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H1B Visa 2019 – Lottery Predictions ? Fee, Quota, News & FAQs

We will look at the some of the common FAQs that are tied to H1B work visa for fiscal year 2019.  This article will be updated with latest info as we get more info.

  • H1B 2019 Season Start Date ?
  • H1B Visa 2019 Quota ?
  • Will there be lottery for H1B 2019 ?
  • H1B 2019 Lottery date ?
  • How to find H1B 2019 Sponsors ?
  • H1B visa 2019 fees ?
  • H1B 2019 Latest News

Update  : H1B 2019, 2020 Seasons are over, H1B 2021 Season is the upcoming season. Read all details at H1B Visa 2021 – Start Date, Fee, Lottery, Registration – FAQs 

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What is the H1B Visa 2019 season start date ?
Update : USCIS will start accepting H1B Petitions starting from April 2nd, 2018 as per their official update on their website. In general, USCIS starts accepting applications for the next fiscal year exactly 6 months before the start of the next fiscal year. USCIS fiscal year for 2019 starts from 1st October 2018, which means they should accept applications for FY 2019 from April 1st, 2018. As April 1st is a Sunday, USCIS should accept applications for H1B 2019 season from April 2nd, 2019.

What is H1B visa 2019 Quota for Regular and Masters filings ?
As of the date of writing of article, the H1B quota is as below. This is also called the H1B Visa Cap. You can read more at What is H1B Cap ? Regular vs Masters quota ?

  • H1B Regular Quota : 65,000 visas
  • H1B Master’s Quota : 20,000 visas. ( only US Masters eligible)

Also, of the overall 85,000 visa cap, every year 6,800 visas are set aside for the citizens of Singapore and Chile as part of the Free Trade Agreement with them. There were few bills part of Comprehensive Immigration Reform that are not active in Senate that were proposed from Obama administration days to change the cap count to 110,000 and Masters to 25,000, including potential to make H1B cap extend up to 180,000. But nothing has moved and all are dormant. Nothing new has been proposed by the new Trump Administration regarding changing cap count. To get a glimpse of historical cap count changes, you may check H1B visa cap count history from 1990 to 2017

Will there be Lottery for H1B 2019 season ? Lottery Predictions ? Filing Numbers ?
Update : USCIS had lottery for FY 2019 quota and received 190,098 petitions.
Looking at the historical trend of H1B filings, cap reach dates, it is quite possible that we would have lottery for FY 2019 quota.  We have written a detail article looking at historical data, Trump administration new policies like ‘Buy American, Hire American’, students on OPT, H4 EAD removal rule, etc. factors. To know the prediction numbers and details, read the article:  H1B Visa 2019 Lottery Predictions – Analysis, Graphs .

When is H1B Visa 2019 Lottery Date ? 
Update : USCIS Conducted Lottery for FY 2019 on April 11, 2018.
There are two things, one is when the H1B petitions are accepted for the lottery and second is when the actual lottery is done. H1B visa petitions for next fiscal year would be accepted by USCIS from April 2nd, 2018 for 5 working days until April 6th, 2018 to be part of the lottery. Now, the actual lottery date depends on various factors depending the volume of petitions and USCIS load. It can be anywhere in second week of April. For FY 2018, the actual H1B Lottery was done on April 11th, 2017 . We can expect anywhere around the same date like April 11th or April 13th.

How to find H1B visa 2019 Sponsors ? 
It can be very hard to find a good employer and convince them to sponsor H1B to work in US with major unknown like H1B Visa lottery. Anyways, you would be in one of the three scenarios, if you are seeking a H1B Sponsor. 

  • F1 Student in US : You can find an internship or co-op at an employer who can sponsor H1B visa and ask them to sponsor your H1B. You can continue to work on OPT once you graduate as well. You find the list of H1B Sponsoring companies using the tool
  • International Professionals  : If you are outside of US, it can be tricky with all the latest rules by Trump administration. Your best bet is to find an multi-national company ( MNC) and work through them to sponsor H1B visa. You may have hurdles inside the company with all the internal process, many waiting, etc. But, it is up to you to negotiate and ask them to take a chance. Many try the IT body shop route, where they ask them to file H1B. Rules have changed in the last few years and it is very risky move and can jeopardize your US hopes. Read comments on this H1B Companies Reviews article  to get an idea and  beware of such consulting companies to avoid fraud.
  • Important Note : We, as RedBu2US, DO NOT Provide any H1B sponsorship or guide anyone using professional services or fee. If anyone approaches you by saying our name, it is pure FRAUD…beware !

If you are looking for more details, check out Guide on How to Find H1B Visa Sponsors 2019

What is H1B 2019 Filing Fee ? 
H1B visa petition filing involves USCIS fee towards certain things and attorney fees, which varies by company size, and attorney involved for the case.  As of FY 2018 season, it can range anywhere from $1,600 USD to $7,400 USD + Attorney Fee.  In year 2016, for FY 2018, the H1B base filing fees, increased from  $325 to $460. Below table is a high level summary from FY 2018 quota as of writing, it maybe subject to change as we approach towards the filing date.  If any changes, we will update this accordingly.    Also, you can Read Summary of H1B Filing Fee – Who pays for What ? .

H1B Fee – Paid TowardsAmount in USD
 Base filing fee$460
AICWA Fee$750  or $1,500
Fraud prevent & detection fee$500
Fee based on Public Law 114-113 ( if applicable)$4000
Premium processing fee (Optional)$1,225
Immigration Attorney FeeVaries from $500 to $3000

H1B 2019 Case Tracker  :
Did you work with attorney and sent all documents to apply for FY 2019 ?  It is quite hard for applicants to know the general status of everyone to understand their situation. We have put together a tracker along with good graphs for analysis. It is completely anonymous as we do not capture your case number or any personal information. It is community contributed data, the more you add, the better for everyone, including  You !

What’s the latest news on H1B Visa 2019 ?
Below are some of the major news updates on H1B 2019 season. You can check H1B Visa 2019 Cap Count Tracker – Latest News Updates for full details

You can bookmark this page and check this page for updates on H1B FY 2019 season.
Do you have any questions on next H1B 2019 season ?


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  1. I am a first time applicant for H1B.
    I have an advanced degree. However, I have applied with a wage level 1.
    What are my chances of getting an approval, if at all my application is picked up in the lottery?
    I know it is too early to ask, but I need some closure

    • Prevailing wage is requested for a reason.

      In lot of cases, prevailing wage is way less than 60k.

      If you salary happens to be more than 60k and happens to be more than prevailing wage, your salary criteria will be met.

      Any rfe beyond that will not be related to salary anymore. So, wage level is not an automatic disqualifier !

      • Thanks Reeze.
        My wage is slightly above 60k, and matches exactly what the wage level 1 figure is. Not a dollar above.
        My company wanted to know how much salary I needed to be eligible for H1B. I showed them the FLC website where it shows all the wages.
        They gave me a middle finger for level 2 and a thumb for level 1.
        I am just hoping I don’t get an RFE related to this, ie if I am picked in the lottery

  2. @3rdTimer
    Thanks for sharing!
    Scarasm peaks!!

