processing and non-AD. My office receied i-797C notice on friday.

    In that notice “the above petition or application has been received and accepted as a premium processing case. you should receive a notice regarding your case within 15 days from the date shown as the received date above.” (April 1oth , 2014)

    1) Does this mean my premium processing clocks start from apr 10 th or not?
    2)When I checked my EAC number in USCIS site, it still not showing any details. any idea why?


    1. administrator

      1. It will be processed by May 12 (15 calendar days from April 28). PP SLA has been modified for this initial filing.
      2. That is a common problem with other EAC applications. Keep trying in few days and wait for USCIS to fix it at their end.

  3. Amateur

    It seems uscis have started processing AD/RP in the end of last week. We may expect more of AD/RP receipts in this week. Next week we can expect getting receipts for non AD/RP in full force.

    One more thing, Last year one of my friends filed H1b with a big US bank in AD/RP. He was already working with them on OPT. He got receipt in July!!!!!

    So dont lose hope. until and unless your package is returned you are in race.

    I am non-ad/RP.

  4. kumar

    Hello all,

    My H1b petetion was picked in the lottery. I am on L2 visa and my employer applied H1b this year. I am in USA right now .

    When I submit documents to my lawyer I didn’t submit the electronic i-94 which we can download online.

    I submitted the visa copy(on which port of entry officer wrote the expiry date).

    When I see the the i-129 form in USCIS website

    In part 3 , section 2 … USCIS asked “if in the united states , complete the following” . I am in USA so we need to fill the details right. (I94 number)

    I am little worried about that getting RFE.

    Can you please let me know if there is a problem for H1b processing because of this.

    Please advise.


    1. administrator

      Your lawyer may have obtained the I-94 himself online. You can email him and ask him about it. If I-94 wasn’t submitted, then COS from L-2 to H-1 will be abandoned, but H-1 petition will continue to be processed.

      1. kumar

        Thanks Saurabh. I am waiting for my lawyers reply. I actually sent visa copy (i-94)where port authority officer wrote the expiration time. So no problem with my h1b processing?

        once h1b petition approved, can we amend h1b to cos ( l2 to h1b). I mean without leaving USA.

        sorry for asking … Just curious.


        1. administrator

          I don’t know much about the new I-94 system as I haven’t tried it myself. However, if the PoE officer wrote the date on visa stamp, then it should be fine. Lawyers often do not make such mistakes and your attorney would have put in the relevant information in I-129.

          If petition is approved w/ COS (provided your attorney completed the form correctly), you will be on H-1 status from Oct 1 w/ no further action required. You can start working on H-1 from Oct 1. If COS is not applied or denied, then separate COS application needs to be filed, or you need to enter US on stamped H-1 visa.

  5. Algon

    Hi suarabb! Please enlightend my case about my h1b application last year. Last aug/13 i received a notice that my application change from initial review to rfe, and on november 5, i received a notice again changing my status from rfe to rfe response review. But to my dismay, i received again a denial decision last december 28,2013. But im wondering why that last march 1/14, i received a notice again from denial to initial review. Stating that my case was transferrred to the local uscis for their review. Maybe my lawyer sent a motion for reconsideration of my case. But my problem is, will it take a long months or year for their decision of this case. Please suarabb help me about my case. Thank you and god bless.

    1. administrator

      You should ask the lawyer if they appealed the denial decision. Also, is the employer still willing to hire you? If yes, then their lawyer will be more responsive to your questions.

    1. H1 2015

      Hi ‘PP that were chosen’,
      They have not started processing premium applications yet. All the cases are in acceptance stage.

  6. Samy

    I got my receipt. This was my last year to get h1b, n I thank god, and my well wishers. Guys please keep hope, and confidence in yourself. I am praying for all of you.

  7. hope4thebest

    USICS received more than 20,000 petitions filed towards the Masters quota cap.
    Assume that, out of 175200 they received 85K AD cases.
    Is there any possibility USCIS conducted lottery only for Advanced Degree/ Masters degree and there was no NON-AD petition selected?

  8. jai

    As we all know that this time more petitions are Premium. Assume that out of 85 k , Minimum 30 k are belong to Premium category. I wonder, how the USCIS can finish the processing for all these petitions in the 10 working days.

    1)Will they start Exactly at 28th April or before itself?
    2)Will they throw Simply RFE to make the calender delay for the petition?
    3)What is the success rate for the premium applications?

    Really not sure how they plan and execute it.

    1. administrator

      1. All PP receipt numbers will be generated by April 28. PP SLA has been extended until 15 calendar days from April 28. So they are required to approve or issue RFE for all those petitions by that day (May 12).
      2. They have enough time in hand and some people have already received their approvals (as evident from their online status).
      3. Data not available. Petitions success is not dependent on its filing status – regular vs premium.

