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Why US Visa Status on CEAC says Refused for 221g ? Dropbox ? Visa Interview ?

When you check the US Visa Stamping Status online, there are some cases, where the online status on the CEAC website shows as “Refused”, even though the consular officer said after the interview that it was approved. You may also see the same status after you dropped off documents for US Visa Dropbox stamping or you received 221g Administrative Processing by Consular officer said they need some administrative processing and kept the passport.

In the past, it used to show “Administrative processing”, but it now shows as “refused” from March 3rd, 2020, for many cases. This online status of “Refused” can cause a lot of panic among many in 221g administrative processing, dropbox stamping, or general visa stamping applicants. This article covers the issue with the status “Refused”, why it shows like that, and updated with user inputs & experiences.

How to Check US Visa Status on CEAC

If you do not know, the US CEAC website is the place where you check your US Visa status. CEAC stands for US Dept. of State’s Consular Electronic Application Center (CEAC). If you are new and not sure how to use the CEAC website, you can read How to Check US Visa Status on the CEAC website to get an idea of how to check the status online and understand the status that is typically shown, when you check the US Visa status.

Let’s first look at the common situation with 221g, where you would see “Refused” Status. We will review Dropbox and the general visa interview later.

Previous US Visa Status for 221g on CEAC Website

In general, when you are issued a 221g for administrative processing, you used to see the status of “Administrative processing” on the US Dept CEAC Website and the text under it used to read like below.

“Your visa case is currently undergoing necessary administrative processing. This processing can take several weeks. Please follow any instructions provided by the Consular officer at the time of your interview. If further information is needed, you will be contacted. If your visa application is approved, it will be processed and mailed/available within two business days. For more information, please visit US Consulate General <City name>”

See the screenshot below on exactly how it looked.

221g Administrative Processing Status CEAC Website
Administrative Processing

We have picked a case that is still in Administrative processing from the past and how it used to look. But, that changed from March 2020.  Pay close attention to the number to check below.

221g Status Changed to Refused for US Visa on US CEAC Website

From early March 2020, many users have reported and we verified as well that most of the 221g Cases’ status has changed to “Refused”, even when there was no real update on their ‘Case Last Updated Date’ or anything has changed. One key thing to note is the text under it has changed. It reads like below now.

“A U.S. Consular Officer has adjudicated and refused your visa application. Please follow any instructions provided by the consular officer. If you were informed by the consular officer that your case was refused for administrative processing, your case will remain refused while undergoing such processing. You will receive another adjudication once such processing is complete. Please be advised that the processing time varies and that you will be contacted if additional information is needed. For more information, please visit TRAVEL.STATE.GOV or the website for the Embassy or Consulate at which you made your visa application. For more information, please visit U.S. Consulate General <Consulate name>”

Pay close attention to the bold text, it basically tells that, if you were given Administrative processing, then it will be processed in administrative processing. Also, see the screenshot below with status ‘Refused’, it is the same case number as above.

221g - Status Refused - CEAC Website

You may watch the below YouTube Video on 221g CEAC Status Administrative Processing, which covers the same details

Why has the Status Changed from Administrative Processing to Refused Suddenly?

Well, the CEAC website changed the displayed status text to be in line with the form given by the consular officer, and that’s why you see this big change and the confusion. If you check your 221g notice or any of the standard 221g forms given, you will see the text that says “Your application for a nonimmigrant visa has been refused per section 221(g) of the U.S. Immigration and Nationality Act…”. See the below screenshots.

221g Refused Text on White Slip
221g Slip given after the visa interview – White color
221g Pink Slip Refused Text
221g Slip given after the visa interview – Pink Color

So, technically, it was refused and the online status now on the CEAC website now reflects the same. So, nothing to panic about or worry about.

The text below the actual ‘refused’ status on the CEAC website tells clearly that if you were given administrative processing, it will be continued to be processed and you will receive another update on the decision/adjudication once the process is complete. There is nothing to worry about, if you have been issued a 221g, it will be continued to be processed.

