Indian Passport renewal Experience – Add Spouse Name at Hyderabad, India

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One of our readers, Phani, has recently renewed his Indian passport at Hyderabad in India and received it in 3 Days. Congrats to Phani on successful Renewal/Re-issue !  Thanks to him for taking time to share his experience with us ! You can share your experience with our readers here

Background – Indian Passport Re-issue to add Wife’s name and Expiring within a year

I recently applied for renewal of my passport from Hyderabad, Tolichowki Passport Seva Kendra (PSK). It was a fantastic experience. The process took just 1 and 1/2 hours at the PSK, as opposed to 10 hours in a queue when I first applied. I got my passport within 3 days.

Reasons for my renewal:

  • Passport due to expire within a year
  • Spouse’s name to be added

Preparing for Indian Passport Renewal – Checking Process, Filling Online Application
First, to start off with, I opened the Indian passport website and tried to gather as much information as possible before applying. The website gives all the necessary information one needs.  I registered myself with the website, downloaded the e-Form, filled it, generated the XML file, and uploaded the XML file.
(For those who do not know, it is just another file that gets generated once you fill the e-Form PDF and click the ‘Validate and Save’ button).

Paying fee for Indian Passport Renewal, Booking Appointment Date

After the Upload was done, I paid the money online via Net banking (Rs. 2000/- for Normal and 60 pages) using the “Pay and Book Appointment” button. I applied on Saturday and the appointment date it gave was 3 days later on the next Tuesday at 9:30 am.

Documents Required for Indian Passport Renewal:

The documents I needed to provide for passport renewal were

  •  Photocopy of first and last two pages of my earlier passport
  •  Proof of Present address (Bank statement)
  •  Photocopy of my marriage certificate duly attested by any gazetted officer. ( self attestation works as well )
  •  Appointment letter (Document containing the Application Reference Number)

I signed on all the photocopies of my documents.
(Tip: For the documents one needs to provide, the Document Advisor link on the website will tell those that need to be submitted, based on the options one selects. Mostly, only those documents are required to be submitted).

Arriving at Passport Seva Kendra(PSK) on Appointment day for Renewal / Re-issue
I was required to be present at the PSK 15 minutes before the appointment time. I was there a little before 9:00 am. I stood there in a queue, waiting for the PSK to be opened (It opens at 9:00 am). The security people outside checked the appointment date and time on the appointment letters of each and every one, and made us stand in a separate queue based on the timing. I was there in the first queue and the security person allowed me in, after checking my appointment time.

Step by Step Process at Passport Seva Kendra for Indian Passport Renewal

Once I was in, there was a step by step process as listed below.

Step 1 : Token generation
First I went to the first counter, where they checked if I had got all the required documents. I got my bank statement without getting it stamped and signed by the Bank Manager. They asked me to provide another proof of address, which I didn’t have. So they wrote on the same paper saying that the bank statement was not stamped and signed. And they put all the documents in a file and asked me to go to the next counter. I went to the next counter, where that person generated a token and gave the slip to me, along with the file and my passport.

Step 2 : Section A ( TCS Verify documents, Photo Capture )

Then I was asked to go to section A, where this guy greeted me nicely and asked me to sit. He took my documents, asked me why I was going for a renewal. I said, due to expire and addition of spouse name. When he saw that I applied for 60 pages, he said that it would take a very long time to get my passport, based on the availability of 60 pages. After I agreed for 36 pages, he made me write a letter on a white paper to the Regional Passport Officer (RPO) stating to give me 60 pages if available, otherwise give 36 pages only. (Waste of Rs. 500/- as I have already paid Rs 2000/- online). Then he asked for my earlier passport, and my original marriage certificate, which I provided to him. He verified them, scanned the photocopies and uploaded it to the system. He then captured my photo (make sure you are at your glamorous best 😉 ). Then I was asked to sign on a form in a box, which he later scanned and uploaded to the system. Once it was done, he gave me the fee paid receipt and then he pinned the file with all the documents and asked me to wait in the section B. All it took here was just 15 minutes.

