H1B Visa 2019 Lottery Date Season Start and Predictions

Many of you who were not lucky in 2017 with the work visa lottery in US for FY H1B Visa 2018 may be applying this year to work in US. Below are some of the common FAQs that are tied to H1B work visa for fiscal year 2019.  This article will be updated with latest info as we get more info.

  • H1B 2019 Season Start Date ?
  • H1B Visa 2019 Quota ?
  • Will there be lottery for H1B 2019 ?
  • H1B 2019 Lottery date ?
  • How to find H1B 2019 Sponsors ?
  • H1B visa 2019 fees ?
  • H1B 2019 Latest News

Beginner - First Time H1B ?

If you are going through the H1B process first time, it is good to learn some basics like cap, quota, LCA, etc. Click adjacent button

If you have missed FY 2019, you may be looking for next year filing. Are you planning for FY 2020 ?   Check out H1B Visa 2020 – Start Date, Fee, Lottery – FAQs 

What is the H1B Visa 2019 season start date ?
Update : USCIS will start accepting H1B Petitions starting from April 2nd, 2018 as per their official update on their website. In general, USCIS starts accepting applications for the next fiscal year exactly 6 months before the start of the next fiscal year. USCIS fiscal year for 2019 starts from 1st October 2018, which means they should accept applications for FY 2019 from April 1st, 2018. As April 1st is a Sunday, USCIS should accept applications for H1B 2019 season from April 2nd, 2019.

What is H1B visa 2019 Quota for Regular and Masters filings ?
As of the date of writing of article, the H1B quota is as below. This is also called the H1B Visa Cap. You can read more at What is H1B Cap ? Regular vs Masters quota ?

  • H1B Regular Quota : 65,000 visas
  • H1B Master’s Quota : 20,000 visas. ( only US Masters eligible)

Also, of the overall 85,000 visa cap, every year 6,800 visas are set aside for the citizens of Singapore and Chile as part of the Free Trade Agreement with them. There were few bills part of Comprehensive Immigration Reform that are not active in Senate that were proposed from Obama administration days to change the cap count to 110,000 and Masters to 25,000, including potential to make H1B cap extend up to 180,000. But nothing has moved and all are dormant. Nothing new has been proposed by the new Trump Administration regarding changing cap count. To get a glimpse of historical cap count changes, you may check H1B visa cap count history from 1990 to 2017

Will there be Lottery for H1B 2019 season ? Lottery Predictions ? Filing Numbers ?
Update : USCIS had lottery for FY 2019 quota and received 190,098 petitions.
Looking at the historical trend of H1B filings, cap reach dates, it is quite possible that we would have lottery for FY 2019 quota.  We have written a detail article looking at historical data, Trump administration new policies like ‘Buy American, Hire American’, students on OPT, H4 EAD removal rule, etc. factors. To know the prediction numbers and details, read the article:  H1B Visa 2019 Lottery Predictions – Analysis, Graphs .

When is H1B Visa 2019 Lottery Date ? 
Update : USCIS Conducted Lottery for FY 2019 on April 11, 2018.
There are two things, one is when the H1B petitions are accepted for the lottery and second is when the actual lottery is done. H1B visa petitions for next fiscal year would be accepted by USCIS from April 2nd, 2018 for 5 working days until April 6th, 2018 to be part of the lottery. Now, the actual lottery date depends on various factors depending the volume of petitions and USCIS load. It can be anywhere in second week of April. For FY 2018, the actual H1B Lottery was done on April 11th, 2017 . We can expect anywhere around the same date like April 11th or April 13th.

How to find H1B visa 2019 Sponsors ? 
It can be very hard to find a good employer and convince them to sponsor H1B to work in US with major unknown like H1B Visa lottery. Anyways, you would be in one of the three scenarios, if you are seeking a H1B Sponsor. 

