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MS vs MBA in USA Difference. What do you study? What Jobs?

One of the most asked questions by many students planning to study in the US is “Should I study MBA or MS ?” Some know what they want, some are not sure, and rely on the hype and general trend in the market based on some factors like salary, branding, etc. If you look at countries like India, with the hype of all IIMs, ISB, and other premier MBA institutions the shift in pursuing higher education has been towards MBA in recent times. With all the lavish salaries MBA students get right after their graduation, many are tempted to jump the bandwagon…

Students applying to study in the US are thinking in the same direction as everyone in India and plan to land in Ivy league schools, the University of Chicago, Kellog School of Business, etc. But the reality is that many do not know the implications and what it all means for their careers.  In this article, we will cover the basic differences between them.

What is MS Degree? What do you study in MS?

MS means “Master of Science”. As it says, master of science, you are going much deeper than what you studied with a bachelor’s degree. Your focus is primarily to get into the advanced topics in a particular subject, you will study topics in much depth.  Just to compare with countries like India, MS is like doing M.Sc or M.A back in that respective country . The emphasis is more on advanced topics in that particular area.

Example : Let’s say you pick MS in Computer Sciences, you study classic courses like Advanced Database Management Systems, Advanced Operation systems, Research Methods, Design and Analysis of Algorithms, Advanced programming languages, etc. in much more detail…sorry if you are not a computer science major and you did not get it. Overall, what I was saying is that you study the technical aspects of a subject to another level and more deeply.

To get into the MS program, it is ideal to have the same background or major in bachelor’s degree. For instance, lets’ say you have a B.tech in Computer Sciences, then it is ideal to take MS in Computer Sciences or if you have a B.A. or B.Com with a focus on Economics or Finance, then you can do MS in Accounting or Finance.

If you are from different background, nothing to worry. You can still pursue your dream, it is that that you would have to do lot of foundation classes or pre-requisite courses to change the major. Read Can I study a different major in masters for MS ? Requirements.

What is MS good For? What can I do with MS ? Jobs ?

As MS is more technical in nature, it is good for doing further research by enrolling in a Ph.D. or working in technical positions in your job. It can be like  Database Architect,  Marketing Research Director, Advance Tax & valuation expert, etc. It may give you an edge if you are in the technical area or research.

Typically, many people who wish to become researchers, and professors one day, choose this path so that they can go to Ph.D. and then become a professor or researcher someday. Some just take it because they love the subject and want to know the details to an advanced level.

What is MBA Degree ? What do you study an MBA ?

MBA stands for “Master of Business Administration”. As it clearly says, we can see it is an Administration or Management degree by name. It is in no way technical in nature. You are not trying to explore the depth of a particular subject; you are trying to learn various aspects of a business and learn management skills to administer a company’s or organization’s resources and people effectively.

Typically, 2/3rd of the classes will be fundamental courses in Business and administration like  Accounting,  Corporate Finance, Organization Behavior, IT for Managers, Marketing Strategy, Economics, Operations strategy, Leadership, and Negotiation, etc. Rest of the 1/3rd of the classes with be electives and you have the choice. You can pick Marketing, Finance, HR, etc based on your choice or your current industry.

When someone says, I got MBA in Marketing, it means that they only did this 1/3rd of the classes related to Marketing. But, when someone says, I have MS in Marketing, it means they had around 80 – 100% of their classes in Marketing ONLY. Do you see the difference?  Based on university it changes, but generally, you can do your own set of classes that you like for the 1/3rd of classes in MBA with a variety of mix, then you will not have a degree in specialization. It will be called General Degree in MBA.

What is MBA good for ? Where can you work with MBA ? What is career path?

MBA is for those of you who want to work in a management or leadership position in an organization. The degree teaches you all about Business and how to effectively manage people, and resources to make logical and better decisions for the business. It is ideal for anyone with few years of experience and willing to grow up the ladder in their company.

