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MS vs MBA in USA Difference. What do you study? What Jobs?

One of the most asked questions by many students planning to study in the US is “Should I study MBA or MS ?” Some know what they want, some are not sure, and rely on the hype and general trend in the market based on some factors like salary, branding, etc. If you look at countries like India, with the hype of all IIMs, ISB, and other premier MBA institutions the shift in pursuing higher education has been towards MBA in recent times. With all the lavish salaries MBA students get right after their graduation, many are tempted to jump the bandwagon…

Students applying to study in the US are thinking in the same direction as everyone in India and plan to land in Ivy league schools, the University of Chicago, Kellog School of Business, etc. But the reality is that many do not know the implications and what it all means for their careers.  In this article, we will cover the basic differences between them.

What is MS Degree? What do you study in MS?

MS means “Master of Science”. As it says, master of science, you are going much deeper than what you studied with a bachelor’s degree. Your focus is primarily to get into the advanced topics in a particular subject, you will study topics in much depth.  Just to compare with countries like India, MS is like doing M.Sc or M.A back in that respective country . The emphasis is more on advanced topics in that particular area.

Example : Let’s say you pick MS in Computer Sciences, you study classic courses like Advanced Database Management Systems, Advanced Operation systems, Research Methods, Design and Analysis of Algorithms, Advanced programming languages, etc. in much more detail…sorry if you are not a computer science major and you did not get it. Overall, what I was saying is that you study the technical aspects of a subject to another level and more deeply.

To get into the MS program, it is ideal to have the same background or major in bachelor’s degree. For instance, lets’ say you have a B.tech in Computer Sciences, then it is ideal to take MS in Computer Sciences or if you have a B.A. or B.Com with a focus on Economics or Finance, then you can do MS in Accounting or Finance.

If you are from different background, nothing to worry. You can still pursue your dream, it is that that you would have to do lot of foundation classes or pre-requisite courses to change the major. Read Can I study a different major in masters for MS ? Requirements.

What is MS good For? What can I do with MS ? Jobs ?

As MS is more technical in nature, it is good for doing further research by enrolling in a Ph.D. or working in technical positions in your job. It can be like  Database Architect,  Marketing Research Director, Advance Tax & valuation expert, etc. It may give you an edge if you are in the technical area or research.

Typically, many people who wish to become researchers, and professors one day, choose this path so that they can go to Ph.D. and then become a professor or researcher someday. Some just take it because they love the subject and want to know the details to an advanced level.

What is MBA Degree ? What do you study an MBA ?

MBA stands for “Master of Business Administration”. As it clearly says, we can see it is an Administration or Management degree by name. It is in no way technical in nature. You are not trying to explore the depth of a particular subject; you are trying to learn various aspects of a business and learn management skills to administer a company’s or organization’s resources and people effectively.

Typically, 2/3rd of the classes will be fundamental courses in Business and administration like  Accounting,  Corporate Finance, Organization Behavior, IT for Managers, Marketing Strategy, Economics, Operations strategy, Leadership, and Negotiation, etc. Rest of the 1/3rd of the classes with be electives and you have the choice. You can pick Marketing, Finance, HR, etc based on your choice or your current industry.

When someone says, I got MBA in Marketing, it means that they only did this 1/3rd of the classes related to Marketing. But, when someone says, I have MS in Marketing, it means they had around 80 – 100% of their classes in Marketing ONLY. Do you see the difference?  Based on university it changes, but generally, you can do your own set of classes that you like for the 1/3rd of classes in MBA with a variety of mix, then you will not have a degree in specialization. It will be called General Degree in MBA.

What is MBA good for ? Where can you work with MBA ? What is career path?

MBA is for those of you who want to work in a management or leadership position in an organization. The degree teaches you all about Business and how to effectively manage people, and resources to make logical and better decisions for the business. It is ideal for anyone with few years of experience and willing to grow up the ladder in their company.