  • F1 Student in US : You can find an internship or co-op at an employer who can sponsor H1B visa and ask them to sponsor your H1B. You can continue to work on OPT once you graduate as well. You find the list of H1B Sponsoring companies using the tool
  • International Professionals  : If you are outside of US, it can be tricky with all the latest rules by Trump administration. Your best bet is to find an multi-national company ( MNC) and work through them to sponsor H1B visa. You may have hurdles inside the company with all the internal process, many waiting, etc. But, it is up to you to negotiate and ask them to take a chance. Many try the IT body shop route, where they ask them to file H1B. Rules have changed in the last few years and it is very risky move and can jeopardize your US hopes. Read comments on this H1B Companies Reviews article  to get an idea and  beware of such consulting companies to avoid fraud.
  • Important Note : We, as RedBu2US, DO NOT Provide any H1B sponsorship or guide anyone using professional services or fee. If anyone approaches you by saying our name, it is pure FRAUD…beware !

If you are looking for more details, check out Guide on How to Find H1B Visa Sponsors 2019

What is H1B 2019 Filing Fee ? 
H1B visa petition filing involves USCIS fee towards certain things and attorney fees, which varies by company size, and attorney involved for the case.  As of FY 2018 season, it can range anywhere from $1,600 USD to $7,400 USD + Attorney Fee.  In year 2016, for FY 2018, the H1B base filing fees, increased from  $325 to $460. Below table is a high level summary from FY 2018 quota as of writing, it maybe subject to change as we approach towards the filing date.  If any changes, we will update this accordingly.    Also, you can Read Summary of H1B Filing Fee – Who pays for What ? .

H1B Fee – Paid Towards Amount in USD
 Base filing fee $460
AICWA Fee $750  or $1,500
Fraud prevent & detection fee $500
Fee based on Public Law 114-113 ( if applicable) $4000
Premium processing fee (Optional) $1,225
Immigration Attorney Fee Varies from $500 to $3000

H1B 2019 Case Tracker  :
Did you work with attorney and sent all documents to apply for FY 2019 ?  It is quite hard for applicants to know the general status of everyone to understand their situation. We have put together a tracker along with good graphs for analysis. It is completely anonymous as we do not capture your case number or any personal information. It is community contributed data, the more you add, the better for everyone, including  You !

Track your H1B Case

Anonymously Track your H1B Case - Share and Get updated from Community.

What’s the latest news on H1B Visa 2019 ?
Below are some of the major news updates on H1B 2019 season. You can check H1B Visa 2019 Cap Count Tracker – Latest News Updates for full details

You can bookmark this page and check this page for updates on H1B FY 2019 season.
Do you have any questions on next H1B 2019 season ?

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Comments ( 8,344 )

    1. 3rd Timer

      Not necessarily. There is no law that says USCIS have to respond all the petition before September and that means, unfortunately, they can take what ever time they want. Same applies to visa at the embassy if you are issued with 221 (g) or similar.

    2. administrator

      No, they do not have any mandate as such to go to that extent of adjudication. They usually either give receipt notice or reject package, if not in lottery by that time.

  1. H1B_SAM

    If I consider worktheme data, WAC is going very aggressively on approval from last one week. Their is sharp increase in the approval, So expect a good news soon. On the other hand EAC is high on RFE. Finger crossed.

    1. WACADWaitingCapGap

      I don’t think so. They have just began updating the egov website since last week, so worktheme is showing those updates in bulk. If you look into the dates of approval, they are spread out thin across the last 2-3 months.

    2. adguy

      its due to silicon valley companies. i mean high paying jobs are mostly located in west and these bound to file in wac. nothing with eac or wac rules will be same.

  2. Crossing fingers

    Selected in lottery but still no word of results. Is there anyone else in the same boat? My application is at the CA center. I read somewhere if you havent heard back by June its usually a denial? How true is this?

    1. administrator

      You should have got the receipt, if you were selected in lottery long time ago. If not, at least you should got the rejection letter long time ago. If you have neither of these, something is wrong…Check with your employer to provide either of these.

      1. Crossing fingers

        Thank you for your reply. Yes, I was able to get a receipt already from the lottery. Waiting on if the visa was approved or not. Are they really taking that long this year?