    When a person ask any questions genuinely, try answering them else leave it to others to respond ,coz passing comments will not allow anyone to ask any simple questions(which they might not know)

    And If you think,you are an extra intelligent guy,I would recommend you to could join ISRO(much needed there)as US jobs are not worthy for your intelligence

    Anyways just leave everything and let’s concentrate on the things that what we are here for

  3. Hi All,
    Can anyone explain the lottery process
    How do they conducted that process when different centers(EAC,WAC,etc) receives the cases?

      • @Reezee,
        Nice…I mean before allocating the case numbers to the selected petitions. Do they select the random applications based on the application initial entries(name,fst and last)?

        • This is only my guess… The main application might have a bar code or something that’s unique to individuals.

          USCIS will scan it for each application and enter to system and assign random IDs. Ones with successful lottery will have case ID assigned. Rest will be provided with a neat return ticket to fly back home !

  4. Wow. There are so many guys who are filing multiple applications too. But look at the hatred towards me since I am a girl. This is what I am saying. Male dominant society

  5. USCIS will conduct system maintenance on Sunday, April 8, 2018, from 5 a.m. until 6 p.m. (Eastern).

    During this time, our online tools may be unavailable, including:

    Check My Case Status
    Change of Address Online
    Check Processing Times
    Civil Surgeon Locator
    FOIA Status Check
    Office Locator
    Forms by Mail

  6. Alright, Guy,
    I have updated the 2019 numbers based on the current LCA counts. Those who have been following this blog must be familiar with the methodology I have put in and I won’t be able to write the whole thing again. Please go to page 3.

    Year —-># employees (one to one LCAs)—–> # employees ( non 1-1)—-> Total LCAs—->Applicants
    2014—-> 180000 ————————-> 234,592 ——————–> 414,542——–> 124 K
    2015—-> 217,638————————-> 314,989 ——————–> 532,627——–> 172K
    2016—-> 284,500————————-> 368,604——————–> 653,104——–> 233K
    2017—-> 299,341————————-> 360,604——————–> 659,945——–> 236K
    2018—-> 291,092————————->261,092——————–> 552,184——–> 199K
    2019—-> 201786————————-> 213,544——————–> 415,330——–> TBD

    As you can see the numbers are similar to the FY 2014 if you see the total number of employees associated with it. However, because there is a substantial rise in 1 -1 LCA I consider that the chances of conversion become greater ( it was 29 % in 2014 and 36% in 2018). All the other percentages for different years lies among them

    2. Simply putting, i cannot see the overall conversion rate decreasing much due to almost equal contributing factors of both types of LCAs in total employee count from last year. Calculating everything I am coming with 150K applications

    3. Range from 140 K -160 K

    These numbers I came up with are strictly based on my calculation methods and are just for me to take comfort in. I am just sharing. Obviously shoutout to people like Sam, Franc, LCA, Rezee for helping me out on this.

    There are a lot of uncertainties which I was unable to account for and these numbers are strictly data-based accumulated for 4 years and there has been a definite pattern attached which has never been broken since past few years. This year things are stringent with memos coming, multiple filings and whatnots (Franc has articulated it efficiently). So it is totally up to you what you think the number should be.

    If you think numbers are lower than this, you are right

    If you think numbers are higher than this, you are right.

    • @BeStrong

      “If you think numbers are lower than this, you are right

      If you think numbers are higher than this, you are right.¨

      That is hilarious!

      Thanks for all your analysis! I think it will be around the 150K

    • Just by following the trend, the count is going to be 130-150k. This is according to my intuition today. My intuition never fails. 135k is possible too. Next week by this time we may know the numbers.

          • Sam,
            You are the one person who has not changed the estimates an inch sinch Post 1. Ok man, I just did a favor. I called USCIS. They are saying they will disclose the values within 10 days at the max. Happy??

          • in 2018 people did an LCA analysis and were off by almost 75k…. hopefully this isn’t the same! Thanks for doing the work.

    • I believe they may may stop the petitions count less than 125K or even less than 100K… Ask me why??
      Only then world(especially USA) believes that TRUMP has been successful.. #WildThoughts

      • This thought of mine has crossed my mind several-time because he needs to show his supporters that his policy is getting successful. Especially with the midterms are coming up in Nov. Who knows how the lottery works?
        But on the other hand, human minds tend to support and try to confirm biases we want to believe in desperate situations such as this.

        • The problem is that it’s still essentially a lottery in that way – since no one can guarantee that their cases are in the first 120k (or whatever number) they receive.

    • @Strong

      Thx for sharing and analysis, this time i got confident, i will be picked… best luck to all, whoever commented positively… will be picked this time

    • @BeStrong Great Calculations. Appreciate your work!

      Here is the Trend :

      FY2014 —> 29.9% is the total Applications percentage of the Total LCA’s (124,000 / 414,542)
      FY2015 —> 32.3% is the total Applications percentage of the Total LCA’s
      FY2016 —> 35.7% is the total Applications percentage of the Total LCA’s
      FY2017 —> 35.8% is the total Applications percentage of the Total LCA’s
      FY2018 —> 36.0% is the total Applications percentage of the Total LCA’s
      FY2019 —> [30 – 37]% ???

      As per the trend number of total applications for FY2019 May be between 125K – 155K. I may be right or wrong, no one knows what the real numbers are . Let’s hope numbers stay there.
      # Good luck to all the applicants.

      • You are right!
        I just took 36 % and multiplied it by 415K employees to get 150K approx. I saw 125K too on the other spectrum but chose to go 150K with a range comprising of error %. Hence 140K – 160K.


      • Even if if you take worst jump of 3.4% which happened in 2016. It would not go beyond 164K. Remember that was obama era!!!!! There could be ~1.5% increase beacause of more 1-1 LCA.

    • BeStrong,
      Based on Year 2014-2018 numbers, I did some linear regression ;
      Basically, WORKER #(one to one LCA) has a 60% chance of converting to a real petition while WORKER#(non one to one LCA) has only 33.3%. saying that, the predicted numbers for past five year is very close to the actual filings.
      YEAR WORKER #(1 to1) WORKER#(non 1 to 1) Predicted # Actual #
      2014—-> 180000 ————————-> 234,592 ——————–>123473 ——–> 124 K
      2015—-> 217,638————————-> 314,989 ——————–> 172986——–> 172K
      2016—-> 284,500————————-> 368,604——————–>231060 ——–> 233K
      2017—-> 299,341————————-> 360,604——————–>237283 ——–> 236K
      2018—-> 291,092————————->261,092——————–> 198998——–> 199K
      2019—-> 201786————————-> 213,544——————–> 129492——–> ???

      what is number this year? probably around 130K.

