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Indian Passport renewal Experience – Add Spouse Name at Hyderabad, India

One of our readers, Phani, has recently renewed his Indian passport at Hyderabad in India and received it in 3 Days. Congrats to Phani on successful Renewal/Re-issue !  Thanks to him for taking time to share his experience with us ! You can share your experience with our readers here

Background – Indian Passport Re-issue to add Wife’s name and Expiring within a year

I recently applied for renewal of my passport from Hyderabad, Tolichowki Passport Seva Kendra (PSK). It was a fantastic experience. The process took just 1 and 1/2 hours at the PSK, as opposed to 10 hours in a queue when I first applied. I got my passport within 3 days.

Reasons for my renewal:

  • Passport due to expire within a year
  • Spouse’s name to be added

Preparing for Indian Passport Renewal – Checking Process, Filling Online Application
First, to start off with, I opened the Indian passport website and tried to gather as much information as possible before applying. The website gives all the necessary information one needs.  I registered myself with the website, downloaded the e-Form, filled it, generated the XML file, and uploaded the XML file.
(For those who do not know, it is just another file that gets generated once you fill the e-Form PDF and click the ‘Validate and Save’ button).

Paying fee for Indian Passport Renewal, Booking Appointment Date

After the Upload was done, I paid the money online via Net banking (Rs. 2000/- for Normal and 60 pages) using the “Pay and Book Appointment” button. I applied on Saturday and the appointment date it gave was 3 days later on the next Tuesday at 9:30 am.

Documents Required for Indian Passport Renewal:

The documents I needed to provide for passport renewal were

  •  Photocopy of first and last two pages of my earlier passport
  •  Proof of Present address (Bank statement)
  •  Photocopy of my marriage certificate duly attested by any gazetted officer. ( self attestation works as well )
  •  Appointment letter (Document containing the Application Reference Number)

I signed on all the photocopies of my documents.
(Tip: For the documents one needs to provide, the Document Advisor link on the website will tell those that need to be submitted, based on the options one selects. Mostly, only those documents are required to be submitted).

Arriving at Passport Seva Kendra(PSK) on Appointment day for Renewal / Re-issue
I was required to be present at the PSK 15 minutes before the appointment time. I was there a little before 9:00 am. I stood there in a queue, waiting for the PSK to be opened (It opens at 9:00 am). The security people outside checked the appointment date and time on the appointment letters of each and every one, and made us stand in a separate queue based on the timing. I was there in the first queue and the security person allowed me in, after checking my appointment time.

Step by Step Process at Passport Seva Kendra for Indian Passport Renewal

Once I was in, there was a step by step process as listed below.

Step 1 : Token generation
First I went to the first counter, where they checked if I had got all the required documents. I got my bank statement without getting it stamped and signed by the Bank Manager. They asked me to provide another proof of address, which I didn’t have. So they wrote on the same paper saying that the bank statement was not stamped and signed. And they put all the documents in a file and asked me to go to the next counter. I went to the next counter, where that person generated a token and gave the slip to me, along with the file and my passport.

Step 2 : Section A ( TCS Verify documents, Photo Capture )

Then I was asked to go to section A, where this guy greeted me nicely and asked me to sit. He took my documents, asked me why I was going for a renewal. I said, due to expire and addition of spouse name. When he saw that I applied for 60 pages, he said that it would take a very long time to get my passport, based on the availability of 60 pages. After I agreed for 36 pages, he made me write a letter on a white paper to the Regional Passport Officer (RPO) stating to give me 60 pages if available, otherwise give 36 pages only. (Waste of Rs. 500/- as I have already paid Rs 2000/- online). Then he asked for my earlier passport, and my original marriage certificate, which I provided to him. He verified them, scanned the photocopies and uploaded it to the system. He then captured my photo (make sure you are at your glamorous best 😉 ). Then I was asked to sign on a form in a box, which he later scanned and uploaded to the system. Once it was done, he gave me the fee paid receipt and then he pinned the file with all the documents and asked me to wait in the section B. All it took here was just 15 minutes.

Step  3 : Section B (Govt. Document Verification Section)
The government takes control 🙁
I waited for 10 minutes in section B, after which my token number appeared on the television screen. I went to the verification officer. He asked for my passport and my original marriage certificate. He checked them and asked me to wait in Section C. This took just 3 minutes.

