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Why US Visa Status on CEAC says Refused for 221g ? Dropbox ? Visa Interview ?

When you check your US Visa Stamping Status online, there are some cases, where the online status on the CEAC website shows as “Refused“, even though the consular officer said after the interview that it was approved. You may also see the same status after you dropped off documents for US Visa Dropbox stamping or you received form 221g Administrative Processing issued by the consular officer saying that they need to do some administrative processing and kept the passport.

In the past, it used to show “Administrative processing”, but it now shows as “refused” from March 3rd, 2020 onwards for most of the cases. This online status of “Refused” can cause a lot of panic among many in 221g administrative processing, dropbox stamping, or general visa stamping applicants. This article covers the issue with the status “Refused”, why it shows like that, and updates with user inputs & experiences.

How to Check US Visa Status on CEAC

If you do not know, the US CEAC website is the place where you check your US Visa status. CEAC stands for US Dept. of State’s Consular Electronic Application Center (CEAC). If you are new and not sure how to use the CEAC website, you can read How to Check US Visa Status on the CEAC website to get an idea of how to check the status online and understand the status that is typically shown, when you check the US Visa status.

Let’s first look at the common situation with 221g, where you would see “Refused” Status. We will review Dropbox and the general visa interview later.

Previous US Visa Status for 221g on CEAC Website

In general, when you are issued a form 221g for administrative processing, you used to see the status of “Administrative processing” on the US Dept CEAC Website and the text under it used to read like below.

“Your visa case is currently undergoing necessary administrative processing. This processing can take several weeks. Please follow any instructions provided by the Consular officer at the time of your interview. If further information is needed, you will be contacted. If your visa application is approved, it will be processed and mailed/available within two business days. For more information, please visit US Consulate General <City name>”

See the screenshot below on exactly how it looked.

221g Administrative Processing Status CEAC Website
Administrative Processing

We have picked a case that is still in Administrative processing from the past and how it used to look. But, that changed from March 2020.  Pay close attention to the number to check below.

221g Status Changed to Refused for US Visa on US CEAC Website

From early March 2020, many users have reported and we verified as well that most of the 221g Cases’ status has changed to “Refused”, even when there was no real update on their ‘Case Last Updated Date’ or anything has changed. One key thing to note is the text under it has changed. It reads like below now.

“A U.S. Consular Officer has adjudicated and refused your visa application. Please follow any instructions provided by the consular officer. If you were informed by the consular officer that your case was refused for administrative processing, your case will remain refused while undergoing such processing. You will receive another adjudication once such processing is complete. Please be advised that the processing time varies and that you will be contacted if additional information is needed. For more information, please visit TRAVEL.STATE.GOV or the website for the Embassy or Consulate at which you made your visa application. For more information, please visit U.S. Consulate General <Consulate name>”

Pay close attention to the bold text, it basically tells that, if you were given Administrative processing, then it will be processed in administrative processing. Also, see the screenshot below with status ‘Refused’, it is the same case number as above.

221g - Status Refused - CEAC Website

You may watch the below YouTube Video on 221g CEAC Status Administrative Processing, which covers the same details

Why has the Status Changed from Administrative Processing to Refused Suddenly?

Well, the CEAC website changed the displayed status text to be in line with the form given by the consular officer, and that’s why you see this big change and the confusion. If you check your 221g notice or any of the standard 221g forms given, you will see the text that says “Your application for a nonimmigrant visa has been refused per section 221(g) of the U.S. Immigration and Nationality Act…”.

See the below screenshots of sample 221(g) forms issued by US Consulates:

221g Refused Text on White Slip
221g Slip given after the visa interview – White color
221g Pink Slip Refused Text
221g Slip given after the visa interview – Pink Color

So, technically, it was refused and the online status now on the CEAC website now reflects the same. So, nothing to panic about or worry about.

The text below the actual ‘refused‘ status on the CEAC website tells clearly that if you were given administrative processing, it will be continued to be processed and you will receive another update on the decision/adjudication once the process is complete. There is nothing to worry about, if you have been issued a 221g, it will be continued to be processed.

Official Communication Travel.State.Gov New Alert

On March 5th, 2020, the US Department of State updated their website in a news alert that they have made the status-related text change to reflect the actual change, but does not really change the case information. As discussed above, it is in line with the 221g sheet given to the applicant, when their case goes to Administrative processing. Check the below screenshot, which tells the change in text. You can check the Official Travel.State.Gov Press Release for CEAC Change

Adminstrative Processing Changed to Refused - CEAC - March 2020 News Relase
CEAC Case Status Change News Alert by the US Dept of State

National Visa Center – Verified Change

We called National Visa Center regarding the status changed and asked about the change. They confirmed that the status text has changed for Administrative processing, but nothing other than that. If you were given a slip for 221g or told by Consular Officer that your case will be in administrative processing, then your case will be processed accordingly.

The status text of the refused for Administrative processing is different from the real refused case, without administrative processing. We cover that below. In any case, you can call National Visa Center as well and verify, if you are concerned. You need to have your Passport Number, Date of Birth, and Case ID for getting info on your case. You may have to wait for 30 to 45 min, details of the Phone Number for the National Visa Center are at: https://travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/contact-us/us-visas.html

Actual Refused Status Text on CEAC? Is it Consistent?

