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Information to Apply for Fresh Indian Passport? Tatkal Requirements?

Applying for a new passport used to be a complicated process. Things have changed significantly in the last few years and it is fully online today. There are some key things to know, besides the information on the official website. Thanks to Deepak from Sudeep International Travels, Nagpur (+91-712-2420855, +91-712-2423092) for taking time to write this article sharing his insights.

Information on Apply and Get Fresh Passport in India

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1.  The current official website to apply for Indian Passport:  www.passportindia.gov.in  (previously it used to be: http://passport.gov.in/ )

2.  Procedure & requirements are given in the website. The scrutiny, acceptance of Passport application forms is now handled by TCS and centers are known as Passport Seva Kendra (PSK). However, police enquiry and granting of Passport is under the control of Indian Government as before but printing & dispatch is again done by TCS under the control of Passport office.

3.  One needs to fill the application online, pay fees (Rs. 1500 for Adult, Rs. 1000 for under 18 years) & then take the appointment for submission in PSK. From the time of filling the form it takes about 3 weeks to get the appointment for submission of application. From that time subject to police enquiry, it can take further about 6 to 8 weeks to get the Passport. This time can vary from one place to another.

4.  No need to carry passport sized photographs.  Fingerprinting and photos are taken at PSK at the time of submission of Application.

5.  Only Children under 4 years need to carry photos (4.5 x 3.5 cm )

6.  Minors below 6 years age, can go to PSK and submit the application without appointment. Others, including ‘Tatkal’ cases need appointment for submission of application.

7.  Any service except “Police Clearance Certificate” needs Fresh Passport application. Thus change in Address, Deleting ‘Emigration Check Required’ stamp etc. means Fresh Passport. Renewal of Passport, change in name from Maiden to Married Name, Endorsing Husband’s/ wife’s name also mean Fresh Passport.

8.   In case of minor, it is necessary to show the passports of both parents. Passport for child in India while father is abroad – is a usual problematic case.  In  such cases, Indian consulate abroad acts as a Passport office. Father should show his passport in consulate and obtain a letter from Indian Consulate. (Standard Format of such letter is with consulate) and send it to mother in India. Mother can then apply & get Passport for child.

New Tatkal Passport Requirements

There is a common misconception that one can get ‘Tatkal’ Passport in one week by paying extra Fees to Government. This is NOT true.

1.  The Requirements for Tatkal Passport are stringent and not easy to meet. There are two ways to go about this. One needs a Verification Certificate as per Annexure F in duplicate from competent Authority. Persons who are working with Government and are of the rank of I.A.S. / I.P.S. are authorized to give such certificate, if they vouch that they know the applicant and certify his character, residence etc. Additionally, General Manager of a Public Sector Undertaking, Sub Divisional Magistrates or Tahsildars of rural areas are also authorized. Certifying authority must give this certificate in Duplicate on official letterhead along with photo copy of his Identity card issued by Government. There are a few other minor requirements as well.

2.  Second practical way to get passport little faster is to get the police enquiry done fast after submission of application. One can do it himself or through a competent travel agent.

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What has been your experience applying for new passport?

Any key things to share regarding applying for new passport in India ?


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    • Well, I guess, if your spouse is not sharing important documents from you, you have a bigger issue to deal with…Anyways, you can submit a police complaint telling that you lost your passport and using that you can apply for a new passport.

  1. Hello, I’m Gagan..
    I want to apply passport.. But there is a problem.. Actually there is a name mistake of my mother in my 10th proof but my father passport consists correctly name.. Is there is need to show study proof for applying passport?? Or any extra proof for passport applying?? Plzz give me suggestion for this.. I really need help.. So plz help me..

  2. Sir,l have passport,I have not done passport of my wife, next month we decided to go to Zurich where my son working, so is there any provisions to include my wife name or I should do a separate passport for my wife.
    One thing my wife is studied only 7th.

  3. Hello Sir,
    I want to apply for fresh passport for my wife. There has some issue in proof of address. We have only Marriage certificate, my passport copy (wife’s name not mentioned), Electricity bill in the name of my father. So, are these documents sufficient for address proof or other documents required. Please suggest.

    • They will ask for Aadhar Card, you should get something on your wife’s name like Aadhar Card, Voter ID or something. If not, at least address proof of her bank account with her photo in the passbook. Of course, you can carry the additional info like electricity bill, but again, you will probably need to carry your passport copy that tells he is your father and tell that you all are living together.

  4. HI
    AM RAJA I DON’T HAVE 10TH MARK SHEET SO NOW AM APPLY FRESH PASSPORT ECNR(am apply for job ) if i applying without 10th marksheet passport has come or not

    • If you do not have 10th mark sheet, you will have your passport as ECR. To get ECNR status you will need to submit 10th mark sheet.

  5. I am Generally Manager in public sector ( ONGC) . Can I issue a verification certificate in favour of my wife and son for getting Tatkal passport.

  6. Hi… Nikhil here
    Actually I have some Address issues. That my birth is from Tamil nadu, Native place is from Maharashtra(sangli) and currently I live in Pune on rented house…. Even I don’t have rent agreement! In my native place there are no more people are staying. What should I do for getting fresh passport?

  7. Hi suraj
    I made a mistake i have to go in passport seva kendr but i hav a issue there are stain on my fingers ..in dat case will my passport rejected because there is only one day left plzzz suggest me what can i do?

  8. Dear Mr. Suraj,
    My wife and I were originally Indian citizens and are now US Citizens.
    We both have US passports.
    We now live in Mumbai and plan to settle in India permanently and manage our family business.

    My wife has given birth to our son in Mumbai.

    Can we apply for an Indian passport for our infant son. Since we both have US passports, will it create problems to get an Indian passport for our baby?


    • Arules,
      Looking at the requirements here : http://indiancitizenshiponline.nic.in/acquisition1.htm , I am not sure, if your son would qualify as your citizenship is not Indian, unless you have not been residing here for 7 years. I suggest you check with passport office, to get more clarity.

  9. sir,
    my name is SURAJ i dont have any middle name or surname, all my
    marks from SSLC onwardds my name is SURAJ only, cna i face problem
    getting new passport & visa to US. pls guide me sir.

    • suraj,
      You will need to get your last name fixed, so that you will have less trouble in future. You should ideally have a surname and get that added to your passport and to other certificates too.

      • thank you sir,
        sir, it is difficult to add surname from sslc marks card to my degrre
        i have intials(recently added) in my aadhar card & voter Id as;
        Suraj.S.R.(suraj- shantha- rangaswamy) my mother & father, is this
        enough to get fresh passport & visa especially to US, pls reply
        sorry for giving trouble, presently i am in hyderabad getting
        coaching class for GATE (mtec) exam, pls guide me sir

        • suraj,
          If you can do it, it would be better. Check the process and take a decision. Usually there will be your photo, which should be fine. If needed you can get your documents notarized as well for that one.

  10. Hlo its mi deep tripura. I m a 21 year old boy n i wanna go abroad. So i need the help how i will make new passport, where i will get the contact number n office

  11. hello,my self lata,
    i want to know address and phone no. of offices where fresh indian passports are made.
    my contact no:[hidden for spam]

  12. Hello sir my sister have aa little mistake in birth certificate in name(in all document have a “BAHEN” nd in b.certy have a “BEN” ) so problem in the fill of the form so give solution nd please give contact number

    • patel,
      It is highly recommended to get the birth certificate fixed with correct spelling to avoid issues. It is very important for you to have this correct, in the long term. I suggest you get that fixed first and then apply.


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