Step 4: Section C (Passport Renewal/Re-issue Granting Section)
I waited, waited and waited (not because of queue, but for the government officers to come to office).
After 30 minutes of waiting, one guy called my name (finally). He took the entire file, and all the original documents. Verified the originals and gave them back to me. He then checked his system for my file and asked me if I had paid the penalty for rejection of my passport earlier in 2001, when I had applied again later in 2004. I said I don’t remember if I had paid or not. He also asked why there was no stamp and signature of the Bank manager on the Bank statement. I said that’s what they gave. He then did something on his system and asked me to go to the acknowledgement counter

Step 5 :  Acknowledgement Section.
This guy took my passport. He stamped cancelled and extended and then gave back my earlier passport along with an acknowledgement paper.

That’s it , process completed at Passport Seva Kendra ! It took about 1.5 hrs..

Indian Passport Delivery by Mail after Renewal

3 days later, I got my passport home.
Since I was not at home, the postman asked my mom to show my ID to him to give the passport. He verified my photo and then gave the passport.

That’s all folks
Happy Passport Renewal 🙂

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  1. Hi Kumar,

    I have recently married a foreign national and the ceremony was in India. I didnt get any marriage certificate from India. Do I need to mention that I am married for my passport renewal. I dont need my spouse name in my passport as of now.
    Any thoughts?

  2. Which will take longer time? A fresh passport or adding spouse name to an existing passport.
    Is it better to apply for fresh passport after marriage or to take passport now and add spouse name to it after marriage? We are planning to leave india as early as possible.Which method will save the time?kindly suggest an idea .

  3. My Indian Passport expired in 2011, I am in US on an H1B visa, I was told by the consulate office to submit my Indian address for verification by the local police department. Upon calling my relatives the Police
    asked for 16,000 in penalty fees (2,000 for each yer non-renewal) . Is this legal?

  4. I am an Indian citizen and got married to a Russian girl. How do I add her name to my passport. I could do it here but it requires a month time but my visa expires before that. And what documents do I need to take from here to be done in India. And can I do it in any city in India as I don’t live in my native city anymore? Please help

    • Well, the documents are pretty standard, you need passport details of your spouse and then apply at a PSK that is closer to where you live. There maybe police verification and if they come in, you need to explain that you work outside of India and here for travel. You can call PSK to get the details of the documents needed for adding spouse, also you can use the online website advisor of Indian passport.

  5. Hi ,

    My passport expires Nov 2021.
    I want to add my spouse name in my passport for dependent visa.
    When I do that will I get new passport with fresh 10 yr validity or the same validity?

    Thanks in advance.

      • Did you receive police verification at your residence ?

        What was the written on your acknowledgement slip under “police verification mode” ? By any chance if you remember.

    • Hi Sarvani,

      Did you received passport with new 10 year validity if you just added spouse name? I am in same situation and system gives error if i select expired within 3 years or expiring option.


  6. Dear sir,
    i have one doubt ,after getting new passport with spouse name,this passport eligible for accept earlier passport valid visa?if not accept what can i do?

  7. Hi
    My husbands father surname is different in adhar and school marksheet for this a one and the same person affadavit work?
    Also he had applied earlier for which he has a file closure letter also will these doc be fine for applying again
    . Adhar card
    . Voter id

  8. hi myself sunil,

    i have some queries regards to my passport application !!!
    let me tell you as short i can
    i have applied for fresh passport at PSK bangalore during april 2018, in may 2018 i changed my job and moved to pune , police was unpolite and he denied my request for delay in attending backround verification , he submitted adverse report to RPO , later i took an appointment they told me to fill penalty of 5000rs so that they can enhance PV once again in same venue which i submitted ,i told them clearly my situation , they said me to cancel application even with 5000rs fine , i denied to fill 5000rs as fine and went back without exit slip , they sent acknowledgement letter of cancellation later through mail as well as through post ,right now i am at pune , if i want to apply should i pay 5000rs which i denied earlier ??? and if want to re apply is they can view my previous application ??
    i request for your suggestion how should i get my passport this time without any hurdles


  9. Hi Kumar,

    My passport expired a year back. Now I am married and need to add my wife’s name in the new passport. Could you please let me know the process?