        1. 3rd Timer

          Yes. This year processing is same as last year. One good think for last year was premium processing opened this time (2nd week of September), so many of them upgraded to PP and got an approval quickly. This year no PP till next Feb so, I am assuming there will be more delays compared to last year. If your OPT is already ended and in Cap-Gap please pay attention to your status because you may inadvertently accruing out of status days. So, check with your school official or immigration attorney if your H1 is not approved till November 30th and you are in Cap-Gap. Good luck and all the best for your approval.

  3. Anonymous


    I got an RFE on Sept 12th (AD- Fulltime California) with a valid f1 visa and EAD for 2 more years. But I have a situation, I have to go to India now, I don’t have any more patience to wait until I get a response after submitting all the relevant docs.

    1) What happens if I leave the country when on RFE?
    2) I am planning to travel from oct 15th to dec 15th. If my case gets approved when I am in India?
    3) If my case gets approved after I come back to the USA? (Can I travel back to the country)?
    4) What happens if my h1b gets rejected while I am still in India?

      1. 3rd Timer

        It is generally not advisable to travel during visa change is pending. However some time we need to. So, Below are my answers, which I believe are correct. If not then I hope some one will correct my responses.

        (1) What happens if I leave the country when on RFE?
        Nothing.It just progress as normal. If it is approved while in India then you are not able to come back in student visa because your employer/lawyer might have (check this with your employer) applied as change of status. Since there is no status to change because you are not in US at that time your approval will come as consular processing assuming RFE is successful. If there is no approval till December (assuming that is your return date) then you are might be allowed in OPT and also COS might be applicable. In conclusion, traveling will not affect the approval but depending on the timing your application might be approved as COS or CP.

        2) I am planning to travel from oct 15th to dec 15th. If my case gets approved when I am in India? This Q is not clear. As I said in my earlier response the approval process will not affect if you are in US or India. Approval process depends on the documents your employer submitted and if the job is indeed a specialty occupation.

        3) If my case gets approved after I come back to the USA? (Can I travel back to the country)?
        This is again not clear. Once you are in US (say dec 16th and the approval come on Dec 20th) then up course you can travel back to your home country.

        4) What happens if my h1b gets rejected while I am still in India?
        You may still able to come to US with your OPT because that is still valid.
        One problem is VO at the Port of Entry may ask lot of questions (not all cases). So, take all the relevant documents (i-20, i-983 etc, job offer, and other any relevant student related documents).

        –Good luck and all the best for your RFE approval soon and safe travel.

  4. H1B_ibm


    Complete analytics.. through this I got to know two people in my case series got approved. I can see more approvals in WAC than EAC in this site’s trend.

    1. H1b

      It is a severe kind of RFE where you are given 30 days to respond. The regular RFE is usually given 90ish days to respond. It is USCIS way of telling that “we are giving you last chance given before denial”!

      PS: Its not denial, there are people have got approvals after this.


      1. H1BApplicant_2018

        It is for “Notice Of Intent To Deny”. Following are the issues mentioned in the document :

        1) Employer – Employee Relationship
        2) Position is not a Specialty Occupation
        3) Itinerary

        Thanks !

    1. Non IG

      IG is very busy printing $’s, she charges 300 a minute, so you have to be very fast like liberty mutual (45 secs), to get satisfied answer.

  5. [email protected]

    USCIS staffs have rolled up their sleeves.. Processing has become much faster in last few days as compared to entire last 3-4 months.

    So keep hoping to get the updates any time in next few days / by Sept end…

    Good Luck All !


    I don’t know on what basis USCIS decides to process a case. I am an AD with level 1 wage, got approval at the end of the May, while I see here that people don’t even have an update, neither RFE nor an approval. It is just sad, I feel for you guys.
    We need transparency in processing.

  7. Roop Ghosh

    Has anyone with the column “Last Updated ” on https://egov.uscis.gov/casestatus populated with the date “07/06/18” recd an approval?

  8. Finally RFE

    Finally RFE, not sure whats the reason…but its a long wait

    AD, Calif center, RFE date Aug 31, receipt date apr 23… checking with HR and attorney!!