It is very hard to say what the exact status you would see on the CEAC website if your US Visa was really refused for good. In the past, it was clear, but since March 2020 and in recent times in 2021, this has been very inconsistent. Many users see the “Refused” status as an intermediate status as well.

In early 2020, some “refused” cases that were ultimately “denied” had “refused” status on the CEAC website with shorter text. See the below screenshots. But, that is not true always. Many cases in late 2020 and 2021 had “Refused” status with shorter text as an intermediate status and later they changed to Administrative processing and then “Issued”. So, it is very hard to say the exact text for real refused cases.

Observed CEAC Status Changes: Refused ( with short text ) >> Administrative Processing >> Issued

The only way to tell, if your case was refused, is if you get a confirmation from Consulate that says, your case is refused. Sample US Visa Denial Letter from US Consulate after 221g

Example of CEAC Status Refused with Shorter text

  • Old Text for Refused: Your application was refused. Please refer to the letter or other instructions you were given at the time of your visa interview. For more information, please visit <US consulate name >
  • New Text for Refused: A consular officer has adjudicated and refused your visa application. Please see the letter you received at the interview. For more information, please visit <US Consulate name>
  • See below Refused Status with shorter text, before and after March 20th, 2020.
CEAC Status Refused - Before - After Change 2020
US Visa Refused Case status

US Visa Status for Dropbox shows Refused or Administrative Processing

If you have submitted your documents for US Visa stamping using the Dropbox option for renewals, like H1B Dropbox, then you may see “Administrative Processing” as the status on the CEAC website. Sometimes, due to the issue we described in the article above, you may also see the “Refused” status as well.

Usually, this status of “Refused” or “Administrative Processing” would change in about a week to 10 days. If not, then you can reach out to the consulate. Do not panic, if you see this status.

Also, at times, some users reported that you would see “Refused” or “Administrative Processing” status for a general US Visa in-person interview, where the consular officer said that your visa was approved and kept your passport. Give it a few days for the status to change. If it does not change after a week or 10 days, then reach out to the consulate.

What do you see on your 221g Status on CEAC website? How about Dropbox Status? Share your thoughts in the comments below.


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  1. Hi,

    I submitted my Dropbox on the March 20th 2023.
    My application status changed to Refused on April 6th 2023.

    The refusal message mentions that i will be contacted by the consular officer for further steps. Does anybody know what are the average time an officer will take to issue such letter/communication on further steps?

    Message read as below:
    “A U.S. consular officer has adjudicated and refused your visa application. Please follow any instructions provided by the consular officer. If you were informed by the consular officer that your case was refused for administrative processing, your case will remain refused while undergoing such processing.

    • Hello Aditya

      H1b same issue facing ,I dropped passport & other documents april05 Delhi office but April 11 status changed “Refused” message same.

      • Same thing happened to me. My B2 shows refused. I emailed them on the next steps and then 24 hours (today) after that we received an email to collect my passport. I am yet to collect my passport to understand why it is showing refused.

        did they tell you why it is refused?

          • Hey. Yes, we collected the passport with a 221g slip in it. My mother has been called for an in-person interview (no appointment required). They give you a time slot in the the 221g slip itself. Again, this is Mumbai consulate for B2 visa renewal via dropbox.

        • Yes, waited for 1 week, emailed UStraveldocs at support-india@ustraveldocs.com and picked up passport by next week with 221g slip.

          Had to submit documents at the VAC Mumbai, status changed to admin processing 3 days after submission. you can check the status of the passport
          on cgi federal website.

          use this link to check the passport status: https://redbus2us.com/visas/usa/apply/us-visa-passport-tracking-statuses/

          I am still awating update last update May 22nd – Approved.

    • Hi Aditya,
      The embassy does this kind of a thing when they aren’t 100% certain and need additional time to process all the information on the case.
      It’s possible you may get a 221 g slip.
      You may be called in for an interview or they may need some additional document to verify your given documents.
      All this process can take up anywhere from 10 days to more than a month. Mainly just because of the sheer overload of cases post Covid and Russia- Ukraine conflict.
      I hope this helps.
      Good luck

    • Hi Everyone,

      Myself and my wife both have valid B1 visa’s with 10 year validity. I have been to US about 6 times so far and never stayed more than maximum 5 weeks.My wife has recently got her B1 visa and never been to US.

      We have applied B1/B2 for my 6 year old daughter and she was eligible for Dropbox as both the parents have a valid US visa’s and we had submitted the docs at Bangalore VAC on 3rd April 2023 , later CEAC case status was updated from received to refused on 11th April and today morning we have got the passport delivered to home by bluedart and along with the passport there is a 221g white slip asking parents to come for a face to face interview on 16th May 2023 at chennai consulate , between 9 AM to 11 AM with the 221g letter and kid’s passport and kid presence is not required.Asked us to carry passport and 221g slip.

      Anyone faced similer issue? Plaese let me know

    • Facing the similar situation. I dropped my H4 at Delhi ofc. After 4 days the status changed from “Application received” to “Refused”. Where as my spouse H1b (chennai location) got approved.