Step  3 : Section B (Govt. Document Verification Section)
The government takes control 🙁
I waited for 10 minutes in section B, after which my token number appeared on the television screen. I went to the verification officer. He asked for my passport and my original marriage certificate. He checked them and asked me to wait in Section C. This took just 3 minutes.

Step 4: Section C (Passport Renewal/Re-issue Granting Section)
I waited, waited and waited (not because of queue, but for the government officers to come to office).
After 30 minutes of waiting, one guy called my name (finally). He took the entire file, and all the original documents. Verified the originals and gave them back to me. He then checked his system for my file and asked me if I had paid the penalty for rejection of my passport earlier in 2001, when I had applied again later in 2004. I said I don’t remember if I had paid or not. He also asked why there was no stamp and signature of the Bank manager on the Bank statement. I said that’s what they gave. He then did something on his system and asked me to go to the acknowledgement counter

Step 5 :  Acknowledgement Section.
This guy took my passport. He stamped cancelled and extended and then gave back my earlier passport along with an acknowledgement paper.

That’s it , process completed at Passport Seva Kendra ! It took about 1.5 hrs..

Indian Passport Delivery by Mail after Renewal

3 days later, I got my passport home.
Since I was not at home, the postman asked my mom to show my ID to him to give the passport. He verified my photo and then gave the passport.

That’s all folks
Happy Passport Renewal 🙂

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Comments ( 138 )

  1. Anju

    Thank you for the post. I have a few questions. My address on bank account and current passport and every other address proof document has the address of my native place(Raipur). I dont have any current address(Hyderabad) proof. Will my bank statement be enough as proof. I’m doubtful because I need to get passport reissued from a Hyderabad passport office. Also how many month’s bank statement is required.

    1. administrator

      Well, you can go to Bank and get the latest address updated on it and carry the passbook. You can also update your details on Aadhar online and use that too. You can use your current lease agreement as well. They ask for the bank passbook with your photo or a letter, check passport document advisor on the specifics. You can also get a letter from your company’s HR on the letterhead that can be used as proof.

  2. Sathy

    I have the following doubts:
    a) My Passport expires on 13-07-2018. When i need to renew this.?
    b) I want to add spouse name in that , adding spouse name in my passport will it change Date of Expiry in my passport.
    c) my wife has passport, when i am adding her as spouse in my passport, do i need to change my wife address in her passport too.

    Can you please address the above question .

  3. Ravi

    I want to add my wife name in passport but my work visa for Indonesian is in process and will complete by next week.
    Can you please suggest, what will happen if I renew my passport before the visa will complete? Can I do that?
    Thanks in advance.

  4. Siddarth


    I want to add my Middle name in new passport in my next renewal. Please let me know the process and requirements.

    Existing Name: Vavilala Siddarth ( same as 10th Certificate)
    New Name: Vavilala Siddarth Rao
    Proofs I have: Aadhar and PAN card

    Thanks in advance.

    1. administrator

      Yes, it may happen. Not really required for every case, but it is up to the discretion of the Passport Office.

  5. Shankar

    I just want to ask, in adding my wifes name at my passport, i want to add her married name but her passport is still under her maiden name. Is it possible to add her married name? How? Requirements?

  6. vineesh.p.s

    how to add my spouse name in my passport…when renew my passport, is attested marriage certificate(embassy attestation) is required or marriage certificate from panjayath only is requied.. plss reply me.. am i provide spouse or our couple photo or anything else required ? i dont know ..

    1. administrator

      Usually, the marriage certificate from Panchayat or Registration office is sufficient. You will need to show the original. You select for passport re-issue with add spouse name as option, then go ahead with standard process.