Official Communication Travel.State.Gov New Alert

On March 5th, 2020, the US Department of State updated their website in a news alert that they have made the status-related text change to reflect the actual change, but does not really change the case information. As discussed above, it is in line with the 221g sheet given to the applicant, when their case goes to Administrative processing. Check the below screenshot, which tells the change in text. You can check the Official Travel.State.Gov Press Release for CEAC Change

Adminstrative Processing Changed to Refused - CEAC - March 2020 News Relase
CEAC Case Status Change News Alert by the US Dept of State

National Visa Center – Verified Change

We called National Visa Center regarding the status changed and asked about the change. They confirmed that the status text has changed for Administrative processing, but nothing other than that. If you were given a slip for 221g or told by Consular Officer that your case will be in administrative processing, then your case will be processed accordingly.

The status text of the refused for Administrative processing is different from the real refused case, without administrative processing. We cover that below. In any case, you can call National Visa Center as well and verify, if you are concerned. You need to have your Passport Number, Date of Birth, and Case ID for getting info on your case. You may have to wait for 30 to 45 min, details of the Phone Number for the National Visa Center are at: https://travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/contact-us/us-visas.html

Actual Refused Status Text on CEAC? Is it Consistent?

It is very hard to say what the exact status you would see on the CEAC website if your US Visa was really refused for good. In the past, it was clear, but since March 2020 and in recent times in 2021, this has been very inconsistent. Many users see the “Refused” status as an intermediate status as well.

In early 2020, some “refused” cases that were ultimately “denied” had “refused” status on the CEAC website with shorter text. See the below screenshots. But, that is not true always. Many cases in late 2020 and 2021 that had “Refused” status with shorter text as an intermediate status and later they changed to Administrative processing and then “Issued”. So, it is very hard to say the exact text for real refused cases.

Observed CEAC Status Changes : Refused ( with short text ) >> Administrative Processing >> Issued

The only way to tell, if your case was refused, is if you get a confirmation from Consulate that says, your case is refused. Sample US Visa Denial Letter from US Consulate after 221g

Example of CEAC Status Refused with Shorter text

  • Old Text for Refused: Your application was refused. Please refer to the letter or other instructions you were given at the time of your visa interview. For more information, please visit <US consulate name >
  • New Text for Refused: A consular officer has adjudicated and refused your visa application. Please see the letter you received at the interview. For more information, please visit <US Consulate name>
  • See below Refused Status with shorter text, before and after March 20th, 2020.
CEAC Status Refused - Before - After Change 2020
US Visa Refused Case status

US Visa Status for Dropbox shows Refused or Administrative Processing?

Many users reported that, if you have submitted your documents for US Visa stamping using the Dropbox option for renewals, then you may see “Administrative Processing” as the status on the CEAC website. Sometimes, due to the issue we described in the article above, you may also see the “Refused” status as well. Usually, this status of “Refused” or “Administrative Processing” would change in about a week to 10 days. If not, then you can reach out to the consulate. Do not panic, if you see this status.

Also, at times, some users reported that you see “Refused” or “Administrative Processing” status for general US Visa in-person interview, where the consular officer said that your visa was approved and kept passport. Give it a few days for the status to change. If it does not change after a week or 10 days, then reach out to the consulate.

What do you see on your 221g Status on CEAC website? How about Dropbox Status? Share your thoughts in the comments below.


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  1. My visa was finally issued today! I am so grateful for this. This blog/forum definitely helped me get through these anxious times. I am posting a date by date status update on my procedure. I hope this can bring hope and good luck to all of those reading this:

    11th May: Dropped off documents via dropbox for O1B (extraordinary ability visa) at Mumbai VAC for chennai consulate
    16th May: Case was finally opened at Chennai Consulate
    27th May: Case was refused (I was so tensed and scared. Almost broke into tears)
    1st June: Picked up passport from the Mumbai VAC and found a 221g White slip inside asking me to submit proof of my extraordinary ability and my renowned status in my field. Was asked to submit/email documents.
    2nd June: Submitted the required documents
    (This is when I thought I would have to wait A LOT!)
    6th June: I was asked to submit my passport at the nearest VAC (I was so surprised)
    8th June: Status on CEAC tracker changed from Refused to Administrative processing once again
    14th June: Status changed to ISSUED!

    I think god really blessed me and I got lucky that my 221g was cleared so quick. I also think that O1B is such a rare work visa and hence they were able to clear the case so quickly.
    I know 221g is a blackhole and it gives a lot of stress and anxiety but I can only urge all of you out there in stressful situations to be positive and not be tensed (I know it is easier said than done). All the best to all of you! I pray and wish for your visas to be issued soon too 😀

    • Hello Neel can you help me
      My visa got approved by officer on 8th June and they took my passport
      But today on ceac portal they said refused message
      What I need to do?