  9. No more h1b

    Funny to say that money can buy everything…..money can only gives you the sleepless night….. very little did i know that the dollar dream would give nothing but the countless waiting and thats why i say that i am done and just wish that my petion get rejected…..even if it gets approved ,the long wait of green card would begin…..i am now sure 100 percent that I dont want that unwanted h1b life in America……i must say that this is the best place to take out your frustation level as your talking to those who could understand your frustation level…..All the best to everyone.

    1. enj

      What’s going on in the chain below!!! Is somebody having a property dispute?
      From all the lengthy discussion below.. There’s no wrong why Trump say other countries are taking American jobs away!!!

      Guys.. Be cool.. There’s law and the rules are stringent. For those who argue, H1 is an employer’s petition whether it is a consultancy, product based or service based. Most of the AD cannot enter the job market without an employer and the easy way is to approach the consulting firms. Obviously you need an employment letter, I-9,I-983 filled followed by H1 and Perm process. Every AD is an asset for them. Some make it or move to product based and service based firms with time. Non AD at the same time are asset for the firms operating overseas. They save money and move resources to onsite. The US life (not in other country) AD life starts with investment of around 30k to 50 k dollars and 2 years of time while a Non-AD starts with L1, H1 or B1 here. As most of the companies not doing green card, a Non-AD also moves to a consulting firm. Finally, most of the AD and non-AD ends up with a consulting firm which they are blaming now for the H1. (talking about the majority)

      It’s too stupid to think talented people comes from Non_AD pool and rich guys come from AD pool. Harvard, Stanford, many good colleges with full funding are all AD’s. Aren’t there guys on recommendation surpassing the talented in Non-AD pool. There so many short films on youtube on this, so, I believe it is partially true.

      Guys, has all the managers fulfilled their promises to file H1b and send you abroad?
      Is the H1 cap just hitting with AD guys, see the charts before 2013 the cap got hit with Non-AD’s.
      “Killing dollar dreams”.. someone used this. This can be killed many ways. Your employer does not want you to be here after the contract ends, no perm filed.. leave after 6 years.. H1 not picked in lottery, no position at client, H1 denied, amendment denied, perm denied.. or another recession.. anything can happen to kill the dollar dreams.

      We have a process in place.. if there is a flaw, the flaw lies there and that’s getting tough with the rules getting stringent and strong practices. There are work place raids, checks for maintenance of status, specialty occupation, Wage levels etc. None can be blamed other than wait in the line for H1 nomination, lottery and then perm nomination, 140 approval, green card and so on which is good enough for lifetime. Everyone is just like us trying our luck to get better and better.

      Hope there is a better tomorrow. Wish you all.. good luck.

  10. No more h1b

    I think ,US should made the compulsory salary of more than 100K to 120 K for h1b holder and make the whole process competitve and green card should have more than 150 K or 200 K…..this willl end the debate on AD or non ADs and bring a lot of competition and i am sure no lottery from next time and green card wait wud go down drastically.

    1. 3rd Timer

      Interesting suggestion. But it may not work because if some one in IT and in California or NY area then they can easily earn that kind of money. However, if some one working in rust belt states as a mechanical , electrical or in other area then their salary will not meet . Even their US manager with 10 year or more exp wont get that much. Keep in mind that people who are working in there are other areas are also comes under specialty jobs.

      Some of my suggestions are,
      1. if one apply H1 then the application fee will not get refunded even if it is not make it to lottery –why this suggestion is, lot of big companies (TCS,CTS, Infosys, some extent Google, Microsft, IBM) just apply many applications with the idea that they will get a refund if it is not get through lottery.

      2. Another big problem in big companies are they get approval for many applications but use it later, like, 6 months, year or two later. H1 is for on demand job and not for future. So, hoarding of H1 petitions should be discouraged some way. One option is if the petition is approved then that should be utilized within 3 to 6 months period at least for 6 months are more period. This may aong with point 1 should discourage many applications to be filed without actual or speculative job requirements.