It is for aspiring managers…If you want to grow to a higher level in a company and one day dream of becoming a CEO  or opening your own business, then MBA is for you. You can do specific courses in Entrepreneurship to become an entrepreneur of a Business. There are people who do PhD too, but most of the people with MBAs become managers, and based on their emphasis and experience, they can end up in titles like Director of Marketing, Global Sales Manager, Project Manager, etc.  There are some people who do PhD too, it is because during their MBA some specific course got their attention and they got plugged in… Also, it is recommended to do MBA after few years of work experience, read When should you do MBA after B.Tech or Bachelors Degree  

Now that you know the difference, you need to know the aspect like Fee, Funding, experience, etc… Check out the second part of  MS vs MBA after B.Tech – Fees, Funding .

Any thoughts to add on the differences of MS vs MBA ?


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  1. I have a foreign Bachelor degree in civil engineering since 1998, I came to USA in 2005, I got married and I didn’t have the opportunity to work in my profession since that time. Now I feel disadvantaged at pursuing for a job. I wanted to know which option would be better for me: MBA in Construction Management or MS in Civil Engineering. What are the chances of getting a good job after in any of these fields?

  2. hi,
    i have completed my b.tech in (EEE); now planning for abroad, so can i choose M.S in (cse); or is there any special requirments …………

  3. i am vimalraj. I am studying B.Tech(correspondence) after completion the course shall i can do the MBA in regular classes.it is possible ah? If it is possible means what is the procedure?

  4. i am prashanth and i completed my b-tech with 54%. I am having too many backlogs i.e 21 nd my gre score is 980,tofel 101 taken.is there any chance for me getting visa,plzz…….. reply to my question

  5. hi my btech % is 54 with 21 backlogs my gre scor is 980 toefl 101 and am having the 2yers of expierence as assistant proffesor so would i get usa visa or not please suggest me

  6. Hi,
    Same is the confusion for me , MS/MBA. I feel I am a management gal but the fact is am married now and have 4 yrs exp in IT. me n my husband both are going for higher studies. But i ma not sure for MBA. it will cost me very high as we both are planning for US study. We both are in IT , so is it worth leaving the current job and going out there. we are planning for Fall 2012. please guide me. if u suggest MS for me, then which course will be related to management. I have read tht GRE is giving admission in bschools also. plz advice.

  7. hello sir,
    I’ve completed my B.E, Computer Science this year(2011) and I’m going to start working from the next week. I’m interested in technical things. I’m thinking of giving my GRE this year. But its not a whole- hearted decision. I’m confused between MS and MBA. I’m not that interested in management kind of subjects. But, now that people are talking about recession again, I’m worried about doing my MS in the US. And will MS be useful only for people interested in becoming a lecturer? And if I finish my MS in US and get back to India, will i have better job opportunities.?

  8. Is pursuing MBA or masters degree would be better directly after getting a bachelors degree. I am now in 3rd year computer engineering.

  9. Hi
    i am complite my degree . But I flunk in 6 sem one subject shill i continued my mba or m.com sir

  10. HELLO,

    I am currently pursuing my MBA, I have completed all of my general courses like accounting, finance etc..But now I am left with all of my elective courses. My question is “I am really interested in doing my MBA with concentration in marketing” so can you recommend me with some of the best marketing courses that I should take inorder to complete my MBA program. I am left with 3-courses to graduate.

  11. Sir, i have just finished my Bachelors in engineering(E&EE major) and have landed up a respectable job in India (IT sector). I am interested in migrating to the US after gaining some work experience here. How is the employment scene in the US ? will i be risking the existing job also if decide to move ? anyways life is too short i am ready for the risk but i really am expecting your valuable advice And This is a beautiful site you have here sir, has been of great help over the years .

    • The current employment rate is still around 9%. There hasn’t been mass layoffs announced lately, but companies haven’t hit the gas yet on hiring. So it’s kind of stagnant. Even when there is an opening, there are lots of resumes being submitted for the position.