      • Was it an interview? Did the officer personally tell you it was approved and took your passport? If yes, then it has been refused under administrative processing. You will know more when the passport is returned and you get a look at the 221g slip inside. It will tell you more about the process to follow. All the best! Just be patient and wait to receive your passport.

    • Hey

      Can someone please help me?

      I submitted my documents on dropbox – 13th june
      its showing ‘refuse’ on the tracking website

      the refusal literally happend in like 3 days so should i wait or go to the embassy tom and ask if it has been refused actually ?

      and i received a mail too that the documents and passport are ready or returned something

      Please help me

  2. Dear Sak,
    same is the situation with me. I applied on 27th May and till 07th June it was Application Received & today it shows Refused and just now it shows you have been called at Consulate for fingerprints & interview.
    can you please suggest what do I do?

  3. I had an H4 visa dropbox appointment for me and my 7 month old daughter on 1st June, 2022.
    All documents asked for where submitted and was informed that visa will be issued in 14 working days.
    From 2nd June to 7th June, 2022, status shown was “Application Received”.
    On 8th June, 2022, my visa status changed to “Administrative Processing” and my daughter’s visa status shows “Refused”.
    No reason for refusal has been mentioned nor any email communication has been received.
    Please guide for further actions to be taken.

  4. DropBox date for F1 visa- 2nd June
    No interview
    3rd June – Application received ( status)
    6th June – Refused ( with big message box)
    7th June- Refused
    8th June – Refused
    8th June – 2 pm received email to collect Passport
    By the time we reached office to collect the passport and check the real status , office was shut.
    Now will wait till tomorrow 🙈😓

    • Dear Sak,
      same is the situation with me. I applied on 27th May and till 07th June it was Application Received & today it shows Refused and asking me to see the letter at interview, which never happned.
      can you please suggest what do I do?

      • After showing Refused, today that is on 16th June 2022 I went to consulate and gave interview. They took my finger prints and ask some questions which I replied. and now screen is Administrative Processing.

  5. I applied for F1 Visa under dropbox. I have got appointment in Delhi but handed over the documents in Chennai on 27th May 2022. Got refusal under 221 G. In the letter it is mentioned that ‘Do not make any new appointment”. Also mentioned come at 10 am on any business day. They have also not mentioned which consulate to come. Can I assume that since my original appointment of dropbox is with Delhi, I need to be in Delhi. It can be of any day.

  6. Hello!
    I have an approved petition for an O1B visa. I submitted my documents at Mumbai for Chennai Dropbox on 11th May. On 27th May the status changed to REFUSED.
    The message shown below is:
    “A U.S. consular officer has adjudicated and refused your visa application. Please follow any instructions provided by the consular officer. If you were informed by the consular officer that your case was refused for administrative processing, your case will remain refused while undergoing such processing. You will receive another adjudication once such processing is complete. Please be advised that the processing time varies and that you will be contacted if additional information is needed.”
    I spoke to my lawyer about this and he said it seems like a standard 221G case where the embassy would like to call you in for an in person interview. He said I had nothing to worry about but I am very nervous. What will the next step be? Will I be asked to collect my passport and fin a 221G slip inside it?
    Please help me.

    • Neel,
      All you can do is wait for them to respond. Sometimes, it can take time. They will ask you for interview if they want to interview you. Just follow up with them.

      • Any idea whom I can Email? I have not even received my passport back yet. I have been writing to the support@ustraveldocs.com email ID but I keep getting an automated response saying:
        ” Thank you for writing to the U.S. Visa Service Desk.
        We understand that you would like to know the status of the passport .
        Our records indicate the Passport/documents are submitted to Embassy/Consulate for further processing.
        We hope this information is helpful to you.”
        Technically I should be getting my passport back right? or will I have to keep checking the CEAC portal?