It is for aspiring managers…If you want to grow to a higher level in a company and one day dream of becoming a CEO  or opening your own business, then MBA is for you. You can do specific courses in Entrepreneurship to become an entrepreneur of a Business. There are people who do PhD too, but most of the people with MBAs become managers, and based on their emphasis and experience, they can end up in titles like Director of Marketing, Global Sales Manager, Project Manager, etc.  There are some people who do PhD too, it is because during their MBA some specific course got their attention and they got plugged in… Also, it is recommended to do MBA after few years of work experience, read When should you do MBA after B.Tech or Bachelors Degree  

Now that you know the difference, you need to know the aspect like Fee, Funding, experience, etc… Check out the second part of  MS vs MBA after B.Tech – Fees, Funding .

Any thoughts to add on the differences of MS vs MBA ?


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  1. hi,
    i am chaithu ,i m studying b.tech 3rd year ECE .i little bit confused regarding my higher studies whether to do MBA in marketing or MSc in marketing .cauz i really like marketing and bussiness the way we make marketing deal like sharemarketing typeone so plzz suggest meeitherof the one ????? and whats ur opinion about sharemarketing like (marketing in wallstreet )?????

  2. hello sir,

    i am doing my b.com compurts degre final i would like to go usa for my further studies what will u advice me to do MS/MBA??..

  3. sir i m nisha. mw i pursuing 3rd yr b.e ece course. my aim is to become an completing m.s and then go to perfect cmpny in gud job. i dnt want to go in abroad only interst to study in india.. pls give me a some tips for my studies.. in india which college is perfect to teach in m.s pls tell me

  4. Hi,
    I’ve completed my B.Tech in ECE n am planning to do MBA or MS in US
    I’m good neither in ECE nor programming. so thought of MBA n i just came to know that there is also a specialisation option in human resources for MS. i just can’t decide whether to do MSHR or MBA. because tution fee is v.high for MBA compared to MS. Can u please suggest me which is the best..

  5. Hi Kumar,
    I am really in a confused state of mind from past few days whether to go to USA to MS or to work in India only, But I have zeal to go USA. I am a 24 yr(soon 25) old guy, I have scored 69% in 10th, 60% in +2, 60% in B.Tech (Mechanical Engineering) and I have completed my MBA in International Transporatation and Logistics, recently and i have scored 66%.

    Right now I am thinking for going to USA for MS in (SCM)., but i don’t have any work experience in this field….I just wanted to go to USA to get International Exposure…. wanted to work there for couple of years and come back to India only….but im afraid of my settlement only….more over Im scared of writing GRE,TOEFL or IELTS because of my person problem….

    I request you suggest whether I should go for USA to MS if yes which is the best university to do MS in SCM or to work in India only and i gain work experience and go to USA

  6. Hi
    I have done MBA in Marketing and HR in the year 2008,since then working as a manager in one of the public sector bank in India and now I am holding B2 visa and staying with my sister in Chicago on vacation and I would like to do any course which will allow me to go for stem extension after my course Please guide me which course should I go without GRE and TOFEL my intension is to work here and additionally I am having thorough knowledge on SAP SD,CRM and FICO. Please guide me ASAP

  7. Hello sir am Krishna here i have completed my B.com in loyola college chennai ,
    1.I wanna study in abroad but my percentage is below 50 if i crack good score in IELTS or GMAT can i get good universities??
    .I wish to study something in business side but am not aware of courses … what course should i opt to get into business studies rather than accounts ??? pls help me with what course i should go with??
    3.Austrilia, US, UK, Canada which country is best for business studeis and which is cost effective?? pls help me waiting for your valuable reply 🙂 thankyou

  8. hello sir,
    this is induvardhan,i finished my btech in hyd but i took 6 years to complete it,neglected my studies inbetween but then i realised and finished my graduation.now i want to do ms in us.i didnot even write gre toefl.plz kindly help me out am in a dilema……but ms in us is my dream.plzzz help me out.