  7. OK so guys I have a couple questions….. I was comparing my H1B petition start date with 2 other friends and we all have different start dates which is pretty strange if you ask me….

    1) Start Date = September 1st
    2) Start Date = October 1st
    3) Start Date = August 1st

    Any input? Wouldn’t this mean that at least one of the above petitions was filed incorrectly?

    • I don’t think any date earlier than October 1st is accepted. They might get a RFE to change the date, or maybe get revoked for incorrect start date.

          • @ Ram.,

            hmm., good that you understood this as a joke., so nice of you., you deserve a H1b with instant green card and Citizenship.

          • @ Ram., probably this would help you to understand the H1B process and application acceptance date., I could have told you the date but it’s worth for you to understand what h1b does mean. Hope this helps you understand the process involved.

            thanks and have a good evening!!

          • @ Ram., Apologize., link was missed in the previous post., https://www.uscis.gov/working-united-states/temporary-workers/h-1b-specialty-occupations-and-fashion-models/h-1b-fiscal-year-fy-2019-cap-season

          • @3rdTimer
            Thanks for sharing!
            Scarasm peaks!!

            When a person ask any questions genuinely, try answering them else leave it to others to respond ,coz passing comments will not allow anyone to ask any simple questions(which they might not know)

            And If you think,you are an extra intelligent guy,I would recommend you to could join ISRO(much needed there)as US jobs are not worthy for your intelligence

            Anyways just leave everything and let’s concentrate on the things that what we are here for

      • Unlikely. Look at the 2018 thread, they announced ‘enough received for a lottery’ on the 7th, but didn’t give the count until after the lottery ran – with the count announcement coming on the 17th and mentioning the lottery ran on the 11th.

  8. Last 2-3 years backlog (genuine applicants) are going to be in this year’s pool.. be it AD, Spouses-H4 and L1b conversions…
    Don’t hope for no lottery or a very tiny number for lottery….

    Numbers crossing 200k for past few years was not ONLY because of fake applicants(or playing the system by big Indian IT giants) but there indeed were too many genuine applicants in the pool, none of those genuine people are going to back off this year..

    Also think about this, for last few years these giants played L1b visa.. those L1b folks now working on their Green Cards.. desperately will try to convert to H1b to become valid for extensions…

    The whole lottery system is fake itself… No evaluation of individual case is dobe… So be it…

    If not selected let’s not be depressed.. let’s start working plan B… Seriously what else can we do…

    End of the day.. do what you can.. never have regrets that you didn’t try your best !

    Best luck !!

      • If you are about to max out your L1 visa period but have already applied for GC then there is no way to extend your VISA based on GC on L1. You have to convert it to H1 to get extension based on GC. You can expect some of these application this year.

        • No, if you’re on L1, once you file you’re I-485 and I-795 for GC EAD your L1 EAD is automatically extended… unless you’re from China or India and can’t file I-485, L1 holder to wait for GC process to complete is wayyyyyy easier than converting to L1

        • Thanks NewUser for explaining…

          Another point is.. converting to H1B gets L1B applicant out of slavery.. you can switch jobs..

          This whole immigration system has too many Loopholes.. unfortunately we have no Previlages to fix it…

      • It’s more difficult to get L1 than H1 because L1B has additional requirement of proving that you have specialized skills which others don’t have. With the recent changes, there are lot of rejections in L1B extension. So companies are trying to use H1 path instead of L1.

  9. Actually diversity visa is a joke..its just that people only talk about h1bs and that is why there is so much hue and cry about it. 50,000 green cards given each year raise no questions while issuance of 65,000 temporary work visas (H1b) creates all this furor. Most of these visas go to people from high risk countries like Iran, Senegal, Ethiopia and even Syria. (High risk countries as per US government’s advisories so dont pound on me).

    One of my colleagues got in on diversity visa (green card lottery) and is a citizen in 5 years since his arrival in the US. On the other hand there are other who came on student visa, stayed on OPT and CPT but are struggling to even get the H1b in 5 years. It will be 20 more years to citizenship if that happens at all. In the meantime, the other guy and his family members can all work and bring more relatives to take american jobs but guess what – he too is an american now so that is why it doesnt count 🙂

    • Completely agree, the immigration system is a joke.

      If I were Australian I could have a special US work visa without any issue…

      Meantime, Diversity Visa, 50K green cards just thrown away at random…

      Meanwhile, hundreds of thousands of South Americans get green cards just because they have relatives here (even though they can’t speak a work of English, are lazy and poorly educated…)

      And we, highly educated people (most of us, at least), have to go through this hell just for a work visa… (not even a green card)

      It’s not my fault I wasn’t born in Australia, or that I don’t have an anchor baby relative

      • Lazy South Americans? I mean, I don’t think that there are many major cities in South America where most people don’t even have a place to take a dump… The amount of dirtiness in India is legendary. I think one of the main indicator of how lazy is a society should be GDP per capita, or how dirty/clean are public places.

  10. Most of my friends who have been selected in last year lottery, all of them got one RFE and few also got 2 and 3 RFEs, Is that true that Vermont center is acting very tough compared to other centers?

    I worried that my employer too have submitted my petition to Vermont this year

    Any one has any info on the approval rates of these service centers?

    • 2 or 3 RFE on same petitions mean they were trying to cheat the system and every genuine candidate. I wish it hadnt stopped at RFE and those petitions were rejected. guess you too are in the same boat and that is why are worried.. if not then RFE should not concern you too much.

      • I am not worried about RFE’s(worried about center), coz I don’t have triers in between client and my employer and also I’m in specialized occupation.

        my question here is, Vermont has been acting ruthless(I heard so) is that true? And what is the approval rates of different centers?

  11. My H1 has been filed but i don’t want to go to US.. my life is set here .. good job wife has good job kids in good school ..but we have a important project and client wants me to be onsite
    My employer has filed my visa but i don’t want to go or leave my job, please pray that i am not selected in the lottery ;(

  12. My Birthday is tomorrow….. All I ask if to get the news that there is no lottery and all of us genuine applicants get the H1B……. ONE more day and this waiting game ends but starts a new one…..

    Any updates on your predictions? @BeStrong @Reeze @Franc ?

    • This blog has raised a lot of hope for H1b aspirants to get settle down in US……Definitely there is going to be reduction in H1b from last year but how much is still need to be seen. But with more than 100K AD students already in US and more than 200K spouce on H4 EAD,the picture don’t look good. Intresting to see how many of them are able to convince and sucessful in getting the client letter because as per my information,Even the big Indian IT companies are struggling to get the client letter.

      • @BelieveMe

        I would say only around 30% of the AD population were actually succesful to land a job that could sponsor them for the H1B – At least from my Universities only around 10% was able to do so but Im adding 20% to compensate for other variables.

        So even then it would mean that 30’000 AD applicants would be presenting themselves if we take the 100’000 population size you suggesting. I still feel better this year than past 2 years.