      3. Also, USCIS should consider the curbing the third party EVC/EVVC model (consultancy) abuse along with any AD abuse.

      –It is my thought. We know that people take advantage of the rules if they (dont mistake, even I and most of them if not all do the same) find the loopholes. It is no point in finger pointing at this time to say AD/non-AD is bad or not worthy of doing specialty job etc.

      –Having said that, I wish everyone good luck and all the best to get their approval soon (with or without RFE) and also for others for next year.

  11. YouAreTearingMeApartH1B

    I can’t believe there’s a war AD-nonAD. It’s ridiculous. The system is dysfunctional, that’s it.
    Is having money a great advantage? Well yeah, hello? Not only here, in general, in life… If you have loads of money, you won’t get any trouble to get a visa, that’s for sure. That’s it, accept it, money rules everything.

    Now, with the H1B we’re all stressed and we end up blaming other applicants because of their maneuvers to increase their chances to get selected. Well, if the system allows it, it’s the system, folks… They’ve been doing H1B for years, the lottery since 6 or 7 years ago (I can’t remember now the exact year when the number of applications exceeded the number of available visas they give), so they know how it goes, they know all the tricks the corporations and big companies will do, they just need to improve the system. Seems now there are efforts to improve it, but in the end it looks like they’re just making the process more slow and tedious to discourage companies to apply in the coming years (is that their strategy?…).
    And BAM, this of course affects the ones in the bottom of the pile: us, the applicants, we’re the ones suffering all this hopeless waiting time.

    But it’s just unfruitful to start blaming each other, the system is just not working properly, and won’t start working great suddenly this year, nor next or the other… Either we accept this and play their game with loads of patience, or we just leave and go somewhere else.

    And again, good luck for everybody, hope we know something soon all of us waiting… Peace!

  12. Erlich Bachmann :)

    I might be late to the debate but these are my points. Generalising ADS / Non ADS is gross ignorance. MOST of the people in BOTH the categories are trying to misuse h1b, but the blame mostly goes to ADs as they eat majority of the h1bs(at least they have higher probability) and it’s easy to get into US university than securing a job based out of US.Being from a so called tier 1 college, I know few people who are genuinely interested in MS and opted for US university. But more than 80% of ADS (at least from local engineering colleges of AP/TS states in India) use MS as a gateway to settle in US for quick bucks.Yes they use their rich papas money / take a loan to achieve this feat.I know countless number of such people from my circle.
    Coming to the non-ads , the employees of the service based companies try to blame ADS but they themselves scam the H1b process(nested clients/fake projects). It is the service companies which are responsible for this mess. They en cash the Indian dollar dream and use indians as cheap labour.
    So stop these blame games and let everyone play their own games 🙂
    Please note that this is my personal opinion and I might be wrong. Constructive criticism is always welcome.

    1. Erlich Bachmann - Keep it to yourself

      Dude – There is no need for you to name any of the states here. It’s their papa’s money, and whatever they would do with it. Papa’s money doesn’t always help, you have to go through a lot hard time while your are student VISA, not every one knows about this.

      You guys debating here wouldn’t make any difference to the USCIS processing. Try and be of some help to someone than being an ***.

  13. No more H1b

    How nicely these AD guys justify the wrong doings. Non Ad sitting in India with family and we paying tons of taxes or we speak better english than Non Ad guys but the reality would not change that majority of these are cheating the system with money. I am not talking about those who make it the top universities but yes to those who got in any 3rd grade US universities and than cheat the system with desi companies. I have done my engineering from pune university and most of the students who did engineering in more than 5 years are settled in US and becauss they secured admission in third grade US universities and making use of h1b lottery system got settled in US and ofcourse there were good guys also who deserves and rightly reached…..

    1. chill

      The problem with you my friend is you generalized all ADs. In every group(AD, Non AD) there will be genuine people whose futures dependent on this single decision and people who cheat the system. I can only pray and suggest you to not troll or encourage people who troll. For one reason or other we all are in the same boat and one you’re case is picked in the lottery, the decision is dependent on each case.

      Good luck and Peace
      hope you dont reply to me !!

