MBA or MS in US ? Take Jung personality test to decide MS/MBA & Career

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One of the biggest decisions of your higher education is deciding if you want to do MBA or MS in USA?  Your graduate degree selection can significantly influence your career. You  may be very happy after graduation or may not be happy Check if MS or MBA in US Testif you choose the wrong degree and may end up doing another degree like me.   I will give you a brief overview of importance of personality for choosing MBA or MS in this article and then give you links where to take test. If you do not know the differences, first read:  MS or MBA in US. Fee, Degree focus and funding

Why is personality important for choosing a MS / MBA degree or career ?

Most of internationals planning to pursue higher education in US tend to overlook the importance of personality when choosing graduate degree which ultimately decides your career path. Some of them choose a degree or career because it gets them a job that pays more, some choose a degree because it is easy to graduate, some choose a degree because their friends or family did it, some choose because someone recommended it, some just choose a degree because they already had bachelors in the same field….so, there are variety of reasons involved. We overlook the importance of Personality. It is a very important factor that one should consider before you choose a career. Your personality defines what you are and you do not want to change your intrinsic personality for sake of money. You should choose a degree or find a career that matches your personality. If your personality matches, you will be comfortable doing the work and you will enjoy what you are doing…rather than waking up every morning and complaining, “ I hate my work…”. Imagine, if you are a introvert and Math Geek and you try to sell stuff as a sales man ?  Would you be comfortable ?  some may argue, I only look money I will do it, learn and change…but what if you choose a profession like Financial Analyst instead of sales man, you will love it, you do not need to talk to people, work with numbers and just have fun… Here your personality is matching your profession, that’s a marriage made in heaven! Personally, one of the biggest  things I learnt when doing MS was my personality did  not suit what I was doing and I did a mistake, that’s why I embarked on second masters. For me, MBA is totally worth it even if I do not make much money

What are these personality Types ? Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) and Jung Typology ?

According to Carl Jung and Isabel Myers-Briggs every person can be identified as by a personality type.  Each person can be are identified by a Four letter type indicator. There can be 16 possible types. MBTI is a famous personality type test that is taken by many in corporate world to assess the personality and take relevant training to work with people that do not match your personality types. It is paid test and typically involves certified professionals. But, Jung Typology gives pretty much the same results as the MBTI and it is free available online. I have taken both of them and results are pretty similar.

Sample personality types:

  • ENTP ( Extravert, Intuitive, Thinking , Perceiving )
  • INTJ ( Introvert, Intuitive, Thinking, Judgment )

You can read all the details in Myers-Briggs Type Indicators Wkipedia article

Personality Test link : Click –Jung Typology Test

What happens after you take test ?

After you take the test, results are displayed about your personality and you click on the Jung Career Indicator and it will suggest. The goal of the test is to understand your personality and see what you are good at then take an educated decision. Just be honest in answering. You are not graded here. Answer what you are now, rather than what you want to be in !  Hopefully, it gives you a better idea for you to make good decision about MS or MBA in USA and if Management is right for you or not. It worked for me. I took MBTI twice and Jung typology recently, they were pretty accurate and worked well for me. Just look the screenshots below for how to do it.

MS or MBA in US Jung Typology Test

MS or MBA Career in US type indicator

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Comments ( 16 )

  1. Waseem khan

    I am pursuing my bachelor of commerce) final year and want to do MS or MIS in US…so my question is can a commerce student apply for MS or MIS

  2. Parag

    Sir I have done my Engineering in Electronics and Telecommunication in 2010. I have scored 66.73% in 10th ,74.40% in 12th and 59.88% in B.E . I have also 1 year Experience in a semi government company which works for Railway electrification project.. I was working as signal and telecom Engineer. It was a field job and it was really tough. I worked from September 2010 to 1 January 2012 . I could not bear field work so I left the job. I was selected on contract basis. Right now I am not employed.

    My dream is to get a government job in India as probationary engineer in companies like HPCL and ONGC.
    From January 2012 to this august 2012 I am preparing for government exams. I have dedicated my 8 months.
    Till now I have failed in IBPS PO, RBI CLERK EXAM. In my field I have failed in BEL India and Ecil.