      • I agree it’s raised hopes but I feel that some applicants from certain countries incorrectly assume getting the H1B inherently means they’ll be able to settle down in the US. I mean no offense by this. It does mean you have a ‘chance’ though, so I understand the appeal.

        For countries with GC backlogs, the current administration doesn’t seem to have any plans to reduce the wait – more likely the opposite. The GC and H1B extension processes are also likely to become more difficult/tedious. Even if you get the visa, you wait over a decade for a GC, if your employer will sponsor you, and if they don’t sponsor, it’s likely that many of these individuals may be forced to leave at some point 3-6 years on or later.

        • Europeans like myself (and 3rd Timer – Italy, I assume) don’t have GC waiting lists. All we need is either an H1B or an L1 for our employers to initiate the GC process and withing months we get it. Now if only there was a country-quota for H1B my problem would be solved… My country is not even in the Top20 recipients of H1b’s

          • Mhm, i’m not subject to a waiting list either, I just think it’s interesting and at times I wonder what the ‘point’ is for people subject to very long wait lists.

          • Your employer can initiate GC process (EB3 or EB2, depending on your degree and experience) for you even without H1B/L1 while filing H1B for you at the same time. If your country doesn’t have backlog, currently it take more than 1 year to get GC EAD. But even if you don’t get H1B and have to leave the US, the GC process can continue and you can come back in about a year… I’m not a legal expert so I might be wrong on the eligibility, but at least this is my case. You should talk to your company

        • It’s not about being able to settle down in the US. It’s about having the peace of mind to concentrate on your work and life for 5-6 years without the risk of deportation and the choice to live or leave the country. Once you get the H1b, it’s upto you to choose to leave the country, unlike the lottery where we don’t have a choice.

          • The point you raise about “Once you get the H1B, it’s up to you to choose to leave the country” is what I’m getting at. If you are unable to renew at the end of those years you mention, you are forced to leave. If you are unable to get a GC, you are forced to leave. etc.

    • Good luck to all of us. However, we will see a lottery and some of us will not get picked.
      It’s sad. We all work really hard to get where we are right now. I’m a 3rd timer too. I know how you feel.

    • The LCA analysis seems to be putting a ceiling at 160K.

      But even if you step back and look at the big picture:
      1. Indian IT drop by 50%
      2. OPT students struggled like never before to secure jobs
      3. Many companies just stopped sponsoring (like AT Kearney)
      4. Fraudulent companies were decimated last year with RFE’s and denials
      6. The real cap was 102,343 in 2010 when the rejection rate was 12%. This year the rejection rate is going to be much year, so they should (hopefully) increase the cap further
      7. Feb22 Memo – a major screw up for all outsourcing/vendor companies. Many LCA’s were filed and then companies could not secure end-customers’ letters
      8. Mar30 Memo – some duplicates were removed right on time to prevent rejection

      I’d be surprised if it is above 140K (max 150K), but whether the drop is closer to 25%, or 40% is impossible to say

      If (and this is a big IF) the drop is at least 40% that would mean <120K petitions

      If (and this is an even bigger IF) the real cap is expanded well above 100K to compensation for the wave of rejects…

      I'd say there's like a 1% change of No Lottery. If only people stopped applying through fraudulent consultancies (why bother if there's a 100% chance of denial?? But some people like Gayathri are truly dumb…)

      • Good summary Franc. I dont see “No Lottery” scenario unless government actively intervenes and scraps that system. USCIS issued 71000 H4 EADs since 2017. even if Indian IT companies cut their applications, this H4 EAD junta is going to flood moving forward. . .

  13. Hi,

    I am a first timer for H1b. I have not traveled yet. My petition expires in Aug 2018. How many times i can apply for extensions. as i have heard the total years we can extend is till 6 years , but the visa is issued for max 3 years each i guess?

  14. All the best ! hopes the dream will come true.. Applying 2nd time. Following this blog from last 3 years, but a silent observer. This year predictions looking convincing.. but at the end its luck game.. 🙂 Lets C if we meet at Niagara fall or Doodhsagar… 😛

  15. Good luck to all genuine applicants…I hope we all get through this years lottery….3 years in a row been getting screwed over by dimwit’s like Gayathri who have been abusing the system and inspite of getting picked in lottery have a 100% chance of getting denial….My employer had to relocate me back to India due to these morons …..This year is my final attempt 🙁 …Hope all the genuine applicants dreams come true atleast this year.

    • This is my 6th attempt, so don’t give up hope. You can always ask HR to keep filing it. 🙂

      I have been relocated to Europe and it’s not so bad here, except the tax. There are other countries than the US. They don’t pay as much but it’s not bad living here.

      • @6th trier

        Wow man you have a lot of patience….you deserve this years lottery

        My hope has almost ran out just like my opt and stem…..over the years saw a lot of people around me filing 4 – 5 applications and lots of them getting picked for more than 2 and finally getting denied for all the picked petitions….just don’t understand the logic behind their peanut sized brain where they waste multiple slots which could have been given to some genuine person and inspite of all this circus their petition still ends up getting denied….Even I had every chance to do multiple petitions for the last 3 attempts but I never took that path and never will….Honestly believed this year might be different due to the recent USCIS memo and people might stop resorting to such cheap tricks…..but going through the blogs like immigration girl and over here and looks like this year is not gonna be much different….. Heyy Gayathri this is for you . . ! . .

        • Wow buddies.. I deserve to be your neighbour I believe. 5th timer here.

          I had all the opportunities to file multiple petitions and never did and just bcoz of these crazy nuts filing multiple petitions every time it’s leading to lottery.

          If everyone apply for single petition, getting through was much smoother and every one had their chance to get H1b.

          There were ppl like Nidhi who have their H1b and never uses it. Just bcoz your company filing it fee of cost you never know the value of it..

          Cheers 4th Timer & 6 the Timer, hope we meet in US 🙂

          • I am applying for the 5th time. I moved to Canada. I am stuck in choosing good life(Canada) vs money(USA)

  16. Coming here after two years, i know people here how panicked, i was in that situation when my h1 filed, good luck guys, now i got my green card recently,no tensions now, i am into salesforce.

    • By the way, USCIS has been conducting itself since yesteryear. Not changing a thing since last year. Suspension of PP, providing memos periodically letting know the stringent policies, etc. I guess, they will let the numbers know after they are done with the lottery. Hopefully, they do it asap and end our misery. I am exhausted

      • Buddy. Just for you I hope a miracle happens and the number is really 130k like 2014. If that happens, trust me, U have a bright future as an analyst. No Visa could stop you. It requires real passion and talent to do all those Math.

  17. Wow! This guy’s needs to be framed and posted at the USCIS entrance. :O
    “Hi Emily,

    Thank you very much for this blog, Your are really helping out the people in need, Heart fully appreciating your work and for the time you are providing to answer all of the questions.

    I am in dilemma whether to got India on trip or not, I am on F1-CPT(Day one CPT after my one year OPT completed, no chance of 24 months extension) working for a client. Last year my H1-B picked and processed but ended with a denial on March 7th, 2018.