      1. vineesh.p.s

        thank u sir… you are great.. i am now work at qatar.. in my hand i have my marriage certificate copy.. can i provide it here.. my wife’s aadhar copy also is in my hand.. her address is w/o vineesh in aadhar.. is these two copies are possible here in qatar.. if u dont mind plss say something , help me

  7. Gaurav Garg

    Hello Sir,

    I have checked the document advisory for adding the spouse name on passport + address change of mine for re-issue of passport.Earlier, marriage certificate is necessary, but now marriage certificate is not mentioned aywhere.So my question is Do I need the marriage certificate to add my spouse name in passport or not,Beacuse the guidlines from goverment recently changed.

    1. administrator

      I am not sure, if it really changed… I would highly recommend carrying the marriage certificate. They will definitely need some sort of proof confirming the marriage and there is no better document than marriage certificate.

  8. Ajender

    I had applied for a new passport in march 2016 but it is still under review and i need to submit marriage certificate/proof but i dont have any as i got married in 2003 . my wife has voter id with my name as her husband and my both daughters birth certificates has my name & her name as parents.
    please advice what should i do to make simple & resolve it

    1. administrator

      You should get your marriage certificate, you are eligible to get it anytime. My relatives had similar situation, they got married in 1998, but never got marriage certificate…they ended up getting one in 2017 when they needed it.

  9. Preet

    Hello Sir,

    I have Indian passport which is due for a renewal in December this year. I want to add spouse name on my passport. I have multiple entry visa for US which is valid for two more years. My query is, if I renew my passport to add spouse name, what will happen to my visa on the old passport? Will it be valid or not?


  10. Johny


    My passport is due to expire in 10 months and it has my permanent address(Salem, Tamilnadu).
    Recently by December i got shifted to Bangalore and i need my passport to be re-issued.
    I want my permanent address(Salem, Tamilnadu) to be updated in the new passport and for that whether I can apply in Bangalore Passport Office with my permanent address proof?

  11. ZHM


    I have a Portuguese passport and got married in India last month. My husband has indian passport and wants to renew his passport to add my name. I have been told that my name on his passport will come with the surname changed according to indian law.
    I want my name to come with maiden surname on my husband’s passport as I dont want to change my surname – is it possible to do so? If yes, what’s the procedure?
    Eg. My name: xxx yyy
    Husbands name: rrr mmm
    Can my name come one my husband’s passport as xxx yyy and NOT xxx rrr mmm

    Hope this makes sense.

    Appreciate your help and advice.


    1. administrator

      There is no such law that you need to change your surname to have it on passport. My wife’s last name was not changed and it is endorsed on my passport with her original name. That is just an option available, if someone wants to change. You will need to carry the Marriage Certificate.

  12. Rohan

    Hi sir.. I want to add my spouse name in my passport… But I’m in abroad.. which is visa stamped for 2years.. but if I apply for adding my spouse name in my passport.. is it my old passport no will be changed to new no. or not?.. or I’ll get old passport no.. pls advice…

    1. administrator

      You will get a new passport and it will have a new passport number. The old passport number will be recorded as past number on the new one. Usually for US visa, passport expiry does not matter as long as you have valid visa. If you carry your old and new passport, you should be good. I am not sure, how it works for other countries.

  13. PR


    I want to add my spouse name to my passport and also update my current address. Will my name change on the passport from XXX YYY to XXX ZZZ or will the spouse name simply be added as a special column and my name still stays as XXX YYY.

    Thanks in advance

    1. Rk


      My passport was issued in May 2009 and expiration date is May 2019. If I apply for a reissue of my passport now, to add spouse name and change in address, I will be issued a new passport with 10 years validity, as per PSK customer care. So assuming my new passport will be issued in this month, say 2017 Jan and expiration date will be 2027 Jan. So I am thinking if I should apply for renewal now or at the end of 2019. If I apply now, I guess 3 years will be simply lapsed. Please advice.