    I have given ,Airport authority,HPCL exam.,mazgaon dock exam but results have not come till now, may be this month it will come or next month.Then it October I am giving ONGC and MAHAGENCO.So by December I will get to know all results.

    Studying 8 months I have been so curious to get government job and really dying to get it.really working hard.but I don’t know what will happen and when I will be selected.

    So I have wasted 8 to 9 months without any success. I am really worried. My goal is to enter in government job in India
    I know I have less management skills so I don’t want to do MBA as I am from technical background.
    I am confused that should I continue studying for government job or find a private temporary job and do study side by side for government job or do MS IN US????? I have done 0 preparation for GRE and TOFFEL.

    Actually I want t o live family life in India. So I fear that if I do MS I have to settle in US without parents,family.
    If I do MS I will spending 30 th 40 lakhs and then coming back to India for job will be useless thing, because getting
    An international exposure and missing it and coming back to India will be a dumb thing.

    Should I forget my goal and shift to work for MS??but I am interested in living family life not for money.
    But on other side I am very very curious to become a big person. As time is going it is becoming difficult to decide
    To continue studies for government job or do MS in US…???

    Please guide and helpme. Cannot decide???what to do??? AGE IS ALSO GOING?? PLEASE REPLY SIR.

      1. nitin

        i completed my btech mech..then worked for 2 yrs..after that to prepare for MBA entrances i left job (by looking at pay packages offered to MBA grads) i have call convert for a good b school…but now thinking whether mba will help me to be happy in my further life..i m introvert…thats why worrying…

  3. Nikhil

    Hi Kumar/Saurabh, I am considering doing a part time MS/MBA course while in US on L1-B visa. What are the benefits? Also, please guide on how much value addition will this course bring to my existing role. I am a software engineer with 2+ exp. Thanks

    1. administrator

      I don’t think doing MS/MBA really helps w/ your current L-1 role. L-1 is filed for a specific skill set that’s specific to the employer, and your added education doesn’t help w/ those skill sets. However, it will help you if you decide to change your role and visa to say H-1. You can then approach different companies and explore more opportunities.

      1. Nikhil

        Hi Saurabh, But I can study only on L1 not on H1 right ?
        Also,is a part time MS/MBA course useful in the long run? Please recommend good sites/colleges for the please.
        As we know here in India, a long distance learning MBA program is not of that much value. Is it the same in US as well?

        1. administrator

          One can study on H-1 as well. Unfortunately, I am not much familiar w/ schools and programs that I can recommend and can state on their value. Maybe someone else (Kumar?) can help you w/ that.

  4. Arun

    This Test is awesome. Thanks Kumar for letting me know of this. Its pretty much accurate, Bang on Target. I scored a INTP in this test and probably I know where I should be heading (MS)..

  5. Umer

    its me the same above Umer. I need some serious advice from you . I am applying for fall 2012 . I am confused between MS in CS and MS in MIS . I would have posted my doubts here , but I dont want to reveal those things here since they are some kind of NO-ONE knows stuff. Can you mail me ur id to niseguyATgmailDOTcom . I hope you would help me out ..

    waiting for your reply

  6. Umer

    Thanks for that inspiring (at least for me) . Even I get the same kind of feeling . I know the concepts and programming with gpa > 8 . I was planning for MS / Mtech but I realized that I am not that technical . Right now I am thinking of MIS + MBA from US or MBA from India . Still searching which path to go . At the end of the day , what u do must make u happy …

    Nice blog. Saw it while searching for MIS related queries . Will read more .

    1. administrator

      Give it some time, talk to few people and take a good decision…
      Good Luck Umer !

      Feel free to ask any questions,

  7. Umer

    Hi ,
    Its a nice post . Can u tell me which all MS degrees did you at what time ? And what what made you think “I should go for a second”?

    I am just a MIS MBA confused guy , from Banglore doing 8th sem of CS

    Keep up the work

    1. administrator

      Umer, I got MS in CS…I realized during MS that my passion was not in CS, even though I was really good at it, and I should do something that makes me work with people and puts me in a leadership role…I took few tests like above to double check my thoughts…it helped me and I went for MBA !

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