    Now I applied multiple H1B from different employers no relation B/W them. If my H1-B got picked can I travel to India on a quick 20 days trip? What are risks involved in this? Any risk from day one CPT collage? Will H1B pending status effects my entry into US? “

  18. function Uscis(estimation, fakeNews) {
    this.estimation = estimation;
    this.fakeNews = fakeNews;

    Uscis.prototype.getLotteryResult = function() {
    return this.estimation + this.fakeNews;

    let BEStrong = new Uscis(140000, 0);

    console.log(‘BEStrong count down ‘+ BEStrong.getLotteryResult());

    let H1BWaiting = new Uscis(140000, 59000);

    console.log(‘H1BWaiting count down ‘+ H1BWaiting.getLotteryResult());

    let baba = new Uscis(175000, 0 );

    console.log(‘baba count down ‘+ baba.getLotteryResult());

  19. This is my final attempt, FTE with research, publications, but just luck matters here. Analysis by various people helped to keep my days going, till we know the fate. I am not sure if comment by USCIS is true, but I was disappointed.

    But, we came this far, learned and experienced a lot, what ever happens we survive. Dont just let luck decide what with can do with our life. As Today’s google’s homepage says we will RISE what every happens.
    Will just take life as it goes, it will sure be better than all of your plans .

      • You mean which service center? I do not believe USCIS gather info from ALL centers everyday and report to your friend unless you tell me his name is Lee Cissna.

        USCIS will gather information after this week.

        • According to my friend: as soon as a package is received, it’s entered into their inventory system and USCIS HQ can see the real time (well, as real time as the packages are entered into the system) status of each service center.

      • if(!Internal_worker === ‘fake-guy’) return ‘india’;

        let Internal_worker = ‘know_some_guy’;

        let fakeHapensLots {
        Internal_worker: ‘not_fake_guy’,
        guy_from_uscis: function() {
        return this.Internal_worker = ‘don’t fool us’

        console.log(‘results in his hand…. ‘+ fakeHapensLots.guy_from_uscis());

    • indu,
      Many aspiring researchers like you face the aspect of Luck with H1B visa…That’s life I guess… but I like your positive attitude towards life. Good Luck !

  20. Any TCS folks here ? My petition filed this year. All team member more than 4 yr experience got filing.

    Anyone here ? What is odds for approval for non-master people ?

    What job code filing you did ? 1121 ? Please respond.

    • TCS in USA 🙁 .. 2022. they will ad.lot. but don’t take in america.. and you from outside I think..

      and you can estimate after 3 days.. but 2 : 1 max.. for non-ad ..

      • What you are saying I don’t understand fully.

        But last part you said 1:2 chance for tcs India people ? So 50 50.

        They got lot of good project. I myself in Telecom and we sell in house product to big client. It is tire 2 product. Like that so many opportunities available. So, why you will suggest don’t come to USA ?

          • Not everyone can afford tier 1 product like Oracle, Salesforce, Teradata, spitfire etc.

            So, TCS we created full stack targeting mid tier clients with home grown CRM solution.

            We created entire banking software called TCS BANCS for tier 1 clients in India.

            If you think only ‘US is Superior’ and you are some great scholar just coz you did Master’s, think again.

            We might not be Oracle or Google. Today we have mature home grown solutions that offer at more reasonable license cost. Do you know license cost for Oracle database ? Or Salesforce CRM ?

            So, all folks insulting TCS, STFU !

          • i’m from india only.. not masters. Infy is any day greater than TCS. Have you seen finnacle. No software in the world beats it. Why go to usa give better ones a chance

        • 2:1 he said because he took the reciprocal of number petition last year selected to take square root and then came to the conclusion using decision tree algorithm

    • I agree with you man. TCS is the most amazing company on this planet. In fact they are the 66th most innovative company.

      If you follow that link to the forbes actual list, TCS’s name is not there. Forbes is cheating us man.

      BTW, I would love to join TCS but I am not fresh out of under grad, so my chances are very low. I love sitting on a bench all day and getting my salary though.

      • lol. https://www.forbes.com/innovative-companies/list/#tab:rank
        Only 3 indian companies are there:
        Hindustan Unilever
        Asian Paints
        Bharti Airtel
        Whatever he may say outsoucing jobs are their core. If no outsourcing they are into ashes. “Tire 2” products may form 10% of they revenue at max.

        • What they probably meant was that they help 66 companies on that list manage their back office applications. Whatever it is…respect for the company.
          Hope they become top 1000 innovative by that logic.

  21. H4 EAD people (as they thought loose EAD from news) are lot are working genuinely but i think 60K thats my estimation.. this time.. there are the one competitors for local consultants… still it doesn’t effect them.. but it effect lot of us AD people.. not from big IT compnanies this time from india.. dola dola dim daka jigelu jigelu..

  22. Hello All,

    I am reading this blog for past four years and I also want to share one information on top of it. Myvisajobs predication would be 80 to 90 % Correct.

    2019 Data

    U.S. employers are always looking for skilled foreign workers. They are expected to file nearly 180,000 H-1B visa petitions during the first week of April! Please make sure you polish your resume and update your career profiles regularly!

    2018 Data – Petition Filed – 199000

    U.S. employers are always looking for skilled foreign workers. They are expected to file more than 200,000 H-1B visa petitions during the first week of April! Please make sure you polish your resume and update your career profiles regularly!

    2017 Data – Petition Filed – 236000

    U.S. employers are always looking for skilled foreign workers. They are expected to file more than 200,000 H-1B visa petitions during the first week of April! Please make sure you polish your resume and update your career profiles regularly!

    So this year petition would be around 175k to 185k. Be Positive Guys & Hope the best.

      • We have received 132,456 new H1B petitions by EOD today. We are on track to receive 180,000+ petitions by end of this week.

      • 180k petitions!!! That’s natural right..
        Myself and all other team mates had put up 3petitions each as we had our current client and previous client offering job to entire team.

        After all this is cruel man world and we women are always supressed, we should have a female reservation.

        Luckily we had not spent a penny like you paid for petitions, let’s get rejected together for abusing H1b!!!

        Jumba re ah jumbha re airo airo airo re!!!

    • Thanks, H1bWaiting,
      We are having a variety of predictions from lawyers, blogs and deducing our own estimations as well.
      some lawyer is saying 120 k, some is saying 180K and all.
      my visa was wrong by a distance in 2017 and its a 50/50 chance that they will get it right it seems since they were right in 2018. Let’s see. Keeping the fingers crossed.


  23. Freaking out…. Just spoke to the lawyers and they said that they heard the number of applicants these year will be more than the previous year….. has anyone heard this too?

  24. Recent comments from few guys like Hope, Jaz and all have somewhat confirmed or numbers related to the mentioned companies and trends. I will encourage others too (especially from big companies) to share their knowledge based on their observations. You might be working there or your friends might be there. This will help us to keep our spirits high and somewhat confirm (or not) the data trends we are seeing regarding those companies !!