      • Hello Mr. Kumar,

        We lived in the US on L1 for 6 years and moved to live in Germany and have applied for H1B for 4 consecutive years. Please guide us through our strange situation. Our Petition got picked in April’19 and got an RFE. Just when it got cleared, the Pandemic situation, President Proclamation etc went on until March’21. We booked an appointment and went in June and the Officer refused after chking we did not have NIE and said the employer details r not legitamate and gave 221(g) without asking for documents. Since Aug ’21 till date, the status is same and in September’22 the Visa validity of 3 years is expiring. Meanwhile we got eligibility and applied for German Citizenship and got our passports couple of weeks ago. We r still trying to come over and with this situation, we r not sure if the visa is valid anymore and other applying for H1B, is there no way to get to the US. It’s too hard to integrate in the education system here for kids and we r keen on moving.

    • Hi Neel,
      Any update on your case. I am in the same situations and getting anxious. Your feedback would be great!


      • Hey Kajal! My Visa was issued today. I just got an update on the CEAC tracker. I hope yours gets resolved too! Don’t get anxious. Be positive and it will work out.

  7. Hello all,

    I had my interview yesterday in Paris.
    I checked this morning the DS-160 status and get the same “refused” with those words :
    “A U.S. consular officer has adjudicated and refused your visa application. Please follow any instructions provided by the consular officer. If you were informed by the consular officer that your case was refused for administrative processing, your case will remain refused while undergoing such processing. You will receive another adjudication once such processing is complete. Please be advised that the processing time varies and that you will be contacted if additional information is needed.”

    In fact, the officer told me that there is a technical issue and she can not see my DS-160. That is happening sometimes.
    And she also gave me a paper that said: “Your Non-immigrant Visa has been approved”.
    Did you get any paper like this before?

    King regards,

    • Hi Alex, My wife applied in Paris too, they didn’t required an interview and she got the “refused” status along with the long text mentioned in the post, and they didn’t send back the passport back either so I hope this is good sign.
      I was wondering if and when you got the status updated on the caec website?

      • Hi Nnours,
        The status just change today the 3rd.
        I have now the Administrative status like before 2020. That means that this one is still used 🙂
        For the refused, i saw the status the day after the interview at the embassy.

        • Hi Alex,

          I am having the same situation as yours, I have been told that my application/visa has been approved during the time of the interview and the passport has been kept by the officer and he offered me a slip saying your visa application has been approved. after one day gap when I check my status in ceac status tracker portal it showed refused and with the exact same description that you have mentioned. Will my visa get approved?

  8. My wife had H1-B dropbox appointment at Kolkata location on 11th May. The next day her CEAC status changed to Rejected and the next day she received an email from consulate to provide additional documents electronically. We provided the documents on the same day. But since then there is no update on CEAC portal.

  9. Hello All,

    Hope someone can help me & share their experience.
    Drop Box facility on March 28th, 22.
    Dropbox Refused & requested to attend interview on April 19th, 2022 at Hyd consulate.
    Handed 221g stating will receive an email for additional information.
    Received email after 8 days, replied immediately on April 29th.
    Current status still shows refused, more than 1 month since my interview date.
    Any information or knowledge/experience share will be helpful.
    Thank you.

    • Neelamkumar,
      This is very difficult for anyone to predict. All you can do is keep following up and then stay positive. I wish I had a better answer.

  10. The “Case last updated” date has changed but the status still says refused. Does this mean someone is actively looking at my case, or is that update automatic and it means nothing?

  11. Pls I need help sent in passports for drop box for myself, wife and mum in-law 10days after I checked the status my showed Refused with long text my wife and mum in-law Administrative Processing the next day turned to issued my is still on Refused with long text now I got a message that passports is ready for pickup the three passport.
    Has anyone experience this please share your experience

    • Update on my application picked up passport on Wednesday wife and mom in-law passport stamped with visa, my own got a note to show up at the embassy on Thursday for interview with passport and DS160 printout only got to the Embassy went straight into interview after few questions was told approved getting back home to check the status from Refused now changed to Administrative Processing

  12. Same situation for my dad as well, He is 79 and received AP with similar text. He went to Chennai – Should I be worried ? How do embassy contact the applicant ?