      1. administrator

        Yes very likely you will get it with 10 years validity. Well, that’s true you lose some time…but, if you have time, I suggest you do it now as it can help you avoid some last minute work, in case you have plan to have kid and want to apply for passport for them or use this for traveling abroad, etc…

        1. RK

          Hi Kumar,

          Yes. I thought of the same to avoid last minute rush. Applied for reissue of my passport for adding my spouse name. Process was simple and done in 30 mins at PSK. Will get my new passport in couple of days. Thanks for your reply 🙂

  14. Praveen


    I want to add my spouse name in my passport. I got my first passport from Coimbatore, when i was studying in college. Currently i’m working in Bangalore. Following are my questions.

    1) Which location PSK (Bangalore or Coimbatore) should i go for “re issue of passport” ?

    2) Also I have only Rental agreement as my current address proof.Is it enough?

    Thanks in advance !!!

    1. administrator

      1. You should apply at Bangalore PSK. Yes, re-issue.
      2. Yes. I suggest you carry bank passbook with photo and current address on it, as additional proof to avoid issues.

    2. Junaid


      I have to renew my passport since it’s expiring within next 6 months. Also I want to add my spouse name. My wife has a passport made before marriage, so it’s having her before marriage name. I don’t have marriage certificate yet so I got a marriage affidavit(annexure-D).
      Could you please answer my below questions:
      1) In my renewal application form should I mention her before or after marriage name as spouse name?
      After my renewal is done I have to get a passport for my kid too.

      2) For address proof does bank(SBI) passbook work or I need to get a statement from bank?

      3) My aadhar card has my old address(same on my existing passport) which is different than my present address. So I am not going to attach aadhar card as address proof. But since they are now asking aadhar no. which will be used for biometric verification with UID system, will this aadhar showing the old address hamper my renewal processing?
      Otherwise I’ll have to first update the address on aadhar card.

      Thanks in advance

  15. Vidya

    Hi, I want to add my spouse name in passport. My passport address is my native home address, which I don’t want to change as I’m residing in a hostel now. So I have 2 questions: how many months bank statement is required? And will they send the new passport to the existing passport address (my native address) or current address in bank statement?.. thank you

    1. administrator

      They will ask for the passbook with photo in it and also you will need to give two references at the current location, where you reside. The Passport office may do verification. You should give your current place of residence details. For proof of residence of your hostel/place of stay, you should provide a letter from college on the college letter head regarding your residence. Also, the address on the passport does not really matter, it is fine to have any address.

  16. Sid

    Can you let know the process to renew my passport which had a adverse policy report, which I didn’t followed up with passport office in 2007 (passport was issued in Tatkal). Now I have moved a different city and want to renew the passport.

  17. Jay

    My passport is expiring in another few months. I want to apply for Re-Issue & addition of my wife name into the new Passport. I dont have my marriage certificate. Can i submit the joint affidavit as mentioned in the Annexure ‘D’ ? Is it only for Women ? Or still can i submit at the time of appointment ?

    1. administrator

      You will need marriage certificate or similar document given by court to avoid issues. You can go the Annexure D route, you will have to put in some explanation for it and I am not sure, how that works…Marriage certificate is my recommendation to avoid all hassle for both.

  18. Josphine

    I want to renew my passport with my spouse name adding, my new address changing.documents that I have with me gas connection, marriage certificate.
    Is it enough or should I give more documents

    1. param suraj

      you have to submit one more documents. remember documents/slip of new add. hve to submit one copy latest month and one copy must b one year old. u can submit any other documents.. electricity bil, tel.bill. bank passbook with photo. aadhar card, voter id, registered rent agreement, cert. from public ptd. comp. on original letter head. cert. from MLA, MP,.
      for more quary.. can contact..
      adv param suraj..
      advparamsuraj(8)zee mail dot com

    2. administrator

      Should be good enough, but they may ask for secondary document for address proof, depending on the situation. You can carry any of your new address proof like rental agreement, utility bill, etc.