  2. Hi
    My Dropbox appointment for F-1 visa was on 31st March and today I received my passport but it has no stamping on it and neither have I received any rejection document.
    The status on the site was updated on 5th and it states that my case is open. What does it mean?
    I am really scared as my classes are starting from May and if I don’t get the visa they will cancel my admission.

    Please help.

    • Hi
      Same case with me. I again submitted the passport and now after 7-8 days status is Refused and passport will be dispatched. What should I do ?

  3. I am writing this if it is helpful to any Dropbox applicants for H1B.

    I had Dropbox appointment on 7th March 2023

    Status was showing as No Status until 28th March

    Status changed to Application Received on 29th March

    Status Changed to Refused on 1st April (I was worried and came to a decision it is denied)

    Status changed to Approved on 4th April.

    Hope it helps to understand the status change.

    Thank you!

    • Hi Lok,

      Nice to see your post.
      I have a query on dropbox. I assume we need to take an appointment for dropbox. If i take appointment for Mumbai, can i submit the documents in Hyderabad on the same appointment time taken for Mumbai


  4. Application B1/B2 Visa
    Drop Box Delhi
    Case Opened
    Refused after 2 weeks
    Passport ready for pick up
    221(g) slip inside

    US Embassy Delhi Interview tick mark only – no appointment required

    Interview completed
    She keep the Passport for processing – no comment on visa

    Status – Approved after 1 hour.
    Status – Issued after 3 days
    Passport ready for pickup..

    I will pick up on Monday or Tuesday.. let see.

      • Hi Sam,
        If the status on CEAC is “Refused” but passport was asked to pick up any idea what that means?
        FYI : I am on an unending saga from 22nd Dec,2022

        • It shows refused to most applicants these days, but it really means administrative processing.
          It’s possible you may get your passport back with a 221g slip asking you for additional doccuments.

          If it has taken as long as you say it has. You should contact the embassy and try to find out what’s going on.

      • Hi sam, Thanks for sharing.

        How and when after the status changed to refusal were you contacted to pickup the passport? or for the further steps?

        My case –
        Dropbox submitted – 3/20/23
        Refused status change – 4/6/23…… No email or status change on cgi website.

        • Hi Aditya,

          Any idea how we will get notified. Because the status shows refused but I didn’t receive any email.

          • Today it shows “Passport has been received from the consular section and is currently being processed for delivery”. But Visa status in CEAC site still shows as Refused.
            Can anyone have any idea abt this.

        • Today it shows “Passport has been received from the consular section and is currently being processed for delivery”. But Visa status in CEAC site still shows as Refused.
          Can anyone have any idea abt this.

    • Hi Sam,
      If the status does not change from “Refused” yet you receive an email to pick up passport any idea what that means?

    • Hey Sam. Similar story with my mom. She got a 221g slip to appear for an in-person interview for her B2 renewal.

      Can you share what questions they asked you in the interview please? Any documents except for the white slip and passport?

  5. Kumar, I applied for B1B2 and got approved by Consular Officer on November 30 but after 10 days I didn’t hear from them in Accra. My CEAC status shows “Approved”. I emailed consulate and they informed me I am on administrative processing. Two months later, I requested temporary release of my passport back on February 12th 2023 to travel briefly. I received the passport without any 221g note on 15th February but CEAC status changed to Refused with long text later that day. It has since been updated thrice from 30 Nov. To 15 February to 22nd February to 2nd March? I am very very confused? Should I expect them to reach back to request for the passport? Or it is final.p0

    • My case is almost the same as yours. I went for my immigrant visa interview on May 18,2022 and I got refused on 221g. Ever since then they have been requesting for different documents. On December 21,2022 I got an email to come pick up my passport but on checking my passport I noticed it wasn’t stamp. I checked my visa status and it shows REFUSED. Please I just want to know if I have been refused for good or I’m still meant to wait. Though I already went to submit every documents they requested for again. I would love if you can reply me cause I’m really curious

    • Hi Gyaj, do you have an update from them? Did you receive any notice or letter or email.
      I have the same case and I withdraw for emergency travel plans. But I have no update.
      Pls advice. Pls share your experience.

  6. hello

    i attended a interview for a US visa in london on the 7 October, 2022, I was given a 221g form at the end of the interview, upon checking the portal 2 days ago it now shows “A U.S. consular officer has adjudicated and refused your visa application. Please see the letter you received at the interview”

    It makes me think it was refused at the time of interview and then nothing has been done but same decision on my portal application.

    how can i appeal this as i have had a previous visitor visa issues in the past in 2015.

    • Prit,
      There is nothing you can appeal as it is their discretion. You need to wait. It could be that they need more time. You can write to consulate again and then request for update.

    • Still in administrative processing. Plz double check 221(g) slip.. maybe they need some documents or another interview or need more time for processing.

  7. Hi,

    I had my dropbox appointment on January 17th 2023, for O1A visa at the New Delhi VAC. The case was created on January 18th and changed to “Refused” with a long text on January 19th. The date got updated twice since then, on February 2nd and February 9th, however, with an unchanged “Refused” status. I have been constantly calling and emailing them, but getting a generic response that my application is under administrative processing. I haven’t yet received any email notification or request for further documentation.