  9. Hi kumar,

    Thz z banu. Currently am pursuing 3rd yr btech in information technology. Till now I hav gt 79%. I would like to do MS after cmpltng my ug and also I had a strong desire of becoming an entrepreneur. So is it MS a better choice for me to do or not? If so ,.what major can I opt in MS? Or else shal I do MBA? Pls help me out of such confusions

  10. hi sir
    i’m in my last year (4th yr) of engineering and i’m thinking of preparing now for a masters in us. is it a good idea??or is it possible?

  11. Hi
    i m pursuing my b.tech in Computer science (3rd yr). i m confused what to do after graduation … i want to go for MS but i dont want to settle in US. Does MS has gud scope in india ??? or i should do MBA ?? plz help me

  12. i was completed my mtech in computer science and i wanna study mba in us.what is the procedure to apply mba and what arwe the requirements

  13. Is it good to do an MBA ABROAD after UG without Work Experience or is it a bad option?
    I am doing my BE in Electronics & Communication or is MS a good option?

  14. Hi,
    I have been working since 2010 in IT with an MNC as a developer.But there has not been much work. I did my B.Tech in CSE with 69.5%(never took it seriously).I am not at all good at programming.So now I am thinking of pursuing higher education in the US ,but I’m very much confused about doing MIS or MBA. Many tell me that MBA is a very risky option and etc etc.Even in the admissions process they look for a good profile,which I do not have because mine is a very average profile.But I would love if I get into a top ranked B School. Please help me out in taking a decision.Down the lane I want to see myself in a responsible position taking decisions.But I being a middle class guy risking that much amount can be negative too. Please help me out.

  15. Hey im bikram sandhu.. From punjab and im done my BCA recently and now im confuse what im do … And where I will done my further study .. plz can you tell me… About MS…. Nd fees also…

  16. I have completed my BE in electrical and electronics department.. i wish to work in IT field.
    i have got job in a IT company in testing field. doing MS will lift my position?…

  17. Hello kumar

    I have done MBA(finance) from IBS (Hyderabad, India) and have been working for 3 years in my family owned real estate business as a project manager. Now i am planning to do specialisation(MS / MBA) in International business mgmt in US/canada and after that want to work there for 3-5 years before starting my own import export business in india. Pls throw some light on following:

    -> Is it fine to do specialisation after already holding an MBA degree?

    -> Career prospects in International business mgmt?

    -> I shall do MS or MBA?

    Looking to hear from you soon.

    Thank You

  18. Hello Sir/Mam

    I have done MBA(finance) from IBS (Hyderabad, India) and have been working for 3 years in my family owned real estate business as a project manager. Now i am planning to do specialisation(MS / MBA) in International business mgmt in US/canada and after that want to work there for 3-5 years before starting my own import export business in india. Pls throw some light on following:

    -> Is it fine to do specialisation after already holding an MBA degree?

    -> Career prospects in International business mgmt?

    -> I shall do MS or MBA?

    Looking to hear from you soon.

    Thank You

  19. Hi,

    I have around 5years work experience in software industry. Would you suggest an MS in MIS or MBA? Also would an MS in CS be a good option too?

    Thanks in advance.

  20. Hi,

    I am harikrishna. I did my MCA in india in 2007. I have been working in a nationalized bank since 2009. so i have 4 years of experience in pure banking. Now i am planning to go for MIS in NJIT. I got my I20. But some of my friends and my brothers friends who are in USA are starting doubts saying “Does MIS have as much credibility as MS?” “Does MIS have asmuch job oportunites as MS?”. Now i am also having the same doubts. please clarify these doubts for me..