  19. AK

    Hi, i recently went for passport renewal to add my spouse’s name and change my middle name. The proofs i carried were original passport, aadhar card n marriage certificate. The B counter guy rejected my application saying that u need to provide address proof with new name😢. The site information does not state such.

    1. administrator

      Well, if your names on your proof does not match with your change in name, then it is not a mistake, they maybe looking it as a major name change…does your X class or Aadhar have full name on it as you want it to be changed ? If not, then you need to get them fixed first.

  20. Manju Nayak

    Hi Buddy,
    I am also looking to get my passport reissued with my wifes name added, as it is expiring soon. But i want to take affidavit instead of Marriage certificate. And my wife’s name is not changed after marriage. In this case which annexure i should use?

  21. seetaram


    Me and my wife have valid passports, but the spouse name is not updated in our passports after our marriage.

    Now we want to apply passport for my baby. please suggest the best way.
    1) both the husband and wife passports should be updated with the spouse name for baby’s passport?? or one passport with spouse name is sufficient?
    2) what are the documents required for change of surname and spouse in my wife’s passport? do i need to be present in the PSK center along with my wife or just marriage certificate is enough??
    3) Change of address in my wife’s passport: what are the documents required?? currently we don’t have any document except marriage certificate.
    4) Both the parents has to be present in the PSK center for baby passport?? or Mother is enough with annexure H and Passport?

    Thanks in advance.



    Appreciate your effort for the post. I need to add my wife name in my passport. Should my wife also add my name in her passport? If so, do we need to pay the amount twice and book two slots? In this case of re-issue/renewal, do the Passport number changes?

    Please advise.

  23. Pankaj kumar Giri

    Dear sir 1 year before i have renewed my passport.
    Recently i married. Now i want to add my spouse name.
    Again i have to follow same reissue procedure with same amount i.e rs 2000.
    Please suggest

  24. Shubham Shah

    Can i apply for addition of spouse name on Indian passport with US Visa? If yes, the process is same as normal addition of spouse or something special? Do i have to reapply for the Visa?

    1. administrator

      Shubham Shah,

      Process is same as any other passport. No new US visa stamp required. You will have to always carry both passports when entering US, to show that the old one has the visa stamp.

  25. Raveesh

    Does self attestation works for marriage certificate, or it needs to be attested by some gazetted officer? Need this info urgently.

  26. Alpesh

    Sir I want to know adding spouse name in passport tatkal so whats process and verification certificate compulsory required or not???

  27. Taufic shaikh

    Hello sir,

    I want to add my spouce name in passport but I dont have marraige certificate I have nikah nama,kindly advice

    T S

  28. G N Reddy

    Good info and well written. 🙂 To add to your lines, most of the bank executives take the printout and give it to you directly. Or they stamp few pages and sign on them and leaves the rest. My advise to people who are going for renewal – Ask the bank executives to stamp and sign on all the pages of the bank statement. Dont feel shy, remember its your right to demand them for a stamp and signature. Otherwise, you ll land up in trouble at the passport office.

  29. Anirban Ghosh


    Thanks for the nice guideline.

    I am going to renew my passport in June and along with it add my wife’s name added. Do I need to provide a self-attested copy my wife’s passport (and original for verification) as well along with the marriage certificate?

  30. Karthik

    Guys. Iam in situation of adding my spouse name in to my passport along with address change. My old passport has my parents address and for the recent address i have the govt. proof.

    Now the doubt is will they ask govt address proof for my wife also ? I have Marriage certificate but my wife doesn’t any proof for the recent address.

    1. administrator

      Not really. The documents you have should be good enough to add spouse name and change address.

  31. Sreekanth

    I am applying for passport re-issue due to expiry. I added my spouse name in application form and this is not special request to add my spouse.

    Do i still need to carry marriage original certificate?. Actually my original certificate not with me and have photo copy.
    please advise.