      As you are just a fresher, it may be better to gain experience in India and then decide to look for employment opportunities in US. It may be a very tough market for freshers especially if one hasn’t done Masters in US. Also, there is a possibility that your Indian employer may send you to US to work.

      IMO, there is too much risk involved for you if you want to move now (unless your Indian employer sends you to US).

  12. Just doing feasibilty study to know whether i can go for ms in US .
    Would like to know few things.

    Since you guys have prepared and got admits ,I congratulate all of you and wish you best of luck for studies in US.

    Based on your experience please help me out on below questions.

    1) Best institute for gre coaching in delhi .
    2) Since I have 4 year exp in IT.I am planning to do Ms in Cs.
    would like to univ for this course and their fees.
    3) How much would it cost ? I have only 15 lakhs…would i be able to manage with
    this fund. If not how much student loan can be approved without any security.
    4) Can i get financial aid based on my previos exp?
    5) My previos exp would be counted or not after MS?
    6) what should be the first step to take off for gre prep?

    thanks ina dvance for your help guys.Looking forward for some immediate replies.

    • Sandeep,
      Here are some of my answers
      1. I dont know
      2. We do not advise on schools…
      3. Yes, you can if you apply to state schools.
      4. not necessarily
      5. Yes, it will be
      6. working on improving your English Vocab and Math skills

  13. Hi Kumar,

    Your all articles are very informative. Really appreciate your effort of giving information to prospective US student.

    I have done M.Com from University of Mumbai & PG diploma in Journalism amd mass communications. I have worked for 6 years in Public and investor realtions.

    I have relocated to USA 1 year back. I want to pursue either MBA or MS in Finance & Marketing alongwith CFA . Is it advisable to go for MS or MBA, as my goal is to get job and get H1 visa here.

    I am very confuse right now, need your suggestion.

    Thanks in anticipation…..


  14. hi sir,
    u r doin a gr8 job by helping 100s of ppl,
    i m btech(EC) last year student with 660 gmat score is this good enough to get into a decent university(for MS finance),
    but i have an accident last year bcz of that i lost my 1 year(bcz of surgery),
    will that creat any problem in getting addmission,and 1 more thing is there any prob in NOT doing MS with same background in Bachelors,for any other stream i have to take GRE(verbal monster for me),and most importantly can i do MBA after ms with 4-5 yrs of work exp. i know it sounds crazy but i want to do MBA some day will it b useless to do do MBA after MS in FINANCE

  15. hi kumar,
    i pursuing b.com and looking forward to do job in bank as Probationary officer. i all be doing job for atleast 2 to 3 years. But in the end i want get settled in US. So it would be very helpfull for me if you suggest me. that what line i should go for…? i am interested in mba finance. is it good?

  16. I am pursuing Btech (IT) from a PTU University and will complete my graduation in June 2012. My dilemma is that I want to do an MBA in marketing or advertisement directly after my graduation. However, after reading your article I am having second thoughts.. Would NO top Univ. accept my application for MBA with any prior work experience? I do have a part time working experience as a Customer Service executive while studying.. does it count? I am also not very keen in pursing a MS in my field.. What would be a better option for me? Your advise would be highly appreciated. Thank you.

    • Well, unless you are exceptional, you may not have great luck in top 10 schools. Part time work experience may not add value…My advice would be to pursue your passion. Think about where you want to be in 10 years and what you are passionate about, then try to start working towards that goal….Take some time to think and seek advice from seniors, friends, and your professors.

      • Thank you so much for your advise. I would like to ask you another question that is what are my chances of getting into college within the first 100 B rankings with no work ex? If I can provide them good SOP’s and LOR’s (from the company I am working presently as well as from my college) would that not be good enough for them to see that this is my passion and to see that I am serious about the degree?

        Also, how much weightage is given to our prior academic record? IfI get an score of above 650, how much would my prior academic performance count?