    Thank you

  21. Hie buddy….

    myself karthik and i am confused in choosing my specialization in ms courses..i have a decent score from my ssc level and completed my b.tech in 2011.presently working in a MNC company as a s/w developer.this is my 15th month working as a developer and want to do MS in US.my experience made me thought that i am not much enough in development side(unfit),problem is i cant develop or do coding effectively.so i am thinking to do MSI in US.but the problem is in b.tech my specialization is IT and now i would like to take MSI which is related to MBA.Is it right way to go MIS if so in which subject i should be enough strong.i wrote my gre and on my way to ielts….so please suggets me and help me out of this…..if MIS which are best universities….?

  22. thnk full for ur valuable info…i am dng my btech rgt now so i want do ms afta dis it is not that i want to do in us bt i want the good countries for ms and can u help out the procedure what to do how to apply and all please can any1 of u people help me out..

  23. Hi,
    I have completed my B.Com and am planning to do MBA in US. But I don’t have any experience. Often times people say that we can pursue MBA only when we have min. 2 yrs of work experience. But you wouldn’t find any good jobs for just a B.Com degree in India.
    So am really confused. Kindly please reply.

  24. Hi,
    I seek your suggestion in selecting a course for Masters in US. I have done my B Tech in computer science and engineering and working as an Assoc Software Engineer, in one of the IT giants. I am a 2011 passout and currently holding 13 months of Experience in Java tech.I was good at acads, with 84% aggregate. I had a lot of confusion between pursuing MS and continuing with my work. After thinking seriously , i had made my mind for MS.I have started preparing for GRE & TOEFL and going to appear for the Exam in OCT, but my concern is , depending on the current market scenario, is it a wise decision to leave job with gud package?? also, i have asked my seniors regarding the courses related to comp science, but most of them are suggesting me to go for MBA, which is not my interest. can you plz suggest me a gud course which is really worth doing and offers good opportunities in US and India as well?

  25. hi kumar

    This mayank sharma….i hv compltd my b.tech 3rd year….and tilll last month i was sure vith my goal of doing M.TECH if not M.S….but when i serusly thought abt M.TEC der were caste reservations wich made me to back out from m.tec and coming to m.s i am sure i can crack it…as am very gud at physics stuffzz…and one day a friend of mine came to me and we had a discuson abt dis…he said betta go for cat and do MBA from top B skoolzz and get placed vit high pay packages…and even dad said the same thng….
    my mind is totally flctuating …..should i go for M.S or MBA….????

    plz suggest me

  26. Hi
    I am really in a confused state of mind since past many days. I am a 24 yr(soon 25) old guy, working in IT MNC in India and will have 1.5 years of experience in Nov. my scores are 87% in 10th, 80% in 12th, 64% in B.Tech(mainly due to involvement in extra curricular act. and bit of NGO work at times,78% class highest).
    Right now I am thinking for going for higher studies. I am involved with Supply Chain Management(SCM) and I thought of doing MS SCM, but saw that admissions for it are done on a MBA admission basis only ie workex and all. Then I thought of doing MS Industrial Engg and later doing MBA in SCM cause I got interested in SCM when I started working on it in my current job. In the mock GRE tests I got a score around 320 without any preparation, which I hoped to improve with some consistent effort. The confusion which I am facing is that I feel doing MS now means it will be finished by 28 years(target : Fall 2013) then some work ex…then when MBA..??
    Is the job scene secure enough for Indians over there? Will I get a Job immediately with the employer ready to support my H1B? In case I have to return to India, then the expenditure in dollars and repayment in rupees…??? and then the job search,fresher package, back to square one.
    On the other hand If I try for MBA here, I don’t know how my profile looks like, and how is the scope. Also, am interested in an International exposure, available through MS. which I might have to let go in favor of an Indian MBA. Plus,am not sure how well SCM studies are here in India.
    please, if you can shed any light, that would be highly helpful to decide the future course of my career.