    Share you thoughts

    • My company filed for 24 for FY 2017, 17 for FY 2018, 13 fot FY 2019. And the guy commented about TCS might be a fake one who is a pathetic loser in life. I have a friend in TCS and he said a lot of them have planned to shift their jobs since their long dream for onsite was completely devastated. Acoording to him TCS has reduced filing. Still. Could you please confirm the LCA trend for TCS BeStrong?

      • According to the data, TCS is topping the charts this year, maybe.
        There is a reduction in the total number of employees associated with the LCA though!

        Infosys is the one who is slashing by a big margin! (petitions will depend upon the number of renewals and no. of new employments )

      • I working in TCS. They are not suffering any retention issue with employees. Lot of project available but growth has some politics. Where you don’t find politics you tell ? Just because one guy left, you well tell whatever ?

        A lot of us filing h1 and I hoping to approve. So, TCS employee dream not devasting. Dreams are getting filled through lot of H1 filing.

        • What they did not tell you is all the pettitions they filed last year was on level 1 and this year all of them filed in level 2.So you have a situation where people with lesser experience making more. TCS will be the biggest benificiary in this immigration crisis since they can easily attract all of them using a giant magnet. Infosys in 2015 just filed for every single employee and just made sure they get a good chunk in the H1 pie after lottery. But this year they are playing it safe

    • This is my first time here, What is prediction for number of applications this year. I read around 230k. That will be tough.

      • It’s 222,687 now. Around 3000 more LCA since 4 days . Don’t think it will increase . Maybe 1-2k . Majority of increase is 1-1lca . Will post the total tally around the weekend with no. of employees just like the last time with comparisons to other years !

        I am sorry buddy, as I mentioned this is my first time on this blog, I saw this in the comments and didn’t understood properly, felt that this is the number of applications until now that’s why thought of asking the question. This is actually my 3rd time applying and sort of last time, so am worried. Sorry for any confusion,

  25. We should create once slack group, Last time some one has created one and that was very helpful. We can discuss there about if anyone’s application picked and share the news. What say?

    • Even in Cognizant, I would say the filings have been reduced at-least by 50% or may be even more. Till last year they used to file H1B’s only for ppl between 4 to 7 years exp… Now they have made a rule to file H1B’s only for ppl with >8 or 9 yrs exp.

      • Yes even the offered salary is also increased ,earlier it used to be 70K and now more than 90K(this is keeping in mind the trump policy of hire Americans), If they have to hire low cost Indian workers , they would prefer AD people (who ready to work on even 60K to get settle in American) and H4 EAD who are read to work on 20K , so no need to bring people less experienced people form INDIA when Indians are already there from AD and H4 EAD.

      • I can confirm this. They applied for roughly 50-60% of my team which has about 30 members. When I mean my team , it includes everyone under my manager’s manager. In the past, they used to apply for maximum of 5 members. Wishing for the best.

    • It’s 222,687 now. Around 3000 more LCA since 4 days . Don’t think it will increase . Maybe 1-2k . Majority of increase is 1-1lca . Will post the total tally around the weekend with no. of employees just like the last time with comparisons to other years !

      • Even if it increases, it might not affect much. Because hardly anyone would have a start date of Oct 4 to apply for lottery this year to get an LCA generated on April 4. Correct me if I am wrong. I m looking at the count to be 170k. But man. If some miracle happens and the number is really less than 150k, you guys need to pat yourself for all the efforts u have taken. It would be totally worth it.

  26. https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/business/india-business/indian-h-1b-filings-set-to-drop-by-50-this-year/articleshow/63604934.cms

    Its TOI so it is not a very reliable source to lean on. But at least along the lines of what we are analyzing at the moment!

    • Hello Bestrong, thank you so much for all the work. I have done some research as well, definitely not as much as you. On myvisajobs.com , in h1b current – I selected the year 2017-2018 and the renew type as new employment. I resulted in 334666 cases. So just for 2018 it will be 135666. Even if we add multiple LCA result it will still be around 150k? Do you have any recent updates?

      • I believe myvisajobs uses natural years, not fiscal years so their 2018 should mean 1/1/2018 – today, and you need to some filtering yourself.

        Also, we are not sure if their data is accurate and up-to-data, so in our analysis we mostly used DoL data.

    • Great work Bestrong! I have following this blog since last year and am in my final attempt. Got to say , have never seen such a comprehensive analysis in my last one year here..
      Looks like TOI has taken you as a source 😉

      • Well. The only reason I come to this website is cos of BeStrong. I never came to this website until a week ago. The admin has to pay BeStrong for all his efforts. He has done a great job

  27. Man. Third day into the H1b season. Just 2 more days and then uscis would stop accepting the petitions. 10 more days, lottery would be done. 15 more days, we will start knowing the results. Seriously can’t wait. Third and Final attempt. Praying that I should be picked up this time. Thank you BeStrong for all your efforts. God bless you buddy. You made by wait little easier. I hope the count is 130k really and a tight slap to Sincere Advice & Reezee for their negativity

    • @Sidarth., dude, @Reezee wasn’t spreading any negativity, it was “alphaq”., you might not have gone thru the blog completely., he, lCA, BeStrong, Sam were doing all the hard work.,

    • Thanks, Sidarth. But I am seeing that everyone is condemning Rezee. Don’t. Rezee has made some constructive criticism throughout this period based on the actual data and helped us to refine our process to make an “educated guess” That’s all it is. It’s an estimation. Everyone is entitled to get their own conclusions based on the data put forth.
      I just want to say that I have tried to make a genuine effort here. Neither I am getting money nor asking for any favors. It is disturbing to see sometimes few people making scathing remarks just to get a kick out of it, I guess.
      But on the other hand, that’s the internet for you.

      Thanks again.

      • Agreed. We don’t care if it’s positivity or negativity as long as it’s backed by data and reasoning. If we condemn “negativity”, it becomes a circlejerk to make use feel good. In that case why not just call no lottery

  28. Quest……..Does USCIS is going to except petitions up-to April 7th or
    otherwise when the applications reaches its quota example… April 5th..????

  29. Quest……..Does USCIS is going to except petitions up-to April 7th or
    otherwise when the applications riches its quota example… April 5th..????

    • Actually, not true. We earn 5 times more than you in the US. That is why. Money. You are as desperate to earn as much of money like everyone else.

