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Information to Apply for Fresh Indian Passport? Tatkal Requirements?

Applying for a new passport used to be a complicated process. Things have changed significantly in the last few years and it is fully online today. There are some key things to know, besides the information on the official website. Thanks to Deepak from Sudeep International Travels, Nagpur (+91-712-2420855, +91-712-2423092) for taking time to write this article sharing his insights.

Information on Apply and Get Fresh Passport in India

1.  The current official website to apply for Indian Passport:  www.passportindia.gov.in  (previously it used to be: http://passport.gov.in/ )

2.  Procedure & requirements are given in the website. The scrutiny, acceptance of Passport application forms is now handled by TCS and centers are known as Passport Seva Kendra (PSK). However, police enquiry and granting of Passport is under the control of Indian Government as before but printing & dispatch is again done by TCS under the control of Passport office.

3.  One needs to fill the application online, pay fees (Rs. 1500 for Adult, Rs. 1000 for under 18 years) & then take the appointment for submission in PSK. From the time of filling the form it takes about 3 weeks to get the appointment for submission of application. From that time subject to police enquiry, it can take further about 6 to 8 weeks to get the Passport. This time can vary from one place to another.

4.  No need to carry passport sized photographs.  Fingerprinting and photos are taken at PSK at the time of submission of Application.

5.  Only Children under 4 years need to carry photos (4.5 x 3.5 cm )

6.  Minors below 6 years age, can go to PSK and submit the application without appointment. Others, including ‘Tatkal’ cases need appointment for submission of application.

7.  Any service except “Police Clearance Certificate” needs Fresh Passport application. Thus change in Address, Deleting ‘Emigration Check Required’ stamp etc. means Fresh Passport. Renewal of Passport, change in name from Maiden to Married Name, Endorsing Husband’s/ wife’s name also mean Fresh Passport.

8.   In case of minor, it is necessary to show the passports of both parents. Passport for child in India while father is abroad – is a usual problematic case.  In  such cases, Indian consulate abroad acts as a Passport office. Father should show his passport in consulate and obtain a letter from Indian Consulate. (Standard Format of such letter is with consulate) and send it to mother in India. Mother can then apply & get Passport for child.

New Tatkal Passport Requirements

There is a common misconception that one can get ‘Tatkal’ Passport in one week by paying extra Fees to Government. This is NOT true.

1.  The Requirements for Tatkal Passport are stringent and not easy to meet. There are two ways to go about this. One needs a Verification Certificate as per Annexure F in duplicate from competent Authority. Persons who are working with Government and are of the rank of I.A.S. / I.P.S. are authorized to give such certificate, if they vouch that they know the applicant and certify his character, residence etc. Additionally, General Manager of a Public Sector Undertaking, Sub Divisional Magistrates or Tahsildars of rural areas are also authorized. Certifying authority must give this certificate in Duplicate on official letterhead along with photo copy of his Identity card issued by Government. There are a few other minor requirements as well.

2.  Second practical way to get passport little faster is to get the police enquiry done fast after submission of application. One can do it himself or through a competent travel agent.

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What has been your experience applying for new passport?

Any key things to share regarding applying for new passport in India ?


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  1. Hi Sir,

    My wife is applied for Aadhar car but the status in under manual check also she don’t have after marriage pan card. We only have Marriage certificate, Current address Bank Pass book and statement. My passport with her name.
    All this document is valid for new passport application?

    Your help is highly appreciated.

  2. Sir,
    This is k vamshi Krishna
    Today I applied for fresh passport (28-01-2017)
    The charges is Rs.1500/- but the net center person took Rs.2000/- to me.
    Address : i-way net center, shamshabad Hyd

    • I guess, the person in net center charged you for his services like his online banking, internet, etc. If you were to do it on your own, it would have been 1500 only.

    • Asif,
      Check the passport website. I have personally not done it, cannot say. I know people who have got it in under a week. Unless, there is a need, now a days you can get regular processing Passport in about 10 to 15 days

  3. hello sir,
    for a tatkal passport, I have a verification certificate sign by sdm sir.. I attached there, bank statement, marksheet, birth certificate

    dn what documents I need to show in passport office….

    • hii sir,
      i just want to know for passport what document is needed and i need in tatkal but y mistake i apply for normal so can give solution now wht i have to do plz its very urgent.

      • hii sir,
        i just want to know for passport what document is needed and i need in tatkal but y mistake i apply for normal so can give solution now wht i have to do plz its very urgent.

        • nikita,
          You can call the customer service on how to get it fixed. Technically, these days normal passport you get it in a week or max 10 days. Unless you are in really crunch and do not have 10 days, then only going for tatkaal makes sense

  4. *hello
    sir. i just wanted to know
    that m not having birth certification card
    but m having 10 , 12. certificates
    can use thmm as a birth proof
    my dob is 16.01.1991

          • Sneha,
            It is quite straightforward, all you need is education certificates, maybe birth certificate ( if they have it) and current address proof. If there are any other documents like Aadhar Card, it will help. You can register online for application and take appointment.