    • Well, I can imagine your situation. Unfortunately, we cannot predict much about job scenario and visa situation….Here are my two cents…I am not sure why you want to MS in SCM and them MBA…You can pursue MBA directly with SCM emphasis….If you would like to do MBA from US, you can work for few years and do some savings and then go to US for higher education…With this option, you get work experience, which is important for MBA and also you will save money…Don’t worry, you will not be too old…in US people study MBA at the age of 40 or even higher…

      • Thanks for your reply. Those two cents are indeed quite valuable for me.

        As you adviced me to gain some experience first, I wanted to ask, whether any kind of experience i.e even if it is not relevent, will be considered ? I am working on an IBM order fulfillment product which involves both working with the product and handling code. In which category would that workex appear ?
        Secondly, I have a monetary backing, and if required I can do it even now. But, what I’ve found right now is that the job scenario for an International student doing MBA in US is not that good cause of all the hassles involved with an international student (visa et al) and also the protectionist measures. So, I chose this MS (SCM/IE) ladder. Also, the knowledge gained in MS would enable me to cope with the MBA studies later on, to which, otherwise, I’ll be totally new. But still, doing such a huge investement (spending in dollars) and if not getting the appropriate returns(earning in rupees, worst case scenario)…makes me think thrice.
        One more thing. If I think of doing MBA from India for the time being, gain couple of years of work ex here and then think of going for this specialized course, how would that be? Would my Indian MBA give me any weightage, so as work ex requirements can be lowered or in any other scenario? What profiles are targeted by American Business Schools.

        I know they are a lot of queries and I sincerely appreciate any help in this matter.

        • Any experience helps, but it would be nice if you can get experience in the field you would like to study in future. Also, studying MBA in India at an institution like IIM definitely will add value…There is no need to study MS, if your goal is to pursue a role in MBA. First decide on where you want to see yourself in 5 years and then pick up the right education that can add value to achieve your goal. Dont get bogged down on getting double Masters…

  27. Hi Kumar,
    I completed my B. E in Electronics and communication engineering and currently working as a software developer(Complete IT side not related to core) for the past 11 months in a MNC with good pay. my academics are: Xth -90.5%,12th -94% ,B.E -69%..
    I never took my degree seriously and i joined software company just to do MBA after 1yr experience (a decision which i took with no serious thoght)..so that i can earn a lot of money ..but now after joining the company i realised that i am not good at socializing with people (who are not of my age ) and communicating with people effectively…and cant decide ur masters based on money..!!
    And suddenly i began to feel sorry for not taking my degree seriously…now i am planning to go for higher studies but confused btw MS/MBA and when ??Right time to resign from my current job..???
    M.S though i am not at all good at basics…but i love to do it in only US and i am confident that i can learn all basics..bcoz i love wireless communications…
    MBA Though i like stock markets and all i think it is too early for MBA without enjoying technical work…and i am unfit for it at present as i need to develop some skillset…
    And not just that whether MS in US or MBA in INDIA there is a lot of scope to develop mentally personally..(This is mainly i am looking for).
    The real problem is i am yet to give GRE exam in september but to score good i need to dedicate myself completely to gre which i can do only by resigning from my current job..!!Plz help me whether i should go for resigning the job and prepare for GRE or wait till 2yrs and give MBA exam later…
    personally i hate IT job..
    Thanks..awaiting ur reply..

    • Madhu,
      I see your passion to pursue higher education. I do not think it may be the best idea to resign current job and then start preparing as studying in America is dependent on many factors like Visa stamping, admission and funding, etc… I would work an extra hour and start preparing for GRE/ TOEFL…Coming to deciding MS or MBA, you need to sit down and give serious thought about where you want to see yourself in next 10 years….talk to few people who are in the field of management…do not worry if you think you do not have skills, we acquire them as we get educated and mingle with people…You can take the Jung Typology test to help your decision.

  28. Hi am Vishnupriya from pune,i had pursued my BCA in 2009 and completed my MBA-IT in 2011.Also I have currently appeared for GRE on 15th may.Please suggest me what should i choose for MS as a stream which has less amount of programming languages in it.Am totally confused.