    Thanks in advance!

  10. I got married and my first wife left me on May 14th, 2008. And I dont know where she is? Then I got married again on Jan 28th, 2012. How do I remove my exwife name from my valid passport and include my second wife name? Adding to this my valid passport got expired on April 2018.

  11. Hello sir

    I got re issued passport on 2016 still longer validity… & now I am work in oman with that passport… I need add my spouse name in my passport… This is right now possible… I have required documents…

    Thanking you in advance

  12. I have Applied for reissue of my passport to add my spouse and to change my address.

    In my marriage certificate my name has been changed but i have not changed my name in my documents like Aadhar etc.

    I am carrying my n my husband passport and address proof.

    does marriage certificate create any problem due to name change

  13. Hi there. My husband is settled in New Zealand. I have applied for visa and given my current passport number. The application is still in submitted phase.. so i can attach documents. Now..my doubt is..if i add my husband’s name in my passport, will my passport number change?? And will it affect my case since i have given them my old passport for verification and all…

    • I do not know how it works on the NZ side. You need to check with them. Yes, anytime you do any change to your passport, your passport number would change. Check with NZ embassy where you submitted passport.

  14. I need to add my husband name in my passport. I have all the required documents. Do i need to be there personally at Passport office or can i send someone to do it on my behalf?

  15. Hi,
    I need to get my husband’s name added in my passport. I’ve read the whole process as described by you in trail. I have just one query, will spouse name be added in same passoport or new passport number is issued? Thing is, my husband is US citizen and he has applied for my spouse visa. My case is through and only pending for interview now. But when I went to get my pcc it got rejected because I didn’t have spouse name on my passport so for that i have to apply for modification. But as my case contains my old passport number, if new passport number is generated it will be a problem for my visa process.
    Kindly clarify.

    • Puneet,
      New passport will be issued and it will have a new number. No, it should not be a problem. They can always updated the passport number as the details changed. The new passport will have old passport number in it for reference.

  16. Hello i want to add my spouse name in my passoprt but i made my passport in march so now i want to add spouse name in my passoprt. Is police verification is required for this.

  17. Hi my Husband is in abroad !! I am in India going to renew my passport with spouse name . Will it can be done ?? Or my Husband need to present in person . Thanks in advance

        • Hi,
          I believe the marriage certificate is no longer required.
          Is it true? Did they specifically ask for the certificate?

          • They did not ask me also for the marriage certification.
            Also the passport document advisor does not mention any either.
            See below link of passport portal document advisor GOI. https://portal2.passportindia.gov.in/AppOnlineProject/docAdvisor/reissuePassport

  18. hi Kumar,

    Thank you for sharing. Your information helps a lot. Hope it will be the same fast process in Thane District.
    I am doing the same thing next month, my passport though, still has a longer validity. I am just doing it to add my spouse name in my passport, as we need it in her country. Please tell me, do I need the original marriage certificate ?or the photocopy will suffice? Thank you so much.


  19. Hi Friends,

    Am going to apply for re-issue due to expiry of my password in near future and also i want to add my Spouse name into my Passport, here my doubt is,

    1. I need to take photocopy/original passport of my spouse for re-issue of mine or not needed.
    2. I dint have my marriage certificate yet but am having Marriage hall -marriage dated receipt bill .so, in this case affidavit in annexure D is enough ?
    3. In my passport my permanent address are given ( salem) but am currenlty working in Chennai, is it mandatory to submit any proof for current resident? ( but i need not to change address)

    Thanks in advance!!

    • Suresh,
      1. photo copy of your spouse passport should be good enough.
      2. Well, you may need marriage certificate, not sure, if they will take the hall receipt bill. I would probably get it to avoid issues and for future benefit.
      3. Yes, you will need to provide proof of your current address. There may be verification from police, if you give wrong details or details of where you do not live currently, you will be in trouble and passport process will be delayed.

  20. Yes. The procedure is faster now. No hastles or intervention of an agent. he whole Job is done by private agency !! Good post. If you opt for the afternoon session(01:00 PM & later), it takes just 45 min to 1 hour.

  21. Hi kumar,
    My wife want to add my name in her passport .
    for this is it necessary to change her address as in my passport?


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