      • @ Reezee., sorry I 2 want to come and earn money, but am not good at education, not good at computers and I don’t know the process, every day If I doesn’t scold someone, i doesn’t feel satisfied, please ignore me., am fit for nothing.,

    • @alphaq, we are already in the US for some years. Most of us went to reputed schools, working since some years paying taxes like others do. So…

  30. When someone is taking an effort to do something, appreciate them for his efforts. If not, be silent. Seriously. BeStrong, Franc & LCA U r doing a great job guys. I have been following you guys. People like Reeze and Serious Advice, if you can’t appreciate something, atleast remain silent

    June – Sept cycle

    FY 2018 ( Total LCAs = 3568)
    Workers per LCA —-> No. of LCA
    1 ——-> 9
    3 ——-> 1003
    15 ——-> 2483
    30 ——-> 72

    FY 2019 ( Total LCAs = 4574)
    Workers per LCA —-> No. of LCA
    1 ——-> 1672
    3 ——-> 2537
    10 ——-> 332
    30 ——-> 5
    15 ——-> 5
    30 ——-> 2
    20 ——-> 4
    25 ——-> 2

    Year Total Number of employees associated
    FY 2018 ——> 42,423
    FY 2019——–> 13,062

    Key is to write down the full name ” Deloitte Consulting ” rather than just “delloite ” . It is including some random companies lca and some of the cognizant one too for some reason. (DOL WEBSITE )

    Key difference number of 30 to 1 LCA . It is redundant in FY 2019

      • FY 2019
        Certification date:

        Start Date Range:
        work start date from From:
        work start date to To:
        End Date Range:
        work end date from From:
        work end date to To:

        Certification date:

        FY 2018
        Start Date Range:
        work start date from From:
        work start date to To:
        End Date Range:
        work end date from From:
        work end date to To:

        • Thank you. It gets confusing with LCA definition of timelines.

          Looks like they need a better ETL analyst, Data model designer and Data architect to get their date warehouse accurate.

          • You didnt make mistake about EY though. But we have some good theories about EY stuff too. Lol . You are invited on our Slack Channel !!!

          • Can you explain to me why that link said ‘expired’ ?

            I had more hope from a H1b aspirant that’s SO… ? Lol.. jk…

            I couldn’t join.. Can you share a proper link again ?

          • Never mind. I just tried to sign in and came across the most invasive and non intuitive and unfriendly app ever.


    • Thanks for your good work,would you send the link to slack again? Sorry it showed the old link is not active anymore.

    • WITCH companies (Wipro, Infoshit, TCS, CTS & HCL) & these big firms like DELOITTE, Capgemini should be ban from filling, these companies pays their employees so cheaply that these employees work on very meager wages & bring down wages of other independent subcontracting good candidates.

    • This is awesome. So they basically filed 42k LCA last year this year 13k. So it is clear that last year(199000) atleast deloitte did not covert most of their LCA into h1b filings. I believe same would be the case this year with EY.

  32. “All cases not selected as part of the U.S. Master’s lottery will be entered into the bachelor’s cap lottery, in which 58,200 cases (65,000 minus 6,800 carved out for Chile and Singapore H-1Bs) will be subjected to the random system to select those that will be adjudicated.” [Source: https://www.usavisanow.com/how-the-fy-2019-h-1b-visa-lottery-works/].

    Is it true? My understanding was the 6,800 (Chile and S’pore) cases are in addition to the 65,000+20,000.

    • Yes, this is true. Just one more addition, any unused visas from last year’s 6800 visas for Chile and Singapore would be added to this year’s quota. Usually, this number is around 2k year, so approximately 4.5k visas would be added to this year’s general cap bringing it to approximately 63k.

  33. Still, after the memo from February 22nd I find it very hard to believe that a single outsourcing/auditing company with end clients could file 20000 petitions. Could they get so many signatures, iteneraries…

    • Among their LCAs, there are 50 lawyer positions. Those 50 lawyers are gonna handle all the client letters and whatnot for them!

    • Isn’t there a bit of hypocrisy in this. Your advice and comments are self-contradictory!

      Nonetheless, there is a palpable drop in the number of LCAs which has been duly noted by news outlets too (e.g., SF Chronicle) and it has been substantiated by other measures (e.g., company surveys, website traffic) as well which is not unexpected. Especially so with the volatility of current administration and immigration policies. Sure, LCAs do *NOT* correlate one-to-one with H1B filings (Cap exempt filings, multiple filings, withdrawls), but they are a good indicator for H1B. This is to say that there is a correlation between LCAs filed and H1Bs applied in that year.

      Also, for someone filing for ~20k applications, it could be before the memos came out, or could be renewals.

      If I were you, I would read my own advice and wait till May 1st, or at least till this weekend to know the exact numbers.

      • My comment about 50 lawyers was supposed to be a joke( the 50 layers LCA is true though)

        That comment you just made informative and insightful, and it’s basicallu the general consensus after our discussion in the Slack channel. However, I would think you would follow your own advice and wouldn’t be looking at this website…

    • Sincere Advice thanks for all your wise words. Isn’t it against your policy to indulge in LCA prediction? Also you do have a job that you have to focus on and rest of us here are jobless.

  34. https://www.facebook.com/rnlawgroupUS/videos/10155550504172362/

    People with multiple filings, watch last three mins of this video, an attorney has some suggestions for you.

    • Because some people keep pissing off others through some baseless LCA calculations.Giving false hope to desparate applicants.People get so tired off those useless analyses ans hesitate to comment on this page.Just today someone posted about EY and Deloitte applicants and proves all those analyses wrong.Can you imagine?One d**ba** said the H1b count is gonna be less than 130k.What rubbish.Until Reeze posted about the actual # of applications from EY and Deloitte, people have shut up.Good riddance.

      • Excuse me? Who gave you false hope? If there is a lottery, there is a chance you won’t be picked. None of them said no lottery this year. You are just being a coward who brings negativity to all of us. If you do not get selected, it’s not our fault.

          • So I just reach out to my friend who work for Deloitte advisory. He got H1b 2 years ago. He told me he has to travel for different projects. Every time he travel to a new place for a new project his company needs to file a LCA for him.
            Hope this helps.

  35. may be good for us


  36. One comment regarding EY and Deloitte just shut all those who were thinking that they are LCA analysts. So atleast now shut up and do your job.I am confident that the count would touch 180k. Now don’t think about this numbers for 7 more days. Patience is all you need. And I remember a genius saying that the count would be 130k or less. A single comment regarding Deloitte and EY has just put an end to all nonsense calculations. Thank God

    • You could have just mentioned your point of view in a more mild manner instead of insulting everyone here. Just letting you know! No one is right and no one is wrong here. Everyone are deducing their own estimations. People are saying 130K, or no lottery or 180K, everything is debatable. Writing off others opinion is not very wise as of now!

    • I was the one who posted the Deloitte and EY numbers.

      At least that person did a lot of research and came up with a number of 150k. In fact he even accounted for Deloitte and EY numbers in his overall analysis.

      Now, what is the basis for your 180k ? I believe you are rude and making wild claims rather than a logical one.

      Irrespective of the final numbers, predicting and looking at numbers is quite entertaining and time-pass activity. It’s actually fun and more like gambling that gives a rush.

      So, if you don’t feel like participating, refrain from making callous remarks.