    1. Adv Param Suraj

      Mr. Sreekanth
      No need for original Marry cert. Just submit Annexure-D. Jointly with Spouse name.

      Thanks Adv Param Suraj

    2. administrator

      You will need original certificate. It is required document for proof. if you have lost it, go to the place where you got your certificate from and get a new one.

  32. daniel

    If i submit an application for my valid passport for name change and it is not approved will i get back my original passport.

    1. administrator

      You do not really submit your old original passport, they will just give the original back to you by putting a stamp on it. You will get a new passport with the changes.

  33. palash choudhuri

    I have a Passport , which I prepared on 24 August 2001 & the Passport has expired on 21/08/2011

    My question is that ” can I renew the same ”

    If renew is possible ” then what is the procedure “

    1. administrator

      palash choudhuri,
      Yes, you can apply for re-issue of the passport. The process is same as above, it is quite straightforward. You will need to carry the original expired passport with you and latest address proof.

    1. administrator

      No need for gazetted officer. You need to carry the original and all your documents need to be self attested.

  34. Dhvani

    Hi there, Thanks for all the information this post,
    If My father and mother are applying together , Do They have to make two separate applications and two different form to be filled. and do they make an appointment together ?
    Thanks a lot for your help.
    Regards, Dhvani

    1. administrator

      Yes, they need to make two separate applications. You can use one login for creating both the applications. You need to take two different appointments as well for them by selecting each application at a time. You can select the same time slot though. It is pretty seamless, my sister did it for their entire family with 3 applications and one login, it was very straight forward, they all got same time as well for appointment.

  35. Arpit Agrawal

    Hi, I need to apply for Passport Renewal as the expiry of passport is near. Also I need to add the name of my spouse along with update the address in the passport. I am a PSU employee.

    I want to know will there be any police verification in this case?

    Thanks in advance.

  36. Pawan Kumar Jha

    In case of change in address and spouse name addition, i need to go for renewal of passport. so, there is no police verification in this???? also, you received the renewed passport in 3 days – thats fast. dont know if the same case will be in Bangalore?

    1. Vaibhav

      Adding spouse name was quick for me in bangalore. It took about 1 hour at the passport seva kendra. After which i received fresh passport within a week.
      My guess about change of address is that you will need police verification. As address should be verified.

        1. RK

          Hi Alvin,

          I had applied for re issue of my passport for adding my spouse name, last week. Within 4 days I got my new passport. Passport has a new number now. Old passport number will be printed on the last page of the passport. It comes with 10 years validity.

  37. Vaibhav

    Hi Guys,
    I am in a situation(to apply for H1 B Visa) where i need to renew my passport which is about to expire in May 2017. As per the rule, passport can be renewed only in the last year of the validity i.e. between may2016 and may2017.
    I heard from some QnA websites that upon updating Address or addition of Spouse Name, the Passport also gets renewed. Is that ture ?
    If not what are other options that i can follow to renew my Passport much before expiry.
    Appreciate any kind of help.

      1. vaibhav

        Its confirmed that any re-issue of the passport due to change in personal particulars, will have validity of next 10 years.
        Yesterday i had been to Passport Office, and applied for it.

  38. bhavana jain

    Hi I have passport but in my paasport my full name bhavana shailendra jain but in my husband name place was blank . I already submitted marriage certificate .now I want to add my husband name so wat can I do now

  39. Jeby


    Thank you for sharing your experience. Could you please let me know if the passport number changed or did the it remain the same after you got your wife’s name added?

    Thank you.

  40. Bindu

    Hi there….thanks for this post…very useful. I would like to know if a church issued marriage certificate is sufficient as marriage proof ?

  41. Shaik

    Hello sir.

    I have a passport which is about to expire. My old passport has an address of Nizamabad coz My native place is Nizamabad and my adhaar card is of Hyd. I am planning to go to US as i am in final yr of btech. So which will be better to renew my passport @hyd or nzb ?

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