    2. Kyamputar Injinar

      On top of that.. no matter how much they boast about higher education and all… most of them end up accepting jobs that have bachelors qualification as minimum qualification…

      We studied more, we worked hard and saved money for MS, We took loan and now working hard to pay it off… Blah blah blah…. Oh stop it !

      U should have chosen further studies for the sake of interest in that field… if you really did, You could ve been in better situation than whinning here on this blog and calling out other people…

  14. Wait never ends

    My notice date was 4/24.. hadnt received any response from vermont center, so after 4 months passed i asked my attorneys to send a service inquiry to USCIS. just 2 weeks after the inquiry my status was changed to RFE. My guess is this is done to just buy more time and delay this process for another 2-3 months.

  15. No more h1b

    One thing for sure …..what ever the result is ,i m not gonna apply for h1b in future…..enough of this nonsence……these desi companies and rich papas baby who got in to AD with money has spoiled the system ……USCIS is doing the right thing by bringing more checks in the system …..atleast more deserving and hard working people wud get chance kn the future with bdtter immigration system.

    1. h1b

      Wow! Rich papas baby who got into AD with money has spoiled the system. Lol. That is the funniest thing I ever heard.

      I did my masters in the US and I applied for H1b for past three years with no luck in the lottery. Most of the Non-AD guys don’t have any higher education, they sit in India with the family pass non-sensible comments on AD’s. They think they deserve better while most of them come here to work in non-specialty occupations. And don’t even get me started on the English skills here.
      And here we are far from family, paying a ton of taxes.

      So please don’t give that shit! Between good decision on not applying H1b next year. I hope that your chance would go to someone who deserver better.

      PS: Don’t ever generalize people.

      1. SKR

        Cool down Sir, It is you who is generalizing that all people who get in AD are rich Papa’s Baby. Just run a check around you, do not you see increase in the number of students pursuing AD and not doing any work like most AD student used to do meet the living and tution expenses. I think these are the people ‘No more h1b’ was referring and not the ones who are working hard on their own to build their life in US. And if anything to blame here is the H1 lottery system which was rigged over the years and created such a mess.

        1. H1b

          Another Non-AD!! hahaha. It took me couple of minutes to understand “do not you see increase in the number of students pursuing AD and not doing any work like most AD student used to do meet the living and tuition expenses”.

          Good try my friend 🙂

          1. SKR

            Try again Sir, I can not match your hate for anybody whom you think is less deserving than you. I searched specialty occupation examples and none of them says it means proficiency in English. And in your jeal to blame other for your misfortune in lottery, you even did not notice that I blamed neither AD nor non-AD. Also if your brain take a lot of time to process something, it could be either something is really confusing or may be of little above then your comprehension abilities.

      2. Laxative

        NON-AD calling AD people “Rich Papa’s baby”

        AD calling NON-AD “NON-AD guys don’t have any higher education”

        whose poop is Better ?

        Let me know if you both need some tissue paper…

    2. H1breeze

      shame on you… what rich papas baby? I worked for years and saved enough money to come to US for higher education. Paid for my MBA tuition with education loan and scholarship.

      Blame everything on money problem instead of taking some action for yourself.

  16. Ramya

    Finally RFE, not sure whats the reason…but its a long wait

    NON AD, vermont center, RFE date sep 11, receipt date apr 12…

    Guys, please let me know whats the chances for RFE approval….
    @admin, pls suggest somethings… how abt rfes this year

    1. Luci

      Guys please this is a difficult time for all of us. Let us not make it worse. Stay patient and keep sharing and new updates you may have or heard. There is no point fighting on this forum on who is more deserving.

  17. Waiting

    Honestly I have never felt so hopeless before.Waiting for H1B result is just so painful with no certain date.It feels like the result is never going to come

    1. YouAreTearingMeApartH1B

      Same… notice date May 3rd.
      So disappointed… even though I know what I’m going to find I can’t stop checking, every single day. I check USCIS account, the egov site, my company’s attorney website profile, everything, and every day I see the same “Case was Received”, which I’ve started to hate so much…

      The system is very dysfunctional… But well, good luck to everybody, hope we know something soon.