    Did any experience a similar situation where no further documents have been requested but the status still says “Refused ” or Administrative processing? Any thoughts on when I should expect an update? Usually they would send back the passport and ask to come for an interview, but it hasn’t happened with me yet.

  8. Hi I had my interview on January 27 2023, the consular gave me the green form and took my fingerprints, approving my visa, the consular told me that it would take more time because of my “situation”. Its been two weeks and my status is refused. I did not receive any emails or calls. Do I need to wait more time? Is it possible that the consular approved it for me and regretted it?
    Can somebody help me?

  9. Hi My wife had an IV interview on January 24 2023, the consular gave white 221g form for one additional document. we submitted the document in January 31, 2023. Its been 10 days her status is still showing refused. we are confused because last status update is
    Fab 06,2023 which was refused but we didn’t received any email or massage from consulate yet.
    any one can help me

    • Hi please did your wife finally get it.
      Please what’s the update because I’m also in the same boat and its been three weeks

    • Hello, could you please advise if you got an automatic reply when you sent the documents? When I sent the documents I have not got any reply although everyone I know got it. Thanks you

  10. My brother had his interview last week at the Consulate for an immigrant visa and consular officer said all looks good but need to verify your Class B medical condition (autism) and kept passport. Today we noticed in CEAC a refusal with a long message similar to the refusal with administrative processing, but they didn’t give him any paper at the embassy last week. Concerned and confused. Hoping it’s just an interim message as your article states but unsure whether to contact Embassy.

  11. Hi,

    I submitted my H1 visa documents via dropbox in New Delhi on 15th Nov 2022 and 14 days later it was Refused for administrative processing. it’s 1st Feb 2023 and the status is still the same and no one from Consulate reached out asking for any additional documents nor they gave 221(g) slip.

    Any one had a similar experience like this?

      • Is there a way to reach out to consulate apart from going through USTravelDoc? USTravelDocs provide a cookie cutter answers without much details .

      • Is there a way to reach out to consulate apart from going through USTravelDoc? USTravelDocs provide a cookie cutter answers without much details .

        • Sami,
          I am exactly in the same boat. Waiting to either get the “refused” status changed or get the 221(g).
          Just getting the pre-drafted responses as an email reply from ustraveldocs.

          Did you got any response back yet ?

          • I didnt get any updates on that yet. Just noticed today that the case last updated date changed to 9 Feb 2023 from 14 Dec 2022, but the status is still refused with long text.

            How long have you status been like that?

          • Sami, I don’t see “reply” option in your comment on Feb 9th, so doing it here.

            Mine is since Jan 18th, but I got an update with 221g on Feb 7th for fingerprinting which I did in embassy on Feb 8th and now it is finally showing it issued as of Feb 9th. Waiting for the passport to come back.

            But, it is all black box. I didn’t knew until they sent the automated message.
            Good Luck.

    • Hi Sami,

      I am also facing similar issue. Passport returned without and document asked. I submitted my doc on 2nd February got refused on 6 February. Everyday it is updating with same refused status.
      Any update on your case?

      • No update on my case either. Its been in refused status since 29th Nov 2022.

        Case last updated dated changed on 9th Feb and 16th Feb but status didn’t change.

        Its so frustrating. If they need additional information, then simply contact the applicant and ask for it. It shouldn’t take this long to come to a decision especially when we have been in US for more than 6 years!

        • My H4 visa got refused and then now the passport is delivering back to me . Status is still showing Refused. Does this mean it will have a 221g slip when the passport coming back ? If anyone had the same situation pls reply…

  12. Hi,

    My current employer is starting PERM process and collecting my documents. My first US entry was 12-Jan-2019 but my employer started my payroll only from 18-Mar-2019 and he gave me a final separation document (kind of experience letter) which also states my joining date as 18-Mar-2019. Will the gap between the initial entry to US and “actual” joining date be a problem during PERM or i-140 process? Can you please provide some details in this situation or how can I handle this.

  13. I got visa.. status changed from Refused to Approved then Issued…

    If it says refused with long text it generally means that they need additional time/documents to process application.

  14. I have received “Refused” visa status after Dropbox appointment and status says as long text as,
    “A U.S. consular officer has adjudicated and refused your visa application. Please follow any instructions provided by the consular officer. If you were informed by the consular officer that your case was refused for administrative processing, your case will remain refused while undergoing such processing. You will receive another adjudication once such processing is complete. Please be advised that …….. ”

    Could you please advise what should be the next ?
    have not received any email or sms. Should be wait till receive any further step ?

  15. I had dropbox appointment for me and my spouse for H1b and H4 respectively on Nov 2nd in Delhi for Mumbai consulate. Received H4 visa stamp on Nov 9 th but mine H1b was showing approved on CEAC website but not received any email about passport update. Nov 24 th received email, your passport is ready for pick up on CGI. Unfortunately I have not opened my passport till a day before my travel as someone else have collected my passport and when opened the passport has white slip and says your application requires “additional administrative processing” and consular office will contact for any updates. Now CEAC website shows visa status last update Nov 28 th Refused with long text.
    Anyone in the same boat and how long does it takes to get it clear. Any updates will be appreciated.