  29. Hi Saurabh – I have applied for a new LCA – my client changed before the petition was approved, my current H1 B status is RFE. How much roughly is the current LCA processing time? Mine is a premium processing case.

    Thanks in advance.

      • Thanks for the response. The last date for submission of RFE documents is May 7. In case my new LCA does not arrive by May 4/5, is there any way i can send the rest of the stuff (client letter, SOW. MSA etc.) and make a note somewhere that the LCA will be sent separately? Or give them a reference number (if there is one generated when the LCA request is put up with DOL)? Any other suggestions?

        • XYZ,
          You should consult your attorney on what the best approach is. You can also try writing to DOL to expedite the LCA certification process.

  30. Hello,
    I have read your article and found it useful. I am currently working in a software company and by this December I will be having 2 years of experience. I need a quick growth in my career so planning to do MBA.I am not sure whether this is a suitable option for me or not. Could you please guide me? I wanna know which all courses are currently boom in the market.
    And just wanna confirm one more thing . Whether doing MBA in US will be worth or not?

  31. Hi.. i m doing final year B.E Civil Engg.. i m interested in doing management programs but others are insisting me to do MS.. I m confused in selecting the course for my future studies.. and to your notice i got selected in Cognizant Technology Solutions, an IT company.. Can you please guide me with this…

  32. Hi Kumar,
    I am in a terrible confusion.
    I have done my B.Tech in Instrumentation from a decent college. [More Hardware related course took it on my elder’s suggestions]
    Now I am currently working with Oracle Database. [ purely Software Related, accepted offer as the pay was good. ]

    I cannot work in this field anymore. I need to do a Masters. I always had a passion of becoming an Entrepreneur, but I love technical subjects too. I don’t want to work under pressure of my boss, but if i pursue MS I will always land up working under someone! Is my thinking right?

    Can you please suggest what should be the best option for me MS or an MBA?

  33. Hello Kumar,
    I am currently pursuing my masters in Electrical Engineering and want to join a MBA program. Which means that I need to work for atleast 2 or more years to get an admission in top college.
    But, my question is do I need to work in a field related to my masters or should I look for a job which has managerial qualities like a Business Analyst or is there a better option ?

  34. Hello sir,
    My self divyesh from Gujarat,India. I have done BE electrical+ MBA marketing.within next few month I am coming to US. I need suggestion from your side about weather I should go for MS or management. Also I need guidance about job opportunity.
    Waiting for your reply.
    Thank you.

  35. Hi,
    I have done my post graduation in Bio.informatics from india. Now i am living in US with my husband and i want to do Phd in US. Is my degree is acceptable here or i have to do MS then Phd. plz reply me soon.

  36. hi ,
    currently am doing mba finance and marketing , but i would like to work in logistics department , so i want to study ms logistics in uk , it is right or wrong kindly rply me

    Warm regards

    • Madanraj,
      Well, you can change your electives or emphasis to Supply Chain to help you work in Logistics. I cannot say about UK, but if you want to do MS in US in Supply Chain, it is a possibility….

  37. Hi,
    I am currently on H-4. I found a certificate course in ‘Database Design and Administration’ at University college of Denver. This is an evening course with a total of 24 credit hours. They have mentioned that the course can be completed in one year. If I do this course in F1 visa, will I get opt. I have sent them my queries, but just want to know your opinion. Since I have some work experience in data warehousing and the fee seems affordable, I am interested to do this course. Please let me know your thoughts on this course.

      • Its a college for professional and undergoing studies under ‘University of Denver’. It is a graduate level certificate program. Please check this link
        ‘http://universitycollege.du.edu/certificates.cfm’. I don’t know much about this program.

        • Looking at the website, it looks like a certification course. I don’t think you will be eligible for OPT, but you can wait to see your school’s response.