      1. Hopeforthebest

        Same !! That is so unfair … everyday I check EVERY possible platform, sometimes 10 times a day which is absolutely ridiculous … hopefully we will have answer soon :(… stay strong !!!

  18. Hopeforthebest

    Hi everyone,

    First of all thank you all for this topic, it has really helped me through this process that I used to not know very well, not know at all if I’m being honest! I’ve learned a lot.

    I’ve reached out to my soon-to-be HR yesterday to relieve myself on the fact that I have no approval or any update so far and she reply that the situation is pretty odd and that it seems that the bachelor degrees are taking a lot longer than advanced …

    Fingers crossed that it will come soon, my hope is getting tinier …

  19. Surprised

    Just got my Approval, no RFEs

    Approval is only showing on my case status web page but not in my USCIS account yet.

    Receipt date 04/12/2018
    Notice Date 05/02/2018
    Approval Date 09/12/2018
    Non AD EAC

  20. EE-RFE

    Got RFE for Employer-Employee relationship. I am working for a consulting company on Employer-Client model (no vendor).

    Has anyone been in a similar situation and successfully overcome the RFE?


    1. 3rd Timer

      This is one of the standard RFE and it could be successfully addressed with relevant documents. Since this is one of the standard RFE your attorney should able to gather the relevant documents. Good luck and all the best for your approval.

  21. CAPGAP-Surviver

    ******* CAP GAP ********

    AD – Candidate
    Wage Level – II
    Date received – 4/19/2018
    Center – EAC
    My case status is “Received”.

    I was wishing that they will process the case of CAP GAP candidate with priority. But it looks like everything is random. My few non-AD colleagues got approved.

  22. Komap

    Hi, all
    Almost a month has passed since I got an approve on dhs website and still my employer hasn’t received any documents. Is it OK or should I start being worried?

    1. HumanError

      Check if you got correct receipt number… this happened to me… they gave me wrong receipt number and I had been tracking someone else’s receipt number all this time…

      The one I had received was approved but when I checked with attorney they admitted that the receipt number they gave had typo..

      Mine is still stuck..

      🙁 🙁

  23. Ankita

    Hello Everybody,

    Friends here whose receipt number “not recognized” got any update so far from USCIS?

    My receipt number doesnot work on egov website but it did work with myaccount website. But from May 1st its still showing my “case was received”, no update so far.

    Receipt date May1 and WAC center.

    Please let us know whose case is similar to mine and got any approval/rfe.

    Many Thanks!

    1. Waiting!!

      Same Here,
      🙁 🙁

      AD, WAC
      Receipt Date: Apr 26

      “Case Received ” on myaccount.uscis.dhs.gov
      “Validation Error” on egov.uscis.gov

        1. High hopes

          Same with me:
          My receipt number still shows error in uscis status check website. Case Reciving date May/11 on uscis account. WAC/Non-AD
          Should there be any concern for still seeing error?

  24. Varsha

    Hi All,

    Am currently working with employer A in H1B (H4 to H1B ->COS) on july we sent a response to amendment RFE and waiting for USCIS decision.
    I got an offer from employer B due to latest premium processing suspension and they are planning to file my case in normal processing. Once employer B is filed my case with USCIS, am planning to go back to my home country for visa stamping for my current employer A. Please advice on below questions.

    1.Is this advisable to go for stamping when employer A amendment is in RFE evidence received case status(before getting approval)?
    2 My current contract with client ends on december last week(this year) with employer A, whether it will impact anyway for my visa stamping?

    1. administrator

      1. You should have approval to avoid issues.
      2. Usually, your H1B approval validity is what matters and documentation for the same until the date of validity.

  25. NewBie_2018

    Hi Kumar/Admin/All,

    My Employer did not upload any SOW/MSA while filing the H1B petition 2018, 100% will get RFE? but no update till date, any suggestions are highly appreciated

    1. administrator

      It totally depends on the role that was filed for and the way your petition was filed. You may or may not get RFE. Your attorney knows the best, speak to him/her.