  16. Hi, I applied for F1 visa under the VWP for London. After 2 days they changed my status to refused. Today I get an email to say they’re sending me documents related to my visa. They said it’s either been refused or refused for additional documents. I am collecting my documents on Monday but I’m so worried it’s a straight refusal. I wish I had the chance to go to an interview.

  17. Hi,
    My L1A was refused, and I was given my passport back with form 221 (g) but it was mentioned that my visa is clearly denied, no additional documents were asked. Still the status on my application on cgi portal is showing as my passport is with US consulate which is incorrect as the passport is with me. How can I get this corrected since I have to apply for L1B which I cannot until I get this corrected.

  18. My Dad had his B2 visa interview in New Delhi on 15th Nov, the status was set to refused. The consulate officer did not take any document other than his resume. It’s been more than a week and the status has not changed but the status on CGI shows his passport is on the way.
    I am confused now as the refused status is still with the long text and last updated date as Nov 16th on the CEAC website. Not sure if anyone else has the same experience , if do then please confirm if its refused and we need to reapply or the status is not accurate.

  19. Hi kumar. I had my drop box appointment last week. Iam in h1b. Today the status changed from ‘Application received’ to ‘refused’.. is this a 221 g? Anything to panic?

    • Hi Karthik,

      My situation is also same. Yesterday, the status changed from application received to refused and no further communication. Did you get any further update ?

          • Hi Karthick,
            My H1B Dropbox appointment was on November 21st and on 26th November I saw the first update as Refused. On December 2nd it says case updated but no email or letter from the consulate so far. My Passport Tracking shows Its still with US consulate. When was your dropbox date?

          • Hello Karthick

            What’s the update ?? Did you receive you passport ?? Was it a 221G or its a denial ? Can you share more details

          • Hey! I’m in a similar situation. Applied for Dropbox F-1 It showed Application received then showed refused with a long paragraph. What do I do? Is this something to panic about

      • Hi Kumar,

        My spouse dropped his documents for H4 on Nov 18,2022 and his previous visa was F1. Until Dec 6,2022 the status remained as application received and today (Dec7,2022) CEAC website says refused with the long text. But no email from consulate regarding denial or document submittal. Do you have any update on your case? Or do you know long does it take to get a communication from the consulate regarding the passport/visa?

        Thank you for sharing your experience!

        • Status update:

          He got his passport back on Dec 10,2022 with 221g white slip. No additional documents requested and asked to appear for an immigration interview on Jan 11,2022.

    • Hi Karthick,

      I applied for my H1B stamping thru dropbox but it got ‘refused’. How do we know if it is a 221G or direct denial? Has this become very common?


      • Hi Akshay,

        How did your case proceed eventually? Was it a 221g or the “Refused” status was just an intermediate status?


  20. Hi,

    My wife has applied for H1 visa through Dropbox as she hold H4 visa but not travelled to US. Her Dropbox appointment was on 9-Nov-2022 and visa status is Refused now but it didn’t mention anything about 221g. Can we still hope for it to be turned to Issued or Is it Refused only.

    Case Created: 15-Nov-2022
    Case Last Updated: 18-Nov-2022

    A U.S. consular officer has adjudicated and refused your visa application. Please see the letter you received at the interview.
    For more information, please visit U.S. Consulate General Chennai.

  21. Hi,

    I applied for an F1 Visa and my status on CEAC website was approved after a week. I had opted in for delivery but would be out of town for a couple of days so, I asked the helpdesk if I could change from delivery to pickup, they gave me the following instructions:

    1.”Login into the profile.
    2.”Click on ”New application/Schedule appointment tab”’ and proceed further.
    3.”After Step-7, you will find an option to change your document delivery location.
    4. Click on the same and proceed ahead to change the pickup location.

    I did this and my in a couple of hours my visa status changed to “Refused”, do you have an idea of of what is going on or have seen cases like this?


    • Parth,
      You doing something in the USTravelDocs portal has nothing to do with what you saw on CEAC website. Give it a couple of days, it will change. The refused status can be misleading at times.

    • Did you get any update? One of my friends had similar situation. His visa was approved but then changed to refused. Not sure what to do now?

  22. We had an interview for H1B (me) and H4( my wife) visa at US consulate in Vancouver, Canada on June 13, 2022. After interview officer took our passports and told us you are subjected to administrative processing and I will send you an email you should provide some additional documents. He said I don’t see any problem with your visa and you will get it within 1 month. Even he told me to pay the visa stamp fee. But It’s been 5 months and I have not received any updates yet! I emailed multiple times to the US consulate but I got the same response saying please wait.
    Do you know is there anyway to follow up my application?
    Thank you

  23. Hi,

    Just yesterday my parents got approved by consular officer,
    The status was approved
    They kept passports but we asked them back to us because we had flight back and couldn’t stay in that country,
    They said it’s ok, later send it to us
    But after 24hours status changed to refused
    So shocked, panick
    Should we send passports for pick up? And the refused text is the long one

  24. I have applied for L2 dependent visa for spouse and new born. Both through Dropbox as wife already has B1 visa. I am already on L1 visa and currently working in Amazon USA. Status for kid shows approved and spouse is Refused. I am confident that I have submitted all the documents requests. Has any one faced this issue. What are my options now?