        • Are u kidding? Each application costs $4500. And I just pray that one of the 3 gets picked up. Looking at the number of applications from Deloitte and EY, I’m not sure even if 1 of the 3 gets picked up.Life is not a bed of roses for women.I’m just praying that I get picked up this time.Lots of stuffs in my life are on hold just because of H1b

          • I think someone has cheated you.

            Most of the Desi consultancy charge only for 1 application and provide 2 more for free of cost.

            I am sorry that you had to pay $14,000 for 3 applications.

          • Gayathri,

            do not worry about the lottery. USCIS goes through all the applications it receives (regardless of whether they were picked in the lottery).

            The will see your 3 petitions from 3 sketchy employers and they will send you immediately back to India, or wherever 3rd world country you’re from.

            That is, assuming that those people did file the petitions… Are you sure they are not in the business of taking money from dumb people?

          • Gayatri,
            Just ask for FedEx or courier receipts for those petitions sent. Oh, you cant do that either because it doesn’t matter how many applications your “employer” will send you ‘ll get only one receipt. Life is indeed tough for you!
            But atleast you ll know that 1 is sent and not everything is a total waste !

          • I can’t believe this person just keep coming back and argue without knowing what is wrong with her words. You are screwing other’s life just because you claim “Lots of stuffs in my life are on hold just because of H1b”. Can I hope your life is and will be a bed of needles? Also what is all these feminism words to do with H1B???

  37. https://join.slack.com/t/h1b2019/shared_invite/enQtMzQxNDg0NDMzNjU0LWI0MTViZGEzNDZiZGMzMTBiNmYxMWNkMzQ0YTQ4YTI3NTdjOTZiMjFkNDExZTdmYmQ0YmU2ZTVkOWRiMjg1ODI

    I have also made a slack account for the group. In case you wanna join and traffic becomes too congested here. Just in case . Above is the link to join. I will go with the same name as BeStrong

  38. Just saw a lot of pretty stupid posts on the last page. especially some tussle with Sam and Frac. Looks like Non-ADs (Hyderabad consultancy ppl) have arrived. Lol

  39. “A report by Pew Research Center reveals that the US administration has granted more H-1B visas than its cap. The government can allow H-1B status to only 85,000 temporary high-skilled workers each year.

    If American think tank’s report is to be believed, a total of 345,262 H-1B applications were approved in the year of 2016. This number includes 230,759 uncapped categories. Pew Research Center’s report is based on the data obtained from US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) under Freedom of Information Act.”

    CAP H1b = 345 k – 230 K = 115K ??? for 2016-2017

    I guess Sam and all were right about it !

      • also back in the day, the disapproval rate was quite low . correct me if am wrong, maybe an average of 7 %! So not a lot deviation from actually accepted petitions?

        • Yes back in the old days about 7% rejection plus about 3.5K withdrawn or closed:


          Now with a 20% rejection rate they should be taking way more

          • 345,262 H-1B applications were approved including 230,759 uncapped categories. Because it is direct from the Horse’s mouth, it can be a good news!

    • I asked emily what uscis going to do if cap is under utilized she said in that case its get wasted. FY18 was/is the first time ever this is happening at such a unprecendented rate. We have to wait and see what they going to do. either pick up 15k for FY19 denials/ withdrawals or go over it to cover up FY18 under utilization. Only time will tell.. 10 more days.

      • Man, I have a good feeling that USCIS doesn’t tell everything about the way they do the lottery. No real numbers shown, all speculations. No one exactly knows how many Ad they take, no numbers of AD applicants either. It’s all pretty clandestine. except that they need to give 85K ppl visa and even that is debatable.

  40. Visiting the blog after 3.5 years (after being active here to check the status updates of my own H1B).


    Love this forum, active back again this year to check for my loved ones…keep up the good work guys!

  41. Indian companies dramatically reduced H-1B visa filing: Report


  42. Lol. I cannot believe that everyone is losing their minds over Ernst and Young and Deloitte.
    Guys, when I crunched all those numbers, I certainly took into account those 50 employees per LCA too and after that only we came up with those numbers matching up with FY 2014.
    If everyone were dropping their applications dramatically, the Big IT, the consultancies, everyone, we would have been seeing any lottery happening.
    The fact that lottery will happen is because some of those companies will go with their usual business. EY and Deloitte may be one of them. Never know.


    • I agree with you on overall numbers and you did a pretty complete analysis.

      However, applying 25,000 and 15,000 is not going about their business.

      Even TCS and Infosys in their haydays did not apply such numbers !

      This is a dramatic increase in EY and Deloitte numbers. Might be a sign that they are taking over where the outsourcing firms left.

      Though, I am still doubtful they will still be filing H1b for all these 40k. Most likely at least 40% of these will be filed petitions and rest might just go unused.

      • youre probably right. They have might filed LCA as it is free of cost for porbable employees. At the end 50% of them gets actually filed. I guess

      • I can understand what you are saying and I believe the Deloitte and YP is basically canceling out the slashes by maybe 2 IT companies not more than that. Every other company has slashed their numbers otherwise. or at least 80% of them.There are 1000s of companies out there, therefore, every little drop adds up. So I still believe we won’t be going about 150 K.

      • One more bright spot.
        If you are a master, I found EY is having accountants and all. Hardly AD people. So masters quota is not getting affected here at least. lol

        • Few of my AD friends are working for Deloitte. EY and Deloitte are also consulting firms(similar to desi) but they charge a premium. They pay very good salaries.

          I am 100% sure that EY/Deloitte won’t file H1B for accountant as lot of them are available in US.

        • They also have Management Consulting unit. so they do hire few masters. But i don’t think they pay them L1 ! Also the number should be really small compared to accountants !

      • Also, I see they are all Wage 1 employees ( with accountant degrees?). There are gonna be the hell of a lot RFEs for them. Do anyone think that they will be hiring so many people. Especially postponing the PP to Sept 10th.

        • Please look at this page and tell me why the number of ERNST & YOUNG US LLP ‘s LCA is less than what you guys are seeing. Is not this one updated?

      • The only point I wanna make is that going away from the trend of 4-5 years data doesn’t make a lot of sense to me. I am pretty sure there must be companies in between who would have spiked their employment rates dramatically and all but overall it didn’t affect the pattern. There are thousands of companies who neutralizes the anomalies. Still, if you wanna add up maybe 10 K -15K more petitions, we can.
        I hope it doesn’t deviate this time.

    • Another point is that we don’t know how many out of these 40k are new petitions. However, a company can only file renewal/transfer for existing employees, so unless they already have 25k/15k foreign employees, some of those 40k will have to be new petitions.

      I think the right thing to do would be to look at their petitions in previous years (with tools like myvisajobs) and deduce how many employees they already have. If it’s a large amount, then it could be just renewals.

      • Deloitte is a huge Indian base.My friend works there and they are filing for his extension this year.Deloitte has always been in top 10 H1b filing companies in the list.So all that matters is how much they did the previous year.And remember at the end of every year, they have to file H1b extension for that huge database


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