  9. usgrad

    Good morning !

    I am still waiting under AD/PP/VT. I will retain full hope until Apr 28 and little hope till May 12. Let’s see how many PP applicants are still here waiting for an answer. Reply below so that we can get some statistics.

  10. Mister

    Guys, I got my receipt number for this year. Non-AD/PP/CSC. However, I still follow this thread to know what happens. Be positive, be confident. You will only know if your application got rejected when your attorney gets your application back. So keep waiting and also start thinking about backup plans as well. Good luck everyone!

  11. being positive

    how long do i stay positive? untill when can i have hopes?
    Applied in Non-AD/PP.
    am losing it daily..but trying to push myself and holding tight.

    1. RK

      There is a difference between “being positive” vs “trying to be positive”. You seem to be in the second category. Trying in most cases is painful than just being. Get off it. Just imagine you are not selected. What would you do? Won’t you move on? Would your life stop? Anything after that can be a bonus. Expectation is the mother of misery.

      This way of being May not be good even further in your life. Be balanced and be ready to handle adversities. I am in no way saying prepare for worst.

  12. chima

    AD/RP/CSC – Received notification today from employer/attorney

    Application got picked last year but was rejected for incorrect start (Attorney’s fault)
    Hopeful in getting through this year.

    I think the regular processing notification have started coming out.

    Good luck everyone waiting and God Bless!

    1. B.E.L.I.E.V.E

      Congrats! Did you check with your school if your sevis has been updated ?
      If not can you please check and let us know! It will be really helpful. I was planning to do that this week to know if I was picked in the lottery.

      AD/ RP

  13. Rajesh Dhammani

    I am a Master Student i applied for H1B in Premium in Master’s cap, But i have not recieved and update yet.

    what if i am not selected in the lottary when will i get back my result? is there a way i can know if i am not selected in lottary?

  14. In the game!

    My attorney informed my employer that they received my receipt# yesterday morning. Non-AD/PP/CSC. Hope everyone who has been waiting anxiously hears the good news soon. Good luck and keep praying!

    1. Karan

      I am assuming that the premium ones are more often the cases that have been received as they will be processed first…..I maybe wrong but what I have been reading PP/AD are coming….. thats my understanding and what I have read so far

  15. MA

    Hello Everyone,

    Did any one receive response from employer for his/her Regular Processing Lottery result? My employer is saying that it will come by 1st week of May.

    Any update/timeline? Thank you so much.

          1. Karan

            I am getting a little scared now…..what is the lawyer saying any idea…..any info will be helpful…..thanks

          2. egannn

            very general, it takes a few weeks for USCIS to send the receipt notices. and just keep checking tracker.
            did you hear anything today? Nothing yet for me

    1. Karan

      Hey Guys,
      Heard anything yet. Or any tracking updates. I am freaking out seriously. Please let me know if you all got any updates on your trackers.

  16. Kelly

  17. rajesh

    Hi my employer has informed me that my application got picket up and he provided me with an EAC# but when i check that number online on uscis site nothing comes up came some please let me know whats going on.

    1. administrator

      EAC receipt numbers are having some issues and several people cannot track it online. Let your attorney know about it, so that they can provide feedback to USCIS. More number of people providing the feedback will cause USCIS to look at it more urgently.

  18. Kelly

    guys, please sign the petition “Allow H1B applicants who were not selected in the FY2015 lottery temporary work authorization .” on the white house petition website!
    It could make a difference, please sign it even if you are selected!!!!
    This lottery is horrible, we will be 87,5000 without work…
    sign and share 🙂

    1. Hope

      That’s a good idea, but that takes time to make the impact. I wish those who are not selected can extend their visa so that they can work and wait till the next year’s filing and get a second chance. But without the visa status, we can’t even stay legally in the US.

  19. SS

  20. Hope

    Still waiting on the AD/PP/Vermont. Looks like some Reg already received their receipts, does it mean that PP has already all sent out?

    1. Optimist

      Looks like they are not doing AD/PP first and then Non-AD PP. All PPs could be in the same pool and be processed in a random way. So let us hope that some of the AD/PPs are yet to come.

      1. Hope

        Yes, Let’s hope. It’s just a long endless waiting. When would be the day that all PP receipts are sent out? Around 23rd – 28th?

        1. AD

          Same Here (AD/PP/CA)… Looking at the tracking site and this site regularly on any details that could give some relief..hope for the best..

  21. RK

    I feel happy that I have not applied for Premium processing. I like the suspense for little longer after seeing people here so tensed.

      1. Manoj


        I filed H1B visa in Regular Processing.. any idea by what time my employer will receive lottery result for my petition? Thanks a lot.

  22. usgrad

    Last year, the USCIS stopped taking new H1B FY2014 petitions on Apr 5, 2013 (Friday) and conducted lottery on Apr 7 (Sunday. On Apr 8, 2013 (Monday), the USCIS informed us they received about 124,000 petitions and the random selection process was completed.