  17. Hi Kumar,
    Very nice article written by you for some one like me.
    I am currently working as a software developer from last 3 months, I want to do post graduation after 2 years from now, Now currently I am in dilemma what should I pursue MS or MBA as I want the managerial position in any reputed organization .
    For MBA and MS what will be total cost respectively ?
    What will be better for me after 2 years as i feel post graduation is must now-a-days.
    How should I prepare for it from now onwards.

    • Deepak,
      As per cost, read this Cost of MS / MBA in USA

      If your passion is in management, MBA would be a better fit. If you would like to pursue MBA in USA, then you would have to prepare for GMAT/GRE, depending on school. You can start working on GMAT for now and try to grow in your role into a lead role to get more visibility of the Organization in terms of its structure and business.

  18. Hi Kumar,

    Very interesting article. I’m in dilemma and hopefully you can answer my question.
    I am B.Com Graduate and done iGniit from NIIT, I have 7 years of experience in IT. I am planning to do Masters (MS/MBA) in US, it will be good for my career.

    1) As I am Bachelors of commerce (Which is 15 years education). can I do MS/mba here? Or Do I need to take some other course before starting this?
    2) Do I need to give TOEFL and GRE for Masters?

    Thanks in Advance.


    • Ankit,
      1) I will post an article on this with detailed info in couple days. Stay tuned.
      2) Yes, you need to give TOEFL and GRE to get into most of the decent schools.

  19. hii.. kumar
    u r doing a great job man by helping many ppl like me..
    i hav many questions to ask.
    first im pursuing my btech final year.As i want to be a manager or ceo on one day,im passonate abt MBA.
    can a person spend much money to opt mba in us,and ur saying that we require experience.
    can i be in safe side pursuing mba now also financially?
    it takes too much time for work exp in present conditions in india.
    To get a good salary we should opt ms and furthur job?
    can a person do ms and then do job with mba parallely?
    wat abt software jobs for cmg 2 years?
    summary of my questions mean abt i want to complete my ms,do job,balance my financial conds and then do job.(but iam willing to do MBA)……
    hope u understand my confusion..
    plz get me out of here…
    thank u

    • Hate to break the news to you…
      But all roads appear to lead to the same place sweetie…
      Work for 3-4 years.You can become a Senior SWE.
      Work really really hard for 3 years.You can become a TeamLead [which my friend is a big deal and yes , i have seen it happen.
      Work for 2 years. Take up Executive MBA .And improve you chances of getting that managerial post you want.
      Work for 3 years.Take up MS.Apply for managerial or Business Analyst roles.
      This is what i see around me.

      Take up MS right now — if you have atleast 20 lakhs in hand.
      Take up work right now — if you know you have an edge in the field of your choice,eg, you are an excellent developer or have the aptitude to test well etc etc
      Take up MBA right now — i leave that to Kumar.

      And lastly : You have to work on your written skills and expressions if you really want to become a manager someday.
      You have to start working on that Managerial post right from today — while you are still a student.
      And while i am coming across as very rude —- the most appalling fact is that — its rambunctious people like you who eventually make it to the managerial posts while polished fools linger around doing pretty much nothing 🙂

    • Naren,
      I would work for few years before doing MBA. You should do something that you are passionate about…Ideally, try to get a job after B.tech… work for few years and then pursue MBA…

    • cont..
      to naren
      u hav said that mba is very costly.
      what about a job with mba parallely after one year exp in job.bcoz ican raise money with job…

  20. Im doing my bachelors in EEE and im in 3rd year now. At this point im at a crossroad to choose my higher education be it MS or MBA. im more bent towards pursuing my masters in business adminstration. please guide me with the advantage or disadvantage of doing an mba from US rather than doing it in India.