  26. Venkatesh

    Dear All,

    My organisation notified about my H1B approval notice.

    Non AD, EAC Center
    Receipt date – May 02, 2018
    Approved Date- Aug 01, 2018

    I got a notification from my Attorney about my I-797 Expiration on 31st Dec 2018, as my Project SOW submitted had a end date till 31st Dec 2018.

    1. Please advise I-797 Expiration on 31st Dec 2018 will have a impact on my H1B Stamping and Visa Validity.
    2. Do I need to submit the renewed project SOW version to the officer during my stamping?


    1. h1baspirant

      i don’t think it will have any impact on your visa and stamping. But your I94 will be valid till 31st Dec 2018. So you need to apply for extension immediately after your visa stamping otherwise you will need to leave US on or before 31st Dec 2018.

      This is part of new policy where visa validity is till SOW end date.

  27. Interviewme

    Hi, I am try to set up an interview for my visa stamp in my country of origin. I plan to do this in December when I go visit my family (my change of status already happened in the US, where I live). However, they only seem to have appointment openings for the current month (September). Nothing after that. I am wondering if this is because they won’t open the appointment dates until the actual month starts or gets closer (the other option, that everything is taken from October to December, but there are openings in the current month, doesn’t really make sense). Can anybody confirm this? Thanks.

    PS. I contacted the embassy but they didn’t clarify anything.

  28. SSD

    My immigration team suggest that if my cap gap case is not processed till 30th, i should stay in the US till the decision comes out since if i leave the petition type would need to change from “change of status” to “consular processing” and this may increase chances of an RFE. Thoughts?

    1. 3rd Timer

      First part is correct and second is not. RFE is depends on the strength of the documents. Once it is approved the USCIS will send the approval notice as COS or CP whichever is requested in the original petition. Meaning this part is nothing to do with the approval. After Sept 30th, if the beneficiary not in US then they cant change the status, so automatically the approve with CP.

      RFE is purely depends on if (a) the job is considered or falls under specialty occupation, (b) there are shortage of US workforce for this occupation, (c) employer spend reasonable effort to find US workers before opting for H1 , (d) wage offered to the H1 worker is same or more than the salary offered to US worker and (e) the beneficiary has the required specialty skills either through education or experience or both. My understanding is USCIS check the criteria in the order I have listed. So, if your petition meets all the criteria and all the supporting documents were attached then the approval will be given straight away. If not then they issue RFE.

      –Good luck and all the best for your approval.

      1. Waiting for approval

        I don’t have a account. My USCIS status showing still received…
        non-ad , wac, notice date may 11th.. 181635****. But in the mail it was not mentioned approved any where…

  29. YouAreTearingMeApartH1B

    IG said in a comment in her % post that the numbers are still the same (that’s why no update since last month). So… there’s definitely a stop in the processing. I already said I don’t buy the idea that they are overwhelmed and they are catching up.

    Is it possible that they apply 9/11 policy to this year’s h1b cases? I know they said that is only for the cases after 9/11, but could they, somehow, take the new policy guidelines and start denying/issuing RFEs based on them? I don’t know… Why this wait otherwise? :S

    1. non ad

      could be true. they could be waiting for new guidelines or they must be held with AD since they have around 90k and AD needs more time to review an approve.

    2. JustSoSlow

      BAL Infomed me that they continue to receive decisions on H1B cap cases, so no, USCIS has not halted adjudications. It’s just VERY slow. IG’s data is based on her cases only and should not be taken as a general meter.

  30. non ad

    any non ad from offshore companies like mindtree, hcl,tcs,infy etc got approval receipt? i could see mine and few other associates case as approved in company intranet site app but in usics my account page as received state?

  31. Pawan Kalyan

    Can anyone explain what is “Case Was Reopened For Reconsideration”. My case was updated with this status this morning. After some research I found that it is related to MTR after a denial,my case was never denied (CAP-2019) and I’ve never filed an MTR, mine IS a 2019 cap case and responded to RFE 15 days ago..

    Is anyone in same situation?

    Thanks in advan

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