  13. Hi all , I attended my interview for F11 visa which was very brief virtually no questions which seemed strange , the officer kept my passport and gave me 221g form as still needed my medical to be completed and some more documents which i submitted , case status changed to refused with long text right after the interview , after i finished the steps required on 221g my case status changed to ready , a few days later changed to refused short text , no email or passport returned and the case has been updated since the refused status according to ceac.
    Hoping i havnt messed something up.

    the hardest wait ever . i just want to join my family

  14. Hi All,

    I attended my F1 visa on 18th of April 2022 in New Delhi and i have been said my visa has approved and the counsellor has taken my passport and after couple of days received an email to pick my passport. When I picked my passport at nearest vfs centre, my passport was not stamped and received a 221(g) yellow form stating that admin processing. Does anyone have an idea on the scenario and what to do next on this, thanks in advance. In ceac portal earlier it stated as administrative processing but today it was updated as “A U.S. consular officer has adjudicated and refused your visa application. Please see the letter you received at the interview.” But I haven’t given received any letter on the interview date can anyone help me on this.
    Thanks in advance

  15. Hello Guys,

    I have dropped my passport on April 26th and Status updated on April 29th Shows application received.

    Today, May 12th Status shows Refused. Please some one help me what is the next steps.


    • Any update on your case? My case is similar, Dropbox bangalore, Application received on 26th Apr Hyderabad, case updated 16th-May to refused with long text, since then no update, I have not received the passport yet.

    • Hi
      Mine also same case. It’s 7 days after getting refused status. No email update for me on further status.
      Did you get any email update on your status ?

  16. I’m glad that I came across this page!
    I have applied for an F1 student visa in Guangzhou, China. My interview was on April 27, the VO asked some general questions, then she gave 221g (green slip) and asked me to email them some additional documents, which requires Administrative Processing. I compiled all the requested documents and emailed them on April 29. My Visa status is “Refused”, and the last updated is April 27. The VO did not collect my Passport on the interview day; however, in ‘cgifederal’ account it was written that my Passport is still with US embassy/Consulate. On May 9, in “My Dashboard” it’s changed to “Document Delivery Information:”
    It’s pretty confusing for me because they don’t have my Passport and why it’s written Document Delivery Information?
    Does anyone have a similar situation?
    Does anyone have any clue regarding this issue?

    • Hi Lirong,
      It appears that we have the same situation to deal with. I also attended my interview on April 27th in Guangzhou and I have the same situation as yours. My status now says “Document delivery Information:
      I called them a couple of days ago and they told me to wait for one month.
      You can add me on WeChat:16686417597

    • Hey Lirong,

      Did you hear from the consulate yet? Are there any updates both on your Dashboard & ‘cgifederal’ account?


      • Hey Daniel,

        I haven’t heard any news from the Consulate yet. In my Dashboard it’s written “Document Delivery Information”, and the Visa status says still under AP (Refused).

        It would be nice if we could communicate through Wechat ( Wechat ID: N139720200).

  17. Hi,
    I have attended for the interview back in 2020 and got the 221g(blue slip) as I don’t have the client letter at that and they mentioned they need to reach the client and get confirmation. Due to COVID, i didn’t received any update. In the meanwhile my H1B got extended and i got issued with new H1B document.
    With new H1B document, Again i appeared for Visa on April 26th, 2022 and at the time of interview, the officer asked the reason for last time 221g and explained it to him. This time he took the passport and Client letter(i got this time from client). Now its been a week, the online status says refused and my passport is being returned. Need to pick up the passport in a day or two. What does this mean now? Can someone please share if anyone aware of this situation?

    • Sai,
      You may need to wait for feedback that my come along with your passport. This may not be true in most cases, but highly likely chances that it may be applicable. If you had received 221(g) during previous visa request/stamping, most likely Consulate may follow the same procedure this time too depending on whether you are working for the same client or not. Once you pick up the passport, you will come to know more details.

      Until such time, don’t go through paralysis by analysis. Who knows, the status may change to ISSUED tomorrow before you pick up the passport. Stay positive and wish you good luck.


      • Thanks for for your feedback. Yesterday I collected the passport and a letter requesting for additional documents. One of the document requested is

        Internal Project Description – Include Project technical description, budget, timeline, current status, number of employees assigned and worksite location.

        Is the above related to employer or client ?

        Can you please help confirm on this ?

        • Hi Sai,
          Based on the description you provided, it’ll depend on your role in the project information requested. If you are working in EVC (Employer -> Vendor -> Customer) or EVVC mode and project you are involved is for specific client/customer, then it’s most likely a letter from client/customer. It would be a good idea to take consensus from your immigration team who will be able to guide you in right direction.