    • Akash,
      It depends on where you want to work…If you study in US, you focus more on US companies that are global, their accounting standards, finance, etc…and vice versa. Studying in US shapes you to work in US and studying in India will shape you more to work in India…I am not saying, it will restrict you, but your degree is more recognized in the country where you get MBA….In general, US degree has more popularity in global market…but, it comes with a price tag of expensive tuition fee…

  21. Hi Kumar,
    Before anything, its commendable how you have taken the pain to answer each and every question thrown across to you…

    I am planning on taking up MS.My story is a little different…
    I did my engineering in Telecommunication.
    I had an year down in my Engineering because of just one backlog [4 marks to be precise!!!! ]-so i lost one year.
    When i graduated , recession hit and i had to take up Technical Support- so i lost another year.
    Right now,i am a Junior Software Engineer toggling between Development and Testing in one of the MNCs.
    By the time i take up the GRE and start applying for my MS – i should have roughly 2 years of work-ex.

    I would like to take up a MS in Computer Science or Information systems for the pure love of it.
    Will my appalling profile hinder the MS process – i am sure there will be questions pertaining to my lost year , my telecommunication backgrd etc
    Are there valid 1 year MS courses in the States ?
    My main point of worry :Will 2 years of IT and 1 year of Non-IT experience mean anything after my MS or will i be treated as a fresher ?

    Looking forward to hear from you….
    Thanks in Advance

    • Balamani,
      I do not think your profile is appalling…Honestly, I do not think they care much as long as you have your degree….Also, for MS, work experience may not be a major factor for admission. If you can get good GRE and TOEFL scores and write a good SOP, you should be fine.

  22. Hi Kumar,

    I have completed my B.E. in Computers and have 4+ working experience . Aslo I have been working in US from past two years. If I opt for MS, approx in how much time can I complete my 9 credits (Full time course) .

    • Naz, I am little confused with you mentioning 9 credits…Typically MS is around 28 to 32 credits. Anyways, if you plan well, you can complete whole MS course in one year ( Spring, Fall and summer term or interim )

  23. Hi,

    I am trying to find out from a long time that what are the career paths/options for someone who have done MBA in India?
    Can he/she finds the job based on the degree in India or they have to go for study here again. If he/she have to go for study again, then can he/she do MS? as they have done 17 years of study in India, i think he/she should be applicable for MS.
    What do you suggest, how should one approach.
    The objective is to come to US and get the job with less difficulty.

    I would greatly appreciate your response.

    • Bharat,
      Not that it is impossible, but in my opinion, it can be challenging for someone with MBA from out of US to get job, especially in finance or accounting because the account standards are different. Also, there are lot of people with business degrees in US and it is not a technical degree. Yes, you can apply for MS or MBA in US. you must be eligible. If your objective is just to get job, I would recommending working with outsourcing vendors and come to US…you will save two years of time and frustration to look for job. But, if you intend to study, you can apply for MS or MBA …you will have to give GMAT or GRE.

      • Hi Kumar,

        Thanks for your quick response. I greatly appreciate your help.
        First of all, this question is not about me, I am already in US. This is about my prospective spouse. She want to come and do the job after marriage. From your information, Can I think that i have two choices for her
        1. She can come and then look for outsourcing job/consultant
        2. She should go for MS/MBA here.
        Let me know if I understood your comment properly or advice me something more about it.

  24. Hi
    i hav finished my bTEch in EEE.I would like to do Ms in Finance from Boston UNiversity. Can you please advise whether this is a rite decision to take?

  25. i have finished my B.E(electrical) in 2010 and not yet placed . After knowing myseif i think i must go for mba . plzzzzzz give me some suggestion and your advice is heartly accepted. after reading this article i think that you r good by heart and always direct in right direction. thanking you .have a nice time.

  26. hi,i m persuing B.tech(c.s) wich is going to complete by june, 2011.
    so i just wanted to know about the job aspects as well as about MS in US in the field of computer science …
    your suggestions r really valuable for me.