    • Update: The status for both are same (Spouse: Refused with long text) Kid : approved

      The ustraveldocs website now says that : Passport has been received from the consular section, and is currently being processed for delivery

      What does this mean ?. I have selected premium delivery for the passport. If this is administrative processes (fingers crossed) will I get the information through email/ mail ?

      Will they retain the passport of return it back. ?

      My baby passport is issued ?

      Also, kudos to all the unsung heros who share their experiences before and after and all along the way!

  25. Hi ..
    I had an immigrant visa interview one week ago for an F4 immigrant visa in Jordan US embassy ..
    the case is for my mother , sister and I .. at the end of the interview they told us that our case is approved .. but today only 2 of our visas sho “issued” and one of them shows “refused” …
    Please tell me what to do ??

  26. H1B dropbox visa renewal at Mumbai .
    This was the third time renewing my visa with the same employer
    I had lost my passport about 9 years ago. thre prior visa renewals were smooth and always completed within 3-4 days at the Delhi Visa center and embassy. This time I had to choose Mumbai because of availability

    Oct 14- submitted
    Oct 17- Case created
    Oct 21- Refused
    Oct 25- Refused
    Oct 27- Passport available for pick up along with 221g( white)
    Oct 28- 221g Documents submitted( Friday)
    Oct 31- Administrative possessing(Monday)
    Oct 31- Approved
    Nov 01- Issued

    221g-, following documents requested 1) Employment letetr 2) Police report and copies of of lost passport (if available) 3) Visas in lost passport ( if available)

    now here’s my assessment :

    1) My hospital had outsourced employment letter to third party service. and on the letter head was the third part name and not my employer ( hospital). It had all details of my employment and hours. I think the counsular officer may have hurriedly looked at it and misunderstood. I had to make emergency requests to my HR and HOD and they both provided letters with company and hospital letter heads which I received by email and printed out. On the advice of my lawyer they incuded a few lines about how urgently they need me back. I also had a printout with my hourly wages and FTE first time iIsubmitted which the VFS clerk did not take.

    2) I had provided prior visas with the initial submission. I think the visa officer didn’t realize. The VFS clerk said that prior passport front page was not needed.

    3) The second time resubmitting, I wrote on the top of each document name in capital letters with a thick red marker. i also used a sticky=note/post it on each group of documents ( employment letters, police report + letter form Indian consulate in US and prior visas)

    4) I had visited the website of the senator of my state and submitted a help request. although they did not reply ( as weekend ) , I don’t know if the were involved.

    5) once the consulate received the documents , visa was approved within 4-6 hours.

    my take- home points
    1) give all possible documents. even if the VFS people say no need, insist and give them.
    2) Visa officers are dumb. clearly label each document and use a sticky note to reinforce.
    3) Dont hesitate to get your congressman and senator involved.

    Will try to answer any questions.

    • I’m a first time H1B applicant. My passport was returned along with 221g( white). I was just asked to mail the additional documents.
      What would be the next steps here?
      Will I get a separate notification to submit the passport for stamping?

  27. i am L2 dependent Visa , they took the passport during the Visa interview, later they have return my passport and my status on the website is Refused, almost 11 months has been completed, emailed the US consulates but they replied still in processing .Please advise how long the Visa process would took for approval l? Do I need to reply? or is there any other procedure?

  28. Hi, i had my US C1D Visa interview and the interviewer said that the visa is approved and then the status of my visa was refused,they sent me the passport back with no stamp and no letter of instructions.

  29. I applied for US Non-immigrant visa along with my husband and 2 kids. Our passports were taken by the interviewing officer. He didn’t really ask anything during the interview except reason for US visa and I told them that my sister lives there and I want to visit her. BTW I’m a Canadian PR and applied through Toronto Consulate. Today, I received emails for passport collection of my husband and both kids. I checked my application status at CEAC and it says REFUSED with the same text as mentioned in the article. I didn’t receive any email or form from the consulate so far, and no information on the passport either. I’m perplexed ,it’s MY sister I wanted to visit, and they gave visa to everyone except me?!!!
    Moreover, how and when am I going to get my passport back? If it’s in administrative processing, how long can it take, and what if I need to travel somewhere else? Can I get it back at request?

  30. Hi KUMAR
    I applied for us visa and i went for my interview on the 16th September and my visa was approved and my passport collected. It’s over one month now I still haven’t gotten my visa and when I called the embassy today they told me to wait. So I decided to track it and my status changed from approved to refused with the long text u input here with the administrative processing text. I am so worried please what can I do about it? Should I pay for another visa fee and book new appointment because I’m quite confused. Please help me thanks

    • Adeyinka,
      Do not worry, 221g can take time. If they have your passport it is positive sign. No need to pay fee again for the current one. You do not need to take a new appointment. Just wait and stay positive. Keep following up every couple of weeks with the Consulate.