          Good luck!!

    • sai,
      it could be any reason. When you pick up passport it may have a slip on the next steps. Also, check the 221g issued again and what it says.
      In general, 221g cases are very much unknown on what can happen. So, all you can do is wait and keep following up.

      • Thanks for for your feedback. Yesterday I collected the passport and a letter requesting for additional documents. One of the document requested is

        Internal Project Description – Include Project technical description, budget, timeline, current status, number of employees assigned and worksite location.

        Is the above related to employer or client ?

        Can you please help confirm on this ?

  18. I submitted B1/B2 renewal. It was in processing for 10 days. Due to other reason, I requested my passports. They returned without visa stamped and shows REFUSED.
    What next, I need to do?

    • I was given 221G notice for resubmission of passport. Followed the same. Visa ISSUED / stamped and got the PP in a very short time. Cheers

    • Upon contacting, I was given 221G for PP resubmission, then CEAC site showed Admin Processing, later on ISSUED. Within 4 days Stamped and PP picked up. Great job they do.

  19. I had my F-1 visa dropbox appointment on 12/04/2022
    Visa Interview Waiver as I hold a valid B1/B2 visa.
    Status changed to Application received on 13/04/2022
    No update post that, again case updated on 20/04/2022 with same status Application received.
    On 22/04/2022, status changed to Administrative Processing.
    On 25/04/2022, status changed to Refused with big text in the box.
    What possibly could be the conclusion of the refusal? is it still in administrative processing? Haven’t received any mail from Consulate or update on CGI portal.

    • Hi Abhay, did you get any response from consulate or did you try reaching the consulate. I am in the same boat. Dropbox on April 19th. April 29th i got message to pick up passport. Picked up the passport. Saw no visa stamp and no letter. Cheched case status which shows Refused.

      • I am facing a similar issue – no response from the consulate after changing the status to refused through the interview waiver option

        • Hey ritika, any update on your case? Mine is also showing status on June 8 as refused after the dropbox appointment on June 3, 2022.

      • Later on, with resubmission of PPs, Status changed again to Administrative Processing and then to ISSUED.

      • I got an email for an in person interview but waiting on passport they said they sent it back to me and wait till I receive it and schedule an appointment

  20. Hello :

    I went for an H4 dropbox appointment on 03/8/2022 at Chennai location. I have submitted all mandatory primary applicant documents. The CEAC website status was updated to Refused on 03/14/2022.

    After 2 days, the passport has been returned with 221-g. As per 221-g asked, submitted all documents by 03/16/2022.

    On 04/05/2022 received an email from the consulate asking me to submit the Passport. So, I submitted the passport on 04/06/2022. Until 04/18/2022 received NO update.
    Today (04/19/2022) again my case status in CEAC is updated as Administrator Processing with the last update date as of 04/19/2022

    What does it mean? any thoughts

    • My experience – I went for H4 drop box appointment on 13-Apr at Hyderabad location. Submitted all mandatory primary applicant documents. Following is the update timeline –

      13-Apr-22: Submitting documents for H4 visa stamping at HYD drop box facility.
      18-Apr-22: CEAC website updated the status – Case Created: “Application Received”.
      /* Checked daily for an update but every time I see no update, I was consoling myself stating that things will happen, stay positive and show patience*/
      28-Apr-22: With 10 days gone, ran out of patience level. Sent an email to US TRAVEL DOCS requesting for info on when I expect next update.
      29-Apr-22: Case Updated: REFUSED with long text
      /* After reading feedback on this thread in community, I didn’t lose hope other waiting patiently for an update from Consulate.*/
      29-Apr-22: Got a response from US TRAVEL DOCS support desk stating the procedure to check the status and requested to give 10 business days between updates. Seriously!! but cannot do anything but hoping for the best. Completely understand that Consulate staff are trying their best to process as many visas as possible with limited staff they have.
      2-May-22: Received an email asking to come for an in-person interview and fingerprints on 6-May.

      I’ll post an update after in-person interview on 6-May.


      • Update as on 6-May: Attended in-person interview.