    • Varun, It is very hard to assess the market. It is just not about jobs, it is about getting someone to sponsor you H1B visa …very hard to predict the economy and visa issues…Your decision to study in US must be based on education rather than just job, if you are looking for just job…think twice…

  27. Hi,
    Thank you for sharing this information.
    I have heard of Work full time & Study part time programme from Visa House Consulting. They said, university will get H1 done for its students. Just wanted to know, if u have any more information about the same. Thank You!

    • Abida, University getting H1B for you ? I am not sure what they mean…. H1B is a temporary work visa, I am not sure why would University do H1B for you unless you work for the University….

  28. Hi ,
    I have done my BE i It in 2006 so i have 4+ years exp.
    My career planning (considering marriage and all ) is such that I would be able to go for MS studies when I have 7 or 8 years of work experience.
    My Question is that after 8 years is it that I will not be preferred for MS .
    I mean is it that 8 years i too much of an experience and universities would prefer younger people with 3-4 year experience ?

  29. hi………….. i am doing my btech finalyear frm IT branch. i was confused wht to do next, i was confused to takae either MS OR MTECH can u suggest me

  30. Hi, I completed my b.tech(i.t) from good college and had 1.5 years exp as java developer. I want to go for further studies. So shud I opt for mba or ms. I personally wanna do ms but i have heard there are job crisis going on in u.s.

  31. Respected Sir,
    Thanks for ur response . Youy said that the job oppurtunities in USA have reduced now , is this due to the RECESSION or the NEW POLICIES launched by Barrack Obama……. Anyhow is doin MS in USA wid tha hope of working overthere safe now ………… For after doin MS i dont think there will be any sort of oppurtunities in India !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  32. Hi
    i am in the branch of computer science and i do not want to do MS related to computers (as i am weak in programming) …….but i am interested in doing MS ,so some suggested that there are so many other courses such as marketing ,finance etc ….
    1)is it preferable to do these courses by software engineer ?
    2)whether the fine outcome after doing that ……….job offers etc..
    plz mention other courses also if they are apt..

    • Akash, just doing MS for the sake of getting degree is just waste of your time and money. First figure out what are your goals for MS. Search the blog or click on Decide MS or MBA in US section on the top left, there are plenty of articles.

  33. hi i am goutham reddy if we do mba in us can we get good jobs in india some of our friends told that we can not get jobs in india by doing mba in usa it correct reply to my ans please mail me na and what kinds of jobs we can do after completing mba in us

    • Goutham, Just getting MBA without any experience is a tough sell anywhere. MBA coupled with experience will help you succeed anywhere.

  34. Respected Sir ,
    I am presently pursuing my final year in B.TECH {CSE}.. I am interested in doin my MS from USA …….My subject of interest is “Networking & Security”, so can u pls tell me what will be job prospects in USA after i finish my MS in NETWORKING………….

    • Sidhartha, It is a very generic question and hard to answer as I do not work in Networking. In general, the job market right now is not as great it used to be…Hopefully it gets better.

  35. hi Mr.kumar
    this s a very nice article . i am in my final year B.E mechanical ,my ambition is to be an entrepreneur one day , that could be like starting a company relating to my technical knowledge say an automobile spare parts manufacturing or anything…. i jus wanted if technical knowledge obtained from an MS could help me in doing so and if so how far could it help…
    or is doing an MBA is undoubtedly the best option to start a venture….

    • Mayuresh, I would highly doubt if MS would really help unless you go for PhD and get a patent and then start a company on that patent. I would think MBA would be a good idea with emphasis in Entrepreneurship for what you are looking at….