  38. my name is sachin from india ,iam pursuing my btech (final year) ,i would like to do mba in usa, can i get visa easily when compared with ms?

  39. hi ….

    im shiva. im doing my 2nd year BE in comp science…. im confused wat should i do next whether mba or ms… i want to do my mba only in IIMs… im very clear i dont want to become a professor… so which is the best option… mba or ms… is it better to pursue mba or ms directly after my BE…. can i manage to do well in mba even without work experience…..

    • Hi Shiva,

      It depends on what your instincts say. I get that you don’t want to be a professor but that doesn’t mean you should not pursue MS. Not everyone who pursue MS becomes a professor. Masters degree does open up a lot other opportunities. You could become an entrepreneur or become a scientist or could lead a career in R&D department. I am just trying to give you some insight here.

      I suggest you to converse with your professors/parents/friends and see what they have to say. Finally you decide by yourself what you want to do.

  40. hi,
    I have done BTECH in ECE with 73% in year 2011. I am very much interested in progressing my career in networking field. recently doing job in DELL, wanted to go ahead with technical position so wanted to do higher study but suggest me whether to do MBA or MS.

  41. Hi,
    Your article was enlightening, but I have searched the web and have not found some details I am looking for, it looks like the seniors are not in the radar itself.
    I am a experienced Software Professional, 47 yrs female, MSc in Info Tech, and keen to move to the US, since going onsite, is remote and also I am interested in higher studies, is there any age limit to do MS in Computer Science, and given our education system, would an average and senior person be able to study MS?, and with 6 yrs of industry experience is it possible to get scholarship, and is there any exams to clear (GRE, TOFEL etc),. If all is done, how good are my chances of getting a job at my age in USA? Where and how can I find if there are any US University Counselers coming to Bangalore, What are my chances?
    Please write any details you are aware of and where or which website to browse.

    Thank you,

  42. I have done B.E. Computer and I want to start my own business. What shoold I do MBA in India or M.S. in U.S. Please suggest me.

  43. Hi,
    I have done my graduation (B.Sc.) in Comp Sci, worked then for one of India’s top-most IT companies for 4 years and pursued an MCA degree through a University that has tie-ups with the company I work for. I now want to pursue an MS in a field that would come under IT but wouldn’t require me to get into core development (as I want to move out of development and don’t want to get into core management too. May be I’d think of getting an MBA degree later). Please could some one help me figure out the options that I have regarding an MS in USA which has good scope in USA after education as I’d plan to settle there. The subjects of interest to me are networking, optimization techniques, graphics and multimedia (non-programming).

  44. Thanks for sharing a nice blog. I graduated mechanical Engg in 2011. Am currently working in a mnc automobile company (since 3 months ). I want to get to a position that technically matters to a company and not just some labour work… I would like to do MS but no no to a Phd for lecturing. Does having work exp helps for MS automobile preferably from Germany.
    Does doing MS give financial rewards as MBA does…. this is a big distraction…..
    Pls feedback….

  45. hi kumar
    i am 2nd year in my mechnical engg. BE and i want to study in usa and I want to mba or ms.
    But first i want to know if i finish my engg. So i need more study in india?? and which??.

  46. Hi Kumar,
    Thanks for giving all us your precious time. Please guide me as well. I have done B.Tech in E.C.E scoring 73% now working since past 6 months as Market Research Analyst who does programming of surveys. Joining this industry was the only option I had. But now I have to think about my future as well. Recently I joined an institute for DBA course but my family want me to go to US for further studies since my brother is working there. I have ken interest in Database Administration so could you please guide me in which field I should do MS or whether should I look for job here in INDIA after doing DBA course. Please if possible give me your email id i need your help. If possible please mail me at [email masked to avoid spamming]. Trust me waiting for your reply in anticipation. Hope to hear from you soon.

    Warm Regards,
    Gautamjeet Singh


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