        My passport was with Consulate after last update on 29-Apr. After ID verification, they handed my passport along with documents that were collected at the time of drop box appointment and asked me to stand in the queue. There are only two counters where applicants are being interviewed. When my time came, I was directed to the counter. Greeted Visa Officer (VO). VO asked general H4 related questions and validated the information based on supporting documentation I produced. Asked about the location where I’m going to live etc. At the end, VO said “your visa is approved”. Asked to have few original documents scanned for their records at another counter and explicitly stated to leave my passport with them. Admin staff at the other counter took originals along with my passport. Returned originals after scanning and kept passport with them. I didn’t ask about the passport with visa readiness timeline.

        An hour after interview, online status has changed to “Administration Processing” with standard text that it may take few weeks, they will contact me if additional info is required and asked to follow the directions given by VO. If the visa is approved, it’ll be mailed/available in next two business days.

        Hoping to get the visa issued during next week.


        • Update on 9-May:

          Online status changed to ISSUED with detailed text –
          “Your visa is in final processing. If you have not received it in more than 10 working days, please see the webpage for contact information of the embassy or consulate where you submitted your application.”

          This forum has been very helpful and thanks to all who shared their experiences. Sharing is caring :). Good luck to you all!!.


  21. Dear Team Members,

    Thanks for making this forum and helping peoples across the globe,

    I applied for renewal of B1/B2 Visa as a new application, got the appointment after a year long wait,

    Appeared in the interview and was very smooth, only few questions asked nothing much, general questions like

    Year of last visit – places visited , overall that went very well,

    At the end VO said to my Wife congratulations while smiling your visa is approved and handed over the Blue slip of Approval, and said for all four of you, Myself – 3 Kids we need some additional information and we will contact you over email,

    and handed over White Slip 221(g) & Passports Returned

    After 2 hour received the email to submit additional information of DS-5535 over email in editable word text only,

    Responded to them in next day within email as they said to reply to this email,

    However its been almost 58 days and there is no update or response

    Wife passport received after 4 days with 5 Year / M Visa

    in the meanwhile I was not aware that Kids under the age of 14 may get the visa via drop box, and I took them to physical interview

    Interview 15 Feb-2022 Islamabad

    Already had B1/B2 Visa -2013-2018 Visited 3 Times and came back within allowed timeframe

    Last visited in 2017

    Category B1/B2

    Wife – House Wife

    Myself – Private Job Corporate Sector – Mid Senior Level

    Was on AP for 30 days when I applied first time, Security Clearance Received is mentioned on the visa

    Would you recommend me to contact them over the same email to get an update

    Please suggest


  22. HI

  23. I changed status from F1 to H1B back in October. On the 29th of March, I came to Rio de Janeiro – BR to get my visa stamp. During interview, VO said visa was approved and that I should receive passport in 10 business days. When I checked the status, it says REFUSED, and its been 10 business days. No news, no emails from them… By this video, I guess it is in administrative process. Any cases like mine?

  24. Hello guys,
    I’m glad I found this site. I’m going through a similar situation here. I applied for my visa renewal by mail, consulate in Frankfurt, Germany(Visa B1/B2). The consulate received my documents on march 4th,2022. A couple of weeks later I checked the status and it says refused with the long text. The last update is still march 15. Today is April 9 and it’s still the same status. I haven’t received any emails, letters or calls from the consulate. This is the fourth time I apply for a B1/B2 Visa and I always got it issued. The last three times I applied was with an interview. Only this time by mail since there are no appointments available until December 2022 and I would like to travel in June. I’m really scared that they actually refuse my visa or that they want me to come for an interview since there are no appointments till in a couple of months. Is anyone having a similar situation? I’m kinda freaking out right now.

    • Hi Cindy. I am facing the same situation. I have applied for B1/B2 renewal visa without interview only by mail in Rio de Janeiro Brazil. I’ve checked my status and the same text with the refused title. I have not received any call or letter.

      • Hi Rosanna,
        I can totally understand you. How long have you been waiting since you sent your application? I wrote two emails to the consulate where I applied and after two weeks I finally got a response. They told me that they sent me an email on march 24th and told me that I have to appear for an interview. I couldn’t find that email so it’s good I wrote to them otherwise I wouldn’t know. I scheduled a follow up appointment for this week. That’s why I recommend you to write the consulate where you applied when you’ve been waiting for to long. I’ve been waiting for almost 8 weeks since I sent my application.