  31. I submitted my docs for H1B through dropbox and received mail today that I need to attend in-person interview after I receive my passport. The visa status is now showing as refused. Will this status change after I schedule the interview or after visa is approved.

  32. Used Dropbox to submit my B1B2 visa for renewal along with my new and old passports. The status changed from received to refused overnight and I have not heard back from the consulate. Also, the email address provided was my companys and will cease to exist in a month. How and when will the consulate contact me for documents?

    Thanks for your guidance.

    • Hello Sam, I am in the same boat. But I hear that the status changes in a few days.
      Has your status changed yet?
      Drop box appt: Oct 11th
      Status received Oct 12th
      Status Refused Oct 13th.

      • Hey Saurabh,

        I am also in the same boat. Did you receive your passport or the reason for the refusal?


        • Hello Kulendra,
          The status still says “refused,” but the passport status today (oct 17th) says, ” Passport has been received from Consular section and is currently being processed for delivery.”
          I guess I am going to get 221g

          • So they will send 221-G hard copy with your passport ? If they asked for some extra documents and you provided them then whats next step ? do we have to schedule appointment again or we can just goto dropbox location and drop the documents ?

      • I had a dropbox at pune location on 11th OCT, I can see status as refused from yesterday. Not sure why it got refused, I had to change the ds160 at the time of submitting my documents at dropbox, there was a mistake in my name in original ds160.

        • Hi Anand.

          I too had a dropbox at Pune on 11th October. The status changed to APPROVED on 20th October and today it has changed to REFUSED. This is weird as it was approved before being refused.
          Just wanted to check if you got your passport back or tracking details for the same? or is it still with the consulate? I had to travel but am stuck and don’t know if I should wait for the passport or it will take lot of time for me to receive it.

          Leaving my email id here in case you want to connect offline. sandeep2parab@gmail.com

          • The same thing happened to me as well. On Nov 7, it was approved, then the status changed to Refused on Nov 9. Have you heard anything about your case’s progress?

  33. Hi
    I am applicant under special immigration visa from Afghanistan, I post my interview at Ankara US Embassy, after the interview the consular officer told us that your visa have approved, but I received from 221g because my son medical report was not submitted to the embassy the officer told me get the report and send it back including your passports by the courier to the embassy for visa issue. I do that but my passports was returned without visa and the status showed refused. Almost 4 months have left still my case status shows refused I send my email to the embassy they are not replying

    • Ali,
      This is sad reality of the 221g status, All you can do is wait and keep following up. There is not much you can do, other than emailing the consulate or embassy.

    • HI,
      I have the same issues,
      We completed the interview on 16 Feb 2023, and consular officer give us 221g because my son medical report was not submitted. After 10 days I have submitted the report, and I get call from US Embassy come to interview on Mar, 1 2023. consular officer said your visa is approved, we will return your passport soon. consular officer also explain me how to travel and which airline to choose.
      Now its almost 1 month complete after 1 Mar 2023.

      After that I sent many emails no reply. and every week our case is updating in CEAC.

  34. Hi, I had an in person interview at Mumbai consulate for H1B on 22nd August and got 221G white slip with no additional documents. My case status was showing refused. On 13th sept it changed to Admin processing for few minutes and then changed back to Refused. Does anyone know what this means?

    • Hi, I also had an interview at the Islamabad embassy in 2017 . I was given 221g refusal but my passport was kept. Then after 20 days, they started asking different questions about my family background, travel history, and copies of my previous passports. Then almost after 8 months, they gave me the visa.
      So probably you need to wait and they will definitely send you an email asking questions.

  35. Hi Guys.

    When for Immigrants visa interview on the 28th of June 2022..was issued a 221g pink form and the officer kept my passport without asking for additional documents…few days after I check my status and it shows refused but after some times it changed to ready and ever since then it has remain at ready till today and they keep updating,they have updated 8times…please what does this means…please reply.

  36. Hi Guys.

    When for Immigrants visa interview on the 28th of June 2022..was issued a 221g pink form and the officer kept my passport without asking for additional documents…few days after I check my status and it shows refused but after some times it changed to ready and ever since then it has remain at ready till today and they keep updated ,they have updated 8times…please what does this means…please reply.

  37. Hello Mr. Kumar,

    We live in Germany. Our H1B got approved after a RFE in 2020 beginning and due to the travel restrictions we could not get through interview until Aug 2021. We have been issued a 221(g) without asking for any documents. It’s been an year and we have already written to the Consulate regarding the same. The first time we got reply that our application is under process and will be informed soon about the status. Meanwhile we got citizenship here as well and have informed the same in our second email. But no response.
    We have lived for over 6 years on L1 few years ago and are desperate to get back to the USA. What do you suggest or think we should do in this scenario? We have tried approaching Murthy Law firms also and as many they are suggesting we should take a new appointment and just go for an interview.
    Kindly suggest.

  38. Hi
    I was given 221g last year post my interview .
    I had received an email asking to submit my passport at any VFC location.
    How should I take appointment for same ?