          • Hello
            Thanks for the information. The problem with submitting my parents application is pinot codes has been changed after formation of new state.and the police station and pin code given on passport website do not match with those newly given codes and police station in adhar card.
            Can we submit application in person? Please advise.

  5. I apply my passport on 26/11/2014 but till now I didn’t get my passport. Police verification report is also summited.please can you check it..file no.Gu1068246236614

    • I have only aadhar card i don’t have more proffs how i get passport ecr i done have votar id and i am now leaving school only i have aadhar card

  6. Hi frnds..i apply normal passport in tirupati .during police verfication is done(29/10/2015) i told him i am working in chennai past 1year .but i given addres proof of my native place .he taken my sign and fingetprints .police officer told me want go RPO .i want very urgently my passport i have joing is 24/11/2015after 22 days in abroad.plz help me any one which way is right.

    • Irfan, if police officer said that you need to visit RPO, then you should do that, there is no shortcut. Go and speak to the Passport officer, nothing to be worried.

  7. Sir….
    New passport issues April 2015
    Immigration require……
    Mumbai manpower office wale bolte he saudi Arabia k liye visa nahi stamp hoga ….. passport office ja k ye passport surrender kar k new passport k liye application karo or 10th ki Mark sheet compulsory he………..
    Reply me mail me…..

    Please guide me. .. thanks

  8. i want to apply for fresh tatkal passport.i have some document like aadhar card,voter card,pan card and matriculation admit card my date of birth 24/01/1995. am i applicapable fresh tatkal 10 yrs validity passport.if i aplicapabe for passport how much fee

  9. Hello sir im a student my age is nw 21 n i want to appy for passprt but there is a small confusion actually my all the docmnts are in the same name :sumon yelmo but just in my aadhar n voter card hv another nm :suman yelmo . Now my question is if i cn apply for this not plz plz tell me sir.. Or u cn email me at my email id

    • I believe, you should get your name corrected on Aadhar and Voter card to avoid any issues and then apply for the Passport. You may try applying with your details on 10th class certificate and birth certificates, but not sure, how they will process at Passport Seva Kendra. If you have some time, first get everything corrected. If you are short on time, try it with the current documents and see, if it works, worst case, you may have to get it corrected on ADHAR Voter Card.

  10. hi ,My age is 17 , my father got deceased when I was an infant , I had applied for passport , Idecide to take the category under full fledged passport for 10 years , my mother isbed rested c cannot attend psk office , I m single and helpless now…. please suggest me the required documents to b taken , keeping in the thing in other hand of my mother’s inconvenience

  11. Hi,
    I Applied fresh passport for my wife, with my passport address as a spouse, My wife don’t have ID proof with that address, Police verification got failed. Can I apply again with my temporary address where the ID & Address proof available? How they validate whether the person already applied for passport or not?

  12. I have completed my graduation on 3rd June 2015 from Bhopal n left Bhopal on 4th June and applied for fresh passport on 8th June from my hometown i.e. Chhatarpur(M.P.). Appointment was scheduled on 15th June and I submitted my current and permanent address as my home address(Chhatarpur).
    After police verification i received a text message stating that police has submitted adverse report for your current address. later I came to know that the applicant has to live at the current address for the past one year.
    So, my doubt is that, as i m residing at my home after completing my graduation. In this case my current address will be my home address i.e. permanent address but it’s been only one month.
    So. what should i do !!! Please help me…

  13. Passport was issued to me in 13/07/1990. Since the passport was so old and manually issued i applied as “Fresh”.

    There is no way “FAQ” as how to cancel the applied request and passport be re-applied as “Renew” the passport.

  14. I am a student studying at a different place from my parents and I applied for passport when I am 17.5 years-old (online application submitted and paid 1500 rupees). When I went to the office I heard that parents should come for minors. Now I will become 18 by the next week. Can I reschedule now and go with the same application? One more doubt is that in the application I put my father’s passport number so is it required to show the original passport of my father? I have the xerox copy of my father’s passport.

  15. dear sir r mam
    i am apply passport in first time so i give a one mistake my birth certificate do not apply in my parents so how to apply the passport. pls help me!

  16. I have submitted my passport appointment letter, fees & documents to ITO Delhi PSK on 18th June 2015.
    There was hell rush that day & we were able to clear counter A & B. And they asked all of us to leave counter C verification will be done at backoffice. Again after 15 days i went to the same psk, there they asked me to just be at home & wait for the passport. Its been a long time there is no status change on the site. Please suggest what should i do? Moreover can change my normal passport to tatkaal passport? I need it urgently. Please somebody help me.

  17. Hi Myself Divakar and I have applied for the Appointment on 28th may 2015 night at 8pm and got it by 29th may 2015 around 2 pm at Vishakapatnam psk and the verification done in 2 hours

    so I advise all even you are distant from this area you apply at this psk so that you can get it done very fastly

    it is the fastest passport issuing psk in india and ofcourse got many awards too….

    so check and prefer Vishakapatnam before you are planning to go for other psk hipe its helpful for u all

    thank u

  18. hi I am Suvom Mallick Form Assam Duliajan. i got all my school certificate, college certificate, pan card, voter card, bank passbook, diploma in computer networking certificate is that all is enough to make passport. PLEASE REPLY QUICK URGENT.

  19. Sir,I want to apply a passport for my son but I do not have birth certificate his date of birth is 11 Aug 1990, how can I apply

  20. I was made passport in the year 1994 from Nagpur, it is expired. Now I want to apply for new passport, from Pune, here I lived since 2006 and I have the documents Aadhar card, license, Pan card, voter ID card, and I can have the letter head of the school where I works as a teacher in Pune. so can I apply for the same.

  21. hi,
    i want to know that i am 17 years old a minor i have to take my both the parents or i can take my father for the appiontment ?

    • I am also minor (17) and i am done with my passport last month , you have to take only one,, but make sure that you take one who’s name is enrolled in all your document -: address proof anf all that.

  22. Dear all,
    i need a small information please kindly tell me anyone
    my parents are living in india .i would like to apply passport for them .
    but my parents are illtreated so they don’t know the date of birth
    so how can i apply the passport for my parents plese tell me anyone

  23. i want to get passport urgently and i have just turned 18 so i only have my pan card and birth certificate and a new bank account..
    can i apply for passport

  24. i have applied for fresh passport and still have to under go document and police verification, Now can i apply for H1B visa because applying for H1B is next month and i get my passport next month. can any one tell me please.

  25. Hello, i need to travel abroad in 1st week of April to meet my fiance. I have applied for a fresh passport but there are no appointments available until 31st March. I have told that under tatkaal application i have to arrange for a verification certificate which i am available to do so. I did contact the passport office but they couldn’t guide me properly. I have read somewhere that if i do not have a verification certificate i can submit Standard Affidavit as per Annexure ‘I’ and 3 out of 16 documents listed as under required documents for tatkaal.
    Please guide me, i need urgent help. Thanks!

  26. Sir. .pls tell me what is the actual validity of annexure =F. 6 months or more. .sir actually I lost my voter id card and apply a new voter id card. .but its taken some time. .so pls..Help me…thnx

  27. Hi
    After marriage i dint change my name (koka manisha) and i have baby on her birth certificate my name entered as manisha harsha vardhan and have to fresh passport. And my husband name is harsha vardhan thyagarajan and he is USA. please tell what am i suppose to do.. i need help asap

  28. Dear friends.
    i need passport. i am trying to apply.
    but i last my ssc marks memo. i studied intermediate. i have intermediate tc only. can i get passport with this intermediate tc.
    please inform me. i studuied intermediate only.
    can i possible to apply in tatkal/
    please trying to inform
    Thanking you

  29. Hi,
    i’m from khammam and i did my graduation from hyderabad, its been 4 months since my graduation, so now how can i apply for passport.?, do we have any specifications required?

    • Hi,

      Signup and login to http://passportindia.gov.in/AppOnlineProject/welcomeLink
      Apply for fresh passport and fill all details and follow instructions to get appointment.


  30. Hello guys my name is blesson.m , i just want to enquire about that is it necessary to use full initials while applying for passport, because in all my documents my name is blesson.m and i heard I have to eloborate the initials if i have to apply for passport plzz sumone help me out

    • I do have the same issue. In my birth certificate my name is like Vivek .S.
      while expanding my initial shall I expand it as surname and will it be accepted by RPO.

  31. Hello frenz i want to apply indian passport. But my date of birth is 14-12-1996. I have some documents verification certificate, college id, domicile certificate, residential certificate, birth certificate, 10&10 2 certificate, police character certificate, bank passbook. Can i apply passport for the given documents.


  33. I have applied for Tatkal passport on 2nd June. I am in urgent need of the passport. My police verification is done.Yesterday I had been to the RPO met him in person, Handed over an application. He said he will dispatch the passport tomorrow which means today. Earlier my passport status in IVR was police has completed verification but now it says passport is under review at regional passport office. Even the online status is the same. I am very much concerned. Can anyone tell me what does it mean?

  34. USA – Passport Name Advisory

    According to the Department of State, in order to process visa (immigrant / non-immigrant) cases efficiently, the surname and the given name MUST be written separately on the first page (the biographic data page) of your passport.

    All immigrant and the nonimmigrant visas are printed as your name appears in your passport. If you do not have a surname listed separately, your entire name will be printed on the surname field of the visa. Your first name will be printed as “FNU” (first name unknown), per U.S. visa regulations.

    By having “FNU” listed as your given name on your visa, you may have difficulty obtaining a driver’s license and social security card in the United States.

    It is recommended that those who have blanks in the surname column apply for name correction at the passport office to get the names corrected/regularized before you apply for U.S. visa.

    • I have only one name on passport& certificates.on f4 visa one name&FNU.Ivisit us got SSN ,green card on the way.Due to some urgency i came back India. Now what i can do so that i will’t face any problem in driving licence, job in usa.tell me what papper work i complete in India before leaving.

      • I’ve my single name WASIM in my 10th, diploma, and degree and in id proofs…is there any problem to make my passport without my last name ?
        Please anybody tell me the right solution. I want to go for a job In UAE, or anywhere .


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