  25. I had a dropbox appointment on March 31. Status said refused on Apr 6. Got the passport back with 221g for in person interview. CGI portal says Schedule follow up appointment.

    Can I call customer center to get the appointment as it is a follow up.

    • Hi Satya,

      Did you receive a seperate 221g slip? or just the passports back in the return packagae? Also what happend to your photo and other docs did they return them in the package or did they retain them?

    • Hi Satya,

      We got a letter for my father in law who is over 89 yrs and we went for drop box. The passport is returned asking to come for interview.

      Drop box appointment was on April 6th
      April 11th website updated as refused
      Passport received on April 15th

      The letter says no appointment needed he can walk in any day before 10 am with the letter and passport .

      Anybody else in same boat?

      • same response for my mother as well. did your father in law attended in-person interview ? how was the experience ?

      • Same situation for my dad as well, He is 79 and received AP with similar text. He went to Chennai – Should I be worried ? How do embassy contact the applicant ?

  26. I had similar case as others, I had my drop box interview on April 1st, my visa is in Refused status and yesterday received email that my passport is ready for pickup. What does this mean ? Could some one share your experience?

  27. Hi guys,

    The embassy asked my brother to go to an interview. What documents should my brother bring? My brother has a visa and is requesting a visa for his daughter.

    Thank you so much for your help.

  28. Hi Naveen,

    Was your passport returned when you received the email to attend interview? or did they hold the passport? Also Did you receive any 221g or it is just the email? which consulate did you attend?

    • Collected the passport when i went for interview to Consulate in Hyderabad ,India.
      I did not receive 221g. My visa was issued and received my stamped passport 3 days after my interview

      • Hi Naveen I am in same situation like you passport returned but no 221g documents and photos did not return did you face a similar situation , how did your interview go were you able to figure out the reason why they called you for in person interview , like was it because of new employer? Chage of status? Etc

        • Probably change of employer. But interview was as usual. They verified my W2 , Client letter and asked my role and annual salary. Carry all documents to the interview

  29. Hello All,

    my wife went to H4 interview on 31-03-2022 for the second time(first time refused because due to her lack of English, she said we are relatives then consular thought we are first cousins and refused visa, we made documentation to prove that we are not cousins).

    attended interview, consular asked what happened last time, explain it well, then took the passport inside along with documentation and gave 221g yellow slip. visa status is refused only
    today we got email that passport is ready for pickup.. but status is saying refused only..

    anyone has any idea whether it is issues or refused again?


      • they returned the passport on April 10, 2022, along with a yellow slip to provide a marriage certificate.

        and we submitted the marriage certificate along with passport on 17-04-2022 then on 20-04-22 it was changed to administrative processing again changed to refused on 26-04-2022.

        till then we don’t have any update, what’s the reason for refusal again,they didn’t return the passport and even https://cgifederal website doesn’t show any details about the passport whether they still have it with them or they shipped it back to my home address

  30. My experience:

    1) March 4 : Drop box
    2) March 7 : REFUSED
    3) March 11: Received email from USCIS to attend interview
    4) April 1 : Interview attended,VISA ISSUED
    5) April 4 : Online status – ISSUED
    6) April 5: Online Status – Passport Ready for pickup

    • Hi Naveen,
      I put my passports in drop box on 5th May and checked my status online today (10th May) to see refused. What documents were you requested for the in-person interview?

  31. My mother had an interview. During an Interview, Consulate says it’s approved. but on CEAC website it went to Administrative processing and now it says it’s refused.

        • Today they gave a pink letter saying they have refused the visa and required additional document. But, they didn’t say what additional document is needed. Along with the slip, they have returned the passport too. Is there is a chance to be approved?

  32. Hello Guys,

    My brother applied to my niece B1/B2 visa. My brother has a visa, but my sister-in-law does not. The whole process was done correctly, but today I checked and the status is REFUSED with a long text.

    Anyone going through the same case?

    King regards,
    Esther Valdez

    • Esther,
      Give it few days. Don’t panic. If they said visa was approved and took passports, it should likely be approved.

      • They did not go to an interview because my niece is 1 year old. They just deposited the documents at the VAC. That is why we are impatient.

          • Esther,
            When they returned passport, they should have given a piece of paper that says come to interview or something. Check that. If not email them.

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