    This year, the USCIS received about 172,500 H1B FY2015 petitions and conducted the random selection process on Apr 10, 2014. Some people received emails with a receipt number. Please do not panic, if you did not get any notification. We still have time to know about our result. Those who paid for Premium Processing (PP) should expect notification between Apr 10 and May 12, since the USCIS announced that they will start PP no later than Apr 28 (instead of Apr 15).

    I got this information from other website. NOTE: This applies to last year cases (FY 2014 ).

    “The earliest notifications in FY14 were premium-processing eMail receipts, which arrived on April 9, 2013. Even though the USCIS officially suspended premium processing timeframe guarantees for cap cases between April 1st and April 15th, some of the premium-processing cases, nonetheless, were acted upon promptly. The Murthy Law Firm even saw some cases approved by April 15,2013, for the last fiscal year.

    By April 23, 2013, the Murthy Law Firm had received eMail receipts for the remaining cases filed under premium processing, as well as additional approval notices. Also by that time, hard copy receipt notices for H1B cases filed under standard, non-premium processing had begun to come in gradually. These receipts continued to arrive throughout April and into May.

    In FY14, the USCIS began returning cases that had not been selected in the lottery on May 6, 2013. The packets containing these filings started to arrive via regular mail a few days later.”

  23. Tracking

    So I have seen a lot of people are not able track a PP with/without AD application at the Vermont center but is there anyone who has been able to track?

  24. ss

    Does anyone still WAITING to hear the results from Vermont center filed under Regular quota /PP. I m very nervous as some of my friends already got theirs.

  25. Arpita

    Do you know anyone who has applied two h1b’s. I have two part time jobs with advanced degree and I applied for two h1b with different employers.

  26. Question

    Has ANYONE received a response who is Advanced Degree / Regular (not Premium) Processing / California? I haven’t seen any, just wanted to check. I imagine we won’t see these coming through until next week.

    1. NJ

      any one got news or update on
      Regular process master from California center?
      How long we should wait?

      this waiting time making me more nervous, some of my friend already received and some of them are stuck. most friends are master.
      this time H1 is very big gamble.

  27. I am giving up

    I believe all PP applications already received their notice. Did any body received today afternoon? all set to give up. crazy God with beautiful plans. Mine submitted in general, pp. No reply till now.

    1. AD

      I would say to keep your hope alive till the end.. If you don’t want to – it’s fine but please don’t share your thoughts that All is done (“all PP Applications already received their notice”- not true/possible)..that doesn’t help out anyone or even yourself .

      I am not sure what’s going to happen but don’t want to assume stuff as I think there is a lot of possibility till April 25th .. So, just stay positive (sorry , didn’t mean ..)

    2. Deep

      Buddy, they have not finished processing non-AD PP applications yet, they took a week to email AD/PP receipts which are just 20k, non-AD are 65k, so we will have to wait till April 28..

      Good Luck!!

  28. PrayersAnswered

    Just got the email from my lawyer today morning. Filed under Regular/PP in California Center.
    Didn’t make the lottery last year, but can finally sigh of relief.
    Hang in there folks

    I wonder if the lottery is really random, or USCIS takes into consideration of those folks who applied last year and didnt make it through, as I read comments on some who also didnt make it last year. And last year, people i knew who weren’t eligible for STEM extension, made the lottery.

      1. Sam

        Same category , still waiting.. CA center 🙁 I heard there were people who received confirmation 1 week after everyone else received….

        1. H1B

          Thanks for the reply Let’s pray for the things turn the way we want them.
          Even for the cases that are not selected in the lottery they should send some emails. This waiting time is really killing me like any thing,.

          1. AD

            Yes .. me too on AD/PP. Still Waiting and just going with the USCIS message that they will process PP latest by April 28th .. So, we do have some time to look for the receipts to come in atleast till April 25th for AD or Regular Processing . I hope they would have scheduled that way as once they send out the receipt then it actually means that they need to get the processing for PP within the next 15 days of the receipt . So, they will be having a schedule on how many receipts to forward in a day that could be taken care keeping their capacity(team) of processing it in that time.. So,, lets hope..

    1. HalfFullOrHalfEmpty


      Me too. I have applied under AD/VSC. I am not sure if the employer has filed under premium or regular. Glued to my inbox for any updates.

  29. Prayer worked

    I am through the lottery….Yippeeeeeeeeee….
    I was notified yesterday
    I missed the lottery last year and I made it this year…
    Cool down guys..
    No- EAC1413***********

  30. rakesh

    Any AD/PP/VSC petitions selected today? haven’t seen anything today..

    AD/PP/VSC still waiting…not selected last year. Testing my luck again !!

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