  36. hi, first of all, dis site is a grt piece of work for guys like us, thnku. im nikhil, btech 7th semester in electrical n electronics, i so really want to do ms in computer science,
    1 wat will i hav to do in terms of studies, coz i dnt hav compueter backgrnd but m studyin computer subjects in btech myself at home,
    2. my parents can spend max of 5 lakhs for ms, but i still want to pay all by myself, how to do so.
    3. wats d duration for an ms course
    4. i want to do ms so that get a high salary job n settle in us n not do phd n other research work, suggest smthing
    5. suggest sm books for gre n TOEFL like barrons n so.
    hope you reply soon.
    pls giv ur email if possible…

    • Nikhil, There is nothing in specific you have to do now. To do MS in CS, you will end up taking some foundations.
      If you get good score and apply to right schools you may get scholarships that might help in having less cost for MS. If your goal is to just to get a job in US, then it is good idea to join a company and then come to US on L1 or H1B through them…

    • Yes, depending on school, you will have to do few pre-requisites. The courses you may have to take would be in Introduction to Accounting, Finance, Marketing, Org behavior.

  37. Hii Kumar,
    I am currently in my 3rd year of my engineering (IT). I am planning for MS in MIS . Please could you tell me about it as also the job prospects as in what exactly I would be doing in my job . Is it worth it ? Also personally what do you feel ..Shld I opt for MS in MIS or MS in CS as I’m not that technical..!

  38. Great job Kumar. As a student in the US, I would also like to highlight that great language skills is crucial if you are planning the MBA. All MBA job interviews revolve around your communication skills. If anyone cannot use English as easily as their mother tongue then I would suggest taking further training or going for a degree like MS where great language skills are not that critical.

    • Thanks Raza ! I concur with you. Just to clarify, just having poor language skills should not stop you from doing MBA, if that is what you really want to do in life. As Raza mentioned, you should take additional classes to strengthen your language skills.

  39. You have advised not to do MBA without any experience. but IIM’s do no ask for any experience. freshers join the course immediately after their graduation.

    • Well, though students are exceptional…I personally think you need experience…the top business schools in the world ask for experience….
      Think of it logically, How can you be a good manager, if you have never worked as a team member. If you do not personally experience the team member part, you can overlook lot of stuff as a manager….

    • I concur with Kumar. Like he said,it is necessary to be a team member to manage a team. In addition, when you apply for internships and full-time jobs, most of the other students will have plenty of experience, which you will surely lack. The company will easily find many equally-talented candidates as you – plus, they will have 3-8 years of experience as a team member/team leader. It is only logical if the company decides not to interview you.

  40. Is US Education system tougher than Indian education system?
    I heard that it was much better, thus much tougher than Indian education system.

    I’m planning to do MS in EE from US. Engineering is in general very tough, wonder how tough the “tougher” will be when doing Masters in US.

    Is is passable? I mean is it so hard that many students fail??

    I heard all of it from my friend of mine whose brother went to US.

    Can you tell me how US education system is?

    • It is fine. Just more discipline and work. I know a friend of mine who had 15 back logs come to US and study MS in Computer Engineering and successfully pass. It can be difficult if you slack off and do not study at all. Check this article Education in India Vs USA

      • Sir,
        if u rememb i came up to u wid a similar question before as
        well…but i need ur advice badly on it…..
        i dont have ne work experience…..so wanted to know which of these is a better option…
        1. MBA directly,or;
        2. MS in Finance/management/accounting/International Business and then gain some work exp and finally go for MBA
        Also regarding what are the chances of getting a good job after MS in any of the aforementioned fields.
        Please Help!!

        • Dev,
          Personally, I would not recommend anyone to do MBA without work experience. You may do MS in the fields you mentioned, but I have to be honest, it is not as easy to get jobs in that area in that field. Because, there are so many Americans who have those skills and it would be a challenge to get H1B visa sponsorship. Not trying to discourage you, telling you the fact. Do what you think is best for you…

  41. Hey nice article.But I’m in dilemma.You said if you want to be director of the MNC then you must go for MBA.But as far as i know it is not mandatory to be an MBA for Director position.One with MS degree holder can also achieve that position in a company

    Ankit Sharma

    • Ankit, it is not mandatory to have MBA or MS to be director. What I meant is, it gives you an edge and lets you go to higher rank soon.


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