  39. Hello! My wife passed her interview on June 29 2022, everything was good but she forgot one document, and she gave that document since July 20 2022, until today if I chake the status it says refused, and the document was originally.

    • I had my interview in later 2019 and forgot to add some documents, because of covid it took a while to get those docs so I got the Docs in 2021. I presented it in Jan 2022 and I was sent 221g to go submit some additional documents and police report, I did all that they never requested for me passport. I submitted all those Docs in June 2022. My status still said last updated august 2019. I sent a mail to their barcode email and I realized the status still said refused and last updated august 2022 but no reply. I am even confused.

  40. hi, I did dropbox for my h1-b stamping in June. It was refused and i was called in for interview. After the interview, the consular officer returned my passport and asked me to submit additional documents. I submitted the documents on 28th July and status was updated to Administrative Processing on 29th July. its been more than a week. Any advice on how long it might take and if there is anyone I can email to check the status and stuff?
    I already tried the vfs support email and they just respond with “you case is under admin processing”. So wondering if there is any official US embassy email that i can write to?
    Than you.

    • hey AJP, did you have consular processing? Also how did you set up your interview? was a date given to you or did you book it through the portal?

  41. What happens next. I did the Dropbox option.
    U.S. Department of State
    Application ID or Case Number: ***********
    Case Created: 28-Jul-2022
    Case Last Updated: 05-Aug-2022

    A U.S. consular officer has adjudicated and refused your visa application. Please follow any instructions provided by the consular officer. If you were informed by the consular officer that your case was refused for administrative processing, your case will remain refused while undergoing such processing. You will receive another adjudication once such processing is complete. Please be advised that the processing time varies and that you will be contacted if additional information is needed. For more information, please visit TRAVEL.STATE.GOV or the website for the Embassy or Consulate at which you made your visa application.
    For more information, please visit U.S. Consulate General Vancouver.

    • Hello, did you get any updates?. My status shows refused, and i got my passport back without any letter of explanation). But i see a blue tape on my previous visa.

      • For my F1 Dropbox on 2nd September for Mumbai VAC, I was given Refused status with administrative processing for In Person interview. Do I need to interview only at Mumbai Embassy or can it be at any embassy location? As I want to interview at Delhi embassy? plz respond.

        • I have same question. 221g has been issued for mother-in-law for visitor visa renewal in Delhi. The documents had dropped in Bangalore. Applied for parents and in-laws, all approved, but only for mother-in-law got 221g. Received letter to appear for finger prints and Interview from Delhi consulate within a year. Should we need to appear in ONLY Delhi or can go to any consulate?
          Any advise is really appreciated.

          • Damo,
            Usually, the consulate that handles your case should be the location you must visit. So, it would be technically Delhi. But, you can always check with the New Delhi Embassy to see, if they can get you an exception, if it is only biometrics. if it is interview, then you must go to Delhi for sure.

    • Hello Ritesh,

      I am facing a similar situation here. Dis the embassy reached you back with any information? If yes, Dis they reach you out via email or a call?


  42. I was given a 221g letter after my interview in April 21, that was 3 months ago. I have not received any emails or anything, the only thing I noticed is that the “last updated” text changed from April 21 to August 1st. What does that mean? I haven’t received any emails so far

  43. Hello everyone, I had my interview on 24 July and at the end of my interview the officer said to me that my visa has been approved and you can collect your passport from the courier. However, when I checked my visa status online it says refused. I had my B1/B2 visa previously and I VISTED USA 2 TIME .In 2016. I got pregnant and we went to USA for vacation in my fifth month of pregnancy, but due to excessive traveling my pregnancy worse ned with placenta previa and I had some bleeding. After visiting a doctor, I was advised to refrain from any travel as it was a major health issue. In my interview, I told the officer that I have a letter from the doctor stating that I was not able to travel and had to deliver in USA but she said there is no need. I am just thinking if this is the reason of my visa refusal. Its being almost 7 days and I didn’t recieve any email or call from the embassy. What does it mean? I’m really worried.

  44. Hello,
    I had my visa interview at embassy 3 weeks ago where I was given 211 g paper. after one week I was asked for additional documents that I submitted in 3 days. Yesterday I checked CEAC webpage and the date last updated changed and also I’m getting shorter text instead of long text that the webpage showed previously. Does this mean that my application was finally refused or can visa still be approved?

  45. Hello,
    I had my visa interview at embassy 3 weeks ago where I was given 211 g paper. after one week I was asked for additional documents that I submitted in 3 days. Yesterday I checked CEAC webpage and the date last updated changed and also I’m getting shorter text instead of long text that the webpage showed previously. Does this mean that my application was finally refused or can visa still be approved?

  46. Hi,
    I had an interview for B1/b2 non immigrant at Dubai Consulate on the 16th dec, the consulate officer approved my visa gave me the approved copy , and advised in 5 days get my paaport with visa by emiartes post, after 3 days, i got an email saying my visa refused for 221g and needed answer questions , i replied, and was confirmed it was received and will be advised after processing is complete, i sent email after five month and again after 6 month asking status, and all i got is same reply that it is under admin processing…. what should I do ? its actually my 4th time applying and i was never refused for this 221g